Lunar Skylar

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Horror elevator

Chapter 6 - Horror elevator

Suddenly the lift stopped and the lights went out. I realised what was about to happen.

“Mason, I need you to get down and cover your head with your arms.” I shouted as I laid down next to him covering my head with my arms.

“The lift is going to fall any moment.” I said, my voice wobbling.

“Don’t cry, we will be fine.” Mason comforted. I broke down crying realising that we might not make it out alive. Maybe one of us will die. The lift will likely fall rapidly and what makes it worse is the fact that we are all the way up. The higher it is the harder it we fall.

Mason then started to tear up. I could hear him crying softly, I know he was trying to be as quiet as he can so that I would stop panicking.

“Mason, I love you.”

“Don’t worry we’re not going to--”

The lift started to fall and we practically flew up and fell with a thud with the elevator. I woke up with a horrible headache. My head just kept spinning around. I started to cry. Loudly. Then I turned around. I tried to stand up but I fell immediately realising that I couldn’t feel my right foot and I couldn’t walk on it. I had broken my ankle. I was about to scream when I then realised Mason was in the lift with me. I felt around and suddenly found him. “Mason?” No response.

I felt for his neck and then pressed my two fingers on his neck. He was still alive. I exhaled. “Mason? Can you hear me?” I whispered to his ear. “Wake up!”

After a few moments of me calling his name, he finally responded.

He started bawling. I felt bad because I don’t think he’s cried like this for a while.

“Don’t cry.” I whispered. He cried even louder.

“Mason what’s wrong?”

“I’m bleeding and… arm…” He screamed in pain.

“Hey, hey, hey. Stop crying. Don’t worry I’m here ok?”

“Which arm hurts?” I asked.

“My left. It hurts so badly. It’s killing me.” He sobbed louder. I panicked. I can’t even see anything.

“Mason….I don’t...raise your arm up…” I said. He raised his arm up and I felt around. “Damn, I guess we both have broken bones.”

“How? I can feel---” He cried in pain.

I felt around his arm and until I reached his shoulder. Then he cried in pain.

“You’ve hurt your shoulder and….” I felt something. I pulled out my phone and turned the flashlight on. That’s when I saw it. “You’re bleeding….heavily…” I panicked. Then I looked at his face and saw his face was covered in blood. I dropped my phone and froze. That’s when I broke down crying. I started to panic. Then Mason started crying even louder.

“Mason...stop scaring me...just stop crying…”

“My head…” He wailed. I looked at his head carefully and realised his cheek was badly cut and his eyebrow was bleeding. The blood was pouring down really fast and it was spreading around his face. I took off my jumper ignoring the fact that I was freezing cold. I pressed hard on his brow and tried to stop the bleeding. Suddenly something fell on top of me and I screamed. I screamed so loud Mason stopped crying. “Skylar?”

“My leg, my leg, my leg!!” I cried in pain. Mason struggled to get up. After a few tries he managed to get up and took my phone with his right hand. I kept crying loudly. He pointed the flash light at my leg and froze.

I felt like I’d just been stabbed on my thigh. Mason dropped my phone and lifted something off my right leg. I started to breathe rapidly. I was in so much pain. I was crying so much I felt like my head was going to explode. Mason picked up my phone and shone the light on my thigh. He then froze. He just stood there doing nothing. “Mason do something!” I shouted and burst out crying again.

“I don’t know what to do. I….I...I’m sorry. I can’t.” He burst out crying himself. "I can't do this! It's too much! I can't...I can't..."

"You can." I winnced in pain. "I'm bleeding Mason, do something."

"I can't...I can't do this...this is--" He started to sob.

“Don’t cry.” I cried. I sniffled. I then remembered what my teacher had told me, “Mason we need to control our breathing.”

“Okay.” He exhaled. He laid down beside me. "I'm bleeding. I'm losing blood...."


I took a deep breath in and so did he and we exhaled. We kept doing that for minutes. Soon enough we had calmed down. Suddenly, the lights switched on. I gave a sigh of relief. Then Mason stood up. I realised how bad his cuts were and how much he was bleeding. I saw how bent his arm was and his clothes were all dusty and covered with blood. The jumper I’d wrapped around his head wasn’t tight enough. I could see why he was crying so hard. His shirt was covered in blood. I could see he was looking at me so I gave him a fake smile.

“How bad is it. Don't lie to me.” He asked, his voice cracking.

“Not that bad.” I lied, still in pain.

He looked at me serious. "You've got blood everywhere."

I then tried to get up but I fell back down and had to bite my lip to stop myself from screaming. Mason saw me and gave me a sympathetic look. “Don’t move!” Mason ordered. “I’m going to do something. Don’t freak out okay.”

He looked at his shirt, I realised what he was going to do.

“Keep your shirt, it’s too cold.” I groaned.

“You gave me your jumper and you’re practically freezing.” He sighed. “I’ve only got this shirt left and you are practically freezing cold. I can see your goosebumps.”

“I’m sure--”

“You’re losing blood!” He argued. He looked at me confused. “Are you in pain?”

“Yes. I'm trying to stop myself from puking. My cut is killing me!”

He looked at me even more confused. “I don’t know how to pull it out. It’s stuck on your pyjamas.”

I wiped my tears. “This is going to hurt so bad.”

“It will only take a few seconds okay?” He assured me. “Just don’t move.” He closed his eyes obviously trying to not cry.

"Are YOU in pain?"

"No, I'm fine." He lied. Then he got up.

“I’m going to die.” I muttered, closing my eyes. I waited for a few seconds and opened my eyes.

“Do you need help?” I asked as I saw Mason struggling to take his shirt off.

“I am more than capable of--” He wheezed. “Can you help?”

“Come here.” I said. He sat next to me, I could see he was trying not to burst out crying. "Boys don't cry.." He kept muttering to himself.

"That's not true Mason--"

"Boys don't cry." He said sharply. I rolled my eyes, there was no point on arguing. My thigh was hurting me and I too was trying not to burst out crying because I know if I do, he will too.

I tried to pull his shirt off but my thigh kept hurting me even worse. I burst out crying but I kept on trying to pull his shirt using all my energy regardless of the terrifying pain in my thigh. I managed to pull his shirt off and I dropped back down on the floor trying to catch my breath.

“I’m going to need your help with tying the shirt.” He said. I looked at his shoulder which sent shivers down my back. His shoulder was badly cut...very was cut open...large.

“Okay. Close your eyes.” He said. “This will hurt just a bit.” He lied. I closed my eyes, lying on my front in the cold lift floor. After a few seconds I groaned as Mason pulled out something from my thigh. He threw it across the room.

“Hurry the fuck up!” I groaned again as I tried to calm myself down.The pain was becoming even more unbearable. Mason pulled my pyjama trousers off and quickly took a photo.

He handed me my phone. I was shook to the core. My thigh was bleeding rapidly and there was a pool of blood . I gasped as I saw how big the cut was. I threw up as I saw how much blood I’d lost. There was blood all around the lift. I managed to not puke on my clothes and on Mason. Mason tried to wrap his shirt around my thigh but couldn’t. I had to tie it around my thigh as hard as I could. I bent my back forward sitting on the cold floor. I got the shirt and wrapped it around my thigh as hard as I could. Then I fell back down on my back and tried to catch my breath..the cut was at the back of my thigh which made everything a hundred times more difficult.

“You’re losing still blood Sky. My shirt isn't that thick.”

I started to hyperventilate. Why is he scaring me?

"Thanks for scaring the fuck out of me."

“Hey, don’t worry.” Mason said. “You will be fine. Don’t worry. We just need to get out of here.” He kept breathing in and out, probably trying to reduce the pain.

After a few minutes, I managed to get my breathing back to normal. I looked at my ankle and threw up again.

“Are you okay?” Mason asked.

“I’m fine. Perfectly fine. Great. Perfect. I am feeling perfect." I said sarcastically. "It's not like we're trapped in here for another day with life threatening injuries. Every thing is perfect."

He rolled his eyes. “I’m going to try and find a way to get us out of here.” He said walking over to the buttons. He pressed the help button but it didn’t work. Then he pressed the open lift button and the lift door opened. We stood shocked for a moment.

“What floor is this?” I asked, trying to stand up. Mason walked over to me and I wrapped my arms around his neck trying not to touch his shoulder, as he tried to help me stand straight. I let go of his neck and almost fell on the vomit if it wasn’t for him catching me in time.

“Thanks.” I said as I held onto him with one arm and hopped. “Are you okay?”

He sighed. “My cheek doesn’t hurt that bad but my shoulder stings a lot.”

“I’m sorry.” I apologised trying to pick up my trousers. Mason helped me out and we exited the lift. I hopped on my left leg while my left arm was around Mason’s neck. Mason’s left shoulder was still bleeding and his elbow was badly broken but at least he could walk.

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