Lunar Skylar

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"Xander has scared you and Noah way too far and now Calvin. You of all people should understand. We are moving out."

"But what's that got to do with yous?"

"Pain. He'll hate it if we move. He'll be crushed into pieces--"

"GUYS!!!" I heard a scream from Xander's room. We ran upstairs and into his room. Noah was trying to untie a rope from Xander's neck. "HELP!!" He shouted at us. Alex and Mason quickly went up to him and tried taking the knot off. I grabbed a scissor and tried cutting the rope, then he passed out. I think. There were tears in my eyes and I was trying to look clearly but everything was blurry after a second or two I managed to cut it off and he dropped to the floor. Then Alex quickly checked for a pulse. He burst out crying and hugged him. "He's alive."

I exhaled. "Fuck's sake."

"Why would he do that." Noah knelt down beside him. Then his eyes caught something, a letter. He grabbed it and started reading it. "I'm sorry I hurt you all." Noah read slowly. We looked at him confused.

"Stop reading like that, hurry up."

Noah handed the paper to Alex. "I have got serious issues with myself. I have been struggling so much. Especially from my teacher. He'd always shout at me for being, stupid and an idiot. For being clumsy. No one ever realised. He'd hit me...and shout at me, I lost my myself for a know, it's so easy to lie to someone but it's more painful when they don't realise. Everything I have done is what he has done to me and I'm such an idiot. I can't control it. I try to...I guess when Sky started living with us, I kind of learnt to control my temper a bit. Sky don't blame yourself for the break up. I deserved it. I cannot believe I was that stupid. I beat you both up for a year and a half or something. Noah you didn't even dare be in the same room as me. I just wish Sky knew you were a good person and it was my fault. If I hadn't been an idiot, you'd just be pranking her and not being aggressive with her. If I could go back, I'd never ever hit you. I was an idiot. I won't be surprised if you hate me, it's my fault Alex scares you. I am stupid. I had to ruin everything. I am sorry. You'd never know how much I am sorry. I am so sorry that I've decided to kill myself for you guys. And Mr Trent, he'd always shout at me and soon I became depressed. I took all my anger out on you guys. And Noah, I always wanted you to do your best so you don't end up like me. I wanted you to be a perfect person with good grades. I was being an idiot. I scared you all. And now Calvin will never forgive me. I feel so depressed again. Now the person I'd always loved has now left me. And I've lost my best friend...I also know Neha will never love me again but it's for the best. And guys...I hope you are happy and feel safe again. There's no more danger...

I love you all....So, peace out. Xander, XH."

"He killed himself because of us?" Noah's hands started trembling. "It's my fault."

"No, it's my fault." Alex said wiping his tears. "I told him he's never ever going to be my brother and that I never want to speak to him ever again."

"It's neither of you's fault." Mason said rubbing his eyebrows. "He was depressed all this time. First Sky and now Xander. Who else?!"

"I never realised he was that depressed or his teacher was doing that to him..." Noah ran his fingers through his hair.

"None of us realised. Just saw him as the same old Xander who was in fact, struggling. Maybe that's the reason he took cocaine." Alex speculated.

"Maybe. I guess." Mason sighed. Then they all turned to me. "Did you know about this?"


"Then why are you being suspiciously quiet?" Alex crossed his arms.

"I'm not."

"Yes you are. You knew he was depressed?"

"Noah, that's not true."

"Then why aren't you being dramatic or crying or calling an ambulance or--"

"He's fine." I said.

"What are you hiding?" Mason asked suspiciously.


"You fucking knew!!" Mason shoved me.


"Stop screaming. You did!!"

"No I didn't!! I didn't know he too was depressed!!"

"What?" Mason asked.


"You said he TOO."

"I didn't tell you guys because he said he was going to tell you."

"WHAT?!?!" Alex grabbed me by the hood and then squeezed my throat really tightly. "HE WAS GOING TO KILL HIMSELF AND YOU DIDN'T TELL US!?!?"

"I can't breathe let go!!" I burst out crying gasping for air.

"My brother could've DIED!!!"

"No, I was talking about Calvin!!!" I heaved.

"What about him?" He asked gently rubbing my throat. "Sorry."

"He's depressed." I blurted out.

At that he squeezed my throat so hard that I...he squeezed my throat way too tightly. "AND YOU DIDN'T FUCKING TELL ME?!"

"Alex let go off her, she can't breathe!!!"

"I'd rather see her dead!!"

"Woah. Alex let go!!" Mason shoved him away from me. I tried breathing for air but then my hand started shaking.

"She's having a seizure. Back off!!!" Noah tried removing his hand away. My hand kept shaking and then I saw dark spots all around.

"I can't hit you, but I'll make sure Alex kills you!!" Alex squeezed my throat even harder. I swear I heard a crack, then he shoved me and I fell on the radiator hitting my head. He went over to Xander and picked him up, laying him down on the bed. Then he stormed off, out the room.

"Sky you okay?" Mason rushed over to me. My hand stopped shaking but my neck was throbbing.

"How bad does it hurt?"

I winced as I tried to speak.

"Noah get some ice." Mason said. Noah left the room and he immediately asked, "Did he scare you?"

I nodded.

"Don't worry." He hugged me. "I'm here, I'm sorry I couldn't fight him off." He pulled out. "Xander...what do you think of him? Does he deserve a second chance?"

I blinked four times. Which means, I don't know.

"He killed himself just so we can all be 'safe' and because he was that sorry...maybe he isn't as bad as before...he did say--"

"Here you go." Noah gave it to Mason. Mason laid me down and put it under my chin.

"As I was saying, he did say he was sorry and would do anything to go back and change."

"Mason, are you convincing her to give him another chance?!"

"Yeah. He deserves it--"

"I get he was willing to risk his life just so we can be happy but you can't just trust a piece of paper--"

"Noah what is wrong with you?! Your brother just tried to kill himself!!"

"I don't care!!" Noah shoved him. The whole place went quiet. I could see the hate in his eyes. He was mad. Scary mad.

"What is your problem!?" Mason hissed at him.

"You are the problem. It's you!!" He shouted at him.

"What did I do? Nothing!!"

"You're always the favorite, he never pays attention to me like he does with you. Probably wanted you to be his brother instead of me."

"Noah what are you on about? He loves you--"

"I know he does. But sometimes, it feels like...he'd rather want you...he doesn't want me..."

"What are you on about? He clearly--"

"No, stop denying it. He likes you more than me."

"No, he likes you!!"

"He does. But you're much of a brother to him than me."


"Don't play dumb. He rarely plays any games with me. Just always you, he didn't even ask me before. Just you and him isn't it."

"He just wanted to spend some time with me--"

"Right. There it goes. Just wish he would actually pay more attention than you. Doesn't even realise how much he's hurting ME!! He doesn't realise he's being an idiot does he."

"He cares about you more than me--"

"Oh shut up will you!! You and I both know exactly. Don't be stupid!!"

"It's not my fault he like me more than YOU!!" Mason blushed. "I didn't mean that--"

Noah scoffed. "I cannot believe we actually made friends. You are just trouble!!"

"So are you!!"

"I'm not trouble!! You have to come in and ruin everything!! You need to get out this house!!"

"I was already!!!"

"Good. I never want to see your face ever again!!!"

"Same!" Mason got up. "Not surprised your own brother hates you."

"You did not just say that!!" Noah shoved him.

"You heard me loud and clear." Mason smirked. "He likes me more than you. Because I'm way more fun than you."

"That's not true!!"


"You idiot. You have to ruin everything. TAKE everything from me!!"

"I haven't taken anything away from you!!"

"First Xander and then Sky!!"

"What?" I said sitting up. "I thought you trusted us both."

"Yeah, I trust you both but you care more about HIM than me."

"That's not true." Mason objected.

"It is true. I'm tired of being the third wheel on everything."

"Where are you going?"

"I'm cutting all lines between you Sky and this whole family bullshit."

"You serious?!" I winced as I grabbed onto his hand.

"We are strangers, and so is my whole family."

"No, come on. Noah you love me--"

"I do." Then he had an idea. "You want me to stay?"

"Yeah, course."

"Then you need to choose. Me or Mason."

I froze. "You can't do that..."

"Sky's right. You can't."

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Make your mind up."

"Noah please don't do this--"

"You need to pick between me and Mason. Who do you want to stay with? This isn't a joke. I'm giving you ten seconds or I will never look at you, talk to you or acknowledge you."

"Noah, you love me I love you. Why are you being so--"

"Okay, timer starts now. And also, if you pick me, you are not allowed to be friends with him or even look at him. You're both over."

"Noah don't be like that--"

"10, 9..."

I looked at Mason full of panic. "I can't do this."

"Of course. No one ever loves me more than someone else. Always equal." He shook his head. "I'm leaving now. Who do you pick?!"

"...Sorry Mason." I looked down. "Noah, I pick you."


"Mason...I love him too much. Besides, our bond is getting weaker and weaker. He's the one I want to spe--"

"I can't believe you?!" He stormed out the room slamming the door. Noah hugged me. "Thanks."

I didn't even smile. I just stared at the door. Speechless. What's just happened? This is a dream right?

"What's up?" Noah wiped my tears.

"Nothing." I lied. "I need to get some sleep--"

"You still want him?"

"No." I lied.

"Why are you lying to me?!"

"I'm just...I love you. I'm just being stupid." I said fake smiling at him.

"Good. I don't want to see you both communicate and erase his number, unfollow him in all social media apps."

"Yeah." I said trying to fight back tears. He took my phone off me and started unfollowing him on all my apps. Then he removed him from my contacts. I looked at him in shock. "You hate him that much?"

"Yeah." He paused. "By tomorrow, I want you to be over him. For good. I don't want to see you with him--"

Then I saw Xander waking up. He looked around for a while and then burst out crying. I rushed over to him and hugged him. "We love you. Why would you do this to yourself?!"

"I just wanted to stop the pain!!"

"Xander..." Noah sat down next to him. "You love me?"

"I do."

"More than Mason?"

"Of course." He lied. Noah stood up. "He's always going to be everyone's favorite while I'm just a broken twisted kid--"

"No you're--"

"I have a terrible memory..." He blushed.

"Don't worry." Xander said hugging him. "I'm really really really really sorry."

"I know you are. But I can't forgive you just yet...but I know you're sorry."

"And what you said about Mason and I...yeah, sometimes I do wish you were a bit like him...but we have too much in common and we get along more than anyone. And when I say they're my favorites, you're always number one--"

"I'm still here." I sulked.

"You and Mason are my second favorites."

"That's not bad." I shrugged.

"Noah, believe me, I'd pick you a million times over him. You're my favorite out of them all. Including Alex and Calvin. I know you don't see it, but I love you."


"Where is he?"

"He's moved out."


"Doesn't like it here." He lied. #shittestliarever.

"Why did he really move out?"

Noah fell silent.

"Noah what's wrong?"

"I was jealous..."

Xander wiped his tears. "Come on, don't cry." Xander hugged him. "Tell me what happened."

"You'll get angry--"

"No, I promise I won't. For real this time, just trust me."

"I...I made her choose me or him."

"Why exactly?"

"It's not his fault." I said.

"I was jealous of the both of you. I mean, Sky, I thought you loved him more than me. I know you're just friends but I was scared you'll like him more than me. As friends of course."

"But I like you more than him." I said.

"Okay, and Xander I thought you wished I was a bit like him. I thought you wanted him as your brother instead of me."

"Noah stop crying." Xander patted him on the back. Noah flinched. "Calm down. I'm not going to hit you."

"That's what you said a few weeks ago. Before you locked the door on me and beat me up with the bat for hours."

I could see Xander was crying. "I feel terrible with what I did. I shouldn't have been such an idiot. I hurt you...too many times...."

"Yeah, you did."

"And I'm sorry. I am a complete idiot. I cannot believe I hit you for all these months...I can't believe I did all that. I hate myself okay. I hate the fact I did that to you."

"Stop crying." Noah said pulling out. "Yes it was your fault...but it's also your teacher's..."

"He kept hitting me." Xander looked down at his hands. "Told me I was an idiot. Didn't know anything. Always had something against me. He said all those stuff that I started believing him. I started getting depressed...had no one to talk to. Who'd believe Mr Trent was a devil? No one. I couldn't even speak to Alex. My own twin..." His voice cracked. "Mr Trent...he'd always...beat me up for no reason. Always hurt me. And I didn't fight back." He wiped his tears angrily. "I was a stupid kid listening to everything he said. I believed everything and still fucking do!"

"Come on." Noah hugged him. "Listen, he is going to loose his job, I will make sure of it."

"He scares me so much. And I'm an idiot. I freeze every time. He hits me and I don't fight back. Just start crying like a baby...."

"...And he still teaches you...biology?" I sat next to him.

"Yeah. I don't know what I've done to him...I've always been a nice student, a gentleman, never shouted at a teacher not once in my life..."

"...Does he hit Alex too?"

"I don't know...wait..." He groaned as he got up and started walking to Alex 1.2's room. He knocked on the door and went in clutching the right side of his stomach.

"You don't think Alex also got beat up?" Noah asked.

"Maybe." I said. "My throat hurts a bit."

"Let me see." He said lifting my chin. "He squeezed it really hard."

"I can't even breathe with my nose properly." I complained. "I almost had a seizure."

"You did?"

"Yeah. If he didn't let go, it'd have caused serious problems."

"Thank god he stopped."

"Yeah..." Then I heard glass smash and shouts. "They're fighting."

We hurried inside the room and started spying on them. We found Alex crying on Xander's shoulder.

"Don't cry. He won't hurt you anymore. He won't." Xander said kissing Alex on his forehead. "It's okay." He whispered. "Stop crying."

"I'm really scared..."

"Alex, don't worry." He pulled out. "I love you, okay?"

"It's been almost three years..."

"Three?" I mouthed to Noah. He looked at me just as shocked as I was.

Xander lifted his chin up. "Alex, you are braver than this, yeah? Stop crying and let's put him where he belongs. Prison."


"Don't listen to his bullshit." Xander said wiping Alex's tears. "How did you keep this away from me?"

"How did YOU keep this away from me?"

"I thought no one would believe me..." Xander blushed.


"Why are you still crying?"

"I am so stupid. I can't believe I didn't realise you were depressed."

"Don't worry..."

"Why did he pick us?"

"I don't know..."

"We've always been good students. We've never ever gotten detention."

"I guess."

"Xander, come here." Alex hugged him. Then Xander burst out crying. "I'm a bad person..."

"It's not your fault. The pain was too much. I just got verbally abused while you on the other hand got verbally and physically abused."

Xander started sobbing on Alex's shoulder. "But I hurt you and Noah. Noah's only a fucking kid. I hurt him way too many times, I should've died. I'm sure he'd have been happy---"

"NO!!" Alex pulled out. "He loves you. We all do--"

"But there is no excuse for what I've done to him. I have ruined him. I have caused so much pain to him. He's scared of me."

"Stop crying. Listen, he loves you. Yes what you did was wrong. But stop hating on yourself and suicide isn't going to do much good. It's just going to destroy him and the rest of us. You know you're his favorite."

"Even after everything I have done to him...he still loves me. I cannot believe how stupid I was. I'm not a kid--"

"You were sixteen when he first hit you. Then it kept going and going."

"But he's sixteen. I hit him at 15!! I know exactly how it feels because I was in his shoes. It felt...terrible...being scared every time I was in class. When he walks past me I'd flinch, I can't look him in the eye even when I know I'm safe. I can't rest when I have his class. My heart beats so fast...I had to change my dream job...being an engineer...just because I didn't want to be in his class...and even so, he taught our class instead. Biology. I had to see him everyday....I gave up on my dream just because of him." He burst out crying. "I always wanted to be an engineer..."

"Always wanted to. Every single one of your childhood photos were with you and cars. Never stopped loving them."

"Yeah..." He wiped his tears. "We have him both tomorrow." He mumbled.

"Yeah..." Alex rubbed the back of his neck. "What do we do?"

"Let's tell Alex."

Alex lifted his chin up. "Xander don't worry. We will make sure he never ever dares to touch you or say any bullshit to us."

"I can't go to class tomorrow."

"It'll be fine..."

"What if no one believes us?"

"They will. Promise. So stop crying." Alex said holding Xander's hand.

"They won't believe--"

"This is what he told us didn't he. For over two years we believed him." Alex looked at his hand which was holding Xander's. "We were too scared...couldn't even fight back."

"We were scared to fight back the first time..and same with the second and third...until it reached a year, then two...and we're still scared of him..."

Xander sat down on Alex's bed. "I'm scared."

"Same." Alex said sitting next to him.

"I'm going to go toilet." Noah mouthed.

"Okay." I whispered as he walked away. I looked at Alex and Xander. They looked sad...scared and worried.

"We need to stop being wimps." Xander sighed.

"But it's hard. A habit is hard to break." Alex said.

There was awkward silence for a while both of them deep in thought. Then Noah came back. "What happened?" He mouthed again.

"What if they don't believe us? He's everyone's favorite teacher. Everyone loves him. There's no way they'd believe us."

"Maybe we can find evidence--"

Then I got a notification. Alex and Xander turned around to see me and Noah spying on them.

"Why are you both here?" Xander wiped his tears.

"We were just looking for some pens." Noah lied.

"You need to work on your lying." Alex sighed. "How much did you hear?"

"Since the glass and shouting."

"So you've been standing there, spying on us, for over ten minutes?" Xander asked.

"Yeah...but now I'm going--"

"No. Not so quick." Xander stood up and walked over to me. "You both need to go sleep it's nine already."

"And we are not kids anymore." Noah said.


"I'm tired of your stupid rules. You don't own me. Yeah, I said it. You have no right over me. If you want to fight, then let's fight because I'm not going to start crying."

He looked at him confused for a second and then hugged him, Noah flinched. "Calm down, I wasn't going to hit you. I'm just proud of you."

"Why exactly."

"You stood up to me."

"And almost wet my pants."

"I'm sorry..."

"It's fine. Not fine, but I accept your apology."

"Good." Xander pulled out. "What do we do now?"

"When Alex comes home, we'll tell her..." Alex said.

"She's probably going to come tomorrow morning...she promised she'd be here in no time. But it's always a lie." Noah started walking away wiping his tears.

"Noah, she's saving lives. This Covid has ruined everyone. She's saving millions of lives okay, I'm sure she misses you a lot. She's always trying to do everything to show that she cares..." Xander said.

"The home made meals..." I noted.

"Family time..." Alex said. "Always trying to find something to do that will bring us close and we just make it impossible. We never bother to help..."

"We've really hurt her." I said.

"I need to apologise to her and when she comes home, we'll tell her."


"And I am going to make friends with Mason. Weather you like it or not." I said storming away from Noah.

I woke up to a sharp pain in my stomach. I looked at Mason who was snoring. Well breathing with his mouth open. Don't even know when this started. I looked at my huge stomach and burst out crying. I only had a few days until my surgery. I'll be fine. After a minute I had another pain and got up. I started walking to Xander's room and collapsed on his bed. I burst out crying and started rubbing my stomach.
"My stomach, something's inside. It's kicking--"
"Listen, I don't know what is going on with you--"
Then I started sobbing. The pain was unbelievably painful. I started crying and whining.
"Sky calm down. Your surgery is--"
Then I quietened down. "It's calmed down...Xander there's something inside."
"Okay, get some--"
Then I started screaming and crying. He covered my mouth. "Stop screaming, Mason and Alex will wake up."
"It hurts!!"
"Okay, let's just take you to A&E, okay?"
I started heaving. "I am in so much pain. Too much. There's something inside me!!!"
"There is nothing--"
Then I screamed again. He lifted my jumper up and listened to my stomach. After a while of me screaming and crying he looked at me blankly. "Sky..."
"'re pregnant!!!"
Then Alex rushed in the room. "Sky, what's wrong?!"
"It's killing me!!" I screamed again and burst out crying. "Something is inside me!! And it's coming out!!!!"
Alex looked at me panicked. "What?!"
"She's pregnant." Xander said.
"What? The doctor told us all she wasn't--"
"Well he must've made a mistake." Xander said. "There's a baby inside you and it needs to come out." He said pulling my shorts off. "Get her oxygen tank." He said to Alex. Then I screamed again and burst out crying. "I'm going to die!!!"
"No you won't." He said opening the light. "Calm yourself down at the mean time."
"Calm my fucking self?!! There's a baby waiting to come out!!!"
"Calm down." He said calling someone. "She's giving birth."
"Turns out she was pregnant and the medical condition the doctor said, Eb---"
"I know, she's pregnant?"
"Is that her screaming?!"
"Where's Mason?"
"Hospital, other one is here."
"I'm on my way." Then Xander cut the call.
He turned back to me. "Sky you need to push now!!"
Then Alex came into the room and brought the oxygen tank and placed it down next to me. "Sky, push!!"
"I can't do this!!" I said closing my legs. "I can't!!"
"Come on, I'll call Mason, he'll help." Xander left the room quickly and I started screaming again. "I'm going to die!!!"
The door opened again and Mason looked at me confused. "What is going on!?"
"The doctor lied, I don't have a fucking medical condition!!" I screamed.
"Sky you need to push, Mason get the camera and Alex write the time!!"
Alex rushed over to Xander's desk and took out a pen and paper and sat back down next to me. Then he unlocked his phone and went to CLOCK. He looked at the time and back at me. "PUSH!!"
Mason came back into the room with my camera on his hand. He placed it down and sat next to me. "Push." He said. "Noah's coming right?"
"Yes he is." I burst out crying. "How the fuck did this all happen?!" Then I screamed again.
"Push!!" Mason shouted. "Come on, push!!"
"I am trying to!!" I said using all my strength. "I can't do this!!!" I closed my legs again. Mason opened them. "You can."
"I can't." I sobbed. "I want to die!!!"
"I see a head!!!" Xander squealed. "Keep pushing!!"
"I can't!!!"
"Okay, one more. Just one more push." He said. Mason held onto my hand. "One push." He said. I pushed my hardest and I heard Xander laugh. Then felt him pulling the baby out. As soon as he pulled it out Alex wrote the time. "01:27:20!!!"
Then Xander picked it up. He burst out crying and took his blanket wrapping the baby around--
Alex got up and froze. "There's another one!!" He shouted.
"What?!" Mason panicked taking the paper and pen.
"Take it out!!" Xander said holding the new born.
"Sky push!!!" Alex said patting my thigh. "Push as hard--"
I screamed and pushed--
"I see a head!!!" He smiled as he pulled the second one out. Mason wrote the time quickly, "1: 27: 41!!" He screamed in excitement. Alex held the second baby high in the air and put him under his hoodie and let its head out. "Oh my god..." Alex started crying.
"They're amazing." Xander said standing next to Alex. "Twins."
"Triple twins now." Mason smiled. "You did a great job."
"You seem sad--"
"Out of breath." I said putting the oxygen mask on. He went over and grabbed my camera.
"Look at that, it's twins!!" He said recording. He showed Alex holding...the baby and Xander holding the other one. Then he walked over to me. "She's dead. And of course, lets wait until her boyfriend arrives--"
"Guys!!" The door flung open and Noah gasped for air. He looked at Xander and Alex. He smiled and walked over to them and looked at both babies carefully. "They're twins?"
"Clearly." I said taking the mask off.
"How do you feel?"
"Better than ever." I said sarcastically. "Who did you tell?"
"No one." He said.
"Let's keep it that way until we're ready to tell the truth, probably tomorrow--"
Then I heard the front door open and slam shut. And Alex 1.1 swearing a million swear words. Then I heard tired foot steps climbing up the stairs. Then she came into the room and looked at us all. "Who's baby...Sky?"
"Turns out, my doctor lied." I said out of breath. "He lied. I don't even know why but all this time, I wasn't."
"Okay, and..." She walked up to them. "Well hello..." She cooed. "Are they both boys?"
"No, she's a girl." Xander said handing the girl to her.
"And he's a boy." Alex said handing the baby over to Noah.
"Noah are you okay?" I asked as his eyes started closing and shutting.
"Someone clean them up. Or I'm actually going to faint."
"Okay." Alex said about to take the baby but Noah didn't let go.
"Okay." Alex said going over to me. "Do you want to hold them?"
I looked at the camera. "Mason pause it."
"Okay." Mason said pausing it.
"These babies...this is big. I can't deal with all this. And none of you bother changing my mind because you all know I never give in when my mind's made up." I said putting the mask back on.
They all looked at me speechless.
" don't want them?" Noah asked.
I took the mask off. "Adoption?"
"Sky?" Alex 1.1 sat next to me. Then covered me with a blanket. "You just gave birth, you should take some--"
"So, you'd have done an abortion if you found out you were pregnant before all this?"
I looked down at my hands. He scoffed. "You were going to take two people's lives away--"
"No, I wasn't!!" I shouted.
"Stop shouting. Both of you." Xander said. "Sky, you just gave birth--"
"Don't." I said coldly. "I don't want to have kids. I'm just 16!!"
"Almost 17!!!"
"I really don't care!!"
"'Course you don't. You never do--"
"Woah." Alex 1.2 stood in front of Noah. "Don't speak to her like that."
"I will." Then he turned to me. "Would you even have told me you had an abortion?"
"No. Why would I? I know you'd go all crazy and I was right."
"I can't believe you!!"
"Noah calm down--"
"Noah, I know you're mad at me, but you need to understand that I don't want kids yet. When they grow up and I'm finally a doctor, I'll take care of them. With you..."
"No." He said. "You are not giving them up for adoption and we are over." He screamed.
I sat up but laid back immediately after a sharp pain. I closed my eyes as the pain worsened.
"Sky you okay?" Mason asked.
I kept closing my eyes trying not to cry. The pain was really bad. It hurt a lot.
"Sky?" Noah walked up to me. "I didn't mean we're over."
"I know." I still kept my eyes closed and then burst out crying. "My stomach hurts!!"
"Call an ambulance!!"
My stomach kept killing me until I couldn't bare it anymore. I started trembling and...seizure.
"She's having a seizure!!" Noah panicked.
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