Lunar Skylar

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“I woke up in an oddly familiar place. I looked around and saw Xander holding a baby. “Who’s is that?”

He jumped startled, then hugged me tightly. “You’ve been gone for four days!!”


“Yeah, now you’re better.”

“Who’s is that?”

“Yours. Remember?”


“Your baby. You had twins.” He said showing me my empty stomach.

“I was pregnant...oh...” I frowned as the memories flooded back in. “She’s mine...”

“Yeah.” He smiled as he handed it to me. I held onto her and felt this instant warmth...I felt real happy for the first time ever...

“I don’t know what I was thinking.” I whispered through my sobs.

“Don’t weren’t thinking straight.” He said. “She looks lovely.”


“Yeah...” He smiled.

“It’s going to be hard--”

“No, we have fixed it all. You can go school with Noah and they’ll be with your parents.”

“That’s good...yeah...” Then I frowned. “Money...I don’t have a job and Noah doesn’t--”

“Forget money. We got this. Your parents and my parents will deal with money issues.”

“...Is mum mad at me?”

“She seemed unsure but once she saw the babies...her reaction went from mad to happy...she’s also going to ground you but...”

“Yeah.” I smiled, kissing Cleo on the forehead. “Cleo?”


“Cleo.” I squealed. “Cleo. Her name can be Cleo!!”

“Oh my god!!” He hugged me again, “You’re amazing!!”

“She’s awake!!” Alex threw her papers and ran up to me. “I love you so much you--”

“I am calling her Cleo.” I said. She froze for a second and started kissing me all over. “You’re keeping her!!”

“I am.” I said. “Where’s the boy?”


“Why am I not surprised. Cole. I knew it. I knew Noah was gonna name him that.” I burst out laughing.

“Yeah...but we haven’t told anyone apart from our parents and Jay...”

“Okay..” I smiled sadly. “Why isn’t he here?”

“He’s with Calvin.” She said. “I’ll call him over.” She left the room.

“Cleo, Cole. You know, we all knew you were gonna call her Ruby or Cleo. Wait...Ruby?”

“No..I mean, Ruby Rose-Lunar? Or Cleo Lunar? Lunar Cleo?”

“Ruby Rose-Lunar?”

“Cleo Ruby-Rose Lunar?”


“Ruby Rose Lunar or Cleo Lunar?”


“I like Cleo.” Then I realised something. “OMG, Cleo, Cole!!”

“EE LL OO CC.” He said smiling.

“Does he know I--”

“Sky!!” Jay rushed to hug me. I could feel tears rolling down my back. “You’re awake and gave birth--”

“Yep. And I’m calling the girl, Cleo.” I said as he pulled out.

“Cleo? I was expecting Ruby Rose.”

“Yeah, I was debating before you came.”

“So you want...?”


Xander got up and picked Cleo up. “Hi Cleo!” He waited for her to say something.

“It cannot speak.”

He blushed so hard. “I forgot.”

We burst out laughing until the door opened again. Noah. “Guys is she still aslee...oh Sky!!” He rushed over to me. “Are you okay now?”


“I...Sky I will stay with you forever but I’ll keep the babies...and if you aren’t okay with it, that’s that.” He said.

I wiped his tears. “I’m not giving them up for adoption.”

He looked at me confused.



“Yeah, I’m naming her Cleo.”

“I was expecting Ruby--”

“Rose? No. Cleo. And Cole, they both have--”

“I know. Same letters but in different orders.” He sat next to me. Then I looked at Jay who was smiling as he watched Cleo looking around, drooling--

“Want to hold her?” Xander asked.

“Can I?” He turned to me.

“Go on.” I said. He picked her up and gazed into her eyes. “She’s amazing.”

“Thank you.” I said as he twirled her hair.

“Are you going to turn her into a tomboy?” He asked.

Xander and Noah burst out laughing. “No I’m for real, are you? Sky?”

“I don’t know. I definitely don’t want her to be pink obsessed girly girl Gemma! So maybe...I don’t know..I’ll let her be...”

“ know you’re going to be a mum...”

“Jay, I know. And can I call my parents?”

Xander handed me my phone. “All of you leave please.”

“Okay.” Jay said too busy playing with Cleo. Once everyone was gone, I called her.


“Skylar, I knew--”

“I’m naming her--”

“It better not be Ruby Rose---”


“That’s lovely--"

"Why not--"

"Because you are obsessed with her."

"Whateves...Xander has been looking out for her. He’s given her her first haircut!”

“Without me?! He’s giving me haircuts not her--”


“Sorry...mum are you sure you can pay both expenses--”

“We have the money...okay we’re going in the lift.” She said cutting the call.

Then the door opened and my parents rushed in. Mum hugged me tightly.

“You are grounded forever.” My mum kissed me. Then dad ruffled my hair. “You know you’re a mum right?”

“No. I am just a sixteen year old girl. Not a mum.”

“Are you serious?”

“What? Don’t look at me like that. Yes I love them very much and I am their mum but I won’t call myself mum. Just...I am their mum but when you say mum, it feels old.” I said.

“That’s disrespectful.” Mum huffed. Then I saw Jay come in carrying Cleo.

“Jay.” I smiled as he stood next to dad. “You both seem close...?”

“Yeah, we have gotten through a lot and Sky, you’ve exaggerated most of the things Noah and his friends did.”

“Yeah, I know.” I said. “What else have you done together?”

“Well...we did go shopping and did do some stuff.” Dad said.

“And he got my mum to let me stay with him for a while.”


“We were going to tell you.” Dad said.

“Yes. Just waiting for the right time.” Mum said.

“Where will he be staying at?”

“Well, he’s moved into the spare room.” Mum said with a smile.

“And what’s the point?”

“I can get to see him and spend way more time with him.” Dad said winking at him. Urgh.

“But how about going to school?”

“Well, when you go back to school, Xander will drive you and Calvin to school, on the way, he’ll drop the babies at ours and then take Jay too and you can go school. Same way back.”

“Are you okay about this?”

“Yeah.” I lied. “Welcome.”


Then dad kissed my forehead. “You’re going to be a mum. Excited?”

“Yeah....a bit.”

“It’ll be fine.” Mum said. Then the nurse came in. “Visiting hours finished.”

Dad sighed. “We need to go now. But we’ll be waiting for you...”

“And we’ll come tomorrow.”

“Excuse me, you one of you can stay.” The nurse said.

Mum and dad turned to each other.

“Who do you want to stay with?”


“Okay.” He smiled coming back to me.

“We’ll come tomorrow.” Mum said as she and dad walked out. I looked at Jay who was staring down at Cleo anxiously. “Have you seen Cole?”

“No..where is he?”

“With Alex 1.2.”

“Where is he actually. I haven’t seen him--”

“He’s in Calvin’s room. I’m assuming he didn’t hear about the news that you’re awake...he’s been taking care of Cole..”

“That’s good...”

“What’s wrong?”

“I just want to hold him...can you...?”

“Yeah.” He said giving Cleo back and leaving the room. I stared at Cleo for a while. She looked a lot like me. Then she started crying. I panicked. “Stop crying.”

Then Alex came into the room and hugged me. “You’re awake!!”

“Yeah and she just started crying.”

“She’s probably just hungry...”

“Get a nurse.”

“Sky.” He sat down next to me. “Did you just hear what you just said?”

“Yeah. Go get a nurse.”

“No. You need to breastfeed her.”

I looked at him confused and laughed nervously. “You’re joking right?”

“Come on.” He said. “You aren’t expecting to let them drink milk which is not belonging to you?”

I looked at Cleo. I looked back at him. “I can’t do this.”


I took my shirt off and placed Cleo on top of me. “Why isn’t she drinking?!”

“Stop shouting at her and that’s not how you do it.”

“Oh so you’re Mr Cleverclogs all of a sudden?”

“Sky stop snapping at me. Just take a deep breath in and out. Now do it.” He said. “Tickle her with your nipple until she opens her mouth.”


“Just do it.”

I rolled my eyes and did as he said and it surprisingly worked apart from the fact I cringed away and pushed her away from me.

“Did you just throw a new born!?”


“Sky are you serious?”

“She was tickling me and it was weird.” I cringed.

He sighed and gave her back to me. “Don’t push her.”

“I won’t.” I said trying not to cringe again. After a few seconds I was about to pull out when he said, “Erm, no. You still have a few minutes to go--”




“Sky, you really should read the booklet.” He said reaching over to the table and giving it to me. “Read it.”



“Drop it. Now where’s Cole?”

“He’s with Calvin.” He paused. “You haven’t held him yet...or seen him...”

“I know...”


“Guys?” I heard a small voice. “Sky?”

“Wow, don’t act surprised--”

“I’m Calvin.” Calvin said. He rushed up to me and hugged me tightly. “I missed you.”

“Same here.” I said. There were tears rolling down my back. He too was crying. Sweet.

“Don’t cry...”

“It’s fine. Are you breastfeeding her?”

“No I’m not.” I said sarcastically.

“You haven’t really seen Cole have you...” He sat next to me and showed me him.

“His eyes are brown.”

“Yeah. He’s got his curls from you.”

“Yeah...” I smiled. “Can I?”

“It’s your baby.” He said giving him to me. I looked at him for a while. He looked just like Cleo. I--

“Sky?!” Alex flicked this fingers in front of me.


“She’s sliding off!”

I quickly gave Cole to Alex and gently held Cleo. “This is really hard...guys thanks for taking care of them both.”

“Actually thank Alex and Xander.” Calvin said.

“It was a bit easy. At first they kept crying but then they stopped.”


“Yeah.” He said. We talked for a few minutes until Cleo fell asleep. “She’s asleep.” I whispered.

“Lay down next to her.” Alex said. I put my shirt back on and did as he said. I stared at her for a while then frowned. “Does she have any injuries--”

“No.” Calvin said.

“How did she survive the lift and stabbing and--”

“She survived it with no problems.”

“But how though?”

“Yeah...same question I have.”

“Sky get some rest.” Alex said. “Tomorrow we can speak. Xander will be back in no time.”

“What if she starts crying?”

“She won’t.” He said. “Never does. Now good night.” He said kissing my forehead and then Cleo’s. Calvin did the same and they left the room. Alex holding Cole on his right shoulder. After a while of me staring at her and wondering how she’ll be when she grows up, Xander came in.

“I am fucking tired.” He slumped on the sofa next to me and fell asleep immediately.

“I wonder what made him so tired.” I mumbled to Cleo. “The first time I talked to you properly was about Xander. Crazy.”

I was falling asleep when she started stirring. Out of nowhere she started crying. Loud. “Stop crying.” I hushed. She kept crying and crying until I had enough and called a nurse.

“Is everything alright?” Alex 1.1 rushed into the room.

“She won’t stop crying!!”

“Calm down. She normally doesn’t cry, maybe she’s hungry?”

“I breast feed her already.”

“You what?”

“I did. Alex made me. Anyways, she won’t be quiet.”

“Maybe she...Sky she needs to get used to you.”

“I thought I’m the mum and we have a connection--”

“I hate to say it but she has a real connection with Xander. He knows how to get her to calm down. So wake him up. I need to go.” She said hurrying out the room. I stared at Cleo for a while and back at Xander. She kept screaming when Xander woke up. “What’s wrong?”

“She won’t shut up.” I groaned. He picked her up and laid her down on his lap then gave his finger to suck on, after a while...she fell asleep. “That was easy.” He said going back to sleep.

I stared at the both of them and tears started rolling down my eyes. I turned my back and looked at the door. Then Jay came in. And sat across the room opening his laptop. I realised he was face timing someone.

“Hi dad.” He whispered.

“Are you still not asleep?”

“No, I was talking to Calvin.”

“Oh okay. How is he?”

“He’s doing fine. He’ll be discharged soon.”

“That’s great.”

“And Sky?”

I faked being asleep. “She’s sleeping now. The baby was crying. She doesn’t normally cry, I guess Cleo just needs to get used to her. Xander probably put her to sleep. I do feel bad for her.”

“Yeah, but soon enough, she’ll get a bond with them. A real connection.”

“But..Xander’s already got a connection with Cleo. I mean, he practically acts like the mum.”

“Maybe she’ll speak to Xander. But he’s just looking out for her. I’m sure soon he’ll let go.”

“Yeah...I’m also worried about Cole...Alex 1.2 is also his mum.”

“Hey, they both helped her take the babies out, they were first to hold them, so you shouldn’t worry. I mean, Noah also is taking care of them.”

“I guess. He does get along with Cole and Cleo.”


“Maybe speak to Sky tomorrow and let her know that Cleo and Cole are just going to need some time to get used to her. I’m sure she’s confused.”

“Yeah, She’ll understand.”

“...You don’t think she’ll get jealous?”


“I mean, everyone will be caring for the baby. Maybe she’ll feel left out. I don’t know but we can’t risk it. We need to make sure she’s happy.”

“ don’t think she’s mad at the both of us?”


“Because...she might think I’ll take you away from her...?”

“You won’t. Listen, you are both my kids and you deserve a caring dad. Like me. I’ll always be here. Promise.”


“Now sleep. Bye.”

I heard someone close the laptop and walk over to me. I closed my eyes and was ‘woken’ by a tap on my arm. “Sky?”


“Can I lye down next to you?”

“Sure.” I said shuffling over.

“Are you mad at me and dad?”

“No, why?”

“You can be honest with me.”

“Just sleep. I’m tired.” I said turning away from him. I closed my eyes and after a while, I fell asleep.

“Sky?” I heard James’s voice. I opened my eyes and looked around. There were standing Miles, Luca, James, Dylan, Grayson, Jamie, Jonas, Thomas, Tyler and Jordan in their school uniform on the floor playing Roblox. “What are you doing here?”

Jonas cleared his throat. “We have come to--”

“I didn’t grass you up--”


“No, I really didn’t. You can ask everyone, I’m a mum now so please don’t kill me!!” I panicked and looked at my right but Xander wasn’t here.

“We’ve just come to apologise.” Jordan said. I froze for a second. “I know what you want to do and I did nothing!!”

“Calm down.” Jamie groaned.

“You are all going to beat me up again. When will you stop!?”

“Stop screaming. We--”

“Guys?” Jay sat up rubbing his eyes. “What the hell are you doing here?!”

“We have just come to say sorry.” Thomas said.

“No you haven’t!!” I screamed.

“Sky, Cleo’ll start crying.” Jay said getting off the bed. “Guys what have you really come for?”

“We have come to apologise.” Dylan said. “We beat you up twice when you were pregnant...”

“I didn’t know I was.” I said wiping my tears.

“And we feel really bad. I mean, you have been through a lot and the stabbing...Sky you were pregnant and all this happened.” Tyler said.

“It’s not fair on you. We came to apologise.” Jonas said.

“Jay...” I looked at him with fear.

“They won’t hurt you.”

I looked back at them. “Visiting hours are finished.”

“We sneaked in.” James said. “We’re sorry and...we bought you gifts.” He said as they each gave me flowers.

“You can keep them. I don’t want anything to do with yous.”

“We want to apologise. I’ll go first. Sky I’m sorry for...beating you up and scaring you.” Dylan said. “So I got you four packets of barbecue Pringles with a three leter bottle of coke.” He said handing placing the pink bag next to me.

“I hate you.” I mumbled crossing my arms. “Jay get rid of them--”

“And I’m sorry for beating you up too so I got you fifteen packets of skittles.” Jordan said handing me a blue bag.

“Just because--”

“I’m sorry for being an idiot and for everything I’ve done.” Jordan said.

“I hate you all. Keep your stupid gifts and get--”

“I’m sorry for stabbing you. It was completely out of order. I’m really sorry for beating you up.” Jamie said. “But you also stabbed me.”

“Jamie!!” Jordan hissed. “We have come to apologise to HER not the other way round.”

“Okay, I’m sorry Sky.” He said. “I got you Doritos. Three packets.”

“Jay I told you to get rid of them!!”

“I’m sorry for hurting you. We all are. And we hope you can forgive us?”

“Forgive you? Are you crazy? You killed me!!”

“Not really--”

“Oh will you just shut up!!” I screamed at Jamie. “You all killed me.”

“And we are all sorry.” Thomas sighed. “We’re not forcing you to apologise, we just want us to all be cool.”

“Is this a joke?!”

“No.” He said. “I got you--”

“I hate you!”

“Some strawberry laces. From your corner shop. The Indian guy was really kind.”

“I do miss him. He and I always jam on those Indian songs.” I smiled. Then snapped out of it. “I hate you!!”

“You seemed happy two seconds ago--”

“Because...just all of you go--”

“I’m sorry so I got you some--”

“Dylan, I don’t want your stupid gifts!!”

“Quality Streets? Three packs?”

“Guys I know what you’re doing and it’s not going to work. Get out of--”

“And I’m sorry so I got you coke, coke, coke and coke. I carried 12 letres.” Tyler said placing an orange bag next to me.

“And you can carry those 12 letres back to your flat!”

“No way.” Tyler put his head set back on and went back to his laptop.

“Who said you were welcome here?!” I fumed.

“No one.” Grayson said. “We are all sorry.”

“I don’t care. Now please just--”

“I’m sorry so I got you--”

“I don’t want any of your bullshit!!”

“Roller skates?”



“Thank you!!” I hugged him. But then my eyes widened. “What the fuck am I doing?!” I pulled out and put the blanket over my head. Then burst out crying.

“I didn’t hurt you though did I?”

“I don’t care. Just go away--”

“We came to apologise....not scare you.”

“Well you’ve scared me bad enough.”

“Sky, they’ve come to apologise, just...maybe try and-”

“Jay, who’s side are you ON?!” I hissed.”

“No one’s.”

“Get out!!!”

“Okay, before we do, here.” Grayson said handing me a green bag. I didn’t accept it just stared at my hands. “If you’ve come to beat me up then hurry up.”

“We haven’t--”

“How am I supposed to believe you guys--”

“....We won’t beat you up again.” Grayson said.

“That’s not going to convince me.”

“Come on, I got you light blue roller skates--”

“And I got you a new tablet?” Miles said.

“No.” I shook my head. “I hate you all and I’m not accepting any of your gifts!!”

“Look at it.” He said showing me it. My jaw dropped. “That costs like £700...”

“Me and Luca paid for it.” He said.

“You did?”

“Yeah.” Luca said.

I smiled and then frowned. I threw the tablet back at him and pulled the blanket over my head. “I know what you’re doing. Once you get me to like you all, you’re going to hurt me isn’t it. I am not falling for it.”

“No one’s going to hurt you.” Grayson said.

“Jay get rid of them.”

“Sky...they’re sorry.” He said.

“We are.” Jordan said.

“Just forgive us...” Jamie said.

“Forgive you?!”

“No, I mean...just trust us again.”

“Trust you?!”

“No, he means...just....don’t be scared of us...we won’t hurt you again.” Thomas said.

“Especially now that you’ve got kids...” Dylan said.

“You’re going to hurt them too...”

“No. We won’t. We’re not that crazy enough.” Jonas said.

“Why are you really here?”

Luca sighed. “Because like we said, apologise.”

“How could I ever trust you? After that...those two beatings...”

“We’re sorry. I know what we did is not fair but...we are sorry.” Tyler said.

“I can’t deal with this. Just get--”

Then Cleo started crying. She’s woken up. I picked her up and tried to hush her but she didn’t. Just kept crying and crying.

“Can I hold her?” Dylan asked approaching me.

“You’re going to hurt her, that was your plan wasn’t it?!”

“No, just let me hold her.” He said.

I hesitated for a minute and looked at Jay. “They want to hit her?”

“No, come on. Just let him hold her. I’ll keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn’t hurt her.” Jay said taking Cleo from me and giving her to Dylan. Dylan started talking to her and after about fifteen seconds she fell asleep.

“She really hates me that much...” I sulked wiping my tears.

“No, she’s not used to you.”

“You too. And now she’s okay with you.”

“Maybe she loves you so much she shows her love by crying.”

“That’s the worst lie ever.” I mumbled looking down at her. “Maybe she...wait a second...when I was a baby I refused all the females that held me.” I said.

“That’s really weird.” Jamie commented.

“ is.” I shifted uncomfortably on the bed.

“Maybe it’s just genes.” Grayson said.

“But I did like my mum...I don’t understand. Every time she held me I would be calm...”

“She’ll grow out of it.” Jordan reassured.

“She likes Xander more than me...and she likes Noah too. Just doesn’t like me, I mean, when Xander picks her up she immediately stops crying...”

“I mean they gave birth to her right?” Tyler asked.

“Yeah...Xander gets along with Cleo as he was the first one to hug her and he helped me give birth to her. Then Cole loves Alex as Alex helped me give birth to him and he too was the first to hug him....and when I was in the coma...they both took care of them...”

They looked at me confused. “So Cleo thinks Xander’s her mum and Cole thinks Alex is his mum?” James asked.

“Pretty much.” I wiped my tears.

“Don’t cry, I’m sure they’ll get used to you some time.” Miles said.

“Yeah.” I smiled looking down at Cleo.

“And now do you want to play Roblox?”

“Are you stupid!?” I snapped.

“Just asking.” Jonas said going back to his tablet.

“Why are you guys all here?”

“Well we did come to say sorry and play Roblox with you.”

“I mean...” I looked at my rucksack. “Roblox is fun but I don’t trust you.”

“In Roblox you don’t need to trust anyone.” Jordan said.

“...I guess...” I sighed. “My laptop is inside the bag.”

“How about the tablet--”

“No.” I said coldly. He opened my bag and gave me my laptop.

“What time is it?”

“It’s four.” He said taking his blazer off.

“That was fun.”

“No it wasn’t.” I lied. “And it’s never going to happen again.”

“Not sure about that.” Jonas smiled. “And we need to get to school.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Can we visit you again after school?”

I hesitated for a moment. Then looked at Cleo. “Will you hurt us?”

“For the billionth time, no we won’t hurt any of you.” Jordan said.

“You won’t hurt us then?”


“Are you sure?”


I looked at them and back at Cleo. “She’s precious and it’ll be my fault if anything bad happens and I won’t be able to live with myself--”

“We won’t hurt her. What we did to you was totally stupid.” James said.

“We could’ve killed two babies.” Tyler sat next to me.

“And we should never ever hit a female. We only did it for Noah. We were stupid.” Jamie said.

“We are trying to make it up to you and won’t stop until you trust us again.”

“What if you hurt me again? Then what?”

“First off, we won’t. And second off, we will confess to the police.”

“We will?”

“Yes. Or she’ll suffer knowing that we can attack her again any moment!!” Jordan hissed.


“But you won’t hurt me?”

“No, we won’t.” Miles said.


“They won’t. If they do, you have Alex, both of them and Xander and me and Noah.”

“Right.” I cleared my throat. “If any of you hurt me again, I’ll tell the police.”

“Okay, done.”

“So...are you going to hurt me?”

“No. Never again.” Tyler said.

“Okay.” I sat up straight. “You know I don’t trust you all yet.”

“We know.”

“And I am still scared of everything that happened....I’m really scared to sleep on my own...”

“We’re really sorry.” Jonas said.

“I know you are.” I said looking down at my hands. “But I can’t forgive you yet...”

“At least be cool with us?” Jordan asked.

I rubbed the back of my neck. “I...I...what if you hurt me again?”

“We won’t. We all promise never to hurt you again.” Dylan said.

“Stop stressing. We won’t.”

“We had a million chances today but we didn’t hurt you did we?”

“Dylan’s right. We could’ve but we didn’t. We are sorry.” Miles sighed. “We’ve got half an hour to get to school in you want us to come after school so we can hang out with you?”


“He’ll come too. He’s going to be in school today.” Jordan said.


“Yeah.” Grayson said. “He’s been going to school.”


“Birth’s over and he doesn’t want anyone to suspect anything.”


They both did realise something was wrong. “Are you mad at him?”


“Then why are you sad.”

“I’m not sad.” I lied.

“Noah does care about know that right?”

“Yeah. I’s not him..”

“Then what?”

“It’s nothing. Don’t worry, just go to school.”

“Not until you tell us.”

I looked at Jay uncomfortably. “It’s about dad.”

“Okay, guys go. I will catch up with you later.”

“Okay, see you in the after noon?”

“Yeah.” I said wiping my tears as they left.

“What’s up?”

“You’re spending a lot of time together...”

He fell silent for a while. “Say something....”

“Are you jealous?”

“No...” I lied.

“Sky you know he’d always love you more--”

“No...I’ve sen the way he is with you. I mean, he didn’t even tell me you were moving it. Didn’t ask how I felt about it--”

“How do you feel about it then?”

I looked down at my hands as tears rolled down my eyes. “It’s fine. You can stay.”

He frowned and got up. He turned his back on me and started wiping his tears. “I’m moving out. I know you don’t want me there.”

“Jay, no. Stay. If it makes you happy. I can’t stop you--”

“My step dad. Ex dad. He never loved me, he always bought the best gifts for Miles and the worst gifts for me...mum always tried to make it up for me...” His voice cracked. “Dad always made me feel so bad. Always expected me to get the perfect grades, I know he always wanted to make my life hell. I mean, I always had to do stuff Miles did and always got the blame. He always made me feel so bad. I never got the affection that I wanted. My mum gave me as much as she could but my dad would always yell at her at night. Lately it’s gotten worse....the only reason I got an apartment at Riverspark and not stayed home was because I was tired of having dad tell my mum lies about me. Soon enough, she turned against me.”

“I’m sorry...”

“And I always had to suffer. He almost killed me multiple times and Miles still loves him. He doesn’t know what dad does behind his back and mum’s. He would threaten to kill me if I didn’t get the perfect grades. Instead of playing football with dad, he’d invite Miles and make me study. Study for years.”

“I’m sorry...”

“Not just that...he didn’t love me. And he reminded me, oh yeah he did. He’d always tell me I wasn’t loved. He would always always always tell me that. No one loves you. They just put up with you. That’s what he said before I moved out to my apartment in Riverspark. I really hated him. I couldn’t even...I always had to...I just didn’t trust anyone. I didn’t. Just felt intimidated by everyone. Every time...apart from my friends I had since primary, year 3.” He smiled and sat back down on the seat next to me. “And then I met my actual dad which was the opposite of my dad.”

“Yeah...he is the best dad.” I smiled at him. “I was being selfish...I am sorry...really sorry. You can stay with dad.” I said hugging him. “I love you...”

We both froze for a moment. “You love me?” Jay burst out crying.

“Yeah, I guess I do.” I laughed. “This is crazy.”

“Tell me about it.” He pulled out. I wiped his tears. “I just told you I love you.”


“Do you love me?”


“You don’t sound sure...”

He got up to leave but I pulled him down. “Don’t worry. It’s too soon and you’re not ready. Okay? So don’t worry.”

“Okay.” He said getting back up. “I need to go school.”

“Okay.” I said as he left the room.


I stared at the gifts they given me and smiled, they know me too well...but...what if they’re actually sorry? I know they are but...I--

“Hi Sky!!”


“ should forgive them...”


“I was standing next to you the whole time.”


“Yeah...just forgive them.”

“What if they hurt me again? Or the babies?”

“They won’t.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Because I am Victoria’s ghost.”


“Believe it or not. You can see me but no one else can.”


“ know, maybe they are sorry. I mean, the looks they gave, they were real...”

“But I’m scared...”

“Don’t be. I’ll be with you.”


“Hey, I’ll scare them. I’m a ghost, remember.”


“Sky who are you talking to?!” Noah looked at me freaked out.

“No one.” I lied.

“Sky you were talking to someone!!”

“No I wasn’t.”


“Just drop it!!!”

“Okay, calm down.” Noah sat beside me in his uniform. “...They came to visit you...”

“Yeah. Apologised.” I looked down at my hands.

“Did they scare you?”

“I thought they were going to beat me up.”

“Don’t cry.”

“But they didn’t...”

“They’re really sorry Sky..”

“I know they are.” I sighed. “Cleo was crying and I let Dylan hold her...”

“What?! What did they do to her? Sky!?”

“Calm down. Take a breath. They did nothing. Dylan got her to sleep again...”

“That’s great but why are you so sad?”

“Because she likes it when boys hold her...I was like that when I was a new born, remember?”

“Your mum told us.”

“Yeah...but I loved it when my mum held me unlike Cleo...”

“Don’t worry...maybe she just prefers males?”

“That’s not fair...”

“She loves me...she’ll love you soon.”

“Yeah.” I said clearly not believing him. He lifted my chin and kissed me. “Stop beating yourself up.”


“Now, I’m going to school. Cleo’s staying here today and Xander’s at school. Cole is with Calvin room 24 and Alex too is in school. But luckily Alex 1.1 will be here, as usual. She will be checking up on you from time to time, okay?”

“Yeah..Noah...the boys want to come back and hang out with me this afternoon...are you coming too?”

“Course I am. And I will keep thinking of you. Promise.”

“Okay...can you bring me some school work?”

“Yeah. I’ll try.” He said standing up and kissing my forehead. “You are unbelievably brave.”


Then the door opened and Alex came in with my medication and water. “Sky, how are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.”

“How many visitors have you had?” She smiled as she gave me my water.

“Noah’s friends.” She almost dropped the medication. “WHAT!?”

“They came to apologise--”

“You can’t forgive them--”

“I haven’t but...they seemed really apologetic, I mean...I actually felt good energy...”

“Sky, listen, I know giving birth--”

“Cleo was crying and Dylan asked me to give her to him. I gave her to him--”

“Please tell me he didn’t hurt her!!”

“No no, he got her to sleep in seconds.”


I took the pills and swallowed it down with the water. “Disgusting.”


“The medication.”

“Oh...” Noah started walking to the door. Then came back to me and to Cleo. He picked her up and kissed her. “Love you.” He whispered. I felt sudden guilt. “I’ve not said I love her yet...”


Then I burst out crying. “I didn’t say the words, I love you.”


“I’m the worst mum ever!!”

“Hey, hey, Sky breathe. I love you and you love her too, come on, hug her and tell her you love her.” He said handing her over to me.

I looked at Cleo trying to say I love her but...I didn’t say anything. Noah’s face went pale. He took her away from me and walked out the room. “We are over. Back off her, she is not yours.” He said kissing Cleo on the forehead.


I just stared at her blankly while she checked my blood pressure.


“Don’t. I’m not in the mood to speak.”

“I’m sure he doesn’t mean it...” She whispered. After she finished doing my checks she kissed me on the forehead. “You’ll be fine. I’m your nurse for the day.” She left the room.

I stared at the empty room. I stared at the clock...I had nothing left. I felt my empty stomach and burst out crying. I just lost her...

“Don’t cry..” Victoria sat next to me.

“I have lost her and my soul mate...”

“No you haven’t. They’ll be back.”

“What if he doesn’t let me see them?”

“Then you need to keep them.”

“You mean like run away with them?”

She fell silent for a while. “Yeah...”

“Victoria what?!”

“Do you love them?”

I sat silently looking down at my hands. “I love them. I don’t know what came over me..I guess I was scared she wouldn’t love me back. I was scared to love her...”

“Then tell him you love her...”

I took my phone out and called Noah. He declined it several times until I sent him a text.

I love her...can I at least say it to her? Please...I was just scared to love her...

After a few seconds Noah came in with Cole and Cleo. “I hope you’re telling the truth.”

“Good luck.” Victoria said giving me thumbs up. I smiled at her.

“Who are you smiling at?”

“No one.” I said as he handed me Cole. I gasped as I felt this shock. This wave. This connection. I felt it. “I love you..” I burst out crying and held him up. “You’re not crying...” I smiled as I hugged him.

“I guess he loves you.” Noah said about to take him off me but I snatched him back.

“Back off.” I said coldly.

“Woah. I just thought...I’m sorry.” He apologised giving me Cleo. I held onto her with Cole opposite her...they didn’t cry...they didn’t... “Noah why aren’t they crying?”

Noah started smiling and hugged me. “I don’t know but it feels amazing.” He whispered. I saw Victoria dancing around in excitement. “I am happpppyyyy!!!!”

“Sky who are you laughing at.”

“No one.” I lied. He let go off me. “’re really scaring me--”

“I said nothing.” I picked Cole up and kissed him all over. “I love you so much.”

“Now tell Cleo.”

I picked Cleo up but didn’t feel that connection. I smiled at her awkwardly. Noah looked at me confused. “Don’t you like her?”

“I don’t...I don’t feel the connection that I had with Cole..with Cole I felt that...that shock...that love..electric love shock..”

“Sky she’s your baby...”

“Noah I know but--”

He burst out crying and started wiping his tears. “Sky she’s you daughter I mean, first you say you want to give her up for adoption and now you say you don’t feel a connection...?”


He picked Cleo up from me and-- “Give him.”

“No, he’s mine.” I said.

“I told you to give him!!”

“He’s my baby!!”

“I’m giving you three seconds.”

“He’s my baby.”

“Don’t make me hit you.”

I swallowed. “I’m not giving him to you.”

He glared at me and placed Cleo down on the bed. I pressed the emergency button and a Alex rushed in. “What’s wrong?!”

“Noah’s going to beat me up!!”


“I was just scaring her.” He said. He wasn’t lying. “I’d never hurt her.”

“Oh.” I blushed.

“Now give me Cole.” He said.

“No Noah. He’s mine.”

“Noah, you’re already holding Cleo, let her have Cole--”

“She doesn’t love Cleo. Just Cole. As soon as she held him she felt that ‘electric shock’. She told him, I love you, immediately.”

Alex looked at him trying to argue but she had nothing. “I need to go.” She left the room.

“Now give him to me.”


“Sky I told you to give him to me!!”

“Stop screaming, he’ll cry--”

Then Cole started crying. “Baby don’t cry. Mummy’s here.” I whispered, “Don’t cry baby, I love you. Mummy loves you.” Then he stopped crying. I smiled at him. “I love you.”

“You make me sick. I’m telling your mum. And my mum.”

My face went pale white. “Don’t tell them, don’t tell your mum...”

“We are over. If you’re going to like one kid more than the other...then we are over. How would you feel like if your dad picked Jay over you?”

“I wouldn’t like it..”

“So there it is, you and I are over. I will make sure she and Cole have the perfect mum that will love them both equally.” He said taking Cole off me.

“You can’t do that...”

“Grass him up to the police!!!” Victoria hissed.

“I’ll tell the police what you did to me.”

He scoffed. “You wouldn’t dare. Go on.” He gave me his phone. “Tell them.”

I stared at the three nines. “I...I can’t.”

“That's what I thought."

"She's not yours to decide. I'll tell Xander."

"You really think he'd take your side after I tell him what's happened?"

"I'll lie."

"Everyone knows I can't lie. Now I'm going to look for a girl who can actually treat kids the same. Unlike you." He glared at me.

"'re b..breaking up with me?"

"You are no longer their owner. You will never touch Cole or Cleo again. They’re not yours.” He said leaving the room.

I looked at my buggy. Cleo and Cole were asleep, probably dreaming about their favorite memories. I had packed a few clothes and food, well junk food and I had stolen and Alex’s credit card...I had taken one grand and I am dead. They’ve probably cancelled their cards now. I sat down and watched my babies sleep. They looked...relaxed. I smiled at Cleo. “I love you..” I really do love her. I watched the bus go for a few hours until I reached my destination. A place that I know too well. Victoria’s.

“Hi.” I said as she opened the door. She looked at me shocked for a moment then confused. “Aren’t you supposed to be in hospital?”

“No. Yes. Do you mind if we stay here?”

“Victoria who’s at” Her new girlfriend laughed nervously. “Are you Sky?”

“Yes. Are you together?”

“Yeah, I’ve moved in too.” She smiled kissing Victoria. Then she looked at the buggy and her heart melted. “They’re adorable.”

“They are...”

“Sky you didn’t call me to tell me--”

“I’m just asking...”

Victoria looked at her girlfriend with the look, we’re crowded.

“We’ve got some space. Maybe use the living room?”

“No thanks. I’ll go back home.”

Then she pulled my arm. “Are you running away?”

“No, I just wanted you to spend time with them but don’t worry. i’ll pop in tomorrow.” I said leaving.


I closed the door before she could say anything. I walked around for a while, my back aching. I kept walking and walking until I fell on the floor. I got up again and kept walking then out of nowhere, I collapsed onto the floor.

“Hi...” A kind voice said. Boy. I opened my eyes and jumped. “Where am I?!”

“Calm down, you’re safe here. Want some food?”

“Where am I?!”

“You’re in my house?”

“No where?”

“High Wycombe?”

“But I was in Richmond...”

“Yeah...I helped you here. You passed out. Anyone could’ve snatched your babies. Or YOU.”

“Thanks...I was really tired.”

“Are they your babies?”

“Yeah.” I sat up. “Just gave birth six days ago and I was dead for four days.”

“Oh. Are you okay now?”

“Yeah. Just tired.” I groaned as I tried standing up.

“Hey, hey, let me help. Where do you want to go?”

“Bathroom.” I said as he carried me across the room. “There you go. Will you be fine?”


“So that’s why you’re running away?”

“Yeah.” I sighed looking at Cleo and Cole. “I can’t believe I passed out on the middle of the road...they could’ve gotten seriously hurt because of me..and my parents and everyone I love would hate me and then I’d kill myself.”

“Hey, stop. You couldn’t control it.”

“Yeah...but still.”

“Don’t beat yourself up. They’re fine now.” He said picking Cleo up. “At least you love her now.”

“I do...I’m sorry, I should get going--”

“Woah. Hold on. Where are you going? Back home?”

“Yeah.” I lied.

“Okay.” He smiled and hugged me. “Best of luck.”

“I’ll definitely need it.” I said putting Cleo and Cole back in the buggy. Then I took my medication box and put it under the buggy and opened the front door, “Thank you so much.”

“No worries.” He said. “Phone?”

I took my phone out. “What?”

“Unlock it.”

I unlocked it and gave it to me. “Here is my number in case of an emergency.” He said giving it back. “Name’s Damien.”


“Let me know when you need me. And of course, when you get home.”

“Okay, I will.” I said walking out the flat and out the building. I walked around for a while and about thirty minutes later, I found a safe place and sat down on the floor trying to catch my breath.

“Guys, I’m doing all this for you.” I smiled at Cleo and Cole. “And my mum’s probably gone through hell because of me.” I sighed looking down at my phone. 99%. “Good.” I exhaled.

“Sky!!” Victoria’s ghost squealed.

“Missed you.”

“It’s getting a bit late.”

“It’s only five.”

“But it’s dark and cold. It looks like midnight. Sky...”

“I’ve got my jacket and gloves on.”

“How about Cleo and Cole?”

I looked at them with pure guilt. “What have I done?”

“Maybe you should’ve stayed with him. He seemed like a good guy.”

“He did didn’t he.” I sighed. I looked at the thin blanket they were in and took it off them. Then I took my big leather coat off and covered them with it. I wrapped the thin blanket around me. I was cold but it felt better knowing they were warm.

“Sky you’re shivering.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are!!”

“Calm down. We’ll survive.”

“Just go buy some blankets. Big thick ones.”

“Okay then.” I got up. I started strolling them to the nearest clothing shop and started looking around. I saw the perfect one, brown thick, furry one. I bought an umbrella and thick clothing for the babies. I walked out the shop while Victoria waffled on about some crazy--

“Sky, listen!!”

“Oh okay.” I said as we went back to the alleyway. We sat on the floor and I took Cleo and Cole out the buggy and placed them both on my lap covering them with a huge thick blanket.

“They look cosy now.”

“And it is going to rain soon. You can’t just stay like this, they need to get changed, Sky you can’t hide like this forever. Come on, just go back--”

“No. There are public restrooms a minute away.” I said shivering.


“Victoria, cut it!!”

“Okay. Chill.” She rolled her eyes.

“You’re not cold?”


I looked at both babies. And out of nowhere started singing.

“When you get to the lowest point in your life,

You gotta bring your self up on top,

Run away from the demons and snakes and find that ladder to climb to safety.”

“Awwww. That was sweet!!” Victoria started tearing up.

“Yeah...I’m on my lowest...always will be. I can’t trust anyone. I have to live in that constant fear. Never know when I’ll get hurt.”

“You’ll get over it soon.”

“Yeah. Hopefully.”

“Now get some sleep missus.” Victoria burst out laughing. I couldn’t help it and just started laughing with her.

"I'm sorry..." I apologised to Cleo and Cole. We just got attacked and gave £60. Now we only have £369. I took Cole and Cleo out the buggy and hugged them both. They seemed to like me...and that was the biggest gift anyone could give me. I felt the bond--
"Hello, I'm lost." A random guy said.
"I'm sorry, I don't know this area well, I just came here."
"Do you have any money for me to top up my oyster?" He showed me his oyster. "Never mind, you're homeless. I hope you have good luck--"
"Wait." I said. "I'm sure I've got a bit." I said opening my purse. I took out some money but couldn't help that negative energy.
"She looks really precious. Costs a million."
"No, I'm not selling her." I laughed weakly.
"Can I hold her?"
He picked her up and waited for me to give the money. I shifted a bit. "I need her back." I said giving him five pounds. He snatched my purse and started running. I picked Cole up and quickly chased after him. "THIEF!!! SOMEONE STOP HIM!!"
People looked at me weirdly. I kept running almost about to reach him when I tripped hitting my face on the floor. Cole didn't hit his head, just his arm but it wasn't that hard. I looked up and quickly ran after him. Now he was lost in the crowd. I could hear Cleo crying and I tried to follow the sound. "MY BABY IS MISSING!!"
No one seemed to care. Cole was now crying crazy. I quickly ran up to a lady. "My--" She shrugged and walked away. I ran up to a guy. "My baby's--" I looked around the sound was fading.
"Young lady is something wrong?" A polite boy asked.
" baby. She's lost. I can hear her, she's near us!!"
"O..okay." He said. "I promise I'll be back, just keep an eye on him." He pointed at Cole. I tried hushing him and after a few seconds he'd calmed down. I looked around and realised everyone was looking at me. I blushed and looked down at the floor.
I then started thinking, what if he was lying and was going to buy my baby? I burst out crying until I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked up and saw the boy holding Cleo and my purse. He had blood all over him and a black eye. His lip was cut--
"Your baby?"
I took Cleo from him and burst out crying. "Thank you!!"
"No problem." He said giving my purse back to me. "My tip, don't put all your money in your purse. You're bound to be attacked."
"Thank you. I don't think I'd ever have seen her again..."
"She's safe now. Where were you staying?"
I started walking back with him and sat back down on the mattress. "Second time we've been attacked."
"I wish I could let you stay at my house..."
"It's fine." I lied. "How old are you?"
"I'm sixteen too...and thank you for....saving her. The guy wanted to sell her. I was going to give him five pounds to top up his oyster. He tricked me."
"You're a good person. You're homeless but giving charity."
"If you don't mind me asking...did you get kicked out because you were...pregnant?"
"No..the doctor lied to me about my pregnancy saying I had this medical condition were my stomach will keep growing and that I was going to have surgery in a few months."
Then I started telling him everything that happened since October 1st. He listened patiently and looked really surprised.
"Wow. I wasn't expecting that."
Then he got a phone call. "I'm late for training, listen. Have my number and if ever you need me, I'll karate chop them."
"You do karate?"
"Yes I do."
"I'm sorry for the blood and black eye."
"I broke the guy's neck."
"Calm down, I also called an ambulance and explained everything."
"I can't go police station, then they'd send them to--"
"I didn't say where you were."
"Now, here you go." He pulled out a piece of paper and wrote his number down, "Oscar?"
"Oscar award goes to...Oscar!!"
He laughed. "I'll catch you later...Sky."
"You're famous and you were live on TikTok."
"Woah. You know me.."
"Yes I do." He walked away.
"Well, mummy's famous." I whispered to Cleo and Cole.

I looked at the dark night sky. I can't sleep even though I want to so badly. I held Cleo and Cole and hid them away from eye's view. I was scared someone will take them. I kissed Cleo on her forehead and wouldn't stop apologising. I took my pills and drank them with the coke I had bought. I then drank lots of water. I had already changed them both in the rest rooms. I quickly got up and walked across the streets into the rest room and came out after a few moments. I walked back to our 'home' and I sat on the mattress next to them. I kissed them over and over again until I gradually fell asleep...big...

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