Lunar Skylar

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Move in

I felt something cold on my forehead. I took it and looked at it. It was an ice pack. I looked around and realised I was in Xander's room. He was talking to someone, wait...he was in a class. Oh. I looked at him for a while and realised he was a bit stressed. Then the zoom ended and he groaned and slapped his pen down the table and started swearing. Then he burst out crying. Then wiped his tears and started writing. WTF.

"Xander?" I asked getting up. He looked at me and gave me a fake smile. "How are you feeling now?"
"No, I should be asking you."
"Don't play dumb with me. You're going to tell me exactly what's going."
"What are you on about?"
"You're depressed."
He looked at me confused. "I'm not."
"Well, you've been moody lately and all...depressed."
"I'm not depressed...just..." He hesitated. "I'm going through a rough time."
"Is it school?"
"Yeah. I've been so disorganized. I'm not depressed...just struggling with school work. I'm just completely disorganized."
I thought for a while. "I can help you. Like before."
"You've got school and you can't just randomly come everyday and help me out...I just need to find a way."
Out of nowhere, I came up with an idea. "I've got an idea but it will never happen."
"Tell me."
"No. I don't want to get your hopes up." I said walking over to him.
"Please tell me."
I shifted from one foot to the other. "It's silly--"
"Tell me."
"I mean, it's impossible."
"What is it?"
"It's weird."
"No, come on."
"Never mind."
Then he started thinking. After a few seconds something clicked, then he looked at me confused. "You're not thinking of moving here right?"
I looked at him speechless. How did he know? "What? No." I lied.
"I wouldn't mind. I mean, you can go into Noah's room."
"You serious?"
"Alex won't mind."
"Alex 1.1?"
"She wouldn't. This house is big. And it'll be good to have a kid around."
"You've got Lexi and Tisha."
"Lexi and Tisha only come on the weekends, and that's just to hang out with us and play."
"I..." I looked at him uncomfortably.
"Would you move in? I'm not forcing you or anything but I'll be happy and you can also help with me."
"I'd love to...but school.."
"I'll drive you in the morning and drop you off at Gemma's or Mason's."
"What if you're busy--"
"I'm not busy in the morning. Well until 9 or 8 in the morning."
"But after school?"
"You can come yourself. Or I'll drive--"
"I'll take the bus."
"So it's a yes?"
I looked at him. He looked so happy. What do I do? Damn...
Then his smile faded. "I get it. It was silly of me. You've got studies, besides, I'm sure I'll catch up."
Then I hugged him. "I'm moving in."
He froze and then hugged me. "I love you so much. Thank you."
"No problem. But what does Neha think about this?"
"Good question." He said opening his phone. "I need to call Alex first."
"Hi, what do you need?"
"Woah. I just wanted to say hi."
"Oh." Then she paused. "You're lying. What do you want?"
"You know Noah's room? No one really uses it. It's just there. Empty bed, waiting for someone to sleep on."
"Noah doesn't sleep there anymore. And I was thinking..."
"Xander...what are you planning? Do you want Neha to move in?!"
"Okay, she's not moving in. The house looks perfect and it's too big, it's already hard enough to live with three crazy boys--"
"I pay the gas and electricity--"
"We all do. Including mum."
"Well, it's not my fault you all decided to move in with me."
"You have a 8 bedroom house."
"Okay, listen up. This house I bought. It cost me a fortune!"
"You won the fucking lottery. You didn't do anything!"
"But I could've bought other stuff."
"Which you didn't. Don't lie, you love this house and it was your idea to buy it."
"I regret wasting a penny on this house."
"You wasted 1.3 million pounds on this house. And kept 400 thousand to yourself. Not giving me a single penny."
"Stop making me the bad guy--"
"Sky's moving in." He said in a rush. Alex fell silent for a while. "Is she sure?"
"Would you mind?"
"No. But does she want to?"
"How about school? Isn't the apartment closer? She's already got an apartment. Did she get kicked out?"
"No. It was my idea."
"Don't you miss her?"
"I do."
"Would you want her here?"
"I guess...I wouldn't mind. Yeah, I don't mind." Then she paused. "Is the house clean?!"
He lied. "It's perfect actually."
"I don't believe you." Then she cut the call. Xander hugged me again. "Now I need to tell Neha."
"Hi, babes I'm sorry for the argument--"
"It's fine. I'm sorry too. It was silly."
" are you?"
"I'm fine. You?"
"Great. I won't be here for the weekend."
"Why not?"
"I'm staying with my parents. But we'll face time. And then on Monday we can--"
"Okay, Sky's here."
"She's moving in."
"She's what?!"
"Not in my room. Noah's."
"Oh. Right."
"Yeah. You okay with that?"
"Yeah. But I thought she--"
"Yes. But she's moving out because we all miss her. And Mason too but Sky's going to be my assistant."
"I'm an assistant?"
"You okay with--"
"Yes. I like it. Assistant Sky. No. Sounds terrible--"
"Okay." Then he spoke back into the phone. "Babes are you sure?"
"I don't mind. I promise. Don't worry. Love you. Bye."
"Woah, what's the rush--"
"I need to pack. And I'll speak to you once I arrive. Promise. Bye."
Xander looked at me. "Now I need to tell Alex." He said going out the room. Then I looked at his phone, it was unlocked. I quickly sent the video to me and deleted the video from his phone. After a while I sat on his gaming chair. After a while Alex and Xander came in.
"You can stay. I've just called Noah." Alex said.
"And is he okay with it?"
"Yeah. He doesn't mind but he wanted you to move in with him."
I looked at them speechless my heart was beating so fast.
"Would you have?"
I bit my lip. "I...I don't know..I mean...we don't's not the right time. I can't move in with him."
"So you'll never move in with him?"
"Xander, that's not what I'm saying, I will eventually but now is too soon. It's a big step. I mean...we'll be living together...."
"That's true."
"Maybe by next year February or April."
"I'll tell him--"
"No, don't do that. He'll get upset--"
"But what if he asks you to move in with him next week? Or tomorrow?"
"...I know..."
"What if I make him realise he's being too fast?"
"Don't say I said that."
"Okay. Now I need to tell Mason, and Alex you tell Calvin--"
"Xander what is it with you and Calvin?" Alex crossed his arms.
"He doesn't want me." He said going back to his desk. "If he doesn't want me, then what's the point--"
"Calvin misses you. He just needs you. Just go speak to him. He's only mad at you because you didn't visit him. He thinks you wanted him to get hurt...he thinks you don't care."
"I do care--"
"Right now you're acting like you don't care! He's thinking you don't. Just get up and go apologise to him."
"For what?!"
"Xander you're an absolute idiot! You can't even take care of your brother you're so caught up on yourself you don't even care about him!!"
Xander got up and left the room slamming the door behind him. He quickly went after him and pulled his shirt. "Xander listen, you're not an idiot."
"Back off." He said pushing him.
"No. Just please go talk to him."
Xander looked at him for a second and then looked at Calvin's room. He walked up to Calvin's room and knocked. Calvin opened the door and Xander walked in closing the door behind him.
"I didn't do anything wrong, I swear!" Calvin said in a rush.
"I just came to apologise." I heard Xander say.
Alex looked at me. "Do you want to eat something?"
"Have you cooked anything?"
"No. Want to help me out?"
"Sure." I said as we walked down the stairs and into the kitchen.
"Your face is healing." He said taking out a cutting board. He sighed. "Lasagna?"
"Okay." I said. I started looking for the ingredients while Alex boiled water on the hob.

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