Lunar Skylar

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Miles is right

“Call me tomorrow morning. We can do some exercise. Okay?”

“Yeah. Bring your football and I’ll bring mine’s.”

“Okay.” He said going back to the elevator. “Nice story.”

“Secret.” I whispered. Then he winked. “Got it.”

I walked back into my apartment and went straight to the shower. Then I went to clean all my football boots. I came back a few minutes later fresh and clean and put on my pyjamas. I went straight to bed and got a notification.


“Night.” I texted back. I closed the phone and after a while, fell asleep.

I got up and looked at my alarm. Early as ever. For the first time. I went to the toilet and did my wuduh and came back and prayed. I went to the toilet and brushed my teeth after and then put some clothes on. Typical clothes, hoodie, shorts. As usual. I put my hood on and looked at my short brown curly hair. Not bad. It looked good. I got a notification on my phone.

“Sky, I’m outside your door.”

I walked out the room and opened the front door. “I’m going to put my shoes on.” I said. I went back to my room and looked for my other pair of football shoes. “I’ll take the black and white ones.” I said putting them on. “I’ll bring my water bottle. I know I’ll be dead within a blink of an eye.”

“Like your style.”

“I’m not a boy.”

“That’s not what I was saying. I just meant, you look cool.”

“Oh. Thanks. You too.”

“Okay. Let’s go now.” He said opening the door. I quickly filled my water bottle and pulled out a bag of Skittles.

“Are you serious?”


“Oh yeah.” I said as I realised I needed to take my medication. I looked at the fridge and found a bottle of coke. I drank it down with my medication. Miles looked at me shocked. “Are you serious?”

“What?” I asked.

“You’re holding a bag of skittles and coke.”

“Want some?”

“Nonono. I mean, we’re going to work out not feast out.”

“Can’t we just do both?”

He looked at me shocked. “Do you understand what exercise is?”

“Getting rid of calories and being healthier.”

“So drop those.”

“Let’s be smart. I can do both. Eat and run at the same time.”

“You are joking right?”

“I’ll take this small bag of skittles only.”

“It’s not small.” Then he took the packet away from me. “It’s fucking 196grams.”

“Sugar is good for you.”

“Okay, I’m done. Let’s just go.”

“Okay.” I said stuffing the skittles bag inside my hoodie. Once he’d turned around I stuffed a coca cola bottle inside my hoodie.

“Don’t think I didn’t see that.” He said as we walked down the hallway. We went into the lift and waited until we reached the bottom floor. “Sky want to jog or practice some tricks?”

“Tricks.” I said as we went into the park.

“Okay, first trick, is a 360 spin. It’s easy. Let’s start basic.”

“Okay. What do I do first?”

“Hold onto the bar.” He said. I held onto it. “Now push yourself forward and turn around, don’t let go off the bar as you're a beginner.”

I pushed my self forward and turned around quickly, hands still on the bar. It wasn’t as perfect as I’d thought.

“That’s not bad.”

“Lies.” I said again as I tried it again. I kept trying for about five minutes when he finally said I need to rest. “I can’t rest until I do this.” I said. After a few more tries, I managed to do it, but I did it while holding the bar. But it was still good.

“That was good. Well done.” He said. “I’m going to practice some tricks.”

“So, I’m going to do some exercise. It’s called, catch the skittle. But we use our mouth instead of hands.” I said opening the packet.

“There is no we.”

“You are so strict.”

“No I’m working out.” He said holding onto a bar. He started doing flips and spins while I threw skittles in the air and tried to catch as many with my mouth. Cool right.

“Sky don’t you think you should do something apart from catch skittles?”

“I will do some dribbling.” I said kicking the ball across the playground. I went to get it but was stopped by a girl probably fifteen or something, riding a bike around in circles. “A ghost.” I mumbled to myself laughing. “Just like the movies.”

Then she saw me. “Hi.” She said getting off her bike.

“Oh hi. Do you need something or...”

“No. I just came to ride my bike. And I saw you. Rarely see anyone apart from my brother.”

“Your brother? Miles?”

“Yeah. You know him?”

“Yeah. Does he know you’re here?”

“He does. He always keeps an eye on me. Even if he is meters away from me.”

“Oh. And you are?”


“Oh. Evelyn. Nice name--”

“Hi Ellie.” Miles said coming to us. “How long have you been here?”

“Not long. Just a few minutes.”

“Oh. I’m going back. If you need anything--”

“Give you a shout. I get it.”

“Just saying. I don’t want mum and dad to shout at me if anything goes wrong. Sky, come on.”

“His name is Sky?”

“Who?” I asked confused. Then it suddenly dawned on me. Miles looked at his sister, pissed. “Ellie!”

“What? Did I say something wrong?”

“It’s fine.” I said pulling my hood down. She looked at me confused. “Did I say something--”

“I’m a girl.” I mumbled.

“Oh...I’m sorry...I didn’t mean to--”

“You didn’t know. Anyways, I think I’ve had enough exercise for a day. I’m going to go back home.” I said walking towards the gate. Then Miles stopped me. “I’m sorry about my sister.”

“It’s fine. It was silly of me to cut my hair. I just missed it...but I guess...I don’t know.”

“You like short hair?”

“I love it. But...I’m going to have to somehow make it obvious I’m a girl. Maybe wear pink hair clips and pink dresses and pink--”


"But then people will think maybe I'm trans--"

"That’s unnecessary. You don’t need to change. You like having short curly hair and wearing hoodies. Fine. You don’t have to change for anyone. You do you.”

I glared at him. “That’s the opposite of what you’re supposed to say.”

“So you want me to say that you look like a boy?”


“Then what?”

“I don’t know."

"What?" He looked at me so confused.

"I just want to be happy but I can’t.”

“What? You don’t have to change.”

“This isn’t primary or secondary where I can stick with Mason, Gemma and Lucas...or Xander and Alex coming to check on me every now and then...this is...I don’t know.”

“Have you ever gotten bullied?”

“I’m sure you’ve heard all of Noah’s lies haven’t you.”

“I haven’t. I really don’t care about him.”

“He and his friends bullied me.”

“Oh. Did they get in trouble?”

“Just a stupid exclusion which can last up to three days. Every time.”

“How about in primary?”

“I’m talking about since Nursery, reception, primary and secondary school. I got fucking bullied by them. Every fucking day.”

He looked at me shocked. Then confused. “And you’re still with him?”

“You don’t understand. I’m just so in love with him...”

“He’s bullied you your whole life.”

“I know...I..I’m completely lost right now. Everyone thinks I should just dump him but when I look at him I just feel pure guilt. He looks so innocent even if he can be a fucking devil for sixteen years.”

“Are you mad at him?”

“I am. I really am. And his stupid brother is the worst.”


“Calvin. The evil twin--”

“Hold up. Last time I checked, he was the opposite of Noah. His grades, attitude, everything was spot on. He was like, the perfect goody goody two shoes. Teachers pet---”

“He is. Yes he is. But whenever he’s with me, he keeps making everything out like as if I like him. That’s not even fair. He keeps saying I’m obsessed with him when I’m not.”

“I think he might be obsessed--”

“I kissed Noah but turns out it was Calvin and he wiped his lips immediately and he pushed me on the floor so hard and started shouting at me. And told me he has no feeling for me and never will.”

“It’s not your fault they’re identical.”

“I know. But he’s just so annoying. I mean, he threw a whole bucket, of cold water on me head when I was showering.”

“That’s savage right there.”

“But remember, I’m the victim.”

“Right, he should be in trouble.”

“His brother shouted at him...but...”

“But what?”

“I need some sort of revenge.”

“Go to his bathroom while he’s showering and throw a bucket of cold water at him.”

“Set fire--”

“Woah. That’s a bit...over the top...don’t you think?”

“Not because of the bucket, I mean because...of all the years..”

“Sky...I’m sorry about all that...but you know...I have a way with dealing stress and anger.”


“Calisthenics but also football. Let’s do some aiming.” He said walking over to the football area. He pointed at the goal. “Let’s start with aim. Hit the cross bar.” He said. “Hold on, I’ll be back.”

He ran across the playground to his sister. They talked for a bit and came back. Her sister started cycling near us. “Okay Sky. I’ll go first.” Miles said. He took his football and booted it and it hit the cross bar smoothly.

“Looks like you’ve practiced a lot.” I said taking the ball off him. I booted it and it also hit the cross bar.

“Okay, not bad.” He said. “I’ll go on goal.”

I kicked the ball as hard as I could and it flew nice and smoothly into the goal. “Speed and Aim. Tick!”

“Okay, my turn.”

“Okay then.”

I stood on the goal ready to block the shot when the ball flew straight at me. I tried to jump out the way but it ended up hitting my stomach. It hurt. A lot. It really hurt. The speed was too fast and the kick was something else.

“Sky I’m sorry.”

“I’m A-Okay.” I said as I groaned on the floor. His sister had already jumped off her bike and was crouching next to me. “Did he hit that hard?”

“Yes. I’m fine. You can go if you want.”

“Okay.” She said going back to her bike.

“Sky you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes.” I said getting up. “I’m fine.”

“Sky...I know it’s none of my business but...what’s up with your face and legs?”

“Long story short, these girls jumped me and the police are investigating.” I lied. He looked at me again and said, “Sky when was this?”

“A few days ago.”

“Oh. But yesterday--”



“Let’s keep playing.”


We kept playing for another hour and Miles and I went to his parents house and dropped Evelyn off. Then we both went back to our flats and I was stopped by Gemma.

“Sky where have you been?”

“Playing football.”

“You look so dirty. Yuck.” She said looking at my clothes. I hadn’t realised how muddy I was. “I’ve been training hard.” I said taking my clothes off and going into my room. “Gemma you are doing laundry.”

“No it’s your turn--”

“I did it three days ago.” I lied. “Remember? You forced me to or else you were going to--”

“Okay whatever.”

How stupid can she be? She actually fell for it. Oh well. It is what it is.

After a while, there was a knock. “Sky hurry, we need to go school.” Mason said. “Aiden’s waiting for you.”

“Oh okay.” I said jumping out of the bed and brushing my teeth at the same time spraying my hair. Mason was standing trying not to laugh. After that, I went and putting on a hoodie and leggings.

“You need to wear your uniform too.”

“I thought we weren’t supposed to until--”

“Check your messages and the date. Remember?”

“It’s the 12th of November.”

“Are you serious?!”

“Can I come in?”

“Yeah.” I said. He opened the door and he’s right. Uniform. I sighed. “Mason I hate this college. It’s not even a real college.”

“It is. Just works in different ways.”

“No. It’s just like secondary. Our age group. We have years. Year 1, 2, 3, and 4! Year 1 is for 16&17 year olds. Year 2 is 17&18 year olds. Year 3, 18&19 year olds, Year 4, 19&20 year olds! You see?!”

“That’s why it is known as one of the best colleges in the UK.”

“We don’t even get to wear our own clothes. Just stupid uniforms. I’m not wearing my skirt--”

“You’ll get told off.”

“I haven’t got any tights. My bruises will show.”

“You can’t wear trousers. That’s for--”

“Watch me.” I said looking around my closet and finding one. I put it on and it looked okay. “It’s nice.”

“You’ll get told off.” He shook his head. “Find your school shoes.”

“I’m wearing my black converse.” I said putting them on. “Don’t like the trousers. I’m wearing leggings.”

“Make your mind up.” He said irritated. I quickly switched to my leggings and put my shoes back on. Then looked for my shirt and tie. I found loads of white short sleeved shirts, obviously. But I couldn’t find my tie.


I looked around again and found it. I exhaled. “For a second I thought I’d lost it.”

“Put your shirt on quickly.”

After I’d finished putting my shirt and tie on. I looked for my blazer. I found it easily as it was on top of all my clothes. I put it on and looked for my bag. “I’ve lost it. My books--”

“I packed it for you.” He said. “Now please let’s just go.”

“Wait.” I said as I realised I had a faint purple bruise on my face and my neck.

“You can’t wear makeup. You’ll get in trouble.”

“I can’t go like this...”

“They won’t know.” He said. “And if they do, say you were in a fight.”

“Good excuse.” I said. I walked out the room and found Aiden scrolling through his phone. “Finally.”

“Hi. Sorry you had to wait.” I said.

“Your PE kit. You need it.”

“Oh shit.“I said going back to my room. I pulled out a shirt and some leggings and a hoodie.

“No hoodies allowed.” Mason said from the kitchen. How did he know? He’s all the way in the kitchen. WTF.

I grabbed it either way and shoved all my kit into my sports bag. I then found my trainers and put my cleanest football shoe inside the bag with the trainers.

“Packed.” I said as I’d finished filling up my water bottle. We walked out the door when all of a sudden Mason stopped. “Sky your medication.” Mason said going back in.

“I took it already.”

“You’ve just woken up.”

“I took at at 4.”

“But that’s like...twelve hours ago or something. 24?”

“No, I took it today morning.”

“I know you hate them but--”

“I did. I swear.”

“But why would you randomly--”

“I went to practice my football skills, remember?”

“Oh..yeah..” Then he paused. “Did you seriously go alone in the dark?”

“It wasn’t that dark and Miles helped me--”


“No, the football Miles.”

“How many Miles are in this school?”

“Okay, that question is getting annoying.”

"I agree." Lucas said.


“Never mind.”

“So you trained with him at 4 in the morning?”

“I know him from the day before yesterday. He too is in the football team.”

“Oh. Okay.” He said as he put the medication back. Then the door knocked and Gemma came in. “Hi guys.”

“Hi, but where is your skirt?”

“Not wearing it.”

“And why’s that?”

“Lucas I hate skirts.”

“You’ll get in trouble--”

“By the looks of it, we will all get in trouble. Look at the time.” Gemma said hurrying back out the door. “I’m going to my first lesson, catch y’all later.”

“I’m going too.” Lucas said hurrying after Gemma.

I quickly went to fridge and took a bottle of coke and drank half of it.

"Sky!" Aiden snatched it from me. "Too much sugar."

"Aiden's right." Mason said putting the bottle bottle back in the fridge.

I rolled my eyes. “Guys, come on.” I said walking over to the elevator.

“Take the stairs.” Mason said.


We walked down a good six flights of stairs until we reached the bottom. “What the fuck. Since when was this a PE lesson?!”

“You are over reacting.” Aiden said.

“Come on, let’s go.”

I got up from the floor and went to join them. “First class, we are all together...right?”

“Yeah. PE.”

“Great.” I said. “I’ve already done a workout. Now extra work out. Perfect.” Then I started to itch my chin. "I think I'm having an allergic reaction."

"I didn't have any fruits this morning and so did Aiden."

We walked out the building and went into the sports center finding. I went into the girls changing rooms and found Gemma already changed. Then I saw some girls who obviously...are trouble makers. They started gossiping. Then one of them walked over to me. “Are you like...trans?”

“No. I’m with Noah.”

“You broke up with him.”

“And we’re together again.” I said trying to walk away from them.

“You cut your hair...why?” A random girl said. Aria.

“I like it.”

“Me too.” She said smiling. “Who cut it?”

“His brother now please can I get changed?”

“I heard you’re in the football team.” Another girl, Ava.

“Nice.” I said once I managed to reach Gemma.

“Girls please leave her alone.” Gemma said. Once all the girls have gone out the changing room and it was just me and Gemma. I quickly took my shirt off. She winced as she saw my bruises.


“Gems I’m fine.”

“Do they hurt?”

“No.” I said putting my PE shirt on. Then I changed into my black leggings. I put my football shoes on and my hoodie on top covering my bruises.

“Sky you can’t.”

“I’ll make an excuse.” I said.


We walked together down the corridor and into the field. Two classes were there. The classes are basically like your form. So my form group and another one. Noah’s. In total, 30 people. 1A, 1B. Soon we'll all be switching classes. Fingers crossed he's in my class. We quickly blended in with the crowd. I saw Noah with Jordan and Jay and Lucas with Aiden and Mason. They were talking about something. I tried to eavesdrop on what they were talking about but nothing.

“Okay guys. Girls versus boys.” The PE teacher said, Miss Reynolds. “Girls stand in one line, boys, on the other.”

Me and Gemma quickly stood in our lines, trying not to attract attention. Then the PE teacher stopped. “Excuse me, I said boys in this line!” She pointed at the other fifteen boys.

Is this the perfect time to die? I was red in the face. I put my hood on covering my face. “God please kill me.”

I could see everyone’s eyes on me. I covered my face so no one could see me properly. Gemma stormed right next to Miss Reynolds and started shouting at her.

“You are so selfish! She’s a girl. Not a boy. How dare you!”

“Excuse me. I made a mistake.”

“Go apologise now!”

“Excuse me! Detention! After school 1 hour!” She blew the whistle at her.

She just smirked. “I can get you sacked, this instant. So watch it. Now come apologise.”

Miss Reynolds looked at her so mad. “You are unbelievable.”

“She’s a girl.” She said again as Miss Reynolds walked up to me. She pulled me away from everyone and looked at me properly. After a second or two her eyes suddenly lightened. “Sky?”

“Now you recognize me isn’t it?!”

“Don’t cry.”

“I’m not.” I said slapping her hand away. “You’ve just humiliated me!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know. Your hood--”


“Take it off. It’s not allowed, okay?”

“I can’t. I don’t want to.”

“But you have to. It’s against--”

“She doesn’t want to.” Gemma said standing next to me. “Now let’s all go back and act like nothing ever happened.”


“Miss Reynolds, please.” Gemma said pulling me back to the line.

“Sorry.” Miss whispered to me as she walked past and went back to the front. “Everyone, we will all have one substitute.”

I died as soon as she said that. I know everyone will definitely not pick me, especially because of what just happened.

“And before any of you pick. I’ll pick the first two people to choose who’ll be substitute or not.”

Everyone groaned. Miss Reynolds looked at me and said, “For the girls team, let’s have Sky.”

I looked at her shocked and I could see everyone’s eyes on me. Then Gemma held onto my arm and walked by me to Miss Reynolds. Then she went back to the line.

“Next up, boys, team captain, Noah.” She said. Noah came up the front and stood next to me. “You okay?”

“I’ve just been publicly humiliated. I’m fine. Of course.”

“I’m sorry--”

“Hello?” Coach, well, Miss Reynolds said blowing her whistle. “Pick your players for each round.”

“I can come with you--”

“They won’t bite.” I said. I looked at all the girls and started selecting each ones.

“Okay, first round, we have, Avery, Aria, Camila, and who are you?”


“Mila, Scarlett, Rosa and then me.”

“How about your bestie?” Mila asked out of nowhere.

“I’m not choosing favorites. I'm being realistic. These girls, one of them, can play and so can Gemma. She can be in the second team with the rest of you.” I said. “Next round, we’ll have Gemma, Sofia, and Madison.”

Madison started walking up to me. “I don’t want to play.”

“I’ve heard your complaint and can’t do anything about it. I know if I let you off, everyone will want to go off too. After all, you’re the boss, right?”

“Hm. Yeah.”

“After Madison, Aria, and Chloe, Penelope and lastly Riley.” Then I looked at Zoey. “Zoey, you are substitute because you can’t kick a ball straight and because you don’t bother do anything with the ball apart from give it to the other team.”

“I want to be mad at you but it’s too true.” She said going over to the benches and pulling out her phone. “Okay, guys I want the first team and second in one line.” I said. “Okay, seven each, cool.” I said going back to Coach, well Miss, Reynolds. “Done?”

“Yeah. Quite easy.”


“I got control over her.” I said.

“That is impossible. Well done.” She winked.

“Coach, we’re done.” Noah said.

“Okay, first team, you’re up!” Coach, Miss Reynolds said. Wait, let’s just say Miss. I like Miss way better than Coach.

We stood in our side of the pitch and I gave everyone their positions.

“Okay. You have seven minutes to play well.”

I looked at Noah. He looked at me trying not to laugh. “When was the last time you played football?”

“Does it matter?”

“Woah. I was just asking. And once me and my team mates destroy your team--”

“Think again. I bet you I will destroy your team.” I said with confidence.

“How exactly? Last time you played football was like weeks or something. You probably can’t kick a ball straight.”

“What do you mean I can’t kick a ball straight?!” I shoved him.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” He said. Then tackled the ball away from me. I looked at him confused and realised the game has started. What’s most embarrassing is that none of the girls can actually play. I raced for the ball but Noah kicked it inside the goal.

Aria kicked the ball to me and I saw one of the opposite team’s defender running towards me. I started dribbling with the ball and suddenly stopped making him drop to the ground. I quickly kicked the ball over to Aria who was open. She started running with it and once I was near the goal, she booted the ball to me and I kicked the ball right in the net. I turned around as Gemma and Aria rushed to hug me.

“1-1.” Miss Reynolds said.

Noah looked at me, definitely shocked. “That was okay.” He said. Then the whistle blew and I tackled the ball off him and passed it over to Aria. Noah tackled the ball off her and passed it to Jordan. I ran after him, tackling the ball off him. I kicked the ball back to Aria again as the rest of the girls were too busy on their phones. Noah had taken the ball off her again and passed it to Jay. I tackled the ball of him, sprinted next to the goal and scored before Noah can take it off me.

“In your face!” I said shoving him. Aria hugged me again. “Yesss.”

“2-1.” Miss Reynolds said. “Four minutes left guys.”

I looked at Noah this time. He didn’t say anything. He just looked so mad. I ignored it and kicked the ball to Camilla who was typing on her phone. She just opened her legs and let the ball go through. Then it went off side. I glared at her and threw her phone on the floor.

“What was that for?!”

“You’re lucky it’s just muddy.”

Noah threw the ball to Miles but I intercepted it and started running with it and kicked it straight into the net.


Noah was looking at me clearly annoyed. “Sky stop it.”

“Stop what?”

He rolled his eyes and started running with the ball. He hit the ball accidentally hitting Avery but either way, he scored. Avery screamed at him. “What the fuck!!!”


She slapped him across the face. I glared at her. “Don’t you dare touch my boyfriend!”

“Boyfriend huh? Thought you were bi? Or trans now?”

“You really want to die don’t you.”

“What? You gonna try and hit me?”

I was about to punch her when Noah grabbed my arm just in time. “Sky stop. You’ll get detention or suspended.”

Then I got a sudden idea. “Okay. I won’t.”

Noah looked at me shocked. Then suddenly realised. “Sky you’re not going to--”

“Two minutes left!”

I quickly took the ball and scored again. Then as I was about to score my next goal, Noah suddenly took the ball from me and scored.


Aria took the ball and scored smoothly.


Miles now seriously took the ball and from the other side of the pitch scored into our goal. It was an impossible shot. I was speechless, and so was everyone.

“What the fuck?!”


I quickly took the ball and started dribbling but then I stopped. Everyone looked at me confused. Then I locked my eyes on Avery. I continued playing like everything was normal but as soon as I was really far away from her. I booted the ball so hard, it hit her straight on the stomach and she fell on the floor and puked. I faked looking worried and went over to her. “Avery I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to--”

“You fucking did!” She wrenched. Then she burst out crying. I don’t know if it’s because of the pain or the fact her phone was cracked and covered in vomit. Someone took their phone out about to take a picture when I snatched it off him. “Do you also want to get hit?!”

“Sky what happened?!” Miss Reynolds rushed over to us.

“I accidentally hit my friend Avery. I swear I didn’t mean it.”

“Yes she did. She clearly did. I swear.”


Then I started my acting. I burst out crying and sat on the grass. “It was an accident--”

“Stop crying. I didn’t mean to---”

“She’s faking!”

I kept sobbing. “I’m sorry miss. I got off aim.”

“Hey...don’t worry. Everybody makes mistakes.”

“Are you falling for that?!”

“Avery, stop being ridiculous. Zoey, take her to the medical room.”

“Okay Coach.” She said as she and Avery started walking back to the center.

“I’m so sorry--”

“Hey, it was a mistake. Come on. Still want to play?”

“Yeah.” I said wiping my fake tears. Once everyone had gone back to their positions Noah shook his head. “I don’t know why you’re not an actor yet.”

“Everybody makes mistakes.” I winked.

“I can’t believe you’d do that to her. The ball was at least 100 miles per hour.”

“Serves her right.”

“Yeah but now she’s hurt and--”

“She hit you and called me trans and bi.”

“Well that was too far.”

“What? You suddenly take her side do you?” I crossed my arms.

“No. I’m on no one’s side. I just think you went a bit...extra.”



I scoffed. “Okay.”

“Sky what are you--”

I took the ball from him and Miles tackled the ball off me. I took the ball from him immediately. I was about to shoot when Noah took the ball from me. That’s IT!!

I ran after him and took the ball off him. He tackled me again and I deliberately put my foot next to his so I could fall with impact. I started rolling around the grass and groaning. It didn't hurt a single bit.

“Sky are you okay?” Miss Reynolds asked concerned. “Is it your arm?”

“Owwww. Miss he tripped me up.” I fake cried.

“Is your arm okay?”

“I think it is.” I said getting up.

She looked at me with sympathy. “Okay, penalty.”

“What?! Coach she’s faking!”

“I barely touched her!”

“I saw, she deliberately put her feet--”

“No, I saw Coach. Noah tripped her up.” Aria lied. “Isn’t it Sky?”

“Yeah.” I said walking over to the ball. “Let’s just get this over and done with.”

“Awww come one Coach. She’s clearly lying!”

“It’s just a penalty.” Aria said.

“Okay, guys get into your positions. Penalty time.” She said walking next to the goal.

“Sky you are faking all this!”

“I know.” I said. I put the football down and looked at Lucas which was the keeper. He looked at me really pissed.

I kicked the ball and it hit the net slick clean. Wait, I just like to say that, slick clean. It sound cool.

“5-5!” Miss Reynolds blew the whistle. “Penalty time. Pick two best players in your team!”

Me and Noah stood getting ready to score. I looked at Lucas again. He looked ready as hell. I kicked the ball hard and it hit the cross bar and bounced in. “Yessss!!!!!!” I high fived Aria.

“Okay.” Noah said getting ready to score. Aria was looking him dead in the eye. Noah kicked the ball and it hit the right top corner.

“6-6!” Miss Reynolds blew her whistle. “Teams change.”

Once the other teams started playing, I went over to Lucas and Noah. “Guys, I can explain--”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a stupid game.” Lucas he paused. “But why would you hit her like that. That was really extreme. You kick really hard--”

“Thank you.” I smiled.

“No! No! This is bad. Stop smiling. It’s bad. She could be seriously hurt.” Noah said.

“Serves her right.” I said walking back to the bench. Noah grabbed me by the arm. “Sky I know she hit me but you can’t hit someone like that.”

“Really? Last time I checked. I’m hiding bruises and she’s just got pain in her stomach which can heal in minutes but my bruises will heal for months and my heart...years.” Then he let go off my hand and I walked back into the changing room.

I started taking off my clothes when I heard someone coming in. “Gemma you can go back to your stupid game. I’d rather die than see him again! He’s a fucking--”

“It’s me.” Miles said coming in.

“Close your eyes!”

“Sky your bruises...”

“I told you to close your eyes!”

He closed his eyes and I quickly put my leggings and school shirt on. “You can open them now.”

“ sure you’re okay...”

“I said yes just drop it!” I snapped wiping my tears.

“You say you are but you’re not. Please talk to me.”

“I can’t okay. I can’t!”

“Tell me.” He said lifting my chin up. “Please.”

“No.” I slapped his hand away. “Just leave me be.”

“I care--”

“Why? Why would you care!? You don’t even know me!”

“I don’t need to know every aspect of your life. I care about everyone. No matter who or what they are.”

“Are you in any way, implying that I’m gay?”

“No. No.” He said sitting next to me. “Please talk to me.”


“What? Have they jumped you again?”


“Then what?”

I looked at him hesitantly. “I...”

“You can tell me.”

I looked at the door and went to lock it. Then went back and sat next to him. “It’s Noah and his friends...”

“What? I thought--”

“They jumped me twice and kept me hostage.”

“And does the police know?”

“No. You can’t tell them.”

“Sky, they just--”

“Jay was involved and I just found out Jay is my step brother and Miles--”


“Noah’s friend, Miles?”

“Oh yeah. That’s Jay’s brother--”

“Step. But Miles doesn’t know that. Only Jay and I know.”

“But he can’t--”

“I know he hasn’t ever laid a finger on me but even so, he’s still involved and his brother Miles...he’s not as innocent as Jay. But Jay loves Miles and if I were to grass on them to the police, Miles would be definitely locked up and probably him too. Miles has done too much wrong to me.”


“And also, Noah, I’m so in love with him--”


“I know what he did was absolutely wrong but all you need to know is the fact that I forgive him. I know he’s sorry. I saw that look in his eyes. That look that said he regrets it all and will never do it again. He is sorry. I know he is.”


“Trust me. I know when he’s lying or not.”

“But two seconds ago you sounded like you were ready to kill him or something.”

I froze. “I should apologise to him.” Then I paused. “Do I look like a boy?”

“No.” He said.

“Are you being nice or--”

“Seriously, you look like a girl.”

“Thank you!” I hugged him. Then quickly put my tie on. The door started to rattle. “They’re here. You better go.”

He got up and walked to the door. He opened it and went out. All the girls came in and froze as they saw me fixing my tie. “Can I help you?”

“Woah. Bad girl here.” Madison walked up to me. “I thought you said you were with Noah?”

“I am.” I said. Gemma shooed them all away and walked over to me, disappointed. “Sky you’re better than this.”

“No. I didn’t hook up with him or anything. I was changing and he saw my bruises.”


“I told him.”

“But I thought--”

“He said he wasn’t going to tell the police.”

“He did?”

“Well, he didn’t agree or anything but--”

“You mean, he didn’t promise or anything?!” She fumed. “Okay. You’re going to lose Noah. You didn’t tell him to shut his mouth?!”


“Now Noah’s going to dump you. And he’ll get arrested for GBH. And say bye to your new brother--”

“How do you know about Jay?”

“That’s not important. All that is, is the fact that you’re going to loose your boyfriend and it’s all because of a random guy, you don’t even know about. Perfect.”

“I know him. So shut up!”

“Are you even sure you didn’t hook up with him?!” She hissed.

“I didn’t. I didn’t even tell him anything. Just told him about what Noah and his friends did. And I didn’t even tell him why they did it.”

“You better go after him and make sure that he doesn’t open his mouth. Especially to the police.” She hissed dragging me out the room and shoving me into the boys changing room. I was about to go out but she locked the door from the front. Great. I started banging on the door trying to act like I was the only one there.

“Sky what are you doing?!” Noah hissed. “People are changing.”

“It’s Gemma.” I muttered trying to open the door. Then I saw her drag a chair and put it under the doorknob. “God I hate this girl.”

“Gemma open the door.” Noah said. Gemma just smirked. I took out my phone and called her. She picked it up. “Gemma I swear to god you don’t open the door, I will kill you!”

“Sky what are you doing here?” Mason asked walking up to me.

“Do you really think I came in here to have a nice look at you!?”

“Sky calm down.” Noah said trying to open the door. “Stop looking at them. I’m your boyfriend. Hello?” He turned my head around. “I got a nice body. Remember? Ignore them.”

“Someone’s over protective.” Someone shouted.

“Who was that?!”

“Me. Why don’t you back off her.”

“K.O. Shut the fuck up.” Noah glared at him. “Don’t make me punch you.”

“I think she’s blind because as far as I can’re a dick.”

“K.O. Stop.” I said going over to him. “Stop it.”

“I know you really wanna touch me. You’re free to do so.”

“K.O!” Noah was about to punch him when I dragged him away. Then I gave him a kiss and whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry. I won’t kiss him. Just watch.”

He looked at me confused as I walked up to K.O. I pushed him to a wall and slid my hands down his chest until I reached his abs. Then bit my lip and then he leaned in about to kiss me when I dodge it and slapped him. The whole changing room went loud. He was red in the face. Then I kicked him in the nuts. Then grabbed the nearest bag and dashed it at his head and watched him drop to the floor. Dead.

“What just happened?”

“So he does like me.” I smiled. “But I don’t.”

“This is so awkward.” Aiden said out of nowhere.



I dragged him all the way into the bathroom and locked the door. Then I looked him in the eye. “How’s your autism.”

“Not bad. Apart from the fact that I still wear ear plugs, everything is fine.”

“Are they bullying you?”

“K.O did try a lot of times but turned out unsuccessful.”

“You didn’t hurt--”

“Not that badly.”

Then I looked at his chest and automatically died. Who’d have thought he’d have more muscles than Noah? I looked at him for a while until he snapped his fingers in my face startling me.

“What?” I said trying to look at him in the eye but my eyes kept looking down. If you know what I mean. Hahah, just joking. I think....yeah. I’m joking--

“Noah? Remember.”

“I wasn’t...”

“You were staring at my chest for seconds. And you still are. Look me in the eye. You know I’m not interested in anyone yet. Right?”

“Then why are you so fit?”

“First off, I’m not a big man. Just have decent muscles. Noah’s way more hotter than me and also I’m fit because if you live in a forest full of wild animals, you’ll need to know how to fight them off.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You saying that you’ve fought an animal before?” I walked up to him.

“Bears, which now are our friends and some wolves.” He took a few steps back.

“You serious...right?”

“Sky stop. You have Noah. Don’t.”

“Oh, right.” I said blushing. Then I took a step back. “Might wanna do your buttons up quickly.”

He smiled and did his buttons. I can still see he was blushing.

“Hey why you blushing?”

“I don’t know. It’s just awkward..."Then he sighed. "Noah loves you a lot, you know that...right?”


“No, like seriously.” He said and paused. “Even when you were in that coma, he didn’t bother looking at another girl and his energy was off. Everything was off. He even turned down Madison.”

“What? I thought he broke up with me.”

“But he still loves you.” Then he sighed. “I see the pain in his eyes every time he finds someone intimidating. He’s scared you’ll leave him for someone else...he really loves you...”

“He loves me that much...I mean sure he’s never cared about a girl ever since he met me but...”

“Skylar all I need to say is, don’t pay attention to boys that much. How would you like it if he flirted with Gemma or other girls?”


“Then, I suggest, you calm him down by telling him you love him every now and then. Sky he really loves you. Just show him that you really care about him.”

I sighed. “You’re right. Maybe I do go a bit...yeah. I really feel bad about how I treat him. I’m his girlfriend. I never think do I?”

“Well now you do. Don’t look at me or any boys, they’re dressed by now, maybe but you never do, okay?”

“Okay. Aiden, I’m sorry...”

“It’s fine. Just don’t do it again.”

“Okay.” I said opening the door. “Noah you okay?”

“I’m fine.”

I pulled him in to the bathroom and shut the door. “So, Aiden made me realise that sometimes...I might be a bit too....boy obsessed. He told me you were...down when I was in a coma. Even though we broke up....”

“Yeah. I was.”

“You really love me and flirting with other boys is not okay and I wouldn’t like it if you did so with any girl. I’m sorry--”

“I’m sorry. I should be. Yes, you need to be sorry for flirting but I need to be sorry on what I’d done. It’s not fair. I shouldn’t have been aggressive. I shouldn’t have done what I’d done.” His voice cracked. “I’m sorry.” He hugged me. “I promise I won’t do it again.”

“Noah don’t cry. I know you won’t.” I whispered. “I know you’re sorry. And I love you.”

“I love you too.” He said pulling out. Then gave me a kiss. “We should go now.”

“Do I still look like a boy?”

“Now that you don’t have your hood. No.”

“Hold on, you are saying I looked like a boy?”

“No. Your lips looked like a girls and nose and eyes, you did look like a girl.”

“Oh.” I said opening the door. We walked out and everyone was too busy on their phones. “Lucas?”

“I’m trying to open this door.”

“This place is way bigger than the girls changing room.” I complained. “And you’ve also got a water cooler?”

“Sky, you okay?” Mason rushed over to me. “Sky you need to lie down quickly.”

“Mason stop being dramatic.” I said closing my eyes. He dragged me to the shower room and closed the door behind him. Noah started banging on the door. “Mason what the fuck is going on?”

“She’s about to have a seizure.”

“How would you know that?!”

“Noah, her hand was twitching. You didn’t even see.”

“Mason are you serious?”

Then I started shaking. I realised what was happening.

“She’s having one right now.” Then Mason looked at me. “Sky don’t worry.” He kept saying.

“Is she really having one right now?!”

“Noah calm down. Yes she is.”

“Open the door--”

“She doesn’t like people seeing her have one.”

“But you’re--”

“That’s different.”

“How so?!”

Mason sighed for a moment and went completely silent. Mason was checking the time. "Sky..." He kept looking at his phone.

"Is she okay in there?" Noah said.

"Yeah. I'm just waiting for her to stop."

The place was quiet and all I could hear is my faint moans and I could feel tears rolling down my eyes.

"Hey, stop crying." Mason said wiping my tears. "Don't cry. Stop crying. Everything's fine."

He kept looking down at his phone quietly but I could see the panic. It felt like hours had gone by--

“Noah get her Buccal Midazolam."

"Her what?"

"Go inside my bag. There's an orange and white box. Inside will be a syringe and a bottle of medicine. Quickly!"

"Okay." He said. After a few seconds, he came back and Mason opened the door. He took out the syringe and bottle and injected it to the left side of my mouth. Noah was looking at him confused. After a few seconds, I'd stopped shaking and had calmed down.

"Is she okay now?"

“Noah she’s fine now.” Mason said. Then he looked at me. "Don't worry Sky. You're fine."

Mason went to take some paper towels and wiped my mouth. There was some saliva. Not foam.

"Are you sure she's fine?"

"Yes. Trust me. Just some saliva. She's had a five minute seizure. She'll need a lot of time to recover."

Just a quick explanation:

I have tonic-clonic seizures. But my whole body shakes and I do moan a bit which is surprisingly crazy. But my body doesn't twitch like some people. I am absolutely aware of my surroundings and everything and can feel everything.

I was still breathing heavily but my muscles had dropped.

“Sky you okay?” Noah asked. "Sky?"

I couldn’t even look at him. I did try closing my eyes but all I can do is blink.

“She’s fine.” Mason said taking his blazer off and putting it under me. “Noah, don’t worry.”

“Do I call an ambulance? She looks really tired--”

“She’ll be fine. I’ve got her buccal midazolam. No need for ambulance."

"But last time she was fine--"

"She's had a five minute seizure."

"Oh." Then he kneeled next to me. Then looked at Mason and smiled. "Thanks."

"No problem."

"Do you always...carry that?"

"Yes. And you should learn to carry one too. She's got a spare one."

"I'll forget. Don't you?"

"I've been looking after her for the last three years and soon 4 and I have never forgotten. Just a few time though." He then looked at him properly. "But you need to take care of her."

"I will." He looked at him unsure. "Somehow."

"You can do it." He said getting up. He looked at the door and came back. "The door's open. Someone knocked it down. I'm guessing Aiden."

Then he went back out and came back with Aiden and Lucas. "So turns out I was right. Aiden did knock it down."

"It wasn't that hard. We just needed to find a solution. So, I tried to get rid of the door knob but it was impossible. Then I rand into the door and it flung wide open."

"But I don't get it. You're like a skinny guy."

"I have muscles. Even if I look skinny. Actually, I look medium. Not skinny." He argued. "And besides. We need to get her out of here."

"We can call a teacher." Lucas said. "Miss Reynolds might be next door."

"Okay, go get her then."

Lucas went out the door and next door and came back in straight away blushing. "They're changing."

"Okay. Lie her down." Noah said helping me up. Mason helped him lay me down on one of the changing benches. Then Mason put his blazer under me. "Let's wait a while--"

Then the door flung open. "Great. Breaks over so quickly." Noah muttered as some of the boys in the other side of our year came in. They froze as they saw me. Noah took his blazer and covered my face. I couldn't breathe. Mason took the blazer off my face. "How the hell is she going to recover like that?"


"She will suffocate. Any clothing on her head will block her breathing."

"Oh." He took his blazer off him. "I didn't know."

"Can I ask what the fuck is going on?" Miles, Jay's brother, asked walking over to us.

"She's had a fit okay now all of you, go away." Mason said sitting next to me. "Can you lift your arm up?"

I looked at my arm. I just looked at it. Hopelessly. I could see the bruises but acted like I wasn't focusing on that.

"Lucas go call Miss. I'm sure they're all dressed by now."

"I am not going back." Lucas said. "You go."

"Are you serious." Aiden muttered going out the room and next door. We waited a while until we saw Miss Reynolds. She just rushed over to me. "Sky you okay?"

"She's fine."

"How long was the seizure?"

"Five minutes, but I gave her her buccal midazolam so she's fine now."

"Okay. No point on calling the ambulance." Then she looked around. "Guys hurry up." Then she looked at me. "Stay here until you feel ready to walk okay?"

I looked at her blankly. "Is that a yes?"

I looked at her expressionless. I'm mad at her. I don't want to be here. It's ridiculous.

"I'm going to class." Lucas said leaving. "Aiden?"

"Same. See you later."

"I need to teach my class. I'll be back to check on you and if anything else happens, tell me immediately. Okay?"

"Okay." Mason said.

Then Miss got up and stood on the bench. "Boys hurry up. The girls change way faster than you! Hurry or detention!"

How is she so calm. "Nicholas. Stop flexing!"

"Yo Miss. You can't look at us." He argued.

"I have. Now hurry unless you want to change in the fucking cold!"

"Yo miss chill man."

"Jonathan you will get detention if you don't put a shirt on this instance. Actually, all of you. Hey! Stop looking at yourself in the mirror! Oi, Kyle, you better move away from her before I give you a slap across the head and you George. You know what, every single one of you, can see who's way more fit after school. 1 hour detention!" She shouted going out the room. Everyone started groaning.

While everyone was arguing, I was laughing inside. And Mason knew. He was trying not to laugh himself. Noah went over and started talking to Miles and Grayson.

Then I saw Jamie and Dylan talking. I could see their stab wounds bandaged up and blushed. Mason must've seen because he looked at me about to laugh. I looked at him confused.

"Serves them right." He paused. "How are you feeling?"

I opened my mouth to say something but closed it back down. I was too tired to even open my mouth. I looked at him clearly showing that I was dead. He sighed and laid next to me. "I'm surprised you're not drooling over them. Two seconds ago you looked like you were in heaven."

I blushed. Then he raised his eyebrows. "I bet Aiden said something to you. Right?"

I blinked three times. "And I bet he told you that you need to stop looking at other boys and focus on Noah?" He whispered. The place was really loud. Everyone was talking over each other when suddenly Miss Raymond stormed in. "Shut up!!!" She put my bags next to me.

The whole place went quiet.

"Boys, 1 hour 30 min detention. You bunk, you're doing community service for the next two weeks. Cleaning toilets is the first thing. Then get ready to wash my car and all the other teachers." Then she walked out shaking her head. I saw the girls heading to the field. I suddenly remembered Gemma. I was angry. Mad at her.

"Sky I don't know what triggered your seizure..." He said deep in thought. "I mean...maybe you were stressed...?"

I looked around and realised I was tired. Everyone was looking at us but Mason seemed to not care. "Don't worry about them. They're just idiots who've never seen a girl before."

"Mason that is incorrect. Why is a girl in a boys changing room. That's what everyone's confused. You could at least drag her out of here." Jonathan said out of nowhere. The whole place went quiet.

"Jonathan. I won't drag her. She needs to rest and if you don't feel comfortable, you can change outside."

"You could take her to the girls changing room."

"Right. So I can see all the girls changing?"

"You can leave her there!"

"I need to be with her. I can't let her be alone especially now. She can barely move. Or speak. I'm not letting her be alone."

"It's not like someone's going to kill her--"

"She can have another episode. Now shut up and go."

"Don't tell me to shut up." He walked over to us. "She needs to go out of here. It's disrespectful. She's literally watching us."

"No she isn't. She's with Noah. So back off."


Noah walked up to him. "Jonathan, just leave it. You need to understand that she doesn't care about boys who show off all the time. She'll stay here with me and Mason weather you like it or not."

Mason got up and stood in front of Jonathan, arms crossed. "I am asking you peacefully to back off and go to your PE lesson."

He just glared at me and walked over to his friends and they all left.

"You okay?" He asked sitting beside me.

I blinked three times and he sighed. There were some people chatting about bullshit and I was just bored.

"Can you move yet?"

I blinked twice.

"Okay then." He said laying down next to me. "Want some water?"

I blinked twice.


"I'm sorry about Jonathan." Then Noah came up to me. "Can you still speak or move?"

I looked at him blankly.

"No." Mason said for me. "I really don't know why she had one..."

"Same." Then he crossed his arms. "Maybe she was stressed?"

"I thought so but..I don't think it's just that..."

"She took her meds right?"

"Yeah at four."

"Four? In the morning?"


"Just randomly?"

"Yeah." He looked at me. "But she was training with Miles."

"Miles? He was--"

"The football Miles."

"Oh. But she don't know him." He sighed. Then Gemma burst into the room. Then blew the hair on her hair. "Double P.E today."

Then I got a notification. Everyone looked at my phone. Noah grabbed quickly and unlocked my phone and read the first message.

"Okay. I won't tell a soul. Still want to practice at seven?"

Gemma snatched the phone off him and typed something. "Yes."

"Gemma." He snatched it off her. "I am so madly in love with my BOYFRIEND. I have no feelings towards you." He typed. Then pressed send.

"Jeez calm down Noah. I think he knows." Mason snatched the phone off him.

"You have any feelings towards me?"

"No. I've got a girlfriend."

"Thank goodness. Bye. See you at 7." Then he pressed send. "That wasn't hard was it."

I closed my eyes again hoping to drown. I have no true friends. No boyfriend and Gemma and Mason are gone. Then the phone started ringing. Gemma answered it.

"Hi, Sky's just had a seizure, she's really unwell."

"Let me wrote the first message, Noah the second and Mason the third?"

Gemma almost dropped the phone and Mason and Noah looked like they'd just seen a ghost.


"So obvious. Noah's over protective."

"No I am not."

"Gemma would type yes in a heart beat. Mason is responsible. I've known you and Mason for a while."

"Okay. That's really crazy. the looks of it...Sky might not be able to come today because she needs a lot of rest but tomorrow text her. Okay?"

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." Then Gemma cut the call.

"How the hell would he know though?"

"I am just as confused as you." Then Noah looked at me. "Sky wanna walk?"

"It's only been thirty minutes you know."

"You can at least move your arm right?"

I lifted my hand up but it dropped immediately down. Then I tried to speak but this is what I said.

"F...f..uck...y..ou." I heaved trying to sit up.

"I just missed my lesson because of you."

I looked at my phone which she was holding.

"Is that why you're mad?"


"Okay. Sorry." She gave it to me. "Sky do you want us to take you back to home?"

I tried to sit up and Mason helped me sit up and I automatically puked all over myself and almost on Mason. When was the last time I puked?

"Sky you okay?" Mason asked feeling my forehead.

"I'll get some tissues."

"I need to go--"

"Noah, you are cleaning her up."


"She's your girlfriend."

"I know, I know, I know." He looked at the vomit. Then all of a sudden he fainted. I looked at him shocked and so did Mason.

"He really is something else." Mason said struggling to pick him up. Then Gemma walked in with tons of tissues and dropped them all. "Mason!!!"

"No, he passed out naturally."


"He passed out at the sight of the vomit."

"Are you serious?"

"Seriously? Just get more tissues. We can't clean this up. No way. We'll just clean her up."

"Okay." Gemma said looking at my shirt. Then went over looking for my bags. "Where are her bags? Nooo she left it--"

"They're over there, Coach brought it to us."

Gemma came back and opened the bags. Then found my hoodie. "There you go." She said giving it to Mason.

"No. Here you go." He handed it back to Mason. I'm just sitting here. Hello? Mason? Gems? Okay. They are dumb asf.

"She's your bestie." Gemma said.

"You too."

"But you're like...her best bestie."

"Bestie? Please just..." He sighed. "Just do it."

"Okay..." She took the jumper. Then she got a notification and suddenly froze. "Holy shit." She ran out the room. Mason looked at me hopeless. "I cannot believe you are with both of them. How selfish can they be."

He sat me up straight but I almost slid off. He pulled me to a corner and wiped the vomit off my face. Then took my blazer off. "They are both unbelievable stupid."


"I'm sorry. It's not your fault." He said taking my shirt off. "You can't control it. It is what it is." He said. Then the door opened. I bet you were expecting that. I knew it! The boys came in one by one. "Sky don't pay attention to them." He said as they watched me and the puke on the floor. "Guys please just do what you're supposed to do." Mason said. Then Miss Reynolds came in and walked over to us. "She okay? Sky?"


"Guys stop looking and change!" Miss Reynolds shouted. "And stop shouting over each other!" Then she turned around and looked at us. Then froze. "Who did this to you?" She pointed at my chest and stomach.

"She got jumped by some girls. The police are on it."

"Oh." Then she picked up some tissues. "You're a really nice friend. It's rare to find a good friend."

"You never know who to trust." Mason said wiping the vomit off my chest. Then out of nowhere I suddenly vomited again.

"Okay, I need to go to the girls. I'll be back." Miss Reynolds said going out the changing room.

"Guys can you please stop making those noises!" Mason snapped.

"Prince charming to the rescue." K.O said out of nowhere. I closed my eyes trying not to burst out crying.

"Hey, Sky. Don't cry." Mason whispered wiping the vomit off my face. "It's not your fault. Just ignore them. They're just stupid attention seeking kids with nothing but a thick head."

"Boys!" Miss Reynolds screeched coming back in. "I will not repeat myself again. Get fucking changed!"

"Oooooh. Swearing." One of the boys shouted.

"You heard me. I told you to all FUCKING, yes. Get changed."

"You could get sacked." Dylan said.

"Darling listen, I won't. I really won't. But guess what?"

"What? You gonna try and give us detention for being absolutely innocent?"

"Exactly. 20 mins."

"No way."

"You better get changed quickly." She said.

"So do we still have detention?"

Miss rolled her eyes and went over to us. "I'll get more paper towels."

"Sky don't cry. Hey, open your eyes. It's fine." He wiped my chest again.

"Yo, she's a wuss." Jonathan shouted out loud. Mason threw the paper towels he was holding on the floor and walked straight up to Jonathan and pushed him to the wall. "Don't you dare ever speak to her like that!"

"Mason, drop him now!"

Mason punched him knocking him out. "He saw that coming."

"Mason you can't hit him like that--"

"Coach, you're my favorite teacher. But sometimes, people need to watch themselves." He said coming back to me.

"You're not allowed to that."

"I know. And I know you too would want to do that."


"We are all human." He muttered wiping my chest. "Don't look at me like that."

Then I heard a scream next door. Miss Reynolds quickly got up. "I'm going to check on the girls." She rushed out the room and into the other room. Then everyone started chatting.

"Sky. Sorry."

I smiled at him. He continued cleaning me up. "Hoodie." He said giving it to me. Then my phone started ringing. Mason froze. "It's Xander. Shall I?"

I nodded.

He answered the call.

"Mason has Sky had any seizures so far?!"


"Did she drink any coke?"

"Yes why?"

"Calvin played with it. He put tons of her medication inside."

"He did what?!"

"How much did she drink?"


"Half?! I'm coming right now--"

"We are in school."

"I need to take her home--"

"But she can stay--"

"Mason if you want you can come too but I am not letting her out of my sight."


The call cut. Then he looked at me. "I am so sorry."


I couldn't help seeing everyone's eyes on us. Miss Reynolds held me up as Mason tried to put my hoodie on.

After a while, the heat started getting to me. Mason realised and quickly took my hoodie off. "Sky calm down. It's all fine. Hey, calm down."

"What? Mason?"

"She's about to have a fit. Get rid of them."

"Boys! Out of here now--"

"Miss we're not even changed--"

"It's been seven minutes!!"

"So? You expect me to walk out here with my boxers."


Then my hand started shaking. "Sky calm down. Hey, I'm here. Sky, breathe. Come on. Calm down. Sky? Hey, calm down. I'm here. Sky..."

Noah quickly rushed over to me and started panicking.

"Noah call a nurse from medical room!" Miss Reynolds instructed.

"Nurse!" He called out.

"No stupid! Go to her!!" Miss Reynolds snapped slapping him across the back of his head.

"Oh. Sorry." He blushed rushing out the door.

"Check the time. In fact put it on stop watch."

"Okay." Mason said quickly when suddenly his phone slipped out of his hand.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" Miss Reynolds groaned taking the phone. Then she put it on stop watch. Mason blushed so badly. "Sorry."

"Accidents happen." She said watching me. I was shaking wasn't like eyes roll back or twitch. It was like, I was awake and blinking but my body just shaking. Mason tried to cover me from the rest of them. "Sky calm down. I'm here. Don't worry. Stop crying. Sky, come on. Sky, breathe. Sky...Sky come on. Come on. Hey, breathe in and out. Hey, shhhh."

Then the door flung open and the school nurse rushed towards us. "How long has it been?"

"2 minutes 30 seconds." Miss Reynolds said. "Overdose."

"What? She knows her pills--"

"Your brother put lots of her medication into a coke bottle which she drank half of today!" Miss Reynolds hissed.

"I didn't know. I'm sorry. Calvin always tries to annoy Sky but this..."

Everyone fell silent. All I could hear were my moans. That rarely happens, just when I have double seizures. I remember the first time, I was confused myself and so was Mason. The paramedic told us that was normal and the doctors said that too.

I could see Noah panicking. "This is normal right?"

"Yes. She's had two fucking seizures in less than an hour."Mason kept stroking my hair. "Sky it's fine. Hey, don't worry." Mason whispered. "Calm down please Sky..."

Noah looked at us and rubbed the back of his neck. "I didn't know he'd do that...I'm sorry--"

"It's not your fault. It's Calvin's." Mason sighed. "I really can't believe he'd go that far." He said holding onto my hand. I kept moaning and heaving. "Sky shhhh. Calm down. Hey, shhh."

"She's still not stopped." Nurse said. "How long does it normally take her to stop?"

"I don't know. Mostly two or three minutes."

"Did she get hurt or something?"

"No. That's just normal."

"Okay." Nurse started writing on her arms. "I never knew that."

"Guys please just change and go." Miss Reynolds said. "Please just hurry."

Everyone started dressing and I was surprised to see they weren't looking at me, even though I was...dying inside. Not really. Actually that's not funny. "Sky shhh."

"Sky be quiet. I'm here. Sky..." Then Mason's phone rang.

"Mason, where are you?"

"Boys changing room--"

"Where's Sky?"

"Having a seizure. She is with me."

"I'm coming."

Then Xander cut the call.

"Xander's coming."

"Who's he?"

"My older brother." Noah said.

Nurse kept asking questions and went out the room, coming back with a folder which wrote my name. She started jotting everything down and then closed the book. "It's been five minutes, I'll get her Buccal M--"

"I got it." Mason said going back to his bag and taking it out. Then he walked over to me.

"Mason I'll do it." Nurse said about to stop him when she paused. "You can do it."

Then he injected it to the left side of my mouth. After a while, I'd calmed down.

"Well done Mason. I'll just do some checks and--"

"Great." Gemma walked in with Xander.

"Is she okay?" Xander looked at me worried.

"Better than ever." Nurse said sarcastically. "We should call an ambulance."

"Great idea." Miss Reynolds said.

"They'll make sure they check her heart beat and her whole skin. Right Mason?"

Mason looked at Gemma confused. Gemma shook her head. "Noah's friends are so kind." She said gritting her teeth and glaring at Grayson and Noah. They both blushed. Everyone looked at them confused. Then Mason suddenly realised, she was talking about the bruises. "Or maybe, she can stay with Xander for now--"

"She's had an overdose. And--"

Noah interrupted. "Nurse. She's already been to hospital a million times."

"Good point. But no."

"Hold on. She can't be taken against her will. She is conscious enough to make her own choice." Gemma suddenly said.

"She can't speak." Then she paused. "Why do you all look so agitated? Are you hiding something?"

"No." They all said at the same time.

Then she looked at my bruises and frowned. "Noah, Grayson." She turned to face them. "Did you guys do this?!"

"Do what?" Noah asked trying not to act suspicious.

"Her bruises. Did you? Grayson."

"Nurse! I cannot believe you'd actually say that. What the fuck are you on about? The police are already investigating her case so don't you dare blame us for something we didn't do and actually, why us two? Why not ask Gemma or Mason? Or is it because we aren't well behaved?!"

Nurse blushed. "You do make a good point. I did assume you both did it which was absolutely stupid. The police are on it. I shouldn't have said anything to you guys. I'm so sorry. I just randomly said it. I'm really sorry."

"Miss, they didn't do anything to her." Gemma lied. "I just said their names for because I hate them both."

"Gemma's right. Some girls jumped her. That's what the police are investigating. They want to identify the girls."

I got to say, I'm surprised at how good they can lie.

"Okay. I believe you all and I'm sorry. So now, let me guess..." She thought hard and long. "She's scared of needles and hospital?"

"Yes." Noah lied. "She's scared of needles so much."

"Well. I believe you Noah. Since you can't lie."

Noah blushed. "That's not true. Xander, maybe you should take her home."

"That's right." Xander said kneeling beside me. "Can you walk?"

"I don't think she'll walk for the rest of today." Mason said.

"Sky raise your arm up."

I looked at my arm trying to raise it up. I tried to but I couldn't.

"Okay..." He sighed. "You need a lot of rest. Wanna come home with me?"

I blinked three times.

"Okay." He said.

Then the boys started going out the room. Miss Reynolds looked surprised. "For the first time they actually went without me shouting."

"Although you did. A lot. Before."

"You know what I mean, Noah. Now, ambulance--"

"No." Mason said crossing his arms. "It's two against...1,2,3,4,5. Yes, 5."

"Ridiculous." Nurse rolled her eyes taking her phone out. Noah snatched it off her. "Nurse, I know you mean well but did you know, like Gemma said before, she cannot be taken against her will--"

"She can't even talk or move."

"But she can blink. Sky blink twice if you don't want to go hospital."

I blinked twice. Then they all looked at Nurse. "So. Xander's going to walk out of here with Sky and I and you are not calling 999."

"You people will get me sacked. I'll get the wheelchair." Nurse groaned going out the room.

"Sky you can speak?"

I was about to speak when I moaned instead and burst out crying.

"Don't cry. I didn't mean to--"

"It's fine." Mason said. He took a paper towel and wiped my mouth. "Don't worry. Xander will take care of you."

"I really feel like the boyfriend here."

"Noah, you are her boyfriend." Mason said. "But apart from you fainting because of her vomit--"

"He what?"

"He fainted at the sight of vomit."

"Okay Mason. You've said enough." Noah said uncomfortably. "Sky, lift your arm."

I looked at him blankly. Then tried to shut my eyes but couldn't. It's hard because I haven't got complete control over my body.

"Sky I'm sorry for what Calvin did." Noah apologised.

"It's not your fault. I'm so mad at Calvin." Xavier said.

"Where is he now?" Miss Reynolds asked.

"With Alex in hospital. He's going to come back home with a bad ear ache and his gaming sets all hidden."

"Seriously?" She asked.

"Trust me, he's going to be mad." He said. "Really mad. Dangerously mad."

"Xander's right. It's like the worst punishment there could ever be." Noah said.

Then Nurse came in with a wheel chair. "Sky. Here you go. Your mum's not picked up your phone."

"She's probably in East London." Mason said.

"Her dad?"

"With her. Which must mean they're in a wedding. Or one of her relatives have given birth."

"Mason, your parents?"

"They probably went with her parents."


"They probably went with Mason's and Sky's parents."

"So let me get this right, all your parents are friends?"

"Yes." Mason said.

"Oh. That's cool." Nurse said. "I was really confused when neither of your parents picked up."

She wheeled the chair over to us. "Xander can you pick her up?"

"Yeah." He said carefully lifting me up. Then he placed me on the chair. My head kept sliding off to the sides.

"How do we deal with this then?" Xander crossed his arms.

"Put the belt on first." Nurse said clicking the safety belt on. "We can also bend the back a bit so she doesn't puke." She said slowly pulling the back a bit. She placed my head properly and this time, my head stayed still. Mason wiped my mouth again.

"Okay guys. I'm getting sacked."

"You are over reacting. Just an over dose, okay?"

"An over dose is serious!"

"Nurse, chill." Noah said picking up my school bags. Then he tossed them to Noah. "Here you go."

Mason tossed them back. "What's your problem?!"

"You're the one taking her home. With Xander."

"She's your girlfriend."

"But what will I do? Just sit and watch her suffering? Don't think so." He gave the bags back to Mason.

"Noah you are unbelievable. She's your girlfriend."

"She knows I love her and would do anything to make her happy."

"You fainted as soon as I told you to help me clean her up."

"There's a reasonable explanation for that." He argued. Everyone looked at him, waiting for him to say something. "Actually I have no reason, but, but still, I've got studies...I don't know what to do. I can go with you if you guys don't mind or I can stay here with Gemma and wait until she recovers."

"Noah..." Xander sighed. "Just go to school then."

"Stop making it out like I'm the bad guy."

"Noah lets just go." Gemma said pulling me. Noah kissed my forehead and left with her carrying his own bags.

"Sky lets go." Xander said. Mason picked up his school bag and sports kit and my school bag and sports kit. I felt so bad for him and he saw. "Sky don't worry. Everything's fine." Then he saw my hand trembling. And I started moaning. "She's going to have another fit."

"What?" Nurse asked looking at me. "Hey shhh. Calm down. Hey Skylar. Sky. Shhh."

"Bell's going to ring soon. Sky shhhh."

"I'm pretty sure that's not going to help."

"Okay. I'm guarding the door." Miss Reynolds said standing next to the door.

"Guys we need an ambulance."

"Don't think so." Mason said. "Let's just wait until her hand stops shaking."

My hand kept shaking for a few more seconds and as soon as if stopped so did my moans. I then burst into tears.

"Don't cry." Xander said. "It's not your fault."

Mason wiped my tears. "I'm surprised how she's not passed out yet."

"We can't take her out like this." Xander said looking at my bruises. "Anyone got a spare shirt?"

"You can take my jumper but you better not puke on it. Actually you can keep it." She groaned. "But I'll be cold."

"We'll use it until she's in the car and then we'll give it to you." Xander said.

"It's fine. I've got another one in my office. Always carry a spare."

"Hold on." Then Nurse rushed out the room. After a few seconds she came back with a sick bowl and a bag, she put my school shirt, blazer and hoodie in the bag and then gave me a sick bowl."Sky you ready to go?"

I couldn't even look at her properly. My eyes were like...opening and shutting. Maybe I looked drunk. I looked life less. I feel like so tired. Seriously. My muscles are aching and not just know when you're so tired you just start hurting. Your whole body is paining. That's how I feel.

"I'll take that as a yes." Xander said. "Mason you sure you can carry all that?"

"Yes. It's not too much stuff. How many books do you carry in your bags Sky?" He sighed. "Let's go before they come in."

"They're the year fours right?" Nurse asked.

"Yeah. They're sensible." Miss Reynolds said. "They're coming, quickly."

Xander started wheeling me out the room while Nurse walked behind us. "Bye Coach. And thanks. You were a great help."

"Thank you." She said walking with us.

"She's drooling." Xander said stopping. Mason quickly wiped my mouth and we kept going until we reached reception.

"Can you please open the gate doors?" Miss Reynolds asked waving us goodbye as they opened the gate. "Bye Sky. See you soon."

"Bye." Mason said. Xander wheeled me to Alex's car and opened the door.

"Okay, quickly put her inside." Nurse said. Xander picked me up and laid me on the back seat. He put all three seat belts on me avoiding me from falling off. Mason sat on the front seat and so did Xander. Nurse took the wheel chair and said. "If anything happens. Call the ambulance. Please. I'm trusting you both."

"Okay." Xander said starting the car. "Thanks."

"No problem. Take care." She said walking back to the school.

Xander started driving and Mason raised his eyebrows in surprise. "You can drive?"

"Alex taught me."

Mason kept his eyes on me while I tried to not fall off. I kept trying to close my eyes but it took too much energy. I was just in so much pain. I started crying.

"Sky shhh. It's fine. You'll be fine." He kept saying. "Shhh."

"She is clearly in pain. She clearly cannot control her body so please Mason. Zip it."

"Hey! I didn't do anything wrong. I'm just being helpful."

"Sorry then." Xander said turning left. "Calvin's really pushed it this time..."

"Where's Alex?"

"At his girlfriend's."

"Does he know--"

"He's not picking up."

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