Lunar Skylar

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Relationship confusion

I stared at him open mouthed. He just...blanked me like that...

“Sky?” Aiden said coming over to me.

“Hey Aids. How are you?”

“You’re in pain.” He said sitting next to me. “Someone’s hurt you really bad...”

“Always...I always get hurt..”

“How about--” Then I saw K.O sneaking behind him with an open water bottle, before I could even say anything, Aiden turned around and grabbed onto him. Then twisted his wrist and threw the whole water bottle on K.O.

“YOU FREAK!!” K.O shouted. Everyone started getting crazy.

“I’m not. I saw you through her pupils.”



Then he took his ear muffs out but K.O snatched them off him. I quickly got up. “Guys stop shouting!!”

Then I saw Aiden trying to breathe, everyone stopped chanting. He quickly ran out the class room and I glared at K.O. Then I kicked him in the balls. The class gasped and started laughing. I quickly too the ear muffs and hurried after Aiden. I heard someone crying in the boys toilet. I went inside and saw Aiden sitting on the corner of the room head between his knees and chest.

“ you go.” I said about to put his ear muffs on him but he stopped me. “I don’t like people touching my ears.”

“Okay.” I said. Then he took them off me and put them on. I watched him silently for a while until he’d calmed down. “You okay now?” I asked.


“Lets get you back to class. K.O is in serious trouble.”


I helped him up and we walked back into the class room. Then we sat back on our seats. “You can take them off now.” I whispered. He didn’t hear me. Then I mimed taking them off.

“Oh.” He said taking them off and putting them back on the case, closing it shut and shoving it into his blazer.

“Afternoon class!!” Miss Vivian said coming in. “So, what’s happened today?”

“Nothing.” Everyone said at the same time.

“NOAH!!” Miss shrilled. He was still sleeping. “Miss he was playing video games.” Gemma said. “Let him sleep.”

Miss looked at her confused then just sighed going back to her seat. “Sir gave him detention before?”


“Okay, everyone, do you know your science partners?”


“Good.” Miss logged onto her account.

“Sky, the guys are coming over--”


“Not everyday.” Alex argued

“They’re always here.”

“Today..they’re drinking but don’t worry. I won’t be and so will Alex.” Xander said.

“I just...its everyday guys!” Then I sighed and slumped onto the sofa.

“Sky why don’t you go hang out with Noah?” Alex suggested.

“Busy. Again.”


I said nothing, just stared at the window biting my lip.

“Sky you two are still friends...right?” Xander asked.

“Yeah...he gave up on me...”

“What?” They both said sitting next to me.

“...It’s just...we’re not like before...we’re not twins..we’ve not spoken proper...maybe if it wasn’t for the Joyfolke center...we’d still be kitkats. 2 unseperable bars.”

“Invite him over.” Xander said giving me my phone.

“Hi Mase.”

“Sky, whats up?”

“Wanna come over? To hang out as friends?”

“I’m doing the science project with Aiden.”

“Can’t you just...ditch it..just for an hour to spend time with your bestie?”

“You need to do your project with Oscar, remember?”

“Yeah, I will, just--”


“Where are you now?”

“In my room.”

“Okay.” I said.

“Don’t come.”

“I won’t.” I lied cutting the call. I stood up and went out the front door, out the porch and down the road, then I opened Alex 1.1′s house and went in. I saw Alex watching TV with Esmeralda and Harley.

“Hi Sk--”

“Shhh.” I hushed them both and went up the stairs and into Mason’s room. Then I saw him on the phone with Aiden playing Asphalt 8.

“Mason. Thought you were studying.”

“Aiden I’ll be back.” He said cutting the call. Then he rubbed his brows. “I’ll hang out with you now.”

“Why did you lie to me?”

“I just wanted to have fun.”

“So I’m not fun enough?”

“Sky...all you have is...drama...trouble..I haven’t been able to have fun with you since...June or something.”

“I get that I’ve got drama in my life but...I just wanna hang out with you.”

“Sky..” He sighed. “What do you wanna play?”

Then I looked at the time on his clock. “I don’t feel like playing anymore. It’s time to make a new best friend.” I said disgusted.


Then I scoffed and stormed out the house not looking back. I went back to my house and looked for Xander. “Xander, I need my phone. To call Oscar.”

“Fine.” He sighed giving it to me.

“Hey Oscar,”


“I’m coming--”

Xander snatched the phone off me. “No she’s not. Can you come over?”


“I’ll send the address, bye.” Xander cut the call typing our address and sending it.

“Xander why--”

“You are not getting hurt.”

“He won’t hurt me!”

“I don’t mean him. I mean...what if someone’s looking for you?!”

Then his phone started ringing. He answered it. “It’s the police.” He whispered going into his room. After a few minutes, Xander yelled. “ALEX!!!”

“Xander?!” He quickly rushed into his room. I was about to come in but they both kicked me out.

“Why can’t I come?!”

“To your room now.”

I groaned and went into the kitchen sitting down on the kitchen counter. I sighed swinging my legs forwards and backwards singing, “But my heart goes

Bum bum bum da bum bum, bum bum bum da bum
Bum bum bum da bum bum, bum bum bum da bum
’Cause my heart goes
Bum bum bum da bum bum, bum bum bum da bum
Bum bum bum da bum bum, bum bum bum da bum--”

“’re not allowed to go out from now on.” Alex said in a serious voice.

“We’ve also spoken to your parents. They think you should...stay indoors for a while.” Xander said.


“You need to stay home.” Alex said.

“Alex, why? What’s wrong?”

“Something’s happened. You’re not allowed to open the front door without us there.” Xander said.

“Guys why?”

“Don’t ask that again. Just listen to us.” Alex said coldly. “You leave this hose, watch.”

“Guys w--”

“Do you understand a single word we just said?!”

“I have a right to know. Or I’ll call the police to say the both of you have kidnapped me.”

“The thing is, we are taking all your electronics and giving them to your mum.”

“Why my eletronics?!”

“Just go sleep.”

“Oscar’s coming. How am I supposed to--”

Then the door bell rang. I was going to answer it but Alex grabbed my arm and shoved me into my room. “Don’t you dare come out!!”

I heard the door open and then their friends came in. Urgh. I sat on my bed looking around. I’m not scared’m not scared...

Then I heard bottles clinking. And then the TV. I listened to their conversation. FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL. Urgh. After a few minutes, the door knocked and someone answered. Then I heard a knock and someone come in. Oscar.

“Hi Sky.”

“Hey.” I said as he sat next to me.

“You look unhappy."

I scoffed and burst into tears.

“Hey, don’t cry, what’s wrong?” Oscar sat in front of me.

“They are keeping me here. They won’t let me out. They took all my electronics and now this?!”

“Calm down. I’m sure it’s just for a good reason.”

“And my parents aren’t even objecting to it. They’re participating in this kidnapping!!”

“Sky don’t cry.”

“You know, I’ve finally been able to face my fears”

“Stop crying. It’s brave of you to even get the part!”

“Oscar..Mason doesn’t even care about me anymore--”

“Don’t say that, you two are unseperable. Like a glue stick. You’re the glue and he’s the tube.”

“Before I invited him over, he said he was doing his project with Aiden. Turns out, he was just playing stupid Asphalt 8!!”


“Then he goes ahead and says I’m not fun anymore, just sad.”

“That’s terrible.”

“And you know what hurts most? When they all meet up behind my back and ‘forget’ to invite me. I’m probably some messed up wrecked infectious doll with no future!!”

“Don’t say that!” He hugged me. “They treat you wrongly. Doesn’t Noah stick up for you?”

“Alex and Xander will...I told them this last night. They always do everything to make me happy.” Then I rolled my sleeves up and showed him my bracelet and ring, then my necklace, “Alex bought me these and they costed me £4,999.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Wow.”

“And these two perfumes, they both costed 1,899.” I said spraying some on me.

“He spends a lot on you.”

“Almost £6k in a day.”

“That shows how much they actually care for you.”

“I feel terrible...I’ll go apologise. I’ll be back.” I said leaving the room. I went into the living room. “Guys, I’m sorry I snapped before...Oscar made me realise maybe I was being a bit..whatever but...I’m sorry. You guys have always done so much for me and I’ve been so ungrateful.”

“This is a prank isn’t it?” Alex hugged me. “Thanks.”

“No probs.” Then I went over to Xander. “Stop being stubborn and hug.”



Then he hugged me. “Now go.”

“I did it.” I said once I came back into my room. “Oscar, forget the papers and pay attention to me.”

“Okay, hi.”

“No Oscar. Listen. I wanna call Noah, gimme your phone.”

“Okay.” He sighed and gave it to me.

“Hey Noah!”

“Hey, I’m on my way to yours. Just came out of my shift.”

“Thought you had detention?”

“I bunked.”

“Oh. I thought you...didn’t do that anymore?”

“My shifts more important, anyways, why are you calling from Oscars phone?”

“Why do you have Oscar in your contacts?”

“Cuz. We know each other. I gotta go.” He cut the call.

“He’s coming!”

“Yeah, you seem excited.”

“I haven’t hung out with him outside of school for a while.”



“Have you got water?”

“Yeah but...the guys are drinking.”

He looked at me anxiously. “If you don’t mind me are you still here?”


“Are you okay with them? Drinking?”

“They never hurt anyone when they’re drunk.”

“Oh, softies.”

“Exactly. But don’t tell them that I said that.”

“Okay.” He said getting up. “Now show me the way to Niagra Falls.”

“You are unbelievable.” I smiled. Then frowned. “I wish Mason was here...”

“Hey, I thought Niagra Falls was in the kitchen not here.”

I laughed. “Lame jokes.”

“You still laughed.”

“No but to be honest...I miss having a close best friend, one that knows when I’m okay or not. One that knows when I’m lying...” i started crying. “Me and Mason had that...connection...that superpower...”

“Sounds like that show, what was it...?”

“Just wish...” I sighed. “He’s all I’ll ever get.”

“Not really.”

I looked at him confused. “What?”

“I can make you, my best friend in 7 days. 168 hours.”

“Geek. But if you don’t...”

“I will tell you one of my most most embarrassing secret so embarrassing. I can’t So, I’ll tell you that and you it where ever you want.”

“ I wanna read your diary.”

“I don’t have a diary.” He lied.

“You’re lying.”


“Okay, deal.” We shook hands.

“So future best friend, may you show me, the magic lake where we shall as once before, become bestie and bestie.”

“This is 2020 Oscar.” I said as we walked out the room and into the kitchen. I saw Lorenzo puking inside a plastic bag. “Urgh!!”

“Hello, mummy dearest.” He teased.

“You are unbelievable!!!”

“Sky who are you shouting at?” Alex asked walking over to us.

“He’s calling me mummy dearest!!”


Lorenzo started laughing and then crying. “WE LOST THE MATCH!!!”

“Lorenzo, go to the toilet.”


“Stop puking here!!”


“Come on--”

“Well hello!!” Elliot staggered around.

“Guys, get the fuck away from them!!” Alex shouted.

“Oooooooooo!!!” Oliver giggled.

“Ey yo, chav check!!!” Caleb shouted.

Then they all started chanting, “CHAV!! CHAV!! CHAV--”

Then Alex quickly started pulling us into his room.

“My water--”

“I’ll bring it. You guys stay here. They’ll calm down.” He said leaving. Then I heard him yelling.

“Oof.” Oscar scoffed. “This is interesting.”

“They’re always here. They keep teasing me and bullying me--”

Then the front door knocked. I heard someone open it and footsteps running up the stairs. “SKY!!” The door flung open. Noah was standing there confused for a second.

“Hello, her new lab partner.”

“Oh shut up will you!”

“Soon to be her best friend.”

“Huh?” Noah asked.

“168 hours to go.” He said winking.

“Huh?” Noah looked at us even more confused.

“Don’t mind him. So, why you here?”

“Bought you something, Gemma says you’ll like it.” He said pulling out a box and opening it. It had two earrings. Drop. Aqua slash ruby slash violet!!!

“I love it!!”

Then he gave the most biggest sigh ever and burst out crying hugging me. “Finally I got it right!!”

“Yeah, well done.” I kissed him.

“Do you mind?” Oscar said clearing his throat.

I pulled out. “How much did these cost?”

“Not important, so long as you’re happy.”

“ look extremely tired.”

“Do I?”

“Yeah, I can see you’re tired. You are exhausted...”

“Don’t worry. You do your project--”

“Have you?”

“Gemma’s doing it for me.”

“Oh.” I tucked my hair behind my ear. Then I froze and looked at the length of my hair. “Wow...I’ve grown it...”

“You just realised?”

“It’s up to my chest...” Noah smiled. “You look lovely. Wanna try them on?”

“Yeah.” I said walking over to Alex’s stand mirror. I put them on and tears started rolling down my eyes. “They are beautiful...”

“I know..” Noah hugged me. “They make your eyes stand out.”

“Noah I love much did these cost? They look so expensive!!”

“Just a bit in the ten thousands.”

“Ten thousand!?”

“Thirteen thousand.”

“Jeez!!!” Oscar exclaimed walking over to us. “How the fuck can you afford that?”

“Oh yeah, your dad.” I said. “I actually thought you bought them, I’m like, how can you magically make all that money.” I nudged him in the ribs.

He looked really hurt but brushed it off with a smile.

“Noah did I offend you?” I asked confused.

“It’s don’t think I can afford this?”

“Course not.”

“Oh.” He smiled. Fake? Whatever. “I bought you flowers and chocolate.” He said giving me a gift bag. “There you go.”

“You got them for me?”

“Yeah, who else.”

“Thanks.” I hugged him again. “Best boyfriend ever.”

“You joking?”

“I’m not. I’m are amazing...”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Please no more kissing.” Oscar mimed puking.

“Oscar shut up!!” I snapped.

“Okay, chill.”



“I will kill you.”

“999 what’s your emergency? Crazy girl tryna kill me!!!”


“Okay, I’m gone.” Noah said kissng me good bye.

“Wait, Noah.” I pulled him back. “Oscar please give us a second, get your niagra falls water from the kitchen.”

“About time.” He sighed going out the room.

“Noah...we haven’t tucked the twins together...” I said after he left.

He looked at me confused and then suddenly realised. “We are bad at parenting...”

“Health and Social. Remember? PIES, physical, intellectual, emotional and social, isn’t it?”


“We need to tuck them in today, Noah, sleep here tonight. Please.”

“Sky I’m sorry but I can’t.” He said walking away.

“Noah, no! Why can’t you?!”

“I’m busy.”

“Noah, they’re our babies!!”

“I know. But I got to work...”

“Noah you already went to work and you don’t even have to work! Calvin doesn’t. Just seven hours a week!!”

“Sky I need to go.” He said rushing down the stairs. But before he can go out the front door, I pulled him back. “Noah what aren’t you telling me?!”

“Sky just leave me be!” He snapped.

I let go. “I’m only being a caring girlfriend. Least you can do is tell me why you’re working two shifts, infact is it two shifts or more?!”

He said nothing, “I’ll be late.” He kissed my forehead. “Love you.” He said as he walked out the front door.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. “At least he loves you.”


“Bestie.” He ruffled my hair.

“Oscar!” I shoved him off me. Then he splashed some water at me. “OSCAR!!”

“Sky, what’s wrong?” Xander asked coming to us.

“He wetted my shirt.”

“Wrong use of language.” He winked.

“I hate you!!” I shrieked and stormed into my room. I changed into my pyjamas and looked at my hair. I looked like..normal.

“Can I come in? Yes.” Oscar said coming in.


“I have come to have a casual conversation about your temper tantrums.”

“I have no temper tantrum!!”

“Lets say, sudden outbursts--”


“Okay, your hissy--”

“Now you sound like Harley!!”

“Mason’s sister.”

“Oh please lets just do our work.”

“Good idea. I brought my laptop so we can work on that.” Then he cleared his throat. “And our friendship, anyways--”

“Oh shut up will you!”

“Keep your hair on.”

“Did you enjoy his company?” Xander asked closing the windows.

“Yeah. He says he can make me be his best friend in 7 days.”

“And is it working.”

“I’m afraid it is.” I sighed. “What if I do...become his best friend?”

“I don’t know..”

“I mean--”

Then Xander’s phone started ringing. “Mason. Wanna answer it?”

“Sure.” I said answering the call and going into my room. “Hi--”

“Oscar came to yours?”


“I just saw him come out your house and drive off with his motorcycle.”

“Cool right.”


“Guess what, we made a deal, challenge, basically, he said that he can make me be his best friend in 7 days, and if he fails to, he’ll have to let me read his whole diary and I will learn one of his most secretest secret ever!”

“Is it working?”

“That’s what Xander just asked, yeah, he is making me laugh so much. Funny enough, we get along so well. He’s coming over tomorrow for a sleepover.”



“Sky wanna hang out?”



“No it’s time to sleep--”

“Come on..”


“See you soon.”


I walked out the room and to Xander, “Can you take me across the road?”

“To Mason? Or Noah? Or Calvin?”

“No, just Mason. For some reason, he magically wants to hang out with me.”

He studied me for a few seconds and then bit his lip frowning.

“Xander what’s up?”

“Sky...Mason and you will always be.”

“What? So you don’t like the idea of me and Oscar being together.”


“Guess what, I’ve invited him to a sleep over tomorrow.”


“Calm down, we’ll be sleeping on the sofa so you can keep an eye on us.”

“But the guys are coming over...”

“Cancel on them.”


“How are we meant to watch TV?”

“No. He’s not coming over.”


“Sky. No.”

I looked at him confused. “Xander you guys say you want me to be happy when I can’t because you guys are isolating me from the social world!!” I stormed into my room and burst into tears.

“Sky?” Xander came in and laid down beside me. “Sky...”

“Do you know how many sleep overs the guys have done without me?”

Xander stroked my hair, “I’m sorry..”

“They’d always do so many and ‘forget’ to invite me..and they’d go places...and they’d not invite me...I always wondered if they were just sticking with me because we’ve known each other since forever...I mean...yesterday broke my heart...I mean, I asked Mason if I could come and he just said he had to go.”

“Sky that’s terrible.”

“And then I saw Oscar at the party. He was so fun. He kept me company the whole time, we rode on his motorcycle and egged all the houses.” I smiled sadly. I saw Xander smiling at me happily.

“I wanna tell you off but I’m happy for you. I’ve never seen you have this fun for a while.”

“Well, we’re friends. He wants us to be best friends. Because I told him that I want a new bestie..someone that gets me and to be honest, we get each other so well...I mean, we know when we’re lying and we have so much in common.”

“You don’t like him?”

“No Xander, I don’t. I like Noah, but anyways...I just wanted to have fun with him. And I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy for the past three months...”

“Wow..Sky that’s good to hear.”

“Xander..I’m being honest...I’ve not spent any time with my so called friends and then Oscar comes and...he made me laugh and he reminded me of my old self..he was like my dopple ganger.”

Then I saw a tear roll down his eye. “Hey, you can invite him over anytime, okay?”

“Really?!” I jumped.

“Yeah.” He hugged me and burst out crying. “I’ve not seen you this happy for ages. I just saw the sparkle in your eyes...”

“Don’t cry...”

“You invite him over, yeah?”

“Already did. I knew you’d give in at the end.”

Then he laughed. “You’re so cheeky.”

I wiped my tears. “Where’s Alex?”

“He’s with his date, soon to be, girlfriend.”

“Is he staying the night?”


“That’s nice. Urgh. This is tots weird. Are the guys asleep?”

“Yup.” He sighed. “They drink a lot.”


“Hey, does he live in the college?”


“That’s good.”


“What’s up?”


“No problem. Wanna go jewelry shopping?”

“No, out of nowhere Noah goes ahead and buys me these earrings. They look fabulous right?!”

“Yeah, wow...they look”

“Yeah, I think he...he might be threatened by you guys...or maybe he’s just...trying to be the perfect boyfriend...”

“He’s always asking Gemma for advice.”

“Wait...Gemma is helping him?”

“Yeah. Didn’t you know?”


“Yeah, so Gemma’s been giving advice..”

“No wonder she’s been staring at my jewelry and asking me random questions.”

“Yeah...he’s really trying. Every time he meets you, he’s always got flowers and your favorite chocolates.”


“Sky, tomorrow’s your last day you’ll be at school.”

“So I can go?!”

“Yeah. But we’ll need to keep an extra close eye on you and we’re taking Cleo and Cole with us. Just to make you feel extra safe.”

“I love you so much!!” I hugged him.

“Everybody loves me.” He winked. “Wink wink.”

“Hey guys!” I said coming into the study hub. “Noah?!”

“Hey Sky!” He mumbled groggily.

“Noah, did you sleep?!”

“An hour or so.” He said trying to keep his eyes open.

“Sky why didn’t you come last night..?” Mason asked.

“I was busy.”


“Yeah. Wanna hang out in the evening?”

“Oscar’s coming for a sleep over as Xander and his friends are coming.”

“Oscar?!” They all said at the same time.

“Yeah. He’s my new friend. He thinks I’ll be his best friend in 7 days, now 6, and I think it’s working. Don’t tell him.” I smiled but they all frowned. “Why you all sad?”

“Sky..we are your best friends. He’s clearly gonna fuck you up.” Lucas said.

“No, he makes me laugh and he’s other half, like a doppleganger. I mean, we have the same interests...since the party and yesterday...I have had the most fun in the past five months. I rode on his motorcycle and we egged everyone’s houses and last night, guess what--”

“Sky...we’re your friends.” Gemma said.

“I know, but he is so cool. But a nerd. He is so fun.” I smiled sadly. “Last night I couldn’t wait. Today evening will be crazy.”

“We were gonna go to the movies.” Noah mumbled.

“We can go some other time.”

“Hey, your eyes are sparkling again.” Aiden said walking up to me. “You enjoy his company. As a friend. I sense you’ll be bestest of friends?”

“Never know. But if we are, it’ll be awesome!”

“Sky...I’m your other half and best friend..” Mason said hurt.


“We’re best friends Sky!”

“Don’t shout at me. We’re not even proper friends, I mean, you don’t, actually none of you bother to invite me to your meet ups. You guys always forget me and when I went to the guys were all gone and then Noah had to leave and Alex said he was picking me up at ten so I had two hours to be alone, or so I thought. Oscar came to the rescue.”

“Sky you sound like you like him.” Noah sat up looking at me suspiciously. Then Aiden gazed in to my eyes. “She loves you not Oscar. She only sees her as a friend. She’s not lying Noah.”


“Noah those earrings look expensive. I thought we agreed on--”

“Gemma, not now.” Noah whispered.


“Anyways, Noah you look tired. Why you playing videogames? You’re really worrying me.”


Then the door opened. “Hello mummy dearest.”

“Oh shut up.”

“In other words, Chav.”

“Oi don’t call her that!” Noah snapped.

“The guys were chanting it at her last night. They were all drunk but Alex and Xander were sober.”

“Sky you were in that house with how many drunk guys? 8? And you’re not...intimidated?” Lucas looked at me confused.

“Why should I be? They’re actually pretty cool. They just bully me but apart from that...they actually look out for me.”

They looked at me worriedly. “I’m not crazy, Xander and Alex are there, and also, they just tease me and just ignore me...they never shout at me or anything so don’t look at me like that, come on Oscar let’s go--”

“Your friends?”

“They’re busy. After all, I’m boring and full of bad stuff.” I said locking my arms around his and walking out the room. We walked down the hallway and I saw Xander and Alex. I quickly pulled them two into an empty class room and locked the door.

“Oscar I’ll be back. Don’t go anywhere.”

“My friends--”

“Fine. See you after school.”


Then I waved and as soon as he had gone, I turned to Cleo and Cole and burst out crying. “My own two miracles...”

“Yeah.” Xander took the straps off and gave Cleo to me.

“Mama loves you.” I kissed her. “She loves you too much.” I stroked her hair. Then I kissed her forehead. “Beautiful.” I whispered. “I will always be there for you and you too Cole.” I said kissing him. “You both, I’m sorry, mama was a bad girl giving you up. She’s very sorry.” I smiled. “I love you both...”

Then the bell rang and I didn’t realise the class room we were in was where the bell was loudest. I quickly held them both and started singing my lullaby. “Hush little babies mamma’s over here, she’s gonna make you happy happy happy, she’s gonna give you the best of the best, daddy’s gonna come, he’s gonna take you to an adventure, mamma’s gonna make you a present so please hush hush, please hush hush hush...” Then they quietened down and fell asleep.

Xander and Alex looked at me shocked. "You sang?"

I blushed. "Just quickly put them back. We'll be late."

"Sky your voice is amazing." Xander complimented.

"Why are you scared to sing in front of us?"

"I'm just..."

Then Xander put Cleo inside the baby straps and Alex put Cole inside his baby straps. "Sky.."

"I don't have a phobia''s not like before you know. I'd sing so much you'd both tell me to shut up." I smiled as I remembered the last time I sang in front of them. "You guys cellotaped my mouth."

"Yup and your mum killed us." Xander sighed.

"You don't need to be scared of us..." Alex said holding onto my hand. "We are here for you. You know you can rely on us if anything bad happens."

"So, lets go to class, come on. We'll take you." Xander said as we walked out the classroom. They stood outside my class until I sat down on my seat and then they went.

"So, who's babies are those?" Ruby smirked at me. "Or did you cheat on Noah? Slut."


"I'm not a shav!" I snapped. She looked at me taken aback for a second and then shoved me on my seat making me fall and hitting my head. Then I faked being dead. Now now, I know what you're thinking. This isn't funny. But just, read on. I can close my eyes and not blink for an unusual amount of time. Everyone can't. Just me. I can even stop breathing. Easy.

"Sky?!" I heard Ruby yell. "Wake up! She's not breathing!!!"

"I'm not fucking dead. Surprised you haven't given me CPR." I rolled my eyes getting back up. Then the door knocked and I saw Xander, on the phone. "Your mum wants to speak to you." He said dragging me outside the classroom. Then he shut the door. We stood on the hallway and Xander gave me his phone. "Mum?"

Then I heard, "Heathrow terminals 2&3--"


"Skylar we were going to tell you. We're going to Wales."

"No you can't, Eliza? Ahmad--"

"Jay's moving back to his apartment and the kids and all Mason and Noah's parents and their kids are coming too. Just some time away from Hounslow."


"We're already boarding. I'm sorry Skylar. We'll talk once we arrive."

"Mum you can't--"

"Love you."


Then she cut the call. I stared at Xander for a while. "You knew?!"

"Don't scream at me. We all knew but we didn't want to tell you because we know you'd try and stop them."

"Xander I need them here! Now!!"

"No Sky. They'll be back by December--"


"Hey, they've also left Harley and Esmeralda in charge but me and Alex, are your guardians at the mean time. And if you misbehave, we will not only ground you, we'll tell Uncle Faiz and your mum."

"You already do that." I muttered. "Snitches."

"We're not snitches, we're just...looking out for you and if you can't deal with that then...." He sighed. "They need some time away."

"But how about Tisha and Lexi!?"

"They'll be fine."

"No Xander! They won't be--"

"Stop arguing."

"Erm, what's going on in here?" Miss Vivian asked approaching us.

"Nothing." Xander said.

"No it's not nothing. You could've prevented all this but no, your stupid brain thought, hey, why not--"

"Hey, heard you moved in with him." Ruby smirked.

"Ruby why and how do you know that?!"

"So I am right."

"No! Now fuck off will you!!" I shoved her back into the class room.

"Don't shove her like that." Xander said helping her up.

"No, she just violated me, and shoved me off my chair."



"So if I ask everyone they'd say the same."

"...They're not on my side."

He looked at me and back at Ruby. "Ruby back off her."

"I will, just know." She pulled him away from everyone and whispered something. Xander turned around. "You're grounded for the rest of the week." Then he walked away and up the stairs scrolling through his phone.

"RUBY!!" I shrieked once he was out of sight.

"Skylar, back in class." Miss said going inside.

"Awww poor you." Ruby teased.

I glared at her and shoved her hard making her hit her head on the wall. Everyone gasped and I looked at her worriedly. "Ruby?"

Then she burst into tears rubbing her head. She wasn't joking. She was for real. I could see everyone glaring at me and then Mason rushed up to her checking her head. "Can you see properly?"

"Yeah." She winced. Then he helped her up. "Miss I'll take her to student services."

"Please do."

Then he walked out the class room with her. Then Miss pulled me out the class room. "Are you crazy?!"

"That's no way to speak to a pupil--"

"You are getting automatic detention after school and probably isolation."

"Miss she pushed me off my chair and I hit my head!"

"Who saw?"

"I mean, Gemma, Lucas, Aiden, and Mason saw and so did the whole class but them four will tell the truth as they are in my side. The whole class will lie."


"Yes Miss?"

"Did Ruby push her off her chair?"


"Noah? Noah?!" Miss shrieked storming to him. "Why are you sleeping in MY class?!"

"Huh?" He rubbed his eyes. Then I saw how tired he was. Miss gasped and so did the whole class.

"Noah you need to stop playing videogames!!" Miss shouted.

"Mhm." He dropped his head onto the table falling asleep again.

"Miss don't shout at him like that. He's clearly exhausted." Gemma argued.

"Gemma back off him. He's my boyfriend. Why are you two so close, I mean, I saw you kiss him!!"

"I didn't kiss him!"

"She didn't kiss me." Noah said groggily.

" both are too close."

"Say the one who cheated on her own boyfriend and flirts with a thousand boys and kisses--"

"SHUT UP!!" I yanked her hair. "Back off my boyfriend!!!"

"Jeez!" She shoved me.

"Skylar, stop attacking--"

"No Miss. I'm tired of them both. You know what?! Noah, take them back! We are over!" I took my earrings off. "Give them to your new girlfriend!!" I screamed throwing them at him. He didn't move. He was still asleep. I waited for him to wave up. "Hello? Noah?!"

"I don't like her, you're over reacting." He mumbled.

"Noah why aren't you sleeping?!"

"None of your business."

"Yes it is, I'm your girlfriend."

"EX!!" Someone shouted. The class started laughing.

"You just broke up with me."

"I didn't mean that, just tell me why-"

"Please just go."

"No I won't."

"Blame my parents. They're fucking idiots and full of bullshit."

The class gasped. I gasped. "Noah why the fuck would you say that?!"

"Stop swearing. Both of you. Stop. Sky, back to your seat." Miss said giving my earrings back to me.

I slipped them back into my pockets.

"They costed six grand." She said. "I saw them once."

"Yeah. He got them for me."

"Noah doesn't have that kinda money." Calvin said.

"Where did you come from?"

"Just enjoying the drama." He said scrolling through his phone.

"How long have you been--"

"Everyday this week." He said still glued to his phone.

"What did you mean by Noah doesn't have that kind of money?"

"Calvin shut up." Noah hissed.

"Nothing. My bad."

"You know what, I'm calling your dad."

"Xander confiscaed your phone, good luck."

I groaned and sat back on my seat. "I hate him!!"

"We don't care."

"I really wanna kill you."



"Okay, sorry Miss."

"How dare you speak like that to her, especially--"

"Miss, don't. I don't want anyone to know." I said sighing.

"Okay, back to the lesson."

I could see everyone looking at me curiously. "Didn't know I was that interesting."

"Chav." I heard someone whisper.

"I'm not a chav."

"One word from anyone, automatic detention." She said giving us our do now activities. I quickly put my earring on. Then started thinking hard. Calvin said--

"Sky?!" Miss snapped her fingers at me.


"Do now!"

I looked at the paper and took my pencil case out and started completing it. Calvin said Noah didn't have that kind of money...

"Okay, who's finished?"

I raised my hand.

"Did you do ALL the questions?"

"Yeah. 4, 1, 3, 9, 6--"

"I didn't ask you to read the answers out!"


"Absolutely ridiculous. Everyone, explain how you got that letter."

I heard the class sigh and complain. I didn't care about the annoyed looks I was receiving from everyone. I just kept looking at Noah anxiously. He called his parents, 'fucking idiots' and said they were full of 'bullshit'. Why would he say that? I get maybe his parents...don't appreciate him like they do with Calvin...but that was out of order...but what did Calvin mean...he doesn't have that kind of money? Is he a...thief? Or...drug dealer? What did he mean?!

"Okay, Skylar as you were first, how did you get for number one, 4?"

"Easy, X=4. We did multiplication and the opposite, division."

"Of course, wanna show me your working out?"

"Yeah." I said getting up. Then someone stuck their foot out and I jumped over it. "I saw that coming."


Then I started writing on the board and explaining, Miss looked at me amazed. "You never fail to impress me."

I smiled. "Thanks."

"So, how was school today?" Alex asked sitting next to me.
" was fun. I can't wait--"
"Sky Oscar's not coming today. He's really busy." Xander said sitting in front of me.
My heart shattered. "W..what? I prepared everything..."
"Don't worry, you can stay at Masons." He said handing me his phone.
"Hi Mase, Oscar ditched on me, you still free?"
"Well the guys and I are one's at the house apart from Esmeralda, Harley and Alex."
"Oh...can I--"
"Sky, we're already gone. No point. See you tomorrow?"
"Tots." I said cutting the call. Then I sighed and hung my head back. "I'd rather be lonely."
"Sky you okay?"

"Yeah." I lied. "Just wanna get some sleep." I said going into my room. I sat on my gaming chair and stared at my empty non electronic room. Just dead. I feel dead. No purpose in this world. I've not got dad now...just feel isolated.

"Sky?" Alex and Xander came in. "We told Mason that you're coming."

"Are they--"

"Come on, coat on. We're going bowling."

"Okay." I said excited.

"Hey guys."
"Hi." They mumbled.
"Is everything okay?"
"Yeah." Lucas sighed.
"Where's Aiden?"
"With Madison." Lucas said.
"So what are we doing?"
They looked at me uncomfortable.
"Where's Oscar?" Gemma asked.
"He ditched on me."
They looked at me awkwardly. "Is Alex and Xander not home?"
"They are."
"Great, so you can go." Gemma said excited.
"Gemma don't." Mason said. "You can hang out with us."
We sat down on a table and ordered drinks. I could see that they didn't want me here. "I feel a bit sick, can--"
"Here you go!" Mason gave me his phone. "Call them."
I looked at him confused and called Xander. "Hey can you come pick me up. I feel a bit sick."
"Course. Be there in ten."
"Okay." I cut the call. Then gave the phone back to Mason.
"Well, you can sit here and take a rest while we go and..yeah." Mason said as they quickly walked away from me. I tried to fight back the tears by biting my lip. I watched them laughing and Mason kissing Gemma while Lucas tried to pull them apart. They were having fun. Something I haven't experienced apart from these two
Then I saw Lucas look at me and I quickly looked away and acted like I was looking for something inside my bag. I looked again but Mason was already talking to him. Lucas kept glancing at me every now and then and then I saw Xander. I quickly got up.
"You don't look sick."
"I am. Let's just go."
"Aren't you gonna say bye to them?"
"Lets just go. Please." I said my voice cracking.
We sat on the car silently and out of nowhere I burst into tears. He parked at a random spot and hugged me. "You're not sick are you."
"No...they were acting weird and then asked me if you guys were home. Then I said yes and Gemma says, 'so you can go home now'. Mason didn't even bother standing up to me. I could feel they didn't want me there. I excluded...then I was gonna ask Mason if I could call you but before I even finished my sentence he just gave me the phone. Once I called you..and said I was feeling, 'sick', they took that opportunity to get away from me, they said, maybe I should rest while they go play..."
Xander looked at me heart broken. "Ouch..."
"They don't like me...they never..enjoy my company..."
"Maybe, it's time you start looking for new friends?"
"Like who?"
"Maybe...Aria? Or even Oscar's friends? Get to know lots of people Sky."
"No, I'm just a stupid, short tempered girl with anger issues and I just wanna kill myself."
"No don't say that."
"You know, I thought I had them....guess I was wrong..."
"You have us. Come on..." Then he looked at me and back down at his hands. "I guess you should know that Patrick's on bail."
I looked at him confused and then it dawned on me. "That's why you're both stopping me from going out.."
"We didn't want to worry you."
"We just need to figure out if Patrick is dangerous or if he's just making lies."
"Yeah? And how the hell would we know that?"
"Alex is on it. He's tied him up and now he's searching through his house and checking his phone. I'll drive you to Noah's."

"Where's Noah?" I asked.
"Upstairs. Sleeping." Alex 1.1 said.
"Okay." I said climbing up the stairs and going into his room. He was extremely tired and his pillow...was he crying? Then I spotted his diary. I have to. I started reading.
Just wish she knew how much I love her. I want to tell her but maybe she won't understand, or think I'm lying or think I'm just trying to show off or something. I feel so exhausted. These shifts are making me sick. But I need to be the perfect boyfriend. Tears started rolling down my eyes. Even if it means sacrificing my sleep. I'm trying so hard and then she doesn't like it. I'm trying. Gemma's helping me but now she gives up. She can't be asked to help me choose the perfect jewelry for my girlfriend. Now I'm going to fuck everything up and she'll think I'm the worst boyfriend ever and start dating Oscar. I feel so confused. And tired. Really tired. I'm probably gonna fail my test. Don't even have time to study. From 5 pm to 4:30 am. On my feet. Six grand is everything I have and if she didn't like my present then that's have destroyed me. Just wish I c--
I quickly shut his diary.
"Sky don't tell me you were just reading my diary..."
"Noah I'm sorry. I was concerned--"
"You don't read my diary!!"
"Noah I'm sorry--"
Then he went to the door and locked it. My heart started beating rapidly. Then I saw the bat across the room and I guess he saw it too. "Nonononono, please, I'm sorry!!"
"Don't hit me, please..." I sobbed shielding my face. "I'm sorry..."
"Sky what's wrong?" He walked up to me confused.
"I'm sorry. I promise I'll never read it again!!"
"Sky. What's wrong?" He touched my shoulder but I flinched. Then he hugged me. "I wasn't gonna hurt you. I'm not even planning to hurt you."
"You closed the door..and looked at the bat--"
"I closed the door because I didn't want anyone to hear about what I was gonna say next and I looked at the bat because you were staring at it."
"Yeah, much did you read?"
"I wasn't going to nosy in on your previous thoughts. I just wanted to read today. Just to understand...but I promise I wasn't gonna read on the past pages."
"I and mum treat me differently...kinda makes me upset..."
"What do you mean differently?"
"They always remind me of how good of a son Calvin is and how I turned out to be pure trouble. Yes they care about me but not as much as the others. I mean...Calvin always gets money transferred into his bank account. Guess how much he gets weekly?!"
"Calm down."
"No I can't! He fucking makes 4k a week!!"
"That's okay."
"But guess what, mum and dad still buy him everything."
"That's good. So...?"
"Guess how much they give me?"
He scoffed. "I wish I even got £100."
"I get nothing. Nothing. You know what," He took his phone out and showed me his bank account and how much money he had inside. "£27."
"No, I. They've never given me cash. Just treated Calvin. Alex1.1, 1.2 and on the other hand, needs to be independent. And now I need to treat you right, I work 10 hours. And still don't make enough.." He sobbed. "I just need money."
"Hey, don't cry. I'll give you some---"
"No! I just want my parents to understand...that I am not as evil as I may seem."
" are amazing. I don't need your stupid presents. I don't need you to buy me next level rich stuff. I want you. So quit all those shifts. Yeah?"
"Then I'll just be broke."
"Maybe, but at least we'll have each other."
"Look at me, you could've told me. If I'd known you were the one actually paying...I'd not have let you continue. I thought it was your dad..."
"Yeah, but it was me."
"I are so independent. Come on, lets get some sleep."
"Yeah." He smiled. "You still love me..."
"Course I do. And Oscar and I, are over. He ditched me."
"How about the guys, did you go?"
"Lets not talk about it."
"Hey, don't cry. Tell me."
Then I told him. He looked at me shocked. "What? Is this a joke?"
"Don't worry, you have me."
"Yeah, I do."
"So, lock the door."
"You are unbelievable." I rolled my eyes getting up.

"Sky, you're in a good mood." Alex said.
"Just went to see Noah."
"You realise, Harley and them lot were still in the house." Xander said drinking some water.
"Yeah...guys I need to speak to properly."
"What's up?" Alex asked.
"Your dad...he's always giving you guys cash and you also work."
"Yeah, but pubs are closed." Xander said.
"Well you guys know Noah doesn't get any money from your dad."
They looked at me confused. "What do you mean?"
Then I told them what Noah told me.
"What...?" They both looked at each other.
"How did we not see that."
"He's been fucking working ten hours. Right under our noses." Alex stared out at the window.
"He's been working all this time?"
"Yeah.." I poured some mango juice into a cup.
"Why didn't we realise?! In fact what is dad and mum thinking?! They're his parents!!"
"Only got £27, on his card. He was planning to keep going until I dunno. Just didn't want to be broke."
"We've been treating him all wrongly..."
"Guys, I've got some cash. I wanna give it to him. Xander can I?"
"Fine." He said disappearing to his room. He came back a second later and handed me his phone.
I did a big sacrifice. I transferred my £100k that dad had given me, he's probably forgotten to take it out. Then I took £50k from my own money. Transferring it all into Noah's bank account.
"So, how much--"
"WHAT?!" They all said at the same time.
"Now I have £130k."
"Jeez. Sky--"
Then I told them about the letter.
"That makes so much sense." Alex said.
"Yeah. You could've told us. We weren't gonna take it."
"I know." I sighed.
"I'm transferring my £55k to him." Alex said.
"Wait, you put it into your bank account?"
"Yeah, I'm not carrying that much cash around in a letter."
"Good idea."
"I'll transfer £50k."
"You guys..." I hugged them both. "Thank you!!"
"Well that money was for emergencies but, this is one."
"£255k. That's good." I smiled but then the front door knocked.
"Stay here." Xander said. Then Alex held onto my hand firmly. "Don't worry." He whispered pulling me closer to him.
"It's Noah." Xander said locking the door again. Noah came inside and he hugged me. "I told you not to give me money. I'm a man. You don't give me money."
"That is so sexist." I smiled. "But now you have some money."
"Yeah." Then he turned to Alex and Xander and hugged them both bursting into tears. "I was gonna keep working like that..."
"You should've told us." Alex said patting his back.
"We are also gonna speak to dad. I can't believe he doesn't give you any money." Xander stroked his hair.
"I've been bullying Calvin because of that...just got me mad. Mum and dad always comparing me to him..."
"Hey, stop crying.." Then something popped into Xander's brain. "Sky we went to search Patrick, turns out, he's just a scared wimp that knows no one."
Me and Noah looked at him confused. "WHAT?!" We both said at the same time.

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