Lunar Skylar

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Break up

We laid down staring at the ceiling for a while. It was eleven pm right now but I wasn’t tired. I--

“Alex you know I love you right?”

“I know.”

“And I’m sorry for not paying enough attention to you...”

He just laid there silently, lost in thought.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been to you. I’m sorry for being so ignorant and not thinking about you--”

“Ouch but thanks.”

“No but seriously...I should spend more time with you. And I will.”

“Right...” He said clearly not believing me.

“No, trust me. I miss you. A lot. I’m sorry for not being...the same with whole attention has been with Xander and...” I paused. “Do you hear that?”

“Hear what?”

I got up and quickly left the room and burst into Xander’s room. There was Tisha crying next to Xander. “Tisha?” I walked up to her. “Did you have a nightmare?”

“Yes. It was about you.” She burst out crying.

“You know I didn’t--”

“Sky what are you doing?”

“She’s just had a nightmare.”

“I did. She told me not to tell anyone or she’ll kill me.” She fake cried.

“Sky?!” He hissed annoyed. “What is wrong with you?!”

“She’s lying.” I glared at her.

“I cannot believe you.” He walked up to us and picked Tisha up. Then she started sobbing and showed him ellie who was ripped in half. Alex froze for a second. I got up quickly.

“Xander.” He woke him up.

“What!?” He groaned annoyed.

“She ripped ellie up.” He said. Xander looked at him confused and Alex tossed it at him. He felt it and looked at Tisha. “Are you crazy?”

“No, it was her.” Tisha pointed at me. Then burst out crying. Xander glared at me and took his blanket off. “I’m giving you three seconds to run before I beat you up.”

I quickly started running out the room and tried opening Alex 1.1′s room but it was locked. Then I opened Calvin’s room and locked the door. The door started banging. “Sky come out!” I heard Xander say sharply.

“Sky what are you doing here?!!” Calvin shouted. “Get out!!”

“Shhh.” I hushed. “Xander’s said he's going to beat me up.”

“No he’s not. He doesn’t have the guts--”

“I ripped baby ellie.” I said walking over to him.

“You’re fucked.” He said standing up and heading for the door.

“What are you doing?!” I rushed to stop him. I blocked the door and he took a step back.

“Sky you can’t stay here forever.”

“Please don’t open the door. Maybe he’ll calm down in the morning.”

The knocking kept going when Calvin pushed me to the floor and opened the door. Xander burst into the door and pinned me on the floor sitting one me about to punch me. I burst out crying and looked at Calvin for help. “Calvin!!” He didn’t care. Just went back to his bed.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“Why would you do it?”

I looked at him trying to find an excuse. Then smirked. “Go on. Punch me. Let’s see if you have the guts to. Punch me!”

He sighed and dropped his hand. Don’t have the guts to does he. He got up and glared at me. “You are a right bitch.”

I quickly got up. “I didn’t do anything.”

“Of course you didn’t. You never do do you?!!” He screamed at me. “You’re a stupid bitch that picks on a five year old because she’s jealous!!”

“I HATE YOU!!!” I screamed to his face. I left the room and slammed the door so hard it flung open again by itself. Alex 1.1 opened her door and looked at me confused. She grabbed hold of me and took me to her room.

“Sky what was all that about?”

“Don’t even bother asking. After all, I’m the filthy liar.” I hissed.

“Who called you a liar?”


“I didn’t--”

“No one believes me. No one does. I’m just a troubled kid. Maybe I should’ve stayed with them.” I shook my head at her and left her room and went straight out the front door and sat on the grass letting the cold breeze freeze me to death.

“Sky...” Xander walked up to me after ten minutes. “I’m sorry...”

“I don’t need your apology!” I shouted at him.

“What? Sky I didn’t even hit you.”

“I don’t care if you did or didn’t!” I got up to leave. He pulled me back and hugged me. I shrugged him off and went into Alex 1.2′s room.

“I’m sorry--”

“Don’t. Do you believe her more than me?!”

He hesitated and after a while he made his mind up. “I know she’s lying.”

My mouth opened and closed. I was completely speechless.

“I believe you. I know you would never do all those things.” He said. “I cannot believe I treated you like garbage. Sky I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine...what do we do now?”

“We need proof...”

“Maybe Xander will believe us?”

Then Xander walked up to me. “Sky I really am sorry. I shouldn’t have--”

“She was telling the truth.” Alex said.


“All this time. She never lied. We didn’t believe her for a whole year.” He said.

“What? She’s lying. Alex--”

“Sky tell him.”

I opened the light and looked him in the eye. “I didn’t do what she says I did. She blames it all on me. Everything. Believe it or not. I swear on my life, hereafter and on our friendship...that I’m not lying. She’s been blaming me for over a year and I know I admit it but I’m lying. I lied before because there is no point in saying the truth. So, do you believe me?”

He closed the light again and sat down on the bed burring his hands in his face. He was thinking and after a while he said, “I believe you. I’m sorry I didn’t. I’m sorry for all these months I didn’t pay attention properly but now that I think of’re not crazy enough to ever do these things to a five year old.” Then he got up and hugged me. “I shouted at you and scared you and threatened you for’s wrong. All wrong...”

“It’s not nice to always be blamed for something I’ve never done. Especially for a whole year."

“What do we do now?” Alex 1.2 asked.

“We tell her off. And then send her to a therapist which she can talk to and express her demonic feelings to.” I suggested.


“God’s sake, she burnt her finger and didn’t cry until she finished. I was really creeped out. And she also stabbed herself and threw herself off the stairs! And when I told her not to open the door because you’d loose it if you saw her cut hair, she smiled and said perfect.”

“I wouldn’t have hit you.”

“But you were so mad. You would’ve definitely beat me up. I can guarantee that.”

“No. I’d never hit you and I’ve never hit you.” He said offended.

There was awkward silence. "I need to get some sleep."

"Xander, I know you wouldn't hit me..."

"I need to sleep." He said not looking at me. He opened the door and slammed it shut.

"So, he's pissed." I sighed laying down on Alex's bed. He laid down next to me and I shared his blanket. Then I suddenly remembered something.

"Alex why did you let me hit you? Why didn't you push me off or hit me back? You just stood there taking my punches and even Xander didn't help you. He just stood there watching you get hit..."

"Yeah. I know."

"But why didn't--"

"Xander knows why I let you hit me and why I don't push you away. It's because you need to release all of your anger. And once you're finished that's better."

"But you shouldn't--"

"I should. After all, you're my little sister. But for kick and punch really hard."

"Thank you and I'm sorry."

"No problem." He sighed. "I'm sleepy. You?"

"I miss Mason." I said looking at my phone. "And I'm scared of losing him."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean he doesn't know when I'm lying and we've just lost that bond..."

"Here comes the waterworks." Alex mumbled.

I started crying. "We used to always be together. Sleep together, be together and do everything but I haven't even been able to spend any time with him..."

"How about tomorrow?"

"I'm going to call him." I said phoning him.

"Sky what do you want?" He asked annoyed.

"I miss you..."

"And why exactly are you saying that all of a sudden? Have you been kicked out? Are you homeless--"

"No, I just miss you. Don't you?"

"I do...I just hate the way you've been acting lately."

"I know running away without saying bye is wrong of me and--"

"It's not the bye bit. It's the fact you left me and everyone that loves you."

"I wasn't thinking straight. I have been through so much. I couldn't handle it."

"You could've told me. I would've found a solution or--"

"All I'm saying is...why have you been...not so close with me...?"

"What? You never bother calling or visiting. I've called you a million times and you didn't once think about picking up and I was worried sick. I kept thinking the worst and I was loosing my mind!"

"I was speaking to Victoria okay."

"But you didn't call me did you? Every time I keep thinking, what if this happens or this. What will happen if this happens? And worst of all, what if you got killed? And it didn't help that Lucas kept saying possible and dangerous situations--"

"I managed to survive 5 days of being soaked in freezing rain. Four hours straight on the cold floor and water falling on me constantly."

"But I was still worried. I really thought something bad had happened. I couldn't sleep!"

"I am sorry for causing all these problems and stuff...but turns out I wasn't lying. Tisha was, for a whole year. Everything she said was pure lies."


"Mason you do believe me right?"

"I do...but how on earth will a four, now five year old make up crazy lies."

"I know you don't believe me."

"I do...but I'm just confused. I mean, I know right now you're not lying but I'm confused. I don't know what to believe..."

"But you know I'm telling the truth. What's there to be confused about?"

"Well, I believe you. So she did all that. I believe it. But then I'm confused on how a five year old can do all this..."

"But you believe me."

"I told you already, I do."


"Does anyone else know?"

"Xander and Alex."

"Okay. She was here before with Noah."

Then I suddenly realised something. I turned to look at Alex. He was sleeping. Fake sleeping. "Alex, wake up. I know you're faking."

He was blinking. "I can see you blinking."

"What do you want?!" He asked coldly.

"I know you're hurt."

"No I'm not."

"Mason you realise what you just did right?"

"What? I didn't do anything!"

"There's two Alexes. You didn't even acknowledge 1.2. He's right next to me." I said looking at him.

He blushed. "I need to sleep."

Then he got a phone call. He answered it. "Hi Alex. I'm sorry--"

"It's fine. Mistakes happen." Then he cut the call.

"Sky is he mad at me?"

"Yes. Now go to sleep."


Then I cut the call. "Alex I'm sorry. I cannot believe how we never acknowledge you."

"That's just made everything ten times worse." He got up.

"Where are you going?"

"None of your business."

"Alex come on." I got up blocking the door. "I'm sorry. It just slipped out okay, he didn't mean it."

"He just said, Alex. Not me, but Alex."

Then the door opened. "What's all this--"

"Xander go back to sleep."

"I can't sleep because of your talking. Just please shut up." Then he left the room.

Alex scoffed then went back to his bed. I was about to sleep next to him when he stopped me.


"I can't sleep alone." I complained.

"Get used to it. You're fucking sixteen almost seventeen. Not a baby anymore." He said turning his back from me. "Out of my room."

I opened the door and closed it back making him think I'm gone. I laid on the floor and closed my eyes. After a while, I felt someone lift me up and back on the bed. I opened my eyes and saw Alex. He sighed and laid down next to me. After a while I fell asleep.

I woke up next to Alex who was putting his clothes on. "You're late for school." He said putting his shirt on.
"Do you mind?!"
"Come on get up. You're already five minutes late. By the time we get there it'll be--"
I left the room and went into my room. I packed all my stuff. And went to shower. After that, I came out and put my uniform on. Then waited next to the front door.
"Take your meds." Xander said taking out his car keys. He tossed them at Alex. "He's taking you to school today."
"Okay." I said going into the kitchen. I opened the cupboard and found them and looked for any drink. I opened one and poured it in a cup and drank the medicine with it.
"Breakfast." He said giving me a waffle.
"Great." I said sarcastically.
"What do you want then?"
"I don't know. A doughnut."
"One in the oven."
I opened one and saw, "Nope. I'll stick with the waffle." I said opening the packet and eating it.
"What? I took my time and cooked it."
"Oh." I said. "I'll eat it after school then."
"Fine." He walked to the fridge and pulled out a water bottle. "There you go."
"I've already...oh. Thanks." I said putting it inside my bag.
"Sky hurry up!"
"Okay, coming. Have I missed anything?"
"Nope." Xander said. "Your hair." He said fixing it. "There you go. And your tie. Fuck sake are you always like that?"
"No. Just today, I haven't gone to school for a while." I said as he tied my tie. Then he fixed my hair. "And there you go."
I walked out the kitchen when suddenly I felt ice. It was raining ice. I shrieked. "CALVIN!! I am going to kill you!!" I started running upstairs but he locked the door. "Open up or you're dead!"
Alex pulled me back and all the way downstairs. "Bye." He said to Xander.
"Take care." He said. Alex pulled me into the car and I crossed my arms. Now I'm wet."
"Not really, just a bit."
"Your hair looks nice when it's wet."
"Are you being sarcastic?"
"Now, I'll just look like a boy." I complained. He threw me a hair dryer.
"Alex why would anyone--"
"Alex." He said. I switched it on and started drying my hair. Once he parked he helped me out. After ten minutes, he got out the car and we walked into reception. "Hello Miss, erm...I'm a bit late."
"Lunar Skylar. I've missed you." She sighed. "What's the excuse this time?"
"I over slept." I said.
"What do you have now?"
I reached inside my blazer trying to find my timetable but couldn't find it. I started searching my bag.
"Have you lost it?"
"Good because it'd have been since July.." She looked at her computer. "Your fifteenth timetable I printed."
"It's not my fault. It's an A4 paper which can easily be lost."
"Right. Apart from the fact that everyone in this school has only lost it 1 or three times. Anyways, where is it?"
"I have it somewhere on me." I said searching everywhere. Then I froze. "My English assignment. It's due today!" I panicked. "Miss can you lie?"
"Are you serious?" She looked at me as if I was crazy. Which I am.
"I'll get homework support and will have to stay after school!"
"Why don't you call Xander?" Alex suggested.
The receptionist looked at him confused. "This is a joke right?"
"What is?"
"Xander're Alex."
"Exactly." He said.
"I've lost my phone." I panicked.
Alex rolled his eyes and started ringing Xander. Then he handed me the phone. "Alex--"
"Xander, I need you to bring me my phone, English assignment and timetable which is inside the assignment."
"Now." Then I cut the call. "He's coming."
"He's got a class." Alex said. "And I too." He groaned. "I'm late now."
"Don't worry--"
Then I saw K.O and Joel walking towards me.
"I forgot my books in the car--"
"Where's your boyfriend?" K.O smirked approaching me.
"What's your problem?!" I shoved him.
"Guys stop fighting." Miss said answering a call.
"Sure Miss." Then Joel smirked. "See you in class."
"What was all that about?" Alex asked as soon as they were out of sight.
"Jenny. Jenny's brother."
"They're angry--"
"One of them. The other's his best friend. Her brother's mad at me as she's been arrested and the investigation is still on."
Then I heard a motorbike park and after a few seconds Xander came in. "I am late for my zoom class."
"Thank you." I said taking the papers and my phone from him. He and Alex were about to go when I saw my English teacher. Miss Hayden. She rushed up to them and cleared her throat. "Excuse me."
"Miss what are you doing?" I hissed.
"I'm guessing you're her brothers?"
"Miss please let's just go. Here see my assignment?" I distracted her while Xander and Alex slowly escaped but Miss wasn't dumb.
"Both of you, come."
"Miss!" I hissed. "I spent half an hour on this and all you're doing is betraying me?!"
"Skylar you need to go to class."
"Guys leave!!"
"Don't move an inch!" Miss said sharply. "Now all three of you follow me."
"Xander, Alex. Tisha. Remember?"
"Yes. We've got to go."
"Listen, I'm not stupid. I'm sure you both aren't stupid enough to let a kid home alone." Then she paused. "How old are you again?"
"Seventeen." They both lied.
"Nice try. I'm going to get Noah and he'll tell me. So tell me the truth."
"Eighteen." Xander said. "I've got a class and so has he."
"I've got a class to teach and my students are running around probably."
"Alex, Xander, Skylar. Follow me."
"Is it creepy everyone knows who we are?"
"No." Miss said opening the staff room door. "Stay put." She said as she walked out the room.
"Lunar Skylar what have you done again?" Mr Simms took his glasses off.
"Nothing." I said.
"Hello and what are you all doing here?"
"Miss Floris nice to see you again." I said bitterly.
"And your attitude still hasn't changed a bit. So, what have you done now?"
"Nothing." I said looking at Xander and Alex. "This is your fault."
"What is? Don't blame us. It's your fault. We are supposed to be studying but your crazy teacher--"
Miss Floris cleared her throat.
"Your nice teacher has now forced us to sit here in a room full of strangers." Xander said annoyed.
"Now's your chance to escape--"
Xander and Alex got up. "Bye." They said leaving the room. After a while, the door opened and they both sat back down. "And I thought my teacher was crazy."
"I really hate her at times."
"We can hear you."
"Miss Floris I do not give a damn if you can or can't hear."
Then she walked up to me and dropped her coffee on my hair. I scoffed. "I'm going to kill you!!" I screamed getting up. Xander grabbed hold of me and sat me down. "Watch your language."
"What?! She can get away with it all then?!"
"Stop screaming!" Alex hissed.
"I am sorry. Maybe. Now, you have art homework. Don't be late."
"Miss I hate you!!!"
"Shut up. The class next door will hear you."
"I don't fucking care. She just threw coffee at me!"
"You had it coming."
"I did nothing!!"
"To be honest, that was over reaction." Xander said to Miss.
"This isn't about today. Sky do you recall last Art lesson?"
"Miss keep your fucking mouth shut!!!"
Everyone looked at me. "Where's your respect gone?" Alex said.
"Miss, please will you shut your mouth?"
"That's still not respectful. As I was saying--"
"Miss, you're my favorite teacher and--"
"Quit it." She sighed. "You get back to class."
I got up and went into my class room where Miss was talking about what we needed to do. I could see everyone trying not to laugh. "Was I that loud?"
"Yes." Miss said. "Sit down."
I sat down next to Noah.
"Sky that's not your spot."
"Now it is."
"What is wrong with you. Do you want me to tell them how badly behaved you've been lately?"
"Miss that is blackmail!"
"No it's not. Just doing my job."
"Miss because of you, Miss Floris poured coffee on my head. I'm soaking. So get this lesson over and done with!"
"Miss Floris?"
"Are you deaf?"
"Sky what's up with the attitude?"
"It's you and all the stupid teachers!"
"Calm down." Noah whispered.
"How am I supposed to..." I quickly got up. "I'll be back." I said and ran out the class into the staff room. Regardless Miss calling my name.
"Sky since when is it okay to paint people's hair?"
"It was just an experiment."
"The poor girl had to go home before the end of lesson."
"She's probably glad."
"Lunar Skylar!" Miss Forey said pulling me back to the classroom. I went back to my seat avoiding the eyes in front of me.
"Guys I'll be back soon. Don't misbehave."
"Sky!" Mason leaned next to me. "We all heard you shouting. You wanna kill Miss Floris?"
"Yes. She's grassing me up to--"
"Lunar Skylar." K.O walked up to me. I got up and stood in front of him.
"I'm giving you three seconds." I said.
"Sky sit back down." Noah said dragging me back. K.O started making kissing noises. I lost it and punched him straight on the face. Then got up and kicked him hard on the nuts. He rolled on the floor groaning. "You bitch!"
Then Joel walked up to me. I kicked him on the face and pushed him to the floor. He got up quickly and wiped the blood off his nose. He shoved me to a wall and I kicked him and Noah pulled him away from me. "Touch her again, I'll kill you."
"Go on. Or does she need to fight your battles?!" Joel smirked. Noah punched him on the floor and he staggered a bit. Then Joel punched him too. Noah grabbed onto the flower pot next to him and dashed it at his head. Joel held onto his head for a while and then K.O got up.
"You and your stupid girlfriend." He scoffed. "Both bitches."
Noah grabbed onto him and pushed him making him slide to the corner of the room. Everyone started chanting, "Fight, fight, fight, fight."
Then Joel got up and threw a pen straight at me hitting my eye. I closed my eye for a few moments and then opened it. Then I glared at him. I ran up to him and kicked him, then pushed him and grabbed a metal bottle smashing him across the head. "Dick."
I could see everyone's eyes on me and him. Noah and K.O were fighting and then Gemma got up shocked. "GUYS!"
Joel quickly stood up. "You are dead."
"Go on then. Let's fight." I said still holding the metal water bottle.
He grabbed onto a ruler. "For fucks sake." He threw it across the room. I kicked him in the balls and shoved him to the floor. I started kicking him and then jumped on top of him once, twice and the door flung open. "Skylar?!" Miss shouted. I kicked Joel once, twice, three times until Miss pulled all four of us out the classroom and into the staff room.
"Xander, Alex. What are you doing here?" Noah asked confused.
"You psycho teacher kidnapped us."
"I'm still here." She said. "K.O, Joel, go to nurse and you both." She pointed at me and Noah. "Sit down."
We sat down opposite Alex and Xander.
Miss cleared her throat. "You are both such lovely students." She looked at me and Noah. "Have great potential. You are both really smart--"
"That's what you said to Yon."
"That's different. Anyways, you both are really impressive students and Sky, you have amazing writing skills, Noah, you too. Sky your creativity is off the scales. You can go into such great stories and it's absolutely amazing."
"Miss get to the point."
"Xander, Alex. Your siblings--"
"I'm not related--"
"Are unbelievably disrespectful and--"
"Miss." Riley entered the room. "Someone's set fire to the class."
Miss jumped off her seat and ran out the room. "Hello twins."
"Riley fuck off." Noah said.
"Was I speaking to you?!"
"We're all taken so you can go now." Xander said.
"So what if you are?"
"You are not wanted here." I said.
"I know." She said.
"Why are you still here then?"
"I like the look of you." She winked at Alex.
"I don't."
"What?!" She scoffed. "Unbelievable. How about you?"
"No chance. We are overage and taken."
"Such idiots." She stormed out the room.
"Both of you please explain why you were fighting?"
"It was K.O and Joel." I said.
"But you did fight them didn't you."
"We had no choice." I said crossing my arms. "They had it coming."
Xander took out a tissue packet and tossed it to Noah. "You got punched really badly."
Then the door opened again. "Guys I don't even know what to do."
"Let us go." Alex suggested.
Then Mr Anderson came in. "Morning fellas. Why you all here?"
"Miss kidnapped us." I said.
"Did you get into a fight and why are your clothes all wet?"
"Miss threw coffee at me."
"Okay, and why are you bleeding?"
Noah fell silent. "It was them who started it."
"Another fight." He sighed sitting next to us. "Noah this is your millionth fight."
"It's not my fault they can't keep their mouths shut."
"You should be--"
"The bigger man." He mimicked, playing around with a pen.
"Noah look at me properly."
Noah threw his pen across the room. "What do you want? An apology?"
"Noah stop." Alex said.

"Who started the whole thing?"
"It was K.O I think...or Joel."
"They'll come apologise to you." Sir said.
"But I'm not apologising."
"Okay. So guys, you can go now--"
"Thank you." Xander and Alex went out the room. "Bye."
"Okay. You two, back to class." Sir said.
We walked back to the classroom and sat next to each other. Everyone was staring at us but we tried to ignore it. "Xander and Alex are going to kill us aren't they?"
"And then ground us."
"And then tell our parents."
"And we'll be dead."
"Happy ever after." Mason said.
"Mason!" I turned around to see him.
"I was here the whole time, glad to know you just realised."
"Yes Miss."
"What did I just say?!"
"You said, 'writing comes from the heart and--"
She smiled at me. "So you were paying attention?"
"What's question seven?"
"Question seven?"
"Yes. What's the answer?"
I looked around and found Lucas. "C." He mouthed.
"Okay." She said suspiciously. "Why?"
I looked at the board. "Because, there's no way Juliette and Romeo can get married at the state they're in." Then I froze. I could see everyone looking at me and Noah.
"Everyone, pay attention! So, it is question C. Now, number 7, you Gemma."
I looked at Noah who looked really stressed. "What's wrong?"
"What if it doesn't work out?"
"What? You're having second thoughts just because of a stupid--"
"No, well yes. But ignore all that, what if we actually...don't work out?"
"Are you breaking up with me?"
"No." He said. "I'm just worried...for the both of us..."
"We'll work out..."
"Maybe...maybe we're being too fast...?"
"I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you."
"We can wait. We can be together until we are stable and are happy and mature...?"
"So you're breaking up with me?"
"No, I want to be your boyfriend...we're being too quick..Sky..?"
"You're right. You don't want to marry me."
"I do. Someday...just not yet..."
"Gemma's gonna hate you both."
"Mason mind your business." I snapped.
"Skylar I heard you utter one more word, I am calling your parents!"
I looked at the paper and back at Miss. "I'm sorry." I said my voice cracking I packed all my stuff and started leaving. I opened the door and left.
"Sky." Miss turned me around. "What's up?"
"Nothing." I said wiping my tears. "What was I thinking."
"I need to go."
"Okay, I'm here!" She said. I started walking away when I heard Noah.
"Sky come on." He pulled me back. "We can still get married."
"But you don't want to do you?"
"I don't know okay? I don't know."
I looked at him for a while. "I'm sorry." I hugged him. "If you don't want to get married, then it's fine."
"But you want to."
"It can long as you promise not to fuck up."
"I love you and always will. So we'll wait for a while and then we'll get married for real." He said. Then the bell rang. "Lesson?"
"P.E. I haven't got my kit. Perfect."
"I'll call Xander."
"But they've already came."
He took his phone out. "Xander, Sky needs her P.E Kit. So come quickly. She was crying."
"Okay, I'm coming."
Then he cut the call. "I didn't lie." He said as we walked down to reception.
"Hello, it's the Heffley family."
"I am not part--"
"We all know you are--"
"Not by blood--"
"Who said by blood--"
"Stop cutting in--"
"You are--"
"Let me finish my sentence."
Then the phone rang. "Riverspark college. Reception. Yes, got it. Yes. No...yes. Okay, at 12:05? Okay. I'll book you in." Then she cut the call and jotted something down. Then the phone rang again. She started speaking. I turned to Noah. "You still love me right?"
"Yes. Why?"
"That's good. I thought you wanted to slowly break up with me."
"No. I still love you. And--"
Then I heard a motorbike. Xander. After ten seconds or so, Xander stormed in and threw the bag straight at my face. Then left.
"That was so rude!"
"At least you got your kit and you are five minutes late!" Miss said typing on the computer. "Why you standing, go. Both of you."

We walked into the gym while Miss was picking out the team players. I sat next to Noah and we waited.
"Why are you both late?"
"I forgot my kit."
"And nothing."
"You're ten minutes late."
"Miss I've had a bad day, my hair--"
"It smells of coffee."
"Yes. Because the teacher was stupid enough to throw it at me and not just that, I forgot everything and everything is going wrong so please let's just put this all behind us."
"Okay, Sky blue team and Noah yellow." She said.
I stood on the yellow team next to Aiden and Mason.
"So are you two like...broken up?" Mason asked. Before I could say anything, the whistle blew. Mason took the basketball and I pulled Aiden aside. "We aren't getting married."
"Why not?"
"Too fast. We're hoping in the future maybe."
"Who called quits to it?"
"He. But in all fairness...we're too young to get married. Maybe we should just stick with girlfriend and boyfriend although--"
Then I saw a ball heading straight towards me and Aiden caught it one handed. Everyone gasped and it was awkward. Miss blew the whistle and snatched the ball off him and threw it to the rest of the team. Then crossed her arms. "Aiden what is it?"
"What's what?"
"The ball. You caught it not only at 100mph but you didn't even see it coming."
"I saw from the corner of my eye K.O holding the ball and glancing at us."
"Oh. But how--"
"I just caught it. And Miss don't blow the whistle. It hurts my ears."
"Okay." She said. "Both of you, get playing."
"One minute Miss. This is way more important."
"One minute." She said walking away from us.
"So you're not getting married?"
"What have I just said...and Aiden...don't tell anyone YET. Me and Noah will tell everyone soon. Just until we're ready."
"Get it. I won't say anything." He said walking away.
"Thanks." I said going to Miss. "Can I sit this one out?"
"Special treatment?"
I went up to Mason and he passed the ball to me. I threw it in the hoop smoothly. Oh, and I play netball. GS.
"Well done!" He high fived me. I smiled at him. "Thanks."
We kept playing for a few more minutes until Miss called quits. "Okay, get changed. Quickly!"
I walked into the GIRLS changing room and went over to Gemma.
"I know you broke up."
"Noah told me not to tell anyone."
"Why would he?!"
"I interrogated him. He can't lie. Remember?"
"But you won't tell right?"
"I won't." She said. I started changing into my school uniform ignoring the fact that some girls were looking at my bruises. After that, Gemma helped me wash my hair. I put my head under the dryer and after a few minutes, I went out with Gemma and my hair was wet but okay.
" okay about it?"
"I am. Trust me. I was upset at first and then realised how much responsibilty it is. But we'll get married. Maybe if we're 20 or 21."
"That's good." She said.
"I'm sorry. I know you probably already designed most the stuff."
Then she reached into my bag and brought out a huge note book. Then opened it. "It can wait. Okay?"
"You put so much effort..."
"Maybe it can be used for Alex?"
"Gemma!" I nudged her in the ribs.
"Have you spoken to Lucas?"
"No. Maybe next lesson."
"Okay." She said opening the classroom door. Noah waved at me and I placed my bag down next to Lucas. I went up to Noah. "Can I sit with him for this lesson?"
"Okay." He said as Gemma sat next to him.
I went back and sat next to Lucas. "Hi."
"Hi. Don't you want to sit next to your nearly husband."
I looked at him uncomfortable. "Let's talk about something else."
"You broke up?"
"Lucas stop--"
"Or are you still together but called the proposal off?"
"Lucas don't say anything."
"Hello everyone." Miss Floris said entering the classroom. I smiled at her kindly. She looked confused, then suspicious, then smiled.
"Okay, partner up. Sky can I speak to you?"
I walked up to her. "I forgive you...I guess I had it coming. But I don't care anymore."
"I owe you an apology--"
"I'm sorry for what I know I love your lessons and I was being disrespectful because I was angry. I'm sorry."
"It's fine." Then she pointed at Lucas. "He's waiting."
I walked up to him and we sat next to each other.
"Now everyone, paint your feelings. Let the paint...guys you're already painting. Okay." She sighed taking a paint brush. She started painting and then I looked at my white sheet of paper that was staring back at me.
"Sky?" Lucas asked. "You okay?"
"I don't know. I'm trying to figure out what to draw."
"Just draw bullshit. Never know what the outcome will be." He said.
After half an hour I exhaled. I looked at the drawing. It was really confusing.
"Not being rude or anything but what's up with your shirt?"
"So I was right." Then he looked at my work. "Looks like you're confused."
"Yes I am." I sighed. "I don't care about the wedding just care about Tisha."
"You hate her."
"No...she has been lying for over a year, Xander, Alex 1.2 and Mason know, they found out last night."
"Tisha took it too far. She cut baby ellie herself and then I heard crying next door. No one heard apart from me as I'm a weirdo for hearing stuff at an unusual distance. I went to the room and found her crying. Then Alex and Xander woke up and Tisha blamed it on me. I'm surprised Xander didn't beat me up. He didn't have the guts to."
"He was about to but couldn't. He wouldn't. Even though he was so mad..he couldn't."
"That's good then."
"I guess...but to be honest...she's done too much harm. I mean, every time she comes I do something 'bad' to her."
"I'm sorry I didn't believe you."
"It's fine. Who'd think a five year old would do that."
"No one." He said.
Then my head started spinning. "I don't feel well." My hand started trembling.
"You okay?" He asked looking at my hand which was destroying my art work. He looked at it for a moment and then realised what was happening. I was having a seizure. He quickly looked around the room but everyone was too busy doing their art work.
"You okay?"
I kept looking at my hand. Lucas took the paint brush off me and placed it down. I accidentally knocked the water onto his and my work. He didn't even care. "Can you speak?"
"I'm fine." I said glancing at Mason.
"I can call him."
"It's fine. I haven't reached a five minute convulsion." I heaved.
He looked at the time on his phone. "It's been one minute. Want me to call Miss?"
"Your speaking is worsening."
We kept sitting there Lucas trying to distract me by telling me the worst moments he's ever faced. I did smile at times but my focus was still my hand. "It's been four minutes. You sure?"
"Not five minutes." I said quickly out of breath.
"Is it because you don't want to cause attention?"
I looked around. "Yes."
"Everyone's too busy working. I'm sure--"
"No, I cannot. Miss--"
Then I saw Miss walking around she smiled at us and then frowned. "Lucas why do you have your phone out. It's banned. You will get it confiscated for the rest of the day and get it back in Student Services."
Lucas took my hand and put it under the table.
Then she looked at me as II was struggling to breathe. "Are you having an asthma attack?!"
"No." I said heaving. She looked under the table and back at me. "You are having a seizure?!"
Then everyone looked around me. Miss pulled my hand from under the table and started looking at it. "How long has it been?"
"A minute." I lied.
"Six minutes."
"Six?!" Then she glared at him. "And you did not bother to tell anyone?!"
Lucas blushed. "I forgot." He lied.
"Mason have you got her Buccal Midazolam and anyone who looks at them one more time or even peeks at them I will have you wash all this dirty paint brushes and pallets. Mason come here!"
"Right." He said searching through his bag. Then he found it. He walked over to me, opened my mouth and injected it to me, after five second my hand stopped shaking and he exhaled.
"Can you speak?"
"Yes." I heaved.
"And can you move."
"That's a lie." He said to Miss. "Can I go back to my seat now?"
"Mason you're just gonna dump her like that what's wrong with you?" Lucas stood up.
"Nothing. What am I supposed to do. Sit with her until she can move?"
"But I'm doing my English assignment."
"You're what?!" Miss went over to his table. "First off, questing thirteen is absolutely incorrect, oh, 2, and 9, and four. You're failing." She said throwing his work at him.
"Thanks." He said moodily.
"You're lucky you've finished your art work." She said going back to her seat and typing. "Grab a chair and sit with them."
Mason did as he was told and looked at me bored. "Can you walk now?"
"Mason can you stop." Lucas whispered.
"Stop what?"
"You're being all moody and rude--"
"I'm not. I'm just having a bad day."
"But you can't take it out on her."
"I can hear you guys. Mason you can go." Miss said.
"It's fine. I'll just sit here." Then he looked at our work and the water dripping from the table. "Very creative."
I smiled. Then frowned. "I won't be sent back home will I?"
"Yes." He said.
"You're supposed to say no and I'll miss you English marking. Mason can you do it? Or as Noah, or Gemma or you Lucas. Or Aiden. Yeah, he should do it."
"Why him?"
"Because he can multitask." I said.
"True." He agreed.
Lucas looked at my hand. "What triggered it?"
"I was stressed."
"About what?"
I looked at them both. They didn't know. Then I looked at Noah. "Nothing."
"What is it?"
"He beat her up--"
"No, it's nothing like that. You guys are seriously...never mind."
"What is it then?"
"Someone died?"
"Did he kill someone?"
"Did he threaten to kill you again?"
"He probably--"
"Lucas shut up!"
"Then what is it."
"Wedding's off. Happy. We're not engaged anymore. And I'm worried on what my parents will think."
"You're not getting married?" Lucas looked at me confused.
"I didn't want to say. Yet. We're not broken up. We promise to be with each other and once we're old enough, probably around 20 or 21 we could get engaged and probably married at 21 or 22."
They both looked at me speechless. "I wasn't expecting all this to happen."
"I saw it coming."
"Lucas!" Mason flicked the paint brush at his face.
"That could've gone into my eye."
"That's what I was expecting."
"Anyways, don't tell anyone. I've already told Aiden. Just please don't say anything. I'm just worried about Gemma."
"I'm sure she won't tell."
"Noah told her, well she interrogated him and he couldn't lie."
"He's a really bad liar."
"Yeah...but that's good. At least I know if he's cheating on me."
"You checked his phone last time."
"Just double checking."
"So what? He can't like other girl's posts?"
I looked at him trying to argue. "He can."
Then Miss started dismissing everyone apart from us. Noah, Gemma and Aiden waited outside the classroom.
"You are going to reception." Miss said.
"I've got my English--"
"If you can walk, I'll let you off. If you can write, I'll let you off."
I got up and automatically fell on the floor. "I can walk. Hold on."
Mason helped me up and I tripped again falling flat face on the floor. "Mason will help me get to my classes."
"Yes Miss."
"Can you use your hand?"
"Yes." I lied.
She gave me a pencil and I dropped it. I couldn't even hold it. "Miss I just need some rest and I'll be fine." I said.
"You're tired. You're literally breathing like you've ran across the whole country.
"I did. Not long ago. It was fun."
"Stop talking and get up."
"I looked at Mason and he helped me up. I was struggling to stand one footed. "I will be fine. I promise."
"At home. Come on, reception!"
I groaned and Mason started escorting me to the reception. I sat on the benches and told Miss to call my parents.
"Hello, this is Riverspark College, reception. Your daughter Lunar Skylar has just had a seizure, no her right hand. Yes maybe ten minutes ago. One hour? How about your husband? When will he finish? Can't he leave? Sorry, I know. You can drop her off at Alex's house then. Okay. Okay. Yes. Okay. No Mason gave it to her. Yes. Okay--" Then she cut the line. "Your mum is something else.
"She's got a lot to do."
"She's probably gone to Hammersmith."
"Yes indeed." Miss said. Mason and I started talking about yesterday's incident with Calvin and me in the staircase fall. I told him about Calvin today and the coffee incident.
"Calvin's always like that."
"I actually thought I lost him. I was crying and I kissed him a million times. I swear he's going to start violating me--"
Then the door opened and Xander came in. "Hurry up." He said coldly. Mason looked at me confused. Then helped me up to Xander. Xander carried me to the car and slammed the door hard. After he started driving. "Xander I am sorry. I'm never like this. Just--"
"I don't need to hear that."
"Are you mad at me."
"Shut up." He said parking next to the house. I blushed.
He opened the car and lifted me up. We went into the house and he carried me to his bedroom and laid me down. Then left slamming the door.
That was unnecessary. I know he might be pissed but I don't think it's just that. After a while, Alex came inside crossing his arms. "You are dating my brother. How could you do that?!"
"Do what?"
"Check your social media stupid. You have just made a fool of yourself."
"What? I don't know what you're talking about--"
"Don't act dumb. You've upset him really badly."
"I swear I haven't done anything." I said going onto Instagram. Then I froze. There was a photo of Xander. Him shirtless water dripping from his hair. He looked good though.
"I didn't do this. I swear--"
"Don't be an idiot. He just checked his phone not long ago and saw comments. And now everyone thinks the engagement is off."
"It is."
He looked at me confused. "He broke up with you?"
"No we're still together...just not getting married YET. We're waiting until we're older an d more mature, like 20 or 21."
"Did you tell your parents yet?"
"Not yet."
"Forget that, why would you do that?!"
"I didn't. It was probably Calvin. He does try and get me in trouble all the time."
"Don't blame it on him." Alex walked up to me. "You've just hurt both of my brothers. I mean, will Xander never look at you the same way? He thinks you like him. He really does, and he doesn't like you. He doesn't."
"I don't like him. I don't."
"That's what you say, you read the caption?"
"Future boyyfriend. Back of Neya."
"I didn't write that."
Then I got a phone call. "Sky, we're over."
"You like my brother instead of me?! I thought you loved me!!"
"I do--"
"Quit the bullshit, you don't!!"
"I didn't take the photo, I didn't even know about it. I swear I didn't!!"
"How about the tiktok?!"
I cut the call and went to tiktok. I went to my account and watched the latest video. It was Xander, checking his hair. Same place, bathroom, and him shirtless, he looks like he just came out the shower. It showed his abs and six packs and the sound, "You're my main attraction, lights, camera action, oooo, lalalala, lalalalala, ooo, lalalala."
"That is not me!!"
"That's your favorite sound isn't it?!"
I closed my eyes and burst out crying. Then I checked the comment section. I was being violated. The previous tiktoks went viral especially the proposal. I burst out crying as I read the comment section. "I didn't do it."
Alex looked at me for a while and then sat next to me. "Tell me the honest truth. Did you?"
"I didn't. I promise. I really didn't. I would never. I swear I didn't."
"I believe you." He said wiping my tears.
"I don't like Xander."
"I'll go speak to Calvin. He's doing his class now. But I'll still go." He said going next door. There were talks and then shouts and then silence and then more talking and shouting and talking.
Then Calvin came in. "I promise you, I didn't do it. I would never be that low. Stop crying. I swear I didn't. Trust me. I didn't."
"Hold on, you both were asleep when Xander was changing. Calvin you were absolutely asleep, dead."
"I sleep like a normal person."
"You were sliding off the bed."
"And Sky, I was in the room with you the whole time. There was no way it was you. You both didn't do it as you were sleeping."
"Then who did?"
Alex thought for a while. "I did see Tisha waiting outside the bathroom for Xander to come out. And later, I saw her playing with your phone and I snatched it off her and went to your room, placing it next to your assignment."
"Tisha." I said as I read he caption. "Okay, get her upstairs. She needs to spell Neha and if she spells it like she did here, then it's her."
"She's downstairs in the basement with Esmeralda." He said going down the stairs, after a while he came upstairs with her and gave her a pen and paper. "Spell Neha."
"Exactly. She's the guilty one!" I said.
"I know what I did was wrong. I wanted to get her in trouble because of yesterday. She ripped ellie--"
"Tisha, you're going back to mums and you are going to see a therapist to explain how you come up with all these crazy lies."
"You have been lying for over a year. Admit it now!"
She hesitated. "I'm sorry Sky."
"Sorry doesn't fix it. But I take the apology."
"Now you need to go explain to Xander what's happened." Alex said. "Stay here. Calvin, go to your class." He said. They all left the room and shortly after Alex and Xander came in. "What did you want to tell me?" He looked at Tisha.
"I'm sorry. It was me who did it because I was mad at Skylar. I wanted her to get in trouble...but it was wrong." She blushed.
He looked at her and back at me. "This is really weird. First off, Sky you're going to take that down and you Tisha, are going back to mums. You're seeing a therapist."
"Okay." She said. Then she turned around to face me. "Fair play."
"Fair play?"
"You've always told everyone I was lying. Now you've won. I'm the liar. I've been lying to everyone about you for about 104 days. I'm sorry."
"How did you calculate--"
"52+52. Easy."
"Don't worry." She said waving. "Bye."
"Go downstairs and wait for me." Xander said to Tisha walking up to me. "I'm really sorry I snapped at you."
"It's fine. Besides, I've just lost my boyfriend."
"We're not getting married--"
"I'm sure you'll get--"
"No, we're getting married once we're 20 or 21. Until then, we are girlfriend and boyfriend."
"We're not mature enough."
"Have you told your parents?"
"My mum's not gonna like this."
"I know. And my mum will flip out. But they'll both get over it. Our dads will brush it off. So it's all fine. Now I need to tell Jay and mum and your mum."
"Okay, I'll be back." He said leaving the room. After a while the front door opened and closed.
"Want to do something fun?" Alex asked as he laid down next to me and turned to face me.
"I'm with Noah." I said.
"No, no, no, no. Why would you even think that?"
"I don't know. You're single I'm unknown relationship status. You think we can hook up and make magic on this bed."
"You're crazy. That will never happen." He said.
"But you want to. I know you do. Tell me I'm wrong."
Then he blushed. "You and Noah, why don't you call him?"
"Not yet. He won't pick up. You still haven't answered my question."
"No. I don't. Your my brother's girlfriend. I would never, ever do that to him."
"But what if I wasn't?"
"It'd still be a no."
"Why you blushing?"
"You're making me uncomfortable."
"No I'm not."
"You're staring at my lips."
"I stare at Masons but I've never kissed him."
"You did."
"But that was a mistake."
"Sure. Once is a mistake, twice--
"This is boring."
"It's really boring."
"I never realised how identical you and Xander look until yesterday."
"Yeah I was confused on why you were staring at us."
"Just shocked."
"Have you ever kissed Xander?"
"No, why?"
"Have you ever suggested?"
"Then why me?"
"You won't hit me."
"I've never hit you. Never will, even if you ruined my lab collection last time."
"Stop making it sound bad. I only destroyed one equipment. I wasted all my money that I saved up."
"Yeah...I kinda feel bad..."
"Don't you have school?"
"Today the teacher just sent us a link to a paper which we needed to revise from. No zoom. Just in the morning. How are you now?"
"I'm fine." Then I reached for my phone and called Noah.
"I don't--"
"Just listen to me. Please."
"I love you."
"Xander told me what Tisha did."
"So you'll stay with me?"
"We're over."
"We won't work."
"I believe in us. We can if we make it. We haven't even argued properly."
"I know...but it's not just about the arguing and fighting..."
"You're listening to everyone. You don't want me just because you are ashamed of me."
"That's not true."
"You are the only one I've ever loved. I don't think I will find anyone as amazing as you. Ever."
"You'll find someone."
"Noah you still love me!"
"I do. I really do...but we can't. We can't."
"You love me!"
"I do."
"I can offer you my life, but it is a short life, I can offer you my heart, though I have no idea how many beats it shall sustain..."
"Shadow read the book?"
"I did..."
"I thought you hated it."
"Still do."
"I love you..."
"I love you too...will you stay with me?"
"So you did read the huger games book I gave you and not just watch the movies?" I smiled. "I love you."
"I love you too..."
"That's good. Now go to class." I said.
"Bye." He cut the call.
"He's a good guy."
"That's what Alex told me the first time I saw her after months." I said.
"Let me guess, he broke up with you?"
"No. He told me he loved me."
"That's good. Want to try out an experiment?"
"I'm really tired right now. Especially my right side."
"Okay, want to watch something?"
"Let's watch a movie."
"What movie?"
"I wouldn't mind watching Spy."
"Okay then."
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