Lunar Skylar

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Mason and Xander got out the car and Xander lifted me up. He carried me all the way to the front door while Mason walked behind us with at least 10kg of stuff on his back and hands. Ooof.
Xander started kicking the door. "Calvin open up."
"No. You are not going in here."
"You are being absolutely irresponsible."
"Irresponsible. Say hi to my girlfriend oh and you might want to change your sheets." Calvin smirked. Then disappeared.
"Please tell me he did not just do what I think he's just done!" Xander hissed. "This boy, is dead."
"Woah. Just tell your mum. He'll be dead in a blink of an eye."
"Yeah. I will. And he's not staying in this house anymore--"
"He lives here--"
"I will talk to Alex 1.1 and then, she'll obviously agree. He's going to live back with my mum and he'll definitely annoy my sisters."
"I wish them good luck."
Then suddenly I saw Calvin throw a bucket of water and ice and it splashed all over me wetting me. Xander got a bit wet but I got the most. To be honest, ice water does make my muscles get a bit stronger but that's still unacceptable.
"Calvin!!" Xander fumed.
Then a girl stood on the window. "Oh my goodness. I am so sorry." Then she got off the window and went back inside. "Calvin!" She shouted. "Open the fucking door now!"
"No." I heard him say.
"Listen, I don't want to fight with you. But if you don't open the door you and I will be over."
"Woah. You--"
"This is the final straw. We slept on your brother's bed--"
Xander dropped me on the floor and took a few steps back. Then ran full speed busting the door wide open. Then he started running up the stairs. "Calvin open the door!"
"Calvin I will break the door open!!"
"No!" I heard him say. Then I saw him standing on the window, he looked at the ground and then the window below. He turned around and placed a foot down on one of the window sills. He held onto one of the pipes when he suddenly slipped and fell straight on his head. He'd landed on the bin but there was a loud crack still. Then Xander looked out the window and froze. He covered his mouth and quickly ran down the stairs with Calvin's girlfriend.
Mason had already rushed over to him and was trying to wake him up. Xander looked at him and burst out crying as he saw blood pouring out of his brothers head. Mason had already started calling 999. He was speaking to the operator while Calvin's girlfriend was freaking out. Xander on the other hand was phoning Alex. "Please pick up, please--"
"Xander I'm--"
"Calvin's dead." He sobbed. "It's all my fault--"
"It's my fault. It's all my fault--"
"Stop blaming yourself! I'm coming immediately!"
Then the call cut. Xander's hands kept shaking. He just kept looking at Calvin. Scared.
"The paramedics are coming soon." Mason said. "He is still breathing. But unconscious."
"So he's still alive?!" Xander rushed over to Calvin checking his pulse. Then he exhaled. "I really thought he was dead."
"Don't get your hopes up, he's in critical condition." Mason said as he quickly took his school shirt off and applied pressure on Calvin's wound.
"This is all my fault." Xander said tears rolling down his eyes. "I shouldn't have over reacted or shouted at him. I shouldn't have lost--"
"It's not your fault." Calvin's girlfriend said. "It's me and his fault. We crossed the line."
"She's right." Then he paused. "It's not their fault. It's no one's fault. None of you are to blame. Stop beating yourself up." Mason said.
Then the place started raining. I was really cold. Freezing. My teeth were clattering...but all I could think's my fault. If I wasn't born, Calvin wouldn't have done any of this and Xander didn't have to come and find out Calvin and his girlfriend were sleeping on his bed. I just feel pure guilt you's my fault. It's all my fault. If Calvin doesn't make it...I don't think I'll be able to live with myself.
"Sky?" Mason walked over to me. "You're so cold. Your you want me to take you inside? It's raining cold."
I just looked at him silently. I couldn't even speak. I was just crying. Just crying. "Sky don't cry it's no one's fault." He said lifting me up. Xander took me from his arms and carried me back into the living room. "Rest here. Don't cry,'s not your fault." Then he laid me down on the couch and placed a pillow under my head. Then he switched the TV on and put it on the sidemen. "Sidemen Among Us in real life?"
I gave him a faint smile. He clicked on it and placed the remote by my side. "I'm going to get you some clothes, okay?" Then he left the room. A few seconds later, he came back. "I got my hoodie and Alex's baggy trousers. They're really warm." He said taking my, well Miss Reynolds jumper off. Then he put his hoodie on me. After he took my trousers off and put Alex's baggy trousers on me. "All done." He said. Then paused. He went back upstairs and came back with socks. "Alex's." He said taking my socks off and putting new ones on. He took my clothes and hang them on the heater. He went upstairs and came back. "I put the heaters on."
Then we heard sirens. He quickly gave me a kiss on the forehead. "I'll be back." Then he rushed outside. I closed my eyes trying to sleep but then I heard JJ say something and it almost cracked me up. I feel so bad and mad at myself. I heard people outside talking and machines bleeping. Then I heard police officers climbing up the stairs and into Xander's room. One of the officers spotted me and started talking to me.
"I'm Detective Jules. I would like to ask you some questions if you're okay with that. What's your name?"
I looked at her blankly.
"Okay then. How long have you been here?"
I looked at her blankly.
"Are you okay?"
I continued to look at her blankly.
"Are you mute or deaf?"
I still didn't say anything.
"Erm...if you can hear me blink twice."
I blinked twice.
"So you're mute?"
I looked at her with the same expression.
"Are you disabled?"
I looked at her confused. No I'm not fucking disabled!!
"Blink twice if you're NOT disabled."
I blinked twice.
"Disabled means mute too."
I blinked twice.
"Are you in shock? Blink twice if no."
I blinked twice. Then closed my eyes.
"God you're drooling. You sure you're not disabled?"
I blinked twice.
"So then why...I really don't understand--"
Then a paramedic walked in. He went over to me. "Hi, what's your name?"
"She's mute."
I wanted to bash her head right now. But I was soaking wet. He looked at me carefully and realised something. "I think she's just had a seizure." He said as he started doing checks on.
"A seizure? Oh." Detective Jules blushed. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have judged that quickly."
"Your blood pressure is low. You need some sugar." He said. "Do you have any sugary drinks?"
I looked at him blankly.
"Can you--"
"Yeah. I'll go look in the kitchen." Detective said. She walked out the room. After a while she came in with a bottle of coke. Then she placed it beside him.
"Thanks." Then he looked at me. "Do me a favor and lift your hand up."
I looked at my hand. I couldn't raise it. I was too tired.
"Okay, you look really tired..." The paramedic said. "Do you want to rest in the house or go to hospital?"
I tried to open my mouth but nothing.
"Blink twice if you want to stay here." Detective Jules said.
I blinked twice.
"Okay. I'll go speak to your brother." He paused. "He is your brother right?"
I looked at him blankly. I just want to twist his neck and bash his head into a wall. Okay I seriously need to see a therapist.
"Okay, I'm just going to speak to him." He said going out the room.
"I'm sorry about before." The detective said. "You like the sidemen?"
I gave her a faint smile.
"Between you and me, I love the sidemen. Especially JJ." She winked. "You?"
I looked at her.
"Blink twice if you like...JJ? Vic? Josh? Simon? Toby? Ethan? Harry? You like Harry?!"
I smiled. Then Xander came in. She winked at me. "What's her name?"
"Skylar. But you can call her Sky."
"Do you mind if I call you Sky though." She looked at me. I gave her a faint smile. "I'll take that as a yes. And you Mr....?"
Then the paramedic walked in. "So, he's decided to stay here to look after you."
I looked at Xander concerned.
"It's fine. Alex is with him. Besides, I'm sure he's not ready to see me yet."
"He's in critical condition. We are going now. The police have finished the checks. You can come to the hospital whenever you're ready." Then he paused. "And you need to give her a lot of sugar as her blood levels are low. If anything goes wrong. Contact 999 immediately or come hospital with her." He said going out the door. "Thank you." Xander said.
"It's my job to help those who need help most." He said. Then I saw him go inside the ambulance. Xander closed the door and went upstairs.
"I think he might be a bit upset." Detective Jules said. "I'm going to go now. But stay safe. Like he said, any emergencies 999."
Then I smiled at her. "Sky, hopefully I'll see you soon, of course for a good reason. Byee." Then the front door opened and close.
I looked at the staircase. This is really my fault. It's my own fault. If maybe I'd just...I don't know...I really don't...I'm not being suicidal or anything...I'm just...sad...
"Sky?" I heard Mason ask walking in. "Alex came...Xander is pretty upset about what's happened."
I looked at him confused on what to say. What am I supposed to say?!
"Sky, stop crying. It's no one's fault."
I looked at him wanting to bash his head against the wall.
"Sky stop looking at me like that. I'm trying to be kind."
I closed my eyes. He tried to open them. "Sky are you mad at me?"
I looked at him still unresponsive.
"Sky...I don't know what I've done but I'm sorry. Don't be mad at me."
Then I heard a loud thud. And another. And then another and then a loud groan. Mason looked at me panicked. Then Noah burst into the house.
"What the fuck is--"
"I think your brother's having a tantrum."
Then there was another loud thud. And then a smash.
"I'll be back." Noah said racing up the stairs. "Xander open the door!"
"Go away!"
"Xander come on. Please just calm down and open the door..."
Then I heard a loud thud and the door open. "What do you want?!"
"I just want to calm you down. You've fucking destroyed your room!"
Then the door slammed shut. Noah came back down. "He just needs time. okay?"
I looked at him with a smile.
"She still can't move or speak."
"Maybe she should sleep."
"Sky try closing your eyes."
I closed my eyes trying to fall asleep.
"She can't." Noah sighed sitting next to me. "They look like they're having fun." He said looking at the TV. "Sky have you watched it all?"
I shook my head. Well tilted it a bit.
"Wanna watch from beginning?"
I smiled. Mason sat next to me and we started to watch. After about ten minutes Mason tried sitting me up. Noah looked at him confused. "What are you doing?"
"The paramedic said she's got low blood pressure and needs to drink." He said sitting me up straight. Then reached for the coke bottle. "Noah please get me a bag."
Noah went into the kitchen and took out a plastic ASDA bag. "Here you go." He handed it to Mason.
"You need to come and hold her still."
"Hold her." Mason said as I slid off the sofa. Noah quickly rushed over to me helping me up. He kept hold of me.
"Sky open your mouth." Mason said opening the bottle. I opened my mouth and he poured some coke into my mouth which I spilled out accidentally.
He looked at me annoyed. "Sky..."
"Put her head back."
"Then she'll drown."
"Have you got any better ideas?"
Mason sighed. "Sky, tilt your head back okay?"
I tilted my head back and he carefully poured some coke into my mouth. At one point I started coughing and thought I was going to drown. I started coughing heavily.
"Sky don't worry." Mason said patting my back. Then I vomited thankfully into the bag. Noah automatically cringed. "Yuck!"
Mason tilted my head again and started pouring my mouth with coke. Then he got a notification and opened it up. He started reading it. Then I realised, Noah himself was busy watching TV.
After a while, my head started spinning as I tried to gasp for air. I couldn't breathe. It felt like as if...I was back...five years ago. I tried breathing but couldn't. I was wheezing until I suddenly dropped dead on the floor.

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