Lunar Skylar

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Xander and Alex 1.2

“We’ve apologised to Noah and vowed to never hit long as he doesn’t hit a girl again.”

“And we’ve come to apologise to you too.”

“For what?”

“For making you upset. We didn’t know you were suffering that badly.”

“Well I’m better now. Let’s never ever talk about this again.”


“You really don’t understand English do you?”

“We just care about--”

“Since you stopped speaking to us--”

“You’re still our sister even if we don’t really speak anymore.”

“Why did we stop speaking?”

“I guess you both started college and everything changed. We did try calling you both and Mason too but at the end we all gave up...apart from Alex.”


“We really missed the three of you.”

“I missed you both. And so has Mason and Noah. We all have. Maybe we should try communicating a bit more?”

“Agreed.” Xander said. “We both will try and visit the three of you regularly.”

“We promise.”

“That’s such a relief.” I exhaled.

Then the door opened. Calvin. Great. “Why are you here?”

“That’s not very welcoming.” He slammed the door. “I have come to....I don’t know.” Then he slumped onto the sofa and started watching TV.

“Calvin, seriously?”

“What? I know you’re obsessed with me.” He winked at me.

“Your brother has got problems.”

“And you don’t?”

“That’s different.”

“You looked at my packs and abs.” He winked.

“First off, I had to know if you were Noah. I was just looking for your mole to double check you weren’t Noah.”


“You know I’m with your brother?”

“Right...” Then he sighed. “I’m bored and fucking dead. Why is this place so fucking warm?!”

“Because the heaters are on. Don’t even think about taking your shirt off.” I said going to the kitchen. “Anyone up for hot chocolate?”

“Thank you--”

“Calvin I wasn’t speaking to you.”

“Well you’ve pulled out four cups.”


“I told you, you’re obsessed with me.”

I looked at the kettle and at him. “Say the word obsessed again.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“I stabbed two people. I really wouldn’t.”

“Calvin stop annoying her.” Xander said. “This place is fucking boring.”

“We could play some games--”

“You are so old fashioned.”

“I mean computer games. Season six, War Zone?”

“We could play later once we get home.”

Then I got an idea. “Yes, yes. Xander. You are doing my hair.”

“I’m what?”

“I need you to cut it short, just like always.”

“I thought--”


“He’s your favorite.” Alex mumbled.

“No, it’s because he’s the only one that ever cuts my hair. Not even Mason can.”

“She’s right. Alex, she just wants a hair cut. We are both her favorite twins, right?”

“Of course. Now come do my hair.”

“Who’s been doing your hair all this time?”

“No one. I just trim the edges. Now that I have you again, you are going to do it. Forever.”

“Great. I’m so excited.” He said sarcastically.

“Did you see Mason?”

“No. Why?”

“I told him to go away and refused to open the door.”

“That’s harsh.”

I went to the toilet and took out my hair cutting shears. I sat down on the bath tub and he started cutting my hair. “I actually miss having short hair.”

“I miss cutting your hair. You look really different with long hair.” Then he paused. “But you look better with short hair.”

“I agree.” I sighed. “I really miss having short hair.”

“I can tell.” He sighed. After a few minutes, he smiled. “First part done.” Then he started washing my hair.

“The water’s going into my nose!!!”

“Sky calm down it’s--”

“I can’t see!!!”

“Stop panicking. Just keep your head back.”

I put my head back. “Give me a towel.”

“Let me finish your hair and then okay?”

“Xander my brain is getting wet!”

“How can your brain get wet?”

“It’s going up my nose!!!”

“Keep your head back, I’m almost finished.”

“I can’t breathe! I’m drowning!!!”

“That’s what you say every time I do your hair and surprise surprise, you’re still alive.

“This isn’t funny!”

"It isn't. Yet." He said and deliberately, yes I said deliberately, put soap on my eyes.

“Xander I hate you!”

“Hey, don’t be mean.”

“Give me a fucking towel. I can’t see!”

“Stop swearing.”

“Are you on your phone?”

“Yes, I mean nope.”

“Then stop taking forever!”

“This is so weird.” Calvin said, or Noah.


“I told you, I know you’re obsessed with me.”

“Calvin I hate you!”

“Calvin go away.” Xander said.

“Is he staring at me?”

“Calvin stop looking at her.”

“Oh so you can? And touch her? And--”

“Go away!” Xander said pulling the curtain. “Go now.”

“Oh right, so he can wash your hair right?”

“She’s had a hair cut.”

“Xander what are you doing?” I heard another voice.



Then I saw someone pull the curtains and pulled it back. “What the fuck Xander!”

“What? Don’t act like this is new.”

“She’s sixteen.”

“And I’m eighteen. Big deal!”

“You can’t just--”

"First off. I'm sitting. Not standing. Stop being over dramatic. He's just cleaning me up. Like I'm five again. Sweet right?"

"NO! NO!!! He can't just--"

“He’s done so my whole life. Age doesn’t matter.”

“This is ridiculous.”

“No it’s not. He’s my brother.”

“Sky, he’s not blood--"

"It's not about blood. It's the bond." Xander said.

"And besides, he is literally washing you. Are you fucking five?!”

“Woah, so he has my whole life and now he can’t because I’m sixteen?”

“Yes! Yes Skylar! He CAN’T!!!”

“That’s not what I was expecting.” I mumbled.

“What were you expecting? For me to say, Sky, I don’t mind seeing my older brother washing you.”


“Oh my god.” He groaned. “You are mental and Xander. You too. You are both mental.”

“Thank you. We’re still together right?”

“Are you serious?”

“Am I laughing?”

“Yes we are but--”

“Then go away!”


"Calvin? What are you--"

I heard a packet of something being opened and thrown into a bucket. Then I heard someone filling up something and next thing I know, I felt a bucket of cold ice water thrown at my head. I literally died. “WHO THE FUCK DID THAT?! I’m fucking freezing!!!”

“Okay, Calvin, Noah, both of you go. She clearly doesn’t want you here.” Xander said. Then he dropped the shower head and I heard the door slam. “Ridiculous.”

“Who splashed me?!” I shrieked as he put the water on really hot.


“Urghh. I hate him! He threw water, iced water on my head!”

“Don’t worry. He’s just winding you up as always.” He sighed.

“My eyes.” I said wiping my eyes with my hands.

Then Xander gave me the shower head and I rinsed my eyes. Then he handed me my towel and I practically rubbed my eyes so hard, I actually couldn’t see anything for a second. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“That was sarcasm. You fucking blinded me.”


I got out the bath tub and went to look at my hair in the mirror. “Yess.”

“Looks good.” Xander said. “Mason will be a bit upset.”

“Yeah, but he’ll get over it. Besides, it’s my hair.”

Then the door flew open. Mason screamed and closed his eyes and ran out the door.

“Is he okay?”

“I’d wear a towel if I were you.”

“Good idea.”

“I need to dry your hair.” He said opening the cupboards and looking for a hair dryer. Once he found it he plugged it in. “Your hair is really nice.”

“Thank you.” I smiled. “I am fucking cold. Hurry up.”

“This place is 90 degrees Celsius.”

“I’ve just been splashed by cold iced water by a psychopath.”

“That’s not nice.” Then he frowned.

“I didn’t mean it. Don’t take it personal--”

“It’s not that, I know you’re joking.” Then he paused. “It’s you and my bro. He’s crazy and I think....I don’t know but are you sure you want to be with him?”

“Yes why?”

“I just think maybe...never mind.”

“What is it?”

“I have no right to say anything.” He sighed. “But I’m here if you ever need me.”

“Yeah...don’t worry. I know he’s sorry. You do know that...right?”

“I do. But I don’t know if you’re happy--”

“I am. I swear.”

“That’s a relief.” He exhaled. He continued blowing my hair for a while. “I have been cutting your hair ever since you were born.”

“That’s one of the best things ever. Even if you do drown me.”

“After sixteen years, you still don’t know how to calm down.”

“Right. Last time, you deliberately tried to drown me.”

“You kept shouting and cursing. Your mum told me to fucking drown you.”

“Fair point.”

“And it was for two seconds. So yeah.”

“But you still drowned me.”

“Your mum told me to drown you because you kept saying I was drowning you. And anyways, I’ve put up with doing your hair for years so shut it.”

“Someone’s in a mood.” Calvin said coming into the bathroom.

“I fucking hate you and want to drown you right now and chop your head off and burn your body in a fire pit. I am ready to serve a life sentence.”

Xander cleared his throat. “It’s Noah.”

“Oh." I blushed... "Sorry Noah.”

“Sky you have got a really vivid imagination. I think you need to see a therapist for real. And your hair--”

“Hey, I like it this way.”

“You can’t just--”

“She can Noah. Now please, let me finish her hair.”


“But nothing. Go find Mason. I need to apologise to him.” I cut in.

“I’m here and Sky what the hell are you thinking--”

“He cut it for me. Looks great right?”

“Yes but why would you--”

“Hey, it’s no big deal. He just cut it.”

“Exactly and Mason, I missed you.”


“Aren’t you going to give your big bro a hug?”

He rushed in and they hugged. “It’s been so long.”

“I know. We won’t leave you guys again. Okay?”

“Thank god. I actually thought we’d never meet again.”

“We will from now on. We will get that bond back.”

“This is really heart warming but--”

“Calvin shut up.”

“Jeez. Take a chill pill.”

“Ignore him. He’s just looking for attention.”

“Okay, but Sky why would you--”

“It’s fine. It looks great...right?”

“It is but--”

“Can you all be supportive? My hair’s nice and curly now. Just like it’s always been.”

“But you only did that because you wanted to look like a boy.”

“I just wanted to be your friend and go out without people thinking we’re together. But then, I just loved having short hair. Obviously not being a boy, but I loved having short curly hair.”

“It does match you.”


Then he looked at me suspiciously. Then bit his lip. “If you don’t mind me trying to look like Naya Mousa?”

“First off, this has always been me, my personality and hair and second of, I really don’t mind. I actually look a bit like her.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“Some tiktoker which I’m obsessed with.”

“Hold up, you’re--”

“No I’m not Calvin!”

“I know you’re obsessed with me.” He smirked. Then left. Noah's face went so mad.

I felt so bad for him. “If you want, I can kill him for you.”

“Don’t worry, he’s just messing about. He’s got a girl friend. Remember?”

“He’s always annoying me.” I groaned. “Xander have you finished?”

“Almost. I need some hair spray.”

“Bottom drawer.” I said getting it for him.

“Thanks.” He started spraying it on my hair. “You look great.”

“He’s right. I’m going.” Noah said.


“Are you being over--”

“No I just meant...never mind.”

Then he left. I heard the front door open and shut.

Mason sighed. “So...”

“Yeah, so...”

“I’m almost done.” He said. After a while he exhaled. “Done!”

I looked at my hair on the mirror. “I look just like her!” I turned around and hugged him.

“Okay, you’re obsessed.” Then Mason turned around and left.

“Thank you soo much. I miss my hair.”

“Let me guess. You still wear hoodies?”

“You saw me earlier.”

Then Mason came back in with six big bags. “I just wasted £400 on 12 new over sized hoodies and 14 knee high baggy shorts and 15 leggings with also 14 tracksuits and 2 new Air Max 90, favorite blue...but your most hated color pink. They're mixed together and the other pair too.”

“Oh my goodness!” I screeched as he showed me. “They look so cool.”

“Your mum decided to pay because you deserve it for being so kind and forgiving. And because you've been through too much.”


“And your mum thinks you wearing boy clothes--”

“Hoodies are not only for boys.”

“You wear black and white and blue. Never pink.”

“Too girly.”

“But here you go.” He said placing the bags next to me. “Your mum did give me a head ache about you wearing boy clothes.”

“She is going to kill me if she sees I cut my hair again.”

“Your hair is officially done!” Xander said turning me around. He'd put a pink and purple flower on the left side. “Perfect.”

I turned around and looked closely. I pulled it off and threw it across the room. Then looked at my hair again and said, “I love it.”

“Good. Want to show Alex?”

“1.1 and 1.2?”

“Okay. But first, get dressed.”

I went into Gemma’s room and came out a minute or so later and went up to him. “Don’t judge.”

“You look like a boy.”


“What? You want to be a boy?”

“No.” I said. “I just want to be my old self again. I’m a straight feminist girl.”

“I really don’t...never mind.”

“Guys look at me!” I said standing on the sofa. “Like it?”

“Looks great.” Alex 1.2 said ruffling my hair. “Xander did a good job.”

“I know right.” Then I turned to Xander. “Thanks.” Then I put my hood on.

“Oh my god. Woah.” Noah said.

“Thanks.” I said going over to him. I leaned in and kissed him. He froze for a second and then he pushed me away and I fell on the floor then he wiped his lips with the back of his hand. I looked at him confused. He just looked at me even more confused. Then he glared at me. “Sky what are you doing?!”

“You said we’re still together--”

“No I’m Calvin!” He screamed.


“I’m Calvin. Your stupid boyfriend is there.” He pointed at Noah.

I blushed. “Oh...”

“Why did--”

“He gave me a compliment, I thought it was you, sorry.”

“They do look identical....really identical.” Alex said.

“I don’t know what the difference is...I’m really sorry Noah...I didn’t mean to--”

“It’s fine. Calvin you need to stop being whatever you are. It’s your fault.”

“Woah. Noah don’t speak to him like that.”

“Who’s side are you on?”


“Then why--”

Then I got a notification. I froze. Then I saw it all. The caption said, ‘When you kiss the wrong twin.’

Then I glared at Alex and Xander. They both burst out laughing.

“Run.” I warned going into the kitchen and pulling out two knives. “Run fast.”

“Woah, chill.” Xander said. “It was just a joke.”

“Take it down!”

“Already 153 likes and 38 shares!”

“I’m going to kill you!”

“Sky calm down.” Noah took the knives away from me. “Guys take it down.”

I looked at my phone and saw the video was deleted. “Guys that was really far.”

“And you made us out like we were gay.”

“That I have a reasonable excuse--”

The door opened. “Sky? I...woah..erm..hi?”

“Lucas, nice to see you again.” Alex said from across the room.

“’re holding knives...”

“Oh, right.” I said throwing them into the sink.

“You cut your hair?”

“Like it?”


Then Gemma walked in carrying at least ten big carrier bags. “Sky I’m moving back in...woah...oh..Sky your hair--”

“Guys I just cut it.”

“Looks good. Hi guys. What are you doing here?”


“Okay so how else am I supposed to say it? I can’t find any way to ask them--”

“We just came to apologise to Sky and then yeah.”

“Oh. Cool.” Gemma said going into my room. “Sky, you can take my room.”

“Wait what?”

“You heard me. I don’t mind. Is your room cursed though?”

“No. Are you serious?”


I rushed over to her and hugged her. “Thanks soooo much.”

“Okay, now please will you remove that hood?”


“You look like a boy.”

“A girl with short hair.”

“Right...okay.” Then she went into my room.

“What did she mean by that?”


“You look trans.”

“Calvin, why would you say that?!” Noah pushed him. “Stop being mean.”

“I look like a boy. I regret this so much. Nononono--"

“Two seconds ago, you wanted to look like a boy.”

“No. I wanted short hair only...but now that Gemma said feels wrong...”

“Don’t trust Gemma.”

“I can hear you.” Then she opened the door and walked over to me. “I didn’t mean you were trans. I think it’s cool. Don’t worry about me. I am super freaky girly right, and you like short hair and hoods and hanging out with boys, we like different stuff, that’s why we are still friends--”

“Sorry, I really don’t understand why you’re friends. Friends have everything in common.”

I picked up a Rubik’s cube and threw it straight at his head.


“Serves you right.”

“Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I don’t mind your crazy hair. I like it.”


Then she went back into my, well her new room. I the turned around and glared at Calvin. “Calvin you are ridiculous.”

“Ridiculous. I am? You are a complete idiot.”

“Noah are you hearing this?”

“What?” He asked, eyes still on his phone.

“Your boyfriend doesn’t even care.”

“Calvin stop being rude to her.” Noah said still looking down at his phone.

Everyone was looking at their phones. Perfect. Just perfect! I rolled my eyes and sat on the floor going through my for you page. My for you page is lit. Just saying. After a while, Gemma went into her old room carrying my clothes. “Sky I’ll organize everything.”

“Thanks.” I mumbled scrolling down. After around ten minutes, Gemma came out. “Sky, want to see your new room?”

“Okay.” I said, I got up and went into my new room and it looked, “Surprisingly good.”


“Move the clock a bit.”

“Sometimes imperfect is perfect.”

I smiled, fake smile. I tried to hold it in. “I can do this.” I muttered. “No big deal.” Gemma raised her eyebrows. “Let’s go now.”

I was about to turn to go but I quickly fixed it before Gemma could say anything. “Perfect.”

“Your OCD is unbelievable.”

“Wanna do a tiktok?”


“Fine. I’ll just do more POVs.”

“Ok. Bye.” She said going into her new room. I really don’t know if I’m okay with her taking my room but...I have to accept it...

I went into the kitchen and took an onion. I sliced it in half and went back to my room. Everyone probably looked at me as if I was a weirdo, which I am not.

I locked the door and started cutting them into tiny pieces until I started crying. Then I put the sound, dusk till dawn. I put the timer on. 3, 2, 1.

I looked at the camera and held onto my chest. "But you’ll never be alone, I’ll be with you from dusk ’til dawn, I’ll be with you from dusk ’til dawn." I started fake crying so hard, "Baby, I’m right here, I’ll hold you when things go wrong, I’ll be with you from dusk ’til dawn, I’ll be with you from dusk ’til dawn...Baby, I’m right here!!" I pulled my hair, tears rolling down my eyes. Actor of the year.

I ended the video and actually, that song got me. I really felt the lyrics. I wiped my tears and started editing the video. I did the writing and after a good two minutes, I started to do the description.

'POV. Your friend is in a coma and it's time to unplug her but you still have faith that she'll come back.'

#pov #viral #coma#fyp #faith. Then I posted it. I slumped on the bed and started answering people's comments. After ten minutes, I'd answered at least 80 comments and liked most of their comments.

Then someone knocked on the door. I got up and opened it. Calvin. "What do you want?"

"Can you please chill." He said raising his eyebrows. "Have you been crying?"

"What's it to you?!"

"What is wrong with you?"

"Me? You're asking me? You're asking--"

"Yes. I just came here in peace and--"

"You don't speak peace, you don't do peace--"

"Woah! I get I haven't been the best but--"

"You've annoyed me my whole life!"

"Right but I was just coming to ask--"

"Shut up. Now go away!"

"Hold up. What exactly did I do that made you so mad at me?"

"I'm not mad."

"Yes you are."

"I will kill you."

"And that's not mad?"

I glared at him. "You shut up right now."

"Sky calm down. I just wanted to--"

I looked around for my bat and found it. I grabbed it and he took a step back. "Sky I know I annoy you but I thought--"

"Shut up!"

"Sky I didn't do anything wrong!"

"You didn't. 16 years, right? You didn't."

"Sky I don't know what I've done. I am purely innocent right now. You're going mad--"

"I am not mad!!" I pointed the bat at him.

"Yes you are. As usual, crazy crazy crazy! Just listen to me!"

"Shut up!"

"You are absolutely psycho."

At that comment, I glared at him and he slowly started walking away. "I didn't mean to say that. I meant--" Now I was really chasing him around the flat.

"Sky stop!" Xander said trying to take the bat off me. I cornered Calvin and hit him with the bat knocking him out. "Bitch." I threw the bat at his dead body.

"Sky!" Alex shouted. Then rushed over to Calvin. He threw the bat across the room.

"That's my bat."

"You just knocked someone unconscious and you don't even care?!"

"No I do, but I can't stand him anymore--"

"Guys I'm back and what the....Sky!" Noah rushed to Calvin. "Are you fucking mad?!"

"Hey calm down." Xander said picking Calvin up and placing him on the sofa.

"Why would you hit him?" Alex asked crossing his arms. "That was really selfish and--"

"She's in love with me." Noah said.

"I am. So in love." I sighed.

"Always will be." He smirked. "But I'm not in love with you. Obviously, just trying to annoy you. Forever."

I pulled Noah's shirt up and saw a mole. "What the fuck?!"

He slapped my hands away. "I know you're obsessed with me--"

I slapped him across the face. "I just knocked my boyfriend out because of you!"

"I didn't--"

"So you thought Noah was Calvin?" Alex cut in.


"You hit the wrong guy." Calvin laughed.

"That has two meanings doesn't it." Xander said unlocking his phone and going back to his seat.

"This is really weird." Alex said also going back to his seat.

"I give up." I said

"You are so obsessed with me--"

"I want to kill you so badly." I shouted storming back to my room.

Then I rang Mason. "Hey--"

"Hey, wanna play something?"

"Lucas and I are playing Among us."

"I'll join you."

"Okay. Stay on the phone while I switch my laptop on."

"Not playing by computer?"

"Gemma just moved all my stuff but we need to move our gaming sets but until then, I'm playing by laptop."

"Hurry up then--"

There was a knock. "Calvin you better leave in three seconds."

"It's me. I'm sorry about Calvin." Xander walked into the room. "We are going home now. Have you lost my number?"

"Nope. Follow my tiktok account."

"I might."

"You're verified aren't you? Pleaseeeee."

"Okay. Bye now."



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