Lunar Skylar

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“Okay, next round.”

“Gemma’s impostor! It’s Gemma!”

“Sky is lying!” Gemma objected.

“No, I swear I saw her. Trust me. I looked at her screen, she killed Noah!”

“It was Gemma. She cornered me. Sky was my witness! Vote Gemma off--”

“Noah you’re lying. I’m sitting right next to Sky! She didn’t see anything--”

“Wait, how would you know that?” Mason cut in. “Or are you lying?”

“Lucas, I was with you wasn’t I??”

“Yeah you were but at the end--”

“Lucas I could’ve killed you but I didn’t!”

“Fair point.”

“Gemma tried to kill me herself!” I objected. “She killed Noah and me!”

“I didn’t!”

“I literally saw her screen. Guys it’s Gemma.”

“I’m with Sky.”

“Okay let’s vote Gemma off.” Mason said.

“Oh fuck off.” Gemma groaned.

Gemma was voted off....imposter.

“Exactly! I told you it was her. I can see her screen.”

“Okay, next round.”

“Who’s impostor?”

“Not me.” Aiden said. “I’m going down to meDBay.”

“I’m coming with you.” Gemma said.

“Sky I’m coming with you.” Mason said following me.

“No, why are you following me all of a sudden?”

“I can’t now?”

“Okay you’re acting bare sus.” I said quickly glancing at Gemma’s screen. Then I looked at Mason. He was going down to the storage room. I started following him. “Mason, I’m watching you.”

“Come on Sky. You can’t possibly think that it’s me.”

“Sky’s right, you’re acting really weird.” Lucas said.

“Okay if that’s what you believe--”

“Who’s sabotaged the lights?” Aiden cut in.

“Not me.” Lucas said.

“No it is. I saw Lucas going into the Electrical--”

“Gemma why would you be there in the first place?”

“I’m a ghost!!”

“I believe Gemma. It’s Lucas.”

“Guys, dead body!” Noah said. “Emergency meeting.”

“Who do we vote out?”


“I think it’s Aiden.”


“I saw Aiden in the cafeteria!” I said. “It’s Aiden.”

“No it’s not. I was just there for a second.”

“Sky are you sure it’s not you?”

“Aiden you serious? All of you do know it’s not me right?”

“Sky come on.” Noah said. “It’s clearly you.”

“No. Hold on, Mason you were with me but then you disappeared. Where did you go?”

“I went to do a task.”

“Mason you were chasing the yellow guy.”

“I wasn’t. Just a coincidence.”

“Okay, we know our liar. Let’s vote him off.”

“Wait Sky I didn’t--”

Everyone voted him off. He was impostor!!!

“I knew it!”

“Yeah whatever. One more left.”

Shhhh. I’ll tell you a secret. I am impostor. Ha. “Guys who’s impostor?”

“Not me.” Lucas said.

I ran to the LowerEngine to do a task and found Lucas. I killed him right away. Stop shaking your head at me.

“It was Sky!” Lucas shouted down the phone. “She killed me!”

“I pressed the emergency button. Stop blaming me!”

“I think it’s Sky.” Noah said.

“Woah. I think it’s you Noah.” Aiden said.

“Aiden it’s not me. It’s Sky. Mason, Gemma you’re ghosts, who were you spying on?”

“Aiden.” They both said at the same time.

“Great.” I sighed. “It’s not me. To be honest, Lucas was behind me.”

“No I wasn’t! It’s Sky!!”

“Lucas calm down. Guys...I think it’s Lucas.”

“Agreed.” Me and Noah said. “And he’s innocent. Great.”

“Okay, now we’ll see who’s impostor.”

I ran down to the storage room and found Noah. I started chasing him around. “It’s Sky!”

“We can see. We’re following her.” Mason said.

I kept chasing him until I cornered him. “No way out.” Then I went over to him and killed him.

“I am VICTORIOUS!!!!” I jumped on my gaming chair. Well, Gemma’s.

“Whatever.” Noah groaned. “I’m tired. Of this. I need to sleep.”

“It’s only seven--”

“But I’ve got school--”

“Okay then.”

“I’m super tired. Like seriously. Bye. Love you Sky.” Then he cut the call. It was only Gemma, Lucas, Mason and me left. “Guys I feel tired myself.” Mason said. “I’ve got an assignment to do.” Then he too cut the call.

“I’m just going to do some revision and then watch something or go to bed.” Lucas said also cutting the call.

I looked at Gemma. “Let’s move our gaming sets.”

After switching our gaming sets, we laid on my bed. “Sky, I really like your short hair.”


“You know I could always...dye it light blue and pink just like Ruby Rose or--”

“No. I like brown. It’s nice.”

“You look good in hoodies.”

“That’s nice of you to say.”

“And you’ve got a good eye for design--”

Then I suddenly realised something. “Gemma. What have you done?!”

“What do you mean?”

“Drop the act.”

“I haven’t done anything but...I want something.” She sighed. “As you know, lately everything has been going out of control. And you’re starting the football team on Monday--”

“I haven’t even trained. Oh shit. I’ve not played proper football for a while. Gemma why would you bring this up?! I need Lucas. We need to train together. I can’t go on tomorrow and flop so badly--”

“No Sky--”

I ran out the room and climbed up the stairs. Then I went back down and into my apartment. I took a coke and drank my medicine with it.


“Not now Gemma.” I said heading out the front door. I went down the hall and knocked on Lucas and Mason’s front door.

“Sky what are you--”

“Where’s Lucas?”


“Okay, you’re coming with me--”

“I can’t--”

“I don’t take no as an answer.” I said practically dragging him out the flat. “Oh, I need him too.” I said going back to the flat. “Lucas there’s a fire!!”

“Fire?!” He jumped out the bed and grabbed a fire extinguisher. He ran out the room and looked around. “Sky!!”

“My bad.” I said pulling him out the flat. I grabbed the extinguisher off him and threw it back into the flat closing the door shut. “You are helping me play football--”

“No thanks--”

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Home.” He said opening his flat front door.

“No.” I said dragging him back to the hall. “Mason, Lucas. I can’t train alone.”

“Try to.”

“Fine.” I huffed walking down the hall.


“I’m mad at you.”


I went back into my apartment and took out one football. Gemma took another one out. “I’m coming with you.”

“Gemma are you serious?”

“Yeah. Now let’s get our football shoes on. Studs.” She warned. “It is literally wet and muddy.”

I went and looked back to my room and grabbed one of my favorite shoes. The studs were pretty hard. I purposely stepped on this boy’s hand because he said something really...ehem.

“Let’s go now.” Gemma said. “You’re wearing shorts?”

“Shorts and hoodies. Love them. Best convo.”

We went down to the field and then started passing the balls. “I am fucking freezing!” Gemma shrieked.

“You’re wearing leggings. I am wearing shorts.” I said booting the ball back to her.

“You hit too hard! You’ll break the fucking post!!”

“No I won’t.” I shouted back. “Pass the ball.” Then she kicked the ball back to me. “Gemma come on, hit harder.”

“Okay!” She shouted back. She hit the ball so hard it hit my shoulder. I winced in pain and then she rushed over to me. “Did I break anything? Sky you okay?”

“I’m fine.” I groaned. “You kick really hard.”

“Yeah. I do.” She smiled sadly. “I never meant to hurt you.”

“I know.” She said. She rolled my sleeves up and I saw my shoulder was red but it hurt a lot. I didn’t want to show it.

“Sky...don’t hide it. I know you’re in pain. No one’s here. You can cry.”

“It’s fine. It hurts a lot. Really hurts.” Then I closed my eyes and jumped as I heard a familiar voice. “Hi Sky!” Miles said. The football Miles.

“Hi, why are you here?”

“That’s a bit rude.”

“No I mean, what are you doing here?”

“That’s still rude.”

“No I don’t mean..I just do I say it in a kind way?”

“I know what you mean. I’m just here to train. Then I saw you.”

“Oh. Okay.” I smiled. “Gemma this is Miles.”

“How many Miles are in this school?”

“The joke’s getting worse.” He cringed.

“No, I mean, the name Miles. There’s already a Miles we know. It’s just an uncommon name. Miles.”

“Oh. I thought it was a joke. Sorry.”

“Don’t be.” She said.

“Sky and...Gemma?”


“Want to practice with me?”

“Yeah. Sure.” I said. “Gemma?”

“I’m cold.”

“I’m wearing shorts. And so is he. Stop complaining.”


We started passing the ball at each other and soon we were booting the ball. Then we did some tackling and after an hour and a half, Gemma started complaining. “It’s been fucking two hours!! I’m going home!”


She just stormed off into the building. “Don’t mind her.”

“She’s really good at football.”

“She used to play with me.”


“How long have you been playing?”

“My whole life. You?”

“Whole life too. My sister plays professionally now...but she’s always been teaching me. How about you?”

“Well, I played with...well my bully now my lover’s brothers.”

“Woah. Noah?”

“Yes. His brothers. They’re way kinder than him.”

“How old are they?”

“ I missed their birthday...oh...”

“Noah’s sixteen.”


"They're a year or so older than him."

“I know. But they’ve always been kind. They taught me so many stuff.”

“My sister’s the same. But she’s also older than me.”


“Are you still with Noah after all that?”

“Yeah. I know he regrets it. Noah can’t lie and I looked him in the eye and realised, he’d never do that again. Or anything else that happened which I’m not sharing with you.”


“Okay.” I said sighing. “How comes I’ve never seen you in class?”

“I’ve been in your class since forever. You’ve never noticed.”

“I’ve only been in college for a month or so.”

“Oh.” He threw the ball in the air. Then started dribbling with it. “And how’s it going?”

“It’s fine.” I said as he passed it to me. “Just a bit different to secondary school.”

“Same.” Then he picked up the ball. “Do you like any other sports apart from football?”

“I mean...I did play netball since year 7 until now..and I still am.”

“I do calisthenics.”


“What? No. But we do wear socks all the time.”

“How funny.” I laughed awkwardly. “What is the sport?”

“I just do calisthenics.” He said simply. I looked at him still confused. “Calcetines--”

“No, not Spanish language. In English.” He sighed as I looked at him even more lost. “Listen, why don’t you come with me and I’ll show you.”


“We are going to the park. No one’s around.”


“Because it’s fucking just rained.”

“But why do you want no one around?” I looked at him suspiciously. “Or are you really just making socks?”

“Shush. Now follow me or I’ll leave you hanging confused asf.”

“Whatever.” I said following him. We walked for a while until we reached Inwood park and went in. We went into the playground and then into the exercise section. He stood in front of a pull up bar. “Calisthenics.”


“No.” Then he looked around. No one was there. He took off his shoes.

“Hold up. What are you doing? You said no socks--”

“You don’t know what I’m doing yet.” He said taking his shirt off. “I’ll show you my two favorite moves.”

“Okay.” I said as he looked at the bar.

“Move back and watch this.” He said grabbing hold of the bar.

Then he pulled himself up. “First move, bar spin.” He sat on the bar moving his back downwards until his knees touched the bar and then spun around a couple of times. He made it look so effortless. He was spinning around so fastttt. I looked at him impressed and then he said, “360 spin.” Then he tightly grabbed onto the bar and swung twice then completely spun his whole body around midair and quickly grabbed onto the bar before he could even touch the ground. Then he did a handstand on the bar? “Handstand?”

“Not quite.” He said swinging back into a pull up. He jumped off and smiled.

“How the hell did you do that?!”

“That was just three moves. Trust me, if you saw half the things I could do...your mind will explode.” Then he paused. “Sky, let’s see you do something.”

“One arm pull up.” He said.



“Sure.” I said already doing one. He stood next to me and did a handstand. I was struggling but he looked at me laughing. “I can’t--”

“Yes you can.” Then he turned to face me. “How long have you been doing--”

“How are you so calm?!” I hissed. My arms were shaking. “I can’t.” I said dropping to the ground. He sighed and got out the handstand by doing a rolly polly. Then he sat next to me. “That was decent.”

“You did way better.”

“I’ve been practicing for years.” He said looking at me confused. "Do you do a lot of exercise?”

"What? You calling me fat?!"

"No. Exercise isn't about weight. Maybe a bit but that's not the main thing. I mean as in, do you do pull ups and stuff like that. Push ups whatever."

“No. I tend to drink lots of water. Stops me from going over weight.”

“But how about proper exercise?”

“I used to. Until me and Xander stopped talking.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing...I guess we all just...slowly slowly stopped speaking..I mean, I moved to college and before that...we just haven’t spoken until today.”

“Does he always work out with you?”

“I mean, yeah. With Alex.”

“Noah’s sister?”

“No. His brother. He’s got a sister and brother named Alex but they’re not twins. Alex and Xander are twins.”

“How do you--”

“Alex, Noah’s sister, is Alex 1.1. Noah’s brother, Xander’s twin is Alex 1.2.”

“Oh. That’s cool.” He smiled.

“Do you work out?”

“Yeah. But I do calisthenics when I’m alone.”

“Is it risky?”

“No, I broke my ankle once but...I’ve been getting a lot stronger. I can literally do everything with my body.”

“So you can do everything?”

“No. What I mean is...I practice a lot and have gotten better in three years. I started free styling three years ago.” He said.

“What is the most hardest thing to do?”

“Well to be honest...I don’t know. I do a lot of stuff. But my hardest move six moths ago was, the human flag.”

“Oh. I’ve heard of that before.”

“Yeah. I’m really proud of how far I’ve come. My parents too. And I...I haven’t told anyone really apart from my instructor. He’s helped me with everything, competitions and that...until I realised I didn’t want to do this forever. Just wanted to help kids and I thought, how about medicine.”

“So you’re just going to give it up?”

“No. I’ll still learn. But I’d rather be a doctor.”

“Why don’t you want no one to know?”

“I don’t want people to know because...I doubt myself. I’m scared that...” He blushed. “Never mind.”

“Hold on, you can’t just do that.”

“Do what?”

“Why aren’t you telling me?”

“Because.” He said.

“Because you think sharing feelings is what a girl does.”

“That’s mainly truth...I’m sorry. I just..” He took a deep breath in. “I don’t know if I’m good enough or if people think I’m just showing off..I just hate it because I don’t want to look like a show off and I don’t like the attention--”

“You play football.”

“That’s different. This...this is..I just don’t know what will happen.”

“You’re just swinging on a bar.”

“But what if someone sees me and starts asking questions or if everyone is suddenly--”

“You’re already the talk of the school--”

“That’s the problem. I don’t want to. I just want to do something in peace and not have everyone talking about it. Even the years above me talk about me. I want to be like you. Normal.”

“I’m normal?”


“Oh.” I fell silent. “I’m normally described as crazy or the girl with serious problems or anger issues. I don’t think I’ve heard someone call me normal for a while.”

“Ouch.” He said. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. I don’t blame them. I am a bit off the normal side.”

“But to me you’re normal.”

“You don’t know me.”

“I see you in class. You have tantrums with the teachers but at the end of the day, you are nice to them and kind and everyone an see you’re a lovely person. The teachers too. But what makes me happy is've got a soft side but no one pays attention to that and I feel so bad when that happens. I see the disappointment in your face and eyes. You're normal. You are really normal and kind .”

“But I fight and I’m never good enough and--”

“In class, you get perfect grades. You can play football really well.”

“But that’s not enough is it? It’s not!”

“I think that is. I think that’s enough.”

“But..what do you feel?”

“I feel I’ve done enough but I keep adding.”

“I still don’t get why--”

“I don’t want everyone going on about me. This is something I can do peacefully and not have everyone talking about or asking me about.”


“Yeah. Want to go back now? It’s dark and your boyfriend’s probably waiting for you.”

“Yeah.” I said getting up. My clothes were so dirty. I picked up both footballs and Miles put his clothes back on and shoes.

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