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One act of kindness

I looked across the room and watched Nathan sleep. That's sound creepy right? It's not like I'm creepy, you know me. I'm a perfectly normal human with issues. I stared up to the ceiling. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't. I reached for my phone and pulled it out of charge. "Victoria?"

"Sky? What are you doing awake at this time?"

"How about you?"

"I'm debating if I should send her the message."

"Good for's Mason?"

"He's...fine..." She lied.

"Vic don't lie to me."

"He's not gone out of bed. Only time he does is to go toilet or get your favorite food...doughnuts. He's been crying a lot...even in his zoom classes which he had in the morning...."

"Victoria is he really that...sad?"

"He's been crying a lot. Gemma told me...I went to visit him but he didn't even shout at me or freak out...he just looked at me and continued crying."

"I don't want him to cry--"

"Xander's worse. Gemma says he's crying and convincing himself that you hate him and it's all his fault. He is crying and has been absent minded during his zoom classes in the morning. It's only been a day but they're miserable..."

"And Noah?"

"He's not left his room and he's been crying the whole day."

"I've really upset them haven't I?"

"Just come back..."

"I'm never going back, ever. I've met these really nice couples--"

"I thought you were with Gregor?"

"I made him up. I was homeless and soaking in the cold heavy rain with nothing but leggings and a hoodie and a huge back pack on my back and no home."

"So you were homeless?!"

"I was...but I'm still thinking about leaving...I feel like I'm a burden I mean, imagine how extra I am. I know they mean well but...I...they deserve to live their life."

"But where will you go?!"

"I'll find somewhere. I'll travel around from time to time and once I turn sixteen, I'll buy an apartment."

"So you're going to be travelling around for two years?"

"Yeah...I guess.."

"Sky how about college?! You wanted to be a pediatrician!!"

"I still badly...but I've had enough of life. I've had enough of you guys...I just want to be normal...for once..."

"You are normal!"

I fell silent for a while...

"Sky? You there?"

"You've never called me normal..this is the third time someone's called me normal in a very very long time..."

"Well you are...just come home."

"I won't. I really don't want to. I'm leaving here now. They're sleeping right now."

"Sky no! Don't leave, you're homeless!!"

"But I'm a burden. They probably hate me!!"

"Sky don't go!! Please just stay where you"

"I need to leave. I know they don't want me...they're just using me to probably full fill their mother's..." I burst out crying. "I can't believe I just said that. They're so lovely and I'm being a bitch. I don't deserve them." I got up and picked my rucksack up. "Vic I'm leaving now."

"Sky don't do this..."

"I'll survive...hopefully..."

"Sky don't go...please..." Her voice cracked. "I love you, we all do but sooner or later, something bad's bound to happen. You wnat to get away from danger but you never know who might be roaming around the streets at night!"

"Vic, I know you're concerned...but I'll be fine...I'll be fine..."

"Where are you?"

"No where." I cut the call. I wiped my tears and started quietly walking down the stairs. I was about to open the door when a hand pulled me back.

"Where do you think you're going at this time?" Nathan hissed. "I heard your conversation with her. You can't leave. You're staying here with us. We care about you. We could just let you go like that but we haven't and won't because we want you to be safe!"

I shrugged his hand off mine and pulled the door wide open and started running. Fast. I could see him behind me but I kept running. After a while he stopped. I kept running and once I lost sight of him, I went down a dark alley. Then found someone. "Hi, where's the nearest--"

He grabbed me by the arms and another boy covered my mouth shut. I tried screaming but nothing came out. My muffled screams and cries did nothing. They started pulling me down the alley when suddenly the boy dropped to the floor. I gasped as I saw Nathan holding a metal pole. He swung the bat at the second guy and he dropped to the floor blood pouring out of his head. He quickly checked for a pulse. "He's alive."

Then he took out his phone and dialed 999. "999 what's--"

"Come down to Redford Lane 4V4 6TY. Two unconscious body. One of them is bleeding." He said in a deep voice and cut the call. Then grabbed my hand and we started running for a few moments.

"Sky what is your problem?!"

"I have no problem. Now let go off me. I know how to--"

"They could've killed you!!"

"I would've escaped!!"

"This isn't a joke. This is reality. You could've died!! Died!"

"I didn't need you to help me did I?!" I slapped his hands away.

"Fine then. Be like that." He started walking off. I watched him walk away furiously. I started walking down an unknown alley and hid behind a dumpster. I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.

I looked around confused and remembered last night. I just felt pure guilt. I looked at my phone and had sixty seven missed calls from Victoria. I called her. "Vic..."

"SKY!! Where are you--"

"I'm homeless..." I burst out crying. "And I'm fine."

"No you're not. Stop saying you're fine!!!"

"I just wanted to let you's Noah?"

"He's being strange...have you been on tiktok?"


"Don't click on it. Please. If you will all end badly..."

"Okay then. I won't."

"Sky where are you?"

"I really don't know but at least it's sunny..."

"For how long?! We're in fucking September!!"

"I love you..."

"I love you too but--"

I cut the call. I looked at the time, 10:45. I opened my bag and took out my medication and drank it down with coke. I closed my eyes again and leaned back. I stared down at my phone 97%. Not bad. I got up and looked around...nothing to do. I closed my eyes again and fell asleep.

Then the rain started pouring. Heavy. I was getting wet. Wetter by the minute...I was still wearing my PJ's. I looked up at the sky and closed my eyes. "But I still have faith in God..." David's words rang in my head.

I started to cry and cry and cry until I had no tears left. I was cold and not having my jacket on me made everything ten times worse. I sat on the cold floor while the freezing rain poured on me. My teeth were clattering and I was sneezing. And coughing and I kept like that for minutes which turned into hours...I was so cold...I couldn't feel my fingers. I had pins and needles in my feet and hands. I felt numb. Then after four hours sitting on the cold floor and the rain pouring on me, I had a seizure. It was a long one. Where was Mason? Where was he? Where was my hero?

I kept shaking for minutes until I finally stopped. I looked one was phone started ringing. It took a while to answer it. "Sky..."



I tried to speak but nothing came out. Just my sobs.

"Did you just have a seizure?!"

I kept crying.

" should've stayed it raining?"

My teeth were now clattering and the rain was pattering on the floor, she probably heard because she said, "Sky you're freezing! And you've just had a seizure!! it's fucking cold out there!!!"

I looked at the sky. It was raining on me. I slid the phone into my pocket and started crying. "Sky...come home...please...everyone's devastated...almost...but please..." Then she cut the call. I laid on the cold floor and let the rain wet me. It was really cold but now..I couldn't feel...anything...I stared up at the sky and started remembering the best moments of my childhood. It cheered me up. I was laying there thinking when I gradually fell asleep.

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