Lunar Skylar

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“Couple sync.” I said hugging Noah. “But Xander what do you mean?”

“Well...we kinda...gave him a slight warning.”

“You hurt him?”

They both looked at each other guiltily. “How bad?”

“Worse than you. His rib...”

“You didn’t...”

“On the bright side--”

“No! There is no bright side!!”

“He won’t hurt you again Sky!”

“You can’t...just don’t.” I shook his hand off me. “You both stay away from me.” I stormed into my room and started crying. Then I heard the door open and shut. I started sobbing. A few minutes later, I heard the door open again and then footsteps coming up the stairs. Then a knock on my door.

“Go away...”

“Sky..” Noah opened the door carrying Cole and Cleo. “Maybe we can tuck our babies in tonight?”


“Yeah. And you can sing to them...”

My gaze fell as I remembered his old self. “Noah just go.”

“I’m sorry...I was stupid but I’ve changed Sky...”

“I don’t feel comfortable singing in front of you.” I said.

“I knew you were going to say that so I brought Calvin with me.” He said as Calvin came inside.

“So, let’s tuck them in.”

“Noah leave.”


Then I wiped my tears. “What’s that?” Calvin walked under my bed. “Oh, nothing. Let’s sing to them.”

“Yeah.” I said locking the door. “Wanna hear mama sing?” I asked Cole and Cleo. Then I kissed both their foreheads. “Hold onto Cleo.”

“Okay.” Calvin said holding her gently.

“Hush little babies mamma’s over here, she’s gonna make you happy happy happy, she’s gonna give you the best of the best, daddy’s gonna come, he’s gonna take you to an adventure, mamma’s gonna make you a present so please hush hush, please hush hush hush...” I smiled as they each softly closed their eyes. Then tears started rolling down my eyes and then Calvin kissed me. “Calvin--”

“Noah.” He said. I looked at him confused and then he hugged me and pulled his shirt up. No mole. “You’re the best mama in the world. I love you with all my heart.”

“You heard me sing...”

“Yeah. You sound like an angel. I’m sorry.”

“You should be.” I smiled down at them. “They’re ours.”


“Dadda’s here.” Noah said softly as Cleo opened her eyes. “He loves you too much and so does mama.” He whispered as we tucked them up. We kissed them goodnight and laid on my bed.

“Y...wait...” Then he froze. “Sky...”


He looked at me intently. “What religion will they be?”

I swallowed. “I don’t know..”

We both looked at each other clearly confused. “What if we raise them in both religions and once they’re old enough, they’ll pick?”

“I guess that can work. But..what if we fight? Fall out? My religion is ten times harder than yours. Maybe you’ll be threatened or--”

“Hey, I love you. I know, we both will work on this properly.” He sighed and turned away from me clearly deep in thought. Then I heard the guys downstairs. “They’re here. Again.” I said.

He still didn’t listen to me. Just deep in thought. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. “Stop worrying...”

“I’m not sure about this. I don’t know, I mean, the bible clearly says it is not wrong to have an interfaith marriage, only if the marriage has become inter faith after the marriage has taken place. According to the Scriptures, it is wrong to start an interfaith marriage...”

I bit my lip and stared at him silently. “Well, according to the Quran. “′Nor marry your girls to unbelievers until they believe. A man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever.′ This means, for the parents not to allow, encourage, their daughter or sons, but in this verse it focuses on daughters, so for daughters not to marry unbelievers...a Muslim man is better. Right.”

He still didn’t say anything. “Come on babes, say something...” I kissed him. “We can’t ignore this...”

“I love you so much...but it’s against both our religions.” He started crying. “I’m confused.”

“I mean, I’m already doing wrong, the Quran clearly states that it’s forbidden to have a girlfriend or boyfriend...”

“What? So you’re gonna break up with me--”

“No. I’m just saying. I’m already in big trouble...”

He rubbed his eyebrows. “I don’t know...” Then he sat up and looked at me properly. “Would you ever...consider--”

“Noah, no--”

“Hear me out. Please.”

I sat back down and he held onto my hand. “Sky...would you ever consider changing your religion?”

“Noah, I’d never do that. I believe in my religion 100%. I am willing to do anything just to go heaven. Of course, in Islam.”

“Sky...serious now...just..we’ve got kids...I don’t know..can we even marry? No because it’s against both our religions...”


“Let’s just call our parents...see what they think?”

“Yeah.” I mumbled as he called his parents and joined my parents in the call.


“Me and Sky need to talk about our future--”

“You’re not thinking of becoming a singer?!” My mum panicked.

“No Aunty’s about the kids..”

“Adoption?” Aunty Nasreen asked.

“No mum...the kids...our marriage. It’s against both our religions to marry an inter faith--”

“What religion should the kids be?” I asked on the spot. No one said anything. “Me and Noah can’t get married and I’m already in trouble because I shouldn’t have a boyfriend! It’s against my religion. Me and Noah can’t ever be together.”

“Sky don’t say that...we’ll find a loop hole?”


The door opened. “Hi..oh..Sky?”

“Oscar? You came.”

“Yeah. Sorry I was late. Had to babysit my lil sis so...what’s with the tears?”

“Give us a sec.” I said. Then he left.

“What religion? Will we ever get married?”

“Unless one of us converts and...”

“Sky you can’t convert.” Mum said sternly.

“Noah, you can’t too.”Aunty Nasrren said.

“Maybe, Sky you can find a nice Muslim man to marry and then..” Dad said.

“And then what..?”

“Oh.” Dad sighed.

“Yeah, doesn’t make sense. I want Noah...”

“You both need to sort this out. It’s not our problem. Come on Sadaf.” Aunty Nasreen said cutting the call.

Then dad cut the call. We stared at each other blankly. Noah bit his lip. “What do we do now?”

“I’m not sure...”

Then he wiped my tears. “Maybe...there’s a loop hole?”

“Let’s do some research.” I said as he went onto google.

Islam permits marriage between Muslim men and women who are People of the Book (Jews and Christians); in the case of a Muslim-Christian marriage, which is to be contracted only after permission from the Christian party, the Christian spouse is not to be prevented from attending church for prayer and worship.

He looked at me confused. Then I smiled. “We can be together!!!”



“Sky..” He read it again and smiled. “Okay!” He hugged me. “But we’re not getting married yet.”

“Exactly. Just when we’re ready.”

“Yeah.” He kissed me again. “Wanna sleep now?”

“Lets go Halloween shopping?”

“Okay, even if it’s totally against your religion.”

“Not celebrating, just...dress up.”

“Sure.” He rolled his eyes. “Let’s go.”

We walked downstairs and I looked around for Xander. Then I went into the toilet and saw, “I can’t believe girls are wasting their time simping over you! Take those stupid chains off and put a shirt on!!”

“Erm, no. It’s fucking warm in here!!”

“Then open the windows!!”

“I’m filming a tiktok so piss off!!”

“I’m going out.” I said leaving the toilet. 3, 2, 1--

“Sky you’re not going anywhere!” Xander pulled me back. “Not without me or Alex.”

“Noah’s coming with me.”


“Yeah, he was just here...” I looked around. “Oh, hi Oscar.”

“Shhhh.” He hushed eyes glued to the TV. Urgh. All the guys were also watching TV. Everyone’s watching the match, apart from ME!

“Sky?” Noah asked coming up to me. “Wanna go ring Mason? You haven't spoken to him. “Hey, Sky wants to speak to you.”

“Hi Sky.” Mason said in his usual voice. I miss that voice.

“I’ll be back.” I said going back into my room and locking the door. “ still wanna be my friend or are you just sticking with me because guys left me there and acted so impatient for me to go home and I saw you were all annoyed at seeing me...”

“Stop crying..”

“No Mason. Just tell me, are we gonna keep being best friends or am I gonna have to keep being feeling confused and depressed that I have no friends...?”

“Is Oscar there?”

“He came back. At least he cares. He just had to babysit his sister. And still made it. Spending the night, something we should be doing regularly. We haven’t even...hung out..”

“How about...I come tonight?”

I bit my lip. “Mason..are you just threatened about Oscar..?”

“Yeah...and Sky, we’re not annoyed at you. Have you checked our YouTube channel?”

“No, Xander took my phone off me...” I wiped my tears.

“Well, check out our latest videos.” He said. Then I went to YouTube and I saw..“You guys pranked me...”

“Yeah silly. We love you. I’m coming over, and Sky...Lucas felt horrible the whole time.”

“...I know...he kept looking at me..”

“Yup, had to distract him.”

“ guys do think I’m fun...right...?”

“Yeah, hurt us when you talked about him...”

“I guess...I just felt happy...for once in have a friend..”

“Sky...I love you...and from now on...we don’t sleep alone, yeah?”


“Deep in the meadow,"

"Hidden far away,"

"A cloak of leaves,"

"A moonbeam ray,"

"Forget your woes,"

"And let your troubles lay,"

"And when it’s morning again,"

"They’ll wash away,"

"Here it’s safe,"

"Here it’s warm,"

"Here the daisies guard you from every harm,"

"Here your dreams are sweet,"

"And tomorrow brings them true,"

"Here is the place,"

"Where I love you.” We both said at the same time and burst out crying. "You still remember?" We both said at the same time.

"Yeah." We answered at the same time.

"Best friend sync?"

I could hear him laughing/crying. "Mason, I love you."

"So do I. Now, let me pack. I'm spending the next few days with you and I won't let you go. I will give you a million cuddles and..I will be your bestest friend again."

"You already are..."

"I'll be there soon. Sky, are you there?"


"See you soon. Bye."

"Bye." He cut the cut. I went out the room and realised, "Please tell me you weren't spying, Noah were they?"


"Wait, Calvin. And Noah? You're Noah."



"You still don't know the difference?"

"I need my glasses.."

"No, lame excuse."

"Come on."

"How do you not know. Everyone knows. Sky we've been together for over sixteen years!!"

"Lets not argue. The kids will wake up."

He sighed and shook his head. "Okay, I'm sorry...I'm just annoyed on how you can't see the difference."

Then the door bell rang. Xander grabbed my arm and pulled me towards him. "Noah open it."

"Woah, you both are over reacting." Noah sighed opening the door. Mason...and Gemma came in.

"Hey guys." Mason and Gemma said in unison.

"Hey uncivillized humans." Calvin teased.

"I am ten times more civilized than you." Mason shot.

"No, everyone knows, I'm the best and perfect human."

"No one is perfect."

"I am. My parents say so. I mean, Noah, you are the opposite."

Xander sighed and I could see the anger burning in Noah's eyes. I quickly held onto his hands and I saw the anger fade away.

"Calvin, you're a spoiled brat, you know that?" Xander said walking up to him.


"While you get the congrats, Noah has to work ten hours a day."

"WHAT?!" Calvin and Mason said at the same time.

"You heard me. He works--"

Then Calvin rushed up to Noah and hugged him bursting into tears. "Noah why didn't you tell me?!"

"What's the point?"

"The point is I could've given you some money."

"I don't need your stupid money..."

"Doesn't dad give you money?"

"Would you believe me if I said he'd never even given me a single penny since I started college?!"

Then Xander sighed and left going into the living room continuing watching the match.

" the £100k?" Calvin looked at his confused.

"He took it back." He looked down at his hands. "Apparently, I need to 'behave myself'."

"But you've never misbehaved in class."

"My grades? Always not as good as yours. Last time guess what mum said?"


"She said you were always the better twin." Then he pulled out and then it looked like something had ticked off. His eyes had changed. He looked ready to kill him. Then he let go off my hand.

"It's all your fault Calv, if you weren't born then I'd have gotten the attention!!"

"Noah!!" All of us shouted.

"No if you weren't born, I'd never have ever been compared and been pressured onto studies and stuff. You ruin it because you're such a stupid goody goody two shoes! I could've gotten your brains!"


"Noah stop it!" Mason said pulling Calvin away from him. I saw Noah was about to kill him any moment and so did Calvin. His eyes were wide with panic. "N..Noah calm down, I'm sorry. I didn't know how--"

He was about to punch him when I shoved him. "Don't touch him!!" I screamed at him. He looked at me confused for a second.

"Don't look at me like that! Why the fuck would you hit him?! It's not his fault!!"

"Stop shouting at me. It's all his fault, he has always been their favorite, he's always gotten the attention and congrats and I've just been...compared to. Like I'm nothing and you Calvin, don't even think about standing up to me, you just tease me and make me feel bad!!" He shoved him making him hit his head on the edge of the counter. We all froze for a second. Calvin rubbed his head and was trying to fight back his tears. Noah just glared at him. "You're lucky they're here now. You don't know what's coming to you." He hissed storming up into Alex's room slamming the door shut.

"You okay?"

"I'm fine." He got up. Then we saw a huge open cut on his forehead, blood leaking out.

"You're not fine." Gemma said quickly looking for a cloth. Then she found one and put it under warm water, then put it on his cut. "How bad down it hurt?" She asked.

"Not a big deal." He said trying to fight back tears. "Lets go."

"Calvin blood is leaking through it!!" I panicked. "Ahmad once cut his head like that when he was jumping between our beds, right Mase?"


"You guys used to share a room?" Gemma asked shocked.

"Yes but listen, he cut his head and started bleeding rapidly. We had to call an ambulance. Calvin you remember, he was in so much pain.'re loosing blood..."

"It's not a big deal."

"Alex can drive you, or Xander?"

"I'm fine. I'm just..." Then his eyes started closing and opening uncontrollably.

"Mason call an ambulance stupid!!" I shouted. He quickly took his phone out and started dialing 999.

"Calvin are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm fine. Just a bit dizzy."

"Do you feel faint?" Gemma asked.

"No. Just.."

"Sit down." She helped him sit down.

"Mason how long are they gonna take?!"

"They're coming ASAP. Just...shut up." He said and spoke back to the operator.

"Calvin, is the pain bad?"

"It hurts a lot."

"I'm gonna call Xan--"

"No, he'll kill Noah."

"No he won't...right?" I laughed nervously.

"He will."

"He promised."

"And you know, he doesn't think." He mumbled wincing.

"XANDER!! ALEX!!!" Gemma called. They quickly came and froze. Then they saw the blood leaking from the cloth and Mason on the phone speaking to the operator.

"How did that happen?" Alex panicked kneeling next to him.

"He fell." I lied.

"No, he couldn't have fallen. If he did, he'd have hit the back of his head." Alex said.

"Which one of you shoved him?" Xander asked.

We all fell silent. "It was Noah wasn't it." Xander fumed.

"Don't hurt him." I said quickly.

"Where is he?!"

"Alex's room." Gemma mumbled. "Don't hurt him. It was an accide--"

Then he started going up the stairs and came into the room. I heard him talking but couldn't make out what he was saying. I looked back at Alex. "What's he gonna do?" I asked.

"He's not gonna hurt him." He said going upstairs. "At least I hope so."

I looked at Gemma anxiously. "If he hits him..I'll need to move out..."

"He won't." She reassured.

"Guys I need another cloth." Calvin said.

"Okay. erm...I'll get you a shirt." She said looking around, "Oh found one." She said grabbing Xander's shirt from the sofa and giving it to Calvin. Calvin took the cloth off and put the shirt on top of the wound.

"The ambulance is coming." Mason said as we heard the sirens. Soon enough, he opened the door and paramedics rushed inside. Then they started asking questions, "Is that your brother?" One female paramedic asked me.

"No." I said.

"Okay, erm, how long--"

"I dunno, five minutes?"

Then Cleo and Cole started crying. I quickly went upstairs and picked them up bringing them downstairs. Then I saw Noah had already gone downstairs and was speaking to Calvin.

"Noah, wanna hold Cole?" I asked handing him to him.

"That your babies?" The other female paramedic asked. "Name's Jacey."

"Oh, yeah, they're ours." Noah said.


"Yeah..." I sighed.

"Names Harley." The other paramedic said.


"Yeah, my wife." She said nodding at Jacey.

"Cool! You get to work together!" I said.

", do you two like...have kids?" She asked Mason and Gemma.

"Never. I mean, on my late thirties. I literally will never ever want this age...Sky?" He nudged me in the ribs. "Kids are too much. Wanna focus on my studies."

"But what if we ever like..have a kid now?" Gemma asked.

"Erm no. We'll give them up."

"Mason?" We all said at the same time.

"Guys, I can't have and handle kids now. Maybe when they're old enough."

"Mason you're just like Noah!" I said. "You can't--"

"Hey, lets focus on now. No kids. Fun time. End of." He smiled.

"But Mason if I had a'd support me...right?"

He looked down at the floor. "I love you, right...but...I can't. Maybe once I'm ready, we can get back together and--"

She swallowed. "Okay, so you won't support me?"


"Mason that's not nice." I said.

"Okay, maybe. I don't know..why are we even discussing this let's just..."

"We're gonna glue him up." Harley said. Calvin looked alerted.

"Calm down. It won't hurt." Jacey said wiping his wound. We talked about bullshit until she finally finished. "So, any problems, A&E. Okay? And dizziness, sick, blah blah."

"Okay, thanks."

"No problem." She said as they left. I looked at the bandage on Calvin's wound. "She did a pretty good job." I said. Then the door knocked. My heart started racing. "Sky calm down." Noah said hugging me. "Breathe. Mason open the door."

"Wait so if it is, lets say, a serial killer, I'll die and you live?! No chance."

"Urgh." Gemma rolled her eyes.

"Okay." Mason shook his head opening the door. "Oh. Gemma your sis is here...with babies?"

Gemma's skin went pale. "Don't let her in--"

Then she came inside. "Gemma, you need to tell the truth. Now. I can't keep taking care of her. I've got studies. They keep crying."

"What truth?" Mason asked walking over to Gemma.

"Gemma now. Or I'll tell him."

Gemma hesitated for a minute and started crying. "Mason don't get mad."

"I won't."

"Noah you tell him."

"No, you. I've kept this hidden for nine months so, you tell him."

"They're mine."

"WHAT?!" We all said shocked.

"....W...what?" Mason wiped her tears. "Tell me you're lying."

"They're mine. I gave birth to them the same day as Sky."

"No Gemma, that's impossible--"

"My skirts, puffy? They're all to hide the bump. I was pregnant the day after the party. We were all so drunk.."

"No, impossible." Mason ran his fingers through his hair. "They're not yours. Where's the camera?!"

"Mason there's no camera!"

"I know you're joking." He hissed searching the place. Noah grabbed onto his arm. "She's not lying. They're her babies."

Mason's mouth opened and closed. "Gemma I can't take care of them!!"

"No Mason don't say that..."

Mason shook his head and stormed into my room slamming the door shut.

"Gemma they're yours?" I asked walking up to them.

"I need to go." Gemma's sister said leaving the house. Then I heard her car start and then she drove off.

"How could you keep something this big away from us?" Calvin sat next to me and we looked at the twins.

"I was scared..." She sobbed. Then Noah hugged her. "Guys don't judge her, her parents have disowned her..."

"What?" Me and Calvin said at the same time.

"They can't deal with me...and my sister...I'm scared she'll leave me too. My brother on the other hand has been supportive but.."

"Gemma don't cry..."

"Can I pick her up?" I asked.

"Go on."

I picked her up and stared at her for a while. "She looks like you."

"Yeah, Calvin you can pick him up."

Calvin picked him up and smiled at him. "What's his name?"



"Yeah, her name is Clara. Spanish too."

"Wow...hello Clara..." I smiled at her.

"Hello Carlos." Calvin stood up holding him. Then he gave them to Gemma, I gave Clara to Gemma. "You go speak to him." I said. She smiled softly and began walking up the stairs and into Mason's room.

" hid this for nine months." I shook my head picking Cleo and Cole up. Then I gave Cole to him.

"You guys mad at me?"

"No." Me and Calvin said at the same time. Then I heard screaming, no shouting, happy shouting, the living room was hyping.

"WE WON!!!!!!!!" I heard Oliver scream.

"Okay, they're definitely hyped." Calvin said. "You made a big miracle." He said. "Sike!!"

"Calvin!" Noah hissed.

"My bad. So, I'm gonna tell Xander and Alex. See yah." He said going into the living room.

Me and Noah sat on the sofa. "Noah, we haven't told anyone about our pregnancy and I haven't shown my face for a long time on tiktok..."

"Yeah...Xander is such a flex. And Alex."

"Yep. You too, and Calvin. You are all flexers."


"Oh shut up."

"Daddy's a flex!!" I said to Cleo and Cole.

"And mummy's a pain in the ass."

"Don't swear in front of them!" I scolded.

"Sorry." He blushed. "But they're stupid. They don't--"

"STUPID?!" I fumed.

"No like, they don't understand--"

"They could have an eidetic memory."

Then he kissed me. "You never fail to bore me."

I slapped him gently across the face. "Rude!"

Then I saw the guys come. "They're drunk."

"SLUT!!!" They started chanting.

"Sky ignore them." Oscar said coming over to me. "Where's the babies?"

Then Daniel rushed into the toilet and started puking. "URGH!!"

"Sky.." Xander and Alex walked up to us.

"Yeah, I should've said something." Noah mumbled. "But she said she wasn't comfortable so I didn't."


"Okay, we won." Oscar said.

"I didn't get to watch it but yay."

"That was sarcastic yay or real yay?"

"Sarcastic slash real."

Then I heard chanting. "DRINK DRINK DRINK!!!"

"GUYS!!" Xander and Alex started taking their drinks off them.

"Sky I'm seriously worried about you living here." Noah said sighing.

"Well, I'm used to it." I said as Gemma and Mason came downstairs.

"We spoke to my parents." Mason said. "They were really upset but they aren't mad.."

"That's good."

"Gemma you okay?"

"Yeah." She said looking down at Clara. "I hid it for so long.."

"Secrets out. Get over it." Oscar said.

"Show some compassion!" I hissed.

"Sorry. Miss bossy pants."

I glared at him. "Shut up."


"Can you shut up?!"

"I always have to be the last person to say something."

"No. I am."

"Guys, stop arguing."

"So, they're..." Gemma looked at the guys. "Wasted."

"Yeah." Mason said. "Gemma's gonna move in with me and the babies...I don't know...I mean, my parents are away, Alex 1.1 is working and Harley and Esmeralda have got tons of work so...I mean...we'll have to stay at home...and not go school until they come."

"But that's until New years!" Alex said.

"New years?! They said December, early!!" I jumped up.

"Sky, they didn't. They just said December." Xander said.

I slumped back on the sofa. "Mason I thought you was gonna move in with me?"

"Sky I always wanted to move in with you."

"Noah now's not the time." I said turning to Mason. "You can't move in with her..."

"Sky what are you on about?" Gemma walked up to me.

"No one is moving in or whatever. Everything needs to be the same. Mason and I. Not you guys. It needs to be the same!!"

"No Sky--"

"Alex shut up! Everything is staying the way it is!!"

"Sky.." Xander sighed.

Then I heard the guys put the volume to 100, which is the maximum volume. Alex quickly went into the living room.

"Sky we have kids, we need to move in sooner or later." Noah said holding my hand. "Come on, can I move in with you or you move in with me?"

"Nothing is changing." I said my voice cracking. "No one is changing. Everything's got to be the same!!"

"Remember the tantrum she had in year 6 when Miss changed the tables?" Oscar burst out laughing. I could see they were all trying not to laugh.

"Oscar shut your gob!!"


I ignored him and looked at everyone. "Guys I won't let you all move in or out."

"You can't do that, I'll be moving out soon." Xander said and then instantly regretted it. "Sky I didn't mean--"

"I HATE YOU!!!" I screamed and ran upstairs into my room and laid on my bed sobbing.

"Don't cry.." Victoria whispered.

"I want it all the same. Happy same..."

"Life is hard..."

"I know..I just want it all to be the same..."

"Sky?" I heard a knock on the door. Mason.

"Go away!" I sobbed. Then he laid down next to me. "I get you can't help it..."

"I hate myself for it..."


"I don't want Gemma to move in with you...I want you to move in with me. I want us to be together..."

"Yeah we will be forever but you gotta accept. I love her, she's a mummy now. Noah wants to move in with you..."


"Sky, I'll move in here with you. I'm bringing my bed and stuff, okay?"

My eyes sparkled. "Really?!"

"Until we're 18, then we need independent."

"But Noah...and Gemma.."

"They understand. We all do. We know it's hard to accept change..."


"So, Xander and Alex have gone back to my room and are bringing all my stuff here. Wipe those tears away. Okay?"

"Okay." I said wiping them. "You're all so good to me."

Then he hugged me. "You have been through so much. You deserve to be happy."

"Thanks...and you being here will make me ten times happier!"

"That's good."

"I'm sorry about Oscar...and me bragging on about him...just felt so excited...that I found a new friend...these past two days...he's made me feel...happy...and I miss that feeling..."

Then the door knocked. And Gemma and Noah came inside.


"Yeah." He smiled. "You do know me now...right?"

"No bandage."

"Sky...we know...your can't help we decided once you're ready...we can think and decide." Gemma said.

"Yeah. I guess with everything you've been need a break and deserve to be happy." Noah said walking over to me. Then he handed me Cleo and Cole. "And I know having kids is a big change for you..."

"But I'm kinda getting used to it..."

"Yeah you are." Gemma smiled. "You guys have always been so close.."

"We have...but then it all went wrong..."

"We started spending less and less time with each other..I started getting violent to you...and I'm sorry.."

I saw Noah blushing too. Clearly uncomfortable. "I know you're both sorry...but hitting me is not okay..."

Then the door opened and I saw Alex and Xander lifting Mason's bed. "Do you guys need help?"

"But let me get this straight, you and Mason have moved in together, and Gemma has moved into Mason's old room?"
"Exactly. Gemma can't take care of the kids in the apartment."
"So, Mason you keep Carlos and Sky you keep Cleo?"
"Mum so we thought, Sky and I can move in together and have Cleo and Carlos with us. And Gemma can move into my old room as babies aren't allowed in the school apartments. So Gemma and Noah are taking care of Cole and Clara." Mason said.
"I cannot believe this is happening..." My mum shook her head.
"Yeah..." He sighed.
"Sky, you and Noah, what religion did you come up with?" His mum asked me.
"We aren't sure yet...but..we are still deciding..." I said. "How about you Mason?"
"Well Gemma said she wouldn't mind them being Muslim. So yeah."
"Oh." I said looking down at my hands. "Mum...Noah doesn't want them to be Muslim...and I'm scared they'll...go to Hell..."
"Don't say that..." Mason's mum said.
"Well it's true..and he is scared because he thinks they'll go Hell if they become Muslim."
"Sky don't cry...."
"I know we will fight about this and I don't want to. I just...why does life have to be so difficult...?"
"Maybe talk about it...never know.." Aunty Mariam said.
"But mum she has."
"But she can try again. This time Skylar, don't mess up. You both need to argue your case." Aunty Mariam said.
"But what if he wins? I'm just supposed to let my kids be and go Hell?! No I can't..."
They all looked at me sadly. "That's the problem with love...." My mum said.
"I're right..I need to speak about this..but how will Aunty and Uncle react if the kids do become Muslim?"
"I guess...I mean...maybe they won't like it. They'll be really upset and so would we but they'll understand soon enough and besides, if the kids want to change their religion...they can.." Mum said.
"He won't understand.."
"Skylar, listen. You need to fight. You can't always...let people control you. You need to fight for what feels right for you." Aunty Mariam said.
"Okay, I will.." I wiped my tears.

"Hey babes, you said you needed me urgently?" Noah sat in front of me. "What's up? Let me are feeling anxious for tomorrow or--"
"I'm scared for the kids.."
"What? Why?"
I was about to back out but I shook my head. I can't ignore this.
"Noah I want them to become Muslim." I said
He looked down at the bed. He didn't say anything. "Noah say something..."
He still said nothing. I looked at him for another minute or so. "Noah you're scaring me.."
"Do you really want this?"
"Yeah...I do.."
Then he looked down at Cleo and Cole. "I mean, they do look a tiny bit Muslim."
"That's racist."
He smiled and kissed them both. "Where's the nearest mosque?"
"You're okay with it?!"
"Yeah, and if they're not happy, they can change. Until then, I'll watch you nag at them and forbid them from eating Haribos--"
"Shut up will you!" I hugged him. "I love you."
"I love you too."
"But now we need to tell your family.."
"I'll call mum and dad. You go."
"Okay." I said picking Cleo up and getting up. I went downstairs and saw Oscar, Alex and Xander watching My Spy.
"Guys...I've got some good news and bad news..."
"Good news first." Xander said pausing the movie.
I bit my lip. "It's good news to me but bad news to know what, forget this." I said about to go up the stairs but Alex pulled me back.
"You can tell us."
"Trust me, you'll hate me."
"Is it that bad?"
I looked down at my Cleo. "We decided the twins religion."
"Religion?" They all asked at the same time.
"You guys thought they were gonna be Aithiests?"
"No." They all said at the same time.
"Noah and I decided...and you guys probably won't be happy about it...but he let me pick Islam." I said. "Go on, hate me. Tell me I'm stupid--"
Then Alex hugged me. I gasped. "Calm down, I'm not gonna hurt's your choice, you're the mum. We won't hate you."
"Alex is right. Your choice. So, how do we baptize them?"
"Yeah, like convert them to Muslim?"
"Every baby is born Muslim. But we also need to convert them either way as the father's Christian." I said.
"So when do we take them to the mosque?"
"I should be the whole family together but...they're not here are they.."
"Why not do it now? You missed Halloween but you're gonna celebrate it tomorrow! So late Halloween!" Oscar said.
"No." We all said.
"I get Muslims can't celebrate the devil's birthday but--"
"We don't celebrate, just dress up."
"Celebrate. But why not now tho?"
"I mean...none of our family members are here, this is big..."
"Blah blah blah, lets dress them up. On the 7th of November, they'll get Muslim baptized."
"Muslim baptized?"
"Oh what should I call it?"
"I told them. They're okay with it." Noah said. "Now I need to tell you guys--"
"She already told us."
"Did you try and kill her?" He lifted my neck. "Oh. So you didn't strangle her. Sky did they hurt you?"
"No. Why?"
"Noah we're not crazy." Alex said flicking his fingers at the back of Noah's head.
"Okay, we'll baptize them tomorrow?"
"Halloween. Let's make the most important day ever on the devil's birthday." I said sarcastically. "Come on. Devil hello?"
"Okay, so that's a no."
"10th November."
"Isn't that too far?"
"No silly, we need to get our whole 230+ families here and the clothes, decorations, food, blah blah blah."
"Are you all sure you're okay--"
"We are. Stop worrying." Noah kissed me.
"So...I'm going home now."
"You are gonna take care of Cole. Properly."
"And Gemma too."
"Yes, stop worrying..."
" you.." I kissed him. Then he kissed Cleo. "Bye bye..." Then he smiled at her. "I can't believe I was gonna give them up for adoption..." He said looking down at them. "Daddy's gonna be with you forever."
I smiled. "You really are the best boyfriend slash daddy anyone could ask for."
"And you are the best girlfriend slash mummy ever."
"Okay, I am getting way too uncomfortable." Alex said as he and Xander sat back down next to Oscar and played the TV.
"I love you both." I whispered to Cole and Cleo. "And you Noah."
"Course." He winked. "But they both like me more."
"No they don't." I nudged him in the ribs. "You like mummy more than dadda don't you!"
"Oh please, they clearly like me more right? You like daddy."
"Noah, better get back before it's late. Don't go work. You got money--"
"Holy shit. I am so stupid. There's a party after the baptism. Holy smoke..."
"Oh yeah..."
"All my relatives are coming, I need to call my parents."
"And yours and Masons. Okay, Noah, you can go. I'm gonna do the phone calls." I said giving him a peck of the cheek and running up the stairs with Cleo. Then going back downstairs.
"Alex can I borrow your laptop?"
I quickly went into Alex's room and make and called my parents and joined Mason's and Noah's parents into the call.
"This an ambush?" My dad asked suspiciously.
"No, it's about the party. Aqiqah? Forgot?"
"Oh yeah..."
"We completely forgot."
"Okay, when?"
"10th November."
"I am calling everyone."
"We're gonna need to throw it at Alex 1.1's house." Aunty Nasreen said.
"Yeah." Aunty Mariam said. "We need to go make tons of calls."
"You've got over 230 people in your whatsapp contacts. Good luck. Bye." I cut the call and exhaled. I went downstairs and saw Noah waiting for me. "How did the call go?"
"Okay." Then something suddenly clicked. "Give me Cole. I wanna tell the kids something. Don't spy on us."
I went back upstairs with them and closed the door. "If you're gonna be Muslim, might as well get to know your God." I said laying them down on my bed. I sat in front of them.

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