Lunar Skylar

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We walked around, more like staggered around looking at yet another massive office. It looked way bigger than the previous one and it also looked a lot more tidier.

“Sky…” Mason sighed.


“Do you think...maybe...the guys are looking for us?” He asked. I paused. I hadn’t thought about that.

“Did you tell Lucas you were going out today?”

“I mean, yeah of course but...I think Lucas might’ve maybe...I..”

“Let me guess, Lucas thinks we went somewhere crazy?”

“Maybe. I just told him, me and Skylar are going, and then he just cut me off saying he doesn’t give a damn.”

“I’m sure they must be looking for us...right?”

“Yeah.” Mason said. He didn’t sound like he believed it.

“I need to lie down. I’m getting so cold.” I said as we went over to the black sofa on the other side of the room struggling and huffing Mason managed to lay me down on my front. My wound was still bleeding.

I looked around the room. The ceiling was painted snow white and the lights were brand new, shining brightly. The carpet was navy blue and looked spotless and the spinny chairs looked brand new, everything--

“I need to find a first aid kit.” Mason said, already walking around. He disappeared into another room. He came back after a few moments carrying an oversized hoodie and a first aid kit in his right arm..

“This place looks spotless.” I said.

“Yeah…” He sat next to me. “Take the hoodie.”


“You heard me--”

“No. You’re in worse condition than me and--”

“You keep overthinking.” He paused. “Please just take it...for me…”

I looked at him, feeling guilty. He does so much for me and--

“I’m sure any moment now help will arrive.” He smiled. I sighed and took the hoodie. I put it on and felt an uncomfortable but familiar sensation.

“Surgery time.” Mason said, opening the first aid box. I helped him put on some gloves and he took out a tourniquet and wrapped it above my wound to stop it bleeding. It took him a while to do it because of course, he had to do it with one hand. Then the worst bit came, he tightened the tourniquet so tightly that I almost passed out. I really thought I was going to die.

I started to scream. “Do you have any idea on what y--”

“Trust me on this.” He told me calmly. I felt like throwing a rock on his head. Does he know how painful this is?! He then looked around, I’m assuming he’s looking for the time. Finally he found the time and took a pen from one of the desks. He wrote it down and the date too. Then the second pain came in. He took off the shirt which he’d wrapped on the wound before and took out some sterile wipes and started to clean the wound. I of course started to shout and swear...a lot….a bit too much. After that, I’d lost my voice and was now crying.

“It’s almost over.” Mason reassured, but we both know it’s not. Mr Sanderson told us what we had to do in these situations and I know, we both know this is just the beginning.

He took a 30cm bothered gauze and stuck it on the wound. Then he froze. He looked at me and realised that I knew he didn’t know what to do. And I too didn’t because we were too busy chatting in class.

“I don’t know what to do…” Mason panicked.

“We should’ve paid attention…”

Mason sat still looking at the medical bag. “I’m just going to guess.”

“You can’t just--”

“I can.” He said. Then he took out another 30cm gauze roll and wrapped it around my thigh using his teeth and right arm. He practically wrapped it around my leg until the whole roll had finished. Then he took a microporous bandage and cut a bit and stuck it on the gauze, securing it. He then sat silent for what seemed like years.

“Mason you ok?”

“Yeah. It’s all fine. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok.” He told me but it sounded like he was trying to convince himself. I sighed. “Mason you don’t have to do this ok? It’s fine if you don’t know what to do. I won’t be mad at you...I promise. Ok?”

He didn’t reply but I could see he was still confused on what to do. He dumped everything from the bag on the floor and started looking around for anything else.

“Elastic adhesive bandage.” He read out. He took it and started to wrap it around my wound for a few minutes.

“How many times are you going to wrap t--”

“I need to make sure there won’t be any blood coming out.”

“If we make it out this place, I’m pretty sure the ambulance will think you’re crazy dumb and Mr Sanderson will be sacked.” I said smiling, trying to loosen him up. He smiled.

“Just loosen up ok Mase?”

“Ok.” He exhaled. He then picked up a scissor and cut the bandage.

“I think that’s enough.” He said standing up. “My turn.”

He helped me up and gently sat me down. He then sat next to me and I looked at his broken arm. I almost threw up. I took some sterile wipes and wiped his arm as clean as I could. Then I put a bordered gauze and stuck it on his shoulder which was badly cut. The blood had calmed down which was good news.. I then took the elastic adhesive bandage which was the colour tan. I wrapped it around his shoulder and smiled. “That was easy.”

Mason looked at it and just looked expressionless. “I just want to go home.”

“We both do but we just got to stay hopeful.” I said as I stuck a bandage on his eyebrow and stuck another bothered gauze on his cheek. Then I put the adhesive bandage on top of the bothered gauze and cut the excess bandage.I sighed and tried to sit properly but that was a nono.

“Thanks.” He said as he went to look at his face in the mirror. “It’s okay.”

“It’s okay.” I mocked. He turned around. “What?”

“Nothing.” I said getting up and hopping around with one leg looking for any drink. I looked inside the kitchen and saw a coke. Mason walked up to me and gave my medication box. I opened it and I took two pills out. I then put them in my mouth and washed it down with coke.

“Are you cold?” I asked Mason, hopping back to the sofa. Mason came and sat me down properly, my right leg was up resting on the armrest. He sat down next to me.

“I’m fine, so long as you are.”

“This place is freezing cold. And you're practically shirtless.”

“Hey, you don’t worry about me.” He said looking for his phone. Then we both realised we’d lost our phones. “Elevator.” Mason said, already going to the elevator and pressing the open button. The lift opened and he picked up both phones with his right arm. He then came back in and handed mine to me. “2 weeks ago I told Mr Sanderson that he was overreacting and no one was going to end up lost and die because of a --”

“This is just like that movie we watched.”

“What movie?”

“I forgot the name, it was two months ago.”

“We watch movies almost everyday, try and remember..”

“It’s exactly what’s happened…the two friends get trapped in an old building, the arguments and they then survive on sweets, then the elevator accident...” He said with a cold tone. “And if I’m right...then…”

“What are you on about Mason?” I looked at him confused. His face was pale.

He looked so scared. "This is really creeping me out. Everything that's happened..."

I started to panic. “Mason you need to tell me what you’re on about because you’re scaring me and--”

“One of us might die.” He blurted out. My heart shattered. I just sat there with my right leg over the armrest. I looked up at him. “How….?”

He looked down at me. “You don’t remember?”

Then I remembered. I remembered it all. All too well. “Mason we can’t argue, not until tomorrow.”

“I know. We just need to not fight.”

“Agreed.” I said looking at my bandaged leg. “What if...what if we do….?”

Mason sighed. “I don’t know...I know but I don’t want it to be true…”

"This seems can't just be a coincidence...right?"

"What? You think the guys are up to this?" Mason scoffed. "If they were, they'd already have rescued us."

"Lucas? I mean I get--"

"Lucas is harmless and he doesn't even--"

"Sorry." I apologised. "I am just...I don't know..."

Mason exhaled. "It's not the guys. I promise you...but I do have an itch that someone is messing with us, I mean...the lift accident or the--"

"Who saw the movie with us?"

"I mean a few school people, it was just...I don't remember."

I closed my eyes and hugged my hoodie, well not mine but it’s mine now. I then felt a familiar smell. I tried to recognise the smell but I couldn’t.

“What are you doing?” Mason asked, looking at me weirdly.

“Don’t look at me like that, this smell just seems familiar.” I said raising my arm up for him to smell it. He looked confused at the smell. Then I smelt it again and he saw my expression. We both realised where this smell is from.

“Noah.” We said at the same time. We both looked shocked for a second.

Then it suddenly hit me. “He’s behind all this isn’t he?”

“Why is he doing this?!” Mason exploded. “I fucking hate him so much!”

“Hey, calm down. I’m sure the police will be here any moment now.” I said trying to calm him down.

“He’s a fucking little cunt going around and messing people up. I knew he was trouble since the day I met him!”

“Stop it. He’s probably listening to us.” I hissed.

“Stop being ridiculous.”

“I’m not, I mean...I...we’ve got until tomorrow.” I said checking the date. Tomorrow is Monday…”

“Work probably starts at eight or something.”

“I don’t think so…” Mason said getting up. “The lift isn’t working and you’re saying that they can fix it in one day?”

“What if they don’t use the lift...what if…” I got up hopping around the room. “There was another way.....”

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