Lunar Skylar

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“That was painful.” I groaned as I tilted my head.

“I’m telling you, I am never doing that again.” Noah said struggling to get up.

Esmeralda smiled. “Gosh the people these days.”

“The people?”

“Oh for goodness sake. I’m still waiting for my tea.”

“Esmeralda, are you serious?” Calvin hissed. “You still complaining about your stupid tea?”

“Kids these days.” She rolled her eyes. “The good looking Korean boy, where is he?”

“Racist.” I mumbled. “His name is Aiden and he’s with Madison.”

“I must say, he has some very interesting charisma.”

“Really?” I said sarcastically. Noah nudged me in the ribs. “She is a bit cuckoo.”

“I can hear you.” She said. Then there was a knock. “That must be them. Noah, why don’t you go open the door.”

He groaned. “I’m sore.”

“Next time, you should learn how exactly to avoid getting shot a gazillion times.”

“Stop rubbing it in my face. I know I may be a bit shit--”

“Language. And even after ten years of constant training, you act just like a beginner.”

“It’s not my fault. Aiden’s too good.”

“I don’t understand he’s been isolated for sixteen years--”

“He probably had to learn to aim well. After all, he lives with danger.” I said. “He fought a wolf and bear and lots of animals.”

“Yeah, right.” Noah scoffed.

“You really think he’d lie about that?”

Noah looked taken aback and went to open the door. A group of people came in with a ladder and paints and a bed and boxes and there was a huge truck outside. “Hello, down into the basement please.” Esmeralda said not moving an inch.

“Okay, guys, let’s go. We haven’t got all day long.” One of them said opening the basement door. They all rushed in and once they’d gone I looked at Esmeralda.

“Will they be here for the next few days?”

“A few hours.”


“Yeah.” She sighed. “Professional workers, cost me a fortune but for the best.”

“I am really sore.”

“Same.” Calvin said.

“I’m dead.” Noah groaned. “And apart from being slammed by social media, I’m great.”

“It’s not that bad--”

He tossed me his phone and I read the comments:

@lillzie, ‘and she married him?’

@killiop, ‘he actually did that?!’

@ursula, ‘It doesn’t show he pushed her, just because he was next to her, doesn’t mean he did it.’

@frill, ‘the news doesn’t say he did it.’

@veronica, ‘he’s not arrested so he probably didn’t do it.’

@windmill, ‘he actually pushed her?!’

@draco.malfboy, ‘can you explain what the fuck you were thinking noah!!’

@joeee, ‘he hasn’t even spoken about it!!!’

I quickly shut the phone down. “Not all the comments were bad.”

“I’m going live and answering questions.” Noah said. “What do you all think?”

“If you want to--”

“I want to...wanna come?”

“Ooooh looks like someone’s scared.”

“I’m not scared.” Noah said coldly.

“You want her with you don’t you?”

“Noah let’s just go.” I said going into the kitchen. “Now do it.”

He unlocked his phone and after a while, he went live. “Hi guys, I’m explain myself.” He sighed looking at me. “It was stupid. Really stupid on what happened. I didn’t realise--” He paused as he read a comment. “Calvin!!” He shouted.

“What? I’m a fan.” He said smirking. “Go on.”

Noah glared at him. “You are unbelievable.” He shook his head. “Anyways, all I’m saying is that we both.” He turned the camera at me. Then back at himself. “Can’t say anything. So don’t go starting assumptions and asking if I did push her or not as we won’t be answering. We are going to continue doing tiktoks and I am fine now, if you’re asking...” He looked at the comments, “Yes, she’s my fiancee now.” He looked at another one, “No, we’re in college, sixteen.” Then he looked at another one, he ignored it, and again and again, “We share the same birthday, 23 December.” He said uncomfortably. “Guys any other questions about my tiktoks.” He kept reading them and then Calvin went behind him. “Nice.” He said dropping water on his head.

“CALVIN!!!” He pushed him. “Go put your shirt back on before I tell Alex!”

“Oooooo. Snake.”

“Calvin leave him alone.” Esmeralda said walking in with Tisha. “I must make my tea as some people don’t--”

“I’m live.” Noah hissed. “Get her out of here. Now.”

“Noah please. She’s just a kid.” Esmeralda said sitting her up on the counter.

Noah rolled his eyes and continued answering questions. Esmeralda made tea for herself and hot chocolate for Tisha. Then they both left and went upstairs, I’m assuming into Alex 1.1′s room.

“These questions are getting really personal, can someone ask about my tiktoks.” He said looking bored, then one question caught his eyes.

“No, not related. Just magically look a likes. I’m the better looking one of course while he’s simping over my fiancee, he cheated on his girl two days ago you know. You should all unfollow him, he’s a right pain in the ass. I mean, he’s such a copy cat, everything I do, he copies. But as I’m the eldest, I must accept--”

Calvin rushed downstairs and into the kitchen. “Noah what are you doing?!”

“Calvin give it back!” Noah tried snatching the phone off him.

“No!” Calvin snatched it back. “He’s a stupid liar. I’m older than him and Abigail if you’re watching this...” Calvin pushed him on the floor. “I didn’t cheat on you. I promise.”

“Calvin give the fucking phone back!!” Noah snatched the phone off him. Then it landed inside the sink. Calvin snatched it and Noah grabbed it off him. Noah was about to end the live when Calvin said. “You are unbelievable.”

“Me? You’re the one always hitting on my fiancee!”

“Oh am I? At least I don’t go around beating--”

“I’m live!” He covered his mouth.

“Guys stop fighting for fucks sake.” I said.

“Noah, why don’t you let the whole world know the demon inside you, huh?!” Calvin shoved him.

“Calvin don’t you dare.”

“Right...I’m sick of you bad mouthing me to everyone. I don’t even like her, she’s the one coming onto me--”

“It’s your stupid fault.” I argued getting up.

“No it’s not. You’ve kissed me more times than him!” Calvin hissed. “Not my fault!”

“It is, you never tell her it’s you do you.”

“Noah stop making me look like the bad guy here, I always pull out, last time I practically pushed her. I don’t like her!”

“Then why do you keep annoying her?!” Noah shouted cutting the live.

“Because it’s fun. I annoy her because I want to. And it’s not my fault she wants me--”

“What?!” I cut in. “I don’t like you and I never will--”

“You proposed to me.” He smirked.

“I thought you were Noah.”

“You’re marrying him and still don’t know who is who.”

“That’s enough. She doesn’t know.” Noah said.

“But Mason does.”

“We both look identical. She can’t tell the difference.”

“Of course she can’t. You’re marrying a blind--”

Noah pushed him hard across the kitchen. Calvin hit head on the floor and groaned. He looked like he was in a lot of pain. I put my phone down and walked over to him. Noah rushed over to him. “Calvin you okay?”

Calvin started heaving. “My head.”

“Calvin calm down. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push you.” Noah said patting him on the cheeks. Calvin was now sweating on the forehead. “My head hurts.” He burst out crying.

“Calvin stop crying, you’re scaring me.” Noah said panicking.

Calvin kept crying and groaning. Noah was now stressing. I took my phone out, “Should I call an ambulance?”

He looked at me clueless. “I don’t know...”

“I’ll tell Xander--”

“No, he’ll kill me.” He said before I could finish.

“I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“No, just...” He looked at Calvin again. “Calvin stop crying. How bad does it hurt out of ten?”


“That’s not really bad...right?” He laughed weakly. “We can’t tell anyone..”

“But what if he’s really hurt, he’s already had a head injury and now this.”

Calvin kept crying and his crying kept going louder and louder. “Calvin stop crying. Please. Xander will hear you.” Noah said wiping his tears. Then we heard footsteps. Xander. Noah quickly wiped Calvin’s face before Xander came in. “Calvin?” He walked over to us. “What’s up?”

“Nothing.” He lied, still crying.

“Guys what happened?”

“He’s fallen. Really badly.” I lied.


Noah looked at me clearly not knowing what to say. “He fell on his head accidentally.” He lied. Pretty obviously. His right eye was twitching and he was just so bait.

“Noah spill it out, what happened?”

“Xander don’t get mad.”

“What? I won’t.”

“I accidentally pushed him.”

“You what?!”

“I didn’t mean to, I swear--”

“Xander, you’re scaring him just calm down.” I said.

“Noah you have got issues. Up now.” Xander said pulling his ear. “What were you thinking?!”

“I didn’t--”

“Xander let go off his ear.”

“Sky I’m not going to hurt him.” He said still holding his ear. Then he shoved him to a wall. “How many times do I have to tell you to control your stupid temper?!”


"Sky, leave this room."

Noah panicked. “I didn’t mean to!!” Noah burst out crying.

“He didn’t.” Calvin wheezed. "I swear he didn't."

Xander let go off him. “Oh.”

“Xander what is wrong with you?!”

“He has had enough of his childhood. He’s turning seventeen in a matter of days!!”

Noah just sat on the floor next to Calvin. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push you.”

“I know.” Calvin said still wheezing. Now he was struggling to breathe. “I can’t breathe.”

“Asthma pump.” Then Noah got up and rushed out the room and upstairs.

“Xander, where you going to beat him up?!” I asked sitting next to Calvin and patting his back.

“I’m just scaring him. No point on beating him up, I’ll just be as bad as him.”

Noah came back with Calvin’s asthma pump. Calvin took it quickly and after a few minutes he’d calmed down a bit. Noah took an ice pack and gave it to him. “I’m sorry.”

“No, I should be. I did push it too far.” He winced as he put it on his head.

“Are you okay now?” I asked.

“A bit.”

I got up and opened one of the cupboards taking out my medication. After I took them I stared at the seat Noah had sat on during the live a few minutes ago. How quickly things spiral out of control. One second happy the next, hurt.

“Hello? Sky?”

“Yeah, what?”

“Did you hear what I said?”

“Yeah, that’s good, really good.”

“I’m moving in then! We’ll share your room!!”

“Nonono, Noah...”

He looked at me confused. “What? You just said yes.”


“You don’t want to?”

I looked at his hopeful eyes...he looked so sweet. Damn...he can be pure evil but this smile just shows the most angelic--

“Hello? You don’t want to?”

“Noah I wasn’t even paying attention.”

“It’s fine.” He lied. Such a bad liar.

“Noah I think maybe soon or...”

He scrunched his nose. “It’s fine. I get it. It’s too fast.” He lied.

“Noah come on.” Calvin pulled him in, then hugged him. “Don’t get upset.”

“I’m not upset.” He lied.

“Noah, we both know you’re lying. How bait can you be?”

“Noah, listen....” I hesitated. “You can move in.”

He looked like he’d just seen a unicorn. Now I feel so bad. He hugged me, “I love you so much.”

“Me too.” I laughed nervously. Calvin could see my hesitation and just shook his head. “Sorry.” I mouthed.

“I can’t wait, I’ll tell Alex and get my stuff.” He said going out the kitchen. Then I looked at Calvin who was giving me an evil eye.

“You just lied to him.”

“Not a big deal. Just him moving in. Nothing big.”

“But it you.” He said. “I know you don’t want to--”

“It’s not a big deal. Besides, we are engaged.”

“And probably get married in a year or more.”

“I know...” I sighed. “I’ll be fine....right?”

“Yeah.” He said getting up.

“Noah’s moving in. Great. Now I need to buy earmuffs. It’s already bad enough having Calvin and Abigail and now you too. For fuck sake.” Xander said entering the kitchen.

“Calm down. We’re just going to be sleeping nothing else.”

“Right. I believe you.” He said sarcastically.

“I’m going to get my stuff with Alex.” Noah said coming into the kitchen with Alex.

“Why don’t we invite the whole world?” Alex said walking out the kitchen and to the front door. “Noah! Come on!”

Noah and Alex went out the house and I looked at my phone. “No battery.” I said.

I walked up the stairs and saw Tisha crying, she had blood on her hands, she’d cut herself on the palm with a knife. I screamed. “She’s bleeding!”

Then Tisha burst out crying. Xander and Calvin rushed upstairs.

“She stabbed me!” Tisha lied crying even harder.

“Sky!” Calvin snatched the knife off me.

“Why would you do that?!” Xander fumed taking her to the bathroom and washing her hands.

“I didn’t--”

“I know you don’t like her but it’s not okay to do that!”

Calvin went and took out a box full of plasters. He took a gauze and wrapped it around her hand. “You are absolutely ridiculous!”

“I didn’t do anything. I just saw her--”

“I was holding the knife and she told me not to touch it and stabbed me so I can learn my lesson.” She blubbered.

“Sky!” Xander pulled me all the way into his room throwing me on his bed. “You just stabbed my little sister!”

“I didn’t--”

He started pacing around the room. “Yes you did. She wouldn’t lie--”

“Xander come on, you can’t possibly believe her!”

“You’ve always hated her.” He hissed. “Just because Noah made your life hell, it doesn’t mean you make hers--”

“I didn’t stab her. I swear.”

He just shook his head and left the room slamming the door shut.

That stupid little bitch. She’s pure trouble! I hate her!! Every time she does something wrong, it’s me! My fault!!

Then the door opened and Xander and Tisha came in. “Apologise to her. Now.” Xander said crossing his arms.

“Xander I didn’t do anything!”

“Sky don’t make me repeat myself!”

I got up. “I didn’t--”


“I didn’t--”

He leaned in. I bent my back a bit back. He leaned in even closer still staring at my lips. I laughed nervously. “Hi.” I kept looking at him uncomfortable. He kept staring. “You.” I said trying to tell him to back off. He kept staring. Move!! He clearly doesn’t understand--

“You scared?” He said still staring at my lips.

I laughed uncomfortably. My heart was beating so fast--

“Apologise.” He said still staring at my lips.


“Sorry who?”

“Sorry Tisha.” I said quickly.

“That wasn’t hard was it?” Then he took a step back.

I exhaled. “That was really uncomfortable.”

“No it wasn’t.” He said and went over to Tisha. “Coming or not?”

“I’m going to charge my phone.” I said taking my phone out and charging it with his charger. He lifted her up and left the room. I almost passed out. Damn that was the most uncomfortable situation I’ll ever be in. Forever.

“Hello friend.” Tisha said. My heart was still racing. “Hi Tisha.” I said not even caring about anything. Just trying to act normal. Kind.

“I love your hoodies and clothes. I also love your hair.” She said walking up to me with her innocent smile and voice.

“Hi Tisha...why did you lie before?”

“Because I wanted you to get in trouble.”

“But why?”

“Tisha likes to be mean to you. The pain in your eyes. Enjoyable.” She smiled.

“’re only five and you’re already speaking like that...”

"What? I watch you every time I come. Can't wait to spend time with you." She said with a creepy smile.

“Tisha we need to go.” I said grabbing her hand and dragging her out the room and into Alex 1.1′s room. I barged in and saw Esmeralda painting her nails and toes. “Hello darlings.”

“Esmeralda...please tell me it’s just me or is Tisha a bit crazy?”

“Lunar Skylar how dare you speak about a five year old like that!” She shouted. I rolled my eyes and dragged her down the stairs. I picked her up and sat her down on the kitchen counter. “Your sister. Tisha. She’s crazy. She says--”

“Sky is this another ‘lie’ Tisha has said?”

“Calvin you don’t understand! She’s crazy!!”

“Sky you need some sleep. I’m sure you’re exhausted--”

“NO! She’s crazy!!” I shouted. “She’s telling me about creepy stuff a five year old shouldn’t know about!!”

Then Tisha burst out crying. “I’m crazy?”

“No, Tisha stop crying. Sky, to your room. Now!” Xander shouted comforting Tisha. I rolled my eyes and stormed out stomping up the stairs and knocking on Alex 1.2′s door.


“Yeah..I know you hate people being in your room but I need you right now.”

“What’s happened? Why are you crying?”

“I need your witneness right now.”


“Tell me...erm is it just me or is Tisha...a bit too developed for her age?!”

“Sky calm down. Why do you ask?”

“Just answer me!”

“I mean, no. She's good at science, just like me. She's interested in everything."

I looked at him. He wouldn't understand. "Alex you believe Tisha right?"


"More than me?"

"She's a kid. Kids can't lie. Well they can but not like adults."

"Okay." I said with no hope whatsoever. "Thanks."

“No problem.” He said locking his door.

I walked into Alex 1.1′s room and saw Esmeralda having tons of paper and books out with a phone in each hand.

“Yes, yes, I got it all under control. Yep, I can see you at my office at...” She looked at her planner. “Eleven?” I could hear shouting on the other side of the line. “Okay, listen, I know it’s not ideal. What time would you like?” Esmeralda asked. “Okay, twelve. I’ll reschedule. Makes sure you bring your papers and don’t be late!” She warned ending the call. She exhaled.


“I’m really busy, I need to phone five more crazy clients and apologise to someone else because I’m going to have to reschedule!”


“I have got five clients tomorrow! Five!!”

“I know being a lawyer is hard--”

“Sky, please. Just go to Xander.”

I looked at her for a second and instantly felt bad. “I’m sorry. Do you want any help?”

“You’re a good girl.” She smiled.“I’ll call you if I need you.”

“Okay.” I said closing the door. I walked into my room and started thinking.

Maybe they all know she’s lying but don’t want to admit it? Maybe I need to prove she’s not an angel but a demon. Maybe...I could somehow trick Xander into admitting she's crazy. I just need to know if he really knows that she's different, or that she blames EVERYTHING on me. How blind can he be?! I need to know!!

I tiptoed into his room and started searching for his diary. I need to see. Find out if it's a lie or not. Find out if he KNOWS I'm purely innocent. I looked under his bed and everywhere I could. Now I was getting seriously mad! I started looking around even harder, throwing his clothes. Where the fuck is his diary!?!? I groaned.

"Looking for this?" I heard him say behind me. I jumped.

He was holding his diary and glaring at me.

"I was just tidying up. Tisha messed your room before." I lied tucking my hair behind my ear.

"Out now!!!" He screamed at me.

I quickly ran out the room and back into my room. I sat on my desk chair my heart racing. I went straight to google and started reading about if children can lie. Why can't people realise she's acting different at times?! She blames everything on me!! Xander's my best friend, my brother my everything but he believes his stupid five year old psycho sister over me!!

Then I heard a knock. The door opened and I saw him. "I'm sorry for shouting at you." He said.

"No, it was my fault. I shouldn't have been snooping around."

"Why were you looking for my diary?"

"I wasn't." I lied.

"Don't lie to me."

I looked at the computer. A. I could say she's mental and he'd think I'm being crazy and will hate me and never believe me. B. I could keep my mouth shut and not make him get mad at me, but let Tisha get away with it all and they think she's an innocent angel.

"Xander, you believe me right?"

"About what?"

"I've never hurt your sister--"

"I've seen you with my own two eyes--"

"That doesn't count! She annoys me--"

He scoffed. "I never expected you to be jealous. And've gone extreme."

"I'm not jealous!!"

"You want me for yourself. Ever since she turned four, you've hated her. You've been accusing her for everything!"

"I have?! She's accused me. I never hurt her!!"

"Stop lying. I saw you at least seven times!!"

"Xander, she is faking everything. Yes sometimes I loose it with her but--"

"You pushed her down the stairs!!"

"That wasn't my fault. She lied--"

"Sky...I love you with all my heart but I love her too. Stop being a jealous irresponsible almost seventeen year old!"

"I'm not jealous. She's the one. You're being stupid believing a stupid five year old idiotic son of a--"

"Okay. You have taken it too far!!"

"It's not me! It's her. It's all her. She's gone mental--"

"Sky...I can't believe you just said that. You are unbelievable."

"Xander come on."

"I cannot believe you."

"Xander I promise you with all our friendship, she's lying and is mental--"

"I cannot believe you've lied to me, straight at my face and dared to look me in the eye and lied! Our friendship have serious problems. Sort yourself out. Until then, you are not leaving this room!"

"You have no right to."

"Leave the room and watch." Then he slammed the door and left.

I groaned and stared at the window. Bored. ASF.

After a few seconds the door opened and Tisha and Xander walked in.

"You need to apologise to her. Now."

"I'm sorry Tisha." I lied. "I shouldn't have been mean to you."

"Come on Tisha--"

"Can I speak to her. Alone?" I asked.

"Don't hurt her." Xander said coldly and left the room. I smiled at Tisha. "I'm really sorry." I lied again.

"It's okay." Tisha said with an innocent smile. She walked over to my bed and sat down. "I like your room." She said going over to my gaming chair. She stared at my computer reading what I had searched. I quickly opened a new tab and closed the previous tab. Then I realised she's probably going to tell Xander so I went to my history and cleared it all. She smiled at the computer. "It looks nice. Can I play some roblox?"

"Don't you have your ipad?"

"No." She said.

"You're being really suspiciously kind."


"Yeah." I said. Then she smiled. "Thank you. But why do you always have to say I'm crazy?"

"Maybe because you are?"


"You always blame everything on me?"

She looked at me hurt. "But I'm not crazy..."

"You are--"

She started playing with my scissors. "Tisha give me." I said snatching it off her.

Then she took my glue stick and applied it to her lips. "Now I can't say anything to anyone. Happy?"

"No, stop. Don't say that." I said taking the glue stick off her. She started licking her lips. "Tisha stop it. That's bad. Poisonous. You might die so never do that again."

"So I'm going to die?"

" won't." I sighed sitting next to her. "Why do you have to be mean to me?"

She looked at me shocked for a second. Then burst out crying. I was about to comfort her but she snatched the scissors off me. "It's mine!"

I snatched it off her but I accidentally ended up cutting her hair. A huge chunk of hair fell on the floor and we both screamed. I quickly locked the door.

Xander started banging on the door. "Open the door Sky!"

"I can't. Hold on." I said looking at Tisha. "Tisha stop crying. Please. It was an accident." I said in a rush.

"You cut my hair!!"

"Why don't I fix it? You want a hair cut?"


"It'll look nice don't you think?"

"Don't touch my hair!!"

"Sky what are you doing to her hair?!" Xander shouted. "Open the door this instance or I'm breaking it open!"

Then I burst out crying. "Tisha why are you always like this?!" I screamed at her.

"I'm sorry!!"

"Sky stop shouting at her!"

"I'm sorry okay!!" I said pulling my hair. "I didn't mean to!"

"What have you done?" Xander asked in a calm voice.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry--"

"Sky don't cry." Tisha walked up to me and smirked.

My legs sank to the floor.

"Sky, stop crying." Xander whispered through the door.

"I'm sorry..." I said looking at her straight in the eyes.

She looked at me uncomfortable and then burst out crying. "It's my fault! I shouldn't have touched the scissors!"

"What's going on guys. Both of you stop crying."

"I'm sorry..."

"Sky what have you done? Please open the door..."

I looked at Tisha hesitantly. "Say you did it. Please!"

"Sky I heard that!!!" Xander shouted.

"Tisha please. He'll get mad and hit me." I whispered in her ear. Then she smiled. "Perfect."

"No,no Tisha. Please. He'll hit me!!" I begged on my knees.

She unlocked the door and I got up from the floor wiping my tears. Xander looked at me confused and then at Tisha's hair and the scissors she was holding. She burst out crying, "She made me cut my hair or she's cut baby Ellie."

"Sky?!" He walked up to and shoved me to a wall. I hit my head really hard and had a three second concussion. How hard does he hit?!

"What are you thinking?!" He screamed throwing me to my bed.

"I didn't--"

"You keep saying that." He shouted.

"I promise you, it was a mistake--"

"Why did you touch her?!" He hissed.

"She was playing with the scissors and then cut her hair with it!"

"Tisha is that true?"

"No!" She burst out crying again. "She's going to kill baby Ellie."

Xander stood in front of me, my heart beating. "I didn't touch her!!"

"She's lying. She says she's going to kill me!!"

"You evil bitch!!" I hissed at her.

Xander grabbed onto my hoodie. "Are you dumb?!"

"I did nothing!!" I screamed at him.

"Don't push me. Say it!!"

"I didn't. I swear." I burst out crying. "Please don't hurt me!!!" I sank to the floor.

He looked at me confused. Then realised, "I'm sorry. Stop crying." He hugged me. "Don't cry..." He whispered. "I am a right idiot. Stop crying. I didn't mean to." He wiped my tears. "I shouldn't have shouted at you. I'm sorry..."

He sat me down on the bed next to me. "I'm sorry." He said and turned to Tisha. "Tisha--"

Then she burst out crying pointing at me. "She gave me the evil eye! She'll kill me!!"


"No,no, Tisha, stop lying!!" I snapped at her. Then ran up to her and grabbed her by the hair but Xander pushed me away from her. "Sky!!"

"She's lying. She's lying." I burst out crying.

"Sky, you need to calm down. She's only turned five!"

"I swear to god. She's crazy, she's lying!!"

Xander shook his head and helped me up. "Sky what's going on with you? Ever since she was four you've been hurting her--"

"No I haven't!!!" I shouted and ran out the room slamming the door. I wiped my tears and knocked on Alex 1.1's room.

"Come in." Esmeralda said. I came in. "I need a distraction. Can I help?"

"Okay, thank goodness. I need you to call all these people," She gave me a piece of paper which had, "30 people to call. Here's the planner. Reschedule if you can. Next week and this week." Esmeralda said giving me her phone. "I need to sort some stuff for tomorrow's clients." She sighed. "Tell them you're my assistant."

I looked at the planner and at her phone. I typed in the first number. "Hello this is, Lunar Skylar, Esmeralda's assistant."

"Finally can you book me in this Friday?"

"Yes, what time?"

"Can we go with one forty?"


"Thank you." Then she cut the call.

"That was good." Esmeralda said reading some papers.

"Hello this is--"

"I have been waiting ages, when are you next available?"

"We could go with..." I looked down at Wednesday. "Thursday?"


"At six in the evening?"

"No, I can't--"

"How about four pm?"

"Okay then. Thank you."

I cut the call and phoned my next client and next and next until I had almost finished this week. By now I had lost my hearing. "How do you do this Esmeralda?"

"Sweetie, being a lawyer is hard. Next client." She said sipping her coffee.

"Hello this is Lunar Skylar, Esmeralda's assistant--"

"Can I book my appointment tomorrow?"

"No, Friday?"

"I cannot believe this!!"

"Ma'am I need you to calm down--"

"How dare you speak back."

"You're losing my client!!" Esmeralda said taking her glasses of.

"Okay, Fiona right, what if I reschedule?"

"Okay, Thursday at ten." She said sharply.

"Okay. Done." I said jotting it down and ending the call.

"That was lucky. Now break the bad news."

"Hello this is--"

"I know--"

"I need to reschedule you. How about Friday?"

"No! I have been waiting--"

"Sir, I get you're upset--"

"Bloody mad here."

"Listen, we can book you in on Friday, all the days this week have been filled completely apart from Friday. I only have two clients on Friday--"

"Make some room!!"

"Sir it's just a few days!!"


"My boss here is exhausted, seventeen clients this week. And now I need to book next week!!!"

"Yeah, well I want my child!!"

"Okay, she's the best you'll get. If you want, leave because I know, you'll have to wait even longer! And I've already switched you with an angry Karen!! I am not calling her back and giving her bad news!"

There was silence. "Fine. Friday three pm."

"Okay. Done."

Then the call ended. I looked at Esmeralda miserably. "Sweetie stop looking at me like that. You're being an angel. Come on."

"Next week. Fifteen more clients left. Best day ever!" I said sarcastically. I started phoning and rescheduling and fixing appointments until I had finished completely. I hung my head back.

"You did it!" Esmeralda hugged me. "So proud. That took you thirty three minutes."


Then I got a call, actually Esmeralda did. "Take it." She said.

I answered it. "Hello this is--"

"I need you to reschedule to Next week Tuesday."

"No, please, I cannot--"

"Excuse me. Reschedule now!"

"Okay, what time?"

"Five ten in the evening."

"Okay, she's not in the office then. I'm sorry but--"


"Okay, Ma'am I cannot--"

"Please...I really want my money..."

"Sorry. It's just a few days."

"I am wondering how on earth you've been hired."

"I'm sorry. But no can do."

"Heartless cold blooded--"

"I'm not rescheduling. You coming or not?!"

"Urrgh, yes." She cut the call. I looked at Esmeralda. Then got another call. "Hello this is--"

"I can't come--"

Then the door opened. Alex 1.1. came in. "Guys--"

"Shhh." I hushed.

"I need to reschedule to Thursday."

"I can't. It's all booked--"

"Make some room, I need to see her ASAP."

"No. I can't. I've rescheduled over fifteen people!"

"I don't care!"

"I can't, how about Tuesday next week?"

"What time?"

"Let's go with..." I looked at the planner. "How about twelve?"

"In the night?"

"Yes." I said sarcastically. "No, in the morning."

"Don't you dare use that tone!!"

"Sorry." I cleared my throat. "So is it a yes?"

"Any other times that day?"

I looked at the day, the scribbled, the names the--


"Yes, come at ten in the MORNING."

"You are disrespectful!"

"Is it a yes or a no?"

"Yes." She said.

"Thankyou." I exhaled writing it down.

"Actually, can we go back?"


"Sky!" Esmeralda screeched.

"I mean, what?" I said gritting my teeth.

"I want my old time and date back." She said.

"Are you fucking serious?!"


I hang up on her. "I give up. Esmeralda I did all you need to do. I have suffered enough for a day!"

"Thank you very much." She said with a kind smile.

"That was so smooth." Alex said sitting next to me. She scanned through the dates and raised her eyebrow. "That is really good. No wonder Xander wanted you to help--"

"Oh no, Xander asked me to help him with this week--"

"What? Where are you going?"

"I'm sorry." I said quickly knocking on Xander's room. He didn't open. Then I opened it. He wasn't there. I switched his computer on. I entered the pin, easy, XANDER. I took his planner out. I started jotting everything that needed to be done for next week and this week. After twenty minutes I saw Xander come in. He froze at first as he saw me going through his books and papers then walked up to me.

He looked at what I was doing and smiled. "Are you making it up for me?"

"No. I promised to help you, I didn't do it yesterday. So I'm doing it now." I said scanning through his papers.

"You've been helping Esmeralda with her work?"

"Yes. Phoning thirty angry Karens. How does she do this everyday?" I said finishing. I exhaled and threw the pen on the desk. My palms were sweating and I guess my forehead was.

"You look like you've just ran a mile."

"And I need to take a shower." I said leaving the room. "You're welcome." I said as he sat down scanning through the planner.

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