Lunar Skylar

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Sleep over

I closed my window and went into Alex’s room. Smiling.

“Sky, you okay?” Alex asked as I came inside.

“I’m having a sleep over?”

“Really?!” They both said excited.


“They finally invited you?” Xander asked.

I blushed. “Don’t think they’ll ever do.”

“Huh?” They both said.

“I invited Effron.”

“But how?” Xander asked confused.

“He came into my room through the window.”

“You serious?” They both said shocked.

“Yeah, forget that...guys can I invite him to come to...” I shifted a bit. “The guys never invite I thought as he’s my new friend that maybe I could do a sleep over and invite him and Oscar as they’re my only...friends...”


My smile faded. “I knew it. I’m tired. I need to sleep.” I said leaving the room but Alex pulled me back. “You can invite them over.”


“Yeah. Call him. Xander give her your phone.” Alex said.

Then Xander gave me his phone and I called Oscar. “Hi Oscar.”

“Sky, finally ready to admit your defeat?”

“No. Wanna come over tomorrow for a sleep over?”

“Okay, when?”


“Okay, done. I gotta go. See you tomorrow?”

“Yeah.” I said cutting the call. Then I exhaled. “He’s coming!!”

“You seem pretty excited.” Alex said.

“Course I am. I haven’t had a sleep over for ages.”

“Yeah...I’m sorry about the guys...” Xander said taking his phone back.

“It’s fine...” I smiled. “So, I need to go sleep--”

“About Oscar and the window--”

“Hey, don’t worry about that.” I said going into my room and laying down on my bed. I am so excited!!

“They’re not here yet...” I frowned pacing around the room.

“Because it’s only 11: 56.” Xander said.

“I need to order food.” I panicked.

“Sky, stop worrying. Just calm down.” Alex said. “Look at me.” He said standing up and walking slowly. “My leg’s getting better.”

“Show off. But I’m glad.” I smiled.

“Just need to learn how to pee like before.”

“That is too much detail.” I wrenched.


“Are the guys--”

“No. I told them not to, we’re gonna go to Lorenzo--”

“I still don’t get how Daniel--”

“Noah. He ran to his house and then Daniel came and knocked the door down which is merely impossible.”

“Yeah, he is quite strong.” I said.

“I have ordered drinks and lots of pizza.” Xander said.


“No problem. Have you set out all the movies?”

“Yes. And also tons of junk food.” I said. “God they’re taking so long--”

“Sky, do you go to a party at the exact time?” Alex asked.

“No, who does that...wait...oh...right.” I blushed.

“Xander, I need to go up the stairs.”

“Okay.” Xander said helping him. Once they reached the top, Alex went into the bathroom and Xander came back down the stairs.

“The house always looks clean because of you Sky.” He said looking around.

“Credits to my OCD.”

“Which movies did you pick?”

“Definitely not 50 shades of grey.”

“Now that raises suspicion.”

“So, I got, The meg, Mortal, Angel has fallen, and Resistance.”

“Those are good movies. Okay.” He said. “We’ll be gone for a while so don’t burn the house down or do anything illegal.”


“Don’t say ‘okay’ not that is even more suspicious.”

“Fine then?”


“Xander a little help.” Alex said from the top of the stairs.

“Alex don’t stand that close!!” Xander yelled helping him down. “You could seriously have fell.”

“Okay, sorry.”

Then the door knocked. I went to the window and saw Effron. “He’s here!”

“Okay, answer the door.” Xander said.

I went to the door and answered it. “Hey.”

“He can walk again?” He asked.

“Yup.” Alex said. “Sky we’re going now.”

“Okay.” I said as me and Effron sat on the sofa. Within seconds, they were out the front door. I exhaled. Then locked the door. I waited for Xander’s car to start and then drive off. Then I turned to him. “We are gonna have so much--”

The door knocked and I quickly went to the window and saw Oscar. I quickly opened the door. “Hi.”

“Hi.” Then he came inside. “Let me guess, the guys aren’t coming?”

“No. Last night they decided to do a sleep over with out me.”


Then the door knocked and I peeked out the window. Pizza guy. I went to the front door and picked up the drinks and pizza boxes.

“Great.” I said setting them down next to us.

“I brought my hair kit.” Effron said as he opened a huge bag. “Wanna dye your hair?”



“No, I mean, yeah.”

“Do your brothers mind?”

“They won’t.”

“Okay, I won’t die it completely. Just two strands of your hair. One pink and another blue?”

“Yeah. That sounds cool.”

“Okay.” He said taking a brush and two bottles of hair dye. “It’ll only take a few minutes.”

“Okay.” I said. “Which movie do you wanna watch first?”

They both looked at all four. “Angel has fallen.” They both said at the same time.

“Okay. Done.” I said clicking on it. We started watching it while Effron did my hair.

“Done.” He said after five minutes. “Lets go wash it.”

“Your hair looks amazing.” Oscar said.

“Yeah it does.” I said as Effron put my hair into two pony tails, curling it.

“Ta dah!” He smiled as he finished. I took a mirror and looked at myself. “You’re so talented!!”

“I know.”

“Guys,” Oscar said blowing balloons. “Lets fill this place up with 100 balloons.”

“Okay!” I said picking one up.

“Sure.” Effron said blowing one up.

“Oh my god!!” I squealed as there were 100 balloons floating around the living room.

“This is so cool!” Oscar stood on the sofa.

“100 balloons in five minutes. Cool!!” Effron said. “Okay, lets listen to music and get this place hyped.”

“Hold on, look, I got..” I went into my room and took my led light disco ball. Then I plugged it in.

“WOAH!!” We all said at the same time.

“That’s so sick!” Oscar said.

“Exactly.” Effron said.

“Do you have a blue tooth speaker?” Oscar asked.

“Here.” I said giving it to him. After a few moments, he had connected it and was playing, ‘We are never ever getting back together’ by Taylor Swift, my FAVORITE singer of all time.

Then the song started to play and Effron took a hairbrush. Then Oscar took a brush. “I remember when we broke up, the first time

Saying, “this is it, I’ve had enough”
’Cause like, we hadn’t seen each other in a month
When you said you needed space (what?)”
They sang,

“Come on Sky--” Oscar said pulling me up.

"Then you come around again and say, Baby, I miss you and I swear I’m gonna change, trust me” Remember how that lasted for a day? I say, “I hate you, ” we break up, you call me, “I love you”"

“Sky sing!!” Effron said. I got up and seemed to forget the pain. The worry...I just...felt safe. Happy. Secure.

"We are never ever, ever getting back together

We are never ever, ever getting back together
You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me
But we are never ever, ever, ever getting back together
Like, ever.

We continued singing until we ran out of breath falling onto the sofa. The music was still going but--

“You can sing?!” Effron said.

“I can...maybe.”

“Sky...last musical..” Oscar said. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” I smiled. “Who can drink 1 leter of coke in 1 minute?”

“I can.” They both said.

“No, I can.” I said taking a bottle.

“Okay. Lets see.” Oscar said taking a bottle and giving one to Effron. Then he put a timer on. “00:00.”

“Okay, 3, 2, 1--”

I started drinking, and drinking and drinking--

“49 seconds!!” Effron jumped.

I kept drinking until I finished the whole bottle. “57 sec!!” I squealed.

“59 sec!” Oscar said pausing the timer. Then we started burping and laughing.

Then I got up and burped again. Then went into my room pulling out three nerf guns. I went down the stairs and threw one at Oscar and another at Effron. Then I loaded mine and started shooting.


“Surrender!!” I said shooting at his shoulder. Then Effron shot at me hitting my eyebrow. I shot him in the eyebrow too.


Oscar shot him on the arm. We kept shooting until we ran out of bullets. “Anyone up for cake?” I asked taking three plates and three spoons and bringing a chocolate cake from the kitchen to them.

“Chocolate?” Oscar looked at it. “Decent.”

“I cooked it.”

“No you didn’t. That is from ASDA’s.” Effron said eating.

“Maybe. Lets watch Resistance now!!” I said eating some.


I grabbed one balloon and popped it. “Hey, this is fun.”

“Of course it is!!” Oscar jumped on one making the loudest pop. Then I jumped on another and so did Effron. “88 left.”

Then the door knocked and I saw it was Mason. I quickly went to the door. “Hi Mase.” I smiled.

“Blank Space?”

“Taylor Swift.” Effron said as the music blasted. “Hi...I’m guessing you’re Mason?”

“Yeah, erm...thanks for saving Cleo...”

“No problem.” He said popping a balloon. “81 more to pop.”

Then Oscar came and popped a balloon. “80. Hi Mason.”

“Hi, Sky can we talk?” He said already dragging me upstairs into my room. Then he locked the door. “Looks like you were having fun.” He said looking at my hair. “You look really nice.”

“Thanks. Effron did it.”


“No, erm, Oscar.”

“Which one?”

I pointed at the window where his room was.

“Oh, so you call him Efron?”

“Yeah, he called me Alexandra Diddario because apparently I look like her? Do I?”


“And then I said he was the tall version of Zac Efron.”


“So he’s Effron and I’m Diddario.”

“Oh. That’s cool. Erm...why are their clothes here?”

“Do you mind spending the night at Gemma’s? They’re staying the night--”

“Sleep over?”

“Yeah. I was sad yesterday so I thought, why not have one and oh my favorite song!” I squealed as I heard, ‘Love story’. Taylor Swift.

“Sky you’re not going anywhere.” Mason dragged me back into my room. “Why do you sound like that?”

“Too much singing--”

“You sang?”

“So much.”

“But I thought you were scared--”

“At first I was...but then Oscar convinced me and we started singing--”

“But I’ve tried to--”

“It’s different. I feel comfortable, like not in the edge, around them.”


“Oh, and I also had lots of coke.”

“You sound like you’re having fun. Mind if I join?”

“It’ll be awkward. But you can tag along.”

“Tag along?”

“We’re going swimming. Heston pool.”

“You going with them only or Xander?”

“Xander will drive us.”

“Oh. I’m free, can I come too?”

“How about you go help Gemma out with Carlos and Clara.”

“Oh. Right. Yeah.”

“You okay?”

“Perfect although you hosted a sleepover and didn’t invite me or the guys.”

“Oh...right. I forgot.” I blushed. “Too late now.”


I took my swimming bag and went down the stairs. “Swimming?”

“Okay, but we still have tons of balloons to pop.” Oscar said picking his bag up.

“There’s so much mess everywhere. How did that pizza slice get on the wall?” I asked looking at it.

“You threw it at me but I dodged it.” Effron said.

“Oh yeah...”

“And the cake fight...oh shit.”

Then the door opened and I saw Alex and Xander. They froze as they saw the mess. “Sky you’ve fucking turned the place into--”

Then Effron popped a balloon. Oscar and I tried not to burst out laughing.

“As I was saying--”

Oscar popped a balloon.

“Guys stop--”

Then I popped one.

“Guys no more balloons!”

“Balloons.” Effron popped another one. “53 more left to pop.”

“You’ve all turned this place into god knows what.” Alex complained.

“Pizza everywhere!” Xander looked at the floor. “Why the fuck are there chocolate crumbs everywhere?”

“Food fight?” I bit my lip.

“Coke?! Skittles?! Doritos?! You know what, lets just take you to the pool.” Xander sighed.

“I’ll stay here.” Alex said playing the movie. “Resistance? Cool movie. Sky you fancy that guy don’t you?”

I blushed. “Alex you fancy Emma Watson.”

Then he blushed and threw a pillow at me. “Mind your business.”

“SIMP!” I rushed out the front door before he could throw another pillow at me.

I woke up to water being splashed on me. I gasped and sat up. Then I saw Oscar and Effron laughing holding a bucket.

“You idiots! I’m wet!!” I laughed. Then I got up and took my glitter throwing it at their clothes.

“Hey!” Oscar and Effron said trying to dust it off.

“Payback.” I smiled.

“Guys you’ve got school so out you go. And what the...never mind.” Xander left the room.

“Guys, I gotta go. Last night was fun. Especially when Oscar almost died.”

“I forgot my shoulder pads.” Effron said defensively.

“Kid.” Oscar teased leaving the room. “Bye guys.”

“Bye.” We both said.

“I better get going.”



“Um...nothing.” I blushed.

“What’s wrong?”

“No. I just like your company.”

“So do I. I’m going to my room so we can see each other and do online school.”

“Great idea.”

I went downstairs with him and watched him go out the front door, then I went to the toilet and got cleaned up. After, I went downstairs and took my breakfast all the way up my room.


“I got class.” I said. Then I sat on my desk and saw Effron too was having his breakfast. I opened my window. “Cereal?”

“Yup.” I said. “Class is soon.”

“Your hair...want me to braid it?”


“Okay.” He said coming inside. Then he stood behind me and braided my hair into two. The door opened and Noah came inside. “Hi!”

“And who are you?”

“Oscar. New neighbor--”

“OSCAR!!” His sister shrieked coming up to his window.

“Sorry sis. I’m almost done.”

“You need to stop touching everyone’s hair! I am very sorry--”

“No, he dyed my hair.”


“I asked him to.”


“I’m done.” He said. “Gotta go Daddario.” He said climbing out the window and into his room. “Bye Effron!”

“Oscar you are so dead!” His sister screamed. Then she close the window and blind and started to yell at him.

“Sky can you please explain--”

“Hey, he’s just a friend.” I smiled as I looked at my hair. “He’s really talented when it comes to hair.”

“Sky...yesterday why did you invite Oscar and the other Oscar?”

“Sleep over.”

“Did you have fun?”

“The best time ever.”

“Why didn’t you invite me and the guys?”

“I forgot and by the time I remembered...”

“How can you forget me?”

“I’m sorry...” I said glancing at Effron’s room. “Where is he?”

“Sky. Focus!” He snapped his fingers at my face. “Why didn’t you invite me?”

“I dunno...”

“Wait so you didn’t forget.”

“Well, ish.”

He shook his head. “Why tho?”

“Because...” I looked at him trying to find an excuse.

“Why didn’t you invite Mason? Or any of them.”

“Because...I just wanted some alone time--”

“Alone time?!”

“Not alone time...I mean...”


“They’re comfortable to be around.”

“Mason said you were singing.”


“But you can’t even sing in front of anyone--”

“Well...they’ to be around...” I smiled sadly. “They’re really fun.”

“I really don’t give a shit about them but--”

“Don’t speak like that--”

“Why the fuck did you not tell me they were coming?”

“Why do I need to?”

“Because, I am your boyfriend.”


“I feel uncomfortable knowing you shared a bed with two boys!”

“Don’t yell at me.”

“Why the fuck did you not tell me?!”

“Why should I?!”

“Because I’m your boyfriend!!”

“Yeah well, why don’t yous lot tell me when you have ‘meet ups’. Why do I need to learn the hard way that all yous are fakes. I mean, don’t start the, ‘I’m sorry, I didn’t know’, bullshit!!”

“It’s not our fault you don’t interact with us.”

“How am I supposed to when I never get to hang out with yous?! Do you know how hurt I am when I hear that you guys went somewhere without me?! Boy I’m so used to all that jack shit!!”

“Calm down. I’m sorry. I promise from now on, I won’t forget you. Yeah?”

I looked at him. “Okay.”

Then he hugged me. “I’m sorry for yelling at you...”

“It’s fine now..”

“I bought you a gift.” He said showing me a diamond necklace.

“I don’t want it.”

He looked at me confused. “It’s not cheap--”

“No, I don’t care if it is or not! I’m just saying...I don’t want your stupid gifts. Please...”

“Okay...but Sky--”

“You can buy flowers and chocolate. Not expensive gifts. I mean, some people don't even get gifts..”

“Okay. But you can tell me whatever you need.”


“I need to go class. Love you babes.” He said giving me a kiss and leaving.

I looked at the door...and then sat back down on my seat logging onto my laptop. I clicked on the zoom. Miss Vivian was saying the register.

“Oscar Lovato?”

“Here Miss.” Effron said. Then he looked up from his laptop and waved at me.

“Lunar Skylar?” Miss called from the register.

“Here.” I said. Then I felt a sudden shock. Seizure.

“You okay now?” She asked.

“Yeah.” Then I heard the door knock and I quickly muted myself and closed the camera.

“Your meds.” Xander said giving them to me.

“Put a shirt on!!” I took the water and meds swallowing them.

“No one’s gonna see.” He said. “And mind your business it’s fucking 100* celisus--”

“Shut the heaters next time!”

“Just get back to class.” He said leaving the room.

I rolled my eyes and sat back on my seat waving at Effron. He waved back too. I unmuted myself and turned my camera back on. Miss talked for a few minutes while we answered questions. Lucas was speaking when I heard a scream.

The whole class gasped. Effron looked up at me.

“What was that?”

“It’s the TV.” I lied and quickly muted myself, turning the camera off. I got up and ran out the room and down the stairs where Alex and Xander were. Alex was...crying.

“Guys what’s wrong?” I asked walking up to him.

“His leg.” Xander sighed.

Then Alex started crying again. Then I saw something trickle down his pants. “Did you just...”

Then he burst into tears. “Alex, stop crying and lets get you cleaned up.” Xander said going into the downstairs toilet. “Sky get his underwear and robe.”

“Okay.” After a few moments I went back down the stairs and knocked on the bathroom. Xander opened it and I gave them to him. “Go get his bed ready.”

I went upstairs and fixed his bed and took his emergency kit out. Not seconds later, Xander appeared with Alex. I saw the pain in Alex’s eyes and I hugged him. “I know you’re in a lot of pain. I’m really sorry.”

“Stop crying. It’s not your fault.”

“I know. I just wish the pain could go away...”

“Same.” He winced. Then Xander laid him down on the bed.

“I’ll go.” I said leaving.

“Wait I need to give him his injection.” Xander said.

“Nononono!!” Alex burst into tears. “No!!”

“It’ll only hurt for a few moments-- ”

“No.” He sobbed. “I don’t want to...”

“Listen, it’ll make you better--”


“I’ll be back.” Xander said going out the room. I watched Alex sink in pain. “ does it feel?”

“I don’t know...just...I can’t--” Then he screamed.

“Hey, hey...calm down. Okay?”

He just started crying again. “I hate this so much!!”

“Are you gonna get surgery soon?”

“Yeah. Turns out the white blood cells and nerve cells in my blood stream provide a--”


“I got this thing in me and these injections help calm it down. Yesterday, Alex went to the pharmacy to pick up this new medicine which works even more better and longer but it’s twice the pain...”

The front door opened and I heard footsteps running up the stairs. Then Alex rushed to Alex 1.2 and hugged him. “I’m sorry baby bro.” She burst into tears. “It keeps happening...”

“Yeah. I don’t want to have the injection.” He sobbed.

“Listen, you need to okay? It’ll help you a lot.” Alex said.


“Listen, lets clean your thigh first.” Xander said already getting the towel--


“Come on Alex..” Alex said. “Xander grab his arms!!” She said quickly.

“Get off me!!” Alex 1.2 yelled. “Don’t fucking touch me!!!”

“Alex calm down.” Xander said.

Once Alex 1.1 had finished, she applied some cream and he burst out crying.

“I know it’s a bit uncomfortable.” She said as she picked the syringe which was lying down on the bed.

“Nononono!!” Alex screamed at her.

“Hey, Alex stop being stupid!” Xander snapped at him. Then Alex 1.2 kicked Alex 1.1 in the face. They both froze for a moment and then Xander shoved him across the bed. “ARE YOU CRAZY?!”

“Alex you okay?” I rushed up to her. Then I saw Xander, the anger in his eyes. I grabbed his fists before he could hurt him. “Xander calm yourself!!”

I could see Alex 1.2 was scared as hell. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--"

Xander shoved me off and was about to hit him but he stopped himself. Then he hugged him instead.

“Don’t cry, I won’t hit you...” He whispered stroking Alex 1.2′s hair. “Alex don’t cry, I won’t hurt you.”

“Promise me?”

“I promise...”

Then I quickly took the injection and injected him. Alex 1.2 started screaming. “Hey, hey, calm down..” Xander said softly. I guess it kinda worked as he did quieten down a bit. “Are you okay now?”

“Yeah.” Alex 1.2 mumbled.

“I need to go to work but you call me if anything happens. Okay?” Alex 1.1 said.

“Okay.” Xander said as she left.

“Bye Sky, and thanks.” Alex 1.1 said.

“No problem.”

I heard her go downstairs and out the front door.

“Alex are you okay now?” I asked him.

“Yeah. You should get back to class.” He said.

I got up and left the room and went into my room. Sike! I was eavesdropping!!

“You okay?” Xander asked.

“Yeah.” Alex said wiping his tears. “Pains gone.”

“You’re sweating a lot.”

“I know..I’m just so exhausted...”

“Yeah, do you wanna go wash and sleep?”


“Come on.”

I quickly rushed to my room and back to my laptop. Then turned the mute and camera back on. Cover? “Lunar Skylar why are you late?”

“I was here the whole time.”

“Why didn’t you respond to my questions?”

“My mute, I couldn’t work, it didn’t work--”

“What did I say before? What time did the lesson start? What are we learning today--”

Then I heard someone crying quietly. I laid on the floor listening through the floor. Alex 1.1. Huh?

“SKYLAR?!” The cover teacher shrilled and the class burst out laughing.

“Sky you okay?” Noah asked worriedly.

“I’m not psycho.” I said sitting up. Then I saw Effron looking at me dead confused. I sighed and rolled down the blinds. Not time not now.

Then I heard the front door open and voices downstairs. The guys are here. Perfect. Why tho? Like why?!

“Sir I feel a bit sick, can I just leave for a second?”

“Fine. Just hurry up. One minute.”

“Make that ten.” I said muting myself and turning the camera off. I quickly ran down the stairs and saw Alex crying and Daniel kneeling down next to her.

“Alex what’s wrong?” I rushed up to her. It’s not everyday she’s crying. “Is it about Alex?”


“He didn’t mean to hurt you--”

“No, no, he’s fucking killed me a million time when we go training...I’m worried about his leg. I should take him to A&E. He probably needs to be checked out--”

“Hey, he’s okay. We got everything--”

“But I can’t keep coming here. I’ve got so much on my plate, and--”

“He’s okay.” Daniel said.

“I know but he’s not...he’s in so much pain and..”

“He’s okay. I’ll go check on him again.” I said.

“I’m going back home to get his wheel chair.” Alex said getting up.

“But you know he hates--”

“Yeah well, he needs it. Xander can’t keep moving him around the house and he’s gonna move into Xander’s room which is downstairs.”

“Clearly didn’t know that.” I said sarcastically. Then I saw the alcohol bottles. “Xander and Alex won’t let me out my room when you guys are drinking.” I said to Daniel.

“Why don’t you invite your friends?”

“Okay. I’ll call them.” I said as Alex gave me her phone. “Hi babes, what’s up?”

“Nothing.” He lied.

“Where are you? Is that Luca?”

“No.” He lied.

“Are you hanging out with them?!”

“No.” He lied.

“Noah why on earth are you still with them after everything they did to ME?!”

“Stop screaming at me, listen, they’ve been with me my whole life. I can’t just ditch them like that!”

“Noah you are unbelievable. After everything, you’re still friends with them?! Noah, they scare me to death. Noah you need to stop being friends with them--”

“I can’t. Listen. If I break up with them, then there is nothing to stop them from hurting you--”

“Noah, I’d rather get hurt than see you hanging around with a bunch of psychos!!”

“They’re not psycho! You are!!”

At that I dropped the phone. “He called me...psycho?” I looked at Alex and Daniel confused. Then I quickly got up and rushed out the house. I knocked on Effron’s door and he answered. I hugged him tightly bursting into tears.

“Hey what’s wrong?”

“My boyfriend called me psycho...” I sobbed as he sat me down on the living room sofa.

Then the doorbell rang. He quickly got up and answered it. “Oscar!”

“Yup. I brought balloons?”


“You bet.” He said as he sat down next to us. We started bowing them. Blowing balloons.

“About Noah, what happened?” Effron asked again.

“He called me psycho..”

“I don’t mean to be nosy or anything but Sky...what you said about Noah and Jay, and the it true?” Oscar asked.

I looked at them both silently and then down at my hands. “Apparently they are ‘false allegations’.”

“Wait, it’s true?!” Oscar asked.

“Yeah.” I wiped my tears. “But of course, just when I thought I was safe the fact that they ‘will’ be behind bars, there’s a plot twist.”

“I’m sorry but what happened?”

“It’s a long story but Noah and his friends jumped me three times really badly.”

“What?!” Effron’s eyes widened.

“Yeah...wait, Noah was the one who started it all because he thought I”

They both looked at me with worried looks. “Are you though?”

“Oscar no!”

“Okay, just asking.”

“So they thought I was bi so they beat me up the first time and told me not to tell anyone, next day, Noah and Mason get into a fight and then they thought I told Mason so they beat me up again, then third time was not long ago, they came to beat me up because I grassed on them to the police...”

“Hey, stop crying..” Effron stroked my hair.

“I’m so so scared.”

“Don’t be scared. You got us.” Oscar said.



“You guys are amazing.” I smiled. “Easy to talk to.”

“Course. I’m the best at talking--”

“Erm, Oscar. I am.” I argued jokingly.

“You’re really fun to be around.” Effron said.

“I am?”

“Yeah. You crack us up so many times, especially when I was drowning.” Effron smiled.

“Who laughs when they’re drowning?” I burst out laughing. Then they did.

“Your laugh is way too contagious.” Oscar smiled.

“Effron you ticklish?” I asked.


"Okay. Now Oscar." Then I tickled Oscar. He started laughing. Then he started tickling me.

“Oh my god! Stop!!” I laughed in tears. Then I tickled him even more. “Okay, Okay!” I rolled on the floor him still tickling me.



Oscar burst out laughing. “You guys are unbelievably ticklish--”

Then the door bell rang. “That must be my brother.” Effron said going to open it. It was Noah and Lucas.

“Hey...” Noah walked up to me. “Your cheeks are so red.”

“She’s so ticklish.” Effron said closing the door. I stood up and fixed my hair. I looked into Noah’s eye as a reflection.

“So erm, I’m not friends with them anymore...happy?”

“You’re not?”


“Your irises are green!”

“Sky?!” He flicked his finger at my forehead.

“Ow,” I did the same to him.

“I just let you use my eyes as a mirror for you.”

“So, you’ll never hang out with them?”

“Yeah. Just for you.”

“Thanks.” I hugged him. “Lucas, what’s up?”

“We’re going out. Wanna join us?”



Then Oscar popped a balloon. “We still have 87 more to go.”

We all burst out laughing. “You serious.” I blew one.

“86. Noah, Lucas, you need to help us.” Effron said pulling them back. “Wait, you are Lucas right?”

“Yeah, how do you--”

“You’re one of her fake friends.” Effron said.

“Huh?” Lucas asked offended.

“What he means is, fake friends, like opposite. Right Effron?” I hissed.

“Effron? Thought you were Oscar--”

“I am Oscar, lets forget this and blow balloons.”

“I don’t have a girl--”

“No!” We all said at the same time bursting into laughter. “We mean, balloon balloon not boobies.” I said.

“Boobies?” We started laughing again.

“You know what I mean.” I rolled my eyes.

“Woah, where are you going?” Effron got up quickly as his sister came out her room.

“A date.”

“With who?”

“None of your business.”

“Is it a good guy?”

“Mhm.” Then she looked at her phone. She was reading something.

“Oh...he’s cancelled. Some emergency has come up.” She sighed clearly upset. There was awkward silence when I popped a balloon. Then Oscar. Then Lucas. She looked up at us. “Ridiculous--”

Then she got another bleep. “Oh..he wants me to come over...”

“Are you going to?”

“Wait, he says he can’t come but I can come over and he can order something for us both and we can also get to know each other and he is going to try and dress properly but he cant and is probably gonna fuck everything up because of that and get me all worried and then he’ll get dumped and probably live the rest of his life alone.”

We all burst out laughing.

"First impression, spot on." She smiled.

“That sounds like what Alex would say.” I said.

“Exactly.” Noah said. Everyone looked at her confused. “It is Alex isn’t it?”

She blushed. “I am a bit late.” She said trying to hide her smile.

“Sis you sure you wanna go I mean, you got cheated--”

“He’s a nerd.”

“HOW DARE YOU?!” Me, Lucas and Noah screamed at the same time.

“I mean, he’s a good guy. I’ve seen him. And besides, I’m quite the nerd too.” She smiled leaving the house.

“She a nerd?”

“She wears oversized glasses--"

"So does Alex." I said.

"And she loves science."

"So does Alex." Lucas said.

"She’s freaky.”

"So is Alex." Noah sighed.

Effron wrenched. “They're both NERDY NERDS.”

“Nerdy nerd?” I started walking up the stairs. Then into her room, oh, wrong room.

“Hey,” I laughed awkwardly.

“Do you mind? I’m changing if you wanna take a better look at me then go on.”

“Nono, I...wrong room.”

“You are a robber. Now where’s your mask and gun? Fam, did you sanitize your hands, you’re full of germs and look at you, I’ll come around and bruk up your blood clart!"

I gasped. "Excuse me?!"

"Man move. Bombaclart idiot."

I heard laughing behind me. "You are unbelievable!!"

"Rasclart, you man move!"

"How dare you?!"

"Some next level scottish gay kid."

I saw the guys laughing their hearts out.

"Noah tell him off!!" I screeched.

"Listen, back off her." He snorted laughing so hard.

"As you wish."

"Sky, why on earth did you come into his room?" He asked as we went out the room. I could still see the rest of them were laughing.

"That was not funny!!" I said trying not to smile. "Maybe a bit."

"Okay, I see them." Lucas said as we entered her room. We ducked under the window and started watching them.

"He fucking dressed up?" I looked at him confused.

"She's sitting next to him." Effron said.

"She's laughing." Oscar whispered. "Wait, is she looking at the periodic table?"

"Nerds." We all said at the same time.

"They're talking about it?"

"Oh god. This is embarrassing. Too much nerdiness in here."


"Misuse of language." He mimicked my voice.

"Hey, don't speak to her like that." Effron said defensively.

"Effron, don't worry, he was just joking."

"Oh, right." He blushed and continued spying. I could feel Noah looking at me but I ignored it. Until I cracked. "Noah what is it?!"

"Lets talk--"

Then I saw them kiss. "Oh no!" Noah said freaked out.

"Nerds kiss!!" I said. "Who got that on--"

"I did." Lucas said.

"Don't post it. Yet." Oscar said.

"They'll kill us." Effron said laughing. Then they started taking their clothes off--

"I'm out, lets go, quickly." Oscar said as we hurried out the room.

Then the brother came in and saw through the window and closed his eyes leaving the room. "Yous lot are crazy gay!" He said.

"He's a road man and gypsy." I whispered.

"Shut up man. No one likes you." He said going down to the kitchen. "Dickheads what the fuck?!" He popped a balloon.

"He swears too much." Effron sighed.

"Yeah. Lets just go. And I'm erasing that." Lucas said deleting the video. "I need to get a new phone and burn this one."


"So, you coming?" Noah asked.

"Yeah, where are we going?"

"To the High street." Lucas said.

"Okay. Sure. Erm, bye guys."

"Bye!" They both said.

"That was fun." Mason said as we went into my room.
"Yeah it was."
"You're getting back to your old self again."
"Tell me about it. I've been described as fun today and my laugh is contagious."
"Of course it is." He nudged me in the ribs. "Can't wait to surprise him."
"Yeah. What did you get him?" I asked.
"Nike Air, Vapo Max. Red. Of course." He said opening the shoe box. "Now I need to wrap it up. What did you get?"
"I got him a Rolex watch cost me a fucking £21,500."
"That's really really expensive." He raised his eyebrows.
"Yeah, well, it's his first birthday in the outside world." I smiled looking at it. Then I started wrapping it with birthday--
"Sky, how much have you got left now?"
"A good 40k."
"That is bad. Naughty bad." He smiled. "I'm really happy about today."
"Yeah. Alex and Xander haven't still come--"
Then the door opened and I heard voices. "They're here! I need to see what they got for him."
"Parcel delivery." I heard Xander call out.
We quickly went downstairs. "What did you guys get him?" I asked nosily.
"Rolex." Xander said.
"No I got him that!"
"And an Air Jordan 1 with, cologne, Dior. They all cost me under 15k."
"I got him Coverse Off-white chuck 70--"
"That costs like two grand or something?" I said.
"Yeah, and also a Rolex. And then Givenchy jumper. And a cologne, also from Dior. So, yeah. It was all 18k."
"Cool." Mason and I said.
"And these," Xander pointed at the seven parcels, "I think are probably Aiden's presents."
"Yeah, you guys, wrap them up while me and Mason, go wrap ours up." I said as we walked up the stairs. We went into my room and sat back on my bed starting to wrap the presents.

"How do I look?" Mason asked twirling around. "Pure drippy."
"Erm, no. You look like a road man."
"I'm not."
"You're a road man even without clothes."
"Fine. Want me to wear jeans?"
"Too gay."
I gasped. "MASON!?"
"I mean, not homophobic way but as in gay. There's two meanings to gay."
"Never mind. I'm not a homophobe tho." He said putting his watch on and brand new shoes. "Do I need a hair cut?"
"You got one yesterday!"
"Oh, right."
"Lets go quickly." I said as I finished putting my make up on. Then I looked at my hair. "I look okay right?"
"Nope." I heard Effron say. Then I saw he was reading a book. He stood on his window sill and came into my room. Then he started doing my hair. After he finished he said. "You're welcome." He went out the window and back to his room. "Thank you Effron!"
"Hero saves the day. Have a good day Daddario. Now let me read." He closed the window and blinds.
I looked at my hair. "Oh it looks amazing."
"It really does." Then Mason hugged me. "You look so beautiful in that dress."
"Well, it's a birthday party."
"£55. Not bad." He kissed my cheek. "Lets go now. Everything's prepared."
"I don't like this. I look fucking disabled." Alex complained as Xander wheeled him in the wheel chair.
"Stop it. You'll be okay."
"Course I will. I mean, I'm fucking dead."
"Alex, I survived." I said. "Some people need to live in a wheel chair forever."
"I know but..." He sighed. We knocked on the door and went inside.
"Guys this looks amazing!" I said fascinated.
"Did you buy him a motorcycle?!" Mason gasped.
"Yes I did." Alex 1.1 said.
"He's coming any minute now."
Then the door knocked. Everyone quickly got up.
"Skylar?" The door opened. Aiden. "Skylar you said...hello? Skylar?"
Then he came inside the room and switched the light on.
He looked confused for a moment and I rushed to hug him. "Happy birthday Aiden."
"Yeah, and we got presents. But first, blow out the candles."
"My birthday was at 17:04:09."
"That's scary." Madison hugged him. "So, you have twenty seconds left. Lets light up the candles."
After Gemma lit up the candles, "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Aiden, happy birthday to you!!" Then he blew them out.
"Presents!!" Lucas said giving him the first one. "I got it. Course, I got the best present."
"There's a reason why people say, save best for last."
"It's...roller skates?!"
"They light up--"
"Here's mine. I got the best." I said with giving him everything I got him. "What do you think?"
"I also got you, these." Xander said walking up to him.
"Oh, another Rolex? That's expensive--"
"Try it on." Xander said excited. "Course, Sky copied everything from me."
"I didn't--"
"It looks so cool."
Then Esmeralda and Harley gave him presents, then Gemma and Calvin and Noah and Alex 1.2 and then...the presents our parents and his sister--
"Ella and Bella...I wish they were here..." He frowned looking down at the gifts they got him. I looked at him confused. They were branches? What?
"That has to be the shittiest present ever." Lucas said.
"No it's not. It's the best." He said in tears and then left the room. I hurried after him and dragged him back into the room. "You still got a few more presents--"
"I don't care about presents..." He wiped his tears.
"Why do you seem so sad?"
"I miss home."
"I want to go back. At least go see my old house. Please..."
"I just want to go back there...but no point...and then Ella and Bella send me these.."
"No, well yes, but...they knew that was all I ever wanted. The twigs symbolise all the years we've been there...sixteen. We'd always go outside and play with the sticks. And throw them at each other. We'd always throw rocks and stuff up at the sky. You know, those moments are gold. These aren't just twigs, they're my home. They are my favorite..and.." He wiped his tears. "I'm just happy they did this...this is all I'll ever want."
"I was not expecting that." Harley said.
"Well, at least you're happy." Lucas sighed. "You know, when I first heard about you, I thought you were an alien--"
"Lucas!" We all burst out laughing.
"What? I'm being honest here. Be understanding." He rolled his eyes. "Even when you moved in, I thought you were a robot sent down by aliens--"
"Lucas I thought you were a christian?" Harley said sitting down.
"Hey, people have imagination. But now Aiden, I have grown to love you, of course, as a straight guy, actually Aiden are you straight?"
"I've got a girlfriend but that isn't a good enough reason--"
"W..what?" Madison looked at him panicked.
"No, anyone can say that but when I, that can mean, I'm bi or straight."
"I'm straight."
"That wasn't hard."
"Yes Aiden. Now please, lets talk human language. I have a gift for you." Alex 1.1 said.
"Close your eyes." She said. Aiden closed his eyes. Alex and Xander dragged the motorbike next to him. "Open!"
He gasped. "I've always wanted one!"
"Yeah, well now you have one. It was Lucas's idea. Well, he said you were into cars and that." Alex smiled.
"It looks so cool."
"And helmet." She said giving it to him. "Now, birthday presents are complete."
"Normally, we'd throw the biggest party in the UK, but tonight, we are gonna throw the most autistic party!" Gemma said excited.
Then the house started filling up with, oh, our friends and people from our school. People I also don't even know. I suddenly realised, the party was getting loud and I started looking for Aiden. "AIDEN?!" I kept looking until I found him in Calvin's room with Madison looking out the window. I rushed up to him and hugged him. "You're okay?"
"Yeah. Just close the door. Everything's a bit loud." He said. Then Madison gave him, "I'm sorry for not giving you the best of presents, I'm a bit...not like them. I've always been brought up poor as I have a single mother. But now, everything's getting better as she's a successful doctor. I was embarrased to show my gift as it's a tiny bit cheap."
"I don't care about the price." Aiden smiled at her. "I like the thought."
She smiled. "I got you some noise cancelling headphones." She was about to put them on him when he stopped her. "Sorry Aiden, I forgot..."
"Don't be upset. It's not your fault." He said putting them on. Then me and Madison smiled. He took them off. "Thank you. That was very thoughtful of you." He was about to hug her but he looked at her uncomfortably. "Today I don't want to hug."
"That's fine. Stop stressing." Madison said. "Are you okay?"
"Good. Do you want to go out?"
"Yes but to where?"
"Hills? Sky wanna come too?"
"Oh no--"
"No, it's not a date so you can come. You haven't hung out with him for a while."
"But isn't that place noisy, it's for celebrations and--"
"Headphones and sign language." Aiden said.
"You use sign language?" I asked confused.
"Ella and Bella."
"Oh, cool. Madison?"
"Yeah. I learnt tons. And he taught me lots. Google too."
"That's nice. Lets go."
"Wait. Have you got any spare lip gloss?"
"At home, but Gemma has some, I'll go check."
"Yeah." I said going into Gemma's room. I went to her makeup stand and started looking around. The door opened. "Hey Gems, where's your lip kit? Madison needs some gloss." I said. "Found it." Then I froze. "Gems?" I turned around to bet. The guys.
"Well hello," Jordan smirked.
"Guys, not today. It's Aiden's--"
Then Tyler started strangling me. "You got Patrick in jail and forced Noah to not be friends with us and you expect us to let you fly away?" He threw me across the room. I rubbed the back of my head--
"You think you can live the perfect life?" Jamie kicked me. "Heard you were getting nightmares. Want a tissue?!"
"I'm sorry!!"
"Sorry?" Grayson said bitterly. "That doesn't fix anything!!"
"You're a fucking slut!!" Miles hissed.
"Where's Jay..?" I sobbed. "Guys I'm sorry, really sorry so please just go--"
"No. We won't until we beat the shit out of you, and then, you're gonna get Noah to be our friend. AGAIN." James said.
Then they started kicking me when all of a sudden, I heard Jonas say. "If this is the last time we beat her up--"
"But if she doesn't make Noah our friend, we'll need to beat her up again." Jamie said kicking me in the face.
"If Noah's our friend again, then, we have no reason to hit her." Dylan said.
"Good point. Okay." Tyler said.
"If this is to be the last time, lets make it special." Luca smirked.
"Guys, I promise not to do anything wrong just please--"
Then they started hitting me. Out of nowhere Jamie grabbed me by the throat and squeezed it tightly. I tried gasping for air and after a few seconds, he let go. Then I started coughing and crying. "HELP!!" I croaked, "Someone please help!!!"
"No one can hear you stupid." Jordan kicked me in the face. They kept kicking and punching me until I lost consciousness.

I woke up to see Aiden and Madison kneeling down beside me.
"My throat!" I burst out crying. Then I clutched my side. "What happened?"
"I'm asking you." Madison hugged me. "You're really bruised."
"Do you remember?" Aiden asked helping me up.
"They were mad because I made Noah not be their friend and because I got Patrick locked away...."
"Hey, stop crying..."
"But if I can get Noah to be their friend, then they won't hit me again."
"Did they say that to you?" Madison asked.
"No, they were discussing it."
We walked to the toilet and they got me cleaned up. "Sky you look so bruised up. Look, why don't we go hospital and get you checked out?"
"No Aiden, lets just celebrate." I said standing up. I was in so much pain but I can't show it. I realised the place was quiet. "Guys what's happened with the noise?"
"Party's over." Madison said. I looked around the toilet and saw puke everywhere and cups, alcohol everywhere--
"Sky?" Noah came up to me.
"You know me?"
"Yeah, I know the difference, actually that's a lie, you and Calvin act differently."
"What's up with your voice?" I saw tears forming in his eyes. "Who did this to you?"
"Some girls. They were drunk." I lied. "It was stupid of me to make you not be friends with Jordan and the lot. You should be friends with them."
Then he smiled. "Thank you!" He hugged me but I flinched. He pulled out. "Sky..."
"No, sorry, it's not you, I'm just..." I sighed.
"Well, we're all going to Hills." Noah said. "You wanna come?"
"No, I.." Then I saw the sad look in Aiden's eyes. "Aiden don't be sad. I'm coming."
I saw his eyes light up. "Thank you."
I was about to hug him but I stopped myself. "No problem."
"Sky, did you remember the girls faces?"
"No." I said.
Then the door opened and I saw Jay. "I'm sorry, I..I..I am trying to make Noah your friends again. He wants to, please don't hurt me--"
"Woah. What?" Noah looked at me confused.
"No, Sky, I'm trying to help you." Jay said anxiously. "I recorded what they did to you." He said giving me my phone. I watched the whole beating tears rolling down my eyes. "They just keep hitting me even when I fainted?"
"Hey, don't cry. I sent the recording to dad." He said kneeling down in front to me.
"Okay. What do I do now?"
"We go to yours and create a plan on how to not get me and Noah arrested but them only."
"Okay." I said wiping my tears.

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