Lunar Skylar

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Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her Eau de Parfum 50ml. £64.50

1.42ct Sapphire and Diamond 18K White Gold Cluster Pendant Necklace. £1,359.00

Sapphire and diamond silver ring. £1,793.

Sapphire white Halo platinum stud earrings. £3,999.

Cheap. I sighed and looked at the total amount. £13,601!!

“I am fucked.” I mumbled. “I am spending way too much.” I panicked. “Everyone’s right. I can’t control my money.”

“I told you so.” Victoria said. “So, how’s it going?”

“Oh shut up!”

Ruby Bracelet in sterling silver. £3,800.

“Sky! No!!” Victoria started yelling. “You are spending too much money--”

“That’s the last I’m spending.” I lied.

“I’m a ghost, Sky, I know you’re lying.”

“I’m just spending a bit.”

“In total, you’ve spent £20,159!!”


“Yes Sky!!”

“Oh..” I blushed. Then I put my emerald and diamond pendant and ruby diamond earrings and my princess cut emerald bracelet.

“You look beautiful.” I heard someone say. “Calvin?”

“Noah.” Noah said coming to stand next to me. “Let me guess, you bought them?”

I was about to take them off but he stopped me. “You look nice. You don’t need to hide them from me.” Then he looked at my wrist. “That looks really expensive. How much did it cost?”



“But this cost me almost £4,000.” I said showing him both my earrings.

“Sky that is expensive...”

“Yeah..” I said looking at them. “I wonder how they’re made.”

“Forget that...I bought you a gift but...” He blushed. “Never mind.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He lied. I pulled him back. “Tell me.”

He bit his lip. “It’s fine.”

“Come on just open up.”


“I have showed you all my emotions these past few days...just please tell me what’s wrong..”

He looked down at the box he was holding. It looked beautiful, creamy pink coated and--

“I bought you a bracelet.” He said giving me the box. I opened it and my gaze fell. “Looks nice.” I lied.

“You don’t like it?”

“I love it.” I lied.


“It’s lovely.”

“Put it on, let’s see how you look.” He said.

“Thanks.” I said putting it on. “It looks amazing.”

“It’s not the most...priciest of them cost four hundred..”

“That’s like all your pocket money for the week!!”

“I know.” He kissed my hand. “But you seem happy.”

“Noah I can’t do this. When I said show me you love me I didn’t mean you to waste all your pocket money...” I frowned. I feel bad because I don’t even like the bracelet. I mean it’s lovely but..not my color. Silver...nah.

“It’s no big deal.”

“Noah it is..”

“No...I just wanna see you smile.” He hugged me. “It looks really nice on you.”

“Yeah. It does.”

“Okay...erm..wanna do something? Go out? Movies?”

“Yeah.” I said. “I’ll put my clothes on quickly.”

“You look nice--”

“I mean, your tracksuit present you bought me for the dance.”

Then he smiled and hugged me again. “Thanks.”

“And the shoes of course.”

“Okay. I’ll go fix up.” He said leaving.

I put the new clothes and shoes on and then looked at my earrings. They looked super expensive and pretty. Then I looked at the bracelet I had on. Both bracelets. I wanted to take Noah’s off so badly but...he’d be upset..

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” I said getting up. Then I looked at my necklace. It looked beautiful. “Do I look okay?”

“More than okay.” He said kissing me. “Lets go.”

“That was fun.” I said as we entered the house. During the whole time, I had payed for all the jewelry I’d wanted and it’s now on it’s way.

“Guys kept looking at you.” He said avoiding my eyes.


“You love me..”

“Yeah I do. Stop looking so sad. You know I love you--”

“Hello people.” Esmeralda rushed up to me and hugged me. Then Noah. “I’ve missed you both so much.”

“You were at Harley’s?”

“Yes. And I’m back. We will both make sure you win the case.”


Then she looked at my earrings. “Noah did you buy them for her?”

“No.” He blushed.

“They look expensive, let me guess...Alex, Xander or your dad?”

“No. I got them myself.”


“You heard me. I bought them myself.”

“No sweetie, you’re broke.”

“No I’m not.”

“Did you get a job?”


“What kind of job?”

“Doesn’t concern you.”

“She’s not told any of us what job she’s doing.” Noah said. “Not even told her boyfriend.”

“It’s my business.”

“No, I care about you and you wearing all these stuff...Sky maybe you should tell us the truth because we’re worried about you. This is all too expensive, Especially for you..”

“Let go.” I hissed.


“Just because you’re too broke it doesn’t mean you fucking stop me!!” I stormed up the stairs and into my room locking the door. I laid on my bed and started crying. After a while the door knocked. I didn’t answer it. I just--

Then I saw Noah come in carrying Cole and Cleo. He laid down on the bed and put them both between us. “Noah I’m sorry--”

“I don’t want to hear it.” He said stroking Cole’s hair.

“When did they come?” I changed the topic.

“Don’t play that trick on me.”

“Noah, I’m sorry--”

“I am trying to be a great boyfriend and you are making it impossible!” He snapped. Then they started crying. “Don’t cry.” He whispered.

“I am trying Sky. I am not super rich like all the guys you’ll meet. I can’t just pull my fucking credit out like it’s nothing. Xander can, Alex can everyone can but not me! I can’t even fucking treat you like a princess.” He started crying. “I’m the worst boyfriend ever.”


“I know you hate the bracelet.”

I looked at it and back at him. “I love you.”

“No...I can’t do this Sky..we can’t keep being together if we’re not being honest!”

“Noah you’re not breaking up with me...right?”

“I..I’m sorry...but we’re over.”

“No Noah don’t do this...”

“I’m sorry..” He wiped his tears and then he sat up.

“Noah you can’t break up with love me.”

“I’m confused okay? I’m confused on if I’m just saying it or if I just mean it. I don’t think I’m even ready for all this. Kids? I mean, I..I can’t do this anymore...”

“Noah? What?” Tears started rolling down my eyes. “You can’t just quit on us.”

“Sky I’m sorry...”

“Noah..we’ve got kids..”

“It’s for the best.”

“What?! Noah they need parents--”

“They’ll have parents...”


“I’m too young to be a dad.” He said.

At that I looked at him shocked. “Please tell me I’m hearing stuff..”

“Sky...maybe you’re right..adoption...”

“Nono, Noah what are you thinking?!”

He fell silent for a while. “Noah? Say something you’re scaring me...”

“It’s them, or us.” He said kissing them both. “Make your mind up.”

“W..what?! Noah! I can’t!!” I started sobbing. “I can’t choose.”

“You can stay with them. Just don’t...mention them to me. I’m not their dad anymore. We are over. Once they’re old enough, you can tell them I’m their dad.” He said about to leave when I grabbed onto his arm.

“I pick you.” I sobbed.

“I’ll call social services.” He said. My lips started trembling. “Noah please tell me this is a joke...”

“I’m sorry...”

“Noah..” I looked at Cole and Cleo. “I can’t give them up.”

“Give up on us. Go on.”


Then he took out his phone and called someone. “Social services.” He said to me. He started talking down the phone. I hurried up to Cleo and Cole and hugged them tightly.

“They’re coming.” He said. “Once they’re teenagers and we’ve got proper jobs..we’ll take care of them.”

“They’ll get adopted by then!!”

“Then once they’re sixteen.”

“I’ll miss their first steps and first words and--”

“We’re kids..they’ll understand. Stop worrying about their first whatever. Let’s normal sixteen year olds. We need to focus on becoming successful doctors..”

I looked at him speechless. “Noah....”

“Sky, make your mind up. Do you wanna leave them or leave me?”

“Leave them.” I swallowed. “They’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, they will.” He kissed me. “We’ll be normal again.”

“Yeah.” I wiped my tears and stared at my babies. Then took a photo.

“Sky we’ve got millions of photos--”

“Photo album.” I said opening a memory box from under my bed.

“Hey, that’s me!” Noah squealed.

“Yeah, there’s Mason and Calvin..”

“Yeah..and Nichole and Ella.”

“Does Mason know you still have this?”

“Even if she scared me or has scarred me for life..I can’t help but remember the good times..” I smiled sadly. Then I took out my favorite and Noah...on the beach. I folded it and slipped it inside Cleo’s pocket. Then another one from the same day, and slipped it inside Cole’s pocket. Then I kissed them both. I went to my make up stand and pulled out a great great great grandmother’s ring which has been passed down from generation to generation. I tied it to Cleo’s shoe lace.

“Sky, you sure about this?”


Then the front door knocked. We went downstairs carrying Cole and Cleo and I kissed them both. “I love you. We both do.” I handed them both to both guys. Then I gave them some details and they left. I stood there on the porch tears rolling down my eyes and this empty feeling inside my heart. Then I felt Noah’s strong arms around me hugging me. “It’s fine now. Let’s enjoy our life.”

“Yeah.” I swallowed as we went into the kitchen.

“Where’s Cleo and Cole?” Xander asked.

“They’re getting adopted.”

“WHAT?!” Everyone screamed.

“Guys, calm down...we both decided we’ll take care of them once they’re old enough.” Noah said. I swallowed as I saw everyone staring at me.

“Sky you okay about this?”

“I am.” I lied walking over to Noah. “We’re too young to be worrying about kids.”

“I’m adopting them.” Noah and Alex said at the same time.

“They need proper care.” Alex said.

“But then there’s no point on giving them away is there?”

There was an awkward silence in the room.

“Do you guys really want this?”

“Yeah...” He hugged me. “And I am going to tell our parents.”

“What?!” I panicked.

“Hey, you love me..right?”

“Course.” I fake smiled. We walked up stairs and into my room. Then we put it on a group call with all our parents including Mason’s.

“What is this?” My mum asked suspiciously.

“We’ve given Cleo and Cole up for adoption.” Noah said.

They all gasped and started shouting. Shouting until everyone stopped. Nothing more to say.

“Why?” My dad asked.

“We..we need to focus on our studies and once we’re doctors..we will look after them.” Noah said.

“Skylar?” Mason’s mum asked.


“You okay with this?”

“Yeah.” I said.

“You don’t seem it.” Noah’s dad said. “Are you both sure you want to do this?”

“Yeah.” Me and Noah said at the same time.

“You can’t just put them up for adoption..” Mason’s dad said.

“But we want to. Right Sky?”

“Yeah.” I...lied. I still want them--

“Okay...” My mum sighed. “I can’t accept this Skylar.”

“No one can.” Mason’s mum sighed.

“They’re your kids not stupid pets.” Noah’s mum said.

“We get you both want to be free from stress’ve got us and everyone.” Mason’s dad said.

“Exactly.” Noah’s dad said. “So why did you give them up for adoption?”

“We want to forget about having kids and enjoy our life.”

“I am not speaking to you. Don’t bother coming to me.” Noah’s dad said.


Then he cut the call.

“Noah, I’m very disappointed in you.” His mum said. “I always knew Calvin was the better twin. Here I am again, telling you. I cannot believe how idiotic you can be...they’re your kids. Noah, just...don’t speak to me again. I don’t ever want to see you. Don’t even think about coming to me when something’s wrong. You don’t get to ever call me mum. You are not my son anymore.” Then she cut the call. Noah’s lip started trembling.

“We need to go. You are both in serious trouble by your parents.” Mason’s mum said as she as her husband cut the call. Now it was just my parents..

“Noah please excuse us.” My mum said. Noah got up and left the room.

“Mum I can expl--”

“They are your kids!!” Mum shouted. “You have any clue on how bad this is?! Your own kids. Your babies are gone because you want to be ‘teenagers’ and ‘have the best time’. Well no! No! You can’t give them away like that, I haven’t even--”

“We’re not taking them back.” I mumbled.

“Don’t ever ever speak to me. I don’t know how you turned into this, stupid selfish girl.”

“Just shut up!!” I screamed down the phone. “I’m not fucking selfish. You’re the bitch that keeps going around bad mouthing me!!”

“How dare you speak to me like that?!”

“Shut up. Cut the call and go. I hate you. I really really hate you!!”

“I’m no longer your mum. Don’t ever call me mum again or even think about visiting my house. Ever again. You are no daughter of mine.” Then she cut the call. I burst into tears. I didn’t realise dad was still in the call. “Dad--”

“I don’t want to hear it--”

“Dad just hear me out. I’m tired of her minimizing me and--”

“I’ve got to go. Jay needs me.”

“No dad. I need YOU.”

“Once you’ve made amends with your mum. We’ll talk...” Then I heard Jay say something. “Okay, I’m coming.” Dad said to him. “I need to go.”

“I love you.”

“Bye.” He cut the call. I looked down at my hands tears rolling down. The door knocked. Noah?


“So, what did she say?”

“Don’t cry.” My voice wobbled as I wiped his tears. “I’m sure they still love you.”

“You know how stubborn dad is...and mum..” He started sobbing.

“Let’s just take the kids back.” I suggested.

“No!” Noah shouted. “Do you still want them?”

“No.” I lied.

“Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t want them.”

Then I started crying. “I’m their mum Noah!”

“And I’m their dad. You don’t see me crying do you?!”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.” I said.

“Good.” He said leaving the room.

I laid on my bed and pulled a blanket over me. I started crying and crying, Why’s my life so unfair?! Everything is wrong. I never get to be happy. Everything just goes wrong!! I love my babies but Noah too...if I pick Cleo and Cole, I’d loose Noah. Now I miss them both. I want them I’ve been disowned and my dad doesn’t even care. He’s the one who should be convincing my mum that she’s overreacting but instead he’s so busy worrying about ‘JAY’!! I’m fucking sick of them all. I hate them. For good!!

Mason, Gemma Lucas and Aiden came into the room. I sat up and wiped my tears. “Why you all here?”

“What’s wrong?” Lucas asked.

“Nothing is.” I lied.

“Sky why would you give them away?” Gemma sat next to me. I looked at her silently. Then I got a notification. I opened my phone and smiled. “I just got 100k!”

“Wait what?!”

“Sky I got 100k but it’s from my dad.” Noah said coming into my room.

Then I looked at it properly. “My dad transferred 100k into my account...”

Noah went pale. “We are being disowned. They’re not joking.”

“No, I’m sure it’s just a wind up.”

“No. It’s probably not.” Aiden said. “You are both going to be disowned.”

“Aiden!” Mason hissed.

“Oh. Was I not supposed to say that?”

“Maybe they’re scaring us.” I suggested.

“Or maybe they’re for real.” Aiden said.

“Aiden are you trying to make this good or bad?”

“I’m creating a debate which is backfiring.”

Then I started calling my mum’s phone. “She’s blocked me..”

“Maybe they’re just...accidentally--”

“Face the fact, you’re both disowned.” Mason said opening his laptop. “Any one wanna--”

“My dad. Maybe he’ll soften up or something.” I said ringing him.

“Sky I don’t--”

“Convince mum to give me a second chance. Please. Dad I’m sorry--”

“It’s not up to me.”

“Yes it is. You can’t keep letting mum choose everything..”

“Listen, I am not okay with what you and Noah did. It was absolutely selfish--”


“Listen, I am not okay with it and I’m going to block you now--”

“Dad you’re kidding...right?”

“Sky, you’ve been really hard these days--”

“You don’t even know what I’m going through!” I snapped leaving the room and going into the bathroom. “Dad you don’t even know how bad I’m suffering...”

“Stop the waterworks. Sky, school’s stressful--”

“No dad. It’s not just that. Stuff has happened that you don’t know. I mean, nine people are supposed to be locked away and Ruby, Jenny and Leah have been released as there was no proof that they did it. And then Patrick’s trial is soon dad...please..”

“You still haven’t told me everything that happened.”

“Dad...I’ll tell you everything so long as you don’t get mad at Noah. He’s changed dad, he’s becoming a better boyfriend..”

“Okay, just tell me what’s happened. If I don’t know, then I can’t go with you. Sky...just tell me everything.”

“Okay...just promise me you won’t judge me or him..”

“I won’t.”


“So that’s what happened..”

“He hit you?! Threw a toaster at you and strangled you a million times..Sky I didn’t even know you got jumped...”

“Dad don’t...blame Noah...” I started crying. “He’s been so lovely to me and then I’m being terrible...”

“Sky stop crying. I’m coming.” He said as I heard a car pull up. Then I heard him. “Sky?”

“In here.” I said opening the door.

Then he rushed to hug me. “Don’t worry.”

“So please..don’t give up on me..”

“I promise I won’t.”

“Sky you okay?”

“Noah not now. Just go.” I said.

As soon as he left I whispered, “Don’t be hard on him. I’ve told you about Mr Trent, and everything he went through. You know it’s not his fault.”

“I know. It’s not his fault. A bit.” He said kissing my forehead. “Listen, the letter, maybe you should tell them about it?”

“But David said not to.”

“Sky..maybe you should?”

“I want badly..” I sighed. “What do I do?”

“Tell him about it.”

“Then everyone will beg me for money!”

“So you want to keep it a secret?”

“I guess.” I smiled. “I just wish..” I frowned. “Mum never understands me..”

“She does. Just doesn’t show it.”

“Is she really disowning me?”

He looked down at his hands silently. “She is...”

“You can change her mind...right?”



“You know how she is.” Then he looked at his watch. “I need to go quickly and we’ll talk later.”

“Dad...where are you going?”

“Jay.” He said. But I pulled him back. “Dad...we don’t talk anymore.”

“I know..”

“I haven’t even seen Eliza or Ahmad for a while. Apart from yesterday...”

“Don’t worry.” Dad wiped my tears. “Why you so sad though?”

“ still love me right?”

“Course I do.”

“Then why do you care so much about Jay and not me?!”

“Are you jealous?”

“You’re just..spending too much time together and I feel like an intruder...”

“Don’t be like that. He’s my son and I’ve lost 16 years without him. I’m just trying to get to know him. I just want to have an amazing time with him.”


“I need to go now. Love you.” He kissed my cheek. “Bye.”

“Bye.” I sighed as he went down the stairs and out the front door.

“Sky? Wanna play?” Mason asked.

“Where are the guys?”

“They went back.”


“I’m going to the shops. Wanna come?”

“I’ll stay here...I’m not in the mood.”

“What’s up?”

“Nothing..” I looked down at my hands. “I told him everything.”

“Told who what?” He asked sitting on my bed. I went and sat next to him. “I told him everything. From the shooting.”

“Did you mention Noah and the guys--”

“Yeah, and I told him about Mr Trent and the drugs and practically everything.”

“Why would you?”

“He deserved to know.”

“Out of nowhere? Sky why?”

“I just did okay!”

“Don’t shout at me! I was just asking and if you can’t answer why you would out of nowhere, tell him everything--”

“Because I just wanted to spend time with him!!” I screamed. “I just wanted to speak to him! No Jay no mum no one. Just him and I! I never get to!!”

He looked at me silently. “I’m sorry...I didn’t know..”

“It’s fine.” I slumped down on the bed and put my blanket over my head. “He’s again, going to hang out with Jay.”

“Are you okay with that?” He asked laying down next to me.

“No, I’m not. I just want to be fifteen again. Worrying about my GCSE and dad telling me some random bullshit and mum complaining about the post-it notes I stuck around the house with all sorts of facts.”

“I know..I miss us..”

“ too.”

“Remember how we used to revise until one?”

“And remember when we used to--”

Then his phone rang. “Hold up.” He said answering it. “Gems?”

“Hi...wanna come over?”

“I’m with Sky.”


“Yeah, tomorrow?”

“ can stay the night with her. Just come for a bit. This new room mate is out so..”

“Gemma, I need to go--”


Mason looked at me hesitantly. “Can I?” He whispered.

I looked at him heart broken. “It’s fine. You can go. I’ll be fine.” I bit my lip trying not to cry. I’m not alone....right?

“Hello? Mason?”


“It’s fine. You can ditch on me again.” She groaned. “Please Mase?”


“It’s fine. You can go.” I gave him a reassuring smile. Don’t go..I need you right now..Mason...I have no one right now. Completely alone--

“Gemma, I can’t come. See you tomorrow?”

“Whatever.” She said annoyed and cut the call.

“Mason why would you do that?”

“I’d rather spend time with you.”

“ you like me?”

He blushed. “What?”

“You like me?”


“Then why did you blush?”

“I don’t know. The question was awkward.”


“Yeah..” He stroked my cheek. “You’ve suffered a lot...and you’re still here.”

“I am. Bored as ever.”

“Well, I’m coming soon--”

“Okay.” I said. “Buy some paracetamol. I feel a bit ill.”

“Okay.” He said. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” I said as he kissed my forehead. “I’ll be back.” He left the room.

I went downstairs and saw Xander and Alex in the kitchen talking about something. Then I came in. “Hey guys.”

“Hi.” Alex and Xander said at the same time.

“Twin sync.”

“...Cleo and Cole..are you sure?” Alex asked.

I looked down at my hands. “I want them back so badly. I need them. I want them back...”

They both looked at me confused. “Then why would you give them away?” Xander asked.

“Don’t worry about it. Besides, I’m probably being silly. I can’t be a teen mum.” I fake smiled.

“Sky...what’s wrong?” Xander asked again.

“Where’s Noah?”

“He had to go while you were talking with your dad.” Alex said.


“Did he force you...?” Xander asked.

I looked at him trying to say no. “I need to go--”

He grabbed onto my arm and sat me down next to him. “You’re not going anywhere until you tell us what’s going on.”

I looked at the both of them. They were serious. “Don’t get mad at him..”

“What happened?” Alex asked.

Then I got up and ran upstairs into my room and laid on the bed covering my head with my blanket. “I don’t wanna talk to you!!”

“Come on. We’re just looking out for you, right Xander?”

“Exactly. We promise we won’t get mad...” Xander said laying down next to me. “Come on...”

Alex laid next to me and said. “We care about you so please just tell us.”

“He made me choose...them or him. I love him too much but I love them too and I couldn’t loose him but I also couldn’t loose the babies and...” I started sobbing. “I don’t know what to do..he said he’ll leave me..”

“You’re getting those babies back.”

“No..he won’t love me anymore..he said he can’t be a dad yet..”

“Sky..if he truly loves you..then he’ll stay....if he doesn’t..then that’s it...” Xander sighed.

“No..I want them and him...”

“Stop crying.” Alex stroked my hair.

“Why does life pick on me...?”

“I don’t know...” Xander twirled my hair. “But you’re strong...”

“I know...”

“So, lets go tell Noah. Tell him to get your babies back and NOT leave you.”

“No!” I pulled him back. “He’ll get mad and hit me!!”

Then they all looked at me shocked.

“Sky..are you scared of Noah?”

“What do you mean?”

“You said he’ll hit you. Did he say that?”


“Then why would you say that?”

“I don’t know. It just came out of nowhere.”

“Sky...” Xander hugged me. “Don’t be scared of him.”

“I’m not...I think..”

“Sky...will you ever..move in with him?” Alex asked.

I looked at him not knowing what to say. “Once I can trust him fully...I guess.”

“What do you mean?”

“Once I know he won’t loose his temper..I just keep picturing scenarios. Like what if I piss him off accidentally or he gets the wrong idea and hits me or...just lots of bad stuff..”

“He’d never hurt you Sky.”

“Really hard to trust him...after everything he’s done.”

“And he’s sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t fix it. I probably won’t trust anyone fully in the outside world..”

“Listen, sooner or later..I’ll move out and so will Alex. Then Calvin. You’ll be alone in this house Sky...”

“I know..but..I don’t trust him yet.”

“Sky..we wanted to tell you but...”

“Xander not now..” Alex said. “Some other time.”

“What is it?”

“No, we--”

“I told you about me, tell me about you.”

Xander and Alex looked at each other hesitantly. “You say it.” They both said at the same time.

“Twin sync.”

“We’re moving out.” Xander said.


Alex said, “We need to move out. We’re adults now. And--”

“Alex, can’t do that to ME!!” I shouted and ran out the room into the toilet. I locked the door and started crying. Crying and crying.

Why would they just leave me like that?! I can’t just be happy...I can’t. They can’t move out! I can’t..they can’t...they can’t move out..not now...I need them. Who will I go to for advice? Who will give me hugs and kisses? Who will shout at me or tell me off. Who will ground me? Who will talk about stupid science physics bullshit? Who will make me laugh...or cry?

“Sky? You in there?”

I looked at the bathtub and decided. “I love you guys!!”


I didn’t say anything, just dipped my head inside. I was trying to breathe but no. I want pain to stop. I started seeing random spots but I don’t care!! I want to die!!

“SKY!!!” I heard Xander yell.

“Skylar?!” Alex shouted. “Sky...?”

Then I started coughing in the water and then I passed out, head still in the water.

“Hey? You okay?” Xander asked as I slowly opened my eyes.

“Yeah.” I sat up. “What happened?”

“You tried to...kill yourself.”

I looked at him trying to say something but nothing came out.

“You okay?” He smiled and kissed my forehead.

“Your room...” I looked around. Everything was gone...everything.


“I’ll be back.” I got up and walked out the room knocking on Alex’s door.

“Sky?” He hugged me. “I love you so much!!” He burst out crying. “I had to do CPR!!”

“I’m sorry.” I whispered. “Have you told Noah?”

“And your dad.”

“Why would you?”

“Well..he told us you told him everything from the shooting.”

“Does he hate me?”

“No.” I heard his voice. Then I turned around. “DAD!” I hugged him. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t take the pain anymore...”

“Don’t cry..” He rubbed my back. “You okay now?”


“Maybe you should see a therapist to talk about your feelings?”

I looked at him and then at Xander and Alex. “I’m not crazy though.”

“No. Therapist not psychologist.”

“Oh. Sure.”

“Finally.” They exhaled. Then dad hugged me. “Let’s go downstairs. Mum and everyone is waiting for you.”

“How long have I been asleep?” I asked confused.

“One day.” Xander said walking downstairs.

“Did I go hospital?”

“No. Alex checked you out.” Alex 1.2 said going downstairs too.

“Dad..are you mad at me..?”

“No. After everything you’ve gone”

“Thanks...and I’m sorry..”

“It’s fine.” He said.

“I’m sorry mum..I know you won’t understand. I haven’t told you lots of stuff but you need to understand that I had enough..” I burst into tears. Then she walked up to me and hugged me. “Your dad told us everything.”

I pulled out and looked at everyone. “What? Dad I thought you promised not to tell anyone--”

“No, I promised not to get mad.” He said.

I sighed. Then I heard a cry. “Cole?” I realised Aunty Mariam was holding him and I quickly rushed over to him and picked him up. “I thought I lost him!!”

“Well Xander and Alex told us about Noah. And the choosing thing.” Uncle Haris said giving Cleo to me. I held onto them both and started crying. “I shouldn’t have given them up. I don’t know what I was thinking.” Then I froze and almost dropped them. “Noah’s gonna break up with me...”

“No he isn’t.”

“No he said--”

“I can assure you, he’s going to stick around for a long time. We managed to convince him.” Uncle Riaz said.


“Yes. Now we need to go. But don’t kill yourself.” Aunty Mariam said.

“Where’s everyone?”

“They’ve gone to school.” Mum said.

“Thanks..all of you..” I said.

“You know, you’re actually not that bad being a mum.” Mum smiled. I raised my eyebrows. “Really?”

“No.” She said. “Maybe a bit of yes.”

“So it’s yes!”


“And your hair...aren’t you going to cut it?” Aunty Nasreen asked.

“I need to grow it out for the play.”

“It’s over.” She said.


“Yeah. Lock down tomorrow. You’ll start rehearsing from next year January 1st. To April something or March? I’m not sure.” She said.

“Oh. But how comes we're going school?”

"Ask Boris." Mum groaned. "Foolish boy."

“The trial date's been pushed. So it'll happen in three days...” Uncle Riaz said changing the topic.



“Patrick is guilty...but the police only heard 30 seconds..we have no proper proof...the police officers are the only evidence we got.”

“Unless Jordan and the lot tell the police...” My dad said.

“Will they?”

“Yeah. We already spoke to them. Well, shouted and scolded them for an hour or so. They will tell the truth about Patrick.”

“Won’t they get in trouble?”

“They were forced to do it and also they backed out last second.”

“Reasonable excuse.” I said.

“We need to go now. We’ll talk later.” Mum said heading for the front door. Then she came back and kissed my forehead, hugging me. “Don’t kill yourself.”

“I won’t.”

“Promise me.”

“Cross my heart hope to die.”



“Good.” She said and pulled out. “Bye..” She waved. Then they started saying their bye byes to me and voila! They left.

I walked up the stairs and into my room but I jumped. “XANDER! ALEX!!” I started having a panick attack. I placed Cleo and Cole on the floor and looked for my asthma pump. I quickly ran to Calvin’s room and found his. I started using it. Breathe. In. Out. Breatheeee.

“Sky?” Xander rushed in with Alex.

“My room!! I’ve been robbed!!!”

“Nono, you’re moving in with us.”

At that I automatically fainted.

I woke up to an unfamiliar room. All my stuff were there but..this isn’t my room. What? I looked around. My gaming set, make up stand, desk, shelves, drawers--

“Sky?” The door knocked and I saw Alex 1.2.

“Where am I?!”

“New house.” He said hugging me.

“W..what?” I sat up. “What?”

“Come and see.” He helped me up. We walked out the room and I looked around. “Where are we?”

“Look!” He took me to the balcony and I looked around. The street...familiar...there’s Alex’s house!!!

“I can just run down the street and see everyone!!”

“Yeah.” He hugged me.

“Were still in Aubery Park!!”

“Yep. Killing yourself was very...”

“Yeah..” I blushed. Then looked around. “It looks long did it take to--”

“Lots of time. But now, you can look straight and see your old room which is now, Mason’s.”


“And Alex’s job is steady again because of the lock down. The staff are recovering from Covid!!"

“That’s great!”

“Where’s Xander?”

“In class. Online.”

“Oh. Cool.” I looked around and then went up the stairs. “Two toilets?”

“Yeah.” He said.

“The rooms are big.”


“And the kitchen looks cool.”


“Oh and the living room!! It’s red and white!”

“Well Alex said that’s the type of theme you’re into.”

“She’s right!”

Then I peeked inside Xander’s room. “It looks the same.” I whispered.

“Yeah. My room?”

“Yeah.” I said as we walked into his room. “You got new potions!!”

“Not...never mind.”

“Your room looks amazing.”


“The place looks awesome.”

“And Sky...we were going to tell you you were moving in with us but you just ran off.”

“I’m sorry...”

“Don’t apologise.” He smiled. “Did you see the crib?”


Then he took me back to my room and showed me a crib. Cleo and Cole were sleeping inside.

“We bought a red and blue one. And we got--”

“Neon lights?” I looked at them in awe and traced my hand over the writing. “Cleo and Cole.”

“Yeah.” He ruffled my hair. “Did they tell you about the school closure?”

“Yeah..” Then I rubbed my eyebrows. “Isn’t Noah gonna move into your room?”

“He will.”

“Really!?” My eyes lightened.


“I can see him any moment! Just ten seconds away!!”

“Yeah.” He hugged me.

“Is Mason moving out?”

“No, Calvin, Noah and Mason are still there...and...Harley’s moving into Xander’s room!!”



“That’s fantastic but why?”

“Because she and Esmeralda get along well.”


“You seem happy!”

“It’s not everyday you see a balcony in a three bedroom house is it.”

“Yeah.” He kissed my forehead. “Go sleep.”

“It’s only..” I looked for my phone. “Where’s my phone?”

“On the kitchen counter. But go to bed before the guys come over.”

“Before who?”

“Go sleep.” He said taking me to my room. “Lock the door.”


“They’re likely to bring alcohol.”

“Are they violent drinkers?”

“No.” He said. “But in case. Better be safe than sorry.”

“Have they ever--”

“No. Once there was a fight due to some..misunderstanding but they’re never bad.”

“Okay. I haven’t eaten--”

“I’ll order pizza.” He said. “Tons.”

I sat on my gaming chair and switched the computer on. Then Alex came in and gave me my phone. “Lucas.” I took it and answered the call.

“Hi Lucas.”


“I’m alive now.”

“Great! Listen, wanna play Among Us?”

“Sure.” I said logging into my computer.

“Sky, here you go. Now close the door. If you wanna go toilet, call me. I’ll take you.”

“Gee. Overprotective. I can take care of myself.”

“Just call me.” He said leaving the room. I cut the call.

Then Xander came in and rushed over to me hugging me. “Do you like the new house?”

“I love it.”

“Good.” He pulled out. “A few mates are coming. Don’t worry, they’re not violent drinkers. They’ve never hurt anyone, apart from the time when there was a slight misunderstanding. Just keep the door locked. Need anything, call me.” He said.

“That is exactly what Alex just said. Twin sync.” I smiled.

Then he kissed my forehead. “You’ll be fine. Okay?”


“I and your dad, booked an appointment to see a ther--”

“Hi.” I saw Jay come in.

“Hi.” I smiled. “What’s up?”

“Came to say hi and check up on you.” He said giving me flowers and a box of chocolate.


“I’ll leave you two be while I order some stuff.” He said leaving the room.

“So...Mason told me..”

“Told you what?”

He sighed and sat next to me. “I’d never try and taken dad away from you...I know you might be feeling a bit uneasy..but..he’s my dad...and yes maybe I am spending more time with him than you but...I’d never take him away...maybe you two should speak a bit more often...?”

“You’re right..”

“And maybe we can all spend some, family time together?”

Then I leaned in and hugged him. Had you there!

“Jay...I’m sorry--”

“You have nothing to apologise for..” Then he looked down at his hands. “Dad’s disappointed in me.”

I bit my lip. “I know I shouldn’t have said anything. I just wanted to spend time with him. No one to come in between or disturb us...I had to find a good excuse so..I told him. I got to spend and hour with my dad...and I felt happy...until he said he had to leave.”


“To go see you.”


“...I just wanted him to myself...not share..”

“So you don’t want me being with my dad?”

“ can be with him...I guess it’s my fault...I barely interact with are finally happy because you have a dad. A good one. And I’m acting all stupid when really...I just need to call him.”


“I’m sorry..”

“It’s fine...just call him everyday...visit him. Back home they miss you. Talk about Ahmad and Eliza...they miss you Sky...”

“Yeah. I know..I just need to stop being stupid.”

“You’re not stupid.”

“Thanks.” I sighed. “....Are the guys gonna tell the truth about Patrick?”

“Only because of you. Patrick has been there our whole lives you know..and it’s going to be...hard...”


“But we owe you...and so..we’re doing it. Patrick’s our mate..our bro...he’s not as bad as you think--”

“Jay have you come to change my mind?”



“Sky..the guys are really sorry.”

“I know..but I can’t forget the beatings and the pain and the everything. I was scared for my life Jay...”

“Hey, don’t worry. You don’t have to be scared again.”

“Thanks..I’m sorry for--”

“Hey, don’t apologise.”


“I’ll go now..see you soon?”



“Bye.” He left the room. Then came back and kissed Cole and Cleo. “Night.” He whispered leaving the room. Then the front door opened and shut.

“Pizza.” Alex said coming into the room with a pizza box. “Don’t worry, it’s pepperoni.”

“Good.” I said. Then frowned. “I didn’t take my meds this morning.”

“Then take them tonight.” He said going out and coming back in with a bottle of coke and my medication. “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” I said taking them.

“Okay, stay put.” He said. Then the door opened and I heard people talking.

“They’re here.” Alex ruffled my hair. “Don’t leave the room. Lock it.”

“Okay.” I said as he left. I locked it and went back to my bed. Then I saw some boxes. Parcels? I looked at them carefully. Two days ago. I looked at the time. It was only fucking seven pm!! The fuck?! I sat down and opened the first parcel. Then I heard loud talking. I took my ear phones out and plugged them in my ear. Then put one of my favorite songs. Closer by Chainsmokers featuring Halsey.

"I know it breaks your heart
Moved to the city in a broke-down car, and
Four years, no calls
Now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar, and
I-I-I can’t stop
No, I-I-I can’t stop

So, baby, pull me closer
In the back seat of your Rover
That I know you can’t afford
Bite that tattoo on your shoulder

Pull the sheets right off the corner
Of that mattress that you stole
From your roommate back in Boulder
We ain’t ever getting older

We ain’t ever getting older
We ain’t ever getting older

You look as good as the day I met you
I forget just why I left you, I was insane
Stay and play that Blink-182 song
That we beat to death in Tucson, okay

Then I heard groans. Was there a football match? Wait..what? I quickly unlocked the door and peeked through. Football match!!

Newcastle and Man united!!

I sat down on the floor and started watching. Lorenzo kept drinking. Ignoring that. Then the others. Apart from Xander and Alex. The match was still going until Man United scored a goal. The place erupted in excitement. I tried not to make a sound and smiled instead. Then I closed the door and sat down next to the parcels.

I opened the first box..bracelet. I put one on in each side and smiled. They looked so expensive...4k? Maybe.

Then I opened the next box. A necklace. I smiled and put it on. It looked so beautiful!!!

I opened the third box. A ring. I slipped it onto my finger and squealed. "I look amazing.." I smiled at myself in the mirror.

"You do." I heard someone say.

"Hi, the toilet's across the hall." I said looking at myself in the mirror.


"The toilet.." I got up and took the jewelry off and opened the door pulling him across the hall and into the toilet. Then he puked inside the toilet and I flushed it. "You drink too much." I sighed and sat next to him. "So, Daniel."


"Sky?" Alex burst into the bathroom and hugged me. I could feel tears rolling down my back. "I thought they did something to you..."

"No, he's a good guy." I said as he puked again. "Ish."

"Sky don't go without my permission. When they're drunk...they don't think...I don't want them to hurt you.."

"Don't cry.."

"No Sky. I don't want to see you hurt again. You've already been through hell."

"Okay...I'll go back to my room." I groaned. Then I was stopped by, "Lorenzo."


"Of course. drunk too?"

"Second bottle." He giggled.

"Okay, I need to go to my room." I said but he stood in my way.

"What's the hurry?"

"Listen you're drunk. Just go sit down or---"

Then the door burst open and I saw people coming in the house. Seconds later, there was alcohol and someone had decided to put some fucking music on which was fucking pounding in my ear. Everyone was drinking and dancing and making out. I quickly rushed into my room and locked the door behind me. Then I called Alex. "Alex, who told them to come."

"One of the guys. Don't worry, it's only a few people-ish."

"How much alcohol is there?"

"Enough to know someone will die." He said. "Stay in your room and lock the door."

"Already did so. I'm just staring at my--"

"I need to go." He cut the call.

I looked at my jewelry and then at the ipad. I saw Victoria appear angry and disappointed.

"Sky don't even--"

Then I took it and sat on my bed."


"Vic calm down will you." I smiled as I switched it on. "More jewelry."

"Sky you've got enough!!"

I looked at everything I had and put it on. I looked fabulous. Then I stared at Noah's bracelet. Even if it wasn't my color. I gotta's really pretty.The door knocked and I answered it. It was a random guy.

"Hi can I help you?"

He was just staring at my neck and ears. Then he saw my bracelets. "They all look so expensive."

"Yeah they do. Do you need to go toilet?"

"Can I come in?"


Then he barged in. "So..single?"

"No. And put your shirt back on!!"

"Goody goody two shoes!"

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are! You need to loosen up a bit."


"You heard me. Loosen up!!" He gave me a cup. "It's water. I've got a bad headache."

"I'm not thirsty."

"Jee not even a thank you. Just go ahead and dump it on me. I thought you didn't like wasting water. But meh. You can't even drink WATER!!"

I took the cup nd drank it all. "Happy?"

"Course." He smirked. Then I started feeling...weird. Everything was double and I couldn't stand properly. I clutched onto my table and tried to focus. "What's wrong with me?"

"Never take anything from strangers." He said with a smirk. Then he gave me a bottle. "Drink it. It'll help."

I took it and started drinking it. I drank and drank until I finished the bottle. 1 leter. Now everything was worsening. I couldn't even stand up straight. I puked inside my bin and dropped to the floor.

"Okay, that's not about this." He handed me a different bottle.

"Is that alcohol?"

"No, just helps with the thingy." He said. I quickly grabbed it and started drinking it. I kept drinking until I finished the bottle.

"Let me get you some water." He said leaving the room. He came back with a larger bottle and handed it to me. "Drink up!"

"Okay." I giggled and started drinking, I kept dinking and drinking until the bottle finished and that's when I realised--

"You've drunk five leters of alcohol." He smirked and left. I looked at the bottle I was holding. Then burst out crying. I vomited inside the bin again and fainted.

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