Lunar Skylar

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I woke up to a punch and kicks. Kicks? “Where’s the money?!”

“I..I have no money!!”

The guy punched me across the face.

“Where’s your money?!” He kicked me again. I didn’t say anything. Then he kicked me again, and again. And again. I was in a lot of pain by now and it didn’t help he was wearing some next lever thick ass shoes. Once he’d stopped I felt completely numb. I looked at him with no expression. Just blood coming from my nose and my arms and chest bruised as hell.

“Where’s your money?” He lifted my chin up.

“I have no money.” I lied. Then he kicked me in the face. I burst out crying as I felt blood on my face, pouring out.

“So you like to be cheeky?”

“I have no money...” I lied again. There was no way I was going to tell him--

Then he saw Cleo and Cole.

“No, no don’t hurt them!!!” I screamed as he picked Cleo up. I jumped up and tried to take her off him.

“Why, they’re stupid.” He laughed maniacally.

“Don’t hurt them, please, Cole’s already gotten a few bruises and cuts. He was rushed to A&E, and Cleo’s already got a bruise on her thigh. Please don’t hurt them. They have already gotten beaten up by four men, you’re fifth. They’re everything!!” I burst out crying trying to take her away from him. “Don’t hurt her!!!”


I opened my bag and pulled out thirty pounds. “That’s all I have.” I lied.

“Do I need to hurt her?!”

“Don’t hurt her!!! I’ll give you!!” I heaved as I took out £117.

“Calm down.” He took the money.

“Give her now, please.”

“Not yet--”

“What do you mean!?” I screamed at him.

“Shut up or she’s dead!!”

“Okay, please just don’t hurt her. She’s already got a bruise and it’s been bandaged up. Please!!”

“Well, you’ve wasted my time.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, just give her to me!!”

“No. I need to give her a small beating.” He smirked.

“NO!!!” I screamed. “Beat me up instead, don’t hurt her!!”

“Oh.” He smirked putting her back in the buggy. He looked at me with that devilish face. “I haven’t beaten someone up properly for a while.”

I swallowed. “Someone will find you--”

Then he swung a punch, then I felt a kick and him strangling me and...he just kept hitting me. Just kept going didn’t he. He just kept hitting. Then out of nowhere, I puked on the floor. I puked blood. Wait, does that make sense in the writing language? Don’t mind me, I’m just sixteen but let’s just get back to the story. But I did vomit blood out.

After a while, he burst out laughing. I couldn’t even open my eyes, talk about move. Then he sighed pulling out a knife.



He walked up to me and took my arm. He stabbed me on my shoulder and I winced. Even if the cut wasn’t that deep, I felt that horrible pain. I snatched the knife away from him and he tried to get it back. I kicked him in the balls and he took a step back. I grabbed the knife and threatened to stab him and he started running. Fast.

I rushed back to Cleo and Cole. “Hey, don’t cry. Mummy’s going to get you home. She will. Okay?” I wiped my tears. I took out a dummy and popped it in Cole’s mouth. And another in Cleo’s mouth. Then I put Cleo inside my baby strap and put Cole inside the buggy. I pulled a blanket on top of him and kissed them each. My arm was hurting but...I have no time to complain.

“Let’s get home.” I swallowed as I packed everything I needed. It's been the fourth day since the oyster incident..yeah..I stood up straight and strolled down the alley and out to the sun light. I walked a few minutes in pain and the weight was unbearable. I was sweating and I kept taking breaks every now and then. I was fighting tears but my shoulder was hurting too much. I was crying so much and then I went into a pharmacy buying some paracetamol. I bought some sunglasses. Over sized of course. Then went out the shop. As I was leaving, someone pushed me over and started looking for my purse. I started crying. “I need that money!! I need to get home!! Someone stop him!!!”

No one listened. They just walked past me. Then the guy ran off with my whole purse. I tried to sit up but I couldn’t. Then I saw the buggy heading to the road. There were cars passing by. “HELP!!!!!” I screamed pointing at Cole. A car hit the buggy knocking it down and everyone gasped. There was silence of shock for a split second and then panic. The driver stopped and came out rushing over to him. Cole was crying...really loudly. He pulled the buggy up, and checked Cole. “He’s okay.” He said bringing him to me. He helped me up and wiped my tears. “Where were you going?”

I burst out crying. “My oyster, he stole it, my money, he stole it!!”

“Hey, hey, calm down. Where are you going?”

“Hounslow east, Riverspark.”

“You’re the girl.”

“Yeah.” I wiped my tears he looked at me closely. “Did someone hurt you?”

“He tried to rob me. He threatened to hurt Cleo.” I pointed at her. He looked at the heavy bag on my back, then Cleo and then the buggy which Cole was in. “You aren’t thinking of walking to Hounslow east?”

I blushed. “I have no oyster, no money. That’s my last option. I’m sorry.” I said taking the buggy and pushing it slowly. I heaved and stopped after a few steps sitting down on the side of the pavement clutching my sides. He sat next to me, “I’m causing a lot of traffic.”

“You can go, I’m fine.” I said wincing as the strap pulled the wound. He saw the stab and the strap. “Listen, I’ll pop to my friends.” I lied.

“Okay. Want me to drive you there?”

“Which buses go to Hounslow east?”

He opened his phone and did something. Then said, “From High Wycombe bus station, platform 17, catch the 102 to Uxbridge. Get off at Belmont Road. Walk two minutes. Go to Uxbridge High street, then get the 222.”

“I know that bus.”

“Okay, so I’ll write it down for you. With my number.” He said writing on a piece of paper. After he finished, he gave it to me. “And tell your friends to probably drive you home.”

“Okay then.”

“Again, I’m sorry...”

“Mistakes happen.”

“I bet Hounslow is the opposite.”

“Hounslow is better than here. If I was in Hounslow, I’d still have my purse AND Cole wouldn’t have gone through that.”

“Yeah...” He sighed. “I need to go.”

“Okay.” I smiled.

“Safe journey. Need anything, give me a shout.”


He went back into his car and drove off. I looked at the paper. Screw it. I stood up and looked for anyone kind. I ran up to this lovely girl. “Do you know how to get to Hounslow east?”


“Can you go google?”

“No.” She walked away from me. Then someone walked up to me. “Do you need help?” A lady asked.

“How do you get to Hounslow east by walk?”

She took her phone out and searched it up. “Seven hours?!”

“Yeah, I’m catching the bus, just curious. Can I write the way?”

“Oh, okay.”

After two minutes, I’d written the way. I thanked. “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.” She smiled.

“What time is it?”

“It’s eight fifteen.”

“Okay. Thanks again.” I said as she waved, walking away.

I stared at my two miracles. “We are going for a journey.” I sighed. I knew I was DEAD. I had no money. I rushed up to a guy. “Have you got money?”


“Hello, do you--”

“No money.”


“No money on me.”


“No money.”

I looked at everyone. How hurtful and violating. I saw a 99p store and saw refreshments. Tons. I had only one choice. To steal. I had never stolen anything. Never needed to. I looked at Cleo and Cole. I had to do this. I have no choice...I walked inside the store and looked around. No one noticed me. I grabbed four water bottles and dashed them inside the buggy.

“Oi stop!!” Security shouted. I started running ignoring my weak legs and was half way down the street when a girl pulled on to me, stopping me from getting away. Security grabbed onto me and pulled me back inside the shop.

“Put them back!!”

I picked two up and he pulled me to the CCTV area. “You took four.”

“Right.” I swallowed as I saw disgusted eyes on me. I tried to bend down but it was hard. Once I grabbed the remaining two I handed them over to him. “Can I atleast keep one?”

“OUT. Next time you can ask, not steal!!”

“I’m desperate--”


“I’m begging--”

“You have three seconds to leave the shop before I call the cops.”

“I’m sorry.” Tears started rolling down my eyes as I left the store. I looked for the station and found it. HIGH WYCOMBE.

I started walking. Walk south-west on Crendon St/A404 towards High St.

I walked and followed the directions until I broke down on the floor out of breath. My shirt was wet from the walking and I couldn’t feel my toes.

"Sky you can't walk--"

"Victoria. I got this." I mumbled. I looked at the shop across me and got up. I need to do this. I rushed in and snatched a one letre water bottle and started rushing down the street, pushing the buggy and myself as fast as I could. Once I was out of sight. I sat down and started drinking. I kept drinking and drinking until I reached half the bottle. I went into the nearest restroom and used the toilet. Then I changed Cleo and Cole’s nappy. After we went out and started walking for another few half an hours with constant stops. "Sky, you need to lie down!!" Victoria snapped. "You're too ill. Come on, you only just gave birth!!!"

"My babies need to be safe. I cannot let them spend another night, in the freezing cold. Dangerous roads."

After a while, I realised we've walked six hours. But rested three hours. I could taste the blood in my mouth. The rain was now pouring down on us. I kept walking regardless the fact that my legs were about to give up any moment. We took a ten minutes break and then Cleo started sneezing. I realised she was cold. I looked around trying to find a blanket or something cosy. “Hello can I borrow your coat, she’s got a cold!!”


I saw a friendly guy. “Excuse me can I borrow--”


I looked for another person. “Sir can I have your coat?”


“She’s got a cold!!!”

“I’m sorry, give her your coat.” He suggested.

I took my coat off and felt the cold wind. I took Cleo off me and placed her beside Cole. Then placed my fur coat on them. They seemed warm. I swallowed as the cold air froze my arms. I kept following the instructions and shielding the paper from the rain. Then after an hour or so, I started sneezing. People started moving away from me.

“Excuse me, where’s your mask?” A lady approached me, standing three feet apart. KAREN ALERT!!!

“I lost it and either way I can't wear it..I'm epileptic...”

“Urgh. Feel bad for the kids. Next time, listen to your mum and don’t go sleeping around with men, now your future is gone.” She snorted.

“Actually, that’s the...” I sneezed. “Opposite.” I started coughing.

“Covid!!” She screeched and started running away from me. By now it was around seven. The sky was completely dark and there were a few people left. I laid down on the floor and started coughing and sneezing. I could see eyes on me but I didn’t care. I looked at my pill box and took both pills, I went into a store and snatched a bottle of fanta and ran back to the buggy. I drank it down and then saw the worker walking up to me. I started sneezing and coughing. He didn’t say a word, just ran away.

I got up again and started strolling for ages. An hour has probably gone by and by now I was starting to realise where I was. I knew this place. I kept coughing and sneezing and my shirt was completely wet and my leggings were another story. Then I felt someone shove me to the floor and take my shoes. “STOP!!” I shouted after her. “GIVE THEM BACKKK!!!”

I burst out crying and got up again. I started walking for a few more minutes when my feet started hurting. I had stepped on a rock before and it really hurt. I continued walking regardless of the fact that my legs had given up and my arms were tired of pushing. My legging and shirt started itching me and I only had one choice. I took my clothes off and took the coat off Cleo and Cole. They started crying but I had no choice, shortly after they started crying. I put my clothes under the buggy and burst out crying. We went into a restroom and I changed their nappies. I did my wuduh and after a few moments, we were out, on the rain again. I hadn’t prayed the whole day. I sighed and took my wet shirt and wet leggings out and placed them on the floor. I started praying. After catching up with all my prayers in the rain, I stood up and put the clothes under the buggy. I started strolling down the street and realised I was reaching Hounslow east train station!!!

I started getting hyped and my energy was back. Then I realised Cleo and Cole were sneezing and coughing. I closed my eyes as tears started rolling down my eyes. I kept sneezing and then I saw a bus. 120!! I ran to the bus stop and took my hand out. The bus stopped and I stepped inside, buggy outside. “My oyster got stolen--”

“How old are you?”

“Fourteen.” I lied.

“And are those your kids?”

“No, my mum’s. We got lost and then got attacked.” I pointed at my shoulder. “Please, look. I have no shoes. I’ve walked from High Wycombe to here, from eight.”

Her mouth opened and closed in shock. “Jesus christ!!”

“We’ve walked over seven hours and had a bit of rest. Even so, I am completely exhausted. My legs are tired and my arms are tired of pushing. Please, we live in Riverspark, please.” I burst into tears. “Just let us in.”

“Okay.” She sighed. I thanked her as she opened the back door. We came in and I sat down on one of the warm seats. I watched Cleo and Cole sneeze and cough every now and then. I was trying to hold it in. But it was really hard.

“They’ve got a cold, not the covid.” I said as everyone stared at me. After a few minutes, we reached our stop and got out, I thanked the driver again and I started pushing Cole and Cleo. My legs were really weak and I felt SUPER TIRED. Then my cough and sneezes started again. My legs felt frozen. I fell flat on my face and burst out crying. I got up and started heaving. I wanted to continue but I couldn’t. Cleo and Cole started crying. I tried to hush them but that was no help. It crushed me seeing them like this. I picked each of them up, trying not to drop them. That’s how tired my arms were. I looked around and found no one. My legs were becoming really weak and the cold was no help. They kept sneezing and coughing and all I could do is try and keep my eyes open. I dropped to the floor in the middle of the street, them beside me...

I woke up in a bed. Room. Wait. I was home? Xander’s room? I turned around and saw Xander sleeping. I didn’t feel that tired anymore but I still felt sick. I started sneezing and then I looked around Cleo. Cole. I quickly got up and rushed to Alex 1.2′s room. I opened the door and saw him sleeping next to Cole and Cleo. I quickly picked Cleo and Cole up and went into my room. I laid down and laid them next to me. I wrapped my arms around them. Safe.

“Sky?” The door opened. I looked up and saw Mason.


He rushed up to me and hugged me. “I love you!!!”

“Same...” I wiped his tears.

“You got stabbed and had lots and lots of bruises, you had blood all over your face and Cleo and Cole had a few cuts but no big deal.” He said. “Tell me what happened.” He laid down next to Cleo.

I told him everything that happened and he looked shocked. “Sky I’m sorry...”

“It wasn’t your fault. It was Noah’s.”

“He feels terrible.”

“I don’t even know how I feel about him...”

“You’re the best mum anyone can wish for.”


“You saved them both. I mean, you walked over eight hours...”

“No one would’ve believed it.”

“You walked over eight hours...”

“I took breaks.”

“But wonder you collapsed...”

“What happened after?”

“Well, Alex 1.2 and Xander saw you when they came back from the police station. You also need to do a statement about what happened with the doctor and pregnancy. And then, they found you. Cleo and Cole were really cold but luckily, they were inside your coat, so they weren’t that freezing.”

“Misuse of language.”

“I know. You’re really lucky.”

I looked at my PG’s. “Did you--”

“Xander. He cleaned Cleo and Cole up and then you.”


“And you looked scary homeless...” Then he smiled. “Have you seen your hair?”


“He cut it.”

“He did?” I felt around. “Woah.”

“Yeah, and don’t worry, he didn’t drown you.”

“God’s sake.” I burst out laughing. “At least I grew to love Cole and Cleo equally. Now they’re my everything...”

“I can’t believe we could’ve lost Cleo...and Cole could’ve died...and you Sky. You could’ve.”

“I was really scary. I really thought I was going to die...”

“Yeah, you were really you’d walked miles and miles. It was really scary Sky...”

“How’s my mum?”

He didn’t say anything. “Mason? Did something happen?”

“We haven’t told anyone really...just both Alexes and Xander and Noah, and Calvin. No one else knows...”

“Why wouldn’t you--”

“No...we couldn’t. They’d go crazy and we know your mum will have a heart attack, last time you ran away...she had a panic attack and imagine now...”

“When were you going to tell her?!”

“...Well, we were waiting and today would’ve been the last day and then you came.”

“So....” I scoffed. “What if something bad happened to me?!”

“Stop working yourself up--”

Then Cleo and Cole started crying. Twin sync. OMG!!! I said it!!--



“Stop day dreaming and--”

“Hey, hey, stop crying.” I picked Cleo and Cole up. “Mummy’s here. You’re safe now.”

“You got them to be quiet.”




“You need to sleep.”

“Okay.” I said as he closed his eyes. I shut my eyes trying to sleep but I kept looking at them. Safe. Then I saw Victoria.


“Hey...maybe you should get some sleep.”

“What if someone takes them?”

“No one will. You’re safe.”

“You’re right. Night.”


I closed my eyes and instantly fell asleep.

I woke up to someone calling my name. “Sky?”



I got up and he hugged me and started kissing me all over. “I missed you so much.”

“Same...since when were you discharged?”


“ it school time?”

“Yeah. Why don’t you get ready?”


“Yeah, Xander says you’re going school.” He said pulling me up.


Then I looked at my bed. “MY BABIES!!”

“Calm down!!”


“Xander and Alex have them--”

I ran out the room and down the stairs into the kitchen. I saw them holding them and I exhaled.

“Sky, what’s wrong?”

I rushed up to Xander and took Cleo from him. Then kissed her. “Mummy shouldn’t have left you, I’m sorry.”

“Sky, what’s going on?” Calvin asked walking up to me. Then I went to Alex and took Cole from him. The front door opened and I saw Noah. He dropped his school bag and rushed over to hug me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that.”

“It’s fine now.”

“I didn’t mean that...” He sighed. “I’m really sorry. At least you’re fine now.”


He was about to hold Cleo when I stopped him. “They’re mine. Back off.” I said.

Everyone looked at me confused. “Sky what are you on about, they’re OURS not just yours.” Noah argued trying to take Cleo.

“Back off her!!!” I kicked him in the balls.

“Sky!!” Xander snatched Cleo from me.

“She’s mine!!”

“Sky you’re acting weird.”

“No I’m not.”

“Sky, this isn’t like you.”

“What?!” I snapped.

“Listen, why don’t we talk?” Xander said dragging me out the room. We went into my room and sat on my bed. He looked at Cleo and Cole. “Sky...Mason told us what happened to you...I guess you feel scared for something bad will happen.”

“Yeah. I am.” I looked at Cole. “I’m scared I’ll loose them..or something bad will happen and it’d somehow be my fault.”

“Listen, you trust me and Alex?”

“I do.”

“You know we love them too much to see them get hurt.”


He lifted my chin up and wiped my tears. “I promise, me and Alex will not let them out of our sight. So go change. You need to go to school, you’ve missed so much okay?”

I dropped his hand. “Okay...”

“Listen, us...please...?”

I hesitated and started changing. “Do you mind?”

“Sky, stop. You never mind me watching you change. What’s up?”

“I’ve grown to love them too much.”

“I know..” He said doing my tie. “You really are extrodinary.”


“You walked over eight hours and also went through hell and back!!”

“Thanks...” I said going into the toilet and brushing my teeth.

“Sky, you sure you’re okay with us taking care of them?”

“Yeah, I am.” I smiled. Then frowned. “I can’t spend six hours without them...”

“I promise they'll be fine...please...”


I walked out the bathroom and went into my room packing everything. “You went to the police station about the pregnancy and Mr Trent?”

“Yeah.” He blushed. “We managed to get Alex to record him admitting what he’d done to us all these years. He didn’t realise he was recording. And everything he said was...really shocking to come to think of it.”


“And he also admitted we weren’t the only ones. He was so stupid. He didn’t even think Alex asking him all these questions were suspicious.”

“How many people?”

“Too much.”

“Oh...” I put my bag on my back. My phone started ringing. I was shocked for a second and then smiled, I reached for it and answered it. “Hey, how’s it going?”



“Great, and you?”


“I gave birth to twins.”

“That’s amazing!!”


“School!!” Xander hissed.

“I was just checking in. And I thought about the’s that going?”


“Yeah, blue one?”

“How do you know it’s blue?”

“You told me.”

“Did I?”


“Oh...erm, I haven’t...well, I did give up 17k I think--”

“17k?!” Xander fumed. “Where did you--”

“But I gave it to this woman and her kid. They were hungry and homeless and needed shelter.”


“But you know the girl, she had the same mole as you and at the same place and not just that, she looked so much like you. I know it sounds stupid but...they did say they were homeless for five months and then you did and then she told me her husband had gotten a new job but funny enough, both of you had burnt houses. Yeah.”

There was silence on the other side of the line. Xander looked like he was going to kill me. He was miming for me to cut the call but I hushed him.

“Did I offend you? David? Hello? Did I say something wrong?”

“Oh, no...I think...what was the kid’s name?”


At that he gasped. “It’s you!!”


“You were the one that gave the iphone 7?!”

I jumped in excitement and Xander raised his eyebrows. “Small world.”

“So you’re the husband?”


“That’s so cooool!!”

“I know...about the letter...?”


“You’ve sacrificed that so why not open it?”

“I will.”

“Okay, once you have, let me know.”


“XANDER!!” I hugged him.

“Okay..” He pulled out. “How old is he?”

“None of your business. He’s a good guy, trust me.”

“Okay.” He sighed. “If anything happens....I’m here.”

“Jeez. Now, wanna see me open the letter?”

“Okay...what’s letter are you on about anyways?”

I fished inside my bag and found it. “Open this when you’ve sacrificed something big just to see someone smile. Don’t be tempted.”

“Oh. And you’re saying you still haven’t opened it?”

“I’m not like you guys.”

“It’s not like someone’s been spying on you...right?”

“Yeah...” I looked at the letter. “Here goes nothing.”

I opened the letter and started reading.

Before you read on, make sure no one’s around. What you're about to read is shocking.

I looked at Xander. “Get out!!!”



He walked out the room carrying Cleo and Cole and went downstairs.

So, you’ve done a good thing...right? And as a good person, I think you deserve a surprise...but this is just for YOU. You alone. No one else. I know it sounds greedy, but it’s not...

I raised my eyebrows.

You are an amazing, brave girl that will do anything just to make--

“Sky another letter.” Xander said coming in.

“Where’s Cleo and Cole?!”

“Calm down. They're with Alex.”

“Oh.” I said taking the letter. He went back out and I sat back down next to the window.

Just to make someone smile. You give stuff up that you need. You help those who need it most and you are selfless. Not many people have that name. Selfless. It’s hard, but to you, it’s a habit. But a good one. You never know, maybe that one thing you did is life changing. That one deed...

I wiped my tears. I just kept thinking about the word selfless. I am selfless. Always.

So, turn this page and you’ll see your surprise...remember, it’s a secret. And do not cause attention. No screaming of excitement. DON’T be suspicious!!! So, you get....

“God please don’t fuck with me this time.” I prayed. Oh shit. I forgot to pray fajr. I quickly got up and went to do my wuduh. I quickly prayed and sat back down. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I looked nice in a scarf. Wow. I sat back down and took it off placing it next to me. I sighed. “God, let this be a good surprise.” I said closing my eyes. I flipped the page over.

£100,00!!! It has been transferred into your bank account.

I squealed and burst into tears. “What the fuck?!” I started laughing. Then Victoria appeared. “CONGRATS!!!” She started dancing around. I smiled. “100K?”

“Read the other one!!!”

“Okay.” I said opening the second letter.

CONGRATS!!! NOW YOU CANNOT TELL ANYONE!!! IT’S YOUR MONEY. No one else. Just YOU. Don’t be tempted to share. You’ve managed to control your temptation with the other letter, so DON’T share. Turn the page.

£100,00!!!! It has been transferred into your bank account.

I hid the letters and started jumping on the bed. Then I collapsed on the bed. “VICTORIA!!!”

“I know!!!”

“We are like super successful. Maybe we should drop out of college?”

“NO!!!” She screamed.

“Listen, we’re rich. We’ll--”


Then I saw a paper I didn’t see.


Birth day gifts or celebrations or presents

“This is soooo cool.” Victoria squealed.

“Okay! Chill. What should I do first?”

“Well, don’t go buying suspicious stuff.”

“Well...I could always buy those roller skates I wanted--”

“Well, I could right now.”

“Do a runner?”

“Yes.” I took the letters and hid them at the bottom of my bag where no one would find them.

We walked around JD and found the roller skates. Folding roller skates!!!

“Hi, can I have black ones?”

“Yes.” She said going into a small room. I picked deformable sports roller skates. But I want it in black so there won’t be suspicion. It looked like normal school shoes.

“That’ll be eighty pounds.”

“Sure.” I said giving her my bank card. After a few seconds, we were out the shop. Then out of nowhere my eye caught the watch I’ve always wanted for a while.

“Sky don’t do it, you’ll cause attention--”

“Victoria, you’re being silly. I got the money. End of.” I said walking into the shop.

“I’ve missed you.” The guy said. “So, what do you want?”

I pointed at my dream watch.

“FITBIT Versa 2 with Amazon Alexa - Petal & Copper Rose.” He said showing me.


“Cash or Card?” The guy asked.


“That is £129.”

“Sky!!” Victoria hissed as we crossed the road.

“Victoria will you please shut up.” I hissed as I put my brand new shoes/undercover roller skates.

“You’ll get caught.”

“No. Let’s go home.”


“Listen, I just want to see it.” I said walking into the jewelry shop. I went over to the necklaces and my eye caught one. Yes.

“Xander always buys you jewelry!!”

“So?” I whispered not causing attraction.

“Alex 1.2 and 1.1 buys you everything you want....your parents do...”

“Shush.” I hushed. I looked at the heart shaped emerald pendant. The emerald diamond looked big. “Hi, how much is it?”


“Done.” I said taking my bank card out. Then my phone started ringing.




“Where are you?!”

“I’m on a walk. I’m coming home. Happy?”

“Hurry up.”

I opened the door and saw Xander pacing around looking agitated. As soon as he heard the door shut, he jumped. “SKY!!”

“I’m sorry, just went for a walk--”

“You should’ve told us!!”

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry. Just go get your bag. We’re leaving in ten minutes.”

I went up the stairs and into my room. Mason was doing his assignment. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing my science work.”

“Why didn’t you do it yesterday?”

“Because I didn’t have the time. I was worried sick for you.” He got up and hugged me. “Don’t ever leave me like that.”

“Okay.” I patted his back. He let go and sighed. “Where did you go?”

“None of your business.” I slumped on the bed.

“Oh.” He sat back down.


“Shh. I’m studying.”

“Okay.” I sighed going into Calvin’s room. He got up and kissed me. I pushed him away. “This isn’t funny anymore!! Last time you’re lucky you got away with it. Next time, I’m telling Noah. And also I’m telling Alex. Let’s see if he’s happy about it.”



“I just kissed you.”

“I know. Apologise. Now.”


“You heard me. Or I’ll tell Xander!!”

He looked at me confused.

“Why aren’t you scared, or flinching?”

He looked at me even more confused. “Calvin? Hello?”

“I’m Noah.”

I blushed. “I didn’t know.”

“So you thought I was Calvin? Again?”


“And what did you mean last time?”

I swallowed. “I need to go.” I said about to go but he pulled me back and locked the door. “You kissed?”

I looked down. “Just hear me out--”

“You kissed MY brother. What does he have that I don’t have?!” He burst out crying. “I’m always going to be the third wheel.”


“You can date him. I don’t mind.” He lied.

“No.” Then I told him the incident.

“So you don’t like each other?”

“Exactly.” I sighed. “So, what do you want to do?”

“Sooner or later you’ll have to report what happened...with the doctor. You need a statement.”

“I know.” I sighed. Then frowned. “I loved them so much. I love them too much.”

“That’s good to hear...I had no right to stop you from seeing your babies.”


“GUYS, SCHOOL TIME!!!” Xander shouted from downstairs.

I quickly went downstairs and Xander froze. “Sky last time, I checked. You’re broke. You don’t have a job.”

“Oh. Right...”

“So who bought you those new shoes?”

“My mum.” I walked into the living room where Cole and Cleo were, Alex 1.2 was playing with them. I went over to them and kissed good bye to Cleo and Cole. “Mummy will be back before you know it.” Then I got up. “They get hurt, I will kill you. I really wish I was lying.”


I walked out the front door and into the car where Xander, Mason, Calvin and Noah were. “All of you better behave.” Xander said. “And Sky, why do you look so agitated.”

“What if they fall and hurt themselves?”

“Your medication.” Xander tossed it at me. I took a bottle of water and drank it down with it.

“You didn’t die.” Mason said sarcastically.

“I don’t really care.” I sighed. Then I saw something. Oh that hoodie. I guess Xander must’ve realised. “You want it?”


“Okay.” He parked. After a few seconds he tossed it at me. “Thankyouuu!!” I tried it on. “It looks really cool.”

Then I took it off. Yuck. Don't like it. “Mason, want it?”


“Don’t you like it?” Xander frowned.

“It’s really ugly.”

At that he stopped the car. Got out. Pulled me out the car. Went back in the car and drove off. I stood in the middle of the road. Humiliated. I saw Jenny and Ruby. Wait. What?

Then a car horned and I jumped.


“Fuck you!!” I moved and rushed over to the pavement. I walked for a while and then 11 ipad pro. £767.

“SKY DON’T DO IT!!!!” Victoria screamed. “Your dad will buy it for you!! Maybe. For your birthday!!”

I went inside and payed for it. I came out and went into Inwood park. I took the ipad out and started downloading everything. While Victoria nagged at me.

“Sky...why are you being like this?”

“Being what?”

“You’re spending too much money.”

“No. I am not.”

“You’ve already spent £1176!!!"


"Sky...I'm trying to help...just maybe buy it for studies?"

"Everyone can pay for that. I am only using a bit of money."

"Sure." She disappeared.

I got up once I finished downloading my apps and logged onto them. I shut it down and hid it inside my bag. Now, I just needed to get to school. I started roller skating down to the school and once I reached there, I twisted the shoe and started walking. Easy.

"Lunar Skylar, why are you late. AGAIN."

"Well, I got kicked out of a car and had to walk. From Heathrow to here." I lied.

"That's a lie. Did you wonder around the streets?"


"Hoodie?" She pointed at my hand. I was holding Xander's hoodie. I quickly shoved it into my bag.

"Just go to class."

"Please no late detention..."


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