Lunar Skylar

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Trust me

“Guys wake up!!” Alex 1.2 pulled the blanket off us. “Nice to see you two back together but get up!”

“Okay!!” I said getting up and going to my room. I went to the bathroom and came out forty minutes later. I was stopped by Xander. “Calvin’s scared of me.” He pulled me into the bathroom. “I don’t know what to do...”

“He did tell me that he forgives you...but he’s just scared of you and he’s scared of Alex too...”

“Why?” He asked confused. Then he realised. “Because he looks like me...”

“Yeah...we need to go now. We’re already late--”

“Can you get him to trust me again?”

“I guess...I’ll try...” I said leaving the bathroom.

“Hi.” Calvin said as he walked past me. Then he saw Xander and took a step back. Xander moved aside, giving him space to go. He hesitated for a moment.

“I’m not going to hit you.” Xander said. He gingerly walked past him and into the bathroom.

Xander rubbed the back of his neck. “He’s really scared isn’t he.”

“Let’s just wait maybe tomorrow he’ll trust you again.”

“He’s not like Noah, Noah’s my friend again by the end of the day.”

“You scared him really badly.”


“He didn’t sleep properly last night, he kept looking over his shoulder and had nightmares.”

Xander bit his lip. “I am going to get Alex. He’ll drive you both.” He said going into Alex’s room. I heard Alex yell. “KNOCK!!”

“Can you drive--”

“GET OUT!! And no.” He said.

“He’s really scared of me, come on.”

“I’m in the middle of a class. Just do it yourself.”

Xander closed the door and looked at me hastily. “I’m driving.” He sighed. “Your breakfast is downstairs.”

We sat at the back and I kept seeing Calvin twitch. Xander saw too but tried to act like he didn’t. “Chill.” I mumbled. Calvin just looked out the window. Had nothing to say. We got out the car.

“Bye.” I said. I started walking away but Calvin caught up with me.

“I feel bad.” He whispered.


“He cares for me and regrets it but I just can’t seem to shake that feeling inside me that’s...scared...”

“Do you want me to tell Noah--”

“Don’t tell anyone. Even Mason.”

“Okay.” I said as we entered the building. “Why you still with me?”

“Sorry.” He started walking away from me. I caught up with him. “How will you change for P.E?”

He looked at his kit. “I don’t know...I’ll be purposely late?”

“But Miss will not let you off easy.”

“I’ll think of something. Maybe I can say I forgot my kit in class.”

“What about when you’re changing back to your school uniform?”

“I’ll go toilet?”

“Miss will kill about..nope.”


Then Noah came up to us.

“Can I ask why you’re both talking and not killing each other?” Noah was about to ruffle Calvin’s hair when he flinched.

“Calvin what are you playing at? It’s not like I was going to hit you, silly.”

Calvin blushed. “Sorry.”

“Whatever. Anyways, what were you talking about?”

“You.” I lied. “We both want to prank you. We were thinking of ideas.”

“Now I’m definitely pranking you both.” He said. Then started walking away with Calvin. Not even a bye or good morning, or hey babes or even a kiss. Ridiculous.

“Sky, hi.” Mason said. “Why look so sad?”

“My boyfriend’s an idiot. He didn’t even say bye. He just walked off not even a kiss or a good morning--”

“Okay, calm down. Good morning queen."

I nudged him in the ribs. "Good morning king."

"King and Queen. Come on Queen, let’s go to class.” Mason said, we walked into the classroom and sat on our seats. “So, you seem to have an interesting morning.”

“Yeah...” I sighed. “I don’t want to say anything the changing rooms, stay next to Calvin...he’s got some bruises which are bad...just help him cover them..yeah?”


“Xander lost it yesterday...”

“But Xander would never--”

“Calivn kissed me and I kissed him back, but I pulled out and pushed him away. Then he said he did it deliberately and he knew I didn’t like him...just wanted to get Noah to break up with me. He went to his room and locked the door and then Alex forced him to open it. Once he did, Alex pushed him to the wall and told him, he never ever wants anything to do with him”

“That’s bad.”

“And then Calvin got me and punched me.”

“That’s bad..”

“Then he started apologising and promising he’d never hit me again and to not tell Xander.”

“That’s good.”

“Then Xander walked in and saw the blood on my nose.”

“That’s bad.”

“And then Xander pushed me out the room and locked the door.”

“That’s bad.”

“Then I went to Esmeralda and told her he was beating him up.”

“That’s good.”

“Then she told Xander to unlock the door. And he did, then stormed out the room.”

“That’s good.”

“And then Calvin was lying down on the floor in pain and I saw two big purple patches on his stomach.”

“That’s bad.”

“And he had constant nightmares last night and he kept looking over his shoulder even though I was laying down next to him.”

“That’s bad.”

“And today morning, he flinched when he saw Xander. And on the car ride, it was worse. He kept flinching and panicking and he feels horrible because he knows Xander is sorry.”

“Has he told Noah?”

“No. He said he doesn’t want to tell him, only Alex 1.2, Xander and Esmeralda know.”

“That’s I don’t know.”

“The good or bad game, is done.” I said glancing at Calvin who was too busy staring at the distance. Then Noah tried to touch him but he flinched again. Noah got up and moved away from him. Pissed.

“I’ll be back.” I said and walked over to Calvin. “Can I sit?”

“Go on.”

I sat next to him and looked at him. “You scared of Noah to?”

“ was his fault I got beat up this bad--”

“I told Mason.”

“I told you not to tell him.” He hissed angrily.

“But he’s now going to help you in the changing rooms.”

He looked at him and back at me. “Will he tell anyone?”

“No. He promise. Wait I need to go make him promise.” I said going over to him. “Mason, promise me you won’t tell a soul. At least without his permission.”

“I promise. Trust me yeah?”

“Good.” I said getting up and going back to Calvin. “He won’t.”

“Good.” He exhaled. “I hate keeping this away from Noah.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to?”

“I’m sure. Now please leave because I’m going to start bullying you.”

“Great.” I smiled. “Don’t think I’ll let you off the hook.” I said going back to my seat.

“You both seem suspiciously close...are you sure you didn’t....”

“What? No.”



“You pregnant?”

“No. You know that the doctor said it was a medical condition and I'm getting surgery soon to stop looking ten months pregnant.”

“I know...I'm sorry." He said rubbing my belly.

"Stop." I said removing his hand. "I'm surprised Noah's still with me.

"Don't be sad. At least everyone's understanding."

"I know..."


We sat in awkward silence. "Why do you look so agitated if you didn't sleep with him?”

I fished in my bag and got out a letter written in light blue. “It says,”

Open this when you’ve sacrificed something big just to see someone smile. Don’t be tempted.

“So...who do you think did this?”

“I don’t know...”

“What do you think is inside?”

“I really don’t know...but what if I open it?”

“If I were you, I’d just do what it says.”


Then I felt something on my head. Mason burst out laughing and so did everyone. I touched it and saw it was whipped cream. I turned around and saw Calvin holding a can of whipped cream.

“Sorry.” He smiled and shrugged. While Noah was recording it all and standing with Jordan and Jay. I rolled my eyes and looked at Mason. “I feel dead."

"Everyone back to your seats!" Miss Vivian said walking into the classroom. Everyone went back to their seats and I started whispering. "Mason are we even that close anymore?"


"I mean, we're not like before. We're just like...normal friends...?"

"Sky what are you on about? You're my best friend--"

"We barely see each other."

"It's not my fault you decide not to visit me."

"And you don't visit me. It's your stupid--"

"Mason?" Miss asked doing the register.

"Here Miss." He said.


"Here." I said. Miss put her glasses on. "What's that on your head and what are you holding?"

I looked at her confused. Then realised she was talking about the letter. "It's just a letter." I said putting it back in my bag.

"Love letter." Miss mumbled. The whole class was trying not to laugh while Noah was glaring at me. He got up and snatched my bag. I snatched it back. He snatched it back and opened it quickly before I could take it off him. Then he read the writing.

"Oh. So it's not a love letter."


"Who is it from?"

"I don't know. It just says my name and address."

"Have you opened it yet?" Noah asked.

"Have you read what it says?"

"I have."

"So I'm not going to open it."


"I think I should just do what it says."

Calvin snatched it off me. Then read it. "Do you know who wrote this?"

"No and that's why I'm going to wait until I do something kind."

"But you can just--"

Miss cleared her throat. "Guys--"

"Miss please, Sky just open it--"

"I'm supposed to wait, Noah tell him."

"I'm with Calvin. Just open it."

"I haven't done anything nice--"

"Give me a skittle." He said.

"I need to sacrifice something big--"

"Burn the classroom and then--"

"Woah!" Miss got up and walked over to us. "All three of you, are the recipe for disaster." Miss said snatching the letter off him. Then she gave it to me. "Keep it. Don't open it."

"Thank you." I said sitting back down and putting it back into my bag.

"Great." Noah said going back to his seat.

"What if it's a love letter?" Aria shouted. The whole class looked at me.

"Aria shut your mouth. It's not. In fact it's the opposite." I said.

"Okay, what shall we talk about? We have thirty minutes before lessons. So let's just chill and talk." Then she put her feet on the table and laid back. "Let's play truth or dare."

"Perfect, I'll start." Avery said standing up. She looked around and her eyes landed at me. "You remember a while ago? The football accident. I know you did mean it."

"That was your fault."

"My fault?!"

"Yes. If you'd kept your hands to yourself none of this would've happened." I crossed my arms. Everyone looked at Avery waiting for a fight but...

Then she scoffed. "Truth or dare."

"I'm not playing."

"Truth or dare?" Miss asked too busy on her phone.

"I'm not playing."

"You will."

"Who says so."

"I do. We all do." She crossed her arms and smirked. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." I smirked.

"Do you like Calvin?"


She raised her eyebrows. "Do you--"

"No. And the answer will still be a no. I'm with Noah."

"But you wouldn't care if I told you what we did last night?"

"Avery what are you doing?!" He hissed.

"Just winding her up."

"Noah you--"

"She's lying. I was with you the whole of yesterday."

"That's true. Nice try." I smiled at her. Then bit my lip. "You keep trying to jeopardize me and Noah's relationship. By any chance do you, like him?"


"Then back off."

"Fine." She sat back down.

"My turn!" Gemma stood up and walked over to Mason. "Do you in any ways, like Sky?"

The whole class started making kissing noises. "I don't like her so piss off now. Please."

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes.

"My turn." Noah got up and went over to Mason. "You said you don't like her...but you did four months ago."

"No." He said. "I don't like her. Now please go."

"How am I supposed to believe you?"

"I don't care but all you need to know is I don't like her--"


"Noah go back. He doesn't like me."

"Fine then."

"Are you mad at me?"

"No I'm not." He lied sitting back in his seat.

"Fine then." I huffed.

"I think he likes her." Calvin walked up to him.

"And you don't like Sky?"

He looked at him confused, then back at me. "I don't like her. I've got a girlfriend already."


Calvin went back to his seat. Then Lilianna got up. "Truth or dare?"


"You Calvin."


"So you are a scaredy cat."


"You're too scared to do a dare stupid."

"I'm not scared."

"Then pick dare."

"Fine then. Dare."

"Kiss Sky."

The whole class gasped and Noah went up to her. "Don't you dare."

"Everyone wants to see them." She smirked.

"I'm not kissing him." I said standing next to Noah.

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not." Calvin hissed walking over to her. "I will never kiss her so you shut your mouth and get back to your seat."

"Calvin calm down." Noah said. Liliana raised her eyebrows up.

"Recording live!!" Georgina shouted across the classroom.

"Everyone go live!!" Someone shouted. Now everyone had their phones out. Miss was still on her phone. Then everyone started chanting, "KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS--"

"Enough! Phones away!!"

"325 live with me Miss!!" Georgina said. "Oh, 329, 331--"

"Shut your phones down!!"

"KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS..." They continued chanting.

"Both of you aren't kissing. We are all going back to our seats and not listen to them." Noah said coldly. "You both kiss, not only are we over, but you are no longer my brother." He stormed off back to his seat.

The chanting was getting louder and then I saw Aiden covering his ears. I took my phone out.

Lucas, look at Aiden.

I looked at him read the message and then he walked up to Aiden. He started talking to him. I looked at Mason, "That's done."

"Yeah that was really thoughtful. Even if it's not really helping."

Then I saw Lucas take something from his pocket and then gave it to Aiden. Aiden took them and was about to put them in Aiden's ears when he stopped. Then said something. Then Aiden took them and put them in his ears. Ear muffs.

Problem sorted.

Thanks. I typed. Then winked at him.

"Noah's loosing it." I whispered ignoring the fact that everyone kept canting, "KISS, KISS--"

Then the door opened and Mr. Anderson came in with his son. He made him wait next to the door and then came up to me. "What's going on?" He asked looking for Calvin. "Calvin, over here."

"No, I'm Calvin." Calvin said getting up. He started sharpening his pencils into the pencil pot. "Hold on a second." He said taking all the pencils and colored pens and rulers out. Then walked up to us. "There's a rat over there!!"

Sir quickly turned around and Calvin dumped all the sharpener mess on my head. Everyone burst out laughing. Calvin quickly got a water bottle and wet all my hair. Noah was sitting there not saying anything but just recording. "Sir did you just witness that?!"

"I did. Calvin, detention. Lunch time. Don't be late. And same goes for all of you." Sir said leaving the class. "If I hear one more sound, you will all do a fifty mile run." He slammed the door walking out with Said.

"Back to your seats."

Then Lilianna whispered something in my ear. "Don't think I don't know what Xander did last night. Yeah..not nice..."

I froze. " did you know that?"

"I tend to like to spy on people. I was under the table the whole time." She smiled. "You kiss him now, or I'll make sure he gets into serious trouble." Then she walked off to Calvin.


"I am not in this."

"Mason least you can do is help--"

"I can't kiss you..."

"I won't. Let's just act like she's lying."

"But she says she'll expose my bruises."

Then I saw her going over to Noah. She spent a good few minutes and after I got a notification.

"Why did you lie to me?"

"Because Calvin told me. I did try and convince him to tell you."

Then he walked up to him. I walked over to them. "I am not kissing you. This is a stupid game. Sir can give her detention or something."

"That can happen...but it'll be too late." Lilianna said from behind me.

"What is your problem. All of you. Just leave us alone!!" I screamed. "I have had enough of this!!"

"Sky stop screaming!!" Miss shouted.

"Don't tell me to stop screaming, tell them!!"

"Everyone back to your seats." Miss said. Then she got a box and went around taking everyone's phones. After she finished collecting them all, she put them down on her desk out of anyone's reach.

Liliana scoffed and walked away from us. As soon as everyone was distracted I said, "Noah, Calvin. Switch seats. Okay?"

They both switched seats. I went back to my seats when Lilianna went up front. "So, Sky and Calvin." She smirked at Noah and me. "This is your last chance or I expose your BIG secret."

Everyone started getting hyped.

"Come on, stand up and kiss--"

"Lilianna back to your seat!!" Miss shouted.

"Fine." She cleared her throat. "Last night--"

"Wait." I said. I walked over to Noah and everyone started chanting. "KISS, KISS, KISS, KISS--"

Calvin faked being Noah and. "Sky don't--"

I leaned in and kissed him. After a few moments I pulled out and looked at him. "I liked it." I said turning to 'Noah'.

Everyone's jaw dropped apart from our friends. Everyone looked at the three of us shocked. Lilianna was angry, furious. Then she went up to Calvin, well Noah and tried to pull his shirt up. Noah pushed her off. "Don't touch me! If you're that desperate then go get a boyfriend, or if you can't wait for that, then get a stripper!!"

The whole class burst out laughing and Lilianna lost it. She absolutely lost it. "Xander beat you up didn't he?!"

Everyone looked at Noah shocked, well, Calvin. "You have got issues. You are delusional and besides, why and how is that your business?"

"I saw him hit you!!"

"You are a creep."

"First off, I'm sure Xander is the most violent one--"

"Woah, both Alexes are and if they come here, they will beat your ass single handedly and then, watch out for your family."

She took a step back.

"Takwendoh masters. Go on, piss me off."

"They wouldn't dare."

"Course they wouldn't." He glared at her.

She blushed. Then pulled Noah's shirt up. Everyone looked, no bruises. "OH." She blushed again.

Everyone was trying not to laugh.

"You're just desperate." Noah hissed at her.

"Don't touch him again or I will kill you." Calvin, well fake Noah, threatened.

She huffed and went back to her seat.

"Lilianna, detention after school. One hour."


"One word, I'll make it two."

Lilianna groaned and banged her head down the table. I felt really bad...I get what she did was wrong but...never mind. I went to sit back with Mason.

"That was smooth."

"Yeah, for a second I was confused. Then I realised." He whispered.

"Yeah. We'll talk later." I said as Miss started waffling on about shit.

"Do you need help with..." He pointed at my hair.
"I do." I said. Then turned to Noah. "Noah can you--"
"I am not putting my hands on that."
"Calm down it's just some whipped cream and some pencil sharpener--"
"No. Maybe we can call Xander." He said sarcastically.
"Come on Noah. I can't go with Calvin to the toilet. It'd just be weird."
"Yup, sharing a bed and blanket isn't."
"Whatever but please come."
"Fine. But hold on, Calvin can I talk to you?" He was about to pull him over but he flinched.
"Calm down, I won't hurt you. Trust me."
He and Calvin started speaking and then finally, Noah came back. "Finally, I need this all washed." I said going into the girls bathroom.
"I am not going in there."
"Everyone's in class. No one will see you."
"But nothing."
"Why don't you go to the boys toilet with me."
"Am I a boy?"
"Am I a girl?"
"Noah stop being stupid. Mason helped me last time without any arguments. At least he cares about me more than himself."
"Woah! I care about you."
"Well lately you haven't shown you do." I said going into the boys bathroom. I sat on the counter while he tried to take the sharpener--
"You know Mason's a good guy but I love you too. You're nice, fun, kind and really caring." He said sitting across me on the counter taking out all the dirt from my hair.
"You know, sometimes I do wish you were a bit like your brother."
"Sky what are you saying?"
"I love you and all but maybe you should learn a bit more erm...sensible."
"Sensible? I'm not sensible, yes I'm an angel at times but stop making me look weak."
"You heard me. You are sensible you're just being--"
I started unbuttoning his shirt.
"Sky what are you doing?"
"Noah, you love me right? And of course, if you didn't come, I'd have broken up with you."
"Really?" He looked at me like as if he'd seen a ghost.
"Yeah. If Calvin came instead, I'd have definitely 100% broken up with you."
I kept unbuttoning his shirt but he stopped me. "Why don't we finish your hair?"
"That's not like you. You're acting like Calvin."
"I'm not Calvin." He said. Then I ripped his shirt open and scoffed. I saw the mole and bruises. "I knew it!!"
"Don't break up with him."
"I won't. He cringes out at everything." I said. He started buttoning his shirt up but then I saw a hole. "That's not good."
"Great. Now everyone can see my bruises."
"Why don't we change shirts?"
"Take it off. Quickly." I said. He took his blazer off and then his shirt. Then I took mine off and the door opened.
"Calvin...woah." Noah took a step back. "Please tell me I'm not seeing what I'm just seeing."
"It's the opposite." I said putting Calvin's shirt on.
"You cheated on me with MY brother!?"
"I can't believe you!!" He slammed the door shut and left.
"Look what you've done!!"
"Will you please calm down. Let's just wait until lesson's over. Then we'll tell him. Easy." I said buttoning the shirt up.
"Why is this so big?" He asked looking down at the shirt he was wearing.
"Lucky for you, I steal Xander and Alex's shirts. And yours. And Masons." I said. "And Noah's."
"You stole my shirts?"
"Get used to it."
"But nothing. Come on, hurry up." I said looking at the tissues which were covered in whipped cream. I looked at the mirror, my hair looked back to normal. "I cannot believe all this happened in a day. Now, we must confront our demon. Biology next."
"Wait, is the teacher bad?"
"No, kind. Mr Sanderson. He's the one that taught us what to do in an elevator accident and we did not listen to him. The day we went back to school after the crash, he said, I told you so."
At that he burst out laughing. "You're not so bad."
"Wow. What's your next prank?"
"I won't do anything to your hair. Or clothes." He said.
"You're going to trip me up?"
"Get ready." He smirked ruffling my hair. We went out the bathroom and stood outside the classroom door. Then I ducked down with Calvin. "I'll text him."
Noah, me and Calvin didn't do anything. He was fixing my hair and then I realised, you don't talk like that, so I tried to take his shirt off but he didn't let me so it accidentally ripped and I told him to switch shirts as his bruises were exposed. So I'm NOT sorry.
"That wasn't hard was it." Calvin exhaled. Then I saw our form tutor. "Miss Vivian.."
"Will the both of you explain what is going on?"
"Nothing." I said.
"Both of you are supposed to be in class--"
Then the door flew wide open causing me and Calvin to fall hitting our heads hard on the floor.
"For fuck's sake!!" Mr Sanderson cussed. Everyone gasped. "Oh don't act like you've never swore." He bent down next to us. "You both better have a reasonable explanation on why you're so late!"
Miss Vivian turned around and continued walking.
"He was helping me clean my hair."
"And why's your shirt ripped?"
"Because I fell and tripped."
"Fell and tripped? So you don't say slip and fall any more?"
"It's not funny sir. Now please can we--"
"I still haven't got my excuse."
"Well I slipped and fell. Now please--"
"You said he was helping you clean your hair?"
"Yes, I was helping her clean her hair and then she slipped and fell."
"And where exactly were you both?"
"Sir you look really sexy hot today." I flirted.
"Lunar Skylar!!" He shouted.
The whole class burst out laughing and Noah came up to us. "I got your text and I am sorry."
"Sorry for what?" Sir crossed his arms.
Noah hesitated for a second.
"Tell me."
"Rat!!" Calvin screamed. Sir turned around and Calvin and Noah switched. Sir turned back around. "There's no rat."
"Sorry, must've been my eyes." Calvin lied.
"Anyways, do you know what they were doing?"
"Yes. She was helping him clean his hair. Then she started fighting with him. You know how crazy she can be."
Sir sighed. "Okay, sorry. But next time, don't be late."
The whole class was trying not to burst out laughing. Sir glared at everyone. "Continue writing."
I sat next to Noah. "Sorry. I've literally forgotten to edit the YouTube video I made--"
"I'm trying to concentrate. Please just keep quiet." He whispered.
"Okay." I said and started copying the board. "It was pretty sweet. And did you know, I am verified. I just realised this morning while I was having breakfast I mean--"
"Oh." I blushed. Then I sneakily went over to Noah as soon as Sir turned his back.
"Sky why are you here?!" He moved his chair away from me. "I don't know what you're playing at."
"Stop being an idiot." I mumbled.
"I'm not being an idiot. Now please. Go away. We can hang out later not now. I'm trying to focus. I don't need you to distract me."
"That's sweet but also mean."
"No, you're annoying." He whispered.
"That's not nice you know."
"Yeah, well I'm trying to be nice. I promise after class, we can hang out but not now."
"Okay, I'll be quiet."
After a while, I suddenly remembered something. "You know, I--"
"Sky, not everyone can memorize stuff fast like you. So please let me concentrate."
"Fine. Be moody and all."
He rolled his eyes and continued writing, after fifteen minutes of complete silence, I gave up. "I really--"
"Shh." He hissed. I groaned and continued writing.
"Okay, guys, revise what you've just learnt and tell your partners." Sir said as he sat back down on his seat.
"Why do you act like this these days? Almost as if you don't care about me and are so busy with yourself."
"Stop being an idiot--"
"Again, it's like you never learn. You just called me an idiot."
"Well you are one."
"I cannot believe you. I actually thought you had changed, I mean, you told me you did and you promised to treat me you even love me?"
"No." He pushed me off.
I stared at him tears rolling down my eyes. "We are over. Don't even think about crawling back up to me. From now on, you are DEAD to me." Then I put my head down on the table and started crying quietly.
"Stop being a drama queen." He groaned. "You are seriously problematic."
"I'm telling Xander."
Then I saw him flinch. Then he blushed. "Please don't. I'm sorry." I saw a tear roll down his eye. He put his head down next to mine.
"I never thought you'd be this scared of him.."
"I am."
"I can't believe it. You too..."
"Stop crying." I whispered. "Noah why do you treat me like garbage?"
"I'm Calvin."
"But before he said...wait...he..." I sighed. "Never mind. Sorry..."
"It's fine. I should be sorry too...but don't tell him I said anything mean to you."
"He has been struggling with himself you know..."
"You told us he had been taking drugs."
"Yeah...I found out the last last night. I was sleeping with Alex but then he couldn't sleep and we ended up talking...then he told me he was doing drugs...when I was away because I told him I hated him. That was the last thing I told him..."
"And he really really loves you...I know he was acting odd but I didn't pay attention. I would hear both Alexes shouting at him all the time..."
"And it was all my fault. He thought he was the reason I left."
"Well, that's sad.."
"Stop crying. I won't tell him."
"I'm really really scared of him."
"I can see. I'm sorry..."
"It's fine." He smiled. "I can't believe my brother treats you like that."
"He's not all bad."
"I know. I'll try and get him to actually realise you a bit...I know now that I'm coming here...he won't pay much attention to you. And I'm sorry for that. But don't think he's terrible."
"There's a reason I still love him."
"He wouldn't have said those things..."
"I guess I annoyed him a bit when I sat next to him."
"But how did you fall for it when he said I was him?"
"He just said your name. Smart. And I thought he meant he was you."
"You know, if he ever dumps you. I'm here. As a brother, no romantic feelings, yeah?"
"I know...Xander spoke to me in the morning...he's sorry Calvin. He really is. And I know it'll take some time to actually trust him properly but...he loves you and please stop crying."
"You're crying."
"You keep having nightmares...and I'm worried about you. I mean, five nightmares in one sleep...scary..."
"Can you...sleep with me tonight?" He blushed. "Or just until my nightmares are over?"
I looked at him and smiled. "No."
He gave a fake smile. "I was just joking. You're the last person I'll be sharing a blanket with." He lied.
"Stop lying. I will. Okay?"
"Yeah. Definitely. Just until your nightmares are over."
"Xander won't ever do it again. He hates himself right now. He feels pure guilt. Please..."
"I'll try. I just can't shake the memory away. He kept beating me and beating me even when I told him to stop. I was crying but he didn't care and he was about to kick me on the face when Esmeralda told him to open the door."
"I'm really sorry."
"And I'm scared of Noah...because I keep thinking he'll beat me up just like he did to..."
"He won't do it again. We should prank him, test him later."
"Sky I swear your eye color is changing, right eye is blue, left eye brown. That is awesome. Your eyes are different."
"I wasn't wearing contacts."
"Who would've have guessed...all these weeks, months...I thought they were contacts..."
"Well Xander knows..."
Then he flinched again. Then tears started rolling down his eyes. "Hey, sorry. I didn't mean to upset you, stop crying. Now I'm crying. Well done."
"I'm sorry."
"Fuck sake, stop apologising. It's not your fault..."
"The beating...I know my mum and your mum and Mason's mum, always throws whatever they have on their hand if I muck around...remember last time Mason's mum was frying chips and I did something really bad..."
"She got the hot burning spatula and threatened to smack me with it." He laughed.
"Legendary moment. You dashed for the door."
"But they don't beat you up like Xander, they don't punch you or kick you. Just slaps."
" mum hasn't slapped us or Mason and Noah, across our heads for a while."
"Remember that day, we both were doing a prank when your mum sneaked behind us and slapped the back of our heads at the same time." I whispered through my tears.
"Those were fun times. You remember when I jumped off the stairs three days ago was it?"
"I think yeah..."
"I was an idiot."
"But to be honest, it was funny. The tiktok was good. Stop crying."
"I'm not. I'm just mixed. I'm sorry. Even if you kissed me a million times, at least I know you really do love me and--"
"CALVIN! SKY!!" Mr Sanderson shouted from across the classroom. We both jumped and wiped our tears. I sat up straight and wiped the tears on the desk with my sleeves. The wiped Calvin's.
"What exactly are you both crying about?!"
"We weren't crying." My accent changed.
The whole class raised their eyebrows. Noah was trying not to laugh. "So you're friends again?"
"No. We were just speaking about someone's death. And Noah, I'm mad at you."
"Don't change the subject." He smirked. The whole class was trying not to laugh. "Friends?"
"No, thingy died." I lied. They bought it.
"Lunar Skylar and Calvin Heffley, you both already have detention. You can cry together after school."
"Shush. Don't be late or I'm calling both your parents!"
I groaned. "You're so unfair."
"Hitting on me. It's unacceptable. Both of you, half an hour after school." He said typing in his computer.
I saw Calvin looking agitated. Everyone was busy writing on their books. "Calvin you okay?" I whispered.
"Xander, he's going to collect us after school." He flinched.
"Stop flinching. He won't..."
Then he started crying again. "I'm scared. Really scared."
I pulled him in and hugged him. "Calm down, he won't do it again. He does it again, I will not only kill him, I will never speak to him again. Okay?"
"Okay." He whispered. Then I heard Noah whisper something to Lucas. They both turned around and Calvin quickly pulled out. And blushed. He acted as if he was writing but I know he wasn't.
Lucas started making kissing noises disturbing the whole class. Noah slapped him across the head. "Shut up."
"Sorry." He burst out laughing.
"Guys, continue writing!!" Sir shouted at everyone. "Come on."
We all started doing all the tasks and when P.E came, we got changed and headed down the field.
Calvin caught up with me. "Hi."
"What's up?"
"Mason and Noah helped me."
"That's good...don't you want to hang out with K.O and Joel?"
"No. I don't think so."
"How about Jordan--"
"I'll hang out with them lot later. Just want to spend time with you, until I bully you again."
"Great." I said.
"Sky." Gemma said out of breath. "I've run sixty miles!!"
"Not really." Calvin said.
"Why are you here?"
"Gemma." I hissed.
"I mean, are you doing a prank?"
"No. I just want to spend time with her."
"But she's with Noah."
"I just want to spend time with her, as family not be her boyfriend or something--"
Then Noah came and slapped him gently at the back of his head.
Calvin flinched and gasped.
"Calvin what's wrong?" Gemma bit her lip. Noah pulled him aside but he looked agitated. Scared.
"I won't hurt you. Just come. Come on Calvin."
"Promise you won't."
"I promise."
Calvin followed him and they started walking away and chatting.
"Noah beat him up?"
"No. I can't say who--"
"Xander." She said.
"Gemma please just drop it will you!" I snapped.
"Sky what's wrong? Why are you acting so...defensive?"
"I'm worried for him. He's scared of Xander, Alex 1.2 and Noah."
"You don't want to know. I can't tell you...but he's really scared..."
"Is that why he was crying in class?"
"He was telling scared he was...every time I mention Xander's name, he'd flinch."
"Just...don't be hard on him." I sighed. "He had five nightmares last night and kept looking over his shoulder even when I told him no one was there, I was laying next to him but he still wouldn't stop looking behind him."
"That's horrible."
"And he's asked me to stay with him until his nightmares are gone."
"That's good...and I'm sorry for earlier but it was smart of you to switch Calvin and Noah."
"Everyone fell for it."
"And Aiden almost had a panic attack. I had to sit with him last lesson and kept checking up on him."
"I know...autism sucks..." I sighed.
"Noooo!!" Someone groaned. Gemma. She was on the ground acting like a drama queen. Everyone burst out laughing and Miss was trying not to. "3, 2, 1. Go!!"
We started running and I caught up with Aiden. "Aiden, how is your ears now?"
"You told Lucas. No one saw apart from you."
"Yeah, but it's no big deal--"
"I was going to pass out. I was having a small panic attack."
"Seriously?" I stopped.
"KEEP GOING!!" Miss blew the whistle.
"Lucas had spare ear muffs. So he gave them to me..."
"Yeah I saw...are you okay with the shouting, by the teachers?"
"A bit..." He smiled. "You taught me how to love music."
"I should teach you."
"And Lucas has also been helping me everyday."
"And I am back." Lucas said. "So, what are you talking about?"
"The shouting before and how you help Aiden with music."
"Yes. He's learnt how to listen at decent volume."
"That's amazing."
"And I haven't took them off." He said proudly.
"Yep. He's been great. I'm impressed with him. And so are his fans."
"We've been meaning to tell you...Aiden's got a tiktok account."
"How many followers?"
"That's crazy!" Gemma said intruding in.
"Gemma, welcome to the party." I said. "Why is Mason talking to him?"
"I know what you're doing and I know exactly who it is. Calvin."
"Nope. Noah." Lucas corrected. "I can't wait until you kiss the wrong twin again."
"Lucas get back here!"
"No, I'm not crazy enough to get beat up by you." He said grabbing Aiden's arm and running away from me.
"Why is he talking to Noah?"
"Well....they haven't fought for a while and they do walk to school together."
"That's awesome."
"But they do argue a lot every time we hang out."
"Yeah. On Monday, we went to the corner shop to buy some stuff and then the guy was vibing with an Indian song and then Mason recognized it and started vibing with him. He got everything free."
"That's so cool."
"Yeah. And Noah and Mason ended up arguing about India and then difference between bollywood and hollywood. We had to get google involved. But it fun hanging out."
"That's cool."
"And also, Aiden and Madison came. They're dating. They get along so well but sometimes Madison gets super annoyed at all of us. She had a tantrum because we wanted to go to Inwood park but she thought Heston was better but I agree, but Inwood's just a classic."
"Yeah...and you all hang out right?"
"Yeah. Calvin never comes, unless he's going out with Noah and his friends."
"Last time I checked, he and Noah share the same friends. And Jay is his best friend. Remember?"
"Whatever. But he's also Noah's best friend so they do share."
"Tonight, we are going to play knock down ginger." She whispered.
"Are you?"
"Yes. We are going outside, around the area banging on people's doors and dashing."
"I know what it is."
"Oh." She sighed. "I can't wait."
"Are you coming?"
"Hi guys." Calvin said.
"What's up."
"Nothing. Just checking in on you. And your new friend, Calvin."
"Yes. I thought you knew the difference."
"I do." I lied. "Anyways, are you coming over today?"
"We are--"
"I told her."
"Oh. Gemma go away, I need to speak to her."
"Okay." She said catching up to Calvin.
Then he sighed. "Calvin told me what you said...I'm sorry."
"You should be."
"Well, I will from now, be more of a boyfriend."
"That's good." I smiled.
"So, are you coming?"
"Guys, Gemma's just told me about knock down ginger. I will be there." Calvin said. "And I'm bringing my camera."
I smiled at them both, and then looked at everyone. Everyone was dead.
"Cool. This is going to go viral. Maybe."
"I will leave you two friends alone to show your feelings to each other."
"Eww. Noah stop doing that. I was just explaining to her--"
"About Xander?"
He flinched. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring him up." Noah said about to hug him when he flinched again. Noah bit his lip and raced ahead next to Mason.
"You okay?"
"Yes." He lied.
"Lunar Skylar, I have watched you for the last three minutes. You need to do a whole entire two laps when everyone is sitting down!!" Miss blew her whistle.
"No! I'm not doing it!"
"Detention then."
"That's blackmail!"
"No, that's my rules."
"Everyone sit down and catch your breath. Now, lets look at Lunar Skylar do two whole laps around the field."
"Miss you're picking on me!!"
"No I am not."
"I'm pregnant!!" Everyone burst out crying.
"No you're not. I am making sure next time, instead of chatting, you do some running!!"
"You are unbelievable."
"Take the hoodie off!"
"You take your coat off!!"
"Lunar Skylar are you serious?!"
"Miss I have nothing underneath. Just my bra. Why don't I take it off."
"Sky!!" Noah hissed.
"Skylar stop it!" Miss shouted.
"No, I'm doing what you said. Or I'll get detention."
"Nono, no detention!!"
"That's what I thought."
The class burst out laughing.
"Now you're doing four laps."
"Miss you serious?"
"3, 2, 1, GO!!!"
I started running and half way through I fell on the floor and started heaving. "Miss I'm fucking dying!!"
"You have three minutes to complete all the laps or I'm calling your parents."
"Go on."
"Hold on. Last time I checked, you don't live here or with your parents? Where do you live?"
"Here." I lied.
"No you don't. I saw. I was doing some file work. Where do you live?"
"Heathrow." I lied.
"I'm checking your file. You better not be lying."
"Actually I moved out yesterday and I'm back with my parents."
"Who did you live with in Heathrow then?"
"My aunty."
"Is that so?"
"Your boyfriend, Noah." She turned to face Calvin. "Are you Noah?"
"Okay, what's your name?"
"Where's your twin?"
"Nice to meet you. Do you know where she lives?"
"Her parents." He lied.
"Stop lying. You're Noah."
"No." He lied.
The whole class burst out laughing. I shook my head and got up, then walked back to Miss. "Where I live is none of your business."
"It is. I need to know where you live so I can call whoever you live with. Now, Noah. Tell me where she lives."
"I don't know." He lied.
"You are the worst liar ever." Miss shook her head. "Tell me now, or I'm calling your mother."
"What? I didn't do anything."
"You refuse to tell a teacher an important detail."
Noah looked at Miss hesitantly. I gave him the devil stared and mimed shooting him in the head. The class was trying not to burst out laughing. Then I mimed killing him. Then Miss caught me. "Detention for next week."
At that everyone started laughing and I lost it. "You need to mind your business!!"
"Sky stop screaming at me or I'll give you detention this whole month."
I huffed and crossed my arms.
"So now..." She thought for a while. "She did propose to you, which must mean she does she live with you..but in this school, this can't happen, so she lives with your brothers then?"
Noah looked at her shocked. "Why would you say that?!"
Then Miss smiled. "So it is a yes."
"No. He's lying. Calvin isn't it."
"Yes, he's lying."
"Noah can't lie." Miss rolled her eyes. "I'm calling your parents and whoever is looking after you."
"You won't reach them ever!!" I screamed at her. "Mind your fucking business!! And if you tell them a word I will not only shove your head down the toilet, I will--"
Calvin covered my mouth. "She means, just tell her parents."
"No, you are both in trouble."
"What?!" He shouted. "I did nothing!!"
"Refuse to give me details."
"You are unbelievable. I quit this school." I huffed.
"You are more than welcome." Miss said. "And Noah, I am disappointed in you. Sky, sit down."
Noah crossed his arms and glared at me. "Well done." He hissed as I sat next to him.
"Now you've not only made her hate me, she thinks I'm a bad person."
"Why would you care. It's not like she cares."
"What's your problem? You always have to do something stupid don't you?!"
"What are you on about? I didn't tell her because I don't want to get in trouble and if you can lie, none of this would've happened."
"You know what, I should've just told the truth."
"You are unbelievable."
"I am? You're the one that goes around throwing yourself to guys and probably girls."
"I can't believe you."
"Fine." He got up and went over to Avery. He started flirting with her and I saw her blush. Miss realised and raised her eyebrows but didn't say anything. Right now, I was alone. Empty space around me. Everyone was sitting next to someone. Calvin came to sit next to me.
"He's just making you jealous. Don't fall for it." He whispered.
"I am. He's being so mean right now."
"Well, that's how he feels when he sees you flirting with other boys."
"I don't mean to upset him."
"Stop crying or you'll cause attraction."
Then I saw her lean in and kiss Noah. He didn't pull back only after a few seconds he realised something and then suddenly pushed her away. He wiped his lips with his sleeves. Calvin and I just sat there not believing what we just witnessed. No one even saw.
Tears were rolling down my eyes...but I felt nothing. No pain, no nothing. Calvin on the other hand was fuming. He got up and went over to Noah pulling him up. Then he pushed him on the floor and started beating him up but Noah got up and punched him so hard he fell on the floor. His nose was bleeding.
He froze for a second. "Calvin, I'm sorry."
"You promised not to hurt me." He burst out crying.
Everyone turned around. And Miss was screaming. "What is going on?!"
"Mind your fucking business!!"
"I'm not fucking Calvin!"
Everyone gasped. Miss looked so confused. It wasn't like Noah to swear like that or to loose his temper to a teacher. That's different. Miss walked up to him. "Noah, detention. I'm phoning all your parents. And don't think I'm not telling Alex."
"I don't live with her anymore do I?!" He snapped.
"Calvin, I'm telling her and Sky, you too--"
"I did nothing. I don't even live with them." I lied.
"Last time I checked, you do." She said blowing her whistle. Then she checked the time. "Go get changed. All of you."
Calvin got up and Noah tried to talk to him but he just flinched.
"Calvin, I'm sorry."
"Don't ever talk to me again."
"Come on--"
Calvin stormed away from him and back into the building. Noah turned around and saw me. "I'm sorry."
"Don't. We're over."
"What? Sky you're joking?"
I shook my head and just went into the building. Gemma hurried after me. "Sky are you crazy?!"
"I don't ever want to date him again. He's the worst boyfriend anyone will get."
"You try change my mind one more time, I'm never speaking to you again."
Gemma sighed and started changing. I hate him. That's all I'm saying. I hate him. More than anything.

"Don't even speak to me."
He sat down next to me. I got up to move when Miss sat me back down. "What are you playing at?!"
"I don't want to sit here." I said.
"Why not?"
"The chair is uncomfortable." I lied.
"Take the one at the back."
"And it's really hot here."
"Take your blazer off."
"And I'll get distracted."
"Sounds like you're making excuses to get away from your boyfriend."
I blushed. "Can I just move please."
"No. What language shall I say it in?"
"Want detention?"
I reluctantly sat back down. Noah tried speaking to me. "I didn't even want to kiss her. I get I pulled out a bit late but I regret it really badly."
I knew he wasn't lying but I couldn't. "This is never going to work is it?"
"We are just like Joker and Harley, sociopath and psychopath."
"Not anymore. Might as well ask her out."
"You can't break up with me."
"I can. I have. You're my ex now. No one talks to their ex."
"I'm sorry. I love you with all my heart and that was just a mistake."
"One mistake, then two and it just becomes a habit."
"No, that's not going to happen. I promise."
"Like you promised before."
"I meant physically not mentally."
I scoffed. "There it goes. It was a mistake, hope we can move on."
"You know how many times you've hurt me?"
"I've never--"
"You've made me feel so insecure about myself ever since I started dating you. You always flirt with everyone. I mean, K.O last time. You touched him and then today, with Mr Sanderson. And every single time you keep flirting with boys and I just can't take it anymore. I did this today just to make you feel my pain but of course, if you loved me enough you'd understand."
"I do love you. But kissing her--"
"You've kissed Calvin a million times but I'm still with you. You've flirted with everyone, I'm still with you. You kissed Mason while we were together, but I'm still with you. I'll always be with you, that's how much I love you but you're too blind to see."
"I love you okay, I love you with all my heart. You're right, I always flirt with everyone but don't realise how hurt you feel and I never knew you felt insecure. I'm sorry. I just didn't think."
"You never do."
"What's that supposed to mean? I always think about everyone, everything--"
"No you don't."
"I'm sorry for flirting with everyone, and I know sorry isn't enough but you saying I don't care about anyone is the biggest lie ever."
"Well you don't care about me do you?"
"Are you serious?!"
"Tell me one thing you've done for me this week."
I looked at him speechless. I have done something...right? I have done something, I'm sure I have...
"How about this month?"
I've done something. I'm sure I have. "I proposed to you."
"That's all you can come up with?"
"We barely spend time together."
"You don't ever do anything for me do you. Just because I'm your boyfriend, you think of me as nothing. You just ignore me. You never focus on me."
"Stop this." I said. "I do care about you. You're the one not caring."
"Really? I spend everyday trying to convince myself you love me. I spend all my time, worrying about you. Trying to fight your battles--"
"You only helped me once. Stop making it--"
"Yesterday, why did K.O an Joel not touch you? Not annoy you? And how about today? And why do they have bruises? Why exactly?!"
"You fought them...?"
"I did. I warned them off, I warned everyone who'd hurt you. How about Lilianna? I didn't hit her but I warned her to back off or I'll bully her till she dies."
I sat silently trying to come up with something good I've done for him. Nothing.
"So now you see what I do in just a week. I do so much for you, even if you don't realise. I just want to make you happy but if I failed to be a good boyfriend, the boyfriend you've ever wished for then, I'm sorry." He said packing his stuff. He had tears in his eyes. "I just wish you'd take me back."
"I'm sorry but I can't."
"I can't believe I was going to marry you!!! You never think of anyone but yourself!!!" He shouted and stormed out the classroom ever though the teacher tried to stop him. "Back off!!" He shouted.
Everyone looked at me with disappointment in their face. I broke up with him. And everyone hates me. Gemma and Lucas are not looking at me and I can see Aiden's face. He looked at me a bit sad. And Mason just shook his head and continued writing. Calvin didn't look at me. Just had the faces of disappointment staring at me. I sank down on my seat and started writing what the teacher had said. Then Miss came back in. With no Noah.
"Sorry for that." Miss apologised standing in front of the class. She shook her head at me but continued teaching me. Every now and then she'd give me a disappointed face. Everyone wasn't paying attention, just focusing on MY business. I packed my stuff.
"Lunar Skylar back to your seat!" Miss shouted from across the classroom. I rolled my eyes and picked my bag up leaving the classroom. "I quit. Your lessons are full of bullshit."
The class gasped and Miss glared at me. "I'll call your mum if you leave!!"
I walked downstairs and looked at reception. I stood next to the doors and dashed out the school. "Sky--"
I had already ran and was now running so fast. Tears were rolling down my eyes fast but I kept running until I reached the house. I had a stitch on my left side but ignored it. I knocked on the door and after a few moments, Alex 1.2 answered.
"Sky what's wrong?"
"I broke up with him. I'm a horrible person. I don't care about other people, just myself." I said running up the stairs and into his room. I locked the door and burst out crying. I cried for minutes until I finally heard a knock. "Sky open up." Alex said in his usual calm voice. I opened the door up and he came in and hugged me. "You're not horrible. You're the kindest person I'll ever meet."
"He said I didn't care about him. I never do anything nice for him. I don't care about him and he does so much for me. He beat K.O and Joel behind my back last night, he warned Lilianna to back off me and he's done so much good for me and then he asked me on the spot what I've done for him ever apart from flirting with everyone and kissing Calvin, even if it was accidentally and I'm just horrible."
"He said that?"
"I'm a horrible person. I never care about anyone but myself and he stormed off. He embarrassed me in class. I can't go back, everyone was giving me dirty looks and disgusted faces and the teacher too and I felt so bad I had to run away."
"Where were Mason and them lot?"
"They tried not to look at me but I could see the disappointed looks in their eyes, I don't even think I have any friends anymore. They're all going out together and having a great time. Only person I talk to is Victoria."
"Stop crying. You have friends, maybe you should just hang out with them more often."
"No, I'm...different. In a bad way. I don't deserve them, I mean today I got Noah in trouble and Calvin too. And I keep messing everything up. I'm just problematic....I'm not going to be friends with them anymore."
"What?!" Alex pulled out. "You can't. Mason means everything to you, all of them do."
"Mason never calls to check up on me."
"And I hate that. He doesn't visit us. We all miss him. Especially I."
"Yeah, you're really close..."
"He's forgotten about me." He scrunched his nose and wiped his tears. "He's not cared about me."
I had nothing to say. Mason's never mentioned his name not once. "He probably will come visit soon."
He wiped his tears again. "Stop looking at me."
"Calm down, everyone cries. I have never seen you cry for a while."
"Yeah, this is the last time."
"You mad at me for breaking up with him?"
He hesitated then left the room. I got my answer. He hates me. Because of stupid Noah. Great. I looked around wiping my tears. Don't blame him. I'd hate him if he broke up with my sibling. I waited for ages but he didn't come back. I waited and waited thinking about if he hates me or is just mad. Maybe if I get back with Noah...he'll like me again...what am I thinking? I'm so stupid.
First, I feel so excluded from my friendship group. I mean, none of them have called to check up on me or even bothered to invite me. At least they invite Calvin. Always. Don't blame them. I'll just ruin it all. And now they all probably are upset with me for breaking up with him. I'm a terrible person. I don't care about anyone...just myself...all this time, I thought I was being helpful and kind but I was just being a selfish person. I guess Alex was right. I am a selfish person. Always will be. I am nothing but a stupid bitch who should be locked away with all the people I had arrested. Court hearing soon. Maybe I should just let them go, after all, I'm crazy.
I looked around and found a sharp blade. I looked at it. I locked the door and rolled my left sleeve up. I cut it and it felt painful. I am nothing after all. No one cares about me. No one. They're all so worried about the guy who's supposed to be locked away. They all think he's innocent when he's just an idiotic sociopath. I cut myself again, and then again, and again, and again. I kept crying. Life is unfair. It picks on people doesn't it. It picks on them until they've got nothing left. Until there's nothing to do. I took my phone out and called Nathan. "Hi."
"Yes, it's me."
"You look like you've been crying."
"Forced to cut onions." I lied.
"Onions. They are hateful. They--"
"Imagine, I ever left here. Do you think I could move back in with you guys?"
"I mean, there's no..." He hesitated. "Yeah. You can stay in my room."
"I was only joking." I burst out laughing. He fell for it.
"Thank goodness. I hate sharing my room." He exhaled. "Almost had me there."
"Oh, someone's calling me, I'll call you later. Okay?"
"Bye." He cut the call.
I slid the phone down my pockets and burst out crying. I feel so alone right now. I feel so alone. I looked at the blade again, then cut myself. Again, and again. It felt good. And again. Now I see why people find this stress relieving. Then the door knocked. I jumped up and wiped the blade with my blazer and put it back where it was. Then rolled my sleeves down. I wiped my tears and opened the door. I saw Noah. I was about to close the door when I saw him roll his shirt up. Calvin. I smiled at him. But he glared at me. "You hurt Noah really badly, he's crying."
"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to--"
"For a second, I actually thought we'd get along but no one wants to hang around with a selfish idiot. I really thought we could be proper friends..." He shook his head and left.
I took the blade and went out the room and into my room. I locked the door from behind. I rolled my sleeves back up. Then I wrote SELFISH. I smiled and watched the blood pouring out. SELFISH. It was satisfying. Then I heard a knock. I ignored it and watched the blood pour. Once it stopped, I cut it again. It poured again and I smiled. I was happy. The door started knocking louder and louder.
"It's Calvin. Sky open the door!!" I heard Calvin say.
"No, I'm busy." I said.
"Please. I'm sorry."
"I really don't care. I'm fine. So please go!"
Then there was silence. "I know you're in pain."
"Trust me, I'm on the opposite." I smiled as I saw the blood leak like a water fountain.
"For some reason, I believe you."
I rolled my eyes. Then cut the S again. It felt so good. Pain relief. No paracetamol. I burst out laughing. I'm selfish. Selfish. And I like it. If I'm known as selfish, why not be selfish? After all, I don't care about anyone--
My phone started ringing. "Sky.." Lucas sighed. "You've really upset Noah."
"And I really don't care."
"Why are you being like this?"
"Listen, there's a reason I broke up with him. Love never lasts Now fuck off."
"Sky, you can talk to me--"
"First off, you're not a stupid therapist, you're just an idiotic sixteen year old boy with issues."
"Sky you're being really selfish right now."
"Am I?" I bursts out laughing.
"Sky, you okay?"
"What? I'm selfish remember? I am unwanted so yeah. If everyone thinks I don't care about anyone just myself and I'm selfish, I'll live up to my name. SELFISH."
"That's not true--"
"You're boring me." I cut the call. Then blocked everyone. Apart from my mum, dad and Victoria. I looked at the blood. It's stopped leaking. Urgh. I deepened the cuts and watch the blood fall. I kept doing that for minutes which turned into hours until I realised, I'd just spent 2 hours wasting blood and enjoying myself. I froze. 2 hours? Then I tried to move my arm but it was really weak. I looked at the desk.
Blood was dripping everywhere and on my books. I burst out laughing as I saw a whole pool of blood on the floor. My shirt and blazer were bloody and so were my leggings. I just kept laughing. My arm wasn't working and I was feeling a little dizzy but I don't care!! I feel so stress relieved. I cannot believe all this time, I had been suffering and it just took this to make me feel better--
"Sky, let's go eat."
"I'm not coming!"
"Alex isn't here so no need to talk about today, come on."
"I said no."
"Sky come out now before I kick the door open!!"
Then the door knob fell. Alex 1.2 walked in and saw the blood on my arm. He immediately started panicking. "SKY!!!"
"What?" I asked still laughing and completely dizzy.
"Blood, you've lost so much blood!!" He screamed as he saw all the blood on the floor. It looked like a lot. Too much. Then I realised this wasn't funny anymore, my books were soaking wet. "Sorry?"
"This isn't sorry. Are you crazy?!?!" He snatched his blade off me.
"It felt good. Just tried it out and then....I kind of got carried away."
He looked at my arm and his lips started to tremble. "You've lost too much blood. Sky what were you thinking?!"
"Stop looking so worried."
"Look at all the blood!!" He pointed around me.
"I like watching the blood pouring out. It distracted me."
"The cut is too deep!!" He shouted and read what I wrote. "Selfish? Larksy?"
"My new name is Larksy." I said smiling. He slapped me across the face. "Are you crazy?!"
I burst out laughing. "I'm stupid. I'm crazy. I'm selfish--"
He hugged me and burst out crying. "You're not those things okay. Why would you do this?"
"I've never cared about anyone so, I'm just a burden."
"What? Sky that's not true." Then he pulled out and looked for a cloth. Then he tied it around my arm. "Can you move it?"
"Sky you're really scaring me. Why aren't you crying?"
"Because I feel good."
"How long have you been cutting yourself?"
"One hour and fifty seven minutes." I said proudly.
"You need to drink some water."
"I'm not going to. I want to cut myself!" I tried snatching it off him.
"I said Larksy!!"
"Okay, but you need to drink water." He said dragging me out the room.
"I am not--"
He started dragging me down the stairs and into the kitchen where Xander was sitting on the kitchen counter scrolling through his phone. He looked at Alex confused and then at the blood which was dropping on the floor.
Then he got up. "Alex what are you playing at?!" He hissed pushing him away from me.
"Xander what are you doing?!" I pushed him off.
"Xander let go off her!" Alex said going over to the sink.
"Alex are you crazy?!" He pushed him off. "Her period!!"
"No, it's my arm!" I said.
"....What the fuck?!" He panicked. "Alex what did you do to her?!"
"No, she cut herself for two hours because she loves seeing the blood pour out of her skin!!"

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