Lunar Skylar

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Drink drink drink!!!


I sat up but was stopped by a terrible sharp head ache. “Owwww.”

“Sky why would you drink?!” Alex shouted. “I cannot believe how stupid you are!”

“I mean, drinking!?”

“Cole? Cleo?”

“They’re with your parents. And we’ve told them.” Xander shook his head.


“No don’t so that. Stop crying. No. You need to learn from your mistakes. How dare you drink?!” He shouted.

“I didn’t know--”

“You didn’t know?!” Alex scoffed.


“No. No. None of this bullshit. You are grounded. For the rest of the day! Do I make myself clear?!”

“No. I’m moving out.”

“Where to? Your mums?” Xander crossed his arms.


“A new girl took your spot.” He said.


“Leave the room. I beg you.” Alex said leaving.

“Dickhead.” I mumbled.

“What did you say?” Xander glared at me.

“Nothing.” I lied.

“You listen. Shut up. And get some sleep.”

“I’m fine.” I got up.

“Where are you going? You are not leaving the room.”

“I need to go toilet.”

He shook his head at me. “I’m taking you.”

“What? It’s not like I’m gonna escape--”

“Zip it. Let’s go now.”

After a few moments I came back out.

“I’ll order some breakfast.” He said as we walked downstairs. My jaw dropped as I saw his friends passed out on the sofa and floor. “Xander!”

“Shhh. They’re exhausted.”


“Don’t worry.” He said as Alex started cleaning the kitchen counter. Then he looked up and saw me. “I’m sorry for shouting at you earlier.”

“Our school is being terminated for a while. Until 2022.”

“Oh. Why?”

“Well...the school was caught on fire. Have you seen the news?”


He switched the TV on and went to BBC News. I saw the building and fire fighters running into the building regardless the fact that the ceilings were falling down.

“Only fifty seven people had minor injuries and three had major injuries.” Xander said.



“That’s awful.”

“It’ll take some time to repair the destroyed places.”

“Where are you going until then?”

“Well, the teachers have now being spread everywhere. So they’re safe. But us pupils have been sent to different schools. We both have been sent to Riverspark.”


“Yeah. Your school. We’re in year...3.” Alex said.

“Year 3?!” I jumped and hugged them both. “ does everyone feel about this..?”

“We have no choice. But they’re all happy about it apart from Calvin and Noah.” He sighed.

“’ll be super weird.”

“Of course.”

“So...” I smiled at them both. “I love you both.”

“We know.” Xander smiled.

“But why did no one tell me?”

“Well...good question..we were going to tell you but we forgot. The guys are also going to your school.” He said.

“Gee, I’m so excited.” I said sarcastically.

“They’ll be coming here more often as Alex won’t complain about them.” Alex said.

“Cool. Super excited.” I said sarcastically. “Not intimidated by a bunch of eighteen--”

“Some nineteen--”

“Year olds who can probably kill me with a finger.”

“Hey, you okay.”

“I’m fucking getting emotional.”

“So you’re not okay?”

“Fuck no. I’m so sad. Xander are they violent?”

“No. If they were, they wouldn’t be in this house. We care too much about you.” He said hugging me.

“I know they’re not violent!”

“Then why--”

“I don’t know okay!!”

“Stop worrying. They’re kind and you know that.”

“Okay okay.” I sighed. “I’m so tired. My head hurts.”

“Okay. Have some paracetamol. Wait, your medicine first.” He said giving it to me. “Some juice.”

“Thanks.” I said popping the meds in my mouth then swallowing them down with the juice.

“Fuck sake what time is it?” Lorenzo groaned.

“Time for school.” Xander said. “And we are all late--”

“Xander you’re going to school today?”

“Boris Johnson fucks us about. Schools aren’t closing and there’s lock down until 2nd of December. So say bye to most shops as today you’ll see no JD or any shops apart from small shops.”


“Don’t worry.”

“What do you mean don’t worry. We’re starting at a new school and we are fucking late!!” Lorenzo got up and rushed to the toilet.

Alex quickly checked the time. “First impressions. Great.” He rushed to his room.

“Sky, get changed.”

“Okay.” I said going to my room. I opened my cupboard and froze. “Xander...”

“Noah bought them. And me and Alex.”

“These must’ve cost a fortune!”

“Noah loves you too much.”

“There’s like ten here!!” I looked at the hoodies.

“Yeah.” He hugged me. “Get changed.”

I smiled. “Thanks..”

“No problem.” He left the room.

“Stop spraying!! I’ll smell of boy perfume!!”

“Sky stop shouting.”

“Charles move!!”

“Stop being dramatic!!” Elliot complained.

“Shut up!!”

“Hey, don’t snap at them.” Xander scolded. “Be nice.”

“Nice?” I sniffed myself. “I smell like a boy!!” I screamed.

“Hey, don’t worry.”

Then I looked at my time table. “Xander, we’re going back to normal. Hey, I can see you anytime!”




“I’m not even gonna bother ask.”

“Noah’s pissed at me.”

“We don’t wanna hear anymore.” Charles said.

“I don’t know if he’s Calvin. I keep messing up his name.”

“Sad.” Elliot said clearly bored.

“Guys show a bit of compassion.” Then he looked at me from the rear mirror. “Sky, he’s pissed at you.”

“Gee. Thanks for the pep talk.” I crossed my arms and sank to my seat. “Guys move!!”

“How are we supposed to?!” Charles complained.

“Get your car!!”

“Its all the way at my house!!”

“Then fucking don’t pass out after drinking and don’t throw parties!!”

“Why not?”

“Because I met this ‘kind’ guy who gave me ‘water’ I drank it and started feeling drunk. Then guess what?! He gave me a 1 leter bottle of alcohol and then another 2 leter bottle of alcohol. And then a cup of more vodka and then I passed out. I drank ‘5’ letters!!”

“So you accept ‘water’ in a party?”

“Sky, you’ve got issues.” Xander said.

“And serious trust issues.”

“I’m out!” I snapped trying to open the car door. “Xander open it!!”

“Sky stop screaming!”

“No I won’t.”

“Just kick her out!” Lorenzo groaned scrolling through his phone.

I huffed and crossed my arms staring out at the window. “Is there gonna be new kids in our class?”

“Yeah.” Xander said as he pulled up. “We’re here.”

“Does everyone know about what happened..?” I looked down at my handmeand found it. “Safe.” I exhaled.

Then a few cars pulled up. Great. They’re all here.

“Xander, I’m going to class. Catch you later.”


I quickly ran into the school. “Hello miss.”

“Lunar Skylar. Why are you late. Again?”

“Miss. You see, I got hang over.”


“No, I had a dentist appointment.”

“Okay, what time?”

“Twenty minutes ago.”

“And what did they do?”

“I had a...check up. Yes a check up.”

“Mhm.” She sighed clearly not buying it. “Late detention unless you can show me proof.”

“Fine. I was drunk last night. And I passed out.”

She seemed to believe me. “Fine. Go to class.”

“Thanks.” I rushed through the doors and all the way into the hallway. Then I took my water bottle out and drank half. Then I put it back in the bag and realised I still had my Lindors. Oh well. I’ll eat it later.

I knocked on the door and came in. “Sorry miss.” I said sitting on my seat. Then I realised there were new people.

“Five new kids.” Mason whispered.

“Hey, Sky!” Gemma pulled me into the study hub.

“Hi Gems. Hi guys.” Then I saw Aiden and rushed to hug him. “I have missed you so much!!”

“Same.” He pulled out, “How are you?”

“Fine you?”

“Okay....but next time don’t kill yourself.”

“I’ll try.”


“So, didn’t miss me?” Lucas huffed.

“No I did!” I hugged him.

“Why do you smell of--”

“It’s Xander’s fault.”

“Okay.” He sighed as I pulled out.

“So are you coming to the party tonight?” Gemma asked sitting next to me.

“What party?”

“Madison’s parents are away. She’s throwing a huge party. Coming?” She laid on the sofa.

“I can’t..”

“Why not.”

“Yesterday’s party...”

“But don’t worry. We’ll be next to you.”

“Okay then...just need them to say yes.”

“Okay. I need to figure out what I’ll wear.” Gemma sighed.


“I’m not going.” He said.

“Why not?”

“I’m staying with Calvin.”

“Oh. That’s good.”


“So how was your first day?” I asked Xander.

“Shit.” He said.

“Boring.” Alex said.

“Wow. Exciting.”

“Are you just trying to make conversation?”

“Yeah.” I sat in between them. “So...I’m bored.”


“I did good in class.” I said. “Got all answers correct.”

“Well done.” Xander said still busy watching TV.

“Can I hang out with Gemma tonight?”

“Yeah. When?”


“Sleep over?”

“Yes.” I lied.

“Okay, you can take your pyjamas and stuff.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and went back into my room. “Dickheads.” I mumbled as I put my brand new baby blue hoodie and white leggings on. Then I took out my bracelet and earrings. My hair was growing really long was up to my chest. No. I wanna cut it. So bad. But not now. I applied some lip gloss on. Yuck. And then some mascara. Not too bait. Then I put some extensions on.

My phone started ringing and I quickly answered it locking the door. “Hi Gems.”

“You look so good!!” She squealed. “Your”


“Did you put a nose ring on?”

“Fake one.”

“Cool. It looks so real!!”

“Hey, magic.”

“Did they really let you go?”

“Yeah....they think I’m coming to yours.”

“Okay. That’s good.”

“Do I look--”


“Okay, call you soon. Love you, bye.” I cut the call and exhaled. I look okay. Good.

The door knocked. It was only nine ten but still. Okay.


“” Alex smiled. “So you’re going to Gemma’s?”


“You never bother dressing up...”

“Well she’s inviting a few girls over for a slumber party.” I lied.

“Okay. I’ll get the car going.” He said.

I took my pills and put them inside my new LV bag.

“Where’s Xander?”

“He’s in his room. Now he’s gonna call the guys over and there’s gonna be a lot of vodka.”

“Okay.” I said as we walked out and into his car. “I’ve missed your car.”

“Range rover. Same as Xander.” He said starting the car.

“They fell for it.” I said as we walked up to Madison’s house. “Okay, do I look good?” I asked Lucas.


“Okay, lets go.” Gemma said as we walked inside. The music was blasting and the house was full of people that I don’t even know! I looked around and found Madison. She looked anxious. “You okay?” I shouted.


Then she pulled me outside where the noise was a bit quieter.

“Is he coming?”

“Um..he’s staying with Calvin and Mason.”


“Hey, don’t be mad at him..he can’t help it..”

“I know.” She smiled. “My sister’s like him.”


“So, let’s go.” She said as we went back into the house. Then a girl walked up to me carrying a bottle of vodka. She started waving it at my face. “Want some?!”


“Wimp.” She scoffed. “Goody goody two shoes. Yuck.”

Then I snatched the bottle from her and started drinking.

“Hell yeah!!” She nudged me in the ribs. “I feel you!!”

“Okay okay.” I drank a bit more.

“My guy!!” She smiled and took the bottle off me starting to drink.

Then I felt sick. I ran up the stairs and saw...I guess the toilet. There were already three people inside discussing their sad lives and vomiting. I quickly vomited inside the toilet flushing it. Gemma came in and froze. “Sky!!”

Then I started giggling. “Drink up.”

“Sky...” She hugged me. “Don’t’s against your religion and it’s bad for you.”

“She dared me.” I groaned and puked again. Then I got up and went downstairs Gemma behind me. “I want water.” I said. She opened her bag and pulled out a packet of skittles. She gave me a handful and I popped them all into my mouth. I started chewing and dancing around. “Sky, calm yourself.”

“Feel the music in the air Gems!!”

“Sky!” She snapped. “Stop.”

“Whatever.” I fell onto someone.

“Hey!!” He sat me up properly. “You’re drunk.”

Gemma sat next to me. “She shouldn’t be drinking.”


“Epilepsy and it’s against her religion.”




At that I snapped out of it and Gemma glared at him. “What did you just say?!”

“Calm down. Just stating facts.”

Then she punched him across the face. “Once, two, three, eyyy he’s dead! He’s dead man!!”

“Sky you need to calm down.” She said taking me outside. “Okay, lets take you home.”

“Okay.” I said.

Then she took her phone out. “Lucas?”


“You drunk?”

“No. Tomorrow we have a test.”

“Nerd. Anyways, Sky’s drunk. I’m taking her home.”

“It’s only been an hour.”

“Okay. We’ll stay a bit longer.” Then she cut the call and sat me down on the grass. “I’ll be back. You rest. Once you’re better. Come to me. I’ll be downstairs.”

“Okay.” I sighed staring at the sky.

“Here.” A friendly guy gave me a bottle of beer.

“Thanks.” I took a swing. “My life is so fucking depressive.”


“I fucking got pregnant and had twins.”

“That’ old are you?”


“Damn.” He got up. “You’re a slut.”

“Thanks.” I mumbled as he left. I started drinking a bit more. I’m not a slut. Just because of a small mistake!!

Then I realised the bottle was empty. I’d finished the whole bottle? I laid on the grass and started re thinking all the good times. I threw the bottle away and sighed. After a while, I saw Gemma. “Let’s go now. It’s fucking 1 am!!”

“1 AM?!”

“Yeah. Everyone’s going. Come on.”

I got up and I saw Lucas outside waiting for us. “Sky, we’ll drop you off.” He said as we walked down the street. After a few more minutes we reached my house. “Thanks guys.” I whispered. They left and I stared at the door for a while.

Then I sneakily opened the door and started walking up the stairs. I accidentally slipped and fell off the stairs hitting my arm really badly. Then Xander’s door opened.



“Are you drunk?”

I said nothing just winced in pain as he touched my arm. “Sky you hurt it a bit. Let me get ice.” He said carrying me upstairs. He laid me down on his bed and went back downstairs. He came back a few moments later. “Here.” He placed it on my arm. “Are you drunk?”

“No.” I lied. Then I rushed to the toilet and puked. He held my head back. “You’re drunk?!”

“It was a dare and then he called me a slut.”

“What?” He sat down next to me. I puked inside the toilet again and then he pulled my head back up.

“I’m a slut who gave birth as a sixteen year old.” I puked again.

“Hey, don’t say that...accidents happen and you only sleep with Noah. No one else.”

“Apparently I’m a goody goody two shoes.”

“No you’re not...Sky why would you go to a party?”

“Because I just want to be fucking normal...”

“Normal? Something bad could’ve happened and you could’ve told us you were going!!”

“Then you’d have stopped me.”

“No. We’d have just warned you and told you to be home by 10.”

“Hypocrites. You guys stay until 2 in the morning.”

“We’re adults.”

“Urgh.” I puked again.

“You done?”


He helped me up and I brushed my teeth. Then I-- “Let me have a shower. I haven’t washed.”

“Okay.” He said going out.

“ look like you’re hang over.”


“You’ve got bags under your eyes.”


“Tell me you didn’t drink...”

“ was an accid--”

“Don’t speak to me.” He stormed away from me.

“Mason..” I bit my lip. Then I felt tears rolling down my eyes. I quickly wiped them and went over to my locker. I started texting him.

Mason I’m sorry...

The first guy tricked me and I was too drunk to realise I was drinking more

The second time, this girl pissed me off. I couldn’t take it. She just kept bugging me..

Mason don’t leave me. Not now. Please.

I saw he read my messages and then I saw he was typing...but then he stopped typing. I stared at my message. I rested my head inside the locker, tears rolling down my eyes and then I felt a tap on my shoulder.



I turned around and hugged him.

“Why you crying?”

“Mason’s left me.” I pulled out and showed him my phone.

“What did you do?”

“Last night...” I blushed. “I couldn’t lie to him..and Gemma probably told him..”

“Stop crying. Come on, go to the toilet and wash your face with cold water. I’ll wait for you.” He said taking my phone. I went inside and washed my face and wiped it with tissue. I threw the tissue in the bin but was stopped by Ruby...and her old friends..

“Sky?” She pushed me to a wall and kissed me. I tried to push her but Jenny pinned me down. Then the door opened and I saw Alex. He shoved Ruby off me and hugged me. “Stop crying.” He said. “All of you get the fuck out!”

They all quickly left the toilet and he stroked my hair. “Don’t worry about them.”

“Why did you come?”

“I saw them come in.” He whispered. “I’m really sorry.”

“She’s a fucking lesbian brat!”

“Don’t cry.” He said giving me more tissues. “So..where are your friends?”

“They’re somewhere. I don’t know.”


“Probably in form. It’s warm in there.”

“Wanna go out now?”

“Why aren’t you in my class...” I frowned.

“I’m year 3. You’re year 1.”

“I know...Patrick’s trial is due soon.”

“Don’t worry.”

Then I sat on the bathroom counter. “If he wins the case...then he won’t forgive me..he’ll end me..and then Cleo and Cole...”

“He won’t touch them.”


Then the bell rang. “Lunch’s over.”

“Don’t go...Alex..”

“I’ll be late--”

“Just stay for a second..”


“What if...he does win the case and he’s free...?”

“Don’t worry--”

“No, he’ll be coming back to this school...probably...”

“Don’t think so. Everyone believes you...”

“I don’t care about that...Alex...will he touch them..?”

Then he hugged me. “He’ll try to...but I will make sure...I will make sure they are safe. So will Xander--”

Then he got a notification.

Where r u?!

“It’s Xander.” He sighed. I’m in the girls bathroom, year 1. Sky’s getting emotional because of Patrick and Mason.

What did Mason do?

He broke up with her.


Last night. He’s mad at her for drinking.


I’ll be back soon. Cover for me.


“Sky...don’t worry about him.” Alex said wiping my tears. “If he dares touch them you’ve got all of us.”

“That still doesn’t reassure guys are so kind to me...”

“Because we love you and you deserve everything.”

“Thanks..just wish Noah felt the same..”

“Are you sure you don’t want to move in with him back at home?”

The thought made my stomach turn. It sent shivers down my spine. Then I looked around. There was no one. All the cubicles were open. Good. “He scares me. I’m scared of him.” I blurted out. “I’m scared he’ll hurt me..I’m really really scared..”

“But he’s trying to change. Look, since Mr Trent...getting arrested. Have you seen him about to hit you?”


“You’re thinking about before Xander stopped hitting him. Focus on after. He’s got nothing to inflict on you.” He kissed my forehead. “So..he’s changed...”

“But..I can’t help that...scared me..knowing if I do something wrong...he’ll scream at me..hurt me..or...I’m scared.” I burst out crying. “But I love him...”

“Hey, stop crying. How about after school I take you shopping.”

“Shops are closed.”



“Yeah. I’ll pay.” He hugged me again.

“I can pay for myself.” I said.

“Sky what job are you doing?”

“Alex...what if he looses it at me again.”

“He won’t.”

“How can you be sure?”

He thought for a while and then an idea popped into his head. “His diary!”


“Steal his diary. Don’t read it.”

“And then?”

“Then you accidentally drop it in front of him. You know his diary is the most important thing ever. No one dares touch it..cuz he will go ballistic. So..are you in?”

“Yeah...the diary holds his feelings...inner feelings that he doesn’t share and if he finds out I read it..oof.”

“Okay, we’ll see if he looses it or not.”

“Yeah.” I stood up.

“Lets go class.” He kissed my forehead again and hugged me. “I hate to see you cry.”

“Alex you’re so kind...”

“Stop the waterworks for fuck sake!!” He wiped my tears. “Come on. I’ll take you to class.” He said as we walked out the toilet. We walked down the corridor and stopped at my classroom.

“See you in two hours.” He said walking away. Then I hurried after him. “Don’t go..”

“Sky what’s wrong?”

“I don’t..I don’t feel safe..”

“I can’t go to your classroom.”

I stared at the floor. “I’m being stupid. I need to go. Bye.”


“Mason and the rest of them are here.”

“Good. Bye.”

“Bye.” I mumbled going back to class. I knocked and then entered.

“Okay so we are saying Comi, I ate and yo como. Check if you got it right." Sir said and then turned to me. "Why are you ten minutes late?"

"I had an emotional breakdown." I said.

"Okay, go bak to your seat. Here's your DO NOW activity." He said giving me a piece of paper. I sat down next to Noah. "Hey babes what's up?"

"Alex saved me from being fucking raped." I said. He looked at me shocked. "What?!"


No, it was Ruby. She pinned me to a wall...and Jenny. Ruby started kissing me and then Alex came into the toilet quickly and chased them away."

"That's terrible."


"Why don't I take you out today?"

"Where exactly?"

"We could always go to..wait..everywhere's shut. How about you go to my place--"

"Noah. I'm not--"

"No like a movie. Proper movie."


"Like friends."



I set the camera on record and waited for Noah to come in. "Hey Calvin? Noah?"
"Noah and why are you in my room?"
"No reason." I faked acting suspicious.
"What are you hiding?"
Then I dropped the diary 'accidentally'.
"Sky?!" He quickly picked it up and glared at me. "WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU KNOW THAT'S MY DIARY!!!" He yelled at my face. "My fucking diary!!"
Even though I didn't...I was still crying. He glared at me. "This is my diary..."
Then he broke down crying and hugged me. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have shouted at you. Stop crying." Then sat down and sat me down next to me. He laid my head on his lap and started crying. "I'm sorry I scared you.."
"It's fine." I wiped my tears but he continued stroking my hair. "I will buy you anything you want. Name it."
"I feel so guilty. I shouldn't have shouted at you.."
"Why didn't you hit me?"
"Because I couldn't even have the guts to. I didn't even dare think of it.."
"I love you."
"I promise I'll make it up to you."
"No need to." I smiled. Then I pointed at the camera. "You're amazing boyfriend..."
"Really?" He walked up to the camera. Then cut it. "Sky.."
"It's fine..we won't post it."
"I'm truly sorry even if it was a prank."
"I really scared me.."
"I'm sorry." He hugged me again and I felt tears rolling down my back.
"Yeah?" He quickly wiped his tears.
"Why you crying?"
"I keep screaming at you and Alex and Xander told me you're scared of me.."
"I need to go."
"Sky I don't blame you..."
"I will grow to trust you."
"It'll be really really hard you know...after what happened.."
"Hey, don't worry.."
"Come on. Let me take you home. Tomorrow you can have Cole and Cleo. Yeah?"
"Okay." I said as I kissed them goodbye. "Love you.."

I watched them looking at the latest Sidemen Sunday video. I stared at my empty hands...Xander and Alex had confiscated all my electronics..unfair..
I got up and went to the kitchen looking at the fridge. It was full of nothing.
"Xander..Alex do any of you want to cook something..?"
"No. Just order."
"But don't you think..."
"Sky we're watching something. You cook yourself."
I looked back at the fridge. "I'll go shopping." I said putting my coat on.
"My card's in my pocket."
"Great." I mumbled. I walked out the front door. I can pay myself. I walked around and found Iceland. It was still open. Thank god!!
I quickly went inside and took a trolley. Shopping list:
Waffles *6 packets
Quality streets *6 packets
Strawberry laces *6 packets
Fish fingers *6 packets
Hamburgers *3 packets
Bread slices *3 packets
Pasta *4 packets
Spaghetti *4 packets
Tampons *6 packets
Oil *5 packets
Doughnuts *4 packets
Eggs *4 packets
Butter *2 packets
Chocolate cake *2 packets
Carton milk *6 packets
Yogurt *4 packets
Chocolate cereal *4 packets
Honey crunch *2 packets
Flour *3 packets
Cheese *4 packets
Onions *3 packets
Garlic *2 packets
Salt *4 packets
Pepper *3 packets
Sugar *3 packets
Hand sanitizers *9 packets
Cleaning essentials
Bathroom essentials
School essentials
Chocolate milkshakes *10 packets
Soup *4 packets
Honey *3 packets
Cough medicines *5 packets
Sweets *7 packets
Tuna *4 packets
Baked beans *9 packets
Shower gel *8 packets
Hair spray, men *6 and female *3
Masks *10 packets, 5 in 1.
Fruit salad *5 packets
Ice cream *10 packets
Chips *9 packets
Lastly but not least, crossants *6 packets
"Hi, can you help me take these out the shop. I'm calling a cab." I said. The friendly guy picked three bags and I picked the last three. I actually thought the bags were gonna rip. I stood outside waiting for two minutes when the cab pulled up. "Hi!"
The girl came out and helped me put all the stuff at the back of the car. I sat inside and we started talking. " do a lot of shopping?"
"Not really...just moved house."
"How old are you?"
"16? Or are you going college?"
"No. Yes I go college but I'm moving in with my brothers."
"Oh. That makes sense."
We continued chatting for about 30 more seconds when she parked outside the car. I took my phone out. I haven't got my phone. Shoot. I got out the car. "I'll be back." I said knocking on the door.
Xander opened it and looked at the car and back at me. "Xander, I need you to bring some stuff into the house." I said as I opened the truck.

"You bought all these stuff?" Alex sighed starting the hob. "Sky we're sorry for being idiots."
"Alex is right." Xander said cutting three onions.
"I mean..I was pretty guys cant live by takeaway."
"Alex isn't here to cook." Alex complained.
"That's why we need to be independent." I said cutting the garlic.
"Sky how much did this all cost?" Xander asked pouring oil into the sauce pan.
"What?" They all froze at the same time.
"Sky you should've used my card!" Xander scolded. "What job are you doing?"
"None of your business."
"Come on Sky we're just looking out for you..." Alex hugged me. "Just tell us. Please."
"No." I said coldly. He pulled out. "Sky what job are you--"
"Will you both just fuck off!!!" I stormed into my room locking the door. Then I burst out crying. Why do I keep getting hurt!? do I end this...all this pain? Sacred constantly...I'm scared...what if...this is risky...but I'll be safe..I'll be happy..right..?
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