Lunar Skylar

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I woke up to find myself in an unfamiliar apartment. I got up but only to experience the most brutal pain ever. I looked at my thigh and saw it had been bandaged up. Then I saw Jordan walk into the room. “I’m sorry.”


“Jamie stabbed you.”

“He what?”

“You don’t remember?”

I looked at him, confused and then all the memories came back. I glared at him. “I hate you.”

“I don’t blame you.” He sighed. He tossed me my medication box. I looked at it and almost threw it straight at him. “What did you put in it?!”

“Nothing. Check for yourself.”

I opened the box and saw it looked the same. Then I looked closely. “Last time I checked it was--”

“You’ve been dead for two days.”

“I...” I took my pills and ate them raw without realising. I got up and accidentally fell to the ground. “Give me some fucking water!”

“Woah.” He said as he filled a cup of water. I took the cup from him and drank all the water. “I almost died.”

“No you didn’t. They’re just pills--”

“Have you tasted them?”


“Then shut up.” Then I paused. “You didn’t give me the pills?”

“You were dead.”

“Oh.” I looked around. “Where am I?”

“Jay’s flat.”

“Why am I here?”

“Because you just got stabbed.”

“I know that but why?

“First of all, Jay is the most sensible and trustworthy person out of us. Jamie will definitely rape you--"

"Rape me..?"

"He won't. If he does we'll kill him, and second of all, the guys think you’ll grass on them and we don’t want to go to prison--”

“So you’re going to keep me here forever?”


“You are idiots. As soon as you let me go. I’m grassing you all up.”

“Well, everyone thinks you’ve decided to go discover your true self because of all the hate you’ve got. They all think you’re travelling the world.”


“Don’t worry, you’ll go back once you’re fine.”

“Yeah, here’s your clothes.” He threw me a bag. I exhaled as I saw my clothes.

“Every clothing you have are hoodies or--”

“It’s me. And besides 30% of my clothes are Mason’s.”

“Okay.” He sighed sitting next to me. “How’s your leg?”

“I just got stabbed. I feel happy as ever.” I said sarcastically taking off my hoodie and wearing a new one. Then I suddenly froze and started feeling my stomach.

"Are you sure you're not pregnant?"


“Alex and Mason have been released two days ago.” Jordan said.

“Noah’s going to kill me right?” I asked trying to distract myself.


I hung my head back. “I’m going.” I said struggling to get up.

“You can’t go--”

“Are you serious?!” I pushed him away. I held onto a chair and stood up. I started hopping to the floor to the door but Jordan blocked it.

“Jordan, please just stop being stupid. I’ll scream and everyone will come.”


“Move out my way!”

Then the door opened and I saw Noah, he was wearing ear rings.

“I thought you threw--”

“I don’t want to speak to you.” He said sitting on the other corner of the room. “Get rid of her.”

“Woah. You’re not a mafia boss so shut up!”

“Don’t tell me to shut up.”

“You sound just like Mason.”

“Don’t compare me to that idiot!”

“Or what?! Come to kill me?!”

“Who do you think you’re talking to?!”

“You.” I gave him a smirk. “You will open this door and let me go....or else--”

“You are not going anywhere.” He said sharply.

“I will scream. Anyone will hear me from the train station, which is ten minutes away, so...yeah.”

“You won’t dare scream.” He walked straight up to me. “Open that mouth, you’re dead!”

I was about to scream when he punched me in the face. I glared at him and started pulling his hair, then he fell on the floor and I started punching him until I saw blood. Then I got up and crawled to the door opening it. The door opened and then Noah pulled me back and covered my mouth. What a retard. He dragged me all the way to I’m guessing Jay’s room and went out locking the door on me. Great.

“Open the door!” I banged on the door. Then I got a sudden idea. I limped over to a chair and picked it up. I started smashing it across the wall until I made a hole. I went through it and Noah and Jordan’s jaw dropped to the floor. I quickly started limping to the door but before I could open it Noah pushed me and I slid all the way across the room.

“You are crazy! Crazy crazy.” Then he turned to Jordan. “We need to take her somewhere else. She’s destroyed the fucking wall!”

I looked at the wall, I’d pretty much done a good job at it. “You are not going to take me anywhere.”

Then I started screaming. I kept screaming until Noah threw a toaster straight at my head. I cried in pain. “Owwww.” I burst out crying. I could feel a bump on my right eye brow.

“You are an idiot!”

Then there was a knock. Everyone froze. Before I could scream Noah grabbed me by the hand and shoved me to a wall covering my mouth. “One word, I’ll really hurt you.” He hissed. Then Jordan opened the door and I heard Luca’s voice. Great. He came in with the rest of the ‘gang’. They’re such bitches. What the fuck.

“Noah did you throw a toaster at her?” Luca asked.

“She couldn’t shut up!”

Noah let go of my mouth. “You better not say anything.” Then he looked at everyone. “She destroyed the wall.”

They all looked at the wall and froze. Then Thomas spoke. “You did that--”


Noah slapped me. “Shut your mouth!”

“I won’t--”

Then he held me by the neck. I smiled at him. “I won’t shut up.”

He bashed my head at the wall and dropped me on the floor. I had a slight head ache but I won’t show it. I won’t show any emotions. Just put that brave face on and wiped my tears. “You’re going to jail!”

“No I won’t.”

“My whole body is bruised. My thigh is stabbed.”

“So? No proof we did it.”

“I will snitch on all of you--”

“Shut up.” Noah hissed. “You shut your stupid mouth--”

“Before I really hurt you.” I mimicked his voice.

“You are such a--”

“A what?”

He smirked. “You really want to die don’t you?”

I crossed my arms. “I want to go home.”

“Not until we’re sure you won’t grass us up. So, you don’t grass us up and we let you live your happy life.”

I looked at him with a sad smile. “Unfortunately, that’s not gonna happen.”

“Boys, we need to make sure she really understands what shut up means.” He grabbed me and threw me across the floor.

“You can hit me all you want, but I’m not changing my fucking mind.” I shouted.

Noah and his friends walked up to me. “I will beat the hell out of you if you don’t shut your stupid mouth!”

“I won’t.” I shouted struggling to stand up.

“It’s 9 against 1.”

“I’m not blind. Come on, beat me up.” I laughed staggering around like a drunk person. “Why are you all standing there? Beat me, come on.”

“I’m out.” Tyler said going into the kitchen. Everyone joined him apart from Noah.

"That's what I thought!"

Then Noah glared at me. I crawled to the door only to figure out it was locked. I tried opening it.

“Missing something?” Jonas asked waving the keys in my face. I grabbed onto the kitchen counter, lifting myself up. I tried snatching them but he tossed them to James.

“Give me the keys!” I shouted trying to grab them. Then he tossed them to Dylan. “Okay now you’re testing my temper!” I crawled into the kitchen and pulled out two knives. “I will throw them directly at you.”

Dylan scoffed. “You can’t even--”

“Dylan, she will aim it straight at you.”

“Noah’s right.” Jordan took a step forward. “Drop the knives, Sky.”

“I told you not to call me Sky!”

“Sky drop the knives now. You’re being stupid!” Noah slowly walked up to me.

“Stay back. One more step, you’re dead. For good.” I said with a sharp tone, I slowly got up and started heaving. Then I looked straight at all of them.

“If you don’t want to die, open the front door.”

“What? You’ll be sent to jail if you kill us.”

“Self defense. I’ve got 9 crazy boys trying to beat me to death and a million bruises and a stab wound--”

“Not that big of a deal.”

“Shut up Jordan. I lost blood. I could’ve died--”

“Hold on, that’s exaggeration right there. We are harmless creatures who are trying not to go to jail.”

“By keeping me prisoner and beating me to death?”

“You’ll heal in no time. No big deal--”

"Jamie, shut your stupid mouth."

"Or what? Want to play dodge ball but with knives?" He glared at me. "I will kill you."

I pointed one knife at his arm and it hit directly at it. He fell to the ground in pain. He burst out crying. "Owwwww."

“As I was saying--"

"Why did you do that to him?!" Noah shouted going over to him.

"Stay away from him." I pointed the knife at him. "You saw how bad my bruises were! I am covered in purple. Oh and my eye, and cheek. Forgot those.”

“Skylar, they’ll heal in no time.”

“Not only did you break my heart, you tried to kill me. In fact, you’ve also kidnapped me!” I shouted at Noah.

“Okay, I’m sorry--”

I looked at Dylan. "Keys, now! Or you're dead."

"Skylar, you should just--"

I threw the second knife on his shoulder. He staggered back and screamed in pain. He was crying like some next level new born baby.

"SKY?!" Noah rushed up to me pulling my hair. "You are mad. Mad okay? Why would you do that?!"

I could see Dylan and Jamie crying. "They didn't listen to me."

"So you just go ahead and kill them?"

"First of all let go off me and second of all I'm going to kill you!" I shouted pulling the knife off Jamie's shoulder and pointing it at Noah. Jamie started crying really loudly, sobbing. Then he passed out. I walked over to Dylan and knocked him out unconscious.

"Sky stop it!" Noah shouted. "You are being psycho. Really psycho."

"Seriously?!" I pointed the knife at him. "You want to know how psycho I can be?!"

"No. Please don't." He said in a calm steady voice. "Calm it."

"I'm going to walk out this apartment and go to the station--"

"You'll get us and yourself arrested."

"No I won't. Remember, I'm the victim. You are all guilty not me!!"

"Sky you stabbed two people--"

"Stop speaking. I'm going now!" I said as I wobbled to the door. I held onto the door and was about to open it when Noah grabbed the knife off me. "You are going to stay here!"

"No I--"

He pointed the knife at me. "You do as I say now. You are going to stay here and not go anywhere." He pulled me away from the door.

"Drop the knife now." Miles said.

"She stabbed them both."

"So what? Are you going to stab her or something? Noah?!"

"Calm down. I won't."

"So drop the knife." He said. "Give it to me."

Noah gave it to him and looked at the others. "What do we do now?"

"You can set me free."

"We can tie her to a chair and cover her mouth so she doesn't scream?" Jonas suggested.

"Right, so I'll starve to death then?"

"We'll shoot you if you scream."

"Yeah. Okay. Go on. Tie me then." I smiled knowing exactly what to do. "Oh you watch, you'll all be dead soon."

"What are you on about?" James walked up to me. "Spill it out."

"Nothing." I said in an innocent voice. Just watch. They'll be dead before they know it. Alex or Mason, one of them will come and beat the hell out of them, or I know how to untie myself and when they're sleeping, I could escape--

"She's hiding something." Noah said to everyone. "Spill it out, Sky."

"I don't know what you're on about."

"Okay." Noah glared at me. "I'm going to ask you one last time. What are you hiding?"

"No comment."

"Big mistake." He punched me. "Tell me."

"Seriously, I was just scaring you guys so you'd not tie me up. I swear. Just calm down." I lied. He believed me. Dumbass. Mason will know I'm not stupid. He'll be here. He'll know I've been kidnapped...right? And besides, Alex might come or--

"Okay, let's tie you up." Noah said pulling me into Jordan's room. He sat me down on his gaming set. "Why are you not resisting?"


"You aren't resisting. Why? You should be screaming at me and calling me names and kicking me. Why are you not?" He looked at me suspiciously.

"I don't feel like it." I groaned. "Actually, I don't want to be tied up. No, I don't." Then I paused. He looked at me confused. And that's when I started going crazy. I kicked him and bashed his head with Jordan's laptop. I screamed as I saw him drop to the floor. I dropped the laptop. My hands were trembling, then everyone came into the room.

"I killed him!" I panicked feeling around for a pulse. "I can't feel a pulse. I can't!" I rushed out the room hyperventilating. "I fucking killed him!"

Then I saw Dylan wake up. "Sky?!"

"Now's not the time. I just killed Noah." I burst out crying. "I'm never going to see the sun again. I'm going to get a life sentence and--"

"Calm down. You said you killed Noah?"

"Yes. I killed him--"

He got up and ran into Jordan's room. I looked at Jamie who was still unconscious and loosing blood. I tried calming down but couldn't. I just fucking killed a person. I know I threw my new born baby sister to the wall ages ago but this is different. I killed a person. I killed a person. I'm crazy. I heard someone telling me to calm down but I could because I just killed a fucking person. Holy shit. I'm going to hell. I'll be locked up and my parents will absolutely disown me--

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