Lunar Skylar

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You see...

"Class dismissed." Mr Sanderson said. As we left he said, "I told you, you'll need my lessons didn't I? You said you'd never be in a situation like this. Now what happened? So I told you so."

I rolled my eyes. "Okay, you're right."

"Now go to your next lesson, Aiden you too."

We walked down the hall and I can see people whispering about me. I looked at Aiden in panic. He took off his ear plugs.

"I haven't checked my social media..." I whispered.

"Don't worry, Noah took it all down. He's also apologised..."


Then I felt a push. It was Jenny's brother, followed by his friends. "Well if it isn't the serial killer and her idiotic friend."

"Hey, back off."

"What? You going to beat me?"

"No. I'm just asking you politely." Aiden said. I was about to walk away when he pulled me back. "I'm telling you to move." He said coldly to Jenny's brother.

"Or what?"

"I won't hit you if that's what you're expecting."

"You think you're a big man?"

"Aiden let's just go--"

"No. He has no right."

"Aiden, you don't understand--"

"I do."

"Listen to your girlfriend." He smirked.

"She's not my girlfriend, now move." Aiden said sharply. The whole hallway went pin drop silent. "We've got our next class soon. Now move."

They all looked at him shocked. "Aiden, we need to go. You'll have a panic attack." I mumbled.

"What was that?"

"Nothing." I lowered my gaze. "Aiden let's just go."

"Look who's shy. Where's your temper gone? Oh right, you lost it once you cheated on your boyfriend--"

"Listen. I am asking you one last time, move out of my way!" Aiden glared at him. "Move."

"Or what?!" He laughed. Aiden twisted both his arms until he almost burst out crying. "Now, I'm going to ask you--"

Joel kicked Aiden so hard but...he didn't flinch... "Move." He twisted his arm, harder. Then he knocked him unconscious. "I said move."

Aiden shook his head. "He still hasn't moved."

I pulled his ear and we started walking down the hallway. "Aiden?!"

"What? I didn't go that far. It was--"

"No. No. Aiden now we're dead!" I hissed.

"No we're not." He said and suddenly turned around hitting K.O. He fell on the ground with a thud. I pulled Aiden by the ear until we reached the study room. "Aiden!"

"Skylar this isn't a big deal--"

"How did you know he was going to attack?"

"You need to be smart. Analyse your attacker, and his relations." He said putting on his ear plugs. I shook my head and we went into our next class. I couldn't help glancing at Jay every now and then. Aiden must've noticed. "You like him?"

"No." I said. He shrugged his shoulders. Then he paused. I saw a rock heading our way but before it could hit me flat on the face, Aiden caught it with one hand. But what's even scarier, is the fact it was flying way too fast and his back was turned.

I heard the class gasp. Aiden looked around and then at his hand. Then he tossed it into the bin which was a good thirty meters away from us....and he didn't miss...

"Aiden?" The teacher called from her desk. "Hurry up."

Aiden looked at me for a moment, confused, then got up and walked to the teacher. The teacher was speaking to him really quietly and I could see Aiden blush from time to time. Then he came back and sat next to me.

"What was that about?"

"She asked if I did any activities like boxing or basketball but I said no. And then some other stuff."

"So you just not only freaked the class up but also the teacher?"

"Pretty much."

Then the class started talking and the teacher tried to quieten them down. Aiden put his ear plugs on quickly. Then I saw K.O sneak behind him but Aiden punched him on the stomach before even looking at who it was. Now I was starting to freak out. "Are you a super hero?" I asked. He took his ear muffs off.

"No. Like I said, you need to be wise. You'll learn soon, if you want?"

"Are you sure you're not like Ella?"

"I've trained my whole life, everyday, that's why I've got strength and agility and--"


Aiden got up. He walked over to K.O and pinched his ear, hard. "I hear one more word from you, you'll be wishing you were never born." Then he came back and sat next to me. The teacher's jaw dropped. And so did everyone in our class.

"Aiden, you need to stop." I hissed once the teacher started to speak. But he was too busy writing everything she said into his book.

I reached into my pocket and found my phone, putting it on record.

"Why are you doing that?"

"Aiden, I can't catch up." I whispered. "I like to do as much as I can now and do everything I missed at home."

"Okay, I'll repeat everything she says for you, in slow mode."

"But how about you--"

"I can multitask. Don't call me a creep too." He said.

We walked down the corridor and into the library. I sat on a chair away from everyone. Aiden sat next to me. "Skylar...this isn't fair on you is it?"

"I want Mason here...but he's not. I don't even want to hang out with Gemma, talk about Lucas."

"Where are they?"

"In all our classes. I haven't even bothered to look at them. I just--"

"Sky." Lucas said walking over to me.

"I can explain, I am so sorry, I shouldn't have--"

"No one can change their feelings." He sighed. Gemma came in in a rush. "Want to hear the latest gossip?"

"NO." All of us said at the same time.

"True friends you are." She huffed sitting next to Lucas. "Sky, who are you dating out of the--"

"No one. And I don't think I will for a very long time..."

"Why?" Lucas asked.

"She got beaten up by N---"

"Shhhhh." I covered her mouth. "Gemma, private and confidential...keep your fucking mouth shut. Or else they'll make you pay."

"You're joking."

"Did you see the way they all beat me up?"

Gemma fell silent. "Never mind."

"Who beat you up?" Lucas asked.

"It was no one--"

"You said it was some girls." Aiden cut in. "But your body language shows that it's not's something else."

"I'm saying the truth."

"Which girls are they? Jenny's?" Lucas looked at me. "Your social media--"

I stormed off, not even looking back. I fucking hate everyone. I hate my life. I haven't even posted a tiktok for over one month. I haven't even gone on instagram and I don't think I'll ever click on it as I know that's where I'll get the most backlash. I just want to be back to normal, just--

I bumped into someone. "Sorry." I mumbled continuing to walk. I just want to be happy. I just want this nightmare to be over. I just need it all to be over. I need Mason right now, more than ever. I looked around and found his class. I tried to think of an excuse. I opened his class room door. "Harley's at reception and the principal wants to speak to you." I lied.

"She's what?!" Then he ran out the classroom before the teacher can object.

"I lied. Anyways, I need you right now. I don't know what to do. I just feel so--"

"Sky..." He sighed pulling me away from the classroom. Then the teacher came. "Lunar Skylar, Mason, what are you doing?!"

"Talking." I huffed crossing my arms.

She walked up to me. "Shouldn't you be in class?!"

"Shouldn't you be in class teaching your students?" I snapped. She blushed and then turned around and back to her classroom.

I got a phone call. Victoria. "Are you up?"

"We haven't talked since forever."

"I've missed you, I wish you were here so we could watch a movie together."

"I'm not your girlfriend. I'm straight and you know that!"

"But I'm freezing..."

"Trust me if I was there, I'd warm you up."

"Really?!" She squealed.

"Yeah, by setting you on fire." Then I cut the call. Mason looked at me shocked.

"How could you say that?"

"She doesn't understand the word, straight."

"Well...what should I do now? I can't miss this class..."

"You go. I'll be fine--"

"Promise not to kill yourself." He whispered in my ear.


He walked back into his class room and I leaned on the wall. I took out my phone and knew what I had to do. I went to the toilet and placed my phone down on the sink.

"I need to explain something...lately things have been going really wrong. I know there are rumors being spread about me and some are true and some aren't. Yes I did throw my baby sister when I was five to see the outcome. And yes she was only a few months old. But what's a lie is the fact that I tried to push Noah from the roof. Actually, Mason and Noah were fighting and I was trying to stop them because they were going to sooner or later throw each other out the window. Luckily I prevented that but I ended up falling but also luckily, I fell on the school shed's roof." I sighed looking at the screen. "I've gone through a lot in my life that you probably don't know about. I just want everything to go back to normal and it's my fault I got jumped or stabbed or...never mind that...but it's all my fault..I always forgive people and I think it's right. People deserve second chances and many people don't understand. But I'm always forgiving mainly because...people can change if they want to...I believe in them..."

"Sky?" Gemma walked in. Then looked at my recording. I was live.

"Yeah?" I wiped my tears.

"Hey, don't cry...I didn't tell Lucas anything...or Aiden."

"You haven't?"

"I'm sorry for being nosy and..."

"Don't worry." I hugged her. "That's just you. But it's not okay."

"I know..." She looked at me and whispered. "You hid them pretty well didn't you."

"I did." I said walking back to the camera. "I know most of you hate me...and everything Noah read from my diary. Yes I did crash Alex's motorbike and I did smash all the windows in my house to see how it looked like..."

Gemma laughed. "You also did set the kitchen on fire."

"No, you did. Remember?"

"No...oh...did I?"

"Yes Gemma."

"But you did too." She leaned in. "Jordan's flat? Living room."

"There's a reasonable excuse for that." Then I looked at the comments. "I'm sorry if I angered you...but whatever Noah said about me...just know...I've never planned to throw him out the fact I've gotten hurt many times by protecting them both, that includes getting hit by a bat accidentally because Mason was about to hit Noah. And many other stuff...but I do try...even if they don't understand how hard I try. I'm sorry to all of you. Sorry." Then I ended the live.

I rushed out the toilet but was stopped by Noah. "We need to talk." He said dragging me to the back of the school. Then showed me my diary. "I read the last two months. Do you even love me?"

"Not with your leather jacket and black shirt and earrings and tattoo--"

"That's fake."

"Okay, I just think you look like a player."

"But you know I don't like anyone else...right?"

"No ones said anything so I believe you." I said. "Noah please take these off you're intimidating me."

"You still love me right?"

"I can't forgive you but...yes."

"But why?"

"I don't know okay?"

Then he pulled me in and kissed me. After that I hear Mason come in. "Hey Sky--" Then he slammed the door and walked out the room not looking back.

"Mason, wait!" I hurried after him."I'm sorry--"

He kept ignoring me. "Mase, listen to me, I know I can't say anything to change that but I love him."

"You stay away from me. We are over."

"What? You don't mean that? Mason?"

"Thanks for ruining our relationship. Hope you're happy."

"Mason!" I pulled him before he could open the door to his class.

"I don't think I can do this anymore."


He opened the door and went back in. I stormed away and back to Noah, "This is your fault. You didn't have to kiss me!"

"Don't blame it all on me. It's your stupid over protective boy friend."

"You just don't get it, do you." I shook my head and walked away from him. I waited at Mason's class door for a few minutes and then the class left. I caught up with Mason. "Mason please just listen to me. I love him so why are you getting so mad for?!"

"Because I don't want you to hang around him, he tried to kill you! He threw a toaster at you and strangled you. He beat you up. And you're still in love with him?!"

"That's....but no one can change love. And he said he won't do it again."

"Anyone can say that." He froze. "You've got serious problems."

"Hey, don't speak to her like that." Noah butted in. "You have no right!"

"Yeah, how about you. You're a fucking idiot!" Mason pushed him.

"Mason stop being an idiot and leave him alone."

"What? So you're on his side?"

"I'm not in any one of your sides. I'm just--"

"You are unbelievable." Mason hissed. "I can't believe you are on his side. I thought we were friends?!"

"Yeah and less than fifteen minutes ago, you told me you said you'd never speak to me again and never ever wanted to be friends again."

"That was ages ago."

"Again, 15 minutes ago."

"You should never be friends with him." Noah said pulling me away from him. "He's a fucking dick."

Then Mason pushed him. Noah turned around and soon enough they were fighting.

"Mason don't punch him again!" I shouted. He was about to hit him when I jumped in time getting hit myself on the bump where the toaster was. "Owwww."

"Sorry..." He looked at me apologetic. "You shouldn't have--"

"I'm sick and tired of both of you fighting." I hissed, trying to fight back the tears. "You hit really hard. Especially knowing I have a bump from a toaster accident."

"Sorry." Mason said. "It's his fault. All of it."

"Okay. Stop right there. You're not innocent yourself."

"I only did it twice. How about you?!"

"You know what, he's a retard and if you don't stop seeing him, I'm breaking up with you." Noah said.


"Okay you're going to break up with him or okay you're not?"

"Okay, break up with me." I said with no emotion.

"Wait, you're not sad? or mad?"

"Why should I be? At least I can be happy and free from you both fighting--"

"So you would still want--"

"Listen, I've got someone else in mind." Then I walked off. I could see everyone looking at me shocked. I ignored them and went back into the study room. I looked at Lucas. "I broke up with Noah."

He looked at me confused, then his eyes widened. "Why? You like me?"

"Yes. But no. Just to make him mad. But I don't. I did. But when I started dating Noah, I lost all feelings for you."

He raised his eyebrows. "Wait, so you don't anymore?"

"I don't. So...what do we do now?"

"Have you really broken up with him?"

"Yes, but not really. Just making him realise he's been an idiot always fighting with Mason."

"That's harsh don't you think?"

"It's not even real so no." I said sitting next to him. "Where's Aiden and Gemma?"

"They're in class. Joel hasn't dared looked at Aiden and talk about K.O."

"He really creeps me out."

"Yeah. Why don't we talk properly any more?"

"I don't know..."

"What happened before?"

"I...I can't tell you even though I want to..."

"Okay." He shrugged. "You went live on tiktok..."

"Yeah. I did. And I will say the whole story soon. But not Noah and his friends kidnapping me or--"

"Noah what?"

"Nothing. I've left my bag in class--"

"You have it on you." He sighed getting up. "Why don't we go play some football outside."

"I don't think anyone will want me to--"

"I'll make sure they do."

"Okay. But about the tarantula--"

"Let's never talk about that." He paused. "And I'm sorry I haven't visited you in the hospital or at home..."

"That's fine."

"No it's not."

"Sky?!" Noah stood in front of me.

"Noah?! Your eyebrow and lip, they're bleeding!"

"You should see Mason. You like Lucas?"

"I'll answer once you promise you won't fight him."

"Hold up, so he can but I can't."

"I'll deal with him later but if you want me back, I need you to promise not to beat each other up."

He hesitated for a minute and bit his lip. "I promise."

"Okay, me and Lucas aren't actually dating or have any feelings for each other. I just needed you to promise."

"So you still love me?"


"Okay." Then he walked off.

"Let's play some football with the guys." Lucas suggested.

"You know them?"

"I know them all." He said walking up to one of them. "Can my friend play too?"

"I mean yeah but--"

"Sure why not." Another guy cut in. "I'm Miles."

"How many Miles are in this school--"

"That's a weird joke--"

"No, I mean....never mind." I sighed. "I'm Skylar."

"I know...let's play now."

"Sky come on."

"Okay, Lucas you're on Quel's team and Skylar you're in my team." Miles said. "You can be defender--"

"Hold up. I am never defender, I will never be defender. I am ten times better than you at football. I'm striker." I said coldly.

"W..what?" He stuttered. "I was not expecting that. Okay, us two."

"Let the game begin!" Lucas shouted across the field.

I raced ahead, tackling the ball of some random dude. I passed it over to one of my team mates. Then one of them got tackled. I raced ahead and tackled it off him scoring a goal. "0-1!"

Miles high fived me with the rest of the team. "Good job."

Then the football coach passed by. I looked at her and she looked at me shocked. Seriously? I realised the ball was heading my way and I started running with it, then I was cornered and I kicked the ball across the field to one of my team mates. He started running with it and passed it over to Miles, then he scored. "2-0!"

I kicked the ball looking around for anyone, they were all too far away. I had to take my chance. There was no way I could score..or so I thought. I hit the cross bar and the ball bounced into the goal. "3-0! We win!"

Lucas rushed over to me. "You've actually played well."

"I don't think I've felt this happy in a long time."

"You should've kept playing you know. You shouldn't have listened to Noah and--"

"Hey, well done Sky." Miles said running past me.

"Thanks." Then I looked at Lucas. "Two Miles? And he's called me Sky. This is crazy."

"Hi." I heard a voice behind me.

"Coach Reynolds."

"Do you like playing football?"

"Yeah but--"

"Would you like to play for the team? We need an extra member?"

"I'd love to but--"

"She will. Bye Coach." Lucas said quickly pulling me away from him. "What are you thinking?"

"I don't know..I just..I don't know."

"Listen, forget Noah and his friends. Take this chance. You need to do something you enjoy, after school, playing against teams and lots of other stuff."

"Why don't you join the team?"

"I'm not really good--"

"You are. Keep playing and you'll get better."

"Okay, we could train together?"

"Noah's the captain he'll be training with--"

"I want you to be there. To train with me pleaseeee. You're my best friend..."

"Okay then. But if I am going to accept--"

"You will."


"You need to promise you'll be there, even to watch. I don't want to be alone."

"Okay. We need to get to class."

"Yeah. We've got chemistry."

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