Lunar Skylar

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“This is one of my favorite surahs. Surahs mean chapters. So, lets start.” I smiled.

“Sabaha lillahi ma fisama wati wa ma fil ardi, meaning, whatever is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Allah, wa huwal adhidhul hakim, for He is the Almighty, All-Wise.” I said. I saw their muscles relax and I smiled.

“La hul mulku sama wati wasl ard, that means, to Him belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. Yuhy wa yumit, meaning, he gives life and causes death. Wa huwa ala qulli shay in qhadir, and He is Most Capable of everything. Wa huwal awwalu, he is the first, wal akhiru, he is the last, wadhahiru, the most high, walbatinu, the most near, wa huwa bikulli shay in alim, and He has ˹perfect˺ knowledge of all things.”

Then I felt arms wrapped around me.

“Some times when I hear you recite and translate, makes me doubt my religion.” He said kissing my forehead. “I’m glad Noah picked Islam.”


“Hey, don’t look at me like that.” Then he sat down next to the kids. “They seem to like it.”

“Yeah, they do. People say, when babies listen to the Quran, they tend to relax. To be...happy.”

“Yeah, they look so relaxed.”


Then they started crying. “I think they wanna hear more.”


“Try. Maybe, you never know.”

“Okay, huwal ladhi qalaqa samawati wal ard, he is the One Who created the heavens and the earth, Xander I’m really sorry--”

“It’s fine. Continue.”

“Fi sittatin ayamin thumma stawa alal arsh, in six Days, then established Himself on the Throne, ya alamu ma yaliju fil ardi wa ma yakhruju minha, he knows whatever goes into the earth and whatever comes out of it, wama yanzilu minasamaa e wama yakhruju fiha, and whatever descends from the sky and whatever ascends into it, wa huwa ma akum ayna ma minkum, and He is with you wherever you are, wallahu bima ta alamuna basir, for Allah is All-Seeing of what you do..” I paused as I watched them sleep. Xander was smiling. “Magic?”

I lightly punched his arm. “Xander I’m sorry if some of the things, well all of it, you disagree with--”

“It’s fine. Different beliefs, that’s okay.” He smiled. “Always wanted to read the Quran. Touch it.”

“But you’re not a muslim so you can’t.”

“What if I turn--”

“Xander that’s the biggest sin you can possibly do.”


“I don’t know but that is like, bad bad. Becoming a Muslim means that you are passionate about it and not fucking wanting to touch everything and go, oh, I’m done. Let me go back to being a christian.”

“That’s...maybe true.”

“Okay, anyways--”

“Tomorrow you’re going to school.”

“No I’m staying home, Xander I can’t go to school.”

“Stop panicking.”

“No they are there, Ruby and them lot, Xander I know it’s not ideal to push her to the wall but--”

“You pushed her to a wall?!”

“She had a minor concussion.”

“Sky you hit her?!”


“You’re grounded.”

“You can’t. Not anymore. You have no right over me.”

“I do. And also, I’m changing your school address to ours. So, if you misbehave--”

“Xander, you have no right to do that.”

“No, I will and I can.”

“I’ll tell Alex.”

“Tell me what?” Alex asked coming into the room scrolling through his phone and eating a bag of Doritos.

“Xander wants to change my address to here.”

“I’ve already done it and put our number in the emergency contacts.”


“So, I don’t have to do anything now and you are grounded.” Xander said.

“What did she do?” Alex sat next to us.

“Attacked Ruby. She pushed her to a wall making her head hit the wall.”

“But she--”

“Sky, pushing someone is not okay--”

“Alex shut up. I know pushing her was not...nice. But she pushed me first and I banged my head harder than her. She just had to lie and Mason just stupidly sided with that bitch.”

“Don’t speak like that--”

“Shut up!!”

Then Oscar came in. “Hey, I got--”

“Oscar not now!!” I hissed.

“Okay, my bad.” He said going back down stairs.

I got up about to leave but Xander blocked my way. “You are staying here and re thinking your actions and once you’re ready to apologise, you can tell her tomorrow. In school.” He said as Xander handed Cleo to him. Then they both left and the door locked from behind. I started banging on it. “LET ME OUT!!”

“Sky, you’ve got five minutes, to make your decision.” Xander said.


“I’ll be here.” He said. “Okay?”

“OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!!!” I screamed as I heard their footsteps going down the stairs. I looked around the room and my heart started racing. They can come at any moment...I looked around the room and sat at the corner of the room remembering the beatings...and I was struggling to breathe.

“Victoria, I can’t breathe!!”

“Sky, breathe come on. Breathe.” Victoria said panicking. “Call them!!”

“XANDER!! ALEX!!” I wheezed. I tried calling again but only a whisper came out. I started coughing. “I can’t breathe!!”

“Skylar, breathe with me. In and out--”

“I can’t...” I mumbled falling onto the bean bag. “I..” Then I started shaking. “I can’t breathe!!”

“Sky I’m a ghost!! I can’t help!!”

I started shaking, the bean bag blocking my airways. I started struggling. I tried breathing but couldn’t. Just saliva came out. After a few seconds I’d stopped shaking. Then the door knocked. And knocked. Then it burst open.

“SKY?!” I heard Mason scream as he turned me on my back. “Where’s your oxygen tank?!” He started searching and then found it under my bed. He put the mask on me and I started trying to breathe while he stroked my hair tears rolling down his cheeks. “I’m so sorry Sky...”

I don’t care. I’m just trying to get my breathing steady. After a few minutes, I heard Xander walking up the stairs. He froze as he saw us. “What happened?” He rushed up to me.

“When you locked her up, she probably started panicking, probably thinking about Patrick and the guys...and then she had a seizure...the bean bag was blocking her air ways and if I hadn’t come...”

“This is a joke right?”

“Look at how much she’s sweating? Her hair is damp.”

“This is my fault. If I’d just...” He sighed. “Fuck sake.”

“Why did you lock her up?”

“You’re making it sound like I’m the bad guy.”


“She pushed Ruby to the wall...and so I gave her five minutes to make her mind up if she’s gonna apologise or not.”

“She shouldn’t apologise. Ruby has made her life a living hell.”

Xander looked at him confused. “No Ruby said--”

“Ruby’s a liar. While you believe her more than her.” He pointed at me. “She is suffering. This is the worst punishment she could ever have. Ruby’s lying. Always. She tries to get her in trouble. Xander she’s getting bullied in school. Everyday.”

Xander blushed. “Sky...I’m sorry...I guess I should’ve been more understanding...”

“Can you breathe now?”

I continued breathing heavily. “She must’ve had a big panic attack.” Xander sighed.

“Sky wanna go to your bed and sleep?” Mason asked. “Oscar can bore you to sleep.” He said. I didn’t respond. Just focused on my breathing. In and out. “Okay, Imma get him and Xander place her on her bed.” He said leaving.

Xander took the mask off and lifted me up laying me down on my bed. Then he brought the oxygen tank and put the mask on me.

“Sky I’m sorry...”


“Just sleep. Tomorrow’s gonna be a long day. And I promise you that I will keep an eye on you. If anyone dares touch you or hurt you, let me know. I will make sure they get detention.”


“Don’t worry. Just sleep.” He said tucking me in. He was about to leave but I made a noise. He turned back round and sat next to me. “You scared?”


“Okay. I’ll stay here until the chatter box arrives.”


“Don’t speak...just relax.”

Then Oscar came inside. “I have got lots to talk about.”

“G..great.” I said sarcastically.

Xander started laughing. “Good luck.” He said leaving.

“So,” He laid down next to me. “Did you know, you can’t swallow your tongue during a seizure, Epilepsy is a non-communicable disease. Cameron Boyce died when he was 21--”

“I know..”

“He died from his epilepsy. He died during a seizure.”

I glared at him. “But you won’t die. Maybe.” He sighed.

“Julius Caesar and Charles Dickens had epilepsy, Lil wayne too and--”


“Okay. My bad. Lets talk about your gay life.”


“Course.” He rolled his eyes. Then turned to face me. “You still like Ruby.”

I looked at him confused. “Sky you do. You like her still. Don’t deny it.”

I blushed. “Sky, I know you do. I know you wish you two could’ve happened.”


“Tell me you still don’t love her. Come on Sky. Tell me. Why you being silent? Tell me you’re over her.”

I looked at him speechless and guilty. Then closed my eyes trying to drown out his stupid words. I HATE RUBY STUPID!!!

“Fine then.” He huffed,

“I d...don’t..”

He studied me for a while. “You’re telling the truth.”

I closed my eyes and tried sleeping ignoring the bullshit he was talking about.

I went down the stairs and into the living room where the guys were, talking, clearly. “Xander can I speak to you?”


“So,” I said once we were out of earshot. “Can I have my electronics back?”

He hesitated for a second. “Fine. But don’t you dare--”

Then I hugged him. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

“Okay, I’ll go get them.”


I waited for a while and then started getting anxious. Then Xander came back down with my tablet and phone. Then went up to Alex. “Sky, just give us a sec.”

I sat down on the floor sighing as I watched the guys having a great time. “Sky,” Mason walked down the stairs. “No school from now on.”

“Yeah. Just waiting for--”

“Sky, you can’t have them back.” Xander said.

“W..w..what? You said--”

“Yeah. But...Sky...”

“Nono, you said--”

“No, Sky--”

“You can’t do this--”

“We’re only looking out for you. You know what, here. Take it.” Alex said giving the tablet to me. “Search yourself up.” I unlocked it and searched my self up.

Lunar Skylar caught cheating on her boyfriend.

Lunar Skylar described as, ‘slut’.

Lunar Skylar converts to Christianity.

Lunar Skylar runs away.

Lunar Skylar makes false allegations about Patrick Ridson.

“What? Who..did this?”

“Sky people are making false rumors about you but these were a while ago, last news was a week ago..” Xander said.

Then I ran up the stairs and into his room slumping into his bed and putting his blanket over my head bursting into tears. After a few minutes I was wondering why no one had come. Then I heard a knock and Xander come in. He sat on the bed and gave me a cup of orange juice with my meds. I took them and then he gave me a spanish omlette. It looked so good. And tasted amazing.

“You like it?”

“You can cook.”

“Yeah, I can.” He smiled. “You haven’t eaten properly for a while.”

“After everything...I’m not surprised.”

He stroked my hair. “You have been through hell.”


“Wanna still use your--”

“No. I mean, having no electronics has kind of...made me a bit..”

“You don’t--”

“I mean, yeah. Occassionally to text. But..”


“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is. I’m just...worried for you..I mean...your panic attacks..”

“Don’t worry...I’m fine..”

“I don’t want you to be like before. I want you to have your own privacy...”

“ do I.” I wiped my tears.

“Sky you have panic attacks when you’re need to unlock the door. Wherever you are.” He said not looking at me.

“No, Dr Lilith said my seizures were under control...”

“But after all these traumatic--”


“Look at me Sky. I promise you’ll be okay. Remember earlier?”

“The door was locked..”

“Come on. We need to go buy a pocket alarm.”

I swallowed. “That’s a good idea. What if you I forget it?”

“We’ll get you...a bracelet?”

“W..w..what?’s not fashionable.”

“Hey, don’t worry, it’s for your safety--”

“How about we get you a pocket alarm? No bracelet? We can get five?”

“Okay.” I mumbled.

“Which one do you want?”

“The rainbow colored one.”

“Okay.” He said taking five. Then he went up to the cashier. “How much?”


“Okay, here.”

“No. I wanna pay. Please..”

“Sky, I--”

Then I quickly inserted my card in and did the pin. I took the receipt and shoved it in my mouth. Then spat it out into the bin. “No refunds!!” I said taking the bag. He stared at me open mouthed and smiled. “You are unbelievable.”

“Yeah.” I winked as we walked out the shop. Then my eye caught the jewelry shop. Guess he might’ve noticed as he held my hand and we crossed the road. “Lets buy you something nice. To match your hair--”


“Don’t worry about him.”

“...I don’t want him to ever buy me anything expensive unless its a special occasion.”

“I’ll tell him..just don’t worry.”


“Now, which one do you wanna buy?”

“That watch looks nice.” I said pointing at an--

“OMEGA SEAMASTER AQUA TERRA.” The cashier said. “Wanna buy it?”

“Sky do you want it? I can pay--”

“Xander it costs 2,590.”

“Don’t worry, you’re more important.”

“No Xander.” I said shoving my card inside. “I’ll pay.”

“Sky you’re embarrassing me.”

“No one’s here.”


“Okay, lets buy...that necklace!!”

“Sky you’re spending too much.”

“But I want it!!”

“Stop making a scene.”


“Lets go.” He sighed as we walked into the shop.

“You’re back!”

“Yup.” I smiled at the worker. “That one.”

“This is, heart shaped ruby pendant. Want it?”


“That’ll be, £4,788.”

“Okay.” I flashed my credit card. Xander shook his head. “Sky you can never ever be trusted with money.”

“I know.” I said as we walked out the shop. Xander took me to KFC. “We need to order wings and chips.”

“Okay.” I said as we went in.

“You like it?” I asked Mason showing him the new pendant I bought.

“Yeah, you look amazing.”

“And look at this watch!!”



“Hey babes.” Noah came inside the room. “You look amazing..”


“I’m out.” Mason said leaving the room.

“Noah..” I sighed as I looked at the bag he was holding. “I told you not to buy me anything.”

He sat next to me and opened a small box. It was a ring.


“I’m not proposing.”

“Oh. Sorry. Thank goodness though.”

“Yeah, try it on.”

I slipped it through my finger and looked at it. “Baby blue diamond...”


“How much?”

“Five grand.”


“Hey, don’t worry. Dad’s gonna start paying me. And he’s already started...and he and my mum apologised to me too.”

“That’s good. But Noah don’ me gifts this expensive...”

“You’re my princess. Well your dad’s too.”

“Yeah. And daddy, you need to--”

“You called me daddy.”

“Did I?”


“Well you we got kids.” I kissed him.

“Kids. Baby, I’m gonna go check on them, hopefully, Harley hasn’t left them unsupervised.” He said hurrying out the room.

“They’re up to something...” I said anxiously pacing around.

“Sit down and finish your coke.” Alex said pulling me next to him making me sit on my seat.

“No.” I got up again.

“They’re up to nothing.”


“Yes. So drink. You’ve fucking ordered a 1 letre--”

“I’ll be right back.” I said sneakily walking up the stairs. I sat on the floor and opened the door slightly. Then I started recording.

“They look amazing.” Noah said stroking Clara’s hair.


Then they started crying. “Hey, don’t cry...” Noah picked her and Carlos up, and they immediately stopped crying, in fact, they seemed relaxed. Gemma looked over the moon and Noah too. Gemma sat down in front of Noah and Noah handed Clara to her.“You love daddy don’t you.” She stroked her hair.

Noah stopped stroking Carlos’s hair. “You said daddy. I’m not...”

“I’m sorry.” She blushed. “Carlos come to mummy. Feeding time.”

Noah handed Carlos to her and watched Gemma breast feed him.

“You’re a natural.” He said.

“I guess...”

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m sorry. I just...” She looked at him uncomfortably. “I don’t know why, every time you hold them...they stop crying and...I just keep thinking, daddy. I don’t understand--”

“Hey, stop worrying.”

“...I guess it’s probably because were there since the beginning.”

“But I’m their uncle...”

She looked down at his hands. “You played a role of a dad didn’t you...”

“Yeah...I did.”

“You bought them clothes and nappies and food and were there the whole time. You sang to them even when they weren’t even born, you were the first one to hold them. You washed them, you would do everything in your spare time...just for them.” She burst into tears. “You would put nursery rhymes on you ipad and sing with them to these miraculous babies.’re not an uncle. You are a dad.”

Noah smiled at her. “I guess...”

“You would help me with everything...”

“’s my job--”

“No, it’s not, but you took your time to be the best dad ever.”

“Woah. Mason?”

“He’s a great dad...but you...the babies love you...soon enough they will be calling you daddy. Not because we told them to, but because they think you are.”

Noah looked at her intently. “You want me to be their dad?”



“Yeah. I think you deserve for them to call you daddy.”

“Okay.” Then he lifted Clara up. “Hello baby Claire, it’s your daddy...”

“Daddy.” She nudged him in the ribs. “You know, if I wasn’t so head over heels for Mason, you’d have been my next choice. Not because of your looks and bullshit, but because of you. People under estimate you...but really..they just don’t understand you. You are, one of the most caring and selfless person I will ever meet.”


“You took all your savings and started working. To feed the kids and for Sky. You didn’t keep any money Noah!”

“I know but it was only right--”

“That’s why I said you were selfless.”

He stroked her cheek. I could see Gemma blush. “I don’t like you Gems, but I think you are one of the best people ever. You are going to be the best mum ever.”

“I am?”

“Sky didn’t know how to breast feed at first, but you knew right away. I mean, Sky loves one baby more that the other, you love them both equally. I’m not saying Sky’s a bad mum, but what I’m saying is, you are born to do this.”

“Sky too.”

“Sky’s also one of the best mums ever. She really knows how to treat a baby right, well after the incident at the hospital.”

“She sacrificed so much for them.”

“Yeah. I’m really proud of her...but you, you keep strong, and don’t let your guard down.”

“I want you on my team. God that song keeps playing in my mind.”

“Same. I can’t forget it.”

“You know, these past nine months...we have gotten to know each other so well. We have learnt so much together, I mean, we did tons of research about babies..”

“You are the best mummy ever.” He smiled.

“And you, are the best daddy ever. Don’t tell Mason.”

“They’re lucky to have you. You’ve been so strong...Mason’s a lucky guy, it’s not everyday you find a girl like you.”

“And it’s not everyday you find a guy like you. People don’t understand how...caring and...good you can be. Just judge you for what they see...but to are the best person that anyone will ever find.”

“Thanks...” He kissed Clara and Carlos on the forehead.

“And I think they like you,” She started laughing. “Look, they’re smiling!!”

“Yeah they are!!” Noah stroked their cheeks. “They’re smiling.”

“And because of you!!” She squealed. “They really love you.”

“Don’t blame them..I have been their, in your words, ‘daddy’. But seriously, they should get to know Mason properly.”


Then Noah tickled Carlos’s feet and he started giggling. They both burst out laughing. “Noah..they really like you.”

“I made them smile and laugh.”

Gemma wiped his tears. “You are incredible.”

“Yeah. I know. No need to keep telling me.”

“My goodness.” She rolled her eyes. Then she started tickling him. He squealed. “Stop!!”

“No, oh my god, you’re so adorable.”

“Will you please fuck off!!” He jumped off the bed. Gemma kept tickling him and then he was about to run out the room when he caught me spying. “Babes?”

“Oh...right. Wrong room--”

“Were you spying on us?”

“Sky?” Gemma laid Carlos and Clara down on my bed. Then walked up to me. “Were you recording?”

“You were cheating on Mason and he deserves to know.” I said sending him the recording. They both looked at me furiously. “He is my daddy not yours!!” I screamed at Gemma.

“I don’t want him. The babies do. So he’s their daddy--”

“Gemma are you crazy?!” I shouted.

“Sky don’t use that tone on her.” Noah said defensively.

“Noah, she is trying to get you to fall in love with her!!”

“No Sky, I’m not. I’m head over heels for Mason.”

“Gemma don’t worry. You go.” He said.

“Can I leave them here?”


After Gemma had gone, Noah glared at me. “Skylar what do you think you’re doing?!”

I stared at him half shocked. He called me by my first name.

“You have got serious trust issues!!”

“You realise that you have your own babies with me. Why would you let her, tell you to fucking be her babies dad?!”

“She doesn’t mean dad dad, just...more than an uncle.”

“Yeah, and what does Mason think?! How will he feel if he realises Gemma calls you ‘daddy’?!”

He looked at me hesitantly. “Okay, I see the problem. Fine, I’m uncle. No daddy!”

“Okay, good.”

“Daddy!!!” Gemma called from downstairs. I grabbed onto Noah’s shirt. “You aren’t her daddy. My daddy! You understand?! My daddy!!”

“Daddy!” She called again.

“Sky, I’ll be back.” He said going out the room and down the stairs. Then the babies started to cry. I looked at them confused and Noah came back in and they quietened down. Gemma quickly rushed up the stairs and into the room and froze.

“Gemma, I think...” He looked at them confused. “Watch this.” He said leaving the room. Then the babies started crying and he came back in the room and they stopped crying. Me and Gemma gasped.

“” She stammered. “W..what?”

“I’ll try again.” He said going out the room. The babies started crying and then he came back inside the room. They stopped crying.

Gemma rushed to hug him and burst out crying. “They love you so much!!”

“Yeah they do.”

I looked down at the floor feeling completely irrelevant. Then Noah kissed me. “Don’t look sad. You know I love you.”


Then he wiped my tears. “I know you feel threatened. You know I can’t lie. So..I love you.”

“I know you do.”

“Then what’s wrong?”

“Do you love Cole and Cleo--”

“Course I do. More than them. They are my everything--”

“Guys!!” Mason stormed into the room. “Okay, Gemma please explain--”

“Noah’s their daddy--”

“No, not really. Like you said, I’m their godfather--”

“Daddy.” Gemma said. “Mason, you are the best dad ever. You’re their daddy. But Noah has been more than an uncle. He’s been with me since I was 1 day pregnant. And he deserves to be called daddy.”

“Gemma,” Mason shook his head. “I thought Sky was crazy.”

“I’m crazy?!” Me and Gemma snapped at the same time.

“No, I mean...Gemma, maybe I should be daddy? Not Noah?”

“Listen, don’t get mad or anything but...the kids probably think Noah’s their dad--”

“Gemma, listen. Noah’s got his own kids. We have our owns--”

“Gemma Mason’s right. Maybe you should just...yeah?”

“Just what?” She asked completely confused.

“I’m Cleo and Cole’s daddy. Not Carlos and Clara’s.”

“Okay.” She sighed. Then froze. “Oh my god I’m so weird.”

“You realise just now?” I said.

“Sorry Noah.”

“It’s fine.”

“So. Now lets just act like none of this ever happened.”


“I’m coming, just gonna talk to Alex.” He said going out the room. As soon as he went out the room the twins started crying. Mason quickly went over to them trying to hush them but they wouldn’t shut up. Then Noah came back in and they stopped crying.

“Oh look, they’re quiet again.” Mason smiled. “So, why you all looking at me like that?”

“No reason.” I said quickly.

“Okay.” He said looking at us weirdly. “Noah why you still here?”

“Oh, right.” He started going out the room but they started crying. Then he came back in and they stopped crying. Mason’s skin went pale. “Noah leave the room.” Noah left and they started crying. Then he came back in the room and Mason dropped the babies in shock but Noah managed to catch them in time.

“Please tell me I’m the only one that saw that.”

“No one saw anything Mason, get some sleep, oh, it’s already night time.”

“It’s 9.”

“Okay, still--”

Then they hurried out the room. Seconds later the front door shut.


“Just give me a second.” He said turning from me. “Please just go.”

I left the room and went back into the kitchen where Xander and Alex were talking. “Guys...Mason’s upset...really really upset...”


“What happened?”

“The babies...every time Noah leaves the room they start crying and every time he comes back in the room, they stop crying. And Mason feels threatened by that.”

They looked at each other clearly confused. “What?” They both said at the same time.

“Yeah and Gemma wants him to be called daddy instead of uncle.”

“WHAT?!” They both said in unison.

“Don’t worry she realised she was being crazy.”

“Oh...but Noah...”

“Yeah...” Then I showed him the recording. “So, what do you think?” I asked once the recording finished.

“He’s actually a good guy...” Xander sighed.

“And we are the worst brothers ever.”

“” I ran my fingers through my hair. “I’m worried about him...”

“I’ll go check up on him.” Xander said going upstairs.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening..” I sighed sitting on the kitchen counter.

“Yeah. Neither can I...I’m gonna do some revision. Are you okay to be alone?”

“Yeah. I got my pocket alarm.”

“Good. Just press it and we’ll be here in a blink of an eye.” He said going up the stairs. I waited for a while until I saw Noah? Calvin?

“Hi babes.” Noah said coming inside and hugging me.

“Hi..Mason’s really upset.”

“Well, the babies are fast asleep now. And I bought him,” He whispered. “The playstation5.”


“He deserves it. It’s not fair on him...”

“But the babies like you.”

“Yeah..but he’s their dad so...I’m gonna keep my distance from them for a few days and let Mason be a dad.” He kissed me.

“That’s really nice of you.”


“Guys I just got the play station 5!!” Mason rushed into the kitchen.

“Yeah, how cool.” Noah said winking at me.

“I wonder who bought it for me...”

“I wonder who.”

“Wait...Sky!!” Mason rushed to hug me but he pulled out. “Noah?”


Then Mason hugged him.“Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” He pulled out and rushed out the room.

“He looks happy.” Noah smiled sitting on the kitchen counter.

“You really are the perfect boyfriend.”

“Course I am.” He kissed me. “And I also got you something.” He said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a box with a label...


“Oh my god!!” I hugged him.

“Like it?”


“Good.” He kissed me.

“But how much did this cost?”


“That’s expensive!!”

“Don’t worry about it.”


“Hey, come on. Lets go add it to your jewelry stand.”


“I love you.”

“I feel like the worst--”

“Knock will you!!” He said annoyed.

“Okay, so everyone’s going around naked?!” I snapped. “Noah you tell your stupid brothers to put a shirt on. They keep going around with no shirt and--”

“And they don’t give a fuck and won’t listen, so. Lets add this.”

“I have got at least £50k worth of jewelry here,”

“That’s bad...”

“Yeah...but it’s since last year.”


“Your brothers spend a lot on me..”

“They’re always competing with each other.”


“Noah, you need to go sleep, come on.” Xander said coming into the room. Then he handed me Cleo.

“Okay. Bye babes.” He kissed me. “I love you.”

“Take care of Cole.” I said. “Bye!”


Then we walked down the stairs together and I watched him leave the front door. I frowned. “I don’t want him to leave.”

“Tomorrow. Don’t look so sad. Okay?”


“Lets go to the kitchen. Alex is there.” Xander said going inside. I followed him and we sat on the stools. Then I remembered something. “Xander last were moving out soon...”

“Yeah well...I put it off. After your tantrum...I realised maybe I was being too quick and I knew you weren’t going to like it.”


“Hello? Alex?”

“Huh?” He looked up from his phone.

“Lets talk about your stupid science stuff. I kinda feel bad because I know you wanna tell us all. So, go on.”

“Okay, what do you wanna know?”

“How to cause an explosion.”

“Xander, last time was an accident.”

“Okay, explain the periodic timetable and what would happen if we mix--”

“Okay, lets start with hydrogen. Hydrogen is actually the lightest element in the periodic table it is also the most abundant chemical substance in the universe. Hydrogen is also used as a rocket fuel where liquid hydrogen is combined with liquid oxygen to produce a powerful explosion."

"Cool." Xander smiled.

"Pretty smart you are." I said smiling too.

"Also oxygen chlo--" Then he moaned and started crying. "Xander it's happening again."

"What is?"

He moaned again and started crying. Xander quickly got up and realised what was happening. "Sky, get out the room and don't peek." Xander said. "Alex I'll be back."

I went out the room and sat on the living room sofa. I could hear Alex in pain. Ouch. Xander ran down the stairs with a bottle of medicine and a syringe. Then I heard Alex yelling, "No don't give me that!!"

"Alex stop being stupid--"

"It hurts don't!!"


Then he burst out crying and started moaning even louder. He sounded like he was gonna die? Why isn't he fucking letting me see?!

"I'm calling Alex--"


"Then move. I won't say it again."


"It won't hurt--"

"It will!!"

Then I heard Xander on the phone. "Alex, come quick. It's happened again and Alex won't let me inject him."

Seconds later Alex burst into the house. "Where are they?!" She didn't bother wait as she heard all the crying in the kitchen. I started eavesdropping.

"Alex, pull your trousers down a bit." Alex 1.1 said calmly.


"Look, yes it's gonna hurt but it'll make you better--"

"I don't want to!!" I heard him sob.

"It'll only take three seconds."


"Alex come on..." Xander sighed.

"No! I don't--"

"Xander, inject him, I'll retain him. Quickly!!"

"ALEX GET OFF ME!!!" Alex 1.2 screamed.

"Xander hurry!!"

Then I heard Alex 1.2 sob. He was screaming and crying. Ouch.

"There, easy."

I could still hear him crying. "It hurts."

"Don't worry. Xander, get a towel and his cream. Quickly!!"

"Okay." He rushed up stairs and after a few moments, he ran back into the kitchen. "Here."

After a second or two I heard Alex start crying. "I don't want it!!"

"Alex you're being silly!" Alex 1.1 scolded.

"Stop crying. Come on Alex..." Xander pleaded. "Don't cry..."


"Almost..." Alex said.


"Done!" She exhaled.

"It stings!!"

"I know, but now it's okay. Come on. See?" She said.

"That wasn't hard was it." Xander exhaled.

"Oh. It's coming out. Are you okay now?" Alex 1.1 asked.


"Good. Lets get you to bed. Yeah?" Xander asked.

"Is Sky still there?"

I quickly acted like I was focusing on the TV. Then Alex 1.1 came inside. "Sky, wanna go to your room?"

"Course." I smiled going into my room. Urgh. What the fuck is going on?!

Then I heard footsteps going up the stairs. "Xander don't drop him!" Alex 1.1 said.

"You don't!"

"Stop shouting!" Alex 1.2 hissed.

After a few seconds I heard them go into Alex 1.2's room. I quickly peeked through the door. This isn't weird. Just..yeah. I saw Alex 1.1 take Alex 1.2's robe out. "Put this on him. It'll make it easier. If anything happens, let me know. Do you know when to give him the cream?"

"I'm not that dumb."

"And make sure you don't leave him out your sight. If it happens again, inject him."


"Alex, calm down. I said if. Okay?" Alex 1.1 said.

"I don't want to!!"

"Okay, Alex. Stop worrying. What do you want to do now?"

"Nothing." He said stubbornly. "Go away."


"Go away!!"

"Xander if anything happens, let me know." Alex 1.1 said. Then she went up to Alex and kissed his forehead. "Don't worry, within three days, you'll be okay again. Yeah?"

"That's 72 hours stuck in this stupid bed!!"

"No, Xander can take you anywhere you want in the house. Okay?"


"Good. Xander, I dare you to leave him alone for a second. Apart from if Sky needs something." Alex 1.1 said coldly.

"Okay. I won't."

"I'll be across the street." Alex said leaving the room. "Also put a shirt on."

"It's fucking 90*!! And I have my rights you know!!" Xander argued.

"Whatever." Then she went down the stairs and out the house.

Then I saw Xander starting to take Alex's clothes off and putting a robe on him. I rolled my eyes and sat on my gaming chair. Xander had put all my electronics back even when I told him he didn't need to but who cares.

Then I heard the front door open and close. I quickly ran out the room and hugged Xander bursting into tears. "Don't worry, I'm sure it's just Mason." He whispered kissing my forehead. "Stop crying."

"She's really scared." Alex mumbled.

"Hey guys." Mason said carrying Clara and Cleo. "Why do you always leave the door open?"

"Have you locked it?" Xander asked.

"Yeah." He said giving Cleo to me.


"Alex what's up?" He asked.

"Nothing. Why?"

"You're crying and your thigh has a bump and is leaking."

"Okay, Mason. You go." Xander said. "Sky you too."

"Can you please tell me what's up with him...?" I asked.

"Personal reasons. Now go." Xander shooed us.


"Alex was screaming and crying." I whispered as we put our pyjamas on. "And then I dunno, they probably injected something on his thigh or something?"


"He was in tears and screaming so much...I felt so bad for him..."

"That's terrible.."

"Yeah but at least he's okay."

"Last winter, the same thing happened. But he stayed at home for a week..."

"'s horrible...just don't get why they aren't telling us anything."


We laid on the bed and put our blanket on, Cleo and Clara in between us. "Are you threatened by Noah?"

"What do you mean?"

"Like...your kids...and Noah..."

He fell silent for a while. "I'm scared Gemma will leave me because I'm the worst dad ever..."

"Hey, don't say that. Look at me. You are one of the best dads ever. I know you will be the greatest of all time. Don't give up like can do it."

"Yeah, what if I fail?! What if they turn out to be drug addicts and--"

"They won't. I can guarantee you that. So long as they still have you."


Then Cleo started crying. "Hey, don't cry.." Mason sat up and started rocking her. "Don't cry..." He whispered. Then she stopped crying and smiled. We both gasped. "She smiled!!!"

"Yeah, I love you so much!!" I hugged him. "You made her smile!!!" I burst out crying.

"Mummy's happy isn't she?" Mason cooed.

"You're amazing...Mason..."


I smiled, "You're a great dad you know."

"Yeah." He handed her over to me but then she started crying. I froze. "Why is she crying? Cleo, stop crying, mummy's here..."

"Let me." He said taking her. Then she stopped crying. At that I lost it. "Cleo what are you playing at?!"

"Don't scream at her!!"

"I'm sorry...I just...come here Cleo.." I whispered as I took her away from Mason. Then she started crying. "Maybe she just wants to eat." I said starting to breast feed her. She was still crying and now I was starting to cry. "Maybe she feels unwell."

"Sky, let me hold her--"

"No! She's mine!!"

"Sky just give her to him. Please." Victoria said.

"Oh shut up. What do you know!?"

"Don't tell me to shut up!!"

"I will. What are you gonna do about it?!"

"You are unbelievable--"

"Sky who are you talking to?!" Mason screamed.

"Victoria!" I pointed at her. Then Mason stood up from the bed. "Sky, Victoria isn't here..." He took a step back.

"She is! You just can't see her!!"

"Sky..." Then he took his phone out and called Noah. "Come here, quickly!!" Then he cut the call. Seconds later the door knocked. Mason rushed down the stairs and to the front door unlocking it. They both rushed into the room. "Sky, Noah says you've been talking to Victoria ever since birth."

"No!" I lied.

"Now they think you're crazy, you're going to a mental asylum."

"I'm not!!" I snapped. Then froze. "I was speaking to that fly." I pointed at nothing. "It's gone now."

"No Sky. You're speaking to a ghost. Sky it's not your first time!!" Noah shouted.

"I'm not crazy!!"

"We never said you were." Mason said calmly and sat me down. Cleo started crying and Noah picked her up. "Daddy's here." But she kept crying. Her eyes clearly showed she wanted Mason.

"Let me hold her." Mason said as Noah handed her. Then she stopped crying. "Look, she stopped."

Noah looked at him nervously. "Give her back."

"Okay, chill." Mason said giving her to him. But as soon as Noah held her, she started crying. "Okay, that's enough!" Noah snapped. "Cleo, shut up. Please..."

"Noah don't speak to her like that!!" Mason took her away from him and Cleo stopped crying and smiled. That ticked me and Noah off. "Mason!!" We both shouted at the same time.

"Guys!!" Xander shouted from the other room. "Get over here right now!!"

We glared at Mason. "Look, mummy and daddy have anger issues." He whispered to Cleo. Then rushed out the room before we could kill him.

"He made her smile!!" Noah shouted.

"I know. She wouldn't shut up!!"

"Okay, maybe she's just had a stressful day. I mean, she lives with lawyers right?"

"Yeah." I said as we walked into Alex's room. Then Noah's face turned pale. "Xander what happened to him?"

"Nothing. He's just a bit ill." Xander said.

"Guys don't worry." Alex said wincing in pain.

"Why were you all shouting?" Xander asked.

"Mason." Me and Noah said at the same time.

"Mason what did you do?!"

"Calm down everyone. Cleo just likes me more than you guys." Then he turned to Xander and Alex. "I made her smile for the first time and now was her second time."

"Twice?!" Noah snapped. "You need to back off my kids!!"

"And you need to back off my kids!!"

"Done." Noah took Cleo away from him but she started crying. He tried hushing her but it was useless.

"Do you want my magic?" Mason smirked.

"No, Sky, maybe she's hungry?"

"I breast feeded her. Maybe she just wants to...erm..." I blushed as I had no excuse.

"Guys, maybe she just wants Mason?" Xander suggested.

"No. No no!"

"Come on--"

Then she started crying at the top of her lungs. "Fine!" He handed Cleo to Mason and then she stopped crying and instead giggled. We all smiled. "I got her to giggle!!" Mason smiled.

"You can give her back now." Noah said holding her but she started crying. Mason took her from him and soon enough, she fell asleep.

"Okay, I'm done-"

Then Alex started crying. "Xander..."

"Why's he crying?" I asked Noah.

"I don't know."


"Okay, guys, out now." Xander said practically dragging us out the room, then he locked the door and I heard Alex moaning. "Hey, hey, calm down. It's okay." Xander whispered. I heard Alex crying softly. "Stop crying..." Xander whispered. "It's okay." Then Alex screamed. "STOP!!"

"Hey, you're being silly. Want me to call Alex?"


"Then stop crying. Just one more okay?"


Then I heard him scream again and then burst out crying.

"Okay, lets go." Noah said as we walked back into my room.

"Guys...Victoria's my imagination...when I need her, she's there to give me advice. She's always telling me to do the right thing but sometimes...I'm ungrateful and hurt her feelings. She's just my imagination, for example, if I need her now. She'll be there, probably reading a book or flying around...she's someone I can talk to."

"It started right after birth..."

"Yeah..she's been a real angel. Always telling me to do the right thing. She convinced me to come home..."

"Well then..that's good but we should take you to hospital--"

"Noah did you just hear what I said? I control her. She's my imagination."

He looked at me uncomfortable. "Fine. But if anything bad happens, you tell me and we'll get you checked out."

"Okay," I said as he left. Then he came back in and kissed me. "I love you. Okay?"

"Yeah. Love you too."



"I'll go lock the door." Mason said as he and Noah left the room. I looked at Carlos who was fast asleep and then I heard Alex scream again. I bit my lip. What is going on?!!

"Sky, don't worry. Xander's got it all under control." Mason said as he laid Cleo down next to Clara. We laid down on the bed and I tried to ignore Alex's quiet moans. "Mason he's in pain..."

"Hey, don't worry about him--"

Then he screamed again. Then started sobbing. "Mason..."

"Don't worry, he'll be fine--"

Then the front door knocked. I gasped. "Sky, don't worry." He said holding my hand and helping me up. "Don't worry." We walked up to Alex's door. "Someone's outside."

"Mason I'm in the middle of--"

Then Alex moaned again. "Sky, stay here." Mason said. "I'll get a knife--"

Then the door knocked again and I heard Alex's voice. "Open up!"

"Okay." Mason ran down the stairs and opened the door. Then Alex screamed again and Alex 1.1 rushed up the stairs and into his room.

I heard her scold Xander. And Xander argue, "I'm wiping it but he won't let me!!"

"Alex, come on." I heard Alex 1.1 say. "Give me the towel."

"Alex stop!!" Alex 1.2 screamed.

"Xander get me gloves."


"Hey, Alex it'll only hurt a bit. Okay?"

Then I heard Alex sob. "Okay..."

"Okay." Alex 1.1 said.

A second later I heard Alex moaning. "Stop!!" He screamed.

"Hey, don't worry--"

Then he started crying. Ouch. The fuck is going on?!

"Sky...lets go back to bed." Mason said as we went into my room. "Don't worry...he's okay."

"He doesn't seem it."

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