Lunar Skylar

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Don't punch me!

Chapter 3 - Don’t punch me!

“I struggle with myself. I don’t know how to cope and when I know people are struggling I worry about them and ignore how I’m really feeling and it’s just…” I sighed. “I just try and convince myself that I’m fine. And I lash out at everyone and now it’s just a habit. I’m so used to getting angry and all that that I can’t stop. I feel bad when others get hurt but no one realises that I’m hurting because no one bothers to really listen. You’re all---”

“Stop.” He sighed. “I knew you were struggling. I wanted to ask you many times but you never bothered to answer me. I really care about you and knowing just the fact that you’ve been putting your anger on other people for breaks my heart.”

“Well….now you know, can we talk about something else please.” I said quickly.

“You can’t just brush this aside like that, we need to speak about this.”

“You know how I feel about talking about things like this.” I muttered.

“Yeah I do. But this has been going on for months and you need to stop.”

“A habit is hard to break, you of all people should know that.” I murmured, crossing my arms.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know full on well what I’m talking about.”

Then he sat for a while. “You can’t just stop can you? You keep bringing the past up. I thought you promised to never talk about this.”

“I did. But you made me.”

“I didn’t make you do anything. You just said that all of a sudden!”

“Well you should’ve thought carefully before you did it!”

“You didn’t care about me. Only they did...I did it because I had to--”

“You had to? You chose to!”

“I was a kid. I didn’t know what I was doing!”

“But you just managed to ruin her life didn’t you?”

“She was the one that did it first!”

“So you decided to humiliate her, and it was because of you she got excluded from school and she got slammed by all her social media and fans turned against her!!…. she was my friend, and your insecurities just had to come in the way didn’t they!” I screamed at his face. “I knew you couldn’t handle it could you? You hung out with the wrong people, you just kept hurting her didn’t you. You all did. And what’s worse is she tried to take her own life. Because of you and your stupid friends. You’re lucky you were even allowed to come back to school, you should be---”

"Stop it. Don't. Just stop!" He screamed back at me.

"Oh, right. Didn't she say that to you the day before she tried to kill herself--"

He looked at me with the most deadliest glare I’ve ever seen in his whole life. I froze. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout at you-"

Next thing I know, I saw a fist coming straight for me and was knocked out cold.

I woke up a few moments later and saw him sitting across the other side of the room. I stood up and walked straight over to him. He saw me coming and was about to apologise.

My bottom lip started to tremble. I tried to bite my tongue trying not to burst out crying like a baby. I am not going to burst out crying. No, I’m going to stand my ground. He looked at me confused, waiting for me to burst out crying. But nothing. I kept looking him straight in the eye not believing what he just did. I get it I might’ve been a bit annoying but he had no right.

“How dare you hit me?!! Why and how could you do such a thing!!?”

Suddenly he looked at me closely. “I’m sorry. I didn’t---”

“Don’t you dare. Don’t...just don’t!” I yelled.

“You don’t really get it do you? You just keep acting like a total bitch!” He shouted. “It serves you right!”

At that comment I punched him hard on the eye. He looked at me shocked for a second. Then confused.

“Now you know how it feels.” I said as I realised he was bleeding from yesterday’s cut.

“I didn’t mean to--”

“You did. Don’t deny it. You’re just making things worse.” I fumed.

He fell silent for a while. I could see he was regretting what he’d just done. “I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Yeah, you shouldn’t have.” I snapped. “You had no right!”

“This place is making me crazy and you are.” He whispered. “I shouldn’t have punched you but you really need to understand that I didn’t want to. You just...why would you say that? Why would you bring that up? Just as I started to move on and forget, you just had to--”

“Because I’m tired. I’m sick and tired and I can’t do this anymore.” I seethed. “You just annoy me. I tell you to just drop something and you should have dropped it. You should've known how this was going to end like!”

“I don’t feel that strong friendship bond we had...not anymore. I can’t do this.” He said getting up.

“What is wrong with you? How could you just walk away just like that?!”

“Ask yourself why I’m doing this. Once you get it, tell me.” He shouted and I let go of his arm. “And I doubt you’ll ever get it.” He stormed to the other corner of the room and was looking straight at the wall.

I get it I’m a giant bitch but he shouldn’t have called me that, nor punched me. I don’t get why he just did that! I know I pissed him off by telling him about Victoria. He did feel bad about it. But he didn’t need to go that far. Yes he kept bullying her for months on end but that...that was the last straw, he didn’t need to violate her in front of the whole school! She got slammed on all her social media...and….I just can’t take it anymore. This friendship doesn’t make any sense anymore and I’m scared that we will break up and never become friends again and I know I won’t survive.

If I look at it from his point of view...I know he was mad at himself...he did try to make it up to me many times...but he should’ve known that he was taking it too far, I mean yes I didn’t mean to make him feel empty. I did spend more time with Victoria than him and he kept asking me when I would hang out with him, at the end, I just never really bothered to hang out with him. Only after school when my mum would pick us up and I had to hang out with him until his mum arrived home which was next door to us. And when his mum had to collect me to go to school in the morning with Mason.

I feel bad thinking back at the way I treated him...the way I ignored him. I realised he just felt empty and he needed to get rid of Victoria. Even though he did it the worst way possible….I get it. I never really saw Victoria that much anymore unless we went to the park and soon enough...we grew up…and moved on.

Mason always bullied Victoria, he would trip her over or in class, he would throw papers at her. Soon enough he just became a bully and picked the wrong group of friends.

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