Lunar Skylar

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Step siblings

“Alex is going to kill me.” Aiden said driving carefully.

“Miles isn’t going to be happy.” Jay said.

“Is he actually related to me? I mean, you and I have the same dad and your mum..wait..we’re not blood related...wait...are we? No, Miles isn’t blood related to me..just you.”

“What are we going to say to them?”

“Well, we can start by...I don’t know...”

“Guys, we’ve arrived.” Aiden parked outside my house. I looked at it. “No, I don’t want things to change. No. Aiden let’s go back home--”

“Skylar, maybe you both should go. If you don’t, I’m locking the car and not driving.”

Jay took a deep breath in. “I’m going to meet my dad....”

I opened the car door and got out with Jay by my side. “We can do this...right?”

“Totally. This is not weird or the most scariest day ever. I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Jay you’re not backing out now are you?”

“Pfft, no. I just lost something in the car--”

Then the door swung open. “Hi dad.”

“Who’s he?” He asked. Jay’s back was still turned. “Is he your boyfriend?”


He looked at me confused. “Young man, turn around.”

Jay did as he was told and my dad almost collapsed. Jay froze and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m Jay.”

“W...wh..I didn’t...what?” My dad stuttered. “”

“This place is getting cold. What on earth..wh...what? Jay?” My mum looked at me and him speechless.

“Mum. Dad.” I gave them the letter. “Please tell me this is a misunderstanding.”

“Who even--”

“Mason heard you talking a few weeks ago and Jay too.”

“I just want to know if you’re really my dad.” Jay said walking up to him.


“Why didn’t you--”

“Your mum wouldn’t allow me to. And even if I tried, it’d be impossible. I mean, I send you letters every now and then, but I never get replies.”

“That explains why my mum never lets me read a letter before her.”

“I am really sorry...”

“I really don’t know what to do...I always thought my mum’s husband, Miles dad, was my dad...”

“Maybe we should talk inside?”


“I am going home--”

“Aiden, Skylar, upstairs now.” My mum said sternly.


“I’m sorry what was that?”

“Nothing.” I said going upstairs with Aiden and into my room. Then I saw Ella and Bella. They looked at us surprised.

“Hi guys.”

“Hi...I knew you’d come.” Ella said. “And I knew exactly what you’d gone through...”

“And you didn’t stop me?”

“I had no right to. And also, if I did...none of this would’ve happened.”

“What do you mean?” I asked sitting next to them.

“Jay would’ve kept to himself.”


“Ella...why do you think Miles might get upset?”

“He wouldn’t want you to take Jay away from him.”


“But you won’t right...?” Bella asked looking at my eyes.

“No...I won’t..”

“Sky, you and Aiden need to go school tomorrow and stay together. I can’t say anything else but stay together. Yeah? Stay--”

“ it something bad?”

“Well not really, I mean you will see people that hate you but you’ve got Aiden.”

“Aiden can’t help. I’ve never seen him fight--”

“He can fight. But he fights when someone’s in danger.”

“Right....” I said clearly not believing them.

“We can all fight. But I don’t want to unless it’s emergency.”

“Okay, show me. Bella VS Aiden.”

They both got up and started fighting. They were blocking each other’s kicks and punches. “Okay enough.” I said. “I believe you.”

“This is nowhere near how any of us fight--”

“But that’s spot on--”

“We fight until the opponent is unable to hurt the other person--”

“So you kill them?”

They all looked at me as if I was a doofus. “No. We tend to be creative.” Bella said.

“Jeez don't say that like that." I rubbed my eyebrows. "Right. I and Aiden need to leave. Ella, thanks for the thumbs up, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep because now you’ve made me worried. So, let’s go.”

“ do you feel about us being here? You haven’t talked about it...”

“I am okay with it. After all it was my idea.” I said reassuringly. “And you’ve decorated the room way better than I have. I’m okay with it. Because I know, I’ve just made you all happy.”

“That’s true. I think we should go to bed too. We’ve got school--”

“You got accepted?!”

“Yup.” They both said at the same time. Then Jay came in. “Guys, we should go now. And hi guys.” He waved at the twins. “Annabel and Isabel--”

“Exactly. That’s what I thought at first, but it turns out it’s Ella and Bella.”

“Yeah.” Aiden said. “I am exhausted. It’s literally three in the morning.”

“Aiden, Jay, Skylar, out the house now. You’ve got school tomorrow.” My mum said from downstairs.

“Bye guys.” I said as we walked down the stairs. “Bye mum, dad.”

“Good morning. Now out the door.” My mum shooed us out.

“What exactly are we going to do now?”

“I don’t know.”

“Does Noah and the others know?”

“No. Just us.”

“But how is Miles related to me?”

“Well...not by blood...I think but maybe..he’s my blood brother and you’re my blood sister...”

“Mason knew though.” I sighed. “He doesn’t even care. I mean, we share everything. What the fuck did the loyalty go?”

“Maybe he didn’t want to tell you because...he thought he was making the right decision or he was scared you’ll flip out or something.”

“I’m not that scary am I?”

“No.” He lied. “I am sorry for bullying you....but once I found out I just tried to stop them from time to time...”

“I really want them to suffer.”

“Why do you keep forgiving people?”

“People deserve second chances.”

“But Patrick’s in jail.”

“He went too far.”

“Yeah. He was a bit...extra.”

“I don’t even feel like sleeping.” I said going into my room. I took my phone and came back out to see Jay standing next to the window and snapping photos.


“What?” He closed the window. “I just want to take pics. The view is inevitably beautiful.”

“I agree.” I said staring at the sunset. “People have always said we looked like twins.”

“We do sound the same and look almost identical. But who’d have guessed...”

“What did you talk about....with my dad?”

“My dad--”

“Our dad.”

“He asked me stuff and we agreed to get to know each other properly on Saturday.”

“That’s nice.” I huffed.

“What? You don’t want me to go?”

“No. I...he’s my dad. And...I...he’s mine.”

“Yeah but he’s mine too. You can’t just choose if I can see him or not. I’ve never seen my dad. This is the first time ever.”

“I know...” I hung my head back.

“I won’t steal him away. I do deserve to know my dad. It’s like as if, my mum was your mum and I didn’t allow you to see her. It’s unfair isn’t it.”

“I guess...”

“We should go to sleep.”

“It’s four thirty five in the morning.”

“We still have--”

“Are you going to tell Miles?”

“He’s my brother....”

“But he’ll be intimidated if he finds out. He’ll think I’m going to steal you away from him--”

“But you won’t. Right?”

“No. I won’t. But either way...don’t tell him anything. I don’t want anyone to know we’re related.”

“What? I get we don’t want anyone to know but what you just said was really mean--”

“I didn’t mean it like that. You know how everyone will react, everything will be awkward and you know...”

“I know. But we’ll get caught somehow, I mean, am I supposed to not see my dad in public?”

“You’re right..but what if we don’t make it obvious?”

“That’s impossible.”

“ can come to my house every now and then.”

“But your mum hates me.”

“She doesn’t. She’s mad at my dad.”

“Are you--”

“She never hates kids. None of this is your fault. Trust me, she doesn’t hate you.”

“But what if someone catches me going to your house?”

“We can make a reason up...”

“Like what? Act like we’re a couple--”

“That’s a great idea--”


“We can be careful...but then Gemma. Gemma.” Then I paused. “Is she still at Noah’s flat?”

“I think so--”

I got up and dashed to the door. I pressed on the elevator, Jay came in just in time before the lift doors closed.

“Skylar, what are you thinking?”

“First off, call me Sky and second of all, I need to beat her up.” I hissed banging on Noah’s door.

“What are you--”

“Move.” I pushed him aside. “Gemma!”

I looked around and found her in Lucas’s room...sleeping...



“Actually...why am I here?” I asked getting off the bed. I closed the door behind me and went out the front door.

“Sky what are you playing at?” Noah hissed blocking my way.

“I was just in a conversation and then I thought about something and I’ve forgotten.”

Noah rolled his eyes and went back in.

“You wanted to kill her for absolutely no reason at all.” Jay asked.

“I forgot the reason.”

We went out the lift and back to my apartment.

“I should go back--”

“Maybe we should talk about your favorite--”

“Are you deliberately keeping me here?”


“Yeah. You’re just scared to be left alone here isn’t it?”

I hesitated. “It’s your fault anyways.” Then I slammed the door on him. Don’t give a damn. I went to the kitchen and took out a knife. Then I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and stabbed it. Then I heard a loud groan. “What the fuck?!”

“Jay why are you here? I fucking shut the door--”

“I was being a nice brother and you go ahead and stab me?”

“Maybe next time, you shouldn’t creep up on me--”

“I wasn’t.” He said wiping his tears with his other hand. He went to the tap and opened it letting the water run down his hand.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to stab you...”

“After all the traumatic experiences you’ve had, don’t blame you."

"I stabbed you pretty bad....don't cry..."

"I'm not crying just get me a first aid kit."

"Okay." I said searching the cupboards. Once I found one, I opened the lights. "The stab's really bad--"

"Just stitch it."

"No, I can't. I hate blood and--"

"So you want to be a doctor and you can't stand blood or injuries."

"I can but I cringe." I sighed opening the kit and taking out a needle. "This is the worst. It's going to hurt so much. I can't do this."

"Wait, where are you going?"

"To get Mason. He can do it--"

"You need to do it. Come on."

I reluctantly walked back. "Can I knock you out first?"

"I can handle the pain. It's not the first time this has happened."

"So you've been stabbed before?"

"I've gone to A&E many times for stitches. Now quickly....I promise I won't flinch. This doesn't hurt."

"Okay." After stitching him up, I exhaled. "That wasn't so bad."

"Yeah. I just need it to heal. You did a good job."

Then I hugged him. After a split second he hugged me back. "I can't believe I actually have a step brother."

"And I have a step sister."

"Who'd have imagined I'd be hugging one of my enemies?"

"This is so awkward."

"I know--"

"Jay?!" Mason shouted.

I pulled out. "Yes. Turns out he is my step brother and you are a traitor and you are not loyal friend."


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I didn't want to upset you or make things more complicated for you."

"Well you did a good job of that." I said crossing my arms.

"What happened to...did you stab him?" He asked looking at the knife and Jay's bandaged hand.

"It was self defense."

"Self defense?"

"He creeped up on me and I was holding a knife. But I didn't know it was him."

"Okay, I'm going back to bed. I've had enough!"

"Someone's moody."

"I can fucking hear you!"

I slumped onto the sofa and started installing all my previous apps.

"If I were you, I wouldn't check my social media." Jay said.

"Is it really that bad?"

"What time is it?"

"You've got your phone in your hand."

"I forgot." Then he paused. "Is this weird?"

"It is. But we can't...we just need to be low--"

"But how can we do that if you're madly obsessed with Noah?"

"I'm not obsessed--"

"Your diary--"

"Please tell me this was the worst thing--"

"It was interesting. Who knew you were so madly in love with Mason?"

"I had my diary since I was ten! Ten!"

"Yeah. But that was five months ago."

"Yeah, my feelings have changed."

"Right. Lucas and Mason. In five months. Love. Hmm. Of course."

I rolled my eyes. "Dick."

"Ouch. What exactly do we do? Can I go back to my--"

"You can't. I mean you can."

"You can sleep next to Mason."

"That's something I didn't think about...but what if they drug him?"

"I won't let them. So now get to bed." He said walking out the flat. I looked around. Since when was I so scared? I went around the flat looking for my bat and finally found it. It had a bit of blood. I went to the kitchen and wiped it all off. Once I'd finished, I went to sleep next to Mason.

"Sky?" Mason tapped me.


"Wake up. It's school."

"I feel sick. I need to sleep." I mumbled closing my eyes again.

"Sky stop being lazy and get up. You'll be alone here and I don't want that and so do you." He said leaving the room.

I looked around almost having a panic attack. I started hyperventilating. I'm fine, just...memories...really scary and bad ones...everything's fine.

I kept looking around me, waiting for a punch or kick or my head being bashed to the wall or--

"Sky? You okay?" Mason asked coming back into the room. "Calm down. Sky?!"

I closed my eyes and started controlling my breathing. Soon enough, it was under control. "I'm fine."

"You just had a panic attack. I think you should stay here--"

"I said I'm fucking fine!" I shouted storming out the room. I went to the bathroom and had a shower and fixed myself up. I looked at the bruises on my face. They have gotten better but you can still see them. I applied some concealer on top of them and did my eyebrows. I applied some lip gloss and went out. I changed into Mason's hoodies and shorts. Then I realised I still had bruises on my leg.

"Sky?" Mason knocked on the door. "You okay?"

"I'm fine now." I said going back into the bathroom. "I'm just going to cover them up with some concealer."

"Okay." He said. "You sure you want to go school?"

"I just don't want to be in a room alone like that again. I keep picturing everything. It's too much--"

"I'll sleep with you. Don't worry."

"That's a relief." I exhaled. "Can you tell I got beaten up?"

"No, you covered them well. That just shows how blind people can be. Imagine someone's going through worse, you can't even see the bruises, they just show fake's just so blinding."

"I know...we should get going. I'm waiting for--"

"Hi Sky, where are your bruises? I swear yesterday--"

"It's magic." Mason lied.


"Woah. Not expecting that." Then he looked at my legs. "They're hidden really well."

"Yeah...scary. We should go to school." I said getting up. "Get my books ready.

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