Lunar Skylar

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999 what's your emergency?

I stared at my statement. The one about the pregnancy and the one about...Noah and his friends...I know..huge shock? But I have to do this. I need to be selfish. Besides, they’ll be out in no time.

“Thank you.” Detective said leaving. All I could do was think about back home. How the fuck can I go back? Everyone will kill me just because I feel...scared...

“Miss Lunar, your accusations are false. There is no evidence about the doctor."
"That's impossible!!"
"We have investigated the case and all your claims got turned down."
I looked at him confused. "H...what?"
"Also all nine boys said the same statement and you have no proof but they do. They are being let out.”


“Miss Lunar calm down--”

“So they’re free?!”


“So you won’t take this to court?!”


“Why not?! They’re guilty!! I’m the victim here!!”

“Patrick Johnson is also being released today. There has also been proof that your accusations were false. Miss Lunar please calm yourself."

“They can’t be let out. It’s only been six hours!!”

“Too much evidence has been given.”

“What evidence?!”

“Your teachers say you can lie really well and anyone can believe you. She told us about your tears and about your persistent lies. We also checked your school record and your teachers too. They all say you lie all the time. So did the pupils. Then the boys guessed that you were mad at them or just looking for attention. Everyone agrees Skylar.”

“Why would I put my own boyfriend AND my step brother in jail?!”

“They said you wanted it to be more believable.”

My mouth opened and closed. I had no words. No words.

I got out the cab and knocked on the front door. No reply. I knocked again and again until Xander opened it and glared at me.

“How could you?!”

“I don’t feel safe. I just wanted to again.”

“To your room and you’re not coming out.” He said coldly.

I walked past him and up the stairs. I went inside my room and froze. My stuff. Only my bed and bed sheets were there and my desk and curtains and clothes...

“You’re going to stay in that room. You’re grounded.”

“My things?!”

“Your phone.”

“No.” He walked up to me and started searching me. He took my coat off and took my purse and phone out. "Window is closed so don't even bother trying to leave."

Then I tried to snatch them back but he shoved me and left. I swallowed as I looked at the empty room. I am dead. Not safe. I quickly locked the door and sat down behind it. I stared at the empty room and back at my hands. I was scared. Really really scared. They’re all out. They will come and get me.

The door knocked. “”

“Hey, don’t worry. It’s me.” I heard Jordan say.

“W..why you here..?”

“I just wanna speak okay.” He said in a soft voice. “Please. I just wanna know why you grassed us up. I’m not mad.”


“Listen, they’ve let us out. For good.” He said.

“You won’t hurt me...r..right?”

“Yes. I won’t.” He said.

“Okay..” I opened the door and saw them all. I froze and then he shoved me to the wall.


“He’s out.”


“Both out. So it’s us now.”


“I’m out.” He said leaving.

“Nono! You can’t go!!”

“I’m not involved.” He said.

“I’ll tell dad you didn’t help me!!”

“Okay then. Guys don’t hurt her.” He left.

As soon as the front door shut, they glared at me.

I swallowed and saw Patrick. He was holding a bat. “So..ready?”

“I’ll tell the police!!”

“No you won’t.”

“There’ll be bruises.”

“We know.” He said. "We got that covered."

I looked at them all. I glanced at the door and dashed for it but Jordan pulled me back and punched me. Then they all started hitting me..they kept hitting me even when I told them to stop. They didn't listen...just kept hitting me..over and over again.

"Say a word, you're dead." Patrick grabbed my neck and squeezed it tightly. "You don't say a word to anyone." He squeezed harder.

"Stop!!" I gasped. "Guys!!"

"Squeeze harder." Jordan said coldly. Tears were rolling down my eyes.

"Understood?!" Patrick hissed.


"Good." He dropped me and I passed out.

"Sky?" Xander said waking me up.
"How are you?"
"My neck.." I winced as I touched it. He was about to touch it but I flinched.
"Sky are you scared of me?"
I looked around in panic.
"Hey hey, calm down. You're safe." He whispered. Then hugged me and I gasped. "Shh. Don't worry. Big bro. Okay?"
"Y..yes." I swallowed.
"Hey." He pulled out. "Stop crying."
I started remembering the past events that took place last night. My skin went pale. I quickly looked at the door and locked it. My heart started beating rapidly. I sat down on the floor and started crying. The words kept ringing in my head. I covered my ears with my hands--
"Sky, don't worry. You're safe." He got up and knelt beside me. Then he removed my hands from my ears and hugged me. "You are safe..yeah?"
I looked at him...scared for my life. "You'll hurt me..."
"Nono. Who said that?"
"No one.." I looked down at his hands. "Will you hit me..?"
"No. Course not. I promise." He hugged me. "Don't be intimidated by me."
"Your friends..."
"They're soft. They won't touch you. Trust me." He said. "So, wanna go school?"
"" My eyes started flickering. "I can't..."
"They won't hurt you...Mason'll be there."
"Nono...they'll get me...somehow.."
"How about me and Alex keep an eye on you?"
"You can't. We're in different classes."
He thought for a while and then an idea popped into his head. "Do you wanna hang out with me and Alex? At lunch and break?"
"You'll find me annoying.."
"No. Come on. If you need to go anywhere, let us know. We'll be with you. Okay?"
"I..I can't go...they'll be there..."
"Don't worry. I'll make sure they don't touch you." He got up. "Now get changed." He said about to leave the room but I pulled him back.
"Don't go..wait..stay here."
"They can't come now. We're here."
"Okay. Just hurry up." He said as I started changing. He looked at my bruises and frowned. I looked at them and burst out crying.
"Hey, don't cry." He whispered. "Don't worry."
"They've destroyed me..." I looked at the purple patches scattered across my body. "They'll heal." I swallowed. "I'll be fine."
"Yeah, you will. So, get changed. Okay?"
Then I wiped my tears. "I'll be okay."
"You will. And I and Alex will be there."

"Look who it is." Patrick shoved me. "The stupid liar."
"Why would you lie about something like that?" Lilianna walked up to me shaking her head.
"#dirtyliar" Jordan shouted from across the room.
"I'm not a dirty liar!!" I snapped.
Then I felt a shove. Tyler. Then all nine boys took a tomato out their bag and dashed it straight at me. The class erupted of laughter. Gemma and Mason rushed up to me. "Sky you okay?"
"What's up with the face? And hands? And voice?" Gemma raised her eyebrows.
"Nothing." I stormed past them and sat on my seat ignoring the dirty names they were calling me. They both sat next to me.
"Sky who did this to you?" Gemma whispered.
"No one."
"Hey tell us." Mason whispered. Then I felt something being poured into my hair. I felt it and the class burst out laughing. I looked at it closely and realised it was super glue.
"Guys back off her." Mason stood up. Then I saw people recording. I took my phone out and messaged Xander.
Help...they're bullying me.
"You texting your boyfriend?" Dylan teased. Then the door opened and I saw Xander he walked up to them. "Back off her!"
They all started laughing and left. I got up and Xander walked me out the room. "Come on. Lets get you cleaned up." He said as we went into the girls toilet.

"Stop crying..." He whispered drying it with the hand dryer and peeling it off. "I'm sorry."
"Stop apologising."
Then the door opened and I saw Alex. He rushed over to me and hugged me. "Don't cry."
"They threw tomatoes and super glued my hair..."
"I'm sorry..." He sighed and knelt beside me. "You okay now?"
"Don't worry." Xander said wiping my tears. "Lets get you back to class."
"Hey, just text us and we'll be there. Yeah?"
I looked down at my hands. "They'll never go to jail.."
"Don't worry about that." Xander said helping me up.
"If anything happens, let us know." Alex said.
"Okay." I mumbled as we stood outside the class.
"We're going but we'll wait for you for break here."
"Lets go now." Xander said to Alex. Once they were out of sight I opened the door. Miss Vivian was sitting on her desk reading something from her book to the class. "Skylar what's up with your face and hands?"
"Mind your business." I said coldly going back to my seat.
"Miss just drop it."
She looked at me worriedly but I just took my books out. Then she continued reading. I saw Mason looking at me worriedly. "Are you okay now?"
"Apart from being humiliated, I'm fine."
"Sky...your face..what happened?"
I looked at him. He was so kind. "Promise not to say anything as they'll kill me if they find out I told anyone."
Then I told him everything. He looked at me shocked and then whispered. "I'd hug you but no suspicious activity."
"I know."
"I can't believe that happened..."
"Nor can I. I actually thought it was all body is hurting but my heart is broken."
"I'm really sorry."
"Don't apologise..."
"You okay now?"
"This morning..I was scared of Xander for no reason...I was just so scared about last night...but then I snapped out of it.."
"I can't believe that happened...Sky..."
"It's gonna be l--"
"Lunch time!!" Gemma jumped from her seat and started packing her stuff.
"The bell doesn't dismiss you. I do."
Everyone started packing away. Then she finally said, "Go."
I was about to go but I felt someone squish something on my head. I turned to see Jordan. "Ooops." He smirked. Mason looked like he was about to kill him.
"Mason don't."
"Listen to your girlfriend."
The class burst out laughing and they all left. I stood there with egg on my head.
"Sky what's up?" Xander asked walking up to me. Then he saw my head. "Miss did you see what just happened?"
"I'm having my lunch you know. People need breaks." She groaned. "Now I've got another class!!" She walked out the room scrolling through her phone.
"Useless teacher." Mason sighed.
"Detention." Miss said coming back to the room and leaving. Then Gemma came back in with Aiden and Lucas. They looked at me terrified and rushed up to me.
"Jeez when Alex said you got jumped by them. I thought he meant a bit beaten not bloody halloween beaten." Lucas said.
"Who attacked you?" Gemma looked at me confused.
"Noah's friends." I mumbled looking down at the floor. "And they won't stop."
"Stop crying..."
"Guys please just go!!!"
"Okay!" Mason said as they started leaving.
"Xander don't go." I pulled him back. Once everyone had gone I burst into tears and hugged him tightly. "Why me?!"
"Don't cry. Some people live an unfair life while some live a good life."
"Please stop talking bullshit." I sobbed.
"Don't'll be fine." He kissed my forehead. "You'll be okay."
Then Alex came in with his friends. "What's up?" He walked up to me.
"Well one of Noah's friends decided to egg her." Xander said.
"That's funny." Charles said.
"Guys." Alex glared at them and hugged me. "Stop crying."
"They keep bullying me. When will it stop?"
"Once you move schools." Luke said.
"Guys!" Xander snapped.
"There is no light at the end of the tunnel." I whined.
"Don't cry, wanna hang out with us?" Alex suggested.
"We're going home. Wanna come?" Xander asked.
"We've only got 65 minutes, let's go."
"Do we even get a say?" Caleb said.
"No." I said.

"Bye guys." I said walking into the class room. I sat down quietly and started doing my work. No big deal. Until I felt water trickling down my head. "Urgh!!" I got up and punched Jordan in the face.
"You twat!!"
I quickly ran out the classroom and into the toilets and started flinching. The door opened and I saw Gemma. "Sky?" I flinched again.
"Hey." I wiped my tears. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing...Sky you okay?"
"I want Alex and Xander right now..." I sobbed bringing my knees up to my chest. "I just want to be happy like before..."
"You had a great childhood..."
"No, I mean two minutes ago."
"Oh. Where did you go?"
"Home." I wiped my tears.
"Better than school at least."
"Yeah." I smiled. "Where's Noah and Calvin?"
"Communication Center."
"Makes sense...does he know..?"
"He hasn't called yet."
"Message him."
"No...I just almost locked him up for five years."
"Fair point..."
"Let's just get back to class." I sighed as we walked back into class.
"Lunar Skylar can you explain why you assalted him? And ran out the class without my permission. You too Gemma!"
"He poured water at my head."
"That gives no excuse for punching someone."
"But he smashed an egg on my head and threw tomatoes and--"
"Sit down. Community service for physical assault on a former pupil and for running out the class." Sir said writing on the board.
"But sir they haven't gotten into trouble. They did all those things to her--"
"Gemma mind your business."
"No I won't. She got humiliated in front of 20 people sir."
"This is unjust behavior. He needs to get isolation, or community service."
"Gemma community service."
"No sir. That's not fair. I'll bring Mr Anderson here. Lets see what he thinks." She started walking to the door.
"Gemma sit back down."
"So, do we still have community service?"
"No." He huffed.
Gemma winked at me. "Hero of the day." She sat back on her seat. I sat down on my seat and started to write down everything from the board while Mason explained it.
"So answer is, x=9 and lets find y="
"Correct." He nudged me in the ribs. "Not so bad at maths are you."
"I am quite good at stuff."

"The guys are coming over." Alex said as he put everything back to how it was. "Are you okay with it?"
"Are they gonna be drinking?"
"No. They only drink once or twice a week." He said putting my stuff back under the bed. "So wanna hang out with us?"
"Okay...but are they--"
"They won't mind. They'll probably ask you a million questions on why you look like a boy."
"I'm okay with that." I smiled and hugged him. "Thanks.."
"No okay?"
"Is Cole and Cleo safe..?"
"Noah. He's got them and Esmeralda and Harley and Alex and Mason and Calvin. So they're more than safe."
"I really want him back..."
"What's done is done." He shifted uncomfortably. "Why did you snitch on him though?"
"Because he was a part of the whole thing. He started it...he was the main part."
"Okay." He kissed my forehead. "Don't stress. Now, let's go bake something."
"We've already got about...cup cakes? Wait..they're gonna hate it. 'Baby food'. Maybe brownies? Nope, for 'old people'."
"Let's just buy some."
"No orders...time to be independent." I said as we walked downstairs.

I sat in between Alex and Xander. They were too busy talking about girls. I swear they got issues. Urgh.
"Never knew how big of a simp y'all are." I said.
"Oh like you don't simp over Noah beck."
"I don't."
I blushed. "Anyone up for pizza?"
They all burst out laughing.
"I'm not a simp. Besides I have a boyfriend."
"Maybe he didn't mean it."
Then he snatched my phone off me and read the message.
Back off from me. I hate you. I never ever ever ever ever wanna see you again. And the kids are MINE.
"He said mine with capital leters." Xander said.
"So..." Alex sighed.
"You got dumped." Elliot said smirking. "Ha."
"On the bright you can simp over Jordy." Xander said.
"It's not my fault he did a whole tiktok because of me."
"Show off." Caleb said.
"I'm not a show off. You're just jealous."
"Yes." I said setting the oven on and putting the pizzas inside.
"How can I possibly be jealous of you and your imaginary boyfriend?"
"Not imaginary."
They all burst out laughing. "No I meant, he's not my boyfriend!"
"Too late."
"You guys are unbelievable." I sat on the floor. "Now this feels awkward."
"Then go to your room."
"Fine then!" I got up and was about to go in but I came back. "I can't."
"You that scared?" Chris said.
"Just leave me be!" I snapped and was about to go out but I came back and sank to the floor bursting into tears. "I'm so fucking scared."
Xander came over to me and sat next to me. "Stop crying." He lifted my chin up. "You're safe in here, yeah?"
"Yeah." I wiped my tears. "I'm safe in here."
"Exactly." He got up. "Wanna come sit next to us?"
"I'm fine." I looked down at my hand. Fascinated. My palms. I once heard that the lines on your palms can say your future. Of course I don't believe it but--
"What?!" I snapped. "I'm day dreaming. Back off."
"Jee. Chill."
I got up and laid on the floor staring at the ceiling. "My life fucking sucks."
"We don't care." Oliver said.
"I was speaking to myself."
They carried on chatting while I carried on speaking to god. I stared at the ceiling. "Why choose me though?" I waited for a response.
"God can't speak to you." Chris said.
"I'm in a middle of a conversation. Sorry god, he's being a huge ass."
They all started laughing.
"Sky...maybe you should see a therapist? To talk?"Alex suggested.
Then the smoke alarm went off. "There goes the alarm ringing in my head."
"Hey she can sing again?"
"Oh shut up." I said looking at the ceiling. "Not you god. So, tell me about your day. What happened? Did you see Noah? What did he say?" I asked god. Then I answered the questions myself for the sake of him. "Well, he said he still loves you. And wants you even if you grassed up on him and cost him almost five years in hell and also having a criminal record."
There was awkward silence.
"Okay god clearly hates me." I sat up. "Anyone up for burnt pizza?"
"Maybe we should just order." Alex said.
"Did you know..." Then I saw rain. Hey. I walked over to the balcony.
"Sky it's fucking raining."
"That's why I'm here." I said opening the glass door and stepping outside, then closing the glass door behind me. The rain started pitter pattering around the place. I stared at Noah's room...I wish he knew I still loved him. Then I saw Mason and he saw me too. I waved and so did he. Then I saw Gemma. Urgh. I waved at her clearly fucking wanting to kill her. He's mine. Not anyone's!! Then they looked at me freaked out. I was soaking wet. I sat down on the floor. Well...laid down and closed my eyes.
"Sky?" Xander stood over me. "Get up it's fucking raining--"
"Leave. I'm re thinking my whole life."
"Sky you're really scaring me just...your dad and I booked an appointment for you. With a therapist..."
"So I am crazy."
"Right now, I'm deliberately acting crazy. But to be honest, the rain does feel good." I sighed. "When is it?"
"Tomorrow. At 11:40am."
"So I don't need to go school!"
"No. I'll pick you up and drive you there. Or Alex will."
"Okay." I stood up. "I'm all wet."
"Yeah. You are wet."
"Just get showered and changed."
"Okay." I said. They all looked at me weirdly. "Have you never seen a drippy girl."
"Woah. Got no drip."
"Drippy water."
"How are you guys in college?" I looked at the stairs and bit my lip.
"You okay?" Alex asked walking up to me.
"Can you?"
"Come on." He said walking up the stairs. "You know they can't come here..right?"
"Yeah. Just in case."
"Sky trust me they're not gonna enter this house. Not in our watch." He said as I went into the toilet. "Sky can I go now?"
"I'm fucking showering. You're staying there."
"Okay." He said. After I finished showering I looked around and everything came back. Every hit heart started beating rapidly. I kept flinching. "ALEX!!"
Then I heard footsteps run up stairs. "Sky?!"
"They're here!!"
Then the door burst open. The lock fell and Alex and Xander stood frozen. They rushed up to me. "Who was here?" Xander asked kneeling beside me.
"They weren't here..I just...I don't know. I had a small panic attack because I was alone in this room." I burst out crying and he hugged me. "Don't cry."
I saw Alex trying to fix the lock and he gave up. "I'll fix it later." He said walking over to me.
"They hurt me really badly." I sobbed.
"Stop crying. Come on. Go put your clothes on--"
"Where are you going?!" My eyes whidened in fear.
"Hey, calm down--"
Then I started moaning. My whole body started shaking. "Sky?"
"She's having a seizure." Alex sat beside me and laid me down. "Time?"
Xander took his phone out. "19:33."
"Okay. Keep looking at it. I'll be back."
He left and I started crying and shaking. "Hey, Sky. Don't worry."
"I'm back." Alex said sitting beside me. "Sky...shhhh." He stroked my hair. "Please be quiet."
"Please stop crying. You'll be fine. Guess what? Today Alex forgot his alphabets. He said the periodic table instead. Nerd."
"She's smiling. Xander get a pillow. Quickly."
Xander got up and left then Alex stroked my hair. "Even if I am a least I'm smarter than him and stronger than him." He smiled proudly. "So I'm a cool nerd. Oh that sounds so cringe." Then Xander came in carrying my pillow. He placed it under my head. Then I slowly stopped shaking.
"You okay now?" Alex asked once I stopped. I tried to say yes but nothing came out. Then Xander took a tissue packet from his pocket and pulled a tissue out starting to wipe the drool from my mouth. "Don't worry. Wanna go to bed or stay here?"
"She clearly can't move. Her muscles are stiff. Don't you listen in class?"
"I know. Just asking. Nerd."
"You're so mean." He knelt down and picked me up. "Open the bedroom door." He said as he carried me to my room. He gently laid me down and started putting my clothes on. "I hate seeing her like that.."
"She's been through hell." Xander sighed looking at my bruises.
Alex started putting my bra on. "To be honest who'd have guessed they'd be let off this easy?"
"I mean, there was probably enough evidence to get them out. I mean Patrick too."
"I'm just worried about Cleo and Cole." Alex looked for my pyjamas and found them. He put my pyjama jumper on. Then my pyjama trousers. "Done." He hugged me and laid me back down.
"Night." They both kissed my cheek. Then Alex put my blanket over me and my pillow under my head. They were gonna leave but I made a noise. They turned to look at me. "What's up?"
"I think she doesn't want us to leave..."
"But the match is on in a few minutes..." Alex complained.
"Hey, she's more important."
"What if she watches it too?" He said lifting me up. He carried me on his shoulder and we walked downstairs. "Guys move over." He said laying me down next to him.
"What's up with her?" Luke asked.
Then Daniel said, "I know she was weird but--"
"No she's had a fucking seizure."
"Oh." They all said at the same time.
"Yeah oh." He mimicked. "When's the match?"
"One minute." Lorenzo said.
"I'll get the food." Xander said going into the kitchen and bringing a few can of coke and six huge pizza boxes. "Okay."
We went to BBC iplayer and found the live. "Let's gooo."
Alex placed my head on his lap and stroked my cheek. "You'll get to watch the match now."
I smiled. I wanted to speak but nothing came out. Just drool. He wiped my mouth again. I stared at the TV and saw the players. I was now hyped.

It was already 63 minutes in when my eyes started to open and close uncontrollably. "Sky you okay?" Alex asked.
"T...tired." I whispered.
"Okay, sleep." He said stroking my hair. "You look exhausted." He said looking at the match.
He kept speaking to me until I eventually fell asleep.

Patrick came into the room with a bat and the rest of them. He locked the door and gave than evil smirked. "Nononono!!" He walked up to me and swung the bat at me. I started crying as I felt the awful pain. Then I felt a punch and a kick. "Stop!!" I screamed. They continued kicking me. "Please stop!!!" They kept kicking me just enjoying it. "Stop...please..." I sobbed. "STOP!!!" They continued hitting me. "HELP!!!" Then I saw Patrick's evil glare. "You tell anyone, you're dead."
Then Jamie pulled out a gun and I gasped in terror. I quickly sat up straight. "NO!!!"
"Shut up!!" He pointed the gun at me. My heart started beating rapidly. "STOP!!!"
"I told you to shut up!!" He loaded the gun. Then I started crying and then he pulled it. Bang. I dropped to the ground and started screaming.
Then I felt someone shake me. "SKY?!" I heard Xander say. I sat up immediately and looked around. I gasped. "It was a dream.."
"You sounded like you were getting raped..." Alex stroked my cheek.
"Is there something you want to tell us?" Xander asked lifting my chin up.
"'s Patrick and the lot..." I burst out crying. "Jamie shot me and I died. They all were hitting me and Patrick told me if I told anyone he'd kill me.."
"Fuck sake.." Xander hugged me.
"Sky I'll bring you some water." Alex said leaving the room.
"They've really scared you..." Xander wiped my tears. "You're flipping traumatized."
"I'm scared Xander..." I hugged him. "I'm really really scared."
I gasped as the door opened. "It's just Alex." Xander stroked my cheek as I drank the water. "It was just Alex."
I finished the water and gave the cup to Alex. "Thanks."
"It's fine."
" okay?"
"I'm okay." I mumbled going back to sleep. "Just lock the door. The front door too and the windows."
"They're all closed." Alex said locking my bedroom door. "Don't worry, you're safe."
I looked at the door and burst out crying. "I'm so scared..."
Xander and Alex looked at each other worriedly then Xander took his phone out and called someone. "Xander what's wrong?"
"Hi Uncle Faiz. Sky...she got attacked again...really really badly--"
"I'm on my way." He said cutting the call. Minutes later the door knocked. Alex got up but I pulled him back down. "Stay. Xander you go. Then kill them. Or they might kill you but Alex can kill them. Here."
Xander rolled his eyes and walked out the room. I pulled Alex closer to me and put the blanket over my head.
"Sky?" I heard dad say.
"Dad?" I pulled the blanket down. Then he opened the light and switched it off again, completely shaken. He opened it again and rushed up to me hugging me. "Don't cry..."
"Guys go for a sec." I said.
"They beated me up..." I sobbed once they left. "Jay did nothing!!"
"He just walked away from me as if it was nothing.."
"Jay was here and did nothing?!"
"Yeah...I told him I'd tell you if he didn't stop them and he just said, 'guys don't hurt her' and left. He didn't even say it like he meant it!!"
"Patrick was holding a bat dad...and he locked the door..all seven of them were in this room and hit me. They kept hitting me even when I told them to"
"Stop crying...I'm so so so sorry..."
"Xander and Alex were out..."
"Sky stop crying. I'll tell the principal."
"No dad. The case was dropped because I made 'false' accusations!!"
"But you didn't..."
"Dad they had too much evidence against me." I burst into tears.
"...Sometimes life isn't fair.."
"I know dad...I know.."
"I need to get back. I've got work tomorrow but if you need me to come. I'll be here in a blink of an eye. Even if I have to ditch work."
"Do your bruises hurt? You look really beaten up..have your teachers noticed?"
"Yeah...but if I tell them they said they'll kill me. They said if I even told anyone, they'd kill me.."
"But you've told us all."
"That's what I'm scared of. If they they won't forgive me."
"I'm sure they can't--"
"Dad! You don't know Patrick. He's involved with dangerous people. He can get some to hurt me..or even kill me.."
His face went pale. "Sky.."
"So long as everyone keeps their mouth shut...everything will be fine."
"Good. I love you."
"So do I."
"I'll be a call away, yeah?"
"Okay..thanks dad.."
"And Jay has some explaining to do. I can't believe he'd be so stupid. I'm really really disappointed in him." He got up and kissed my forehead. "Good night princess Sky." He bowed and left the room. I smiled. "It's been a while." I mumbled to myself.
Then Alex and Xander came in. "Sky you alright?" Xander asked.
"Yeah. Happy..." I smiled remembering the previous times dad had said that. He'd always do it all the time. Every night he'd say that. Until I moved out and stopped visiting him.
"Sky you sure?" Alex laid beside me. "You sure?"
"Yeah." I smiled as I stared at the ceiling. "He called me princess Sky and bowed. Remember that?"
"Oh yeah."
"He used to always call you that."
"I'm so happy."

I saw Patrick walk in with a bat and Jamie carrying a gun and the rest of the gang coming in with bats too. They started hitting me with them and there was blood pouring out of my mouth. My nose was bleeding and so were my ears. "STOP! PLEASE STOP!!!"
Then I saw Patrick laughing maniacally. He walked up to me with and evil smirk and pulled out a knife. "I'M SORRY JUST STOP!!!"
Then Jamie stood on top of me and started jumping. "GET OFF ME!!" I screamed. Then he pointed his gun at me and I started crying. "Please, I'm sorry!! I'M SORRY--"
Then Patrick stabbed me ten times and I started screaming at the top of my lungs. Then Jamie loaded his gun and pulled the trigger and I screamed.
I started shaking. Seizure? Then I heard a voice. "Skylar?"
I sat upright and gasped for air. I looked around confused and started feeling my body. "Am I dead?"
"No. It was a nightmare." Alex said giving me a cup of water. Xander stroked my cheek while I drank it.
"You had a terrible nightmare...Sky is there something you wanna tell us..?"
"'s fine." I mumbled sitting up and putting my football shoes.
"Sky you should take a break. You keep going to that Miles guy--"
"Just drop it." I said coldly. Then I left the room carrying my football. I came back in. "...I can't..."
"Okay, then stay.."
"But I always--"
"Come on. Sit down. You need to pray. It's five."
"Okay." I said pulling him to the toilet with me. "Stay." I said going in.

"Sky are you sure you don't have anything to tell us..?" Alex asked as we parked in front of the school gates.
"Sky...your dreams.." Xander sighed and turned to look at me. So did Alex. "Sky...did they do something to you?"
"No why?"
"Sky what you say in your dreams...Sky you can tell us.." Alex said.
"No! They did nothing to me okay! They were beating me up."
"You said get off me and you kept screaming and apologising and telling them to stop, Sky we are concerned about you." Xander whispered.
Then I tried opening the car door.
"Sky tell us or you're not going anywhere." Alex said.
"Guys...Jamie had a gun and was jumping on top of me. Then he shot my head and laughed walking out the room. Then the guys had bats on their hands and started hitting me with them. I was screaming because...I was scared and in pain..they didn't do anything else to me."
They seemed to believe me. "Okay. Let's go. You'll hang out with us at lunch and break. Yeah? If you need to go anywhere, tell one of us and we'll take you." Alex said.
"Okay. Done." I said as we walked out the car. I couldn't help but realise the girls were checking them both out. "Guys, the girls are head over heels for you. They like you."
"Don't worry. We're taken." He said as we walked into my class room. Then they said to Mason. "Keep an eye on her."
"I promise." Mason said as I sat next to him. "No one's gonna touch you." He said to me.
"Bye." Xander and Alex said as they left.
"Twin sync." I smiled. Then I felt someone hug me. Those arms...
"Noah?" I turned around quickly.
"Yes. Hi Sky."
"N..Noah....I'm sorry..."
"Yes I'm mad at you but I love you too much to let you go." He sighed pulling a chair next to me.
"Noah don't touch her." Mason said coldly. "Sky don't worry." He said pulling me a bit closer to him.

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