Lunar Skylar

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“How’s it look so far?” Noah asked hanging his clothes on his hangers. Hanging hangers. Cool.

“Looks okay.” I said. I got out the room and walked into Alex 1.1′s room. Esmeralda was sitting barefooted, legs crossed on the floor staring at a file looking stressed. “I just can’t seem to figure this out.”

“Figure what out?”

“Nothing dear.” She said taking her glasses of. “Now, have you finished with Xander’s work?”

“Yes. I’ve written everything he has to do and by when and--”

She reached into her pocket and pulled out some notes. “Here you go, £50. Just this once.”

“£50? But why?”

“Because you’ve been a great help. You’ve taken your time to help me with my crazy clients and now you deserve some pocket money.”

“Thanks.” I said sliding the three notes down my shorts.

“You’ve got pink patches on your legs.” She said.

“Yeah. But they’re fading now.”

“You got beaten up?”

“It’s hot in here.” I said about to leave the room.

“I know what Noah did.”

I let go off the door. “You do?”

“Alex told me.”

“He regrets it now and I guess it was also my fault. I shouldn’t have made the rumor up...”

“Yeah...but people do things and learn from them.”

“Do you want any help?”

“I mean, I’ve got nothing yet. I’ll call you.” She said. I left the room and knocked on Xander’s room. “Come in.” I opened the door and went over to his desk. “Thanks for sorting my life out.”

“No problem. This house is really boring.”

“Tell me about it.” He sighed looking out the window. “What were you thinking though?”


He looked at me for a split second, then back at the window. “You hurt her.”

“I didn’t. Not physically. I did nothing to her. She was playing with the scissors and I snatched it way from her but accidentally cut her hair. I didn’t mean to.”

“But you said she did it herself. Remember?”

“I know I did but...that was a lie. I didn’t want you to hit me.”

“You think I’d have hit you?”

“No.” I lied.

“I wouldn’t have...are you serious?”

“It’s just hard to trust anyone lately, I mean, even Alex 1.1 scares me. I know all of you are harmless but I still can’t shake that feeling of....I don’t know.”

“Don’t blame you. If I were in your shoes, I’d be even scared to touch or be near anyone.”

“Same...but with’s different. I’m not even scared of him.”

“Which is a close psycho and sociopath relationship.” He joked.

“Not funny.”

“Chill it was just a joke. No need to kill the mood.” He mumbled.

“But in all seriousness, I do trust him.” I said. “And I’m sorry for doubting you.”

“And I’m sorry for scaring you.”

“And I’m going downstairs to make a sandwich wanna come?”

“No thanks.” He said. “I’m just going to play some games.”

I left the room and went downstairs into the kitchen.

“Hi Sky!” Tisha said in her ‘angelic’ tone.

“Hi Tisha.” I said cutting the sandwich in half.

“Can I have some?”

“Yes.” I said giving her the other half. “I’m sorry for before.”

“Good. You’re lucky he didn’t beat you up.”

“He wasn’t going to. He was just scaring me.” I said eating the other half. “What’s it like being you?”


“I mean, everyone believes you and trusts you.”

“Well it’s fun.” She smiled sitting next to me. “I’m sorry. I am a really bad person.”

“No you’re not.” I said finishing the sandwich. I got up and went to the sink. I started washing the plate when I suddenly saw Tisha’s hand on the hob. I was about to stop her when she pulled a knife out. “One step, you’re dead.”

I swallowed. “Take your hand off. It’s hurting you.”

She bit her lip. “Not yet.”

“Tisha remove your hand!!”

Then she screamed. She sat on the floor screaming. I snatched the knife off her when I suddenly saw Xander standing. Staring at my hand. The knife.

“What have you done now?” Xander hissed rushing over to Tisha. She started crying. “She forced me to burn my finger or I’m dead!!”

“Sky?!” He snatched the knife off me.

“She’s a mother fucking filthy liar. How are you falling for that?! She’s an idiotic psycho! She is stupidly tricking you!! She’s mad! Crazy mad!! She’s a pathological liar!! She’s fucking lying!!” Then I glared at her. “You mother fucker. You are stupid! Mad! And crazy!!”

“Sky!!” He hissed. “To your room. This instance! You aren’t coming out until tomorrow!”



“You are a fucking idiotic bitch. Don’t think you’re getting away with this!!” I shouted at her, then ran up the stairs and into my room slamming the door behind me.

Noah raised his eyebrows. “What’s up?”

I started kicking his football on the wall. “It’s not fair.”

“What’s not?”

“When people don’t believe you.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Xander doesn’t believe me and I can’t go out the room until tomorrow!”

“Why?” He got up and crossed his arms.

“Tisha lied about me forcing her to set her finger on fire and threatening to kill her if she didn’t.”

“What?!” He shrilled. “Why would you do that to her?!”

I looked at him lost for words. “You seriously believe that stupid troubled freak?!”

“Sky, how could you? She’s only turned five!! She’s still a baby and you just threatened to kill her?!”

I scoffed. Fine. No one believe me. Fine.

“Yeah. I did! I stabbed her today! I cut her hair today!” I shouted. “Go on, hate me! Believe her over the girl that you love!!”

He fell silent. I scoffed. “You believe her more than me?! I get I did do some stuff which are not acceptable but...I’m not lying! Believe me. Come on!!”

He just shook his head and left the room.

I stared at the ceiling. Fuck her. Fuck him. Fuck everyone. I wonder how Nathan’s--

Then my phone rang. “Hi.”

“Nathan, I was just thinking about you.”

“Same. I’ve already arrived, of course...I was just checking in.”

“Yeah well, I just stabbed a five year old on the palm and cut her hair and said a gazillion swear words at her and set her finger on fire and threatened to stab her if she didn’t do as I said.” I said.

He went silent... “But you didn’t do it.”

“Only the swearing bit but she had it coming sooner or later. No one believes me. Even my own fiancee. She’s five but she’s always blaming me. I did nothing!”

“Stop crying. I’m sure she’ll get caught--”

“It’s been over a year.”

“A year?!”

“Don’t look surprised. She and I had the strongest bond ever. I was always there until she turned into a devil...”

“That’s one way to describe a kid in nursery is it?”

“Reception...I think.”

“Whatever, but don’t worry. I know you wouldn’t do that.”

“Thanks..just wish they could all believe me.”

“Why don’t you record her?”

“But she could blackmail me if she sees the video...”

“Hide the camera properly.”

“Good idea.” I cut the call. Great idea. I set my phone up and looked outside. I saw Tisha wiping her fake tears and coming out of Xander’s room. I saw the evil smirk she gave me as she approached me.

“I need to apologise.” I said pulling her into the room and locking the door.


“Well for a starters, I’m not sorry. Admit it, you were the one that faked it all.” I said glaring at her.

“So what if I did or didn’t.”

“So you did?” I smiled.

“No. I didn’t.”

“Don’t lie to me.”

“You sound just like Xander. You going to hurt me now?”

“I...I am not. I...why do you keep putting me in trouble?!”

“I don’t. You put me in trouble. Remember?”

“You are pure evil.”

“I am not. You keep blaming me for stuff you did.” She burst out crying.

“Don’t bring the fake water works.” I said picking my camera up. “Admit it. Now!”

“I didn’t do anything!”

I groaned and ended the recording throwing my phone on the bed. “What language do you speak?”


“You better stop lying about me or I will kill you. For real.”

“No you won’t.”

“You are pure danger. You don’t keep your mouth shut. I will kill you. And baby Ellie.”

Then she smirked. “Don’t kill me, I did nothing!” She said in an innocent tone...wait...what?

“Are you...recording me?”

“Yes and I heard it loud and clear.” Xander said storming into the room. “You stay away from her. You don’t, I won’t be sweet big bro Xander.” He said picking her up. “She gets any nightmares, you’ll be wishing you were dead.” He hissed slamming the door shut.

It feels like my heart is being stabbed a million times over and over again. I went and sat on my gaming chair, took my head phones out and phoned Victoria. She was online but I wanted to talk by phone. “Hi Vic. Let’s talk by whatsapp.”


We started playing Roblox. Duh, piggy. Any Roblox fans understand why everyone loves piggy.

I really don’t give a fuck about anyone. I don’t care about Noah and Xander! They don’t listen to me. Just their spoiled bratty sister that gets EVERYTHING. “Vic don’t kill me and I won’t next round.”

“Okay. But hurry.”

“Outpost is easy.” I said as the game started.

I can’t believe they don’t believe me--

“You threatened to kill her!” Noah burst into the room.

“Sorry Vic. AFK.” I said muting the call.

“And not only that, you are not crying just playing ROBLOX!!”

“You don’t think I feel bad?!” I frowned miming wiping a tear. “I feel sad!”

He scoffed. “So now you are bringing Kim Kardashian in this!?”

“Exactly.” I burst out laughing and continuing playing. “Okay, I’m back. I need to get the blue key. Guard it.” I said going to the red door.

“Unbelievable.” He went out the room.

“So, what’s up?” Victoria asked, killing one of the players.

“Just some issues. Don’t worry. And I do owe you one. You kept caring for me even when I was being an ass. How’s it going with your girlfriend?”

“She’s okay. We’re actually going out regularly.” She said, I could hear her smiling. We played for about two hours and forty five minutes, when she had to go. “Okay, bye then.” I said cutting the call. I leaned back on the chair and hung my head back. Then my phone rang. Gemma.


“Wedding. I’m planning--”

“We’re not getting married YET!”

“Whatever, what type are you going for? Winter?”

“I guess. I like white and blue together. It looks good. NO RED!” I said.

“Okay, have you spoken about when?”

“Not yet. I’ll speak to him today. We haven’t discussed it yet. And we also need to throw an engagement party--”

“Got it sorted. Next week?”

“Give it three weeks or something. I’ll ask Noah--”

Then he came in.

“Gemma I gotta go.”

“Still not crying?”

“Just finished playing five minutes ago. Let’s talk about the wedding. Gemma asked about the engagement party,--”

“Sky...” He sat down next to me. “Maybe we need to take a break--”


“I’m not breaking up with you. I’m just going back to the apartment. We’ll still be in touch. After a week or so, I’ll be back.”

My mouth opened and closed. I had nothing to say. But I know what to do. I put an understanding smile. “You still love me?”

“I love you. Still engaged. Once I move in today, we’ll discuss everything.”

“Okay. Maybe we do need some space.” I said standing up. “And I need to apologise.” I said getting up. I knocked on Alex 1.2′s door and found him sitting with Tisha.

“I didn’t say come in.”

“I need to apologise. For real, for real. Privately.”

He hesitated for a bit. “You have 60 seconds.” He said leaving the room. “No locking doors.”

I locked the door and he started banging on it. "I won't hurt her!!" I said as I went over to Tisha.

“We need to talk.” I said looking at Alex’s chemicals. I held one of his equipment trying to figure the name, he told me last’s a....conical flask, yes. And the other one is...a beaker and another one is...gas bottle...lots of gas bottles. There were lots of conical flasks which were filled with liquids and...I heard fizzing and suddenly turned around and saw Tisha--

“Tisha stop--”

Then there was a blast. I closed my eyes and ears and after it was gone. I heard banging and shouting behind the door. I looked around and found Tisha unconscious. My hands started trembling. I rushed over to her and felt around, she had a pulse. Shortly after she woke up and started coughing. She was covered in dust. The banging grew louder until suddenly the door knob started rattling. Alex 1.2 opened the door with a pin and rushed inside to Tisha. Then I saw Calvin and Xander behind him.

“I didn’t do it. It was her--”

Xander grabbed me by the arm and pinned me to a wall. “I keep telling you to stop. Why can’t you understand--”

“Xander let go!” Calvin hissed.

Xander kept holding me. “I don’t want to hurt you but sometimes, you take it too far.”

“Xander.” Calvin said trying to push him away from me. “Let go off her.”

“She tried to kill her!!” Xander screamed at her. “She could’ve killed her!!

“I know. But don't hurt her.” Calvin said in a calm voice.

Alex 1.2 got up and looked at the liquid ‘TISHA’ had made. “She’s mixed Tantalum, Iridium and--”

“Not now Alex.” Xander hissed still glaring at me. “You're lucky I won't hit you. You come out your room, you’re dead. This time, I’m not joking!” He started dragging me to my room and then I heard the door lock. I started banging on it. “Xander!!”

“One word from you. I dare you.”

I kicked the bed a million times until my toes started throbbing, even then I kept kicking. Then I realised I had my spare money. I looked out the window...I could try and jump...maybe? I took most of my scarfs and tied them. Then took £300 from my piggy bank and stuffed it inside my hoodie. I tightened the ‘scarf rope’ around the window and looked down. I held onto it and slowly made my way down. Once I reached the bottom, I started running. I went to the nearest phone shop and looked for the iphone 7+. It costed only £210 pounds. Not bad. At least I had almost a hundred quid left and more at home. I slipped it inside my pocket and went back to the side of the room. I looked at the rope and started climbing. Once I reached the top I saw Calvin. He helped me up and crossed his arms.

“You’re lucky no one knew you were gone.”

“Why did you come?” I asked untying the knot and bringing the scarfs all the way up. I sat on the bed and started untying all ten scarfs.

“I came because I was checking up on you.”

“Why? Apparently I just tried to kill your sister.”

“Why don’t you admit it?”

“Because I didn’t. If you’re going to scold me then get out.” I said untying the knots.

“Just came to check up on you.” Then he sighed. "Xander scared you.."

"He did." I wiped my tears.

He started helping me untying the knots. “Noah’s not here...and he’s really upset at what just happened and talk about Alex 1.1.”

“I didn’t mean it though did I?”

“Sky...maybe you should sleep, it’s already eight something.”

“Yeah...” I said as he walked out. Once he did. I dragged my desk chair and placed it under the door knob. I phoned Mason.


“Mason, be quiet. Xander’s taken all my electronics and I just wasted £210 pounds on an iphone 7. He doesn’t know so don’t tell him.”

“I don’t care--”

“Mason...I didn’t do anything wrong. It’s all Tisha. She’s been blaming me for everything.”

“Stop fake crying--”

“I’m not!”

“Drop the act and go tell Xander you did it.”

“But I didn’t...”


“Don’t worry. Even though you’ve all known me for my whole entire still don’t know me.” I cut the call. I started downloading apps. My favorites. After that, I called Nathan


“What’s up?”

“I’m grounded and have no electronics and I’ve just sneaked out the house to buy an iphone seven.”

“Why are you grounded?”

“Apparently I made an explosion trying to kill Tisha...”


“Xander’s locked me up.”

“Sky about the explosion--”

“I didn’t do it. Tisha messed about with the chemicals.”

Then I heard someone trying to open the door. “Xander’s coming. Bye.” I stood up and cut the call. Then hid the phone inside the back of my jumper where there’s a small pocket. I removed the chair from the door knob and Xander walked in.

“Who were you talking to?”

“No one.” I lied.

“Who was it?” He leaned in.

“For fuck’s sake what’s your problem!?” I shoved him.

“You think you’re smarter than me?”

“No, you do. And guess what? I will not tell you who or what I was talking to!!”

“Yes you will.” He said.

“No. And I don’t care. Go on, punch me.”

“No. I am harmless creature. Blackmail works.”

“What?!” I panicked. “Xander what have I done?!”

He started dialing Noah’s number.



He cut the call. “Now would you like to tell me who you were talking to?”

I pointed at my drawer. As soon as his back was turned. I took my phone out and dialed 999. Xander turned around and froze.

“One move and you’ll be locked away behind bars.”

“What did I do?”

“Threaten me? Beat me up? Oh, let's see, verbal abuse?”

“But I didn’t.”

“But they’d believe me. After all, I’m sweet.” Then smiled. “And sour.” I glared at him.

“Drop the phone.”

“You give me all my electronics back.”

“Or what? I know you wouldn’t dare press--”

Then I pressed it. “999 what’s your emergency?”

“Sky don’t!” He hissed.

I smirked. “Earlier today...”

He closed his eyes knowing he’s dead. “Please don’t.”

I gave him the address. “Okay, can you tell me what’s happened?”


He started crying and begging on his knees. “Please..”

“Hello?” The operator said. “You still there?”

“Hold on.” I said. “You believe me now?”

“Yes. Yes just don’t.” He said crying.

“Sorry, I don’t believe you.”

“I promise!”

“So you believe that Tisha is lying and I’ve been telling the truth the whole time?”

“Yes, yes.”

“You will do as I say.”

“Yes, I promise just drop the phone--”


“Shut up.” I shouted down the phone. “Hold on, my name is Lunar Skylar, I have brown curly hair, wear hoodies and look like a boy.”


“Excuse me for a sec.” I said. “You are going to give me all my electronics and unground me.”

“Okay, just please--”

Then I felt someone snatch the phone off me. I turned around and found Alex 1.2 standing arms crossed. He cut the call.

“Hi...” I said nervously.

“What are you thinking?!”

Xander got up from the floor. “Were you seriously going to lock me up?!” He shoved me to the floor.

“No. Just scaring you. Now where’s my stuff?”

“You are not getting them back until she goes home.”

“That’s not fair!!” I shouted. “You can’t keep me here!!”

“You live here--”

“Not anymore. I’m moving out--”

“To where?!”

“I’d rather be homeless--”

“Leave the room and watch.” Xander said leaving the room.

“Sky, you mixed not only three but two more highly--”

“I didn’t.”

“You’re lucky the explosion was small. The amount of--”


"I'm surprised there was no fucking radiation!!"

"I don’t need you right now.”

“ did it..right?”

“Yeah I did. Now leave!”

“You didn’t.” He said sitting next to me. “Is she lying?”

“What if she is? What if she’s been lying since she was four?!”

“A. she’ll never be trusted and we’ll need to go to a doctor to check if she’s okay, B. I’ll be different...but she’ll definitely be sent to a therapist.”

I looked at him for a while. “She’s not lying. I did it all.” I lied. I’m such an idiot. What the fuck!!

“Sky why would you? I know Noah and his friends--”

Then there was a knock. “Police.” I smirked.

“What?....” Then he realised. “They tracked your phone?”

“No. I told them the address. You know, even if you call 999 by accident, they still send police to check in on you.”

Then the door opened. I heard chatting and then footsteps coming upstairs. Xander rushed into the room. “Sky keep your mouth shut!”

I smirked at him. He glared at me. “You say anything, I will not just beat you up.”

“Xander!” Alex approached him. “Stop being an idiot.”

Then two officers came into the room.

“Detective Winters and my colleague, Detective Perz.” Detective Winters said. “Are you Lunar Skylar?”

I changed my accent to British. “No, it must be the girl from this morning.” I lied. “She burst into my room complaining about the noise. She really doesn’t know what personal space is.”

Alex seemed impressed at my accent. While Xander was panicking.


“Excuse me, I have got some work to do. This place is nice and secure. Feel free to search. Now off you go.” I said shooing them away. I closed the door and waited for them to leave. Then I heard the front door shut.

“Fuck sake, that was close.” I exhaled.

“That accent was spot on.”

“Thanks for not grassing me up.” Xander said.

“Can I get my stuff now?”

He rolled his eyes and left the room.

“He’s coming back.” Alex said. The door opened and Xander came back in with my electronics. He dumped them on the bed. “I would ask you to apologise to her but I don’t trust you.” He said sitting on my bed.

“Of course.” I said plugging the keyboard and mouse in.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Never trust anyone you see. Even salt looks like sugar.” I said charging my laptop.

“What are you talking about?” Xander and Alex asked at the same time. Twin brains.

“The best way to avoid disappointment, is to not expect anything from anyone. In this case, you Xander.” I said.

“What? What have I done?” He got up and walked over to me.

“You did nothing. Don’t blame you. After all, I’m a psychopath.”

“What are you talking about?” Alex walked up to me.

“Why did the police come? And why you all like that?” Calvin came in. “Urgh.” He shivered, then he left.

“That son of a bitch.” I muttered.

“You need to control your use of language.” Alex said.

“Sky what did you mean before?” Xander asked.

“Trusting is hard but knowing who to trust, is even harder.” I said walking away from them both.

“Hold on, you can trust us all right?”

“No. I only trust Alex 1.2 as he’s a geek and never does anything wrong.”

“I’m not a geek.” He mumbled.

“You don’t trust me?”

“Oh, I did. I really did. I admired you. Until you turned blind.”

“What? I’ve not done anything this about before? I’d never hurt you and you know that.”

“I know.”

“Then what’s this about? I didn’t do anything!”

“Typical.” I said about to leave the room when he pulled me back and locked the door. “Why don’t you trust me?”

“Why don’t YOU trust me?”

“I do.” He said.

“You do huh?”


“Me or Tisha?”


“Who do you trust more?”

“You.” He lied.

I scoffed. “Trust no one. They’re all right. Trust no one as everyone is danger. Bad news--”

“What have I done.”

“Move.” I said.

“Not until this is settled.”

“I trust you. I just...I am mad at you because you don’t and the more I think about this, the more I loose trust in you.”

“So you’re jealous of my little sister?”

I hugged him and he hugged me back. “I’m your nice kind little sister, and she’s a demon. Don’t trust her. She’s bad news.” I said.

He pulled out. “What is wrong with you?!”

“Nothing.” I said opening the door.

“Why would you say that?” Alex walked up to me closing the door.

“Say what?”

“You just called my sister a demon.”

“No I didn’t.” I lied.

“You did. Alex you heard her.” Xander said.

“We both heard you. Don’t play dumb. Will you tell us what is going on in your head right now?”

I could easily tell them and they’d believe me...maybe. And she’ll get sent to a mental asylum. And probably see therapists and psychologists and under go many many--

“Sky?” Xander waved his hands snapping me out of my daydream.

“What?!” I shot.

They both looked at me confused. Then Xander sighed. “Jealousy is a stage of life--”

“She burnt herself, set an explosion, stabbed herself, cut herself, threw herself off the stairs, burnt her cheek, drowned herself, everything she’s done. She blamed on ME!”

“Sky, the explosion was impossible. I told you last time how, and Tisha wasn’t there.”

“She clearly was. On the corner of the room. Playing games on her ipad.”

Alex thought for a while and suddenly realised something. “Every thing that happens...” He ran down stairs and brought Tisha upstairs. He told me to open both my hands. He gave her a pen and asked her to hand it over to me. She handed it over to me and Alex and Xander frowned. They looked uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong?” I asked tossing the pen back to my desk.

Xander picked Tisha up and took her into Calvin’s room. He came back and crossed his arms. “We believe you.”

“You do? How?”

“She handed the pen to your left hand.”


“Everything you’re caught with is in your left hand. Everything.” Xander said.

“It’s your left hand. Tisha always does left. If someone hands you something, you take it with the same hand." Alex said.


"Look, if I give you a pen with my right hand, you'll take it with your right hand. It's your habit." Xander said.

"Oh yeah."

"So...she did do it..all of it...”

There was awkward silence. They both blushed at the same time which almost cracked me up.

“So, we should apologise.” Xander said breaking the silence.

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“And I am really really sorry.” Xander said.

“Group hug?”

“Alex you’re such a nerd.” I said hugging him. “This is so weird for some reason.”

“It’s really weird.” Xander pulled out. “Anyways...we should talk to her...”

Alex went out and came back with Tisha. “Apologise.”

Tisha walked up to me. “Why are you lying?”

“Are you serious?!”

“Tisha you clearly have been lying.” Xander said.

“Hold on. Why don’t you both go.” I turned Tisha around and mouthed. “Spy.”

“Okay.” Xander said as he and Alex walked out. The door closed and I moved Tisha near the door. But not made it too bait.

“Tisha, you have been doing everything and blaming it on me. Why?”

“Stop smiling. I didn’t do anything.” She burst out crying.

“I’m not smiling and drop those fake tears.” I said wiping her face.

“Owwww.” She whined.

“Tisha I didn’t even touch you.”

“Stop pulling my hair!!”

“I’m not!”

“What are you doing?!” She screeched.

“I’m doing nothing!” I snapped.

Then she let go off me and grabbed onto my laptop. She smashed it on her head and fell with a thud. I took the laptop from her face and the door burst open. Xander and Alex shook their heads as they saw me holding the laptop. “I didn’t hit her, she did it herself.”

“I have had enough. Pack your bags. You’re banned from this house!” Xander shouted.

“Fine. I’d be more than happy.” I said as I started packing everything into my camping bag. He looked at Tisha. “I cannot believe we actually believed you instead of her.”

I kept shoving all my clothes and stuff and once I had finished. I stormed out the room not looking back.

“Sky!” Alex ran after me.

“Let go off me!!”

“Where are you going to go?”

“I’ll find somewhere. I survived five days as a homeless person and I had no problem.”

Then I saw Xander walking down the stairs and up to me. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. I don’t like being in places where people don’t like me--”


“You clearly believe her. I give up on her. I give up on the fact that you’ve known me your whole life and don’t even know when I’m telling the truth or lying!”

“You were holding the laptop. You were pulling her hair--”

“I can’t believe I ever trusted you.”

“Where are you going to go?”

“I don’t know but at least somewhere where I don’t need to get blamed for everything!” I shouted unlocking the door. Xander closed it back down and took my bag.

“Give it back!!”

“No. You’re staying.”

“I told you to give it back!!” I screamed.

“Sky calm down!” Alex pulled me away from him. I pushed him to the wall and started hitting him and screaming swear words at him. After I ran out of breath, I burst out crying and laid on the floor face down.

“Tantrum of the year.” I heard Calvin say from the top of the stairs. I lifted my head up and realised he was recording. I got up quickly and ran up to him pulling his hair.


“What?” He smirked.

I shoved him to the wall and he pushed me back. I grabbed his hair and started pulling it. He tried to take my hands off when we both fell down the stairs rolling fast and hitting our heads. I got up and looked around with a sore head. My head was hurting a lot but it was manageable. I looked at Calvin who was unresponsive.

“Calvin?” Xander panicked. “Alex what are you doing?!”

Alex snapped out of it and ran to Calvin. “Wake up!”

Xander leaned in and after a few seconds, he looked like he’d just seen a ghost. “He’s not breathing....”

“This is all my stupid fault!” I screamed, crying and started rubbing my cheeks.

“Hey, hey calm down.” Alex hugged me. “He’s not dead...” He burst out crying which just made me cry even harder.

Xander burst out crying himself and kept trying to wake him up. “Calvin come on, breathe! WAKE UP!!” He kept shaking him until finally he stopped. “I need to call an ambulance.” He said taking his phone out. I pulled out and looked at Calvin.

“You don’t think he’s dead?” I asked sitting next to Calvin.

“I can’t feel him breathing...”

“I’ve made his life hell.” I burst out crying and started twirling his hair. “He can’t be dead....” I whispered. “I’m sorry...I love you Calvin...I’m really sorry...” I kissed him on the forehead a gazillion times. “I’m sorry. He’s dead because of me....”

“He’s not dead...” Xander said looking down at his dead brother. I could see the tears running down Xander and Alex’s face. They look really identical...I’ve never realised it..but Xander’s got freckles. Which he hates. I looked at him and Alex. “I’m sorry guys...”


“You are I’ve just ruined it.”

“No you haven’t. You’re still family, regardless if we’re not same blood.” Alex said. “Stop beating yourself up.”

“He’s dead...” I looked at him. “I already miss him.”

We were silent for a few minutes until we heard sirens and then the door opened. Two paramedics rushed in with a stretcher followed by Alex 1.1.

“Move quickly.” One of them said checking his pulse. Then she froze. "This is a joke right? Are you fucking serious?!"

"What?!" I glared at her. "He's dead because of me!! He fell from upstairs!!"

"Did you see?"

"Yes. We fell at the same time so shut up and do your work."

"He's faking it."

"Are you dumb?!" Xander shouted at her.

"Xander calm down. He's not dead. I think." Alex 1.1 said.

"He's faking it. Watch." She took a penlight and was about to open Calvin’s right eye, when out of nowhere Calvin opened his eyes. “Boo!!” Everyone gasped. He laughed. I rushed to hug him not letting go.

“I’m not dead yet.” He said pulling out.

“Calvin, you have got some explaining to do!!” Xander pulled him up by the ear.

“I just wanted to entertain fans. You’re all crying. Sweet.”

“I can’t believe I fell for it.”

“Calvin to your room. Now!” Alex 1.1 shouted. He rolled his eyes and went to the side of the landing, taking out a camera.

“Captured everything!” He exclaimed going into his room. Then the opened again and he dragged Tisha out the room slamming the door shut.

I glared at her. She lowered her gaze and went into Xander’s room.

“So, let me get me straight, it was all a prank?”

“Alex, Sky, upstairs.” Alex 1.1 said. “Go!”

I went into Alex’s room. He was looking at his lab. I looked around and two conical flasks which were together. The first one had grey powder and the one had some green colored liquid. I picked the powder one. “What is this?”

He turned around and looked at what I was holding. “That is, holmium.”

I smiled at him. I miss him talking about his stuff.

“Did you know...never mind.”

“No,no, I want to hear about it.”

His eyes sparkled. “Did you know, holmium has the highest magnetic permeability of any element."

"Really?!" I said real.

"You have no clue on what I'm saying do you."

"I do. You know what, tell me about the liquid."

He rushed over to me and started rattling about it. I watched him speak and explain all the liquids and rocks and then him showing me a cool experiment. Then he exhaled. "I haven't spoken to anyone about all this. No one cares these days...apart from Tisha and Alex tries to but she either falls asleep or is busy on her phone."

"I can't believe I never...bothered to listen to you...if you come to think of it. You're really smart. You are a right nerd but a good one and you are funny and kind and nothing like your siblings. You're a softie."

"Thanks, I think." He blushed. "I missed you a lot."

"Me too. Now, want to explain the periodic timetable. I bet you're bursting."


"I saw you glancing at it and then shook the thought away, come on. Tell me." I said sitting on his bed.

He started explaining to me about each element from the most reactive to least and what would happen if any of them mixed. He told me about the mistake he made earlier. "And I also tend to mix stuff up trying to figure out what will happen. This place looks like a lab."

"You've got potions everywhere and tanks and stuff. It looks way more better than our school. How much did this all cost?!"

"Well...I always put my money on these equipments. They're my everything."

"But you don't want to be a scientist!"

"I can have a hobby you know. But I like medicine more." He said sitting next to me. "You want to still specialize on pediatrics?"

"Yup. You?"

"Neurology...." He sighed.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing is."

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