Lunar Skylar

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Atomic Blonde

“That was a great movie.” I said as we went out the cinema.

“I know. Now I really wanna fight like an assassin.”

“Every time we wanna watch a movie, you wanna be the main character.” I laughed.

“Not true. How about you.”

“That’s different.”

“Mhm.” He took a sip of his coke. “And re fills?”

“Yep.” I said going over to the machine. “One letre.”

“Yep.” He said filling his up. “Now lets go shopping.”

“Okay.” I said as we went into a perfume shop.

“Pick one.” He said. Then I saw a guy behind me. Alex quickly grabbed onto my hand and pulled me closer to him. “Sky don’t worry, he’s just shopping.” He whispered hugging me. “Don’t cry.”

“I wanna go home.”

“You can’t. Come on, let’s find a perfume.” He said taking me to the women’s perfume section. “Come on, which do you like?”

I looked around still holding his hand. “That one.” I said pointing at a ruby red strawberry and raspberry scent.

“That looks nice.” He said. Then I saw the same one but aqua blue. “Maybe the blue one.” I said pointing at it. “Or the red one.” I bit my lip.

Then he picked them both up. “Why not both?” He said going over to the till.

“That’ll be £999.”

“There you go.” He said pulling out his card.

We walked out the store his left arm wrapped around me. “So, do you like them?”

“Yeah. But aren’t they--”

“Forget the money, just enjoy them.” He said as we exited the mall. Then he saw someone?

“Who is she?”

“Ashley.” He said hiding. “That guy?”

“Who is he?”

“My school.”



Then I saw them kissing and then I saw a tear roll down Alex’s cheek. “I always knew I was a nerd.” He said pulling my arm. “Sky stop looking sad. You did nothing.”

“Maybe if we didn’t come--”

“Then that’d have been worse.”


“She has been using me all this time...”


“Yeah, I’ve been buying her expensive stuff she wants, and all this time..she’d been using me. The bag she was wearing, I bought for her.”


“You know what, it’s time to get my revenge.”

“No, Alex what are you thinking?”

“Well, they are going into the cinema. Next movie will take two hours and 55 minutes.”

“What the--”

“We are going on a trip.” He said as we entered his car.


“Don’t worry, no one is gonna get hurt. Physically.”

“What are you planning?”

“Nothing bad.” He said pulling up at an apartment.


“Don’t worry.” He said as we got out the car and into the building. We walked up the stairs and reached the fourth floor. Then we went down the corridor and stood at a door. 4A. He knocked. No one answered. Then he took a key out and opened the door.


“Shh.” He hushed as we went inside. He went into the kitchen and took out six big carrier bags. Then he went into her room. “Sky, stay put. I’ll be back.”

After a few minutes, Alex came back out and I saw him carrying six carrier bags which were full of stuff.

“Lets go.” He said as he gave me two. “We need to go to a few shops.”

“That was easy.” He sighed as we drove home.

“Alex you broke into someone’s house!!”

“No, she gave me the key and I’m her boyfriend.”

“Well you stole--”

“I bought them.” He said turning right.

“ much do you have now?”



“Sky, I treat a girl right.”

“But that’s too much!!”

“Yeah well, yeah.”

“Okay, shopping spree--”

“No, not shopping spree. Tomorrow. I’m too tired.”

“Okay.” I sighed as I stared at the fifty pound notes stashed in an envelope.

“Don’t even touch it.”

“What, I’m just thinking about what I can buy.”

“Erm, again. My money.”

“Course.” I smiled as we pulled up to our house. OUR!!

“Okay, let’s go in.” He said putting the envelope indie his pocket and getting out the car. He picked the two perfume bags. I came out the car and we walked into the house.

“Where did you guys go.” Elliot asked.

“While yous lot were busy watching football, we went and broke into someone’s house and got 55k.” I sighed.

They looked at us weirdly. “Ashley has been cheating on me and using me for my money.” Alex sat on the kitchen counter.

“Ouch.” Elliot said.

“Are you okay?” Xander walked up to him.

“Well, we went to her apartment and then I took all the stuff I bought her and we went to each shop and returned them.”

“No receipt--”

“Yes, I always keep receipts. Don’t you guys?”

“Nerd.” Charles mumbled.

“I’m a stupid nerd. No one dates nerds.”

“Yeah.” Luke agreed,

“Seriously?!!” Then Alex’s phone started ringing. “Ashley.” He answered. “Hi--”

“My stuff. Everything you bought me, it’s gone!! Only my make-ups left!!”

“That’s terrible, do you want a tissue?”

“Alex why you being like that?! My stuff!!”

“What should I do about it?!”

“Buy me new stuff!!”


“I love you...please!!”

“You can buy it yourself!!”

“No, come on babes...please..”


“Come on! You’re my boyfriend. You buy me my stuff. So come on and buy me some new stuff.”


“Come on...please..I love you..”

“Really?! Have you ever cheated on me?!”


“Seriously?! I saw you in the shopping mall!!”

“He was just a friend--”

“You kissed.”

“I made a mistake--”

“And I made a mistake falling for you. I should’ve known you were just a nasty slut, a stupid gold digger.”

“Someone broke in--”

“It was me!!”


“You heard me. I went into your apartment, took every single thing I’ve ever bought you and returned it to the store.”

“YOU WHAT!?!!”

“Bye slut.” Then he cut the call. “That felt good.”

“You broke up with the girl you’ve been obsessing over for ages.” Oliver said.

“No, I like another girl now. I was gonna break up with her.”

“What?!” Everyone said.

“And I’m gonna ask her out.” He said calling someone and going into his room.

“Is he okay?” Daniel asked.

“No. He’s clearly mad.” Caleb said.

“So he’s gonna use her?” Chris asked.

“No.” Xander said.

“How do you know that?” Charles sat down next to him.

“I have seen him blushing every time he sees her.”

“True point.” Lorenzo said throwing a chip at me. “You look nice.”

“You hitting on me?”

“Nope. Just winding you up.”

“As usual.” I sighed. “Alex has some serious issues.”

“Yep.” Daniel said watching the TV. “Sidemen Sunday.”

“Anyone up for pizza?” Xander asked.

“Or we can cook something?” I suggested.

He ignored me. “Guys?”

“Xander you’re being ridiculous!!” I stood in front of him. He took his phone out and started scrolling. I snatched his phone away.

Then he crossed his arms and closed his eyes, clearly trying to sleep. I started opening his eyes. “XANDER!!!”

“Sky back off him!” Daniel pushed me away from him. “Xander stop being stupid. She’s clearly trying to--”

“Daniel did you know your mouth needs to be stitched up.”

“Xander stop ignoring me. I trust you so stop being stupid!!”

Then he snatched his phone back. “I’m gonna do a tiktok. None of you disturb me.” He said going into the toilet.

“I can’t believe Neha still is with him.” I muttered.

“He loves her.” Daniel said.

“And posting half naked videos of him and girls simping all over him--”

“Let the lad be.”

“You guys are so messed up. I’m gonna check on Alex.” I said going up the stairs. Once I reached the landing I saw Alex singing and playing the guitar.

"When you told me that you loved me,

Was I a fool to believe in you?

When you told me I was special
Was I dumb for trusting you?
When you told me that you want me
Did you really want me?
Or was this all a joke
To you?
"Sky?" He laughed and wiped his tears. "Why you here?"
"You like Leah?"
"Just asked her out. Meeting in an hour."
"She's a nerd too." I smiled and sat down next to him. "You're not over her..."
"I liked her...but I don't..I just...feel used."
"But you don't like her.."
"I don't like her...just...she was lying to my face and all this time and I was so stupid to see the red I'm thinking back and I'm remembering the moments when I should've realised something was wrong..."
"Alex, come on. Put your clothes on, you're gonna meet Leah, and you're gonna take care of her." I said taking his guitar off him.
"Imma get a shower. Don't touch my stuff. And pick my outfit."
"Okay." I said as he went out the room. Then Alex's phone started ringing. Gemma? I answered it. "Gems?"
"Sky, we're going to a party, wanna come?"
"It's fucking--"
"Come on, Sky, loosen up a bit."
"I can't go.."
"Why not?"
"They won't let me...probably.."
"Ask them."
"Okay." I cut the call and rolled my eyes. Then I walked down the stairs. "Xander.."
He didn't look at me.
"Xander can I go to Noah's?"
He looked up from his phone. "Why?"
"To hang out."
"Okay, does he know you're coming?"
"Yeah, I told him."
"I'll call him."
"Go on."
"I will." He said already calling him. I bit my lip waiting anxiously. "Xander?"
"Where are you?"
"I'm going to a party why?"
"Who said you can go?"
"Esmeralda and Harley."
"Okay, so Sky didn't tell you she was coming over to yours?"
"No why?"
"No reason." Then he cut the call. "So you lied straight at my face."
"It's just a party. No drinking."
"Last time you came home drunk."
I could see the guys were trying not to laugh. "Will you all just shut up!" I snapped. "How can Noah go and not me?"
"Because...that doesn't matter. You're staying here."
"No I'm not."
"Sky, I'm not letting you get kidnapped again. There's so much that's happened in your life, you can't go alone."
"Until you're old enough to take care of yourself."
"I can!!"
"Sky, stop trying to convince me, you're not going."
"Sky the answer is still no."
"You can go parties how about me?"
"Like I said, you are likely to get hurt."
"I'll tell my dad."
"Go on."
Then I went back upstairs and into Alex's room. "Hey dad."
"Sky? Where's your phone."
"Xander. He took it from me."
"Okay, what did you do?"
"Not important but he's not letting me go to a party."
"Last time you went home drunk."
"Dad, this time I'll be a good girl and not drink."
"Sky you can't. What if something bad happens?"
"Dad I can take care of myself."
"No. You can't go. I'm sorry but no."
"Well I'm going and you can't do anything--"
"I'm calling Xander right now."
"No dad--"
Then the he cut the call. I went back downstairs. "Dad said I can go." I lied.
"He just called me. Sky forget going, come on. Let's cook."
Then I heard Alex come out the bathroom. I went over to him. "Hey best bro."
"Sky where is the clothes?"
"Misuse of wording but I thought we could both do it together." I lied. He smiled and we started looking at his clothes. "So, Alex.."
"Yeah?" He took a shirt and put it on. "I like this one."
"Yeah, how about these trousers."
"Okay, it suits me." He said looking at himself in the mirror. "Oh shoot I'm gonna be late!" He panicked putting his bomber jacket on. "Lets gooo. I look good."
"I know." I smiled. "Amazing."
"Yeah." He put his sneakers on.
"Can I go to a party?"
"When is it?"
"Sky.." He stood up and checked hair on the mirror. "Maybe you should stay home?"
"But all the guys are going.."
He started spraying perfume all over himself and then hair spray on his hair.
"Are all the guys going?"
"Will they drink?"
"Gemma won't, Mason won't--"
"Okay, you can go but if you even take one sip of alcohol, I will not only ground you for the next month, I will forbid you from any other party ever." He said, then I hugged him. "Thanks."
"Come on, get ready."
"And put the jewelry I bought you today and show Noah. He'll be surprised."
"What if he...gets hurt?"
"He won't. Just tell him I bought them, he'll understand."
"Okay." I said going into my room.

"Sky where are you going?"
"I let her go." Alex said.
"No I said no and so did her dad. Sky you can't go."
"Mason and Gemma don't drink, Aiden too..." I said.
"Sky, no is no."
"Why do you hate me so much?!"
"I don't hate you--"
"You're mad at me, that's why--"
"No. Sky, just..stay--"
"I never get to hang out with them.."
"You could always invite them over."
"No I mean, out out. Like parties.."
"Sky, it's too risky."
"No it's not." Alex said. "She deserves to be happy. She's sixteen turning seventeen."
"Alex, she will get hurt and we won't be there to save her. And then she'll get anti social and then--"
"Xander, Mason will be there, and Noah. Noah will take care of me."
He looked at me hesitantly and back at Alex. "You promise not to drink?"
"Fine. You can go."
"Com on, I'll drop you off--"
"Can I have my phone?"
He looked at me unsure. "Noah will be there and Mason. And Aiden. Lucas will be too drunk but Gemma will also be there."

"This party's loud." Alex said pulling up to the house. "Don't do anything bad."
"I know." I said getting out the car.
"Don't get drunk or get close to anyone and don't you dare go with a stranger, don't accept anyone's number--"
"Love you. Bye." I said.
"Take care. I'll pick you up in two hours. If you're not out by 10, I will murder you for good. Love you." He drove off. I stood at the outside of the house and saw a drunk guy walking towards me. I dodged him and went inside.
"Sky?" Noah walked up to me.
"I came."
"I've missed you." He hugged me. "So let's go have some fun."
"I can't drink."
"Just a bit. I'm fucking all alone. Everyone's gone."
"No I can't drink and--"
"A tiny sip. Just loosen up, you're so uptight. Come on."
"Fine. Killjoy." He huffed storming off.
"Gee hell of a boyfriend that is." A random guy said walking over to me. "Hi Sky."
"Who are you and how do you know my n--"
"I'm Oscar, in your class."
"Oscar?" I thought hard and then realised. "Oscar!!"
"You were in my class mate in primary." I smiled.
"Yup and now in your class again...what's up with him today?"
"I'm not sure."
"Your jewelry looks expensive,"
"It is."
"Cool. Did he buy--"
"His brother."
"Does he has a crush on you?"
"No he's my brother."
"You're dating your brother--"
"No not blood!"
"No, just...close."
"Yeah, oh."
"Well, they suit you."
"Thanks." I smiled.
"Wanna play cards?"
"You're such a nerd."
"Do you?"
"I have great aim. I can hit anything, you know I can slice an apple--"
"Waffle waffle waffle."
"Hey, not true."
"You can't shut up."
"I can."
"I've known you for eleven years and I know you cannot keep that mouth of yours shut. So prove it."
I saw him trying. "This is impossible." He said after six seconds.
"I know right. I guess both of us still have the same thing in common."
"Talking." He nudged me in the ribs. "Wanna play knock down ginger...but with eggs?"
"Yeah, sure."
"Okay, come on." He said pulling me out the house. "Stop looking worried. What's wrong?"
"I get stressed when I'm alone.."
"But you won't be. I'm here." He said as we walked into a corner shop. "Five eggs."

"Okay, you can ride a motorcycle?"
"Hell yeah." I said as we both got on it.
"Hold tight, assuming this is your first time."
"My millionth time, come on." I said as we started speeding. I took out an egg and splatted it at a random house, we kept doing that for ages until we ran out of eggs.
"That was awesome!!" I shrieked as we went back to the house.
"Yeah it was." He took his helmet off. "Now may I ask what's the bruises on your face?"
"Are they that visible?" I asked as we sat down on the green grass outside the house.
"No, but when you look closely."
"Remember Patrick and Noah's friends..."
"Did they hurt you?"
"Yeah, they beat me up. You should see the rest of my body..."
"You had surgery?"
"Your stomach."
"Oh, yeah, I did." I lied.
"That's a lie. I'm not gonna ask, anyways, wanna have a drink?"
"No. I can't."
"Then why?"
"Just wanted to not sound 'nerdy' even though I'm a full on straight nerd."
"Hey, I always say full on." I ruffled his hair.
"Oi, back off."
"You've had a big glow up."
"We've only just not seen each other...since we finished secondary school."
"Yeah? You still have the glasses. New ones?"
"Yeah. Do they suit me?"
"Oversized glasses are my fav."
"You have glasses don't you."
"But I don't wear them."
"Even though you struggle to read the board?"
"Oh shut up will you!"
Then he took out a bag of skittles. "Let's see how good you are at catching stuff with your mouth." He said taking a few steps back.
"Okay, go on." I said as he threw one at me, I caught it! "One point for me."
"Okay, my turn."

"The score is technically 23-16." Oscar said plaiting my hair.
"It's not my fault you throw too fast."
"Erm no I don't." He said finishing my hair. "Two plaits."
I felt them. "You're so good at these. Why would you choose medicine? You could be a hairdresser--"
"Sky, I can only plait. And medicine is my passion." He said braiding the two strands in my face. "So, now you look really good?"
"Yeah." I said. "You are such a nerd."
"But you like me."
"No I don't."
"Look me in the eye and tell me you don't fancy me."
I looked him in the eyes and was about to tell him I don't but I burst out laughing and so did he. "God sake, I can't look straight at you without laughing!!"
"Same." He smiled and looked at my hair. "Can I take a picture to post on my social media?"
"Okay, yeah." He said unlocking his phone.

"What do you think?" He asked showing me the video.
"Already 17." I nudged him in the ribs.
"Big man." He roared showing his 'muscle' arms.
"You have no shame."
"What? I'm trying you know."
"You're a softie."
"Nope. Look." I said tickling his tummy. Then he started tickling me until I ran out of breath.
"Like I said, I am a muscle man."
I burst out laughing. "You are so full of yourself."
"No I'm not, maybe a bit."
"Mhm." I laid down on the grass trying to stop laughing and breathe.
"You laugh too easily."
"No I don't."
"Fine then, try not to blink challenge."
"3,2,1. Go."
We stared into each others eyes both of us trying not to laugh. "This is so hard."
"No talking allowed."
I couldn't help it. "Nerd." I burst out laughing and so did he.
"If I'm a nerd, so are you. Nerds don't drink. You too."
"No it;s against my religion."
"Okay, good point. are laughing WITH me. I'm a nerd."
He looked at me like I was completely dumb. "You're friends with a nerd."
"I'm not your friend."
"Oh shush, you had the biggest crush on me in primary and don't get me started in secondary."
"Everyone had pimples and you were my only choice!"
"I know my skin is slick clean."
"You are so..." I threw a skittle which was on the grass, att his face.
"Wanna play cards now?"
I looked around. "Fine. Are you going home at 10?"
"Where do you live?"
"Inwood road."
"Yeah. You?"
"Aubrey Park."
"That's like a few minutes away. Four?"
"Oh. Cool."
We sat in awkward silence.
We kept playing until eventually--
"I gotta go." Oscar said getting up. "My mum will be waiting for me."
"Yeah, I don't wanna be late."
"How about you stay a bit late...?"
"School. We can hang out after school if you want and I can teach you how to win and not lose twenty five times in a row."
"Well, what's your number?" He asked. Then I told him.
"Okay, I'll text you when I get home and try not to think too much about me." He winked driving off. I rolled my eyes and looked around. I'm okay. I'll be--
"Hey." A drunk girl approached me. I quickly got up and started walking away from her.
"Helllloooo!!" A crazy guy said cornering me. I quickly crawled between his legs and ran. Ran and waited for Alex. Where is he?!
I looked down and mimied I can't speak. Then she smirked and tried pulling me into the house. I snatched the bottle off her and smashed it at her head making her drop to the floor, knocked out? I quickly put my hood on hiding my face. No one saw us and no one was looking at us. I felt for a pulse and found one. I quickly left the house putting my hood on.
Then I felt someone touch my shoulder and I gasped almost fainting.
"Alex?!" I hugged him tightly bursting into tears.
"Don't worry, why do you have blood on your fists?"
"Not important." I said as we sat down in his car.
"Next time call for help not faint."
"I..." I looked down at my hands. "I froze."
"It's not your fault. Stop crying..." He kept saying.
"I hurt someone..." I said as we reached our house.
"What?" He said as we walked up to the front door.
"Just...don't get mad..."
Then Lorenzo opened the door. "Did you commit a murder?"
"No, and she has some explaining to do." Alex said pulling me into the house and into his room. I quickly grabbed onto Daniel who was coming down the stairs.
"Woah what's up?"
"He's gonna hit me." I said hiding.
"Sky I'm not."
"He's not. He's not that low."
"I hit someone."
"But I'm not gonna hurt you, come on. Everyone's here. You can call for help. I promise I won't hit you." He said. I looked at Daniel and back at him, then I let go and went into his room.
He took his coat off and threw his keys on his table slumping onto his bed. "I wasn't gonna hurt you."
"I hit someone."
"Still. Even if you kill someone."
"Yeah, oh."
"She tried to kidnap me."
"Into the house."
"Seriously? Did you call for help?"
"No." I blushed.
"Were you going to?"
"Good. So what did you do to her?"
"She was holding a bottle of alcohol..."
"And I panicked..."
"No Sky--"
"So I smashed it at her head with it."
"Was she bleeding?!"
"No. Thank fully."
"Parties are forbidden, we're in lock down! I shouldn't have let you go."
"No, don't say that..."
"Sky you're too...apprehensive."
"Alex, I'm fine."
"No Sky. You can't. You're just..." He sat up properly. "You can easily get kidnapped. You freeze all the time. You don't think in the moment."
"No, stop that. I can and I will go out and there is nothing you and Xander can do about it!!"
"Sky get back here."
"You know what?! No. I won't." I stormed out the room and downstairs. I took a bottle of vodka in the cupboards and started drinking it. I kept drinking and crying until someone snatched it off me. By then it was too late as I was staring at an empty bottle.
"SKY?!!" Alex yelled. "You know you're not supposed to!!"
"Oh yeah? Says who!"
"God and us."
"I'm fucked. My whole life is. I can't live a normal teenage life. Might as well start drinking...keeps your mind outta stuff ay."
"You're fucking drunk."
"Sky?!" Xander shouted. "Are you fucking crazy?!"
"Okay, you need to stop--"
Then I puked in the bin. Wish I puked on him. Your wish is yours to keep. Jkjkjk.
"Sky stop being stupid. Xander's right. You're just doing this to tik us off."
"Let me tell you a secret," I whispered giggling. "When Noah left me--"
"Noah left you?!" Xander looked at me confused.
"He had to go work."
"Work?!" Alex looked at me even more confused.
"He left me and then I saw Oscar. Remember him?"
"Who can forget him." Xander sighed.
"I still like him. He's so confident and caring and not like Noah. He is a nerd, but a funny guy, he made me laugh so hard. I rode with him on his motorcycle. He went vrooooooommmm!!!"
"You like Noah?" Alex asked.
"He doesn't care about me so nooooooo!!!!"
"If he did, would you love him more than Oscar?" He asked.
"'Course dummy!!!"
"Thank god." He exhaled. "Sky, let's get you to bed. You look exhausted."
"Your hands tickle!!"

"Hey Sky." Noah mumbled as he came into the class. LATE.
"You look like you haven't slept." I whispered.
"I was doing something."
"Again." I rolled my eyes. He looked at me hurt but tried to cover it up with a smile.
"I bought you something." He said opening a little baby blue fur coated box. Then I saw a necklace. "Do you like it?" He asked as I held it. His eyes were shining.
I looked at it for a while. Not my style. Gemma's.
"You don't like it?"
"I don't." I sighed putting it on. He looked at me really hurt. Like for real for real hurt. Heart broken.
"Gemma might like it. Maybe give it to her as a friendship gift?"
He ignored me. Just stared down at his paper in pure frustration.
"Fine then, I like it." I lied.
He kept blanking me until I gave up. We, well I, as Noah was too busy sleeping, was listening to Sir speak.
"Noah!!" He shouted.
Noah immediately stood up. "I was listening." He lied.
I pulled him down. "Why you standing?"
The class started laughing but Sir was not having it. "Detention after school."
"No sir you can't do that!!"
"Excuse me!"
"Sir I've got a shift!!"
"Next time, don't play video games until four!!"
"Who said until four?!"
Noah sighed. Then Sir continued talking. Noah looked really agitated.
"Noah you okay?" I whispered.
"I really need to do that shift."
"Don't worry, you don't need the money. Your dad can give you some."
He looked at me like he wanted to cry. Like he was hiding something but then he smiled softly at me. "I love you."
"Same." I whispered.

I walked around looking for Noah and then I found him in the study hub. But Gemma was there. He looked like he'd been crying and he was sleeping on her lap while Gemma stroked his hair. "Sky's a very lucky girl." She whispered smiling at him. Then she kissed his cheek. "You look so tired..." She frowned. "You're the best boyfriend she could ever have..."
"Shh." She hushed. "Why are you here?"
"I was looking for him. Now I've found him...why is he sleeping?"
"He's clearly exhausted."
"Gems you really are strange. Why would you..." I shook my head. "Noah wake up!!!" I shook him. Gemma tried to push me off but it was too late.
Then he got up. "What time is it?"
"Lunch. Stop sleeping. Next time, don't play computer games!"
"Course." He mumbled.
"Let's go hang out with Xander and Alex."
"No Sky, he looks so tired!!" She shrieked pulling him back to her.
"Gemma back off him! He's mine not yours!!"
"Sky don't shout at her like that, she's only being kind."
"No she's not. Just tryna steal you from me!!"
"She's just being a great friend."
"Friend. That's what they all say. Just a friend!!"
"Sky, hey, sorry to kill the moment. But us two are doing the science project together." Oscar said coming in. "Course as you're so bad at science, I'll do all the work."
"I'm not bad at science. In fact, I'm great at biology."
"As if!"
"Oh don't believe me? Watch me."
"Okay, at mines tonight."
"I'm going out with Noah--"
"Sky we're gonna have to cancel, I'm busy then." Noah said going to lay back down on Gemma's lap. Then she started stroking his hair.
"You both are unbelievable!!"
"Sky please stop over reacting." He mumbled.
"Sleep. Don't worry about her now. You need some sleep." She whispered.
"Oscar, I'll see you then."
"Done." He said leaving the room.
I watched Gemma and Noah smiling. They looked like the perfect couple...then I snapped out of it. "Noah if you don't get off her and come with me, we're over."
"Sky don't do that." Gemma said. "You can see he's clearly tired."
Noah got up and stood infront of me. "Okay."
"Lets go to the--"
Then the bell rang. I glared at him. "Well done."
He looked at me clearly guilty. "Sky I'm--"
I stormed out the room and into my classroom.
"Hey Sky." Mason said as I sat next to him.
"What's up."
"None of your business."
"Why are you being so cold to me?"
"Mason do you even care about me anymore?"
"You forget me all the time. I'm never invited to anything. Do you know how hurt I feel?"
He looked at me silently and then just got up and went to sit next to Aiden and Lucas
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