Lunar Skylar

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Hero of the century

My throat was aching. I had a bit of a head ache but not that big of a deal. I opened my eyes and looked around. This isn’t my room. It’s Xander’s. What am I doing here? I looked to my right side and found Xander sleeping. I closed my eyes trying to figure out why the hell I’m here...

I had a few seizures...then Calvin. Calvin! I quickly got up but fell straight on the floor. I slowly got up and steadied my walking. One foot in front of the other. Stop judging me. If you’ve had three seizures, keep in mind, over ten will take hours to gain back your ability...some times even more than 34 hours.

I held onto all the things I could just in case if I slip and fall. Slip and fall. Slip and fall. Funny combination.

I knocked on Calvin’s room but no one answered. Then I looked inside and found him sleeping. Perfectly okay. I walked over to him. “Calvin I thought you were in critical care....?” I asked confused. He still didn’t move. I raised my eyebrows. “Calvin?”

He groaned and turned around. He was fine. I exhaled as I saw him sleeping safe and comfortably and calmly and I really am a big big creep-O.

I walked out the room and closed the door behind me. I went into Alex’s room and found Mason sleeping. What was he doing here? Hold on...why was I even here? I quickly thought carefully and realised...oh...I went back to my room and found my rucksack. This..I didn’t have this with me...right? I quickly looked inside it and found my essentials. I took the bag and went into the bathroom. After half an hour or so, I came out and went into Xander’s room again. He was still asleep. I laid next to him for what felt like hours.

“Sky?” He mumbled getting up. “How you feeling today?”

“Good. You?”

“I wanna sleep.” He said going back to bed. “But I’ve got so much work to do.” He got up again. “Wake me in ten.” He fell on the bed and started sleeping.

“Great.” I muttered. I looked at him for a while. He looked really stressed. Then I looked at his desk. He had so many papers scattered around. I went over to look at them and saw the to-do list. I quickly rushed over to him. “Xander you’ve got a zoom meeting in 55 minutes!”

“I hate fucking school!” He groaned getting up and going to the toilet. I went to the kitchen and took out some ingredients. After a while, I started flipping the pancakes, chocolate. After that I put them in a plate and added Nutella icing. Trust me, you should see how much chocolate I’ve put on these pancakes. Xander came in and smiled. “You’re really good at these stuff.”

“Alex taught us. And you never got the hang of it did you.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault she cooks too fast.”

“How can someone cook too fast?”

“Well, that we’ll never know.” He said.

“Your brother looks fine. I thought the doctors said he was in critical care?”

“Did you go to the hospital?”

“No. He’s sleeping in his bed--”

“No. That’s Noah.”

“You serious?”


“How do you tell the difference?”

“Well...the energy in the room. Calvin and Noah may look the same...but if one of them comes in a room you’d know. Just be observant.”

“Okay.” I said putting my pancakes in a plate and putting Nutella on top. And I did the rest for Noah and Mason. Then Xander started dialing a number on his phone. “I am ordering pizza--”

“Hold up, I just--”

“Pizza is ten times better--”

“Is my cooking bad?”

“It’s good. But I like pizza.” He said looking at me. “You’re a great cook.”

“Wait so you think my cooking is rubbish? Are you not going to eat it?”

“No. I really hate it.”

I looked at him shocked and upset. “I thought you loved my cooking. Everyone does but why don’t you like all of a sudden?”

“Your accent just changed.” He smiled.

Then I bit my lip and turned around. “You hate my food now. I always make you food and you’re always asking me to because I’m good and now you hate me...”

“I don’t hate you. Just your cooking.”

“Xander you hate me because of Calvin don’t you.” I said wiping my tears.

“Nonono.” He said hugging me. “Don’t cry, it wasn’t your fault. It was no one’s. If I’m’s my fault. Maybe if I hadn’t came in the house, he wouldn’t have done what he did.”

“Xander you hate me don’t lie to me.” I pushed him away.

“I don’t I swear it’s just a--”

“I thought you were my brother. My favorite twin, my--”

“Hey, I love you, stop crying. Look, it’s just a prank. I love your cooking.” He pointed at the camera which was hiding on the fruit bowl. I looked at him shocked. “You are unbelievable.” I said pushing him. “My cooking is best.”

He quickly went to the camera and started editing. I did the finishing touches and laid the plates on the dining table.

“Oh my goodness. You are just like Alex.” Xander said shaking his head. Then he paused. “Do you really think it’s your fault?”

“I mean, yeah. If it wasn’t for me, none of this--”

“Hey, it’s not your fault. If I didn’t scare him, none of this would’ve happened.”

“But...I guess it’s faith. Maybe this was supposed to happen. Maybe there’s a reasonable explanation or something.”

“Good point.” He said eating the first bite. “Tastes just like Alex’s.”

“Because it’s how she cooks and anyways, you’ve got an online class in ten minutes.”

“Yep. I’m so excited.”

“Wait...don’t you want to be an--”

“Yeah. I do. I’m just stressed lately.”

“You’re behind in a lot of work--”

“You read my planner?”

“No. You left it open. I didn’t even touch anything. Just read the page that was open.”

“Oh.” He sighed. We ate in silence for a while until he said, “I wonder how he’s doing.”

“Call him then.”

He looked at me clearly uncomfortable. “I’ve got some work to do.” He said getting up and leaving. I was about to say something but I thought maybe now’s not the time. I looked at my food. `Meh.

Then I got up and started looking for my phone. Then I found it on the table. I called Gemma. “Sky?!”

“Yes. I just want to speak to you.” I said going into the kitchen.

“What’s up?”

“How’s Calvin doing?” I whispered.

“He’s doing fine. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. I just don’t think Xander’s you know...ready to talk to him.”

“Last time I checked, he was okay but had a slight bleeding from the hit on his forehead. Apparently he’s had an MRI and ECG test and he’ll have temporary problems with his breathing. But not serious.”

“Is he okay now?”

“Yeah. He’s with Alex 1.2.”

“Right..that’s good.” I sighed. “Are you in school?”

“Yeah. It’s Friday.”

“I can’t believe this is happening.”

“Yesterday I was really worried for you.”

“You know I’m still mad at you all.”

“Yeah. But Sky...maybe get Xander to call Calvin. He misses him. Please get him to call him. He needs his big brother. Especially now more than ever.”

“He’s in an online class now...I’ll try and convince him but I really don’t want to upset him. He’ll get all awkward and won’t speak to me, he’ll avoid know how he is. I just don’t want to push know.”

“But Calvin needs him.”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll try and get him to call him or visit him.”

“How about you come?”

“I don’t think he wants to see me yet.”

“Oh. Okay. I’ll talk later Mr Sanderson is shouting at Lucas.”


“He was talking to Aiden about monsters and abnormal bullshit.”


“He didn’t get told off as Lucas was the one talking.”

“Okay. Tell them I said hi.”


“Love you.” She cut the call. I feel fucking depressed right now. I groaned as I stared at both dirty plates. I could wash both of them...but I could wait until Mason and Noah finish eating and they can wash them. I went back to the living room and stared at the black screen. Then got up and quietly went up stairs. I opened the door a bit and saw Xander talking about some thing. He was answering a question. He looked really stressed as he skipped through pages in a text book and once he got the right answer he relaxed.

The class looked really full. Then I suddenly slipped and Xander turned around. “Sky what are you doing?”

“I was going to ask you if you’ve seen my glasses. I’ve lost them.”

“Were you spying on me?”

“No. No, I was just listening to your class.”

“Sorry I’ll be back.” He said muting himself and turning the camera off. “Sky you were spying on me. Why?”

“I wasn’t. I was just interested in your subjects.”

“Why exactly is that?”

“I’m just curious okay. If you don’t want me here, I’ll just go downstairs.” I said leaving the room.

“Hold on. Why are you so mad all of a sudden?”

“Actually, I really don’t know.” I said confused. “I really don’t.”

“If you want you can listen in but you need to be super quiet. Okay?”

“Okay.” I said smiling. I went into his room and sat on his bed. He turned the camera back on and his mute. “Sorry for before.”

“It’s fine.” The teacher said. “It’s annoying when you have little siblings around.” The teacher sighed. “Okay, can you now answer question A.9?”

“Yeah.” Xander said scanning his book. “Cerebral Palsy?”


“And types are, Spastic, Athetoid, Ataxic and Mixed.”

“Correct again. Now without looking at your book can you please tell me what ways can doctors diagnose cerebral palsy?”

“CT scan, MRI, ECG and...genetic testing, or metabolic testing.”

“Now can you tell me what they stand for? CT, MRI, ECG?”

“Erm...” He shifted uncomfortably. “CT scan is x-ray computed tomography. MRI, magnetic resonance imaging. ECG, electroencephalogram.”

“Correct. Well done Xander. Alex?”

“He’s not here.”

“Why not?”

“He’s in hospital.”

“Well is he okay?”

“He’s with my little brother.”

“Oh. Okay.” Then she paused. “By next week Friday you need to learn pages A8-A9. I’m giving you extra time to learn all the things you’ve missed. Don’t stress too much. You have any questions, message me. I’m always free. Learn as much as you can. Okay?”

“Okay.” He said.

“Okay, you can leave now. See you tomorrow morning.”

“Bye Miss.” Then he cut the zoom. He closed his eyes and hung his head back.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

“I’m fine.” He lied. I walked over to him. “How much do you need to learn?”

“A8 and A9. Just A8 mostly.”

“And how long will that take?”

“It’s pretty short. But I’ll get it done in time.” He sighed closing his laptop.

I took the book from him and saw he needed to learn 2 pages. It looked like a normal text book with drawings. A8 had some text. Then I looked at A9 which had of a few questions for A8. Roughly 25.

“Sky...” He took it off me. “I think you need to go.”


“I just need some time. I’ve got a meeting in fucking two minutes. Please just get me some water or something.” He said.

His voice cracked and I could see he wanted me out the room. I quickly got out the room and went downstairs. I filled up a cup of water and then quietly walked up the stairs. I listened to him crying softly. My heart crushed into pieces. He tries so hard...this isn’t fair on him. I waited for him to stop crying and then came back in the room. He put a fake smile on. I gave him the water and stood looking straight at him. He tried to avoid eye contact.

“ know you can tell me if something’s wrong right?”

“I know.”

“And you know I won’t tell anyone...right?”

“I know.”

“Xander please talk to me. Tell me what’s really happening up there.”

He looked at his computer for a while. “I love Calvin. I can’t believe I’m being selfish and not seeing him or talking to him. I feel responsible for what happened.”

“I know you might feel that way but it was his fault he decided to jump out the window.”

“But I scared him didn’t I?”

“But you weren’t going to hurt him...right?”

“I was just going to pull him by the ear and kick him out the house. I didn’t mean to scare him that bad. I...”

“Hey, don’t call him now...?”

“I...I can’t...not yet...”

“Once you’re ready let me know. And then we can go to the hospital.”

“Thanks...” He said opening another tab. “I’m doing my next lesson.”

“I’ll go--”

“Wait. You can stay. If you want.”

“Thanks.” I said going back to his bed.

“Gemma brought your laptop.”

“She didn’t have to, I’m going today--”

“Your parents think you should do online school for a bit.”

“But I’m fine.”

“Yes, I did try and talk them out of it, but with the head teacher and both your’s impossible.”

“But why would they not want me to go to school?”

“Sky...Mr Anderson says you need some time to think about if you want to tell everyone about the incident. And he also said you don’t have to, he’s not pressuring you. Also, he thinks you need some rest after yesterday.”

“How about Aiden?”

“Mr. Anderson spoke to him. Aiden’s allowed to stay home if he wants and do online class or go school.”

“What has he chosen?”

“Well, he’s decided to go actual school but he did sound annoyed. Turns out Lucas kept asking him to school with him. At the end, he gave up and decided to go to school instead.”

“Oh.” I said opening my bag and finding my laptop. “Am I going home today?”

“You’ve got three choices. To stay in your empty apartment, to stay with your mum--”

“No way. Can I stay here?”

“That’s the third choice. Yes you can.”

“Thank you!” I hugged him.

“I need to do my next lesson.” He said pulling out. “If you’re staying here you need to be quiet.”

“Okay.” I said going to sit back on his bed. I logged on the computer and started typing. Xander had already started his zoom call when the door suddenly opened. It was his girlfriend. Neha. Nay ha. That’s how you say it. But it’s spelt Neha.

“Hey babes...Sky? Xander what’s going on? Why is she here?”

“She’s staying with us for a while.”

“She’s what?”

“Excuse me.” He said muting himself and turning the camera off.

Then he turned around to face us. “You heard me, she’s staying here for a while.”

“What I meant is why? In a kind way.”

“Everyone thinks she needs some time and she’s going to do online school.”

“I thought she shares an apartment with Gemma?”

“She does but Gemma will be at school and she would be lonely and so I thought she can stay here. After all, I do miss her.”

“Okay then. But where will she sleep?”

“With me.”

“You are ridiculous.” She sighed. “Okay, hi Sky.”

“Hi Neha.” I smiled at her. “You okay?”

“I am. Just really confused.”

“About what?”

“How is he supposed to look after you when Calvin’s going to be discharged any moment.”

“Calvin’s being discharged?”

“Did he not tell you?”

“I need to do my school work just please...guys please go. I just want to be alone for a sec.”

I got up and walked out the room carrying my laptop. Roblox time. I went into Calvin’s room and sat next to Noah. He was still asleep. “Noah?”

“What?!” He groaned. “What time is it?”


Noah froze. Then opened his eyes and almost fell off the bed. “What the fuck! I’ve got my fucking chemistry test!”

“You’re going to school?”

“Yes I am! Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I never knew.”

“Okay, I need to go back to my apartment and wash, brush my teeth, pack my stuff, put my uniform on, and leave in under one hour and thirty minutes!”

“Woah. Noah calm down.”

“And why the fuck did Mason not wake me up?!”

“Mason’s still fucking asleep!” I said quickly going out the room and into Alex’s. “Mason!”



He quickly opened his eyes and looked around. “Why am I Alex’s room?” Then he paused. “What the fuck?! I’ve got to go to school. Sky why didn’t you wake me up?!” He said picking his bags up and bumping into Noah. “Sorry.” He said as they both burst into the room falling on each other. I opened my phone and started secretly recording. Xander looked at them both pissed. “I’m in a middle of the class and why are you both not in school?!”

“Drive us.” They both said at the same time. Xander looked at them pissed. “I’m in a middle of a cla--”

“We’ve got a fucking test in under one hour and a half and we’re not even ready.”


“Fine then.” Noah said storming out the room. Then he dragged Mason with him. “We are stealing his car--”


“You will fail the test.” Noah said already running down the stairs with his two bags. Mason followed behind him. I walked into Xander’s room. He looked confused and then suddenly the front door opened and shut. Xander sighed. “Sorry guys.” He apologised to the class.

“That’s fine. Having siblings is hard--”

“Noah is, not Mason.”

“And behind you?”

“You know what, let’s just continue the lesson--” Then the car engine started.

“Nononononono...” Xander stood up dropping water all over his trousers.

“What the fuck!” He quickly ran to the window. “Mason, Noah get out of my car right now!”


“You can’t drive! You’re fucking sixteen!!”

“I know how to drive--”

“Mason, Noah, this isn’t fucking GTA or--”

“It is, just in real life. Easy. How hard can it be?!”

“This is life or death. Think of it as, you’re the hero of the century.” Mason said getting in the car.

“Fuck you both I swear I’m telling both your mums!”

“Stop swearing Xander. And bye!” Noah said getting into the car.

“I swear if you crash into anything, I won’t be just--”

Then the car started and they started driving off. Noah accidentally bumped into a tree, then reversed.

“They’ve already bumped into a tree. They haven’t even done one second! Great!” Xander slumped on his bed. “I’m calling the cops--”

“Xander are you serious?!”

“Watch me!” He started dialing 999.

“999 what’s your emergency?”

“Police and maybe an ambulance. These random teenagers have stolen my car and are heading down to Riverspark college. I think they’re carrying drugs or something.” Xander lied. “I need to go but, my address is, Aubrey Park TY5 0XR. 7 to 10 minutes from Riverspark.” Then he cut the call before the operator can say anything.

“Xander what the fuck did you just do?!” Neha snatched the phone off him. “Drugs?! Seriously?!”

“I had to make sure they got arrested and I’m not bailing them out.”

“What? No Xander you are being ridiculous. You just got Noah and Mason in trouble!”

“It’s not their first time.”


“Mason stole my motorbike and Noah stole my car and they decided to do a race and see who’s fastest!”

“They did what?”

“They went to hospital. Luckily the injuries weren’t serious. Apart from Mason getting a broken hand and Noah getting a bad head ache for a few days.”

“But Xander that’s ridiculous. You cannot just tell the police what they’ve done.”

“I’m not being ridiculous. I’m stopping them from getting hurt. Mainly my car but them too.”

“Sky please tell him he’s being crazy...Sky are you recording?!”

“No. Just watching something. I love the view--”

“You’re recording!” She came up to me.

“I am not. Xander what are you doing?!” I lied walking up to him.

“What? I didn’t do anything.”

“Why did you grass them up?!”

“Hold on--”

“You are such a doofus.”

“Hold on--”

“She’s right.” Neha agreed.

“No. I am not a doofus.”

“You lied to the police, and they’ll be arrested for carrying ‘fake’ drugs.”

“Come on you are both overreacting.”

“We? You are the one that’s over reacting!”

He quickly got up and took his trousers off and put another one on.

“For fuck’s sake I’m recording!”

“You’re what?!”

“Oh no, I wasn’t recording the whole time. That’s not fair.” I lied. They both believed me. Idiots. Lying skills on point. A+. If lying was a school subject...

“Whatever, I need to get back to class.” He said sitting back in his seat.

“This is fun.” One of the people from the zoom said.

“Tell me about it.” Someone else said.

“I don’t even know where my papers are at!” He freaked out. “I’m going mental! I swear they were here.” He started looking around. “Okay, I quit.”

“Not so fast!” The teacher suddenly said. We all jumped.

“W...w..what?” Xander panicked. “I think I’m losing my mind, I swear I didn’t turn the mic back on or the camera.”

“That’s because they weren’t even turned off in the first place.” Someone said.

“Please tell me this is a joke.” Xander closed his eyes.

“It was pretty entertaining.” The teacher said. Everyone burst out laughing.

“This is humiliating. I am so sorry guys.”

“It’s fine. It was fun.” The teacher said. “Okay now from page 16.”

Then there was a knock on the door. Xander practically banged his head on the table. “God sake!!”

“You brought it upon yourself.” I smirked.

“Sky take the camera off my face!”

“Nope.” I said running out the room and jumping from the top of the stairs to the bottom which was pretty far so I kinda rolled down hitting my head hard on the ground.

“Sky you okay?!” Xander rushed over to me. “Sky?”

“I’m fine. Just a slight head ache.”

He looked at my forehead and felt a bump. I winced. “You’ve got a bump.” He said touching it again. “You need ice--”

Then there was another knock. Xander quickly opened the front door and two police officers arrested him. I quickly grabbed my phone and sneaked into the living room. I started recording everything. “Mr Xander Heffley, you are under arrest of suspicion of kidnapping three teenagers. You do not have to say anything. But, it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

“What the fuck? I didn’t do anything!” Xander said about to go back up stairs when a police officer grabbed hold of him. “Sir you need to come down to the police station with us. Immediately.”

“But I did nothing wrong!”

Then I quietly ran up the stairs and dashed into Xander’s room. “He’s kidnapped three teenagers!” I said in a rush.

“W..w.what? Sky?”

“Neha, listen.” I looked at her and took a deep breath in and out. Then shook my hands. “He’s getting arrested.”

“What the fuck?! Where is he?!”

“Downstairs.” I said still recording. She immediately ran out the room. I quickly shut the door behind me. “Guys like and follow for part 4.”

Then I ended the video. I bit my lip. “This is going to be a banger.”

“Your boyfriend has been arrested.” Someone said out of nowhere. I walked up to the computer and saw the mic and camera were on.

“Not my boyfriend and I know.”

“And you’re supposed to be...?”

“He’ll be fine.” I said sitting on Xander’s chair. “Continue the lesson.”

The teacher looked at me confused. “You aren’t in this class.”

“I’ll cover for him. Don’t worry.”


“Okay which page do we start from?”

I could see everyone trying to hold their laughter in and the teacher tried to hold his smile back. “Okay, let’s begin then.”

I took Xander’s pen and started writing what the teacher told us to write. To be honest, it was pretty interesting. “So you’re saying that if someone gets stabbed on the upper thigh it’s an emergency?”

“Exactly, it--”

“I got stabbed twice in my thigh in less that one month, two weeks.”

Everyone stared at me shocked. “I’m writing notes. Already six pages. Go on.”

“You got stabbed twice?”

“Kidnapped twice too. Held at gunpoint almost drowned yesterday, funny huh. Not funny just...never mind. I’m fine though.”

“You sure you’re okay?”

“I got jumped twice. That’s why I’ve got bruises all over. And Xander cut my hair. He’s so kind.” I said smiling. “Sorry, let’s just get on with the lesson.”

The teacher looked at me as if I was an alien. “Er...” He cleared his throat. “You okay though?”

“Got medical help. I was discharged this week. I think.”


“But I’m fine now.” I said and then paused. “Am I though? I mean, on one hand, I got four people arrested and I’m dating a sociopath. Actually we’re both sociopaths--”

“Okay, enough!” The teacher said sternly. “Let’s continue.”

“Okay.” I said picking up the pen again. “Sorry for the...disturbing story I just said.”

“It’s fine.” The teacher said scanning through some papers. “Okay, let’s focus on Dementia. Skylar, you’re up.”

“Dementia is a loss of memory and movement, language, and other thinking abilities. It can be severe enough to interfere with daily life.”

“Good. Can anyone give me one type of Dementia?”

A pupil said, “Alzheimers.”

“And what’s that?”

“Alzheimer’s disease is an irreversible, progressive brain disorder that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills, and, eventually, the ability to carry out the simplest tasks.”

“Perfect. Lopez, what are the first two stages of Dementia?”

“Oh.” He laughed weakly. “Stage 1 is is not detectable and no memory problems or other symptoms of dementia are evident.”


“Stage 2, small memory problems such as, losing things around the house. The person will still do well on memory tests and the disease is unlikely to be detected by loved ones or physicians.”

“Perfect. Skylar?”

“Are you picking on me?”

“You’ve only answered one question. This is your second one. Everyone’s done at least eight.”


“Hope you were listening.”

“I was, okay. Stage 3, family members and friends of the person will begin to notice problems. Such as, finding the right words during conversations. Organizing and planning will become problematic. Remembering names of new people.”

“Perfect. Stage 4?”

“Stage 4, I think is...”

“Don’t look at the book.”

“Okay. Stage four...They will have difficulty with simple stuff. They’ll have poor short-term memory (may not recall what they ate for breakfast, for example) Inability to manage important stuff like meetings and stuff.”

“Perfect. You did well. You were paying attention then. Now, Dylan, Stage 5 and 6.”

“Stage 5, difficulty dressing appropriately, inability to recall simple details about themselves such as their own phone number. And a lot of confusion.” Then he sighed. “Stage six, confusion or unawareness of environment and surroundings, can’t recognize faces except for the closest friends and relatives can’t remember most details of personal history, loss of bladder and bowel control, major personality changes and potential behavior problems, the need for assistance with activities of daily living such as toileting and bathing.”

“You need to learn to put it into your own words. And not look at the book. Okay?”


“Sarah, stage 7.”

“People in stage seven are nearing death. In stage seven, people lose the ability to communicate or respond to their environment. While they may still be able to utter words and phrases, they have no insight into their condition and need assistance with all activities of daily living. In the final stages of Alzheimer’s, people may lose their ability to swallow.”

“Correct but again, use your own words. And no book. Next lesson, I’ll be asking you all more about Dementia. You will need to learn as much as you can. Use booklet A9. Read the questions and memorise as much as you can. Test is coming in two weeks.”

“Woah. Two weeks?”

“Hello, you’re not Xander. Just let him know.”

“I’m going to write it on his planner. Which booklet?”

“Life struggles. Pages A9 to A10 says everything you need to know about Dementia. It needs to be due on Wednesday.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

“You know...apart from your disturbing stories, you are quite a good student.”

“He’s right.” Someone said.

“Make sure you don’t get stabbed. Again.” One of them said. We all burst out laughing. “But seriously did you get stabbed twice?”

I pulled my trousers down and showed them the bandaged leg and the other one, lift accident, but it was now stitched up and healing. I could see everyone’s faces drop. I sat back down. "Now you believe me?”

“That’s crazy.” One of them said.

“I know right. I’m going live soon. To explain why on earth I had six unconscious bodies at the back of a truck.”

“ should...”

“Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything illegal or bad. There’s a reason why I’m not behind bars and why four people already are.” I said, then I heard a knock. I froze.

“Aren’t you going to answer it?”

“Neha doesn’t knock and there’s no way Harley could’ve bailed them out this quick.”

“So is there an intruder in the house?”

“I’m going to set Xander’s phone on record so I can show the cops and if I die, just remember that there’s footage evidence.” I said. I quietly looked around the room and found Xander’s nunchucks. I took them and waited for the door to open. I could see everyone’s worried faces.

“Call the cops.” The teacher said.

"No, I want it to be an adventure!!"

"You're crazy. PHONE THE COPS!!"

"No! Adventure!!"

"You'll die!!"

"No, I'll do spinjitzu!!"

The whole class burst out laughing. Sir seemed pissed. "This isn't Ninjago--"

"So you do watch it?"

"My daughter. Call the cops--"

"No!! Believe in yourself. Ninja never quit."

"You are crazy!!"

Then the door opened. "Ninja go!!" I automatically flung the nunchucks straight on...Alex 1.2′s head. He dropped to the ground. “Did I just kill him?!” I freaked out. I quickly started checking for a pulse and found one. “He’s just knocked out....”

“Is that Alex?” The teacher asked.

“Yes. I thought he was supposed to be in hospital...” I looked at him laying on the floor. “I don’t get it.”

Then I took out my phone and phoned Gemma. She wasn’t picking up. “She’s not picking up!” Then I phoned Lucas. “Hi Sky--”

“Alex is here.”

“Which one?”


“How’s Calvin?”

“Calvin?! I just knocked Alex unconscious because I thought there was an intruder in the house. He’s fucking bleeding!”

“You what?!”

“He’s just having a nose bleed and his eyebrow’s bleeding a bit.”

“What did you hit him with?”

“Xander’s nunchucks. I was going to use the sword but I’m in an online'd be too bloody and...oh guys, I’m really sorry--”

“Don’t be. Just enjoying the drama.” Someone said.

“Sky is Calvin okay though?”


“He got discharged. He’s with Alex...right?”



I looked at Xander’s phone and took it quickly. I slid my phone down my pockets. “Sir if you don’t mind. I’ll be afk for a few minutes--”

“AFK? This is not a gaming...whatever.”

I quickly went out the room with Xander’s phone recording. I slowly walked down the stairs and found Calvin.



“Yeah...I got discharged.” He said. “You okay?”

“I mean...I thought you were in critical condition--”

“I was but turns wasn’t a big deal. But my breathing is unsteady. I need to keep an asthma pump at all times.

I cut the video. He walked straight into the living room and slumped onto one of the sofas.


“Don’t even mention him. I don’t want to hear about him. Again.” He said. “Please just go away.”


“I told you to go away.”

I went out the room and back into Xander’s room. I sat back on the seat and picked up a pen. “Sorry. No intruder....just Calvin.”

“Is he okay?”

“Yeah.” I said not looking up. “When’s the next test again?”

“It’s in two weeks.” Then he paused. “Next lesson, we’ll be covering A7 which is only a page. We will be going into full complete detail. You just need to read it. Don’t be late, one hour lesson. Okay, 8am sharp Monday. Guys you can leave now.”

“Bye sir.” They all said one by one and left.


“Sir...I know it’s none of my business, but...Xander’s been stressed lately and I don’t just think it’s because of Calvin’s accident yesterday.”

“Is he alright now?”

“How did you--”

“Alex told me.”

“He’s downstairs now, in the living room but that’s not important, I’m just worried something’s going on because since this year February, everything is going down hill. He looks exhausted and just been down I guess...”

“Maybe it’s the work...”

“But Alex 1.1 has been admitted into hospital for covid.”

“That’s really unfortunate.” He sighed. “You don’t think he’s going through depression...?”

I fell silent for a while. “That’s what I’m scared of. He doesn’t open up. He does but not that much...rarely...and if I try and talk to him about stuff like this, personal stuff...he gets annoyed and will be awkward around me and will avoid me until god knows when.”

The teacher frowned. “Xander looks like he hasn’t slept in weeks and then he started over sleeping. He just kind of...he has a great memory and all of a sudden, he’s acting all...unsure...doubtful and basically not himself.”

“Well...what should I do?”

“Talk to him. Talk to him even if it jeopardizes your relationship. Talking is the best solution.”

“Yeah. I guess. I never spoke to someone did I?”

“You went through depression?”

“I think I need to go--”

“Please answer me.”

“Yes. I tried to take my own life when I was in hospital because Mason told me he hated me and those words just made everything even worse. I kept thinking about....”

“Carry on...”

“Noah and his friends.” I closed my eyes. “They’ve bullied me since I can remember my first words.”

“Have they stopped?”

“They have now.” I looked down at the papers I just wrote on. “I can’t believe I was stupid enough to do something like this.”

“You’re not stupid. Depression doesn’t make you think. It just eats you up until you’re nothing.”

“And that’s what I’m scared of from Xander.”

“You know...I once met this woman who said, help those who really need it. She’s a lovely woman in her mid 30′s--”

“Aunty Linda?”

“Linda. know her?”

“Yes, she helped me and Mason--”

“You’re the girl? And Ella really are her...”

“I am.” I smiled. “And I’ve survived a lot of stuff.”

“This is one in a million coincidence.”

“Yeah...that’s why I’ve forgiven Noah and his friends for what they did to me. I know beating me up, twice, it isn’t fair but still, the lady’s words will never shake out of my head and I know he regrets it...I see his eyes, he really did regret it.”

“Noah and his friends beat you up?”

I suddenly froze. Then started panicking. “Please don’t tell anyone I promise he really regrets it, they even stopped bullying me, just please--”

“Calm down.” Then he paused for a long time. “I won’t tell anyone. But if it happens again, I’m here.”

“Thank you so much.” Then I sighed. “I really hate them for it. But I know they regret it. If I grassed them up, Jay was also involved even if he didn’t beat me up. He’s never beaten me up or annoyed me. But then all of a sudden a month and three weeks I think, we both found out we were step siblings. I couldn’t grass him up and Miles is also involved and he’s Jay’s step sibling. And Noah’s Xander and both Alex’s and Lexi and Tisha’s brother. He’s my boyfriend and his family and Mason and my family have always been together. We’ve always been together. Even when Noah’s been a bitch. We’re all...together and it’s all just confusing.”

“You care about everyone. You’re selfless and think outside the box. You’ve listened to Linda. You’ve really done yourself proud. I’m really surprised...what you’ve just said is the most, selfless thing anyone could say. Well done.”

“Thank you.” I said. “I’m going live soon to explain the ‘police chase incident’.”

“That’s good.”

“Thanks.” I said looking at the time. “Mason’s got another class and I’m late. Sorry sir, I need to go.”

“Bye.” He said. I looked at the time table and went to his next zoom class. I was a bit late but it wasn’t that big of a deal...or so I thought.

“Excuse me, are you new?”

“Yes.” I lied.

“Why are you on Xander’s--”

“He’s just gotten arrested.”

“He’s what?!”

“Nonono, Noah and Mason stole his car and he told the police, and he also said they had drugs on them. It was a lie. The police believed him and still do, so Mason and Noah got angry and told the police he’d kidnapped three teenagers.”

The teacher looked at me blankly.

“He didn’t kidnap anyone. He got arrested for kidnapping.”

“Oh. But why are you here?”

“I’m covering for him. He’s got so much work to catch up on. I’m just helping him.”

“Are you his sister?”

“Not by blood.”


“No. He’s just like a big bro to me. Not actual siblings but we grew up together and we’re kinda close.”

“Oh. Okay then.” Then she cleared her throat. “Let’s all start from A7. As Xander’s sister--”

“Skylar but call me Sky.”

“Sky as you’re the first one in the register, you need to explain what Epilepsy is. Just a okay?”

“Yep fine. A-okay.” I lied.

“Now explain what it means. Look at the text book. Page A7.”

I froze in my chair. Epilepsy? Do they learn about this? I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Then I suddenly realised something. I think the teacher did too. “Sky! Sky lay down. Quickly--”

I started trembling. I automatically fell off my seat and under the table. I started having a convulsion.

“Sky? Sky?!” The teacher started panicking. I couldn’t see her as I was under the table and she couldn’t see me too.

“She’s having a convulsion!”

“Miss call an ambulance--”

“I don’t know the address!”

The I hit something and it fell with a thud. I heard the whole class gasp. Then the door flung open and Calvin rushed up to me. “Sky! Calm down!”

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah. She accidentally knocked the flower pot.” Calvin sat next to me. “Calm down Sky. Sky? Calm down. Shhhh. Calm down. Sky? Sky please calm down. Sky, stop. Calm down. Shhhhh--”

“Does she have epilepsy?”

“Yes. She has tonic-clonic seizures if she’s under stress or forgot her medication. Her medication!” Calvin quickly rushed over to a Xander second cupboard and I saw most of my stuff were in it. Since when?

“They’re probably downstairs. Erm...what do I do?!”

“Is there any harmful objects around her?”

“No. Sky calm down, Sky please. Sky...shhhhhh. Sky be quiet. Where’s Xander?!”

“He’s been arrested.”


“He told the police that Noah and Mason stole his car and saw them carrying drugs. So they got arrested and then as payback, they made up a lie that Xander kidnapped three teenagers.”

“Seriously?!” Then he paused. “She’s drooling.” He said looking for a tissue. He found one and wiped my mouth. “Sky please stop shaking.”

“It’s already been a minute and a half.” The teacher said.

“I need to get her medication. It’s probably downstairs.” He said standing up. “I’ll be back in a second.”

“Hurry up.”

“Miss is she going to be okay?” One of the class mates said.


Then Calvin quickly came up the stairs with my medication box. “She’s stopped.”

“That’s a relief. Well done.” The teacher exhaled. “How long does it take for her to recover?”

“This seizure probably really soon.”

“2 minutes five seconds.”

“Maybe an hour or less.”


“Miss is that how long normally?”

“It depends. Some people heal quickly and some longer. It depends.” Then she paused. “Guys did you take notes?”

“Yeah.” One of them said.

“She looks really tired.” Calvin said holding my hand. “I don’t know if I should give her medication...”

“You cant give it to her yet.”

“I’ll dissolve it but she’ll kill me.”

“Does it work?”

“Always.” He said going downstairs and coming back with a water bottle. He took the lid off and put my two pills in. “200mg Lamotrigine, 600mg Oxcarbazepine.”

“Good.” The teacher said. “Guys you don’t have to write that. But Lamotrigine is one of the most important medications, it’s commonly used.”

Calvin put a few drops of water and waited until it completely dissolved. The he tried opening my mouth but I refused. Fuck no. I am never ever going to--

“Sky come on. You’re being silly.” He said trying to open my mouth. "Open your mouth..."

"Is she refusing?"

"Yeah. As usual."


"Sky, open your mouth or I'll open it." He said opening my mouth. I tried to close it back but he quickly poured the dissolved medicine into my mouth and I swallowed it cringing.

“That wasn't hard.” He exhaled. “Want some water?”

“Don’t give her water yet.” The teacher said. “She hasn’t got complete control over her whole body yet. Just wait some time.”

“Okay.” He said sighing. “You can continue your lesson.” He picked me up and laid me on the bed. He sat next to me. “You okay?”

I stared at him blankly then blinked three times. Then he smiled. “I’m sorry about yesterday. I was being an idiot. But how did you not notice? You drank half the bottle!”

“Okay, Noah, Calvin, sorry. Please come and sit on Xander’s seat. You need to take notes for him.”


“Sky was doing so. Then she had an episode. Just come on.” Miss said.

“Okay.” He groaned taking a pen. “Okay, where are we starting from?”

“Page A7. What is Epilepsy?”

He looked at the page. “Epilepsy is a common condition where sudden bursts of electrical activity in the brain cause seizures or fits.” He read.

“Correct. Now everyone highlight that.”

After a few moments, Miss asked, “Kimberly, tell me symptoms.”

“Uncontrollable jerking and shaking, called a “fit”, losing awareness and staring blankly into space, becoming stiff, strange sensations, such as a “rising” feeling in the tummy, unusual smells or tastes, and a tingling feeling in your arms or legs, collapsing. Making different sounds such as moaning.”

“Correct.” Then the teacher started asking everyone different questions. After half an hour, the lesson ended. Calvin slumped on the bed next to me. “Xander’s got to read page A8. By next week Monday.” He sighed. “How does it really feel like to Epileptic?”

I looked at him blankly. He raised his eyebrows. “You can’t speak. That’s hard...I’m sorry about yesterday. I really am. I put too much medication and I don’t even know what I was thinking. I’m sorry. Can you forgive me?”

I blinked three times. He smiled. “I promise I won’t ever put your medication inside coke for a prank.”

I smiled at him. He sighed. “I am a total idiot aren’t I?”

I blinked twice.

“I really fucked everything up. But I’m mad at Xander he doesn’t even care...”

Then Alex suddenly got up. He staggered around. “What the fuck!?”

“Sky knocked you out.” Calvin said. “Xander, Noah and Mason have been arrested.”

“What?! Why?!”

“Noah and Mason stole Xander’s car and Xander told the police and also lied saying they had drugs on them. Then Noah and Mason got pissed and said he kidnapped three teenagers.”

“Damn...have they been released?”

“I dont know...”

“I’ll call Xander.” Then Xander’s phone started ringing. It was on the table. Alex picked it up. “He forgot it. Sky, why are you being so--”

“She’s had a fit.”


“She didn’t take her medication.”

“Oh. I thought Xander--”

“I gave it to her, it was downstairs.”

“Oh.” Then he paused. “I’m going to the station.”

“You haven’t got a driving licence.”

“And that’s none of your business. I’ll be back soon don’t do anything stupid. And don’t you dare prank her. Or hurt her. I’m coming.” He said going down the stairs.

“Seriously?” He groaned. “I’m super bored. I’m going downstairs--”

“Calvin I can hear you and you are not going to leave her out of your sight.”

“Great.” He said laying back down on the bed. “This is going to be fun.” He said sarcastically. Then the door closed. “I’m going downstairs. Just get some sleep.” Then he started walking away but then turned around and laid back down next to me. “I actually feel bad for you. What do you want to do? I’m super bored.”

I looked at him blankly and tried to speak but this is what came out. “H..ho..holly--”



“Okay.” He said switching Xander’s TV on. “Hollyoaks. Which episode?”


“Ceremony...” He went down episodes until he reached the episode. “There it is.” He said clicking on it. “Baby name ceremony isn’t it, Liberty blah blah blah.”

He laid next to me and clicked on it. We watched the episode and the one after, it was actually quite fun, we did laugh and I did cry, don’t judge. If you’re a true Hollyoaks fan, you’d know where I’m coming from. Actually I’m not really a fan, just obsessed with it and I hate Riverdale. I’ve only watched like one episode and at the end I’m I mean it’s just a no from me. Hollyoaks has better camera quality.

“Sky, want to do something else?”

I tried to prop myself up and I did but then I slipped. “Let’s go downstairs and make a drink for you.”

Then I froze. Then he sighed. “I promise I won’t put anything bad in it.”

I still didn’t believe him.

“Listen, I know you won’t trust me but seriously. I won’t.” He looked at me waiting for a response. “Come on Sky. I want to go downstairs. This room is getting boring. Please. I promise I’m not planning anything crazy.”

I got up and automatically fell on my arm. Ouch. Calvin helped me up and I froze. I’m not going downstairs.

“Come on Sky. I’m not going to leave you here. Come on.”

I sighed. He looked at me for a second. “Can you walk?”

I glared at him.

“I’ll take that as a no.” He said picking me up. “Downstairs.” He carried me all the way to the landing. Then the door opened. Alex, Harley and Xander walked in.

“Calvin don’t you dare!” Alex warned. “Drop her!”

“Calm down, I am perfectly--” He accidentally slipped as he took the first step . He took one step and then slipped

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