Lunar Skylar

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I woke up in an unfamiliar room. Then I realised I was tied to a chair and everything came flooding back to me. “Shit.” I muttered. I’m sure Aiden’s coming, or Ella?

“Is Noah dead?” I asked as Jay walked into the room.

“No. But you knocked him out really badly. He’s got a really bad head ache.”

“I didn’t mean to hit him hard, I was just trying to escape.”

“Yeah, well he’s mad at you. And if I were you, I’d keep my mouth shut because he’ll beat the hell out of you.”

“Is he really that mad at me?”


“Can you untie me. Please Jay?”

“Unfortunately I can’t.”

“How long am I going to stay here?”

“For months. Or until you keep your mouth shut.” He sighed sitting on his bed. “I’m sorry.”

I rolled my eyes. “That’s what Noah said, that’s what you all said. Are you even sorry--”

“I’m sorry. But the rest I don’t know.”

“I can’t believe he actually tied me up.”

“No it was Jordan--”

“Jordan did it?!”

“Calm it, if you don’t they’ll hear you. So shush. They’re all asleep.”

“Are they all here?” I whispered.


“Do they always stay here?”


“Oh.” I paused. “You will let me escape right?”

“No. And now I need to get some sleep. I’ve got biology tomorrow.”

“Okay. Sleep.” I said. He laid on his bed and I waited until he fell asleep. That’s when I started getting all hyped. Tomorrow, thru’ll all be gone to school which means I can escape. Perfect. Then I heard whispers. Next door. Coming from Jordan’s room. I listen carefully.

“What do we do with her?”

Tyler whispered. “We can’t obviously go to school and leave her here.”

“We could drug her.” Thomas said.

“She’ll wake up in a few hours. How about...we get her drunk and then drug her?”

“Then she’ll go crazy. She’s already made a hole through the wall. She’ll go crazy.” Noah hissed.

“Noah, we can’t just leave her here.” Jordan said.

“What do we fucking do? If only she could keep her mouth shut...” Tyler sighed.

“What if we beat her up so much she wouldn’t dare call for help?” I heard Jamie say.

“No. We can’t do that.” Luca said. “We need to use a non-violent method...”

“Non-violent? You’re tripping.”

“Noah seriously, we can’t just keep beating her up. It’s not right--”

“Who’s side are you on?”

“I’m clearly on your side but I don’t think we should beat her up.”

“Okay, Luca is right. Maybe we should come up with a non-violent way to keep her mouth shut and...if it doesn’t work, we’ll go violent.” Grayson said.

“Okay, what non-violent way is there?”

“I don’t know...”

“Then we need to go violent--”

“Noah we can’t beat her up, not again. She’s fucking got purple patches all over her body. You saw. We’ll just get into more trouble.”

“We’ll beat her up so badly she wouldn’t dare say anything.”

“Noah, that is crazy. You’ll break her bones or something, she’s already been stabbed. I mean, come on.”

“Gray, shut it. We need to do what we gotta do to stay away from bars.”

“Noah why are you doing this?”

“I just told you--”

“No really, why?”

“You don’t need to know--”

“Is it because of Mason?”

“Grayson shut up. That’s none--”

“You hate her because of Mason. You’re jealous--”

“Grayson. I don’t want to repeat myself.”

“I’ll easily beat you. Now tell us why you’re doing this.”

“I haven’t got time.”

“You have. You owe us an explanation or we are not going to do as you say.”

“It’s because of her stupid boyfriend.”

“So you don’t hate her?”

“No. I still love her but I can’t stand her. She’s a fucking--”

“Woah. You love her but you hate her right?”

“Exactly. And then I read her diary and I now officially hate her and she deserves everything that’s coming her way.” Then I heard Jordan’s door open.

“Noah stop. You’re losing it. You’re being idiotic!” I heard Jordan complain.

“Shut up.” Noah said in a sharp tone. “I really don’t care.”

Then the door opened. I saw him standing and glaring straight at me. “Where you listening to our conversation?!”

“No. I just woke up when I heard the door.” I lied.

“Okay. Don’t lie to me, were you or were you not.” He walked up to me.


“Say it.”

“I was.”


“Because I needed to know what was happening.”

“What’s happening is none of your business.”

“But I am the main problem. So it is.”

“Are you talking back to me?”

I avoided his eyes. “Can you please just untie me and I won’t say a word to anyone.”

“How exactly am I supposed to trust you?”

“I don’t know...just let me go and I won’t grass you all up.”

“Noah, let’s untie her--”

“Thomas how stupid can you be? She’s clearly lying.”

“Noah I’m not. I just want to go home. I need to go home. My whole life I’ve been suffering from everything. This..this is my worst nightmare. I can’t stand this. Just untie me. I can’t stand it--”

“Oh is this about Ella?”

“Noah just untie her. She’s crying.”

“Not yet.”

“Noah!” Grayson grabbed onto him. “You need to stop and think clearly. Just let her go. You’re making things worse.”

“Grayson, she’s a pathological liar.”

“I’m not lying. I just need to go. I can’t stand this. Will someone please untie me!!”

Everyone stood, not even bothering to untie me.

“Please.” I begged. “I can’t stand this. I keep thinking about Ella. I can’t stand it. Noah you’ve read my diary, you know how heart broken I was. You know how--”

Then Tyler walked up to me and untied me. I exhaled and wiped my tears. “I need to go.” I started walking out the door but was stopped.

“Woah. Where are you going?” Dylan blocked my way. “You stabbed me.”

“But that’s different.”

“You stabbed me and Jamie. You won’t just get away with it--”

“Okay, I think we are all getting carried away with this.” Miles said out of nowhere. “Guys just let her go.”

“You don’t set hostages free.” Jamie said crossing his arms. “She needs to pay--”

“If you hurt her again, she’ll snitch on us. Put a brain on Jamie. The more bruises the worse the consequences.” Miles said pulling my arm. “She’s going to walk out that door and act like nothing happened.”

“She’ll send us to prison--”

“I won’t.”

“How can we trust you?” Noah walked up to me. “How?”

“I don’t know but just let me--”

“You’re not going anywhere. We’re not dumb--”

“Noah, she won’t snitch.”

“I won’t. I promise.”

“Yeah right--”

“Have I ever broken a promise?”

“That doesn’t matter--”

“Have I?”

“No matter if you have or haven’t--”

“I won’t snitch. Just let me go home.” I said running to the front door. It was locked. I started banging on it. Noah pulled me away. “You need to be quiet before I actually--”

“You don’t let me go I swear I’ll snitch on you!”

“Okay, you’re definitely not going anywhere.” Jamie said pulling me back to the room. I noticed there was a window. There’s only one thing to do. But first I need my pills.

“Can you give me my medication?”

“Jordan get it.”

After a second or two he tossed the box at me. I slipped it into my hoodie pocket and jumped out the window before anyone could blink. I didn’t realise there was nothing to stop me from falling to the ground which was really really far from me. Luckily Noah grabbed my hands in time. “Sky what are you thinking?!”

“I thought I was gonna land on a roof.” I hissed. Noah tried pulling me up. "There is no fucking roof!"

“Noah let go off me!” I tried pulling his hands away.

“Sky! You’re being stupid!” He started pulling me up

“I told you to let go!”

“Sky do you want to die or something?!!”

“I don’t want to, but I’d rather die than spend any other second in that flat!!”


“Let go off me!!”

“You’ll die!”

“I won’t. I’ll manage to and safely and what do you care?! You beat me up purple, so you might as well let go.”

“No I won’t.”

“I said--”

Then he pulled me back into the room and exhaled. “What is wrong with you? You could’ve died!”

“What do you care!?!"

"Don't shout at me!!"

"I'm gonna kill you!!!” I hissed glaring at him. Then I looked at Jay's computer. I was about to grab it--

“Don’t you dare destroy my gaming set!” Jay shouted getting up.

“Who said I was?”

“Don’t act like that. We all know you were going to hit him with--”

“Is that right...hmmm...” Then I remembered something from Alex. How stupid could I be. Okay, focus. Eight people to kill. Now we can do this nice and simple. Guns. Urgh. How am I meant to kill eight people?! I--

“Hello? Did you hear anything I said?”

“Shut up!” I pushed him trying to think. I could be smart and get the keys. Who’s got the keys...or... “Do any of you have a fire extinguisher?”

“Why? Sky?”

“I was just asking, can you chill!” I muttered sitting back down on Jay’s chair. “You people are crazy.”

“No, you are--”

I stood up again. “Can someone at least get me some water?”

“But you’re staying here.”

“Fine by me.” I said but they’ll probably have a fire extinguisher or something....right? I’ll double check. If I find one, I’ll be luckier than ever.

“Sky what are you doing? Are you even listening to us??”

“Yes.” I lied.

"No because if you were, you'd already have killed me!"

“Can you just move me to the kitchen. You can take away all the harmful stuff like knives and etcetra. I just want to be there. I can’t stand this small room any longer.”

“Why the kitchen?” Noah looked at me suspiciously.

“Maybe because it’s where me and Mason go when we can’t sleep?”

“Fine then.”

I walked carefully to the kitchen once they’d taken all the knives. I looked around and found what I needed. Gasoline. I took my cup of water and placed it on the counter.

“We are staying here and keeping an eye on you.” Jordan said unlocking his phone. Everyone sat down in the living room, the kitchen was an open one so they can see every move that I do. I waited for them to all get distracted and then I reached for the gas lighter and gasoline walking to the middle of the room. I spilled the gasoline on the carpet and lit the lighter before anyone could move.

Everyone looked at me confused. Then they all snapped out of it as they saw the fire. Noah rushed into Jay’s room and came back with a fire extinguisher. “Sky what the fuck!?”

The rest stood away from the fire, the fire was moving at an increasingly fast pace. Then Jamie went into Jordan’s room and came out with another one, I realised the fire was heading my way. “Guys, a little help here!”

“Why would we help you?!” Jordan suddenly shouted.

"Please help. I don't want to die!"

"Die!" Jamie shouted.

"I'm too young to die! I haven't even fucking graduated!!"

I saw the fire getting closer, I fell to the ground and started shaking, I kept shaking until a few seconds and then I stopped.

I tried to get up but couldn't. Okay time to die. Then the fire started cooling down. I realised Noah had gotten rid of it before it could reach me. I closed my eyes which was almost impossible as I had no control over my whole body. He sighed. “That’s exactly what you get. Karma?”

“Why the fuck would you set everything on fire?” Thomas glared at me. “Why?!”

I looked at him plainly and tried to sit up straight but I banged my head onto the oven. Noah had to sit me up straight. “You are crazy.”

“Why would you do something like that?!”

“Maybe she was trying to escape? Guys put a brain on. It backfired.” Luca said helping me up. “She needs to lie down.” He said laying me down on the couch.

“Now the carpet is ruined and we almost died.” James complained. "And her clothes are burnt. Serves her right."

“What is going on...oh my god...there was a fire?!” Jay's eyes widened as he pointed at the carpet. “And none of you decided to wake me up?!”

“We would’ve but we had fire extinguishers. Everyone go sleep, we all have school tomorrow.” Noah said lying down on the couch next to me. “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” He muttered as soon as everyone went back to their flats and Jordan had gone back to bed.

I just stayed quiet. I can’t believe how badly this backfired. "My hoodies..."

“Did you really want to kill us or were you causing a distraction?”

I just looked up at the ceiling. I want to go home so bad. I just want to go home.

“You can go home if you want.” Noah said getting up. “But first get some sleep. Door’s open. But before you go...I think I owe you an apology and explanation.”

“You do.” I mumbled.

“The only reason I’m being so violent and aggressive and completely mad is because I’m so insecure about your relationship with Mason and when I read your diary, you said you were confused if you even liked me. So I got mad and posted some stupid stuff you did, for example threw your baby sister across the wall. Or when you drove my sister’s motor bike and crashed it almost dying. I’m sorry. What I hate most is when I started beating you up which is not acceptable.” He sighed. “I’m just beating you up because I thought you were going to snitch us up to the police for beating you up the first time. Once I found out I could go to prison and spend years...I absolutely lost it and your attitude was not helping. I forgot you were my annoying girlfriend that wasn’ didn’t deserve what I’d done. I still love you and won’t do that again, obviously, because I’m not that crazy, but I don’t expect you to trust me or anything. But you know....I won’t ever do that again, just to Mason or something but you know I won’t do it again. If you’ll tell the police, don’t tell Alex. She’s my sister and...I don’t want to let her down...please...”

I looked at him. I knew he wasn’t going to do that again. He wouldn’t. “I can’t just keep forgiving you.” I whispered. “I don’t think it’s right--”

“But you know I wouldn’t dare do this again, I mean, the boys did go behind my back and when I came in I saw you and got all mad at you.”

“You threw a toaster at me, bashed my head into a wall, held me by the throat numerous times and threw me across the room. I mean, Jamie stabbed me and had a gun! Not only that, you crowded my room. Imagine having nine boys in your room ready to kill you at any moment. I mean, I’m not even laughing about it!”

“Okay, that is really bad. I know we might’ve kinda beaten you up a bit--”

“A bit?”

“Okay, we beat you up...a bit..hard...”

“I passed out. That’s how painful the beating was. I mean, your mum slaps me across the head if I do something wrong, and so does my mum and Mason’s. I deserve it though..but’s absolutely ridiculous okay, I can’t believe you would ever do this, I mean, Alex examined my bruises and freaked out--”


“Yes. I couldn’t go to hospital. The doctors and nurses will give me an earful.”

“What did you do?”

“I escaped the hospital before they could discharge me.”

“Really?! So you escaped?”

“Noah, please. I am not in the mood. I’m going now.” I said getting up but falling down again. “Are you laughing?”

“No.” He lied helping me up and walking to the door. Then he looked at me. “I’m really sorry. I won’t stop you from going to the station.”

I closed my eyes. "God will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to mankind. Period."

"So you won't grass?"

"You really think I'm going to waste a good few months worrying about if you're all going to jail or not?"

"Hold on, so you weren't the whole time?"

"I was, until I did the fire and you helped me and you saved me from dying, and your motivational speech. And I know you won't do it again. But if you do, I swear to God I'm going straight to the police station and tell the truth. If they ask why I didn't say anything, I'll make the worst lie ever. After all, I'm a pathological liar."

"Are you really stra...never mind." He rolled his eyes.

"I'm not part of any LGBTQ+ okay?"

"Okay. Now let's take you home...your bruises...the teachers will know..."

"I'll wear leggings and as usual my over sized hoodies--"

"They're burnt. Remember?"

I sighed. "They cost me at least 300 pounds. But I'll buy new ones later this week and for now, I'll borrow Mason's. We need to break into his apartment okay?"

"Sky I don't think--"

"Okay, he's probably sleeping on my bed."

"How would you even know--"

"So, we just need to pick the lock." I said as we entered the elevator. "This is going to be so easy."

We waited until the doors opened. We quietly went down the hall and knocked on Mason's door. He opened it.

"Oh shit." I muttered.

"Sky?!" He looked at me confused and then at Noah. "What's going on?"

"I came back. It was silly of me. Noah convinced me to come back home. So I did." I lied.

"How? Your phone's destroyed--"

"Aiden bought me a new one." I said.

"You left it...what's really going on?"

"Mason I don't know what's happening with you. I'm tired. I've been going around central London and got robbed. I need your hoodies."

"Sky you can't do that."

"I can and will."

"Did you get stabbed?"

"Good question. I did. It was a mere accident. When my boyfriend came to my rescue and avoided getting me beaten up by a group of teenagers which threw toasters at me and strangled me and tied me up and left me there until I jumped off the window. He came and rescued me. Then I caused a fire and everyone almost died."

"What the fuck are you...never mind. Just come take some clothes."

I walked into his room with Noah. "I told you. He's dumb."

"No I'm not. Now tell me what really is going on." Mason said closing the door behind him.

I made up the most believable story ever and Mason seemed like he believed me. After I'd finished he opened the door and let us go. "You could've just said that."

"Yeah. Want to come to my apartment. Wait...where's Gemma?"

"Recording every single thing that's happened." Gemma shouted holding a camera. "I'm going to post it."

"NO!!" I snatched the phone off her in time. Mason snatched it from me. Then he rushed into his room and locked the door. I kept banging on it until I gave up. "Mason please open the door." He kept silent for almost ten minutes when he opened the door and looked at me shocked.

"I can explain--"

"They killed you!"

"But Noah didn't mean it and besides, forgiving--"

"Stop forgiving everyone!" He shook me. "Stop it! You are being stupid. You need to show the police--"

"No." Noah snatched the phone and jumped on it until it was destroyed. Then threw it straight on the wall full power.

"NO!!!!" Gemma rushed to the phone. But it was completely destroyed. "I did three days of recording and minimized it to 10 minutes!!!"

"Sorry about that. Next time mind your business."

"You are unbelievable." Mason shook his head at me. "He is a fake boyfriend and his stupid friends will bully you forever. Your stupid're just too blind to see it. I mean, you forgave Jordan!"

"That's...that's right...but you should always forgive everyone, no matter how bad the consequences. Forgiveness is the reason why people least most people. I am not okay with what they did but...but..."

Mason sighed. "You're too kind. In a bad way."

"I know." I said opening his bedroom door and laying down on his bed. "I believe people can change, people deserve chances. People deserve to learn from their mistakes."

"I'm sorry about what happened--" Then his phone started ringing. He answered it. It was Alex. I could hear her screaming. Then he cut the call. "Gemma, who did you send this clip to?"

"Alex. She made me."

"I need to go." Then he went out the front door. I looked at Gemma. "Did you send this to someone else?"

"I swear on our friendship, I haven't. And you better sleep. You've got biology."


"Yes. With Aiden. So sleep!" Then she left the room.

I turned to Mason. "Are you mad at me?" Then he turned his back on me. "I said are you mad at me?"

He got up and went into the living room. I laid on my back staring at the ceiling. "Fuck's sake!" I threw my pillow to the door.

"Oi!" Jay threw the pillow back at me.


"Yup. I have come to tell you something. I'm your brother." He said.

"Nice try, go away. Before I call Mason--"

"I stabbed him."

"You what?!?!"

"No, with an injection. I gave him anesthesia. Calm down." He said. "I am your step bro--"

"Last time I checked--"

"Sky hold on--"

"You better leave this room before I murder you!"


"I'm not joking! I feel like brutally murdering you and then setting your body on fire before you can say shit!!!"

"So...I am your step brother." Jay said.

"Did you hear a word I just said?!" I shouted. "Fuck you. Fuck you. Now fucking go!"

"Shhhh. Stop waking everyone up. Now listen to me. I am your--"

"Jay, I really need you to shut up right now, go away!"

"Fine then. But at least read this letter." He said giving it to me.

"Get out!" I hissed. He left the room and I got up and opened the lights. I locked the door and slid down the door. I opened the letter and started reading it. What I saw made my jaw drop. No, this must be a windup. It is a windup and I'm not falling for it....

This doesn't make any sense! I mean...before I blacked out Jay did say something...but he stopped mid sentence...maybe it was a misunderstanding but two seconds ago Mason was going to say bro...or...I don't know..I mean...I..

"Sky? My arm is aching me! Did you punch me?!" Mason asked trying to open the door. "Sky?!?!"

"Calm down, no one's here. Just me." I said standing up. I opened the door and let him in. I shoved the letter inside my hood--

"What is that?"


He reached into my hoodie and pulled out the letter.

"It's a windup."

He went silent for a while. "Mason why are you not shouting at me?"

"I need to get some sleep." He said laying down on his bed. I laid down next to him. "Why are you being so silent?"

"I knew." He said. I looked at him confused. "Knew what?"

"I knew...I once heard your mum and my mum talking..."

I propped my self up on my elbow. "I can't deal with this. Jay isn't my brother. I am not related to him in any way--"

"Sky, do our parents lie?"

"Mason stop it. It's all a lie!"

"Sky we both know it isn't. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't because by the time I wanted to, it had already been weeks, I didn't know how you'd react and I thought, I'd just let your mum tell you once you're eighteen."

"But I thought we shared everything--"

"Sky let's not argue and get some sleep--"

"How am I meant to sleep knowing that the people I hate are my brothers, actually, I'm being crazy and so are you. It's probably the anesthesia."


"Jay gave you anesthesia."

"No wonder I'm seeing double. I really need to sleep." Then he closed his eyes. "Stop staring at me okay!"

I sighed and got up. I am not going to let this happen. This is all a lie. It's stupid! It's idiotic. It's dumb--

Then I felt a bump...on my stomach stomach has been growing bigger and bigger these past few months...I got diagnosed with this bullshit medical condition and I have an appointment to get my tummy back to normal. I look eight months pregnant but it's rarely visible when I put my hoodies on.

...Jay do look a bit like no no! This is stupid! This is idiotic. Nope. Nope. This is not real. Just a windup. My mum would never hide something like this from me...right? I mean she's the most I don't know how to describe mother ever. I mean, Mason's mum is obviously just like my mum and so is Noah's. That's how we're all still together.

Then the door opened. I grabbed a knife and pointed it at the door. It was Jay. I threw the knife back in the sink. "Jay why are you here?"

"I've come to actually tell you that we are step siblings. Believe it or not."

"Jay please--"

"You really think I'd bother wasting my sleep on you?"

I thought carefully. "I didn't do a swab. You don't have my DNA. So nice try--"

"Your toothbrush and when you finished drinking water from that cup which you forgot to wash?"

"I don't--"

"A few days ago? I heard your mum and my dad--"

"Woah, let me stop you right there, he's mine!"

"And they were talking about us. I couldn't help but eavesdrop..."

"But how comes I've never seen you with my dad?"

"That's because my mum married another man and--"

"Wait, so we're not related--"

"No. Your mum had you with your dad, then your dad had me with my mum and then my mum had Miles with her new husband."

"I'm confused." I raised my eyebrow. "So us two share the same dad...right? And Miles and you share the same mum with you?"

"Yes." He sighed. "I really thought me and Miles had the same dad until I found out we didn't, just had the same mum. I really don't know why they'd hide something like that...."

"I...I don't understand...yes sometimes my dad asks about you but...I thought it was just normal because he casually brings you up in every conversation to the point I got annoyed at speaking with him. My mum does get a bit weird at times but...never in a million years would've thought this.."

"Me too." Then he paused. "This is really weird."

"Yes..." I looked at him closely. "Is that why you're always...not picking on me?"

"First off, I've never really...I don't know why but I just never liked hurting you.."

"I know..and..thanks."

"And to answer your question, yes. I found out while you were in coma." He sighed again. "We do look really alike...I can't believe we didn't see that."

"Everyone does say we're twins...but I never really paid attention. But we're not...we're step siblings who just look really alike."

"We sound quite the same though..."

"Mason knew...for a while and he didn't tell me until now and he doesn't even care or anything, he just wants to sleep even though I needed him to--"

"He probably cares and just feels guilty." Jay said. "How comes I've never met my dad, well your dad, no, our dad?"

"I don't know...but he really cares, I mean he always asks about you and when I bad mouth you and your friends he goes all upset and scolds me saying that you're a good guy."

"Why didn't he come and see me?"

"I once heard him say he wishes he could see you and I glared at him and he told me off for being disrespectful."

"Are my mum and him still together or are they divorced? Are they?"

"I don't know, don't look at me like that--"

"I need to see him. I can't take it any more." He said getting up. "Come on. You're coming with me."

"Okay." I said. "I need to get a bigger hoodie and one of Mason's shorts."

"Okay, hurry up." He said.

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