Lunar Skylar

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“Why are you here?” Mason said coldly.

“Sky I’m sorry.”

I got up quickly and pulled Mason up. “I want to go home..”

“Sky you can’t.” They both said.

“Noah why a--”

“Sky I didn’t mean the text.” Noah said.

“You’re not lying...”

“I love you and I’m not mad at you. Look. I can’t lie--”

“But how did you--”

“Funny story, the guys helped me make some crazy excuse on why my eye keeps twitching.” He said standing up. “What happened to you? Was it Xander?”

“No..” I looked down at the floor.


“Hey Noah.” Patrick said glaring at me.

“Have you seen her face? Sky who did this?”

“No one.” I grabbed onto Mason’s hand and we walked out the room.

“Sky...” Mason wiped my tears and hugged me. “They won’t hurt you. Not in my watch.”

“They scare me...” I sobbed.

“Stop crying..I’m with you.”

“Yeah.” I wiped my tears and pulled out. “Let’s go.”

I looked at the time. 10:50. Within a one minute patrol will come. I started packing.

“Skylar where are you going?”

“Appointment.” I said as the door opened. Then I saw Xander. No patrol.

I packed the rest of my stuff and left not looking back. We walked down the hall way in silence. “ was school?”

“Noah...he regrets it..he still loves me and isn’t mad at me and--”

“Hey, he can lie now--”

“No, his friends made some lame ass excuse on why his eyes twitch.”



“How you feeling now?” Alex asked stroking my hair.

“I don’t need more therapy.” I mumbled eating my pizza slice. “I miss Alex’s cooking.”

“So do I.” He sighed.

Then I heard a knock. I grabbed onto Alex tightly.

“Someone go answer it.” Daniel said taking his head set off.

“NO!” I said as Caleb got up.


“Don’t go...not yet..” I said hiding behind Alex. “Now you can open it.”

He rolled his eyes and opened the door. “Noah?”

“Is Sky here?”

“Behind Alex.”

“Caleb. There’s a reason why she’s hiding!” Alex said as I came out. “Noah?”

“Sky I still love you. Wanna get back together?”

“What?!” All of us looked at him shocked.

“No like girlfriend boyfriend.” He said giving Cole to me. I stared into Cole’s eyes. Such a bright future...if I can even make it alive to see his first everything.

“Sky you wanna get--”

“Course.” I said too busy holding Cole.


“Wow.” Daniel sighed as they all put their head sets back on.

“Sky..” Noah was about to touch me but I gasped. “Sky calm down.”

I started walking away from him but he pulled me back and dragged me into my room. I froze almost dropping Cole. I was about to scream when--

“Hey, I’m not gonna hurt you..” He said laying Cleo down and taking Cole from me. I gasped again but he laid him down gently.

“Sky tell me what’s wrong..” He locked the door. My heart started racing and I sat on the floor covering my ears with my hands.

He knelt down in front of me. “I love you too much to hate you.”

I burst into tears and started crying. Then he looked at me properly. “Sky...who bruised your face?” Then he looked at my hands. “Sky your hands...Sky who did this to you?!”

“No one!” I lied. Then he hugged me and I gasped again. “Sky don’t worry. Just tell me who did this..”

“They’ll kill me...”


“Noah no...I can’t tell you...” I sobbed. Then his face darkened. “It was Patrick and the boys?”

I avoided his eyes. “No...”

“Come here.” He hugged me again. I felt tears rolling down my back. He was crying? Why?

“I’m sorry Sky. I didn’t know they were going to...hurt you...”

“Jay didn’t stop them. He just left...”


“Yeah...” I wiped my tears. “They’ll kill me..”

“No they won’t. I’ll deal with them.” Noah said kissing my forehead. “I’ll be back.”

Then he left the room, seconds later the front door shut. I turned to look at Cleo and Cole. “Daddy’s a good guy...he loves you...” I kissed them both. “Come on. Want mummy to...” Then I realised I was alone. They can come at any moment...“ALEX!!!”

Then Alex burst into the room. “Sky?”

I burst out crying and he hugged me. “Don’t cry...” He whispered in my ear. “Who hurt you?”

“I was scared...”

“Don’t be...what did Noah do?”

“He told me he loved me and wasn’t mad at me..he was trying to figure out who did this to me and then he realised who did it. And then he said he’s coming soon and he’s gonna deal with them.”

“This is bad..” Alex panicked. Then he picked Cleo and Cole up. We walked out the room and into the living room.

“Guys stop shouting.” Alex said as I sat down. He laid Cleo and Cole on top of me. “I’m gonna be a bit late.” He kissed my forehead. “The guys are here.” Then he switched the TV off. Everyone glared at him.

“I was so fucking close!!” Daniel shouted.

“Exactly! I--”

“Daniel, Charles, shut up. You all need to take care of them.” He pointed at me. “If they get a single’re all dead.”

Then Lorenzo switched the TV back on. “We get it.” He put his head set back on.

“Guys seriously...I don’t wanna see her hurt haven’t seen her bruises..they’re really bad.”

“Okay, we’ll keep an eye on her.” Luke said.

“Don’t leave her out of your sight..”

“Alex chill. We got this.” Elliot said.

“Okay...” He started walking out the door and after a few moments I heard a motor bike start. Hey, he’s gone....oh no...

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” I said looking down at Cole and Cleo...they’ve come from me. They’re mine. Noah’s too but I gave birth to them...I’m their mum...soon they’ll be calling me mummy...I’m a mum...what? I’m a mum...

“I’ve ordered pizza.” Daniel said to me taking his head set off. “Do you wanna talk?”


“You look terrified.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes you do.”

“Mind taking me to...just...” I blushed. “Never mind.” I said staring at the stair case, then back at them and the front door. I bit my lip and rubbed the back of my neck. I stared at the stairs and I felt a hand on my shoulder. I gasped.

“It’s just me. Want me to come?” Daniel asked.


“Thanks.” I said as we walked back down on the stairs.

“Don’t mention it.”

I woke up out of nowhere and felt around. Xander? Alex?

“Well hello?” Patrick smirked holding his bat. He walked up to me and scoffed.

“My so called friends have ditched me. So I’m alone.” He swung the bat at my face. Blood started leaking from my mouth. Then he shoved me to the floor and kicked me on the stomach. “If I ever hear your voice ever again. I will end you!” He hissed. “Open your mouth. Say one word. Weather I’m around or not. Just even say hi or anything, that mouth of yours, will disappear. So will you. For good.”


I shook my head. Yes.

“Good.” He swung the bat at me again and then spat at me. “One word. You’re dead.” He said and kicked me again leaving.

My lips trembled with fear as I laid down on my bed hugging my knees up to my chest. I burst into tears. I sobbed for a while until I eventually fell asleep.

“ okay?” Xander asked giving me a sandwich.

I avoided his eyes and stared at the sandwich he’d made for me.

“Sky you haven’t said anything to us...what’s wrong?” Alex asked.

I got up and started walking away from them but Xander pulled me back. “What’s wrong...?”

I said nothing, just tears rolling down my eyes. I ran into my room and locked the door behind me bursting into tears.

Why me?! Why does he have to pick me?! Why me?!!!

“Sky...” I heard Alex say in a soft calm voice. “Come out. You can talk to us...what happened?”

I just continued sobbing. Then I heard rattling and the door opened. They both came inside and knelt down next to me.

“Sky what’s wrong?” Xander asked. I looked down at the floor not daring to look at them.

“Did someone hurt you?”

I started crying and covering my ears. They looked at me really worriedly but all I could hear was Patrick’s words...‘Tell anyone, you’re dead..’

“Sky...” Xander’s voice broke. “Just tell us what’s wrong!”

“We love you. Just tell us...we hate seeing you like this..tell us..”

I wanted to so badly but I couldn’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t...

“Sky tell them...please..” Victoria said. “They’ll sort him out. They can help you, Sky they love you...”

I closed my eyes again and started sobbing.

“Sky...” Xander ran his fingers through his hair. “We’ve got an exam today...”

“Sky, let’s go school--”

I shook my head. They sighed and sat back down.

I hugged my knees up to my chest and closed my eyes. I feel so fucking dead. Dead. Just want to die. End this stupid pain. I just want to die--

“Hey guys, Sky?” Noah rushed up to me. “What’s wrong?”

I didn’t even look at him just kept my eyes shut and cried.

“She’s not said a word to us. Something happened last night and she’s not telling us.”

“Did you hear anyone?”

“No. We were awake and heard nothing. We were revising for ages.” Alex said stroking my hair. “Stop crying and just tell us what happened...”

“Sky come on.” Noah looked at me for a second trying to figure something out. Then his face went dead. Ghostly dead. “It was Patrick. I knew it.”

“Woah Noah!” Xander pulled him back. “What are you on about?”

“Patrick hurt her. Last night when I went round to his and confronted him, he probably got pissed and came to hurt her.”

“What? Sky is that true?” Alex stopped stroking my hair.

I said nothing just covered my ears with my hands. I just want to forget it. Everything! Forget everything and be normal. Have a normal life like any other kid. Live the best life ever. Just be happy...

“Sky what did he do to you? Did he hit you again?” Noah asked lifting my chin up.

I still said nothing and slapped his hand away. I just want to die! DIE! I feel...nothing. Just absolute nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I feel useless. I feel like I don’t even belong here. Karma’s just bored and is picking on me.

“Sky did he hit you?” Alex asked checking his watch. “We’ll be late, come on Sky, did he hit you?”

I still said nothing just cried even harder. I kept crying not daring to open my eyes.

“Exam’s starting soon. Sky let’s go school we can talk at break.”

I sat there not getting up. I’m not going back there. I can’t see him. I don’t want to see him!! I never want to fucking see him!!

“Sky...” Noah bit his lip. “Want me to stay with you?”

“Noah this is your big test. Sky come on. Let’s go. We’ll talk at break. Just let’s go.” Xander said helping me up. I walked out the front door and into the back seat of his car. They all got in and he started driving. I wiped my tears and started looking out the window watching each car that passed, remembering Cole’s accident. He could’ve died because of ME!! ME!!

“Sky...tell us what he did...” Xander said pulling up to the school. I opened the door and stormed out. Noah quickly caught up with me.

“Come on babes, tell me what’s wrong? Come on...”

I said nothing but just shrugged him off. I walked into the class room and sat on my seat.


I started taking my pencil case out my bag, and then my folder. Then I started reading my past works. Not really, I was thinking about last night..last night..that’s all I could think about..last night..

“Skylar?” Miss called from the register. I looked around and saw Patrick glaring at me. I quickly swallowed and took my water bottle out.

“Here miss.” She mimicked my voice. The class burst out laughing and then I felt an egg on my head. Yolk. I felt my hair and turned around. Jamie.

“Jamie back off her!!” Mason shoved him. Then Noah looked up.

“Jamie what have you done?” He walked up to me and saw the egg. “Jamie!!”

“Okay, chill.” He sighed and went back to his seat.

“Sky--” I shrugged Noah’s arm off me and got up running out the classroom and into the girls toilet. I went inside a cubicle and started crying. The door knocked and I sat quietly.

“Sky I know you’re in there.” Mason whispered. “Please come out...”

“Sky come on..” I heard Noah say. “Come on..”

I sat there not saying anything..just staring at the lock.

“Don’t let him get to you...if you tell us what he did, we can get him to never touch you again. Come on...just tell us what happened...” Mason said.

“Come on babes, exam’s starting in a few minutes.”

“Come on...Sky...”

I kept crying until Noah started climbing from the other cubicle. Then he jumped inside and unlocked the door. Mason rushed to me and hugged me. “What did he do to you..tell me..”

I started sobbing on his shoulder and Noah held both my hands. “Did he hit you again?”

I closed my eyes for a few seconds...I just want to tell them..I just want them to understand...understand me...

“Skylar?” The door opened and I saw Miss. “Jamie’s in trouble and so are the rest of the guys. Yesterday Gemma told me the incident, and now they’ve got community service.”

She waited for me to say something but nothing...just nothing. “Sky what’s up?” She walked over to me. “They’ve got community service now and you can do your exam in the library with Aiden and Lucas. Yeah?”

She waited for a response. “Sky is something the matter?”

“She’s just been ill the whole day.” Mason lied. “Just like yesterday.”

“Oh.” Miss smiled sadly. “You guys are amazing. Now Noah, Mason, class. Test is about to start any moment now.” She said.

“I can’t leave her here.” Mason and Noah said at the same time.

“Sky aren’t you gonna say...enemy sync?” Miss asked confused.

I said nothing, just wiped my tears.

“Mason, let’s go. Noah, take her to the library. Hurry up. Mason stop looking so worried.”

Before I got up he hugged me again. “Okay. Off her.” Miss said as they walked out the toilet.

“Sky what’s wrong?” Noah asked as we entered the year three bubble.

I said nothing and went inside the library but he pulled me back and hugged me. I felt tears rolling down my back. “Sky I love you just tell me what happened.”

I wanted to tell badly..but I can’t..I can’t tell him..I just can’t.

“Sky...” He wiped his tears. “Please just tell me what he did to you...” He whispered.

I stared at him for a while and tears started rolling down my eyes. Then he hugged me. “Baby don’t cry...stop crying...”

I pulled out and he wiped my tears. “You and I will talk later, now go in there and smash that test.” He kissed my forehead. “I love you.”

I smiled weakly...I had no appetite..nothing...just absolute nothing...

“Sky...” Xander stroked my hair as we sat down on the sofa watching Fantasy Island.

“She hasn’t eaten...” Alex said looking at me concerned. “Sky what did he do to you?”

I stared at the TV not bothering to acknowledge them.

“Sky we’re worried okay! What did he do to you?!”

I flinched. He looked at me worriedly. “I didn’t mean to shout.”

“Guys maybe she got raped.” Daniel said eating a bag of popcorn. Everyone turned to me and I quickly wiped my tears.

“Sky is that true?” Alex panicked. I shook my head. No.

“Thank god. Then did he beat you up?”

I said nothing and sat up. I was going to go to the bathroom but I looked at the stairs and my heart started beating super fast. Then Alex came up to me. “Let’s go.” He said as we walked upstairs. Once I’d come out, he went with me to my room and once I’d finished praying, he hugged me. I took my jilbab off and then placed my mat away.

“Sky I love you.”

I wanted to say something but Patrick’s words rang in my head. Alex sighed. “I just wish you’d speak to me. To us. Come on...”

I shook my head and laid on my bed. Then Noah came inside with Cole and Cleo. “Your babies!” He kissed my forehead. “Adorable right?”

“Noah are you still friends with them?” Alex asked.

“I can’t just leave them, they’ve been with me since the beginning of time, I’m not gonna make new friends..I don’t know anyone else apart from them but I’m not Patrick’s friend and I told the guys I’d leave them if they continue to be Patrick’s friend so they left him and now he’s mad.”

“Why would you still be friends with them?!”

“What am I supposed to do?! Ditch them?!”

“Yes Noah! They’re bad influence!!”

“How about your friends?!”

“Even if they drink, they’re fucking clever! They pass all exams because they take studying seriously!! And they drink on days when there’s no homework!!”

“Well my friends get good grades. So what’s the difference?!”

“The guys pay attention in class and do their homework. Your friends...might be the same but Noah...please just leave them--”

“No I can’t leave them!!”

“Noah please, they just beat your girlfriend without telling you! Noah Patrick’s done something bad to her!!”

Then Noah looked at me closely. He tilted my head a bit to the right and froze. “He hit you..again..?”

I burst into tears and shook my head. Nonono. No one can know..

“Sky don’t lie to us. Did he or did he not?!”

“Noah don’t shout at her like that!!”

Noah sighed and hugged me. “I didn’t mean to shout at you. Stop crying..I didn’t mean to shout at you like that...”

“Noah don’t shout at her know how she is..she’s already scared. Let’s not make her even more scared...” Alex said in a calm voice. Then he walked up to me. “ you want to eat?”

I looked at the wall. I don’t want to. I don’t. I don’t even feel like eating...not after everything--

“Sky stop crying...come haven’t eaten for a while...”

I said nothing, just closed my eyes and suddenly fell asleep.

I woke up to Cleo and Cole crying. I looked around. I was safe. Good. No one can hear me. I started singing, “Hush little babies mamma’s over here, she’s gonna make you happy happy happy, she’s gonna give you the best of the best, daddy’s gonna come, he’s gonna take you to an adventure, mamma’s gonna make you a present so please hush hush, please hush hush hush...” I smiled as they fell asleep. Then tears started rolling down my eyes. “My first lullaby..” I whispered to myself.

“Sweet.” I heard Patrick say. My skin went pale. “Patrick...?” I quickly put my voice recorder on.

“Shout and watch.” He loaded a gun. I swallowed. “I’m sorry--”

“No, you see....I warned you...I warned you to never speak again. And nodding, smiling, that isn’t right. You are dead. You can’t communicate with anyone. You don't deserve to live. Say bye bye to your babies now--”

“Nonononono...” I burst out crying.


“Don’t hurt them...hurt me instead...”

“Oh that’s good. Clothes off then--”


“I said you to shut up or they’re dead. Understood!?”


“Good. Interact with anyone and watch. You shut up. You don’t hug anyone, you don’t look at anyone. You are lifeless. And if you even think about killing yourself, these babies will die with you and so will all the people you love. You forget that I know people? People who can kill professionally?”

“Don’t hurt them.” I said as I blocked him from them both.

“Clothes off.” He said.

"No. No." I said about to get up but he pointed the gun at them again. "Move and I'll shoot them." He hissed. “One tear from you, you’re dead. Even if I’m not around. One tear, I will kill you. For good. So, clothes..”

I turned my back and he took out a rope and started hitting it at my back. He kept hitting me until I couldn’t bare it anymore and I burst out crying. Then he took a tazer and started tazing my back.


“No I won’t. I told you to fucking shut up!!!” He then took a knife and started tearing my back. I started wailing. “Owwww!!”

“Shut up!!”


“No I won’t.” He smirked as he continued tearing my back. I burst into tears. “Stop...”

“You show anyone your back, I’ll kill you.”

“You stabbed me...” I sobbed, “And tazed me..and hit me with a rope...”

“And I’d do it again. I’m gonna torture you until you are destroyed. I’m gonna make sure you have the worst life imaginable. Next time, it won’t be just your back.”

"You and the guys have already beaten me up three times, isn't that enough?!!"

"No. Maybe we should beat you up again? As an early birthday gift?" After he sprayed cold spray and wiped the blood off my back. Then he gave me a jumper and my tracksuit bottoms.

I quickly put them on and he quickly tazed Cleo and Cole. I was about to scream but I didn’t. I can’t. I started sobbing. “You promised not to hurt them!!”

“Well, some people don’t keep their promises.” Then he stabbed them both with the knife on their other arm. “Scream and I’ll do worse!” He hissed. I burst into tears about to say something but he glared at me. I started sobbing. “Look at them. Good deep cut. If they come, they’ll think you did it.” He said giving the tazer and knife to me. Then he placed them next to me making it look like I did it. Then he put blood on my fingers.

“Good. Remove it from there and watch.” He said.

“First you go ahead and...and hold me at gun point and make me a liar! And now this?!” I sobbed. “You are such an idiot! You held me at gun point and you got away with it! You and the guys beat me up three times and you got away with it!!”

“Yeah. And even if you tell the police, your finger prints are on the tazer AND knife. So go on. Tell the police, let’s see what the media has to say about this.” He smirked and left. I swallowed as Xander came into the room. “Sky?” Cleo and Cole suddenly started screaming. I quickly cut the voice recording.

I ignored him and stared at Cole and Cleo crying at the top of their lungs. I wanted to kiss them but nothing. I felt nothing. Just pure despair. Then he looked at the tazer and knife next to me and opened the light. He saw Cleo and Cole’s arm which was tazed and stabbed. He glared at me and picked them both up. Then he grabbed the tazer and tazed me. I felt a pain but I’d gotten used to it, I mean, if you got tazer over seven times...

“How could you?!” He screamed at me. I jumped. My eyes widened as he gave me the coldest glare I’d ever seen. I wanted to tell him I didn’t do it and it was Patrick...but no...nothing...

“How dare you?!!!”

I looked at him silently as he shouted at me. “And you’re not even crying! Do you even feel bad?!”

I still said nothing. I just felt...pain...guilt...

“Guys what’s going on?” Daniel came inside.

“She stabbed them both, I’m going hospital, get Alex quickly--”


“Sky stabbed and tazed them so hurry up!!”

Seconds later Alex rushed it and slapped me across the face really hard. I rubbed it really hard and he picked Cole up, I could see the blood pouring out of their arms. It was coming fast. I wanted to cuddle them, to be there for their first A&E. To be there..

“I will beat the hell out of you when I come back. Get ready.” Xander said coldly. Then they quickly found two shirt and pressed it on their wounds hurrying out the room. I walked out the room and up to the living room window and watched them drive off. I felt the worst pain ever. My babies...and I'm going to get beaten up..just like he did to Noah..and Calvin..

“Why would you do something like that?” Chris asked putting his coat on.

I looked at him speechless.

“Your babies have just been rushed to A&E and all you can do is worry about yourself!?” Caleb snapped.

I was going to go to my room when Elliot pulled me back. “I get you’re going through some stuff but you can’t just keep silent!!”

I still said nothing, just looked down.

“Just say something! No one is here! What is going on with you?!” Luke snapped.

I looked down at my hands...I just wanted to tell...I just wanted to get Patrick locked behind bars...maybe I can...maybe? But he knows people!! But if I have evidence! Something I've been looking for for weeks on end!!

“Okay, why the fuck are you smiling?! I know you’re crazy but this, this is serious! You stabbed and tazed YOUR babies!!” Lorenzo screeched.

I wanted to say something but I just dropped to the ground ignoring the fact that there was blood all over my fingers and started sobbing.

“Let me guess, Tisha did this?” Oliver crossed his arms.

“You are an attention seeker.” Charles shook his head and left.

Then they left not looking back. I watched them go and leave but seconds later Daniel came back in.

“Sky..” He knelt in front of me and lifted my chin up. “You didn’t do it did you?”

I looked at him confused. What? How did he know?

“Did he do it?”

I looked at him. Yes. He did. He did it!!

“Sky..” He hugged me. I pulled back. I can’t hug him.

“Did he threaten quiet and not communicate?”

I looked down at my hands. What if I go to the police. I looked at the front door and everywhere.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go check the whole house.” He said as we walked together. Once we found no one, we sat back down in the living room. Then I winced in pain. He looked at me confused. “Did you hurt yourself?”

I wanted to tell him but then he found the voice recorder inside my pocket. He was about to take it when I tried to snatch it but I felt a huge pain on my back which made me drop to the floor crying out loud. He quickly knelt beside me and was about to pull my shirt up when I made a noise.

“Sky no one’s here!!” He said pulling my hoodie up. He froze and burst into tears. He quickly took my hoodie off and looked for a damp towel. Then he cleaned my back with it. He started wiping his nose. "Sky why do you keep getting hurt?" He took the voice recorder and played it.

His face went pale. “He raped you?! I'm gonna kill him--”

“No just listen.”

He looked at me surprised but continued listening and then his gaze dropped. “He did this to you and threatened to do it again?!”

Then he called Alex and Xander. They didn’t pick up. “Is Mason home? Or Noah?”

“ him and then Mason.” I mumbled as he cleaned my back.

“Noah, Sky..she’s..she’s hurt again...physically...come quickly. And bring Mason.”

Then he cut the call. Seconds later they came inside the house out of breath. “Sky?!” They looked at me freaked out as they saw the stripes on my back.

Noah looked at me confused. “Who did this to you?!”


They looked at me shocked. “You spoke?”

“And he’s going to kill me...” I wailed. Then Daniel played the recording. “He raped you?! I'll be back, I'm gonna---”

“No he didn't..”

Then they continued listening, “He did that to you?!”

“Yeah...” I burst out crying.

“I’d hug you but..” He looked at the blood. “I’m gonna faint.” He said fainting. Mason tried not to laugh. “God sake.” He moved him next to the sofa and laid him down. “That was quite a workout.” He knelt beside me. “Daniel...did you see or hear anything?”

“No...everyone thinks she did it. I just found the recording now. Everyone’s gone but now we need to...” He called 999 and started speaking to the operator. “They’re coming.” He said after a while. He sat me up a bit and I winced again. “Come on Sky, wanna hug?” Mason asked carefully hugging me. “Don’t cry. I’m here. Thanks Daniel...”

“I am quite a hero.” He gloated. Mason and I rolled our eyes. “What? it’s true!”

“No.” I smiled. “Thanks..but he knows people...”

“I know but the police will take care of that.” He said.


Then the door opened and paramedics came inside with police officers. They quickly placed me on a stretcher. Then Noah woke up. “What’s going on?” He sat up and then walked over to me.

“Are you family?”

“Boyfriend.” He said.

“Okay, come with us.”

“Mason, I’ll drive you there.” Daniel said as we left. “But police first.”

Moments later I was in an ambulance and Noah was by my side.

“Sky you okay?”

“Blood levels seem high.” A paramedic said doing checks on me.

“Is she gonna be okay?”

“Yeah. Just...who did this to her?”

“My ex best friend.”


“Yeah.” Noah looked at me worriedly. “Your’ve got six big stripes and...”

“Rope marks.” The paramedic panicked. “Why would your ex do that?”

“It’s because I left him. And also told my friends to leave him or I’ll leave them all...”


“She grassed up on us and I’m sure you’ve already heard.”

“Yeah, it was on the news last night.”

“Was I?” I asked.

“Alex and Xander made the guys, Charles and them lot, not to say anything.”


“Yeah...they didn’t want to upset you. The news took Patrick’s side.”

“I know..there was so much evidence against me.”

“Yeah, well...yeah. Now you have evidence of him admitting everything.”

“ still friends with them?”

“Why? You don’t want me to?”

“No, it’s fine.” I lied.

“Okay.” He said going on his phone. Then the paramedic sighed and took his phone off him. “Your girlfriend clearly doesn’t want you to be friends with whoever you’re talking about.”

“But they won’t harm her again. They promised. I get the last three times, but now they won’t. They’ll just bully her not beat her up until she’s bruised.”

“So they did that to her?”

“Pretty much.”

“She looks so bruised, her whole are you still friends with them?”

“First off, that’s none of your business and second off, I’ve known them since I could even spell fuck off.”

“Okay.” She gave the phone back to him. “Your girlfriend should be your number one priority.”

“Yeah, I know. She is.” He said too busy on his phone.

“Okay, we’re here!” The paramedic that was driving us pulled up to the hospital.

“Sky...stop tagging at me. He’s not here.” Alex said putting his school shirt on.

“What if he told some people to hurt me?”

“No, they didn’t.” Xander said putting his tie on.

“Sky you can’t take them to school.” Alex said tying his shoe. God they put their uniforms on at the last second.

“Why not?”

“Because everyone will think you’re pregnant.” Xander said.

“What if you guys take them?”

Xander and Alex looked at each other surprised. “That’s not a bad idea.” Alex said.

“I’ll call Mr Anderson!” I said taking my phone out. Xander snatched it off me. “No phone. Remember?”

“Okay.” I said as he handed me his phone. Then I left the room. “Hey, can you give the phone to Mr Anderson?” I asked reception.

“Yes. I’ll take you through to him.” Miss said. Seconds later I heard Mr Anderson’s voice.


“Hi sir, it’s anyone around you?”

“No. I’m in my office.”

“You know about Patrick?”

“Yeah..I’m really sorry--”

“Okay..I..I can’t leave the kids out of my know Patrick knows dangerous people..and I can’t help think what if something bad happens to them...”


“Sir...I know this is a stretch...but...if you were in my shoes, what do you think you’ll do? Especially if you have school. Would you leave them to someone, like family or keep them in your sight 24/7?”

He fell silent for a while, “You can bring them. So long as they don’t disturb the lesson. can’t take care of them both--”

“Xander and Alex will. Please...pretty please...”

“Okay, fine. they’re in year 3 so it’s fine.”


“See you in school.” He sighed cutting the call.

“You can take them.” I said going back in the room.



“Where’s the baby straps?”

“Oh, here.” I said opening my cupboard and pulling two out.

“Sky you sure about this?”

“Yeah...just don’t tell anyone about them..being my babies.”

“Yeah, course.” Xander said putting the straps on and Cleo inside.

Then Alex did the same and put Cole inside. “Okay, now nappy?”

I pulled out six nappies and gave them both three. “I now need to empty the baby bottle and add new milk.” I said going into the kitchen.

“Okay, let’s go.” I said kissing Cleo and Cole on the forehead. “I swear if they get hurt, I’ll kill you.” I said as I opened the car door.

“Wow. Just stepped out the car and have caused so much attention.” Xander said putting his back pack on. Then Alex came out the car and sighed.

We walked down the corridor trying not to cause attention. It was pretty hard. Once I’d arrived in class--

“I’m early!” I smiled. “First time in forever.” I said as Alex and Xander came in with their friends. “This class looks the same as ours.” Daniel said.

“You guys seriously brought babies to school?” Lorenzo scoffed.

“Hey..guys?” Mason walked up to Alex and Xander. “I think I’m having difficulty with my eye sight.”

“Sky was worried...especially after Patrick.”

“Did you even ask--”

“Mr Anderson said it was okay.”

“This is so weird.”

“No it isn’t.” Xander sat down on the table. “So..we start school in ten minutes, you start in twenty?”

“Yeah. Different bubbles.” I sighed.

“This is so boring.” Charles said going on his phone.

“Sky you’re all over the news.” Elliot said.

“I am?”

“Hello guys!” Lucas said in his dramatic voice. “Turns out, Sky’s not a liar.”

“Wait. You thought I was lying?”

“No. Just speaking on the ghosts behalf.”

“Ghosts?” Caleb looked at him weirdly.

“Sky you complain about Noah and his friends but these guys don’t intimidate you.”

“No, they’re...I don’t know. Noah and his friends beat me up. They haven’t and I’ve known them for ages and I know they’re not as low as Noah...and his friends.”

“You still mad at me for that?”

“Yes. Course I am. You’re an idiot.”

“I’m an idiot?! At least I don’t go around putting my boyfriend in jail!!”

There was that awkward silence in the room.

“Ouch.” Luke said.

“Shut up. Now she’s supposed to go crazy.” Elliot whispered.

“Crazy? I’m not crazy!” I threw my metal water bottle at him. “Wanna see crazy?! Huh?!”

“Woah chill!” He rubbed his head.

“How am I supposed to chill when I know I can get killed at any moment and so can Cole and Cleo!”

They looked at me silently.

“The police--”

“The police can’t do anything Noah! These people are dangerous. Noah you can’t hang out with them!!”

“Sky you don’t tell me who I can or can’t hang out with!!”

“Really!? Last time I checked, I’m your girlfriend. I get to choose what you do, not you!!”

“Oh so you think you own me now?!"

“No you think! I don’t think! You do!!”

“No! I don’t--”

“You forced me to give them up for adoption! You forced me to tell my parents!!”

“No I didn’t! You chose to!!”

“Because you didn’t give me a choice!”

“Yes I did. It was them or me!”

“And I love you more than them. I hate myself for that.” I said disgusted. “Everyone’s right. You are just bad news. We are over!” I stormed out the room and into the toilets. Then I heard a knock.


“Go away!!”

“No. I’m sorry...”

“No Noah. You can’t be with them. It’s them or me!”

“Sky you’re joking..right..?”

“No Noah...I’m tired of me being scared...”

“Sky if I leave them, they’re likely too likely to come and hurt you. The only reason they haven’t last night or the few nights ago, is because I’m friends with them and told them to back off from you. If I leave them, then they don’t need to listen to me and they will destroy you. Especially after Patrick..Sky...”

I burst into tears and started crying. “Noah why me?!”

“Come on...good karma will come. It’s just waiting for the right moment.”

“Noah...” I sobbed.

“Hey, listen to me. You’re fucking bandaged up like Cleopatra.”

“Yeah..I guess.” I smiled sadly. “Noah I didn’t mean for us to break up...”

“I know.” He hugged me and kissed me. “I love you so much.”

“Noah...I’m not even sure...if you should still be friends with them or not...I’re right...if you leave them...they’ll have no reason on why to not destroy me but if you don’t leave them..they won’t hit me again...probably bully me a bit but not...hurt me physically...”

“Sky..I hate seeing you in pain..”

“I have felt so much pain...and when Patrick warned me to never communicate...that was too much...but then he brought Cole and Cleo into all this...Noah I’m scared...”

“Don’t worry. I gotchu.” He kissed me. “I will make sure you’re safe.”


“Hey, I one will ever hurt you physically, but be aware, the boys will throw tomatoes at you..and eggs.”



“I really really hate them.”

“I know you do.”

“I’m fucking scarred for life know..the incident...with my back.”

“Yeah...I’m sorry...”

“Come on, lets say bye before class starts.”

“We back together?” He asked as I washed my face with cold water. “Yeah.” I said wiping my face with a tissue. Then I applied some cream on and threw the tissue in the bin. Noah kissed me again. “I love you so much.” He hugged me.

“My back hurts a bit.” I said pulling out. “Come on, let’s go.” I said as we walked back into my class room. They were still there. “We are back together.”

“Wow.” everyone said as we walked over to Cleo and Cole. I kissed them both bye as the year 3 bell went on. Then Noah did too.

“Guys take care of them.” Noah said as they all left.

“Okay.” Alex and Xander said.

“Twin sync.” I said to Noah sitting back on my seat. “Sky...I love you okay?”

“I know..” I said staring at my text book. He knelt beside me. “Sky what’s wrong?”

“Nothing...just trying to figure everything out.” I mumbled tears rolling down my eyes.

“Come on babes, tell me what’s wrong.”

“Nothing.” I lied.


Then I looked around. “Where’s Gemma and Lucas?”

“I’m not sure,” He said and pulled a chair next to me. “I love you so tell me what’s wrong..”

“I’m scared...I’m scared about everything...I just can’t deal with everything and I keep thinking suicidal..” I sobbed. “I keep trying to stop but I can’t! It’s this thing that makes me...just want to end all the pain...”

Then he hugged me. “Baby don’t say that..” He burst out crying. “You can’t kill yourself, I won’t let you. You have two kids..two babies...they will grow up like’d you feel if your mum had...killed herself?”

“I wouldn’t cope.”

“Sky it’ll destroy them. It’ll ruin me...I know I’ll start using drugs and become addicted to alcohol and...yeah..”

“I love much...don’t use drugs or drink..”

“That’ll be hard. If the person you most love has disappeared..”

“Noah don’t cry...”

“I will because I love you...why would you even think like that...?”

“Patrick...that was the last straw. I shouldn’t have come forward. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut.”

“ did the right thing...even if it hurt long as you felt safe and happy...I’m happy. So, what did you buy today?”



“I’m not gonna waste any more money...I’s done...”

“Thank goodness.” He hugged me again. “I felt so useless...”

“Yeah..that’s why I need to stop.”

“Yeah.” He kissed my forehead.

"Noah you look really e

“What job were you doing?”

“About that...” I blushed. “I might’ve told a little lie...”

“Are you a thief?!”

“No, no. It’s...remember the letter?”

“Yeah. You didn’t let us read it...”

“Because it told me I had to keep it a secret...and guess who gave it to me?”


“David.” I blushed again.

“You’re cheating on me?!”


“Then what did it say? A letter from a guy saying its a secret--”

“No, he’s married and has a kid, remember?”


“Well..he told me that...I had to be...selfless...”

“You are selfless..”

“Noah...have I been selfish..?”

He thought for a while. He was thinking really really hard. Then he hugged me. “For fuck sake you’re the most selfless person ever.”


“’ve not been’ve always been...selfless...and we don’t even pay attention to you...” He blushed.

“Well..I’ve been selfish...David gave me”

“You’re a prostitute?”

“JESUS!!” I stood up. “Noah!”

“Sorry, I was just guessing.”

“No, he...remember when I went homeless and met David? I told you about the old lady..?”

“Yeah. That was really kind of you.”

“Turns out he met the lady when he was walking down the street from his job interview and saw the lady smiling in comfy clothes. He was gonna give her money but then he asked her who bought her those clothes and she said ME! So David called me and then he seemed proud of me..and I also got the letters and turns out he gave them to me...”

“Money? Letter? Lady? Huh?”

“Each of the two letters--”


“Yes, it was two.”


“Had 100k.” I mumbled. He looked at me shocked. “200k?”

“Yeah, I’m sorry, we can share--”

The he hugged me. I gasped. “Don’t worry, it’s just a hug.”

“Are you mad at me?”

“For being selfish once in your life?” He kissed me. “You could’ve told me, I wouldn’t have been angry or anything.”


“Don’t worry, you don’t need to share. You keep that money until you are in emergencies. Okay?”


He wiped my tears. “Don’t cry...”

“You’re so kind.”

“Am I?”


“I mean, I don’t like to brag but...meh.”

“You are so..” I smiled. “You sure--”

“Listen, keep the money and use it when you have to. Okay?”


“And don’t worry about gifts. Whatever you like, I promise I’ll buy it. After all, you’re my princess.”

I smiled at him. “And you’re my prince.”

“YUCK!!” Calvin walked in.

“Nice to see you.” I said sarcastically.

“Hi Sky.” Mason said sitting next to me. Then I saw Aiden and he shyly walked up to me. “Hey.”

“You’re really shy.”

He blushed.

“You’re still with Madison?”

“Yeah.” He pulled a chair and sat in front of me. “So how’s it going with Patrick?”

“Let’s talk about something else.”

“He’s going to be sent to jail for a long time.”

“Yeah. I know.”

“No, that’s a lie and you look really really stressed and worried. It also says you want to give up..the light has’s fading...last time it was shining but now it’s slowly fading.” He said staring into my eyes. “Your eyes also say you’re uncomfortable.”

“Exactly.” I said getting up but he sat me back down.

“Are you depressed?”

“What? No.” I lied. “Fine. I am. Happy?”

“No, you want to kill yourself.” He said. “You’re seeing the world as black and white.”

My eyes suddenly flickered, “Aiden what are you?”


“No are you human?”

“I am. I just know lots about eyes.”


“So you wanna kill yourself?” Mason looked at me waiting for an answer.

“No..Noah made me realise that I have kids..and they need a mum...”

“And that’s true. Your eyes are lighting up a bit. You look bit more reasurred.” Aiden said. Then people started coming in.

“Hey, mummy’s here..” I smiled as Xander took the straps off and gave Cleo to me. “Mamma’s here.”

“You’re so good with kids.” He smiled. Then Alex took his straps off and gave Cole to me. I smiled at Cole. “He looks so much like Noah..”

“Yeah he does.” Alex smiled starting the car.

“Cleo looks like me.”

“Yeah.” Xander smiled at me. “You are a great mum you know that...right?”


“Yes. You are amazing.”


“You sacrificed yourself, have you seen the bruises? You had rope marks and tazer marks everywhere...really scared us.”

“Xander were you gonna beat me up?”

He didn’t look at me instead looked out the window. “I care about them...”

“So you’d have hit me...?” My voice trembled with fear.


“You hesitated..”

“No, I mean..I don’t know but I know I’d have stopped myself.”

“What if you didn’t...?”

He stared at his hands. “Sky please tell me you’re not scared of me.”

“I’m...” I looked at him uncertain. “I’ve seen you hurt people...”

“But you know I’d never do it again..”

“The look you gave me and the way you said it..”

He didn’t look at me. Just ignored me the whole journey and once we got home, I tried talking to him but he just blanked me.

"Xander I'm sorry."

"It's getting hot in here."

"You're not wearing a shirt. Magically hot are you!!" I snapped. "What is wrong with you?!"

Then he slammed a cup on the table so hard I gasped. Alex quickly rushed over to me. "Stop crying." He hugged me. I could see Xander felt terrible but he shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"Xander stop ignoring her--"

"I'm ordering McDonalds."

"I thought you said we were both gonna cook...?" My voice trembled.

"What time's the game." Xander said sitting next to Daniel.

I scoffed and stormed out the room and into my room. I laid on my bed and pulled my blanket over me. Then stared at my gaming chair which I've not sat on for a while. "Sky?"


"I'm sorry..." He said laying down beside me. "I'm sorry."

"Don't's my fault--"

"No it's not. You have been through so much, it's hard to trust anyone."

"You understand?"

"King of understandment."

"It's hard to trust someone these days...I mean...after Patrick and the guys's just too much in five months! I mean...I've suffered...a lot...and when no one believed got me feeling even more one really thinks about me. They stick with their thoughts and don't realise deep down I'm hurting and.." I started crying. Then he slipped inside the blanket and stroked my hair. "I get you, maybe some people don't but..I get you so don't cry.."


"Hey, I believe in don't worry. Don't cry..I'm here. Big bro. And so is Xander. And your boyfriend, Noah. You haven't really hang out with him in this house. Why don't you call him over? I can get the guys out the house?"

"No. He's probably busy."

"Ring him?" He said giving his phone to me.

"Hi Noah--"

"Sky I'm really busy right now. But...I'll see you tomorrow--"

"Noah can you come--"

"Sky I'm really busy, like you don't understand--"

"Noah we can do your homework together--"

"Sky I need to go--"


Then he cut the call. "He's busy. Again."

"Stop feeling sad. What do you want to do? Invite Mason over?"

"Yeah." I said calling him. "Mason wanna come over-"

"Sky, I'm in the middle of...." He went silent, assuming he's close to winning. "I WON!! SUCK IT!!! IN YOUR FACE STUPID FUCKING LOSER!!"


"No, Lucas and Calvin."

"Oh. Are they all over?"

"Gemma and Aiden's coming."

"Oh. You didn't invite me?"

"I thought you were busy?"

"I'm not anymore--"

"Hold on, Gemma's here, and Aiden." Then I heard him open the door. "Sky got to go."

"Can I--"

"Bye." He cut the call.

I looked at Alex heartbroken. "I don't fit in anywhere."

"No that's not true."

"They didn't even think of me."

"They probably just forgot."

"Forgot me..of course--"

"Sky...why don't we go out? I'll take you bowling? Movies?"

"I was gonna ask him.."Maybe ask Gemma?"


"Hi Gems--"



"I thought you were just talking to Mason?"

"Yeah, just--"

"Sky, we're literally in the middle of something. We'll talk tomorrow, is everything okay?"


"Erm...what did you wanna ask?"

"Can I come over?"

There was silence for a while and then I heard Lucas calling Gemma. "Sky sorry, gotta go." She cut the call.

I looked at Alex. "And there it goes again. Every time, they exclude me from everything. Why?!"

"Sky maybe...maybe they just...want to be...maybe they'll invite you next time?"


"Sky, don't cry.."

"It's fine. I get it when I'm not loved somewhere."

"Don't worry. They probably haven't invited Noah."

"Really?! They did!"

"No, you don't know that for--"

I snatched the phone off him and called Aiden. "Hey."


"Yeah. Did you guys invite Noah?"

"Yeah but he's busy today, why'd you ask?"

"No reason." I said my voice cracking. Then I cut the call. He rang again but I cut the call. Then again and again until I switched the phone off.

"Sky, I think he cares about you."

"Course he does. They all do." I said sarcastically.

"Sky, lets go out. Shopping?"

"I've already got millions of hoodies and tracksuit bottoms so no."



"Yeah." He said. "Come on, coat on."

"I'm not cold--"

"Coat on."


"Sky coat."

"Fine." I huffed putting my coat on.

"Guys we're going out."

They didn't even bother look up. "Okay, let's go." He said as we entered his car. "Stop looking so sad."

"I'm not sad." I lied. Then he kissed my forehead. "Don't worry about them..."

Then he switched his phone on. "Lucas and Aiden have been calling you."


"Sky, wanna come over? Aiden told me you sounded upset. The guys are fucking busy playing. Want us to come over?"

"No it's fine now. I'm going out with Alex."

"Oh. If you change your mind, you can always tell me and Aiden, okay?"


"Sky you know we love you."

"Yeah and excluding me from every single friend meeting."

He fell silent. "We're sorry. At least I am. And Aiden. We both care you know. If you ever wanna hang can tell us. I promise we'll be there in a heart beat. Okay?"

"Okay." I smiled. "Thanks."

"We're your best friends, right?"


"Don't be upset. We're your friends. From now on, you hang out with all of us."



"Okay. Thanks."



I looked at Alex and smiled. "They love me?"

"Sky you just realised now?"

"No...I mean...I used to be upset before I moved in here..I'd cry by myself because...I felt alone..none of them invited me to any of ups...they didn't...realise I was missing in their meet ups."

"I can't believe it. Sky why din't you come and tell us. We could've spoken to them. Sky you know you can always turn to us and we'll be there for you. Always."

I smiled at him. "You guys are always there for me.."

"Yeah, we are. Now let's go into this store." He said parking outside a jewelry store. "Come on."

We got out the car and into the shop. We looked around at the beautiful necklaces when I came across a ruby red one. I tagged at Alex's sleeve and pulled him over to it. "Look at how beautiful that is!!"

"It's beautiful...try it on." He said as he called a worker. She helped me put it on and Alex looked at me with the softest eyes I've ever seen. "You look so beautiful."

"I do?!"

"Yeah you do." The lady smiled. "It suits you so well. It comes with a bracelet and ring." She said putting them on me. Then she gave me a mirror and I looked at myself. Then I felt Alex hug me. "You look amazing. You gonna show Noah?"

"...He'll be upset if I told him you bought it for me."

"No, say it was a gift. From your best bro."

"Are you competing with Xander?"

"No." He lied.

"You are my best bro."


"Yeah dummy."

"Well you look amazing."

"Are you going to buy it?"

"How much is it?"


I stared at her shocked. "Are you sure?!"

"Yeah." She said taking them off me. "Are you paying?"

"No!" I said.

"No Sky, you look amazing in them--"

"Alex that's too expensive!"

"But I can afford it. So let's pay."

"No Alex--"

"Card please." He said going to the till.

"Alex I'll tell Uncle Haris!!"

"And he won't care. And you know that."

"Aunty Nasreen."

"But when she sees you, she won't shout or scold me. That's how beautiful you look."

"Xander then."

"Nope, he won't. He spends even more on you."

"But Alex--"

Then before I can take the card off him, he put the pin and had paid. "Thank you very much." He said as the lady gave him the receiept and jewelry.


"Sky stop worrying. You look fabulous."


"But nothing."

"Are you mad at me?" I asked as we got into the car. He looked at me confused. "What do you mean?"

"I keep getting you guys to pay so much--"

"Sky please stop. We waste a lot on you because we love you. Trust me, I don't lie to you. Do I? Apart from the news thingy and something else which you'll probably find out of in a few days or something. Sky, we love you and I love it when I see you smile."

"That's nice...but you don't have to--"

"No Sky. I will pay whatever the hell you want. I don't care. So long as you're happy. Besides, I've got enough money to spend on you."

I looked down at my hands. "I feel like the most terrible--"

"No, don't think that, and now let's go to the movies."


"Come on, let's go."


"Hey, we are gonna start going to places. You need a different enviroment."


"Xander and I will take you out from now on. You deserve to be happy, and after everything, you deserve to be a normal teenager."

"How? You guys can't keep taking me out. I can go out myself..wait.."

"You won't go alone. If anything were to happen...I'd never forgive myself. So will Xander."

"...It's all my fault."

Then he parked in a random spot and hugged me. "Skylar stop this. Stop crying."

"You called me Skylar."

"I know..just stop crying..we'll be there for you. Forever. You will live the best teenage life ever. We will make sure of it."

"I'm so scared.."

"Don't be..." He whispered. "Little sis, I'm here. So is everyone. You are safe with us. We will make sure you feel safe again. We will make sure that you are happy, bubbly again. Making jokes and doing random crazy stuff and crazy ideas that always work. I haven't heard you say, 'I told you so,' for a while."

"Yeah.." I wiped my tears and laughed. "Fuck sake, you guys are so kind."

"Mostly me." He nudged me in the ribs. Then he put the necklace on my and then the ring and bracelet. "Don't tell Ashley but you're one of the most funny and interesting girl ever."


"No probs." He said. We chatted for a while until we pulled up to Westfield. We went up the escalators and into the cinema.

"Coke, diet." I said.

"And same. And pop corn?"


"Okay, anything else?"

He saw a bag of skittles and bar of chocolate. He picked them up and put them on the counter. "These please."


"Sky, your favourites." He winked.


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