Lunar Skylar

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Second chance

“Okay, I’m going to school.” Nathan said picking his school bag.

“I’m waiting for my first online class.” I sighed staring at my screen. “Where’s the fucking link.”

“If you need anything, call me. I’ll be back around one or something.”

“Okay.” I said. Then a link popped up and I clicked on it. Then I froze. “I’ve been ambushed by my own friends?!”

“Sky?” Nathan walked up to me. I dragged him out the room. “Go school. You don’t want to be late.”

I walked back to the laptop. “Guys I can explain--”

“Where are you?” Alex 1.1 asked.

“I’m safe.”

“You called us all out.” Gemma huffed.

“Didn’t say your names did I?”

“What have I ever done to you?” Alex 1.2 asked.

“Nothing.” I said guiltily. “But it was only right.”

“I’ve always been nice to you.” Alex 1.2 said.

“And the cause I left.”

She looked taken aback. She looked like she was trying not to cry. I just smiled at her. “Want a tissue?” I laughed.

“Sky speak to us.” Alex 1.2 said. “Noah has been losing it.”

“I don’t care.”

“Mason hasn’t got out of your fucking bed!!” Gemma hissed. “He’s next door. Wanna hear him cry?!” She got up and started walking to my room. She stopped at the door and I heard Mason crying.

My heart shattered into pieces. The sixteen year old guy who refuses to show any emotion is now crying like a five year old.

Then Gemma went back to her room and sat down on her bed. “Now are you coming home?”

They all looked at me. They were the only ones in the zoom but it still felt like everyone was there...

“It is what it is...”

“I thought you believed in second chances?” Alex 1.1 looked at me with sadness in her eyes. “We miss you...”

“Especially Xander...he’s not been...great. He’s been putting so much effort and time in his school work because he’s trying to ignore the pain he’s carrying! He’s barely sleeping at night. He’s got bags under his eyes. Sky just come home!”


“Sky what is wrong with you?! Your parents are worried sick, all our parents are worried sick, everyone is!! Sky stop being a bitch!!”

The whole zoom went quiet.

“I didn’t mean to call you that.” Alex 1.2 mumbled.

“I’m not coming home. Just let them know I’m safe.”

“But Victoria told me you were homeless for days and you didn’t have a home!!”

“Now I do. With people that believe in second chances. They believe everyone deserves a second chance guys. So am I psycho now?! Am I?!”

“You’re not psycho--”

“You’re just saying that. All of you are. But at least they know exactly what I’ve been going through--”

“You told them?!”

“And they think I’m the most kindest person alive!! And I agree because I’ve forgiven you all!!”

“You’re kind, and--”

“Shut up. All of you. None of you, are grateful! None of you!! You are all so blind you don’t realise all the things I’ve done for you. Unlike me, I think about all the good things you’ve done for me. ALL THE FUCKING TIME! One of you tell me you’ve bothered to look back at your memories and been grateful for what happened?”

“I’m sure--”

“Alex, you remember when we both were in the airplane and I wanted to sit on the window seat so badly? You let me didn’t you, and on the way back too. Oh and you Alex, you remember when you helped me with my stitching which was supposed to be due in a matter of minutes?! I didn’t get detention as I handed it in in time!!” I hissed.

“You Gemma, you remember when you first watched Hollyoaks with me because I forced you and you fell in love with it?!” I sighed. “These are all true memories that I’ve thought back on and many more, I never forget this. This is why everyone thinks I’m weird. Because I care about everything!! I re-think memories that people brush off as rubbish.”

They all went silent. I can see the guilt. The guilty looks on them.

“You’re right. You’re not psycho.” Alex 1.2 cleared her throat.

“I’m not psycho because I give everything up.”

“....Just come back--”

“In the next five seconds, tell me one thing I’ve done before this September which was kind.”

They all looked hesitant. “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.”

“Sky we all know you’ve done so much. But not everyone is like you. People can’t remember the slightest of stuff four months ago can they?” Alex 1.1 argued.

“Ungrateful people can’t.”

“Sky don’t be like that. We want you back home.”

“How’s the player doing?”


“Who else?”

“Noah’s not a player.”

“Is that so, tell me he cares about Madison.” I waited for them to say something. “That’s what I thought.”

“He’s mad okay. He’s mad at the fact that you have a new boyfriend.”

“Not my fault.”

“Sky, he’s breaking. Behind the tiktoks. He’s heartbroken! He’s been crying himself to sleep. Don’t think I don’t check up on him. Every time, different excuse. Every time.” Alex 1.1 said tearing up. “Until I managed to convince him to tell me what’s wrong. Turns out he still loves you. He still wants you and he thought making you jealous with Madison, would make you want him back! And it backfired and he hasn’t been himself. He’s dying inside. Sky you’re hurting him.”

“And he’s not?” I scoffed. “I knew it. This is all a trick. And I’m not falling for it.”

“Do you know how hard it is to see our little brother cry over someone that doesn’t give a fucking shit about him?! He’s our fucking brother!!”


“You really are a cold, heartless bitch!” Alex 1.2 shouted. “Noah’s been depressed. He’s dead inside!! He’s cutting himself!! I saw myself. Blood in the sink. He’s cutting himself trying to get the pain to go. Vanish!! He’s depressed!”

“Then why is he posting naked videos of himself and flirting with a million girls!!!”

“Because he’s trying to forget his pain!!!”

I just shook my head. “Guys, I don’t want to come back. I’m happy here.”

“How about Mason? You can’t sleep--”

“Nathan got me to sleep yesterday.”

“How? You need Mason--”

“I had a nightmare of again, your stupid brother.”

“Okay.” Gemma took a deep breath in. “Question, what the hell do they know? We all have something in common. Lots of stuff. They’re just weirdos who don’t even watch--”

I smiled. “Nathan watches the Sidemen and Hollyoaks and The big bang theory but that’s all we could talk about because his sister came in the room and told us both to shut up because she was trying to sleep.”

“You sleep with him?!”

“Yes. But not in a bad way. Friend zone--”


“Never mind.”

“Sky please just come--”

“I’ve got online school.”


“Guys, I don’t love you. I hate you, but just to be nice, I’m going to tell you all to nicely, fuck off.”


“Shut the fuck up. I don’t give a fuck about either of you. I’ve changed. Believe it or not. I don’t give a fuck. Hate you all.”

Then, I cut the call. I don’t give a fucking damn. I clicked my class link and started doing all the work. It took a few hours until I finally finished. I leaned back on Nathan’s chair and looked around properly. The room looked legit. I got up and laid on the floor. “Am I the only one that likes to do that?” I heard Nathan say. I jumped up. “What the fuck?”

“I’m back.” He said closing the door. “Have you finished?”

“Yeah. My hand’s aching me.” I said with a sad smile. “You don’t think I’m a cold heartless bitch do you?”

He looked at me confused. “Where the hell did that come from?”

“Alex 1.2.”

“The boy?”


“Called you that?”

“Answer the question.”

“No, you’re not.” He frowned. “Why would he say that?”

I thought back....“Apparently I don’t give a fucking damn about his brother, the player, Noah.”

“Because he was being mean to you last night with the tiktoks?”


“No, is he mad with you because of the tiktoks?”

“No, because he’s still in love with me and I’m not giving a fuck about it.”

“But you love him....right?”

“I’m waiting until he cracks.”

“Don’t you think you might be...” He tried to look for a word. “A bit...”

“A bit what?!”

He looked at me for a second. “I left my--”

“A bit what?!”

“A bit over reacting!”

“Those words don’t make sense, use them properly!” I snapped.

“You’re extra.” He muttered. “Just listen to them. They want you!”

“Extra.” I frowned. “I’m the extra. Just use it when you need it. Toss it in the bin. Extra...”

“I didn’t mean that. Come on. Sky...”

I stormed past him and down the stairs. I tried to open the front door but it wouldn’t budge.

“Where are the keys?!”

“Here.” He jingled them in my face. “Come on, let’s just talk about it.”

“Give me them.” I said coldly.

“Not until we’ve had a proper chat. Come on.” He said going into the living room. I crossed my arms and sat next to him. “Now tell me what’s going on in that brain of yours.”

“You’re a mother fucking son of a bitch that’s speaking to me like a pedophile who’s--”

He blushed. “Okay, I think that’s enough.”

“Now, I’ve answered your question--”

“What’s the deal with you?!”

“I don’t want to go home. If you also don’t want me....I’m perfectly fine on the streets. I survived five days. Why not...a few more days.”


“Just 730 days.”

“2 years?!”

“730 days is nothing.”

“You are not going anywhere. We’ll just wait until Catalina arrives.”

“What time?”

“She’s working with my sister so probably around six. But everyone’s busy so...” He sighed and got up.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing. You can eat something. I need to shower.” He said going upstairs. I went back to the living room and took my phone out. I went to tiktok and didn’t even jump when I saw 6.9 mill likes. I just watched the rap over and over again, then the comment section.

@grellyup, boy d is definitely Calvin, @calvinheff

She got over seven thousand likes.

@worklikeanangel, ‘She called them out smoothly...I wonder who they are’

@witchboy, ’Boy a and b I think it’s her ex, @noahheff’

Then I realised that comment had over 500k likes.

@kris999, I swear Alex, she’s a nurse and saves lives, is she girl d?′

@Lilianne, ‘yeah, Alex is girl d!’

She got 9k likes. 9k?!!!

@joanne, ’girl A is Madison @noahheff‘s latest girlfriend. They’re calling each other out yesterday, remember guys?’

@kacie, ’you’re so right, @noahheff is using her!!!′

@fionaloner, ’she said @noahheff will burst isn’t it? did he do the bruises then?′

@reyn,@noahheff beat her up!!′

@lite, ‘She can rap so well!!!’

@elieee, ‘who are the boys?’

@Ava0rey, “I go to @noahheff and @skylar203’s school. I think it’s these boys, Noah, Miles, Luca, James, Jay, Dylan, Grayson, Jonas, Jordan, Tyler. They’re all @noahheff’s friends and are bullies.

That comment was posted ten minutes ago. I dropped the phone as it already had one half a million likes. Now I was full on panicking. It was Avery. Avery.

I quickly took my phone and started recording.

“Last night’s video was to call out a few people I know.” I looked out the window, trying to ignore the weird kid running around with a nerf gun. “I know most of you guys think these people are from my school but to be honest, none of them are. @Ava0rey, In other words, Avery! I know you hate me for before but this isn’t something to joke about. Guys stop hating on @noahheff. He’s already suffering enough. He hasn’t done anything to deserve this much hate. Some of you think it’s him. I guarantee it’s not him. @noahheff...I’m sorry...Alex 1.1 and 1.2 told me...about you know...I...I’m sorry...maybe I was a know...just know that I’m sorry for the way I ended things with you. And I’m not coming back because I hate you.” Then I posted the video.

I waited for ten minutes and my video had gone viral. I stumbled upon a comment...I was on the news? I ran upstairs and banged on the bathroom door. “Nathan come out. It’s an emergency!!”

“Seriously?” He asked clearly not believing me.

“The house, I accidentally put it on fire!!!” I lied.

He ran out the shower and downstairs. “Fire?”

“No fire. But--”

“You lied?!”

“I’m on the news.”

“You’re what?”

“Switch the TV.” I said as he ran down the stairs.

“The remote’s somewhere here.” He started looking around. Then found it and pressed on BBC News. He read the headlines and froze. “Your tiktok. You’ve gone viral Sky! Your tiktoks, you do POV’s and pranks!!!”

“Yeah. But look, they’re focusing on the one I made yesterday!!”

I watched myself calling everyone out. Then news reporter seemed interested.

“Everyone’s trying to figure out, who she’s talking about.” I heard a voice say. Catalina.

“Catalina?” I dragged her into the living room.

“Skylar, you’re everywhere. Everyone’s wondering who you’re talking about.”

Nathan hugged Catalina. “I thought you wouldn’t come until night time.”

“And I’m here.” She hugged him back. Then her phone started ringing. “Excuse me.” She turned away from us and answered the phone. “I understand. I’m coming right away.”

She turned to face us with her phone in her hand. “I’m sorry...” She looked at him devastated. Nathan looked at her confused then realised. He gave a smile and nodded. “I get it, people’s lives are at stake. You need to save lives.”

“I really want to spend time with you. I’m exhausted, believe me. Laila’s not even had a proper break.” She frowned. “She’s staying over night....and I until tomorrow evening. I’ve got a room at the hospital. Baby I’m sorry.” She hugged him tightly. “It’s not fair on you....”

“It’s fine. You’re a doctor. Both of you. You’ll be saving lives.”

My heart broke as I saw them both. Catalina looked exhausted and Nathan looked...upset...


“It’s fine. I know you’d both want to spend time together with me.”

“Nathan this isn’t fair on you...” She thought for a while. She was about to say something but didn’t say it. “I won’t be able to...”


“I was about to ask you if you’d like to join me in hospital but you can’t...”

“I’ve got Sky. Right?” He looked at me.


“I need to go.” She hugged him. “You’re wet. Put your clothes on. Why...never mind.” She said, then hugged me.

“You never know if I’ll catch the Covid. Fingers crossed I won’t.” Both of you behave.”


She smiled sadly. “I’ll be back in the early evening...hopefully..” Then she opened the door. Her phone started ringing. “Love you. Bye.” She said as she closed the door. She answered the call and started talking as she walked down the street.

“They’re never home...” Nathan scrunched his nose. “But it’s fine.”


“It’s fine. I’m used to it. Want to do something fun?”

“Make a YouTube video?”

“About what?”

“Edit one.”

“Let’s go.” He said with a fake smile. We started editing the videos I took at Xander’s. After a while, we managed to make a whole video out of them.

“That’s cool.” Nathan smiled. Then frowned. “I’m going upstairs.”


“I’m sleepy--”

“How? It’s only six.”

He looked at me hesitantly. “I sleep early.” He lied.

“Nathan.” I pulled him back. “Don’t lie to me. What’s up?”

“I’m cold. Can I at least go put my clothes on?”

“Go on.” I slumped back on the sofa. After a while he came back.

“Nathan...tell me...”

He sighed. “I feel alone in the house everyday...”

I looked at him and hugged him. “That’s not fair on you.”

“But they’re saving lives...imagine someone dies because I just wanted to laugh or smile or have company--”

“Stop crying. I’m sure they’ll be back in no time.”

“We both know that’s not true...”

“So you’re always alone here?”

“Yeah...but sometimes I invite some of my friends.”

“So you throw parties--”

“No...not allowed...”

“Then what do you do?”

“We usually play Call of duty and then FiFa--”

“Okay, respectable.”

“You play too?”

“Yeah. I do...”

“Do you play football in real life?”

“Yeah. Pretty good at it.”

“That’s good. Do you want to eat something?”

“Do you cook?”

“Yeah...spaghetti.” He said taking out a frying pan. “I try my best for the girls. They come home exhausted...”

“That’s really sweet. Can I help?”

“You don’t have to--”

I opened the cupboards and started taking out tomato sauce, seasoning, onions, salt, pepper and, “Minced meat?”

He opened the fridge and gave it to me, I placed it down with the other ingredients.

“And what exactly are you doing?”

“Spaghetti/macaroni sauce.”

“Okay, that’s new.”

I took the frying pan off him and added some oil. Then heated it up and after it was hot hot, I placed the meat inside and let it fry. He raised an eyebrow at me. “Who taught you how to cook?”

I sighed and looked down at the meat I was stirring...“Alex 1.1 and my mum...”

“Don’t look upset. I didn’t mean to--”

“It’s fine.” I smiled. “At least now I don’t stay up at night wondering if I could somehow escape all my troubles...I’ve been known too much when I was there...the chase--”

“I saw that one. He can drive and you clearly can’t. Suffering a convulsion in a middle of a car chase and phoning the police on your mate. Totally cool.” He said boiling the spaghetti.

“As I was saying, the police chase, me going live and Mason and Noah fighting...Aiden being hospitalized, me going into a coma..I mean, everything...then the live I done on tiktok--”

“I watched it. Some of it as I was busy that day.”

“And now running away...I know people are after me...”

“But you’re safe here...”

“Yeah.” I said clearly not believing him. After a while, I put onions in and added seasoning, salt, pepper, and after that, tomato sauce. I watched it cook until it looked fine and delish. I took out the pasta and drained it. Then added water and drained it again.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Well it might not be clean. Alex 1.1 says so.”


I put the spaghetti into the frying pan and mixed it until it was all perfect. Then Nathan looked at me impressed. “That was really impressive. I never knew you could cook.”

“Well. I’ve got lots of talents. Want to eat now?”


“People keep commenting on my tiktok.” I complained.

“At least you’re verified.”

“I know but still...” I sighed. I started scrolling through,

Veronica11, ‘are they together or not?!!’

Mirandaofficial, ‘but she’s got the other boy, have they broken up?’

Pandoraaa, ‘Guys just leave them alone. If they like each other it is what it is.’

Amarinda, ’guys am I the only one that saw the cut on @noahheff ‘s wrist?’

That comment got enough likes to make me get goosebumps. I looked at Nathan. “Sky what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I lied. “Just a hate comment.”


I went to Noah’s account and looked at yesterday’s tiktoks..they’re right...he’s cutting himself...his wrist has enough cuts..and his neck, it looked like he’s been...

“Sky what’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just need to go.” I started running up the stairs before he can stop me. I locked his bedroom door and quickly phoned Gemma. “Gemma, how is he?”

“Who? Mason’s still crying...”



“He’s cutting himself. I saw the tiktok closely. His wrist and neck. I saw...”

“He’s done worse today...he’s not posted anything today but not just that...he’s quitting tiktok.”

Then I got a notification. @noahheff has posted a new video. I clicked on it and saw Noah. His voice had change and he looked stressed. His voice really did sound like he’s been was just too different.

“Sorry guys, something’s going on and I won’t be posting for a few days...just until I’m fine...sorry. I just need a break...” Then he ended the video. I just felt pure guilt. “It’s my fault isn’t it.”

“Sky don’t think like that...”

“I need to come back.” I burst out crying. “But I don’t want to be in Riverspark...I want to be away...”

“You don’t...” She sighed. “You don’t have to come if you don’t want to but at least just speak to us. Mason needs you, Xander and your parents, and Lucas, how about Jay? And Noah...he’s been struggling a lot...but it’s not just him...”

“What? You’re telling me someone else is cutting themselves?”

She fell silent for a while and cut the call. It’s Gemma?

I called her back and she picked up...“It’s you...”


“Why is he doing this?”

“Because that’s the only fucking way to stop stress. Look at his left arm. It’s completely cut!”

“Gemma calm down...just give him the phone...”

I heard a knock and then Mason started speaking. “Who is this?”

His voice sent shivers down my spine. You know how people say you sound different after crying...this isn’t different...this is way more different..




“Mason I’m safe. Gemma told me you’ve been upset lately.”

“Where are you?”

“Mason you sound completely different!”

He didn’t say anything...just, “Sky how far are you?”

“4 or 5 hours away...”

He exhaled. “Can you come back home?”

“Mason...that place has been pure bad luck for me. I just need to start fresh.”

“It’s fine.”

“Mason don’t say that. I know it’s not...”

“You’ve already got a new boyfriend--”

“He’s not my boyfriend.” I said.

“But you kissed--”

“No, he’s just a friend and we don’t even like each other. I mean, he’s in love with this girl. I’m still in love with Noah. I just wanted him back backfired..”

“Sky come home...”

“Mason...I want to...but if you think about everything that’s happened’s just too much. I can’t ignore the fact that I want to escape and never go back there again...”


“No, I mean someday. Not never. Maybe soon...” I lied. “Maybe soon. You never know.”

“Sky I’ve been crying over you for a week and you still don’t give a damn.”

“Mason that’s not true. You know I do--”

“Just come back!!”

“No. I don’t want to. I’ve always dreamed of leaving this area. I’ve always dreamed of being free from the drama! I still love you all and we can still be in touch.”

“Where are you?”

“Mason, I love you okay! I do but you can’t just push me like that. I told you that I’ve had enough. Everything goes wrong there. Nothing good ever happens. If you’re willing to stay there, stay but I can’t take it anymore!!”

“What do you mean?! I’m here!! I’m always here for you!!”

“I know that. But you of all people should know where I’m coming from.”

Then I heard a door slam shut. “Tell me the truth. Why are you not here?”

“Because...I’m scared. I’m scared something bad will happen again...”

“But I’m here...”

“Xander got stabbed twice and shot...all because of me...”

“Sky stop...any one of us would’ve done the same...not just because you’ve been through enough hell...but because you are our friend...”

“Mason...I love you so know that...right?”

“I know...”

“Mason you need to stop crying. Your voice has changed completely.”

“I know..but I can’t help it..I know I could’ve done something--”

“Mason stop...”


“Mason, I promise I’ll get back to you today. I need to go.” Then I cut the call. I know exactly what to do. I went to Nathan and spilled it all out. “I’m madly in love with Noah.”

“Okay. I don’t understand what’s your problem.”

“I’m going to propose to him.”

His mouth dropped. He looked at me like as if I was psycho. “Sky you sure you want to do this? You’re only sixteen. Marrying him is a big deal.”

“But I know he’s the love of my life.”

“You love him that much?”

“Yeah. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. I know he’s the most kindest person and even if he’s really evil...he’s special.”

“You’re sixteen--”

“Seventeen in 23 December.”

“I mean...this is big...Sky you realise what you’re doing?”

I hesitated. “I know I’m too young..”

“Sky you don’t have to do this just to show how much you love him...”

“You’re right...”


“I need you.” I started pulling him. “You and I are going to pack.”

“No, Sky--”

“Don’t worry.” I said pulling him into his room. “You can convince Catalina and Laila that you’ll be back in no time.”

“Promise I’ll be back straight away.”

“Promise you’ll be back.”


I’m smart.

“We are going tomorrow morning.” I said putting my PJ’s. “Early morning. I’ll be recording this and posting it on YouTube.” I said taking my phone out. “Hi crewmates, tomorrow, I’ll be proposing to Noah. Make sure you’ve hit that notification bell and subscribed, if you’re an impostor, make sure you do the same so you can be first to post your hate comments.” I said. “It’s only ten right now. So, I’m gonna go sleep! annyeong.” I bowed and cut the video. Then laid on his bed. “This is crazy.” I said.

“You chose to do this. Are you having second thoughts?”

“I am...”


“I’m doing it. I am.” I said convincing myself. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I woke up at three in the morning and woke Nathan up. “Wake up.”

“What?” He groaned.

“Remember? We’re going to Riverspark.”

“I’m tired. Tomorrow--”

I jumped on him.

“Sky what the fuck!?” He shouted. “You trying to kill me?!”

“You’re awake now. Get packing.”

“I just need my phone. I’ll sleep---”

I opened the light and he got up. He went into the toilet and I started packing all my stuff. Then he came back after fourty minutes looking, “Damn.”

“You have a boyfriend.”

“I know. I really don’t know why you haven’t asked Kelly out.”

“Well...people have fears.”

“Do you know where she lives?”


“Get packed. I’m going to go toilet and shower.” I said leaving the room. I came out half an hour later and went into the room. “Let’s go.”

“Now? Laila’s--”

“We’ll write a note on the door.”

“She won’t read it--”

“I’ll write it everywhere.” I got out a post it note and started writing,

This is Sky, me and Nathan have gone to Riverspark to go propose to my ex-boyfriend, Noah. I’m going back...maybe for good. It was nice to meet you guys. He’ll be back in no time. Promise we’ll be fine.

Lots of love, Sky. Forever grateful.

“That’s good.”

“I’ve written ten. You stick it on the fridge and all the doors.

“Okay.” He said going out the room. He came back after a while and we picked our bags up. We went downstairs and I smiled at him. “Who’d have guessed I’d meet you again?”

“I know...” He opened the door. We walked outside on the cold. We walked up to the bus stop and waited for a few minutes, then caught the bus.

“This is really crazy...”

“Don’t worry. Nothing bad will happen...hopefully...”

“I can’t believe I’d ever meet a person like you.”

“Thank you.” I paused. “Where does Kelly live?”

“Next two stops.”

We waited and then got off the bus. I knocked on her door and she answered it. “Nathan?”

“Yeah, we came here to...Sky why are we here?” He looked at me confused.

“Tell her you like her.”



“I like you Kelly.”

“Nathan is that right?”

“Yeah.” He blushed.

“I like you too.”

They both smiled. “Would you like to go out?”

“Yeah. Tomorrow I’m free.”

“Okay, I’ll text you.” Then she closed the door. I heard her squeal. Then winked I winked at Nathan. We caught the next bus and went to Birmingham New street. I took my phone out and started recording. “Platform 2.”

“Are you sure.”

“No.” I lied.


“I’m sure. Stop freaking out.”

“Have you checked google maps?”

“That’s not important. I remember my way here.”

“That’s a week ago and your first time!”

“I checked google maps!” I lied.

“No you didn’t.”

“I didn’t.”


“Shut up and stop complaining. We won’t die.”

“If anything goes wrong, it’s your fault.” He hissed as we entered the train.

“This train, Avanti West Coast towards London Euston.” I said sitting down on one of the seats. “Stop worrying. Believe me, everything will be fine.”

“You’re lying.”

“I can’t promise but we won’t die. Maybe get lost and starve to death and run out of battery and--”

“I’m out.” He got up.

“Go on. Let me go by myself and...get lost...probably kidnapped..”

“I know what you’re doing.”

“What am I doing?”

“You serious?”


He slumped down back on his seat. “I am regretting this all.”

“Don’t worry. What’s the worst that could happen.”

“Lots of stuff.” He sighed.

I cut the video. “We could watch something...”

“Okay then. I’m watching tiktok.” He unlocked his phone and started watching tiktok.

“I mean together...never mind.”

“What?” He shut his phone down. “What do you want to watch then?”

“As you’re probably a goody goody two shoes--”


“Cartoon movies?”

“Oh shut up. I may have never kissed a girl--”

“So you admit it?”

He looked at me pissed. “I know I might not throw parties and stuff like that but I’m not the type of guy you think I am--”

“So you do watch cartoons.”

“No!! I don’t. I am just like any other sixteen year old in this world.”

“I’m not saying you’re not. Not everyone gets their first kiss.”

“Stop saying that--”

“I’m not being mean. I swear.”

“Okay. Then. Movies, which do you pick?”

“50 shades of grey but it is completely inappropriate--”

“Already watched it.”

“You what?”

“Yeah. Have you?”

“Next movie--”

“So it’s a no?”

“Oh shut up.” I said scrolling through prime video in my laptop. Then froze. “Oh my god, I forgot. Step up. I remember watching all the movies with Gemma.”

“Step up 3 is lit.”

“Okay. I’ve watched them all, you?”

“Yeah. Let’s watch a good movie.”

“Oh fuck, I saw my cousin Rachel. I fell asleep half way through.”

“You did?”

“I had a horrible head ache.”


“Five feet apart?”

“Okay then.”

I pressed on the movie and we started watching it.

“That’s so romantic.” I wiped my tears. “Damn...”

“I know..the movie is amazing...”

Then the doors open. “Our stop.”

We got out the train and got out at Euston.We took the train from Victoria to Brixton. After a few minutes, we got off at Green park. Then took the Piccaddily line to Heathrow terminal 5. The train looked really empty but it is what it is.

“Guys we’ve just caught the train.” I said recording. “We’ll be there soon, fingers crossed and I did tell Nathan that we wouldn’t get lost. So,” I looked at him. “I told you so.” Then ended the video.


“Do you want to do something?”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know what to do.”

“Let’s watch a Hollyoaks video?”

“Sure.” He said.

We watched actually two and then the train stopped. We got off and walked into the lift. “I’m not taking the stairs.”

We started going down when all of a sudden Nathan said, “I’m surprised how you’re still not scared of elevators...”

“Mason is. Even though he acts like he isn’t.” I said as the doors opened. We walked out and I took out my oyster. I beeped it and pulled Nathan to me just in time. We walked out the train station and caught the 111. We sat for a while and went to Riverspark college.

“Sky you can do it.” Nathan said recording. “Open the door.”

I hesitated for a moment and then opened the door. I saw Gemma washing some dishes and as soon as she saw me her jaw dropped to the floor and the glass cup she was holding shattered into pieces. I signed her to be quiet and then hugged her tightly. I could feel her tears rolling down my back. I sneakily knocked on my door. I saw Mason cutting himself and I rushed over to him and hugged him. He hugged me back tightly and burst out crying.

“Mason don’t hurt yourself.”

“I thought you’d never come. You said you’ll call last night and you didn’t.”

“Hey, stop crying.” I said pulling out. Then I looked at his left arm. It had so many cuts and the newest one was bleeding. “Mason....”

“I’m sorry.” He hugged me again. “Please tell me you’re staying here forever.”

I hesitated for a second. “We need to go to Noah’s.” I changed the topic. He froze. “Why?”

“Come on. You’ll see soon.”

“And you’re the guy?”

“Yeah. Nathan.” He said recording. “This is going to YouTube. Sky’s idea.”


We walked out the flat and went up stairs to Lucas’s flat. He looked really bored and as soon as he saw me he rushed to hug me. “I missed you.”

“Me too.”

Then I saw Aiden. I rushed over to him and hugged him. He jumped and turned around and realised it was me. Then he hugged me tightly. “I really missed you.”

“Same. Now we all need to go to Noah’s.”

“But he’s your boyfriend.” Aiden pointed at Nathan who was still recording.

“I’m her fake boyfriend.”

They all looked at him shocked. “We aren’t even dating.”

“In fact, he’s got a date tomorrow. Because of me.”

“No, I asked her out--”

“You didn’t have the guts.”

“I did. You interrupted me.”

“That’s not true--”

“Let’s just go to your boyfriend.”

“Ex boyfriend.” Gemma said. “Let’s go.”

Everyone was here, both Alexes, Xander, Mason, Gems, Aiden, Lucas, Nathan, my parents.

I pulled Gemma in and whispered, “Act cool but I need you to put love story on in tiktok. We’re bout to make history.”

She took my phone and fixed the sound.

I knocked on Alex’s front door. Then knocked again, and again. Then I heard someone running down the stairs cursing. “Fuck’s sake!” Noah flung the door wide open. I kneeled down on the floor and pulled out an imaginary ring. Everyone gasped.

“Noah Heffley will you marry me?”

He looked at me shocked for what felt like years until everyone realised what’s going on. “Calvin?”

He pulled his shirt up and I saw the mole. “Yes.” He pulled it back down. “Noah?! Your crazy ex is here!” In my head I don’t know what you’re thinking of,

Noah ran down the stairs and froze. “Sky?” Through the crowd and pulled out a ring and said,

“Noah Heffley will you marry me?”

He hesitated for a moment. Marry me Juliet you never have to be alone,

“Say yes!” Mason said.

I love you and that’s I love you and that’s all I really know. Noah rushed over to me and hugged me. He twirled me round and round and finally said, “Yes. I love you so much!”

“I love you.” I kissed him. Then I turned to Mason. I ran up to him and hugged him. “I’m fucking engaged.”

“I love you so much.” He said. “I’m so proud of you.”

Then Xander hugged me. “I can’t believe you just did that. In a good way.”

“I’m sorry for what I did.”

“That doesn’t matter.” He pulled out. “You might want to go to your parents.

I ran up to them and they both hugged me.

“Who’d have imagined. Bully and crazy girl.” My mum said wiping her tears. “This better not be a mistake.”

“It’s not. I promise.”

“Now it’s time you planned your wedding.” My dad whispered. “I can’t believe this is actually happening.”

“I love you.” My mum kissed my forehead. Then my dad. “I love you too.”

Then I turned around and saw both Alexes. “I’m sorry.” I apologised hugging them both.

“I’ll take the apology.” Alex 1.2 said.

“Alex!” Alex 1.1 kicked him gently. “Sky we’re both proud of you.”

“Thanks.” I pulled out. “I forgot to invite Jay...”

“I’m here.”

I heard him say, I turned around and hugged him. “Thanks for coming. I’m sorry for ditching you like that. I didn’t even phone--”

“That’s fine. Besides, I did get to know dad a bit more.”

“That’s great.” I pulled out. He wiped my tears. “I can’t believe I’ve got a little STEP sister who’s marrying my best friend.”

“Don’t need to call me STEP.” I said. “You’re my brother. I’m sorry I didn’t--”

“Stop apologising. But now, I need to go speak to Noah.” He pulled out and walked over to Noah.

Then I saw Calvin.

“If you’ve come to roast me and embarrass--”

All of a sudden he hugged me. “Take care of Noah. Don’t ever let him go. You need anything, I’m here and so is everyone.” He whispered.

“Calvin...this is so weird but sweet.”

“You’re right...I’m sorry for being a pain. Actually I’m not but whatever.” He wiped his face.

“So we still have the rivalry between each other?”

“Yeah.” He pulled out. “I don’t think it’ll ever finish. Maybe one day. But I’ll always be there.”


“You’re on the news.”

“I and Noah are back together now.”

“But you have a boyf--”

“That was my friend who posed as my boyfriend just to make Noah jealous.”

“And it worked.” Noah said startling me. “I’m sorry for being an idiot.”

“And I’m sorry for causing...” I rolled his sleeves up. “You to do this.” He blushed as he saw the cuts. “Mason did that as well.” I pulled them back down. “I caught him doing it when I went to surprise him.”

“Well you leaving is a big deal and he is your best friend, who you’ve known your whole life.”

“Yeah.” I looked around. I saw him talking to Gemma and burst out laughing.

“What’s the deal with them both?” Noah asked trying to stop laughing.

“Relationship status, unknown.”

“Should we?”

“Yeah.” He said as we walked towards them.

“So, Gemma and Mason.”

“Gems are pretty and Mayonnaise is a nice--”

“Are you serious?”


“I know what you’re doing. We’re just friends.”

“Friends?” Gemma looked at him hurt. “He’s right. Just friends.”

“Gemma don’t you want to be friends?”

“Guys congratulations. I’m going to torment your parents with wedding questions.” She said going over to them.

“You know she still likes you...right?”

“What time is it? I think I left my phone in the house--”

“You didn’t even enter the house.” I crossed my arms. “You don’t like her do you?”

“Not true.” He said.

“You’re not lying. So you do like her.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” He shrugged.

“Oh, he’s scared to ask her out.”

“But he knows she likes him.”

“I’m still here and she doesn’t like me.”

“She clearly does.” I tried not to burst out laughing. “So you’re scared to ask a girl that clearly likes you?”

“No she doesn’t.”

“Ask her out then.” I said. “Gemma, Mason has something to tell you.”

“Sky what are you--”

“Yeah. What did you want to tell me?” She looked at Mason. He rubbed the back of his neck. “I saw a bird fly--”

“So you are scared?” Noah cut in.

“I’m not.”

“Go on. Prove us wrong.” I smirked.

He smiled nervously at Gemma. “So see I like so many things to do. Want to hang out at the skate park?”

“I can’t skate.”

“So you’re not going?”


“Sky will help.” He said and instantly regretted it. “I forgot something somewhere.” Then he started walking away but Noah pulled him back. “Ask her.”

“I asked her already.”

“Nope, you invited the whole world.”

He hesitated for a second. “I think we should help Mr Sanderson after school--”

“Mason!” I hissed and gently kicked him.

“Any better places?” He hissed back at me.

“Mason what do you want?” Gemma crossed her arms annoyed.

“We are going.” My dad said. “Noah, I’ve phone your parents. They’ll see you soon.”

“Thanks.” Noah said.

“I’ll call you. Wedding planner here!” Gemma said as they went back to the car.

“Okay!” My mum said entering the car.

I looked at Gemma and crossed my arms. “Mason wanted to--”

“Gemma do you want to...” He laughed weakly.

“Do you need my assistance?” I said with a smug smile.

“No. I am perfectly capable of--”

“Mason would you like to go out with me?” Gemma asked.

He blushed. “Yeah. One second.” Then he pulled me away from everyone. “I’m such a wuss. Now she’s going to hate me and see me as a failure and I can’t even ask her out!”

“Woah, hold on. She doesn’t care. At least you’ve got her again.”

“Fair point but now I’m going to have to sit with the shame on our date. I can’t believe I was such an idiot.”

“Don’t worry. She’s--”

“Sky you okay?” He sat me down.

“I’m fine just...” I reached into my pockets and took my pills. After a while, I’d calmed down. “Forgot them.”

“Okay. You scared me for a moment...did you know she liked me the whole time?”

“How blind can you be? The excess stuff she does?”


“Who shakes hands? Does she shake anyone’s hands apart from yours?”


“Are her hugs...weird?”

“Okay, now I see it.”

“Anyways, you’ve just made a fool of yourself and...” I tried not to laugh as I saw Nathan still recording everything. I got up and went up to him. “This is so cool. I’m engaged.”

“Yeah.” He turned the camera to himself. “I don’t even know half the people here.” He laughed and turned it back. Gemma, Mason, Calvin, Aiden, Lucas, both Alexes and Xander were talking to each other but I couldn’t find Noah. I looked around for him but still couldn’t find him.

“Aiden have you seen Noah?”


“Where was the last place you saw him?”

“He was talking to Madison.”

“Madison?” I looked at the house.

“He’s not doing anything bad. Trust me. Stop looking worried.”

“I trust you.” I smiled. I do trust him. I went inside and saw them talking. I listened carefully.

“I’m sorry....I didn’t want this to end like this.”

“You’re a stupid player--”

“Madison don’t be like that.”

“You used me. The rivalry between you both. You just wanted to make her mad--”

“Hold on, I...I love her okay. It was a one off I didn’t realise you actually had feelings for me.”

“I cannot believe you used me like that!”

“I didn’t use you. I did like you but I also loved her. But I did like you, you were funny and--”

“But you didn’t love me.”

Noah fell silent. “You love me?”

“Now there’s no point.”

“I’m in love with Sky. I’m sure you’ll find someone new...”

“I love you.” She burst out crying. “I’m such an idiot.”

“Hey, don’t cry.” He hugged her. “I can’t say I have feelings for you but I like you. Just as a friend.”

She pulled out. “It’s fine. You have chemistry with her. I’ll be dumb to stop you guys.” She wiped her tears. “To be honest we didn’t really have that...spark did we?”


“I’m happy for you both...I know you’ll both work...I mean, you’re both quite...impulsive.”

“Impulsive?” We both said at the same time.


“Hi Noah.” I walked in. “Sorry, I just came now and I heard impulsive.”

“You were spying on me.” He looked at me hurt. “We’re engaged and you still don’t trust me?”

“I do. I do...I just wanted to listen. I promise I trust you. Noah look at me, I do trust you.”

“She does. Stop being silly.” Madison nudged him in the ribs.

“Madison...I’m sorry all this happened.” I apologised.

“It’s fine. Besides, you both do make the best weird couple.” She sighed. “I have someone else in mind anyways...”

“You do?”

“But of course I won’t get him. It’s impossible.”


“Never mind.”

“So you used me?”

“No. I love you but I also had someone else in mind.”

“Since when?”

“A few weeks ago...” She crossed her arms. “It’ll never happen.”

“Why exactly?”

“He’s like ten times smarter than me, he can do everything while I can’t even remember anything and my driving, it’s useless...I’m useless.”

“Are you talking about...Jay?”

“No.” She lied.

Then Aiden walked in and she immediately blushed. “Hi Madison. What are you all doing?”

“Nothing.” She said.

I immediately knew what was happening.

“Are you still going to help me study?”

“Yes.” He said.

“Oh you both study together?” I asked.

“Yeah. Her grades were going down and she needed a tutor. Of course as I was the smartest in the class, she picked me. The teacher also picked me.”

“Are you showing off?” Noah asked suspiciously.

“What? No, I just have an eidetic memory.”

“Okay that is showing off.” Noah said.

“No. I’m just being realistic. Everyone wants my brain.”

“No. I can perfectly remember stuff.”

“Can you remember when you were born?”

Noah looked at him confused. “What? You can?!”

“Eidetic memory.” I said. “From birth till death.”

“What the fuck....okay when you were born, describe the nurse.” Noah crossed his arms.

“I remember the nurse...the nurse...she had a really nice blonde hair. She sang to me. She smelled like roses just like you Madison.”

She blushed. “Thank you.”

Noah raised his eyebrows. “Hmmm.”


“You’re flirting with her.”

“No. I’m describing the nurse.”

“Oh really, everyone can have blond hair and--”

“She had a rose tattoo on her neck, right side. Her name was Rosie Lee Anne.”

“Lee Anne?” We all asked at the same time. Everyone in the school knows Madison’s full name. Don’t be surprised if we all looked shocked.

“And she had really nice freckles and her hair was really long and tied to a ponytail. She kept talking to me about how she’s also going to give birth to a little girl who she’s hoping to call Madison and how she always wanted to be a doctor and soon will be in the future, and how she wanted to sing but she couldn’t make a career off it and she basically told me half her problems, I mean, she made me talk to the baby, well she did the talking but she was really kind in all honesty.”

Madison took a step loser to him. “Give me bodily features. Tell me.”

“She had a bracelet she wanted to give her once she was old enough and she also had a mole. And she looked really pretty.”

“Do you like her?” Madison asked in disgust.

“No.” He said. Then froze. He looked taken aback, then freaked out. “I’m just looking.” He said lifting her hair up. He stared at it for a long time--

“Moles aren’t that pretty.”

“No it’s not that..” Then he looked at the bracelet on her hand. “Does the name Rosie Lee Anne sound familiar?”

Madison hesitated for a bit. She looked uncomfortable. “My mum must’ve been your nurse.”

“Woah, that’s one in a million.” Aiden raised his eyebrows.

“And she’s a doctor now.”

“This is so creepy.” I said.

“I can’t believe you can actually remember that.” Noah looked at his head. “Is there like a different way you see the earth?”


He picked a pillow up and asked, “What color is this?”


“What are the main three colors in this house?”

“White, light blue and black.”

“So you’re a human?”

We all looked at him as if he was the dumbest person to ever set foot on earth. “Noah are you serious?”


“He’s actually serious.” Madison scoffed. Noah was about to punch him when Aidencaught his fit in time.

“Noah?!” He let go.

“Noah what the fuk are you thinking?!” I glared at him.

“I was seeing if he saw it coming and he did. He caught my punch just in time! He’s abnormal!!”

“People don’t understand. It’s not magic.”

“ you’re just human no witchy stuff--”

“Exactly.” Aiden shook his head. “I just do a lot of training. Helps my brain and stability.”

“That’s good. Maybe you can teach me?” Madison asked hopeful.

“Yeah. No problem. I can teach you all.”

“No I meant...never mind.” She mumbled. “So Aiden, have you got time maybe at ten?”

“To what?”

“To revise. Yeah, revise.”

“Okay. Bring your books.”


“Aiden do you have a crush?” Noah asked.

“No.” He said. “Like I said, I don’t really care about anyone.”

I saw Madison’s gaze fall. I felt instantly bad and I guess Noah noticed too. “So you’ll never fall in love?”

“I will. Once I find the perfect girl.”

“So you will?” Madison looked at him hopeful.

“Yes. Just waiting.” He said clearly not realising that Madison means, HER!!

I stepped on Noah’s foot. “So, what’s your type?”

“Type?” He looked at himm trying to think of something. “I guess someone who has hopes and doesn’t give”

“I’m out.” Madison said. Aiden pulled her back. “Why? I thought we were studying.”

“It’s fine.”

“You realise I wasn’t calling you dumb right?”

“You clearly said you’re into smart girls.”

“You’re not into me so stop making a big deal out of it.”

“I...I’m not into you. I guess I’ll study at mines. Don’t worry.”

Aiden looked at her confused and suddenly realised what she meant...he blushed, then he left the room.

“I’ve freaked him out.” She groaned.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

“Sky that’s not helping.”

“Okay he’s clearly not freaked out.” I said sarcastically going to sit next to her. “If he’s just been locked away for 16 years...don’t you think this might be new for him?”

“You kissed him twice.” Noah objected.

“Once, and if it wasn’t for that first one, we’d be over over a month ago.”

“What? So you did?”

“You remember when Ruby showed you the video? You asked me if I loved you but then I left. Right?”


“Well Aiden kissed me and asked me who I thought of, I said you and he made me realise I loved you.”

“I should be mad right now.”

“But you’re not. You’re thankful.”

“Whatever. But why would you kiss the camera guy?” He pointed across the room.

“Nathan are you seriously still recording?”

“What? Am I supposed to be the third wheel here? At least I can actually do something.” He said, STILL RECORDING. “Carry on.”

“You are unbelievable.”

“You woke me up at four.”

“Oh, so we were just going to wait until daytime?”


“They’d be at school idiot.”

“School?!” Madison panicked. “We’ve got the Biology test at one and I haven’t even...Noah, Sky I can’t believe I’m saying this but can you help me?”

“This is a big deal. Madison asking for help. Okay, sure.”

“Or we could get Aiden?”

“I’d just get distracted please--”

“So all these sessions you weren’t paying attention?”

“I was, but also distracted. So please?”

“Fine. I just can’t believe, I just got engaged and we haven’t even celebrated yet.”


“Noah we’ve got--”

“It won’t even count. The biology test is just for the teacher to know if we understand what she’s been teaching us.” He said.

“Guys, we are going paint balling!” Gemma squealed.


“Yes. Fuck school.”

“I’m going--”

“You come too. After all, you are his ex.”

“This is weird.” She rubbed the back of her neck. “Where’s Aiden?”

“Alex. She’s tormenting him with bullshit.”

“Tormenting him?”

“She’s got a lot of things to do. She’s telling him to remember everything.”

“She’s using him.” I said all of a sudden.

“You used me.” Nathan said out of nowhere.

“Nathan, we both know it was your fault.”

“You made me.”

“I didn’t. It was your choice. You said no and that was that but all of a sudden you say yes.”

“Because you were going to go around and--”

“Nathan you don’t shut up you’ll regret it.”

“Just to make him jealous.” He mumbled. “And not even a thank you. Just you teasing me the whole journey.”

“I wasn’t. I was just saying and besides it’s not my fault you’re--”

“Cut it.” Nathan said dragging me out the room. “Let’s just continue the video, no talk about that. Ever again.”

“Okay.” I said.

“I’m serious. That was the biggest secret I’ve ever said and don’t you dare.”

“I know calm down.”

“Okay.” He exhaled.

We walked back in the room like nothing ever happened. “Paint balling?”

“Yeah. Nathan wanna come?”

“I need to go back. I promised Laila and Catalina I’ll be back in no time.”

“No you didn’t.”

“They phoned me saying they’re coming in the evening.”

“But they told you they’re coming this morning.”

“They’re not coming until evening. And they’ll probably have to go back because of another emergency.” He said cutting the camera. “I’ll send the recording to you. I’m going back home.” He said walking out the room. I chased after him. “You can’t go like this. It’s not fair on you. I mean come on.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m going to have to stay over at Ben’s.”

“Nathan...don’t ever stay by yourself okay?”

“Don’t worry. If I feel lonely, I’ve always got Ben...he and my sister, well parents, work in the same hospital...that’s how we became friends...”

“That’s good....”


“I don’t want to be...weird...but if you need anything, I’m here and we are to face time every time you’re alone.”


“I’m serious.” I said hugging him.

“I’m going to catch the train. See you soon.”

“I’ll visit you soon.” I said pulling out.

“Next time, we’ll watch 50 shades of grey.”

“Great.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Bye!” He waved walking down the street.

“Call me!” I said waving back.

“Okay, that’s weird.” Noah said. The we saw reporters and journalists camera--

“We need to go now.”

“Noah calm down, I can’t walk that fast--”

I tripped on the floor grazing my knee. “Noah!”

“Sorry.” He helped me up. I pulled my leggings up and he looked at it. “Calm down, it’ll be fine.” He said as I pulled it back down.

“That was really irresponsible. You expect me to fly?”

“No, but we need to get home now.” He said.

“I know but you didn’t need to...never mind.” I groaned.

“I said I’m sorry, besides it’s just a grazed knee.”

“You expect me to put a wet paper towel on then?”

“Ice will sort it.” He said. Then we saw reporters surrounding us. They started asking us questions, speaking over each other.

“Sky look what you’ve done.” He hissed.

“I did nothing.”

“You shouldn’t have gone after him. Just say bye bye outside the house not all the way at the end of the street!”

“Noah, that’s not nice. I was just being kind. Suppose you wouldn’t understand that.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Noah, just be kind. Thoughtful.”

“I am. Always.”


“It’s fine. You clearly don’t like me.”

“You don’t understand me do you.” I groaned. “I was only trying to be nice, stop being so moody. Just please, understand where I’m coming from.”

“I do...”

“I don’t even feel like you get me.”

“Babe come on, you know I love you...”

“I know but I don’t even feel like we’re on the same page anymore...”

“Come on, we’re not even in the same library!” He laughed.

Everyone gasped. I looked at him like he was the most stupid person in the world. He looked at me confused. “What?”

I shook my head, my lips trembling. He gave me that look, he was serious?! He looked at everyone confused and then at me. “What?”

I smacked him across the face. “You’re an idiot!”

“What did I do?!” He asked rubbing his cheek. “I was being a supportive fiancee.”

Everyone burst out laughing. I looked at him shocked. “I just proposed to an idiot.”

He took a step back. “You love me right?”

“No, I clearly don’t even though I proposed to YOU.”

“That’s good.”

“Come on.” I said trying to get out the crowd.

“Good to be back.” I heard a familiar voice.

“Esmeralda?!” Me and Noah turned around in shock.

“Excuse me.” She started moving through the crowd. “Where’s the angel?”

“Alex is inside.”

Once she escaped the crowd I saw she was holding three suitcases and had sunglasses on, she took them off and threw them at me. “England will always be England. The horrible weather will never change.”


“Are you just going to let me carry all this, ALONE?”

We quickly picked her suitcases and bags and went inside the house while the reporters chased after us. Once the door shut she started her stupid requests..

“I need to sit down, Noah please get me some iced water and I need a back massage, Calvin!” She called out. “He’s deliberately ignoring me. Isn’t it.” She walked into the living room and threw her coat on the floor. “Sky, hang it.”

“You’re not royalty!” I hissed picking it up and hanging it.

She slumped on the sofa. “You, are you a player or good boy?” She pointed at Aiden.

“I’m new to this world. I’m not a player.”

“So, player--”

“I’m not a player.”

“He’s been locked up in a house for 16 years.” Noah said giving her her water.

“16 years?” She asked looking at him suspiciously.


“Oh, so it was true. News can be lies sometimes.” She started drinking her water. Then Calvin walked downstairs and froze. Esmeralda threw the rest of her water at Calvin. “You didn’t come did you?”

“I’m here now!”

“Don’t use that tone--”

“You don’t throw water at me!”

Everyone fell silent...shit’s gon’ go down.

She got up and looked him dead in the eye. “I didn’t hear you. Repeat?”

He didn’t dare say anything.

“I hate people who make me do stuff. I was relaxing. Back massage. Now.”

“Why can’t Noah--”

“You’re the youngest one.” Noah cut in. “Apart from Lexi and Tisha.”

“I haven’t got all day long and besides where’s Alex?” She sighed.

“She’s upstairs with Xander and Alex.” Gemma said.

“Higher.” She said to Calvin as he massaged her back.

“You’re lucky I’ve not ran out the house.”

“I’m sorry, today my hearing’s a bit off. What did you say?”

“Nothing.” He mumbled still massaging her foot.

“You’ll paint my nails later.”

“They’re already painted!”

“Two days ago.” Then she looked at Madison. “You’re sweet. What’s your current relationship status?”

“I’m single.” She said.

“You intimidated of me?”

She looked at her not sure on what to say.

“Are you?”


“Good.” Then she got up. “Cup of tea.” She said to Noah. He groaned and left the room.

“I sense some romantic chemistry between you and him.”

Aiden and Madison blushed.

“Darlings,” She sat up right. “The world will be over in no time, might as well hurry up.”

“What?” Madison asked confused.

“Hug me.” Esmeralda got up and walked over to them. They both looked at her shocked. “Triple hug.”

They both awkwardly got up and hugged her but Esmeralda bashed both their heads together and they ended up touching lips.

“I’m not letting go until you both kiss.”

Noah walked into the room and almost dropped her tea. “What’s going on.”

“Kiss, 3, 2, 1--”

Then they kissed. They kissed. After a few seconds she threw them both on the sofa and went back to her seat. “That wasn’t hard was it.”

“That just made the whole room awkward.” Mason said on his phone.

“You guys haven’t even celebrated yet.”

“We will, we’re going paint balling.” Gemma said. “Just waiting until three.”

“Oh.” Esmeralda sighed. “XANDER! ALEX!!”

They all ran down the stairs and froze. “Esmeralda!” Alex 1.1 hugged her.

“I’ve missed you.” Esmeralda said.

“Will you explain what’s going on?” Xander asked.

“I’m making adjustments to this house.” She said.

We all looked at her shocked. What?!

“No, not big adjustments Just going to make the basement into a beautiful flat.”


“Well...she’s moving in.”

“NO!!” Calvin burst out crying. “NOOOOO!!!”

“Okay Calvin, you’re over reacting.”

“I’m moving out.” He said standing up.

“No. You can’t.”

“I am. I’ll tell mum if you try stop me!”

“Fine then.” Esmeralda got up. She took a sip of her tea and wrenched. “Not enough sugar.” Then she threw the tea at Calvin.

Calvin screamed and grabbed a pillow wiping the tea off his face. “It’s burning hot!!”

“Make me another one.” She said. “Alex, come on.”

They both went up stairs and Calvin started swearing. “That mother fucker. I’m going to poison her for good.” He said going into the cupboard and pulling out a paracetamol packet. He poured the remaining hot water in the kettle into a cup. He mixed the pills and put a tea bag in. Then smirked. He went upstairs and after a while, he came downstairs soaking wet and white as a ghost. “She’s mental. More mental than Harley.”

“Hey, Harley’s not that bad.” Mason argued, still on his phone.

Calvin went upstairs slamming the toilet door.

Then Lucas jumped up from behind the sofa. “I did it!!”

“Lucas?” I approached him. “You were hiding?”

“No, I was playing and I made it!!”

“Really don’t care.” Noah said. “ both kissed...?”

“Noah, stop making this awkward.”

They both blushed. “I knew they’d work.” I said. “You both going out soon?”

“Aiden?” Madison asked looking at him hopeful. “I need to go.” He said getting up.

“Wait, you don’t like me?” She pulled him back.

He hesitated. “I need to go.”

He walked out the room and I chased after him. “Aiden!” I pulled him back in the house. I dragged him upstairs into Xander’s room. “Aiden what’s up?”

“I’m autistic. She likes to party and she’s loud and popular while I hate noise and wear ear plugs. I can’t even listen to music!” He complained.

“You like her?”

“I’ve always liked her. Just never thought she liked me, I mean, I’m a nerd. I know everything...”

“Aiden stop crying. Listen, you gave me advice, now it’s my turn. Go get her. She knows you’re autistic.”

“No she doesn’t...”

“She saw you on the news. Aiden believe me, I was surprised when Noah asked me out, I have epilepsy.”

“But you can control it.”

“If I take my meds...”

“But my’s hard to in loud places...what if one day she wants me to go to a party and I can’t.”

“Wear ear muffs. She likes you...she does...stop doubting yourself Aiden. You’re awesome. You’re super intelligent and fun, you’re interesting...”

“Thanks..but I’m not good enough for her...”

“Is this still about your autism.”

“I’ve never kissed a girl before and I’m trash--”

I got up hurt. “I’m a girl. You kissed me.”

“But that doesn’t count. That was not because I liked you.”

“So you still think I’m not a girl?”

“No, Sky that’s not what I said. I said I never kissed...I don’t like you..that’s what I meant. I meant I never kissed another girl.”


“Calm down then.” He said looking at the door. “She doesn’t even like half the things I like...”

“Who said that? Maybe she’s bad at some stuff but she must be excellent at something...”

“Like what?”

“I don’t know...she’s captain of the netball team.”

“That’s good, but I don’t play sports.”

“Can you?”

He looked at me hesitantly. “I do. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. I can do lots of stuff...I’m not a creep.”

“I know you’re not.”

“I’ve spent 16 years bored. I practice many stuff and one of the stuff is senses. I have another sense many people don’t have.”

“That’s interesting...Aiden you are..” I took his hand and opened the door. I called Madison upstairs.

“Hi, I’m sorry Aiden-”

“He wants to go out with you.” I said. She looked at me and then at him. “Are you sure--”

“Madison, he’s the most interesting guy ever. You ask him whatever you want, he’ll surprise you...”

“I thought you didn’t like me..” Madison looked at him.

“I do..I just don’t know if you’ll accept my autism.” He said taking out his ear buds and putting them on. “I know I probably won’t be able to go to loud places without these...”

She took them off him and tried them on. Then she smiled and kissed him. “You’re so sweet.” She took them off and handed them to him. “I don’t judge a book by it’s cover. I don’t care how you look or what you are, just so long as you make me smile and you have, already.”

“You sure--”

She paused for a while. “My sister’s got ADHD and autism.” She said with a sad smile.

“That’s good news.”

They both looked at me like I was crazy.

“No, now you both have something in common.”

“Oh.” Madison said. Then we heard a loud gasp. We ran downstairs and saw the footage, in year 8.

It showed Noah and his friends at the top of the stairs and me walking down when Noah pushed me, Xander dropped his papers and catching me, holding me tightly and him slipping but still holding me and both of us rolling down the stairs and Xander hitting his head on the floor. Then blood everywhere and Noah screaming, and then Alex 1.2 rushing over to Xander and crying. Noah ran down the stairs with Calvin and started checking for a pulse. Then Noah and Calvin fighting and Alex and me trying to wake Xander up and people freaking out around us. It showed me crying on top of Xander while the teacher tried to take me off him but I pushed her on the floor and continued hugging Xander even when the police and ambulance came. They tried separating me from Xander but I wouldn’t let go. But then the ambulance said he had a pulse and I immediately smiled.

At that time, Xander and Alex 1.2 where in year 10.

Everyone was silently looking at Noah and Xander. Noah left the room slamming the door and going up the stairs. Then I heard a bang. Explosion. It was upstairs, we all rushed into Alex 1.2′s room and he was on the floor with dust all over him and his desk.

“I might’ve added too much sodium and...”

“Spill it out!” Xander approached him.

“Don’t be mad but gun powder--”

“Gun powder?!” All of us looked at him shocked.

“Are you crazy?!?!”

“It was supposed to just make--”

“You could’ve exploded the house!!”

“Incorrect grammar.” I mumbled.

He rolled his eyes. “Alex you--”

“What the fuck?!” Alex 1.1 barged into the room. “Alex you are banned from using any chemicals. Absolutely banned. You better take all this equipment out your room.”

“Alex please, this is all my work. I’ve experimented everything, I just made a mistake--”

“How many times?! Every week a small explosion! Wanna burn this house?!”

“Alex, I love these equipments, I want to find something new, do something new, I mean, take ordinary salt and sulphur right, now we can mix them and add--”

“I don’t fucking care Alex. Take them outside and throw them away!”

Alex 1.2 looked at her not believing what she’s just saying. He wanted to protest but just shook his head. “Okay.” He said starting to take all his equipment. He kissed every one of them and froze. “I need to put these chemicals somewhere safe. If I throw them together, I could set fire, poisonous gas which could likely kill us all or...” He burst out crying. He sat on the floor and covered is head with his hands and started sobbing.

“Alex...” Alex walked over to him and hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

“I love them I can’t let them go. I’m sorry.”

Alex looked at us and back to Alex. “Keep them.”

Alex looked at her confused.

“Keep them but promise not to cause another explosion.”

“I pro--”

“Don’t promise, I know you’ll do it again.”

Then he hugged her again. “I love you so much.” He said.

I started walking away and so did everyone.

“That was weird.”

“He’s weird. Who has a lab in their bedroom?! But I want one!” I complained. “But it’s so cool. He can make explosives and he’s smart.”

“Where’s Noah?”

“He’s in my room.” I said getting up and going upstairs.

“Noah?” I knocked on the door.

He didn’t answer. “Noah open up..”

Still no answer. Now I saw starting to panic. “Noah?!” I opened the door and found him crying at the corner of the room.

“Go away.”

“No, what’s up?”

“Nothing.” He said still not looking up. “I don’t know why you married me in the first place. Now I’m getting hate comments and...”

“Noah come on...we were both young and dumb. Well you were. But it was practically a mistake but purposely. The footage showed you walking down the stairs and me being pushed, the camera was in the opposite side and the person recording must’ve also been on the other side too. It had no proof you actually did it but we know you did it.”

“Sky I’m sorry. I love you and I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m--”

I gave him a hug. “Listen to me, I have done worse. I’m a psychopath and you’re a sociopath. Perfect couple.”

“I’m sorry for bullying you--”

“A habit’s hard to break...Noah I love you more than anyone right this instance.”

“Sky I’m sorry--”

“Come on Noah, you’re making my back wet and it’s tickling me.” I said. We burst out laughing. “Alex made an explosion.”

“I heard.” He smiled. “And’re a good person. I’m going to try my best to be the husband you imained.”

“Actually, I imagined us to travelling the world as assasins and shooting people--”

He kissed me. “That’s why I want to marry you.”

“So we’ll join a secret--”

“No, not that. I love your imagination and you’re really really funny.”

“What can I say, I’m the best of the best.”


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