Lunar Skylar

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I woke up on my bed in excruciating pain. I looked around, where was Mason? I tried to get up but my sides were all hurting especially my legs. I managed to get up and immediately grabbed onto the door knob. Then I heard Mason. “Sky? Sky?!”

“I’m here.”

“Sky?!” He rushed over to me. “What the fuck?!”

I gave him a weak smile. He took a step back looking freaked out, I thought he was going to faint. He touched my neck and I winced in pain. My throat was throbbing.

“Sky who did this?!”

“Some random girls. I’m guessing haters.” I lied. There were tears rolling down my eyes. I looked at him hopeless. He looked around and realised there was blood on the wall where Noah bashed me. He took my shirt off and froze. “Sky, you’re whole body’s bruised, you’re fucking purple and red!”

Mason took out his phone and called Alex. “Alex, some girls have come and beaten Sky up. I need you here ASAP!”


Then he cut the call. “You need to lie down.” He said laying me back down on the bed. “They are going to die.”


“Not now Sky.”

“Wait...let the police deal with this. For once just listen to me.”

He hesitated. Then sat next to me. “You’re all bruised. Are you in pain?”

“A bit. Just when I move.”

“When did they do this?”

“They drugged you.”

“They what?!”

Then the door opened and Alex rushed in. She threw her keys on the kitchen counter and rushed over to me. She took a step back. “Sky, you’re purple and red.”

“They did something to you Alex...they said--”

“Nothing happened to me. They must’ve lied to you.” She took out her stethoscope.

“Take your trousers off.” She said after she examined my heart beat.

I did as she said and she started checking my wounds. I saw purple welts scattered across my body, like a disease. I cannot believe someone I loved, someone I saw a bright future with just tried to....kill me...I’m lucky I don’t have any broken bones...I think....

“Want to see your face?” She asked.

“Yes.” I said as she handed me a mirror.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more scared in my life than now. I was startled to see a face scared as ever staring straight at me. My face was so badly beaten, I could see on the right side of my face was more purple than any other color you’d ever seen. I stared at my swollen right eye. My left eye was black and had a small cut on my eye brow. I looked at my neck and saw a dark purple bruise. I could see finger nail marks around and it looked red. My lip was cut open and there was a bit of blood leaking from it.

“Sky, don’t worry, I’ll make sure they pay. Do you know how they looked like?” She asked.

“Yeah Sky, do they go here?” Mason asked.

“Sky?” She asked as she took her penlight out.

“No. I didn’t see properly, just voices.” I opened my eyes and she shone the light on them. “Okay, looking good.”


She avoided my eyes. “Everything will be fine.”

“Look at me and tell me.”

“I don’t know okay. I don’t know...but they’ve beaten you up now and I don’t think they’ll do it again, so for now you’re safe.” She panicked wiping the my whole skin with clinell wipes. After she finished wiping everything, my skin did look a bit better but you can still see the purple bruises.

Then I realised Mason had gone. “Where’s Mason? Alex?”

“Oh my goodness.” She got up. “Sky, stay here and rest.” Then after a few seconds, I heard the door open and shut. I laid down staring at the wall. I’ve not only lost the love of my life, he’s also tried to kill me. I knew falling for him was the worst decision ever. But at the time, I thought it was the right one. I closed my eyes and immediately fell asleep. I woke up to Aiden shouting in my ear. “Skylar?”

“Aiden!” I exclaimed and hugged him. I winced in pain and laid back down. “I’ve missed you.”

“I’ve missed you too. You feeling okay?”

“Yes. Where have you been?”

“I’ve been living on the fifth floor.”

“So under us?”

“Yes. I did visit you occasionally." He said going into my wardrobe and pulling out my hoodie. "But I just found out you got released yesterday and then Alex told me what had happened and Mason’s in jail--”


He tossed it at me. “He was driving illegally and almost got into a car crash. He also stole a vehicle.”

“Is Mason okay though?”

“Alex said he was okay and not hurt.”

“Aiden he said he loved me and regardless if I was gay or not, which I’m not, he promised me he’ll love me. I believed him.”

“I’m sorry...but why are you telling me this?”

“I can’t believe I forgave him--”

"I really don't know who you're talking about. Noah or Mason?"

"I really believed he could change."

“Like I said, some people won’t change. People can but some won’t. But why are we talking about him?”

“I mean, he’s acting like an idiot. He’s going back to his old ways, I mean he’s drinking!! Underage drinking!!!”

“Noah? I haven’t seen him..but he sounds bad...”

“He’s wearing his leather jacket and now he’s going all black. He looks like a badass--”

“That’s a good thing.”

“No Aiden, it’s not a good thing. He’s becoming his old self! He’s going different.”

“Sky, he’ll probably change--”

“He’s not. He’s turned evil. He read my diary and has posted something from it?”

“Is that his real self?”

“Yes. That’s what makes it even worse, he’s going around and probably smoking now and he’s lost it and Aiden give me your mums phone!”

“I bought the new iphone 12.”

“How the fuck did you--”

“I might have erm...did some gambling.”

“Are you serious? Aiden what’s wrong with you?”

“Look it was Alex’s idea. We were playing truth or dare with some college kids here and then all of a sudden I was dared to do some gambling and win 10k in two hours and of course as I’m talented, I managed to earn 10,000 pounds. Stop looking at me like that. I won’t do it again. I almost had a panic attack from the shouts and crowds.”

“So you’re saying you made 10,000 in how long--”

“2 hours--”

“What the?!”

“Just need to get everyone’s attention. Make them mad. They got so mad, one winner put two thousand on the line, then another got mad and jealous at him so he doubled it, and it went like that until I got ten thousand, then someone put three thousand I’m like I don’t need it because it’s too much but he was so mad saying that he was going to win.”

“Are you a genie or something?”

“I saw the reflection on the guy’s phone. Such an idiot.”

“Woah. Are you addicted?”

“I’m never playing again.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“One student lost one grand. So I gave him another grand.” He said lying down next to me. “I haven’t gone to college yet, just online. I was waiting for you. When are you going?”

“I’m the joke of the school. I’m never going, and besides, look at my body, I’m bruised.”

“You have to go to school. But first you need to go hospital to see if you’re okay--”

“Are you mad? I’m never going back there! I don’t want to see Nurse Queen--”

“You’re bruised Skylar.”

“Listen, I’ll be fine, besides they’ve already beaten me up and are lock away and even better no one can make me go hospital as I’ve got a choice and Dr Lilith will give me the worst lecture of all time.”


“But nothing. I could easily cover up my bruises. Wear concealer. Foundation. Don’t worry about it. I can cover them--”

“Then they'll know you’re scared.”

“They won’t know.”

“I’m going to online school, you stay here. I'm bringing my laptop and I'll be doing my work next to you. Stay here.”

“Yeah. Just hurry up.”

He got up and rushed out the room. Then I heard him come back. That was quick. But he didn’t come in the room. “Aiden?” I asked getting up. Then I saw them. I quickly put my hoodie on.

“You grassed on us?” Jordan entered my room followed by his 'gang'. I swear I need to call the cops now. They really don't have any sense. They need to be locked up.

“No, I swear I didn’t. I told Mason it was just a few haters, I swear I didn’t!” I panicked as I saw Jordan carrying a bat.

“Is that so?”

“I’m sure they just bumped into each other and you know they always fight....”

“She does make a good point.” Jay said.

“Who’s side are you on?!” Jordan hissed. “You shut it. I speak. Not you. This is my turn.”

“Your turn? Jordan, I trusted you--”

“No, you did but ended up not trusting me.”

“So what if I did or didn’t?!”

He fell silent. “Forget that. Why did you grass him up?!”

“I swear you can call Alex or Mason, I swear I didn’t say anything!”

“Call them.”

“Noah threw my phone and smashed it in the hospital--”

“No he didn’t--”

“A month ago, before I went into the coma. He punched me and apparently that's how I ended up in the coma.” I said and glanced at the door.

“Take my phone.” He said tossing it to me. I dialed Mason’s number and put it on loud speaker.

“Mason, why did you fight Noah?”

“He’s a fucking pain in the ass! I'm just knocking on people's door trying to find out who did this to you and out of nowhere he gives me this annoying look and then I lost it and...who's phone are you calling from? Who's number is this--”

Then I cut the call and gave the phone back to him. Then the front door opened. I got up about to say scream. Then the my bedroom door locked and Jordan covered my mouth.


I tried to take Jordan’s hand from my mouth.

“Skylar?? You forgot your medication.” Aiden knocked on my bedroom door. “Skylar??? Are you in there?” He kept calling me and then he gave up. "Skylar?" He sighed and walked out the flat. "I told you to stay here but nooo." He muttered to himself.

Jordan let go off my mouth. “That was close.”

“Don’t think I won’t grass you up.” I shouted dashing for the door. I tried to unlock it but Tyler pulled me back. "You people have no sense of personal space. You're crowding my room!"


“Don’t fucking call me Sky!”

“Anyways, I am going to ask you again, did you grass us up?”

“No, not even to Alex or Aiden--"

"You had your hoodie off before. Your bruises exposed. Aiden was here." Luca said.

"Look, if I had the cops will be knocking on the door right now.”

“You better not grass us up.”

“You can all be sent to prison for GBH!” I smirked. “I will make sure you all go down to prison. You can beat me all you want. I’m not scared of you. More bruises, more time spent in jail.”

“You’re seriously mad.” He pointed the bat at me.

Then Jamie pulled out a gun. “We all know you love your sister dearly. If you don't keep your mouth shut, you'll be holding her ashes.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

Then he loaded the gun. “It’s a silencer. No one will hear it.

I swallowed. “You’ll get caught, the finger prints and the...” My voice was shaking. “You’ll get sent to prison for a life sentence.”

Jamie pointed the gun at me. “Nice eyes you got there.”

“Jamie drop the gun.” I said my voice trembling. I was about to snatch it off him when Jordan pulled me back.

“Jordan you are all mad!” I shrieked.

“It’s eight versus one mad, angry, idiotic girl who tried to kill herself. So...”

“I’ll have evidence. You watch--”

“You still don’t get it!” Jordan slapped me. “You are going to keep your mouth shut.”

“No I won’t!” I shouted getting up. I was about to scream when he covered my mouth.

“You say one more word...”

Then he punched me on the face. My nose started bleeding. I looked at him in shock. “What is wrong with you?!”

“I told you to not say another word, didn’t I?” He punched me again and threw me to the wall. I punched him back and threw the flower pot next to me hitting him on the head. Then I realised that I was surrounded by seven more people ready to kill me at any moment. I quickly started trying to open the door when Tyler kicked me on the back causing me to fall, then they started kicking me on the sides and punching me. After a few more punches they stopped. I got up, my hands shaking. I felt my body go so weak. I was in so much pain. I freaked out as I saw all my bruises and then I pulled my hoodie up and saw my sides were pure purple. Everyone looked at my bruises scared for their lives. Then I glanced at the window. I'm going to have to jump. I hopped-ran up to it and was about to jump when Jamie pulled out a knife and stabbed me on the thigh.

I dropped to the ground, frozen for a few seconds. Everyone looking at me expecting me to cry or scream...but nothing...and then the pain kicked in. I was about to scream in pain when Jay covered my mouth.

“Jamie?!” Jay shouted. “What is wrong with you?!!”

“I don't know!"

The room went deathly silent, all I could hear was my muffled cries. There was a pool of blood forming around me. The panic and the pain was making me sweat uncontrollably. My stomach lurched as I saw how much blood I was losing. I looked around waiting for someone to do something. But nothing. I was sobbing so much, I could see the tears rolling down my chest.

Then Jay started to shout at Jamie. "You fucking stabbed my sister!"

"Your what?!" Everyone looked at him in shock.

"We are going to get arrested now!" He hissed.

Jamie just panicked. "I'm sorry."

I looked at the wound again and blacked out.

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