Lunar Skylar

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I went downstairs and saw Xander making some toast. “I’ve made you breakfast.”

“Thanks...and I’m sorry about yesterday. I didn’t mean it. You are really caring and I was being silly.” I said.

“You were.” He said.

“That’s the opposite of what you were meant to say.” I stared at my phone. “Mason and I aren’t friends anymore.”


“I treated someone badly and...yeah...”


“It’s fine. We’ll be friends before you know it.” I said finishing my toast.

“Now doughnuts.” He opened the oven and gave me two.

“Great. I--”

“Sit down. You’re eating them and then rate them out of ten.” He said watching me eat.

“This is really creepy.”

“No it’s not.” He said smiling.

I ducked my head. “Stop watching me eat!!”

“Okay, calm down. Out of ten?”

“Eight.” I said sitting back up.

“Good. Next one.” He handed me a chocolate one. I ducked again and sat upright after finishing half of it. “Nine.”


I exhaled and left the kitchen going back upstairs into Calvin’s room. He’d already finished showering and was now staring out the window.


“Sky.” He said coldly. I walked in and locked the door from behind.

“I didn’t tell them--”

“It’s not that. I was unwell. I thought I was going to die, you left me there!”

“I didn’t know what to do.”

“I was scared. I couldn’t breathe!!”

"At least now you know how it feels like to have a seizure."

"Terrible. Urgh...I am scared...I couldn't breathe."

“You never have to worry about that again.”

Then he rushed out the room and into the toilet. I hurried after him and saw him puking. “Calvin you okay?” I pulled his head back. Then he puked again. “Calvin...” And he puked again. He kept puking for a few more minutes until he burst out crying.

“Guys what’s all the--”

“He’s not feeling great.” I said to Xander. Xander walked up to him. Calvin flinched. Xander hugged him. “Stop crying. What’s up?”

“I don’t feel well.” He pulled out. Then puked again.


His eyes started opening and closing uncontrollably and then he passed out. I flushed the toilet and Xander took some tissues and wiped his mouth. Then brushed his teeth.

"Do you really have to do that--"

"His breath will smell like fucking vomit!!"


“He looks really unwell.” He sighed picking him up. He carried him all the way back to his room and laid him down on the bed. And laid down next to him stroking his cheek. “He looks really sick.”


Then Alex 1.2 came into the room. “Calvin?”

“He passed out.” Xander said.


“He was vomiting a lot.” Xander explained. Then Calvin started talking jibbrish.

“Calvin?” Xander panicked.

“I’ll call--”

Then Calvin started screaming and crying. “Calvin calm down!!”

Then he suddenly got up heaving and breathless. He looked at us all and fainted again. “Great.”

I bit my lip and watched them watch him sleep...

“He’s sweating too much.” Xander said taking Calvin’s shirt off. Then blushing as he saw the bruises. “He can’t go hospital.”

“What?!” Alex shook his head.

“He’s bruised--”

“He can say he got jumped. End of.”

“Okay.” Xander said. He looked at the bruises. “I can’t believe I did that to him.”

“Yeah. Neither can we.”

“Sky you’ve been oddly quiet.” Xander crossed his arms suspiciously. Then glared at me. “You actually had the guts to poison my brother?!”


"You did pay back didn't you." Xander scoffed.

“What did you give him?!” Alex shouted.

“Nothing. I swear. I just saw him now.” I glanced at the door but Alex saw me.

“Don’t lie to us!” Alex locked the door behind him.

“What? Are you going to beat me up or something?”

They both didn’t say anything.

“You lay a finger on me, you both, and Noah, are going to prison for good--”

“What did you give him?”

“Did you just hear me?! I didn’t--”

“Tell us now!!” Xander shouted.

“I didn’t do anything to him!!” I sobbed as I saw their glares.

“So out of nowhere he’s sick?!”

Then Calvin started screaming again and heaving. They rushed over to him. “Calvin!? Wake up--”

He burst out crying and passed out again. Alex checked for a pulse. “Still alive.”

Then they both turned to me. “What did you give him?”


“I am going to loose it. What did you do to him?!” Alex shoved me to a wall.

“None of you would ever dare punch me. Go on.” I crossed my arms and smirked.

“Look, all we want to know is what the fuck did you give to our BROTHER?!!” Xander shouted.

“Tell us!!” Alex hissed.

“Like I said--”

“Just tell us or we’ll tell Alex and she’ll come and beat you up.” Alex said crossing his arms.

“I promise you, I didn’t touch him or anything.” I said. They both seemed to believe me.

“Sorry.” Alex looked down.

“I’m really sorry.” Xander said going back to Calvin. He was speaking again, saying lots of stuff which I’m unclear of.

“Should we call an ambulance?” Alex asked.

“Lets give him some time. If he doesn’t recover, we’ll drive to A&E.”

“Okay.” Alex said. “Sky you’re not saying anything.”

I looked at him confused. “What should I say?”

“I don’t know. You’re just being oddly quiet.”

“Am I?”

“Yes.” Xander said. “You’re hiding something.”

“Is it to do with Calvin?”

“No. Mason. I did something and he’s mad.” I said.

“I’m sure you’ll make up.” Alex reassured.

“Yeah.” I fake smiled. How exactly will I tell them that I saw him unwell last night. How do I tell them he had a seizure and I didn’t wake them up? How do I tell them he almost died and I didn’t tell them? They’ll probably go mad if they find out now, why? Because if they’d gone earlier, maybe he wouldn’t be in this condition!!

Then Calvin woke up again. He was drooling a lot. “Calvin?” Xander whispered lying down next to him. “You okay?”

He didn’t reply for a while, he looked like he was trying to stay awake. “Calvin?”

“What happened?”

“You okay now?”

“Yeah.” He sat up. “What happened?”

“You had a few nightmares and kept passing out.”


Then Alex’s phone started ringing. “Hello?”


“Oh, it’s you.”

“Yeah...wanna go to the movies? Got a spare ticket.”

“Sure. I’ll be at yours in five.” The he left the room talking down the phone and smiling.

“He’s in love.” Calvin smiled.

“And I need to quickly nip to the corner shop. I'll go buy some stuff for you, yeah?"

"Yeah." Calvin sighed.

"Sky do you mind staying here and keeping an eye on him?”

“I don’t mind.” I said. He got up and left the room. I looked at Calvin. “I didn’t tell them about last night.”

“Why not?”

“They’ll think it’s my fault.”

“But it’s not.”


He passed out again. “Calvin?” I started shaking him. “Wake up!!”

He didn’t move. I checked for a pulse. No pulse. I checked for a heart beat. “CALVIN WAKE UP!!!!” He still didn’t move. I started CPR on him. I kept going until he finally opened his eyes.

“Calvin!!” I burst out crying and hugged him. “I love you.”

“What happened?” His voice cracked.

“I had to do CPR again.” I burst out crying. “I love you...”

“I love you too.” He started crying. “What’s happening to me? I want to go hospital. I’m scared Sky. I’m really scared...”

“Shhh. Don’t worry. I’ll call them.” I said. “Once Xander comes back.”

“Sky what’s been happening with me?” He sobbed.

“You’ve not been really well.” I kissed his forehead. “You look really sick...”

“I feel sick. My body is aching and I can’t relax.”

“I’ll call an ambulance.” I said reaching for my phone. I dialed 999.

“999 what’s your emergency?”

“Ambulance please.”


“Aubrey Park TY5 0XR. Hounslow East.”

“What’s happened?”

“I had to do CPR on him twice and he’s had a seizure and he’s sweating uncontrollably and his heart rate is unsteady, he’s having nightmares and passing out a million times and speaking jibbrish when he’s passed out. He’s in pain. Just hurry quickly.”

“Ambulance is on the way--”

“Listen, I’m going to cut the call--”


I cut the call and went over to Calvin. “They’re coming soon.”

“I feel really sick.” He burst out crying. “I’m scared.” Then he paused. "Did you brush my teeth?"

"Xander. He complained about vomit breath."

"Typical." He groaned.

“Stop, you’ll be fine. Listen, Xander will be here in no time.”

Then he started screaming and crying. “CALVIN!!!” He kept crying and screaming and then started twitching. “Nononono!!” I panicked as he started shaking. “Calvin, don’t worry.” I said in a calm voice. “It’s all going to be fine. Come on, shhh. You’ll be fine. I am. So will you. Come on, I’m here. Shhh.” I stroked his hair. “I love you, don’t worry yeah? You’ll be fine. Shhhh. Shhhh.”

He kept crying and was still shaking scaring me from 1/10, 10/10.

“Calvin calm yourself down!!” I shouted. “Calvin!!!” After a few seconds he stopped. His forehead was soaking wet and so was his chest. His hair on the other hand is beyond wet. I reached for my phone. “Sky--”

“I have a small confession--”

“You poisoned him!?”

“He had a seizure.”

The other end of the line went silent and he cut the call. “This is exactly why I don’t tell anyone anything!!”

He started screaming again and then started blinking. He looked at me trying to focus and then I realised he wanted to puke. I searched the place and took a plastic bag which was under his desk. I placed it under him and after a second or so, he puked. He kept puking for a while.

“Sky!?” Xander rushed up the stairs. He walked up to us and saw he was alive. “Xander are you mad at me?”

“No, it’s not your fault he had one.” He hugged me.

“I thought--”

“No one would’ve blamed you. Either way, if we didn’t leave we’d have witnessed it--”

“Last night.”


“I went to Alex’s room but he kicked me out and I tried to sleep in my room when I heard him scream. I rushed over to him and saw him in bad condition, then he had a seizure...I was scared to call you guys because you’d think I’d spread it to him--”

“Woah. Epilepsy isn’t contagious.”

“...I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“I get it...”

“And he also almost died.”

“Yeah we saw--”

“No, he died. Stopped breathing.”

He looked at me spooked to the core. “He what?”

“I did CPR on him last night. And now again. Just now. I’ve called the ambulance--”

“Hold on, you’re saying he died twice?”

“Yeah.” I said looking at Calvin who was speaking jibbrish again. He woke up a few seconds later and Xander rushed up to him and hugged him.

“I love you bro. I love you with all my heart. I will never ever hate you ever. I love you and if anything happens....I love you.” He burst out crying. He wiped Calvin’s tears and then all of a sudden Calvin fell back on the bed. Xander froze and then searched for a pulse. Then he started panicking. “NO PULSE!!”

“Calvin!!” I started shaking him. Xander pushed me away and started doing CPR. He kept going for a few moments. Then the door opened, Alex 1.1.

“Calvin!!” She screamed and rushed over to him. She started looking for a pulse. Then her face went pale. She started doing CPR. She kept going and going. After a while, she checked his pulse and burst out crying. She rested her head onto his chest, and started screaming, NO!!!!, my knees sank to the floor as I realised why she was crying. I burst out crying.

“This cannot be happening!!” Xander grabbed onto a glass cup and smashed it at the wall. Then stormed out his room crying and went back into his room. The door knocked and I heard someone open the door. Then footsteps rush upstairs. “He’s dead...” Alex sobbed.

The paramedics rushed over to him. Then smiled. “He’s got a pulse.” We both jumped. I rushed to hug the paramedic. “I love you.” I started kissing him.

“You’re welcome.” He smiled. Then went back to work. “Are you a nurse?” The female asked Alex.

“Yeah. Work at West Middlesex.”

“Alex.” He winked. Alex blushed.

“Okay. You done CPR?” The lady asked.

“I did.”

“Have you got any relations--”

“He’s my brother.”

“Okay, we are going to take him to hospital now, are you coming?” The man asked.

“Yeah.” She wiped her tears. I left the room and went into Xander’s room. “HE’S ALIVE!!”

He didn’t even look at me. I went up to him and saw the small bag he was holding. “Xander!!” I yelled. “Drugs?!”

He looked at me hazily. Then closed his eyes. “I love him. He’s my best bro, best friend. And it scares me.”

“Why would you take drugs?”

He laughed at me, clearly high. “Pain relief.”

“Xander, this isn’t funny. They’re taking him into the hospital.”

“You know, I always thought everything was fine. But...nah.”

“Xander.” I poured some water into a cup. “Drink it. It’ll help. Maybe.”

He looked at me clearly with double vision. I sat down next to him and helped him drink the water. After three cups I stopped. “Xander why are you taking these drugs?”

“Pain relief--”

“NO! Why?!”


The front door opened and shut. “They’re gone.”

“Calvin’s dead--”

“No, he’s alive. The paramedics came.”

“He’s alive?”


He tried to get up but I sat him back down. “You were going to do drugs forever?”

“Too much pain.”

“Calvin’s fine. Is this about school?”

“No, I’m back on track, because of you.” He smiled at me.

“What pain?”


“He’s alive now. So no more pain.”

“Then you leaving. And cutting yourself.”

I looked down at my arm. “I’m fine now.”

“And then Mason.”


“He’s left us. He cares more about himself than us. Imagine. Our baby bro just left the nest.”

I got up and went out the room. I called Mason. “Sky, I’m really tired--”

“You are unbelievable.”


“Come now. There’s been two emergencies. The second one, is because of YOU!” I cut the call and went back into the room. “I’ve got a surprise.”

“Really?” He slumped down on the bed.

“How long will it take for it to go?”

“A few more minutes.”

“Good.” I exhaled. I went over to him and placed his head on my lap. “How could you do this to yourself?”

“It’s just to get rid of my pain--”

“That’s unacceptable. I’ll call Alex 1.1. “How’s he doing?”

“He’s fine for now.”

“Xander’s doing drugs.”


“Yeah. He’s next to me.”

“Didn’t you tell him Calvin’s alive?”

“By the time I came into his room, he’d already taken it. But I told him, he’s alive and he knows now.”


“He also took the drugs because of...Mason...”

Alex fell silent...“He misses him a lot. Alex too hasn’t been coping well.”

“I know. That’s why I’ve called him over--”



“You called him over?”

“Yeah. That okay?”

“Of course.”

Then the door knocked. Then opened. “Sky?!”

“He’s here.” I cut the call. “Xander’s room!!”

He ran up the stairs and burst into the room. Then froze. “What?”

“He’s on drugs. Hope you’re happy.” I said to him.

“I did nothing.”


He came to sit next to us. “Xander what’s up?”

“Missed you.” Tears rolled down his eyes.

“Stop crying. You see me everyday-ish.” He hugged him. “Why would you take them?”

“He’s missed you. He’s in pain and not just that, Calvin’s in hospital. Paramedics just came now.”


“CPR, I gave him twice. Once at night. No one heard him, just me. If I didn’t, he’d had been dead by now. He had a seizure at night and was puking and everything and had nightmares and kept passing out.”

“CPR 2 times?”

“Yeah. I had to give him at night and not long ago, then he stopped breathing when Xander came and he started doing CPR, then Alex 1.1 came and started doing CPR. He stopped breathing you know. CPR 3 times...”

“Stop crying. He’s alive now.”

“He had a fever and two seizures. Hate me, go on.”

“Why exactly would I hate you?”

I looked at him confused. “Don’t you think it’s my fault?”

“It’s not contagious.” He said.

“Oh.” I sighed. “Xander’s missed you so much, he’s been taking drugs. And Alex on the other hand is suffering..a lot. They miss you and all this time, you don’t care!!”

“Calm down. I do--”

“You didn’t visit them once. You just think you’re so awesome you don’t need to come.”


“You’ve upset Alex. He’s sad. And Xander too.”

“I didn’t know.”

“You never do.”

“Sky stop getting mad at me for something I didn’t do!”

“You did. You never speak to me. I always have to call you, I mean, even when I do, you’ve always got something going on. I needed you yesterday, you weren’t here were you!?”

“You never told me!”

“I keep calling you and you NEVER pick up!!”

“I do--”

“You do but you don’t have time for me, time for all of us. You’re so busy worrying about yourself--”

“Don’t make me look like the bad guy here.”

“You don’t even care about us do you?” I scoffed. “When we were young, we promised to be together through thick and thin...and you just...disappear like that...”

“I haven’t disappeared stop taking everything so personal, as far as I’m aware, we spend forever together.”

“Yeah? Go on and have more fun with your new best friends. Leave me here and enjoy them!!”

He fell silent for a while, looking at his hands. “You feel left out?”

“I mean, I’ve spend over a month in coma and you’ve all gotten pretty close and I feel like I’m the third wheel. I’m a kill joy and--”

Then he hugged me. “You could’ve just told me how you felt. I was wondering why you stopped hanging out with us--”

“It’s because you guys haven’t asked me to come.” I wiped my tears. “Today Gemma did. I was going to say yes but then...I said no...”

“You’re still our friend--”

“I hurt Lucas, everyone’s mad at me for breaking up with Noah. Alex 1.1 was mad at me and stormed out the room. I was planning on running away again.”


“None of them liked me, I thought. But then Alex stopped me and told me I’m not going anywhere and I lashed out at them all.”

“Oh.” He sighed. “Noah misses you a lot.”

“I want him back...”

“You what?!”

“Nothing, that was a lie--”

“You still love him. Why are you being so stupid. Get him back.”

“I can’t. I love him and all but...enough is enough.”

“He’s the best you’ll get.”


“I mean, no one really likes to live with a short tempered crazy girl like you.”

“What?” My lips trembled. “You don’t like me?”


“We could’ve had a chance...”

“No!” He stood up.

“We could get married and have kids--"

“NO!!” He screamed at me. “I don’t like you!!” He stormed out the room. I looked at Xander who was already asleep. I looked at my phone.

“Hi Vic.”

“Sky, heard you broke up with Noah--”


“Gemma. And tiktok. And the news.”

“Fuck.” I closed my eyes. “You got her?”


“No, does she like you?”

“No, she likes Maso--”

“No, I’m talking about your date.”

“We are still...unknown status.” She sighed. “We’re going out together tomorrow.”

“Victoria...” My voice cracked. “Do you still like me?”

“I mean, I’ve moved on. So in love with the girl..." She squealed.

“Oh. Good. I was just double checking.” My voice cracked. Then I cut the call. I started crying and kept twirling Xander’s hair.

“Can I come in?”

“Mhm.” I mumbled as Xander laid down next to me.

“I can’t stop thinking about Calvin.”


“Can I come in?” Alex 1.2 asked. “Oh. Xander.”

“Yeah, can’t sleep.”

Alex laid down next to me. “I keep thinking about him and what could’ve happened.”

“At least he’s in safe hands.” Xander said about to hug me when his hand touched my breasts. He felt around. “What is that?”

“That’s my boob.” I said.

“Sorry. Really sorry.” He said quickly moving his hand back. I could feel him blushing and I was trying not to laugh. “Am I flat now?”

Alex burst out laughing and I could feel Xander blushing so hard. “This is really awkward.” He mumbled. “Sorry.”

“Two years ago,”

“Alex please stop.” I said.

“Like Miss described in front of the whole entire school on the high school musical play. 2018. Main character, Lunar Skylar. Awards for actor of the year.”

“Come on.” I burst out laughing.

“The new teacher panicked as she saw you. She didn’t realise you were part of the school and called the cops. Hello, we have an eleven year old Syrian boy, claiming his name is Lunar Skylar, probably undercover. He’s 5ft 3. Then Xander you snatched the phone off her and cut the call and said, 'back off her. She’s a fucking girl.

“And then Miss looked at everyone and asked if it was true and it was, oh the face she did was legendary.”

“And then she violated you.”

“Oh not that part.”

“She asked why you were so flat.”

“The whole assembly burst out laughing and yeah. Bullied for another year.”

“But you both helped me by beating everyone that bullied me. Until I reached Year eleven and you both were off sailing somewhere.”

“Yeah...but I’m still confused on how you’re 5ft 7. I mean, two years?”

“Yup. And my voice is still same old high pitched but I try to control it. I can-ish.”

“I don’t mean to be rude but...”

“Xander don’t say it.” Alex hissed.

“What? I’m just curious, you are too.”

“What are you on about?” I turned to face Xander.

“Well, you know as everyone grows they develop. They grow a bit more and puberty hits. You know, if you’re a late developer---”

“I’m not!!”

“You got your period this year.”

“Oh shut up!!” I punched him on the arm.

“On my bed." Alex said. "And went around the house screaming you got stabbed."

Alex burst out laughing and so did Xander. "Anyways, you might feel out of place because you’ve not’ve grown height yeah, but you might feel left out as you grew no tits.”

I turned away from him and faced Alex. “Your brother is crazy!!”

“Xander stop.” Alex said sharply.

“So, as I was saying, it’s hard being the only one in your year group who hasn’t developed. Are you in any way this early July, pregnant?”

“What?! No! The doctor said I had--”

“Okay then--”

“Are you calling me fat?” I turned back to him.

“No, I was just wondering. So you’re not pregnant...Sky you know we all love you the way you are and we wouldn’t like it if you feel insecure--”

"The surgery is coming. Stop making ME feel insecure. I look 10 months pregnant."

"And everyone doesn't care."

“Just get to the point!!” I groaned.

“...Erm...everyone develops--”

“Did you get plastic surgery?” Alex asked.


“I mean, you were all flat and all of a sudden, you grew some next level tits and ass.” Xander said.

“XANDER!!” Alex hissed slapping him across the face.

“I didn’t get plastic surgery.”

“I didn’t mean it that way, it’s just a question that has been tormenting us every time we see you.”

“Xander you need to shut up.” Alex said.

“I have no plastic surgery.”

“Okay.” Xander said.

I turned away from him and faced Alex. “I didn’t get plastic surgery.”

“We believe you.” He turned away from me. I turned on my back and looked at them both. “I hope you’re not thinking anything sexual about me. Or my tits.”

I saw them both blush. “Urgh.”

“What?” Xander turned to face me.

“I saw you blush.”

“No.” He lied. Alex was trying not to laugh.

“Alex you too. You were both blushing so shut up.”

“I wasn’t.” Alex lied.

“You are the worst liar. Just like Noah.”


“Do you like my tits?”

“No.” He lied.

“Do you want to touch them?”

“Sky!!” Xander whispered. “Stop.”

“He’s blushing. Oh look at him.”

He covered his face with the blanket. Xander did the same.

“You better both not touch me. Or I will never share a bed with you both.”

“We won’t.” Xander said. Then I turned to Alex who was fake sleeping.

“Xander keep an eye on him.”

“What? You don’t trust me?” Alex asked confused.

“Oh shut up and sleep.”

I waited until they were both asleep and then closed my eyes falling asleep immediately. After a few hours I woke up to Alex touching me. “They’re real?”

“Are you mad?!”

“What? I had to know.” He said going back to sleep.

“I hate you!!” I screamed. Xander got up. “Woah.” He smiled. I slapped him across the face.

“Not fake.”

“You are both rapists.”

“Not true.”

“Urgh. I’m telling Alex.”

“Snitch. I was just double checking, yeah.” Alex turned to face me. Then he started mimicking me. “Look at me, my boobies are the size of New York.”

“Where are you going?”



“I’d rather sleep in the cold than be near any of you!!”

Xander pulled me back to bed. “We just wanted to know. Besides, we’ve seen you naked a million times. So get back to sleep.”

“You both get back to sleep. Touch me again, I will kill you both.”

“We won’t.” Alex said. He wasn’t lying. “I just wanted to know for sure.”

I rolled my eyes and tried to sleep. Out of nowhere, I realised something. I grabbed my phone and went to tiktok. I read the comments.

‘Why are you not going live?’

‘When are you going to do a new video?’

’Guys she doesn’t even care about us, #unfollow.′

Then I saw the latest comments, #unfollow, everyone was typing it and I realised I had lost 24k followers!

Then searched my name up in google.

‘16 year old Lunar Skylar leaves Islam’

'16 year old creates, #unfollow--”

Lunar Skylar refuses to go Live on BBC News--

“Sky, switch your phone.”


He took it off me and read the page. He shut the phone down completely. “Sleep.”

“Alex give it back.”

“I told you to fucking sleep!!” He shouted. There was that awkward silence in the room.

“Alex what was that for?”

“Get to fucking sleep.” He mumbled.


“Don’t push me.”

“Give my phone--”

“Do yo want to get hit?”


“Then shut up. I don’t want to see you search your name up.”

“What is wrong--”

“I don’t want to see you--”

“Alex, you are being ridiculous. What--”

“Get back to sleep.”

“No. Give my phone back.”

“Don’t push me.”

“What? You going to hit me?” I smirked. “That’s what I thought--”

He raised his arm and I flinched. “Sorry.”

“I wasn’t going to hit you. I was just scaring you.” He said hugging me. “Just don’t search yourself up. It’s for your own good.”

After a while, I fell asleep. I woke up in the morning looking around. I saw Xander and Alex had their hands wrapped around me. "Guys."

They were both still asleep. I couldn't forget about Alex's reaction. Why was he being so weird. It's my name. My right. What's it to do with him anyways?! Or is he hiding something? Then I removed their hands and got up. I went downstairs and found three letters. Bills, bills, bills. I picked them up. "Alexandra Heffley, Xander Heffley, Lunar--

"What?!" I opened it quickly. Then read it. I looked at the writing and read it over and over again. I am being asked to go LIVE on BBC News!!! I rushed upstairs and went to lie down between them. "Guys!!"

Xander groaned. "What?!"

"Alex wake up."

He turned to face me. "Fuck you. I need to sleep."

"I've been asked to go Live on BBC News. I'm going to accept it--"

They both looked at me happy, Sike! No, they looked at me, more like glared at me.

"What are you thinking?!" Xander snatched the paper off me.


"You are not going." Alex snatched it off Xander and started ripping it a million times. "We care about you, there is no way, you are getting famous. You're just a kid."

"Demi Lovato started her fame when she was just---"

"You aren't Demi."

My lips started trembling. "I actually thought you were all supportive. But no--"

"We are supportive." Xander argued.

"I'm going to go Live. Weather you like it or not--"

"No. People will come and kidnap you or you'll get hurt. You don't want to be famous. You'll get backlash for everything."

"Last night, I guess I'm not a Muslim." I closed my eyes trying to stop the tears. "I was never a good girl was I? Never met my mum's standards, my dad the same. Always tried my best, never enough. Then I started quitting. I quit everything, started being rebellious and all that...just wanting attention. But everyone thought I had normal teenage anger issues."

"Sky, enough about your stupid childhood self. Just don't ever ever search your name up."

I got up but he pulled me back down. "Why are you always in a mood?"


"Calm down." He rolled his eyes. That's it!! I started pulling his hair. "Let go!!" He tried pushing me off. Alex grabbed onto me and pushed me away from him.

"Bitch." I shouted at them both. "You are all selfish."

"You're the one who has selfish written across your arm."

I scoffed. "And you just keep pushing it."

"What? It's not a big thing--"

Then the door opened. "Did any of you lock the front door?" Alex panicked.

"What?" Me and Xander said at the same time. I ran down the stairs and grabbed a knife from the kitchen. I opened the door and saw two homeless people. Child and mum?

"Hi, who are you?"

"I am Winter." The little girl said.

"I'm her mum." The lady said. "We've been going around asking"


"We are homeless...and," She showed me a shoe box with a few pennies. "We need money. She will be taken away from me if I can't cope. I need money--"

"Hi who are you?" Xander asked coming down the stairs followed by Alex.


"Mommy and I need money to buy shelter."

" you go." Xander gave her a fiver. She smiled kindly at him. There were tears in her eyes "Thank you. This is the most I got this week."

"Oh." Alex said. "This week?"

"Yeah. Apart from food."

"Oh, so you have food."

"Yeah. Thankfully. Just need to find money and be able to get my a new house."

"Good for you. So, what do you want now?"

The lady looked at him confused then cleared her throat. "Don't worry. Baby let's go--"

"Mummy we need money. I'm cold and hungry. We need money you can't keep saying it's okay--"

"I'm sure you'll get back to your own two feet." Xander said patting her head. "We need to there anything you need?"


"Sorry, we haven't really got any."

"This house is big." She laughed nervously. Clearly hinting she needs money and WE have money. They didn't get it.

"I know." Xander smiled.

"Thank you." She started walking away with her daughter.

"Wait!!" I caught up with them. "You both need a shower. You can come in."

"Sky." Xander hissed.

"Come on."

The little girl and mum hugged me. "Thank you."

"Sky what are you thinking?!" Xander hissed.


"You just invited strangers into our house, what if they're armed, or thieves?"

"They're not."

"Sky, Xander's right." Alex said.

"They're just showering. Then eating."

"And you've given up 50% of your clothes!!"

"I don't care. They're cold."

"But still--"

"Hi." The mum said coming down with her daughter.

"Hiii. You look fresh." I said giving them two big massive carrier bags. "Here you go. They're comfy clothes that we don't use anymore." I lied giving her a fake smile.

"I'm a psychologist." She smiled at me. "You can keep them."

"You have no clothes. I insist." I said giving them to her.


"I wasted all my time, so take them. No ifs no buts."

She smiled. "Thank you."

"And hold on a second. I won't be long." I said running up the stairs. I went into my room and reached under the bed pulling out the envelope I had carried with me since high school. I looked at it trying not to cry. "I got to do this." I whispered to myself. This money came from my parents and everyone and also the singing competition I did when I won 10 grand. I was holding 19k on my right hand. I smiled at it. They need this. More than me. Besides, I'll be a doctor and make tons. I looked at it again and took the money out the envelope and put it inside a small bag. Then wrote my number in a piece of paper and address. I put the paper inside and kissed the bag. I walked down the stairs and handed the small black plastic bag to her. "Don't open it yet. Until you're far away."


"It's a surprise."

"Why are you crying?"

"I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"I'm happy with what I've done."


"The surprise. No peeking. Until you're far from this house. Thirty minutes tops."

"Okay. Promise."

"So, said you're a psychologist?"


"Don't you make tons of money?"

"Yeah...but I'm still learning and I had to give everything up to pay all the debt. You see, my family isn't it was hard for me to get a proper education. But now...I have a chance...and then the house burnt down...I split up with my husband and took her with me. He's a broker. He's sweet and I really miss him. More than anything...just wish I knew where he was. It's been over five months."

"Wow. That's terrible...did you try and reach out to him?"

"I don't know where he is. I haven't even got a phone--"

I went over to Xander and took his phone off him.


"She needs to call someone." I said handing the phone over to her.

"Is it okay?" She asked him.

"Yeah." Xander sat back down.

She dialed his number and walked a few meters away from me. I looked at the daughter, Winter. She was staring at the sweet box which Calvin had bought. She was literally drooling. I went into the kitchen and took three Quality Street round boxes and emptied them all out into a black plastic bag. I took one out and walked back to the hallway.

"Thank you. He's safe now."


"Yeah. Got hired."

"That's fantastic. Are you going to meet him?"

She looked at Xander's phone and back at him. Then shook her head and gave it to me. I gave it back to Xander. Then turned to look at her. "You know where he lives?"



"A few hours away."

"Do you know the way?"

She hesitated. "We'll get directions."

"Hold on." I said going upstairs and coming back down with my iphone 7. I unlocked it and went to settings removing the pin. Then handed the phone to her. "Keep it."


"Keep it."

Then I realised Winter was still looking at the sweet I was holding. "Sorry, I forgot to give you. Take."

She looked at her mum unsure. She nodded. She gave the brightest smile ever as she ate it.

"When was the last time she had chocolate?" I asked the mum.

"I try my best..." She blushed.

"Don't worry. It's not your fault." I sighed. "So you'll now both be able to live your happy life again."


"Thank you." Winter hugged me tightly. I opened the bag and showed her a million-- "CHOCOLATE!!!"

"Yes it is." I said giving her another one. Then handed the whole bag to her. "Roughly seventy something sweets."

"Thank you!!" She squealed. I looked at the mum. "Go back to your husband. And be happy."

"Thank you." She hugged me. "You're so lovely."

"Thanks." I said as she pulled out. Then something caught my eye. I knelt down and looked at the mole. "It's just like this guy I met. Same place, same shape." I said. "You look so much like him. Same eyes, hair."


"Nothing." I quickly got up.

"Okay, we'll leave now?"

"Yeah. Take the clothes--"

"No. Don't worry. We're going home now--"

"But you'll need to buy new clothes and how long will that take?"

"Okay." She sighed. "I'll see you someday."

"Okay!" I waved. Then Winter rushed up to me and hugged me so tight. "I LOVE YOU!!!"

"Same. Your mum's waiting for you." Then I froze. "Wait!!"

They both turned to look at me. I took the phone off the mum and called a cab. After I gave the phone back to her and we waited three minutes. "Now you can go."

"How can someone be this kind?"

"Thank you. At least you both think I'm kind. Unlike some people."

"I will never forget you. Thank you."

"No problem."

"What's your--"

"Address, Number. On the bag. Don't open until you're far."

"Okay." She smiled. "Speak to you soon!"

"Byeee!!!" I waved. As soon as they were out of sight. I went back in and walked over to Xander. "They'll be okay."

"Mhm." He mumbled scrolling through his phone.

"Xander, Alex!!" I snatched both their phones. Then ran to the kitchen. "I will drop them in the water."

"Don't!!" They both begged at the same time.

"Twin sync."

"Not funny. Give the phone back." Xander said.

"Listen to me first. I just saved a kid and a wife from homelessness and now, they'll be safe." I bragged.

"Mhm. Food, water, clothes. Yup." Alex said.

"No, you both didn't even care!!"

"I gave her money--"

"A fiver. You saw how skinny and dirty the kid and mum were. You saw how...sad and depressed they looked."

"Sky, that's not our business or your business--"

"That's the thing. You both are so ignorant. You just care about yourselves. I mean, you saw the state they were in. They looked cold and--"

"Sky. You did a good job. They're happy now. Let's move on."

I scoffed and threw their phones into the sink and watched them sink down to the bottom. Alex and Xander grabbed me and threw me, yes, THREW me out the house, locking the door behind them. "You are not welcomed into this house."

I started knocking on the door. "It's raining. Let me in..."

"You drowned our phones."

"That's misuse of wording."

"You're definitely not coming back now."

"You know, I don't care. After five months, this little girl finally managed to have some chocolate."

"Good for you."

"Guys, I'm really cold."

"Die." Xander closed the blinds.

"Your phones are water proof."

"Still. You drowned them." He shut the window. I looked at the dark street as the water poured on my head. A taxi pulled up and I saw Mason come out with two suitcases and Noah with him carrying his electronics.


"Sky." He said coldly.

"I want to tell you--"

"I've moved on." He said knocking on the door.

The door flung open. "Sky I don't...oh! You did do it!!"

"Yeah. Just for a few days--"

"Until you're eighteen--"

"No, we agreed a few days!!" Mason argued.

"Yeah. A few days." Xander said taking the electronics off Noah. "I think you should go speak to her."

"I've moved on."

Xander almost dropped everything.

"Hey, that cost me--"

"Mason shut up. Noah what did you just say?"

"You heard me. I've moved on."

My lips started to tremble. He went into the house not looking back.

"Come on Sky." Xander said.

"Sky, did you hear what I just said?"
He started hanging his clothes. "You still not over him."
"I love him. I guess I got mad for the kiss...but I love him."
"He thinks you don't. He's going to turn back to his old self."
I got up and went out the room. I knocked on Calvin's door and walked in. "Noah, we need to--"
"I don't want to speak to you. Go away!!"
"I love you."
He dropped the pens he was holding. Then rushed up to me and hugged me. "I love you!!"
"But before, you weren't lying. You--"
"I did. I did think I moved on. But I realised I was lying to myself."
"So we're together?"
"I guess."
"But you're not moving in with me yet."
"Why not?"
"I'm not ready."
"So am I."
"Wait. You're not lying."
"Well...people change their minds."
"Good." I kissed him. I went back to my room. "We're back together!!"
"Gee that was fast." He said. "The room looks so cool."
"Yeah. Thanks to my led lights." I smiled.
"What's up?"
" you think maybe....maybe we don't..." He sighed. "Never mind."
"What is it--"
"Please just drop it. For real."
I sat back on the bed and he started talking about yesterday's match while I tried to NOT think about what he was going to say. Then the front door opened. "Hello people of the century!!" Alex shouted from downstairs. "Dinner time!!"
I rushed downstairs. "Is he okay now?"
"When is he coming back?"
"He's just had a bad fever and is recovering. He had nightmares because know...and he is fine now. And the two seizures, he doesn't have epilepsy. He's still going to be in hospital. So...let's eat. Take away."
"Mason's here."
"He's what?"
"I'm here."
Alex rushed up to him and hugged him. Then she burst out crying. "I love you, we all do. I've missed you so much. Please tell me you've come to stay..."
"Only for a few days--"
"Until he's eighteen." Alex 1.2 said.
Alex 1.1 hugged him again. "Thank you!!!"
"What? I'm only staying--"
"Do you want to sleep with Sky?"
"I would but Noah--"
"I'm fine with it." Noah said going down the stairs.
"You are?"
"No trust issues."
"I still do. Damn." I frowned. "I got issues."
"No, everyone has trust issues not ME." I smiled. Everyone rolled their eyes. "What? Facts."
"Whatever. So, Mason." Alex 1.1 ruffled his hair. "You will move in with her for the next year and few days."
"Don't worry." She said walking away.
"So, you are staying forever then." Xander said.
"You're my favorite."
"Same. But don't tell her." He whispered.
"Are you okay?" Mason asked as soon as he left.
"I'm fine." I said coldly.
"I have a head ache, I'm going to get some sleep--"
"Dinner time, guys wash your hands, Mason, shoes off!!"
"Okay, chill!" He took his shoes off and went into the kitchen. "Are you seriously expecting us to sit and talk like happy families."
"I'm out--"
"No, sit back down."
"Alex just let him do what he wants." Xander said.
He rolled his eyes and sat back down taking his phone out. "Hey, 327k likes."
Then Alex snatched the phone off him.
"Mason, sit down and eat."
"I'm not hungry."
"Fine then." She slammed her cup down on the table. "I try so hard at hospital and at work. Saving lives. This is the only time I can spend time with you but I guess...Sky get over here now!!"
"Okay!" I sat next to Mason.
"As I was saying, this is the only time I get. So I make the most of it...and when Covid hit was hard. I thought I was going to die. But neither of you cried apart from Noah."
"Because I care unlike you all." He smirked.
"Doctor said you're likely to survive." Alex 1.2 said. "But we did cry when we first got the news."
"You didn't cry hard enough."
"It's hard to cry when you have nothing to cry about."
"Alex what did you just say?!"
"I told you. I hate this. Sitting and talking about our day and all that bullshit." He pushed his plate and it fell off the table and shattered into a thousand pieces and he left the room.
"I don't know what that was about." Xander said.
"It's fine. Guys you can go--"
"Finally." Noah left the room and Mason.
"Alex are you okay?"
"I'm fine. Just some people don' one knows what it feels like working 24/7 in a hospital. Having patients which you probably won't see ever again by the end of the day, feeling exhausted and have no rest..."
"I'll help."
"Me too." Xander said putting some gloves on. "Go clean yourself up. We'll clean this place up."
"You don't have to do that--"
Alex left the room and Xander and I started cleaning. "Mason's your favorite?"
"Alex 1.2's his favorite. He's also mine but you too."
"Oh." I said looking at the kitchen. "Looks clean." I changed the subject.
"It does."
"What's wrong?"
"Okay." He said washing his hands. I washed my hands and we both went to the living room where Mason and Noah were fighting.
"No, we're seeing who's the stronger one." Mason said kicking Noah on the stomach. Then Noah punched him and they started fighting.
"Leave them." Xander said.
"Where's Alex 1.2?" I asked.
"Over here." He said watching something on his phone.
"Oh. Esmeralda..." I raised my eyebrows. "I haven't seen her for a while. Actually I forgot about her."
"She's gone to some friend's house, Harley I think, to do some lawyer work. She said it's temporary."
"Oh....Xander...why is it that no one is coming here. I mean, it's bothering me. I keep thinking about why there is no paparazzi or news reporters like before...?"
He looked uncomfortable. "Sky, you don't want to get hurt right?"
"You're going to hit me?" I took a few steps back.
"Then what?"
"We've lied to you."
"We chased them away...we filed a complaint which was--"
"So without MY permission you go ahead and...why?"
"Because we care about you and you're a teenager who has epilepsy, what if you panic? What if--"
"I get that I have epilepsy but you can't do that. What else are you hiding from me?"
"You've been invited to a lot of talk shows.."
"And why did you hide that from me?!"
"You might suffer a seizure. We're looking out for you."
"Looking out for me?!"
"You hate crowds. You panic--"
"My epilepsy is my problem. You don't choose what happens to me."
"I get it. I was just looking out for you."
"Is Alex 1.2 involved?"
"No." He lied.
"That's the thing. You keep lying to me."
"I'm sorry. I was just looking out for you."
I sighed. "Fine. You're right. I'd likely have a panic attack." I mumbled.
"Let's move on."
"So you're not mad?"
I went into the living room and sat down next to Mason who was bleeding from his nose and had a couple of bruises on both his arms where as Noah, was badly beaten. A few bruises and a black eye. "Tie?"
"No." Noah groaned. "But I won."
"I did."
"Guys any of you want to play Roblox?"
"Do you want to play Asphalt 8?" Xander asked.
"Yes." I said.
"I was speaking to Mason."
"Yeah." Mason said getting up.
"You can come with us." Xander said leaving the room.
"It's fine. I'll stay here."
" jealous?" Noah asked sitting next to me.
"Then what's wrong?"
"That's me and Xander's game."
"Stop over reacting." Alex 1.2 said shutting his phone down. "He hasn't seen Mason since forever."
"Whatever." I said looking around. "This place is full of shit."
"Woah." Noah said standing up. "What's wrong with you?"
"I just said--"
"I know but you don't...never mind."
"Guys!!" Alex 1.1 rushed downstairs.
"I thought you showered."
"I did--"
"Why have you got your scrubs on then?" I asked confused.
"I have to go back...I'll be home soon. There's just so many staffs that have caught Covid and the hospital is desperate--"
"Same old story. Everyday. Every time." Alex rolled his eyes.
"Alex what is it with you today? All I've done is be nice to you."
"That so?" He glared at her. "You read my diary!!"
"You read it. I always leave it facing North!!" He screamed at her. Nerd.
"Stop screaming at me!!" She shoved him.
"Don't touch me!!" He shoved her.
"Guys stop fighting--"
"Noah shut up!!" Alex 1.2 shoved him to the couch.
"Alex you're being dramatic--"
"Don't piss me off."
Then Alex 1.1 walked out the room. Alex 1.2 pulled her back in. "You read MY diary. My business!!"
"And I'm sorry--"
"How much have you read?!"
"Up to your love life."
"You bitch!!" He shoved her to the wall. "Why the fuck would you even continue reading?!!"
Alex rubbed her head. "Alex. I am asking you like any normal person to---"
Then Alex 1.2 punched her in the face. Oh my dais. What the fuck?!
"Alex you need to calm down." I said.
Alex 1.1 scoffed. "You really want to fight don't you. Desperate little boy waiting to someday--"
Alex punched her straight on the eye. He looked worriedly at Alex who was covering her eye. "I'm sorry. Don't tell Xander--"
"You rat!!" She shoved him to the floor.
"What the fuck?!" He kicked her before she could hit him.
"Alex calm yourself down." Noah said.
"I told you not to say another word!!" He shouted at Noah. Noah swallowed and sat back down.
"Alex don't shout at him like that--"
Alex 1.1 punched him on the face and he burst out crying. Alex 1.1 hesitated and then sat next to him. Then he did the move. Blood choke.
"HELP!!" Alex 1.1 screamed as Alex chocked her.
I ran up to him--
"Touch me, you're dead." He said coldly. Then looked at Alex who was almost blacking out. "Will you touch my diary again?"
She tapped onto his arm twice. He let go. "You're lucky."
Then she burst out crying and rubbed her throat. Alex got up and left slamming the door behind him.
"You okay?" Noah rushed up to her. "I'm sorry I didn't help."
"It's fine. I need to get to work---"
"You can't go like that. It's all red."
"And I cannot be selfish and let people die." She said getting up. She kept rubbing her throat and then left the room when Xander came in. "Where are you going?"
"You said you--"
"The lady who's supposed to be there has the covid--"
"Your eye." Xander touched it. Alex winced. "Your neck, wait. Noah did you--"
"No it was--"
"No one." Alex cut in.
"Sky. Tell me. After all, I'm your favorite."
"Alex." I said. Alex and Noah glared at me. "What?"
"I'm going to kill him." Xander said running up the stairs.
Alex walked up to me. "Xander is going to hurt him."
"He's a million times stronger than Xander."
"But you know how he is. He's intimidated by him." She hissed.
"Sky you grassed on him because of Xander? You see how easy he tricked you?!" Noah said out of nowhere.
"He didn't."
"Sky, he said you're his favorite. Re think everything he said."
I frowned. "So he tricked me?"
"Yes." They both said at the same time. Alex walked out the room and out the front door. "Guys take care. I'll be back. Hopefully." She closed the door. I turned to Noah. "I am going to shout at him."
"And I'm going to watch tiktok."
"Whatever." I said going up the stairs. I heard some commotion in Alex 1.2's room. I peeked inside and saw Xander shouting at Alex who was crying.
"What were you thinking?!" He shouted.
"I'm sorry." Alex wiped his tears.
Xander slapped him across the face. "She's older than you!"
"I lost it. I didn't mean it--"
Xander punched him straight on the nose. "Touch anyone again, you are dead!!"
Alex was on the floor crying. "I didn't mean to hit her."
"You fucking did!!"
Then I heard Mason coming. I quickly moved away from the door. "Hi Mase."
"Sky, do you know where--"
"Alex is in hospital."
"What happened?!"
"No, she has a new shift."
"Yeah." I said following him back to his room. "Does Xander intimidate you?"
"Why not?"
"Because he'd never hurt me."
"I guess..."
"Noah and Alex 1.2 are. Always."
"They both should stop being wimps and actually fight him. Alex will kill him with one finger."
"Takwendo master."
"Yeah." I smiled.
"Is it just me or is it every time Xander you know...gets aggressive with Alex, he inflicts the same thing at Noah. Like a cycle."
"They don't even realise it."
"Hi guys." Xander came in.
"How was your talk with Alex?" I crossed my arms and smiled at him.
"It was fine." He lied. Mason fucking believed him. "What talk?"
"That's not important." Xander said. "Let's continue playing." He said going back to his room.
Mason sat back on his gaming chair and put his head set on. Then waited for Xander to log on. I left the room and walked up to Alex 1.2's room. I was about to knock but I heard soft crying. I peeked in. Alex was crying. He really was crying. Like a kid. Damn.
I knocked on the door. "Can I come in?"
"I'm changing." He lied.
I opened the door and saw him sitting on the floor wiping his tears.
"What's up?"
"I just came to check on you. Why are you crying?"
"It was Xander?" I sat next to him. Then he burst out crying. "I don't get it. You're a million times stronger than him."
"I'm scared of him." He whispered.
"I shouldn't have hit her or scared Noah."
"You didn't think at that moment." I said. Then looked at his eye. "He hit you there?"
He covered it with his hands. He winced as he moved his right arm. I looked at him for a second. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing." He lied. I lifted his shirt up and saw a huge bruise on his right side. He winced as I touched it.
"Does it hurt?"
I hugged him. "Don't worry. I'll make sure he pays."
"No, don't tell him....or he'll really hurt me. This is nothing compared to last time."
" you up?"
"I need to do some work." He winced as he got up. He laid down on his bed trying to fight back his tears.
"Does it hurt that much?"
"I'm fine." He lied.
I laid next to him. "You sure you're okay?"
"Come downstairs."
He blushed. "He grounded me." He mumbled.
"He what?!"
"He can't do that. That's like, no." I said getting up.
"Please don't!!"
"Sky don't."
"Fine." I lied. I walked out the room and burst into Xander's room. "XANDER!!"
"Hi Sky." Neha smiled.
"We are next door and I could hear you guys. And Xander, you better un-ground him and you have got a lot of explaining to do--"
"He told you?"
"Why would you hit him that hard?" I hissed.
"Xander you got into a fight?" Neha asked looking at him in complete disgust. "I thought you said you weren't going to get into any fights."
"I didn't--"
"You did."
"Sky back me up here. Remember favorite?"
"Listen, I love you." I said to Xander, then turned to Neha. "He intimidates all his brothers. They're scared of him and he beats them up all the time."
"Not all the time." Xander said. Neha started putting all her clothes on. "Baby where are you going?"
"Come on. I didn't even hit them that hard."
"Calvin has two big purple patches and Alex has one big one on his right side."
"Is that true?"
"Yes." I said.
"Tell me the truth."
"I beat them up."
"Xander I thought you stopped being violent!!" She shouted. "I keep believing you can change...I want to be with you for the rest of my life but it's impossible. You are too much to handle."
"I just beat him up once--"
"No, not once. It's every time. You never quit!!"
"I can. I will."
"Xander, enough is enough. We are over."
"You are joking....right?"
"I wish I was. I'm sure one day you'll find someone who can actually help you control your anger." She said walking past me wiping her tears. "Bye." She said to him walking out the room. Xander looked at me helplessly.
"Just go. You've already ruined my life. No point in apologising." He burst out crying.
"I said GO!!"
I left the room and went back to my room where Noah was too busy doing something on his phone laying down on my bed. I started biting my nails.
"You okay?" He asked.
"She broke up with him..."
"Xander and Neha. They broke up."
"That's crazy and impossible." He sat upright. "I'll go speak to him--"
"No, he's not in the mood."
"Did you see him--"
"I did."
"Is he okay though?"
"...He is."
"You seem agitated."
"No." I lied.
"Tell me what's wrong."
"Nothing." I got up to leave but he pulled me back. "What is it?"
"For once just don't LIE to me."
"It's my fault."
"What? You cheated on me with him?!"
"No. I told Neha that he is violent."
"You heard me. I told her that he beats you, Alex and....Calvin up."
"He's going to start beating him up regularly soon."
"No he's not!!"
"Noah, he's beaten Alex up."
"Which one?" He stood up.
"1.2. He was on the floor crying when I came in."
Noah left the room and knocked on Alex's room. He went in and I saw Alex crying on his bed staring at the wall. "He's going to kill me."
"He just said he's going to kill me." He mumbled.
"Alex you okay?"
"I'm fine." He lied.
"You're not fine. Come on." Noah laid down next to him and wiped his tears. "Don't cry."
"I'm sorry I scared you before."
"I know you didn't mean it."
"I was just mad at her. My diary is a big thing."
"Don't blame you." Noah whispered. "I love you, okay? And he does too. Just has anger issues."
"He scares me a lot."
"Same." Noah sighed. "You just got to stand up for yourself."
"I know...."
"He won't hurt you."
"Already has." He pulled his shirt up. There was another bruise.
"When did that happen?" I asked walking over to him.
"A few moments ago." He mumbled.
Noah wiped his tears. "Can you move?"
"Hurts a bit." He sighed.
"You both need to stand up to him."
"You're right." Alex said standing up. "It's time to end this."
"Alex where are you going?"
"Don't move. Stay here." He said and left the room limping to Xander's room.
"Should I go--"
"No. He told us to not move." Noah said sitting up. He showed me the pillow. "It's soaking wet. How much has he cried?"
"He's really scared of him." I sat down next to him. "You don't think he's beating him up...right?"
"No. Alex wouldn't. Maybe. Yeah, probably."
I got up to leave but he pulled me back. "He's hurt us too many times. He deserves to get...beaten a bit."
"Okay. Where's Mason?"
"Downstairs. Watching TV."
Then Alex came back in with blood on his knuckles. "He won't ever dare to hit you or Calvin again."
"Alex...what have you done?"
"I taught him what pain is."
"Is he okay now?"
"Don't go there. Not now."
"I'm going downstairs, wanna come?" He asked us both.
"Yeah." Noah got up.
"I'm going to play Roblox." I said going into my room. I waited until I heard footsteps going down the stairs and into the living room. I opened the door quietly and peeked inside. Xander was on his bed crying.
"I'm sorry." I walked up to him.
"Don't be. It's all my fault."
"It is." I said. He looked at me shocked. "What?"
"You heard me...Xander you okay?" I laid down next to him and started twirling his hair.
"I'm fine." He lied tears rolling down his eyes.
"Your face..."
"Yeah. Fine." He lied still crying.
"He beat you up that bad?"
"He did. I didn't even see my brother, just some angry dude ready to kill me at any time."
"Where hurts more?"
"My neck."
I looked at it properly. "I can see the finger marks."
Then he winced.
"What's up?"
"Nothing." He lied. I lifted his shirt up and suddenly burst out crying. He needs to go A&E. This bruise is too serious. Then I pulled his pants down and started freaking out. "Xander...."
"I'm fine." He lied trying to stop crying. I pulled his pants back up and fixed his shirt.
"He shouldn't have hit you that badly."
"Yeah. But I deserved it."
"But that was out of order, I mean, you're literally..hurt."
"Neha left me. I got beat up. Lost my best friend."
"I'm still here."
"I know." He looked back at the door.
"Can you stand up?"
"Yeah." He lied.
"Is it really that bad?"
"Sky just go."
I went out the room and into my room where Mason had come back and was playing Fifa--
"Hey." I said taking my phone out. I called Alex 1.1. "Hi--"
"Sky I have no time-"
"Hear me out. Xander beat Alex up really badly and now Alex has a purple bruise on his side. Then I told Alex to stand up for himself and so behind my back he went and beat Xander up so badly he can't stand up, even when he said he can. He's lying to me. I think he needs to go A&E. You haven't seen the bruise. It sent shivers down my back."
"Hold on, what?"
"Yeah Sky, what?" Mason dropped the controller and took his head set off.
"And keep in mind Alex is a million times stronger than anyone."
"Is Xander okay?"
"I'm on the phone." I hissed.
"Is he okay?"
"He's not okay. He was crying. I saw him."
"I mean, Alex must've really lost it."
"He's in a lot of pain. He can't stand up and not just that...Neha left him. Because of him always beating Alex and Noah up."
"How did she know that?"
"I told her."
"So you grassed him up?"
"She can't keep sleeping with a violent idiot--"
"Woah. Don't speak about him like that." She sighed. "Why would you tell her?"
"Alex and Noah fear him and he doesn't even care. I mean, he keeps scaring them everyday. And now Alex is inflicting the pain to Noah's a cycle...Noah's inflicting his pain onto me...."
"Surprised you found out now." Mason said putting his head set on.
"He was inflicting his pain onto me."
"I didn't realise." She mumbled. "I'm sorry."
"I need to go." I said cutting the call. I looked around and found Noah in Alex's room. "Where's Alex?"
"Downstairs." He said. I sat down next to him. "Please tell me about your aggressiveness and don't lie to me."
"All this time you've been getting more and more aggressive. This isn't you. I know it. You were just like Calvin, just a few shoves and pranks. In fact, it's only been two years since you started being a dick."
"Tell me how this started. Start from two years ago when you started being aggressive."
"I don't want to."
"Tell me. I'm your girlfriend. Just tell me where it came from. You owe me after everything you did to me."
"Xander started being aggressive with me in 2018...ever since I moved in, he thinks he controls me. I have been in constant fear until I moved into Riverspark college. I've always had to do everything perfect, if I get bad grades, Xander would scream at me and strangle me. I'd always be crying at night and couldn't sleep alone. I'd always be next to Alex 1.1 like a shadow. If she's not home, I'd always be with Alex. I couldn't be by himself."
"That's terrible."
"And when Alex had to go school and Xander had a day off...I would have panic attacks and then I'd come and visit Alex 1.1 in hospital while she's working. Tagging along with her, but the nurses allow me as I'm always helping out. But then soon enough when I went to school on late November, I'd gone mad. Yes I was still helping out at the hospital and always being a good boy but when I went to school...I'd inflict my pain on the people I hate. I was starting to get aggressive. To the point where the head teacher, threatened to kick me out. Every time I went home, I knew I was done. I always tried to avoid him...if I broke something, spilled something, fucked something up or done something wrong he'd loose it and hurt me. That's why I always go to school with new bruises every time."
"You always said you got into a fight."
"Yeah. And every time I misbehaved, I had a beating from him. But my grades were the worst..."
"Stop crying. I know you can't remember everything you learn and it takes a while for you to understand."
"And I was always scared to raise my hand up if I didn't know something. Alex used to help me but he said me to ask my teacher and I was too much of a wimp that I didn't and I kept lying to everyone at the point that I started getting zeros."
"Everyone thought you did it deliberately."
"And then I gave up on studying."
"You'd always bunk."
"And then started smoking...and then Xander really started loosing it. Everyday I'd go to sleep crying. Always had to live in fear."
I hugged him. "You should've gone home."
"We never got along. Mum and I."
"And then I came along and started teaching you."
"My grades were going really high...until Xander had a bad day. I was alone at home, and we started being friends again, he didn't hit me for three months. Then he absolutely lost it and started hitting me. He kept hitting me until I passed out. Then he started doing it. Every time he was angry he'd beat me up. And I went back to my old self. Not just beating boys up girls up too.Everyone was sacred of me. I got six and fives on my my GCSE's which is bad...and at that...I turned evil. Careless on who I hurt. Then Xander would beat me up when I came back home. I had to get rid of the pain and became and alcoholic and started doing drugs. Then coke. I got obsessed to the point that he...I was in a lot of trouble. I never went back home alone. I always spent time outside. Remember the first time I asked to move in with you?"
"We only went out for a day."
"You turned me down....and I had to go home. Beaten up everyday." He smiled sadly. "And I got used to it. He'd apologise at the end of the day and I'd trust him the next day, then he did the same thing. I kept trusting him until I tried to kill myself."
"You tried to kill yourself?!"
"I did. Then he stopped beating me up. And we became friends again until one day, I hit you. He beat me up so hard I couldn't go to school for the week"
"I was wondering why."
"That's when I had enough and tried to kill myself again. I tried to kill myself again and Xander saved me....he didn't hit me again. Until you told him about the kidnapping incident...he really hurt me. He strangled me and kicked me a million times until I started bleeding."
"Then he apologised and then you went into coma because of me. I remember him," His voice cracked. "He went into my room with a bat and closed the door behind him. That was the worst beating I'd ever had. He beat me up for hours. And everyday, he did the same. Same old routine.Until I tried to kill myself again."
"January this year, Alex 1.2 lost it with him. Then he beat him up but then Xander scared the hell out of him. That was the first time Alex had beaten him up. Since that incident, Alex was scared of him. He didn't dare piss him off. And then Alex started hitting me. And I started hitting YOU. And Alex 1.1 did nothing and so did Calvin. I was scared to be alone. I didn't dare stay in the same room as him even when I knew I was safe. Always had to look everywhere, I was scared. Really scared. I'm sorry. I should never have hit you . It was stupid of me--"
"I hate him now. I really do." I whispered hugging him. "Always pictured him as the perfect brother but now....he's a demon. Doesn't even care about who he hurts."
"He wouldn't dare hurt you or Mason. Didn't have the guts to."
"Stop crying. He deserves everything that's just happened."
"He scares me every time. And now Alex....I trust him. He never hits me. Just Xander. I'm scared of him."
"Don't worry. He deserves to be punished real bad."
"I don't know what to do..."
"Well...we could always tell the police--"
"Then what?"
"You and Mason leave him. That's the worst pain he'll ever get."
"Done." I said and wiped his tears.
"Aren't you going to miss him?"
"Yeah, deserve to be happy."
"Where will you go?"
"I'm not sure. Maybe me and Mason can go back to the college?"
"Yeah." He smiled.
I got up and left the room and went to Mason. "We're moving out."
Then I told him EVERYTHING. He looked so mad and started packing his clothes with me. After half an hour we had everything packed and called the school. "Hello, can we have our old rooms back?"
"Hold on. Lunar Skylar and Mason--"The receptionist said. "Yep."
"Thanks Miss."
"I'm not going to ask what happened." She cut the call.
We walked down the stairs carrying our suitcases when we were stopped by Alex 1.2.
"Where are you going?"
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