Lunar Skylar

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Drown, stab stab

"Xander what's question 7?" I asked showing him my biology paper.
"B." He said. I circled B.
"Sky, I've got another--"
Then there was a knock on the door.
"They're back this quick?" He looked at me confused.
"That's strange. They're supposed to be one hour late or something." I said opening the door. Then a person with a black suit came in. "Hands up high in the air."
"Sky." Xander kicked me lightly. "Do as he says."
"Young lady come with me." The man said.
"Erm no. I don't even know who you are. And definitely not the--"
He pulled out a gun. "You or your boyfriend is getting killed."
"What?! What have we done?!?!?"
"My sister's not coming out of prison because of you. Now you choose."
"Who are you on about?!"
"Ella. Remember her?!" He loaded the gun.
"It was her fault. I did nothing and so did Mason."
"What did you do to him?!"
"Nothing. He's had enough. Got shot, stabbed and drowned. But you, you got off easy. Nothing really happened to you."
"I suffered myself."
"Okay, sir I think you need to leave." Xander said coldly.
"Both of you, into the living room. Now!" He pointed the gun at us. We walked into the living room hands in the air.
"Sir, drop the gun. Please."
"You better shut your mouth little guy."
He pointed the gun at his head. "I'm as crazy as my sister!" Then he looked at me. "You never got to drown, get stabbed or shot. I think I need to finish the job. Don't you think?"
"What are you thinking?!"
He pulled out another gun. "Down to the basement. Both of you!"
Xander and I opened the basement door and went inside. The guy followed us carrying both guns. "On the floor!"
"I don't understand why--"
"Shut up! I told you before!" He shouted at Xander. Then he put one gun back in his blazer pocket and took out a syringe. He held one gun in his left hand and the syringe in his right hand. He walked over to Xander and injected it in his back. Xander dropped on the floor. Dead. I gasped. "What have you done to him?!"
"He's still alive. Now you." He walked up to me and injected a syringe on me. After a second, I lost consciousness and blank.

"Hello." I saw a man standing in front of me. I looked around and realised I was in Alex's basement and was tied to a chair. I tried to scream but realised he'd taped my mouth. Then I looked at Xander. He was looking at the guy full of anger. Then another guy came in the basement and locked the door. Both men stood in front of us each carrying a gun.
Ella's brother smiled at me. "Ready?"
I shook my head clearly saying, no I don't want to die do I?! Xander looked really scared. I wanted to reassure him that everything will be--
"Eyes here." The new guy said. Then they dragged me with the chair into a bucket of water. My eyes widened. My heart was beating so fast and my whole body was trembling with fear.
"We won't kill you." The new guy said shoving my head down into the bucket.
I couldn't breathe. I was crying trying to breathe. Please let me breathe. Breathe. Breathe. They kept my head in the water for seconds. I kept sobbing and tried to not breathe. The water was starting to hurt my eyes when suddenly they pulled my head back up. I gasped for air and coughed out water. The tape had become loose and this was my opportunity. "Help! Help! Help!!" I screamed from the top of my lungs. Ella's brother smacked me across the cheek. "Shut your mouth or you're dead." He pointed the gun at my head. "Now let's stab you." He took a knife. But then Xander shook his head. The guys realised. "What's that?"
Xander kept shaking his head. The guy pointed the gun at him and removed the duck tape from his mouth. "Don't do this to her. She's suffered enough--"
"Shut up. Grab the knife--"
"Wait." Xander said. Then closed his eyes for a second. "Don't hurt her."
"And I'm supposed to let her go?"
"Just don't hurt her."
The guy ignored him and held the knife straight at me. I started crying. "Please don't stab me. I didn't do anything--"
"Shut up!" Jenny's brother pointed his gun at me. "One word, I'll shoot you. Then bury you, no evidence is there?"
"Please." I whispered looking at him with tears in my eyes. "Please don't kill me."
"No, we'll stab you and then shoot you. Not kill you. Unless you do misbehave." He said looking at the gun. My heart started thudding and the blood was pounding in my ears. At this moment, I was just praying to god. I started sobbing as the guy walked up to me. He raised the knife in the air about to stab me when--
"Don't stab her." Xander said out of nowhere. "Stab me instead!"
They both looked at him shocked. "Okay. So you want to take her punishments then?"
"Xander don't do this--"
"Shut up!" Ella's brother pointed the gun at me. "One word you're dead!!"
I swallowed and looked at Xander. "Sky don't worry. I'll be fine." He lied.
The guys walked up to him and Jenny's brother stabbed him in the leg. I gasped and I started crying. "Stop this--"
"I told you to shut up!!!" The guy said taking more duck tape and covering my mouth. I could see Xander in pain but he tried to fight back the tears. "Sky I'm fine. Don't cry."
"Shut up!" Then the guy showed me the knife. It had blood all over it. I winced as he pointed it at me. Then he burst out laughing. "Wuss."
I could see Xander was in extreme pain and there were tears rolling down his eyes. Then the guy stabbed him again and this time he groaned in pain.
Ella's brother pointed the gun at me. "One word, you're little girlfriend is dead!"
Xander tried to fight back his cries. He was sobbing. "Please just let us go!"
Then the guy shot him on the arm. At that Xander burst out crying. He started screaming and the guy stabbed him with a knife on his other arm. "SHUT UP!!!"
Xander kept crying and screaming. The guys looked at him annoyed. Then I started crying. I kept crying and so did Xander. Ella's brother pointed the gun at me. "Little boy, shut up or she's dead!!" Xander kept crying even though he was trying to be quiet.
"Sorry." Ella's brother said about to shoot me but then the door burst open and Alex 1.2 rushed in carrying two knives. He aimed straight at their nuts and they both dropped dead. Alex rushed over to them taking their guns and tied them up with tape. Then rushed to Xander. He was in so much pain. I felt so guilty--
"Xander calm down. Hey, calm down." Alex said taking off his shirt and applying it to his wounds. "Xander don't cry."
Xander kept crying soon enough we heard the front door bust open and saw police officers and paramedics rushing in. They froze as they saw the two guys and Xander crying.
"They stabbed him twice and shot him." Alex said. They started doing checks and asking questions. I couldn't help feeling guilty. This was all my fault. All my fucking fault. One of the officers untied me and removed the tape off my mouth. "It's all my fault." I said. They all looked at me shocked. "They wanted to get revenge on me and instead Xander wanted to take the punishment."

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