Lunar Skylar

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“This apartment looks so normal. I was expecting old, clammy--”

“Yeah.” Noah said. We went up the stairs and into the third floor.

I knocked on the door and Ruby answered. “You came.”

“Yeah.” Me and Noah said at the same time.

“Mummy!!” A boy screamed.

“Levi?!” She ran into a room. Bath room? We came inside and knocked on the door. Then opened it. Ruby was washing, Levi. But he was freezing. His teeth clattering. He was hugging himself standing in the cold bath tub. “Hey, don’t worry.” She whispered to him. Then took a towel and dried him up. “Okay?” She hugged him. Then he started crying. “Mummy everyone has hot water...”

“Yeah, I will pay the bills tomorrow. Don’t worry.”

“You said that yesterday..”

“Money’s tight. But I’ve got a surprise for you.”

“The car?!”


“Oh. Mummy who are they?” He looked at us.

“Lets get you changed first and then I’ll tell you.” She said to him. “Guys you can sit down. I’ll be back in a sec.” She said going into a room. Bed room. Levi’s? Yeah.

“Where’s the sofa?” I whispered as I sat on a small plastic chair. “This place is freezing.”

“No heating...” Noah frowned. Then got up and went inside the kitchen. “Noah that’s rude! You can’t just--”

“I’m checking if they have food.”


He started looking and frowned as he saw what was left. “The bread’s expired like four days ago...this juice bottle expired three days ago...”

I hugged him as he looked at the empty cupboards. “That’s the only thing left.” He looked at me alerted.

Then he saw one backed beans can. Expired. We both gasped as we saw only one spoon and a small bowl.

“Am I dreaming?” He looked at me freaked out. I looked at him with the same expression. Then I heard Ruby. We quickly put everything back.

“Hey, erm. This is Levi.” She said as we went into the living room. Levi was on the floor playing with a toy car with two wheels.

“Levi?” Noah knelt down beside him. “Hey.”

“Hi! Are you a new neighbor?”

“Erm, no. I’m--”

“Mummy I’m hungry.”

“I’m coming.” Ruby said going into the kitchen. I heard cupboard opening and shutting and then...soft crying.

“Mummy?” Levi got up and went into the kitchen. Then me and Noah started eavesdropping.

“What’s wrong mummy?”

“Nothing baby.”

“Okay. Mummy did you buy chocolate today?”

“Tomorrow. I promise.”

“No mummy. You keep saying that!”

“No. Listen, lets wait until tomorrow. We can get food from the food bank.”

“Okay.” Levi sighed coming back into the living room. We smiled at him. “Why are you all here?”

“Here you go.” Ruby smiled giving him a cup of juice and a bowl full of beans.

“Thank you mummy!” Levi hugged her. She smiled and kissed his forehead. Levi started eating. Then half way through stopped. “Mummy this food doesn’t taste nice. I feel sick...”

“Hey, it’s normal. Just...why don’t we go to the fish and chip shop around the corner?”


Then I saw an EVICTION letter. There were tons of papers. Bills--

“Sky!” Ruby snatched the papers off me.

Noah snatched them off her and looked at them. “Ruby what are you planning on doing then?”

“I was gonna ask Miss.” She mumbled tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Mummy...” Levi rushed to the toilet and puked. Then he started crying. “Mummy I feel really sick.”

“Hey, hey...don’t cry...” Ruby sobbed. “It’s okay. You’ll be okay.”

“No mummy--”

“Okay, lets get you to bed.”

“Mummy I’m hungry...”

“Hey, I’m going to the food bank tomorrow and I’ll get lots of food so you can stuff your face. Yeah?”


“Just a few hours.”

Then his tummy rumbled. “Okay.”

Ruby left the toilet and went into her room. Then I heard her crying. “ you want to go talk to her?”

“Yeah.” He quickly wiped his tears.

“Noah.” I hugged him. “They’re okay and will be okay.”

“Yeah.” He pulled out and went into Ruby’s room.

“Why are you here?” Levi asked me.

“I’m Ruby’s friend.” I smiled at him. “How often do you eat a day?”

“Well, the nursery teachers are always giving me food at break time. They also give me toys every few days. Look!” He held onto my hand and pulled me to a huge box full of toys. “I normally like to play with Rolley.” He pointed at the car he was playing with before. I went over and looked at the food. It is bad. He shouldn’t be eating this. No!

“How hungry are you?” I asked. He froze for a second and I saw a few tears roll down his cheeks. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to upset you.” I said and sat down next to him.

“Mummy tries so hard...she lost her job but she’s lying to me saying that she has lots of different jobs but she only has one and always spends hours working...”

“You look really cold.” I said taking my jacket off and putting it on him. He smiled and I put the hood on. “You’re warm now?”


“Your socks are small. Your shoes?” I felt the tip. “It’s tight...”

“Mummy says it’s okay--”

Then the front door opened. Ruby rushed out the room and started apologising. “Please I have no where else to go.” She said dashing to the letters. “My job, I’ll get it back. It’s because of the Covid!! I’ve got a kid no where else to go--”

“Woah.” Xander said taking the letters off her.

“Wait.” She looked behind him. Only Alex 1.2. “I thought you were the people who needed to--”

“Eviction?” Alex picked an eviction notice--

“Sorry. I didn’t know it was yous.”

“And who exactly is that?” He pointed at Levi.

“Oh it’s Levi. My son.” She knelt down in front of him. “You’re not cold anymore?”

“No.” He smiled. “Mummy where’s daddy?”

“Oh, in the room.”

“Does he have heating?”

“Baby don’t. Mummy will pay for the heating. Not just yet.”

“This place is fucking freezing but since when did you have a kid.” Xander asked.

“When I was 13.”

“So he’s four?”


Then Levi’s tummy rumbled. “Mummy..”

“Just a little longer. Tomorrow we can go to the food bank, please...”


“He looks really thin and cold.” Xander said sitting in front of us.

“Is there no furniture?” Alex asked.

“We needed to sell everything for money.”

“You’re being evicted in two days...” Alex said.

“We’ll cope. It’s fine.” She said panicked.

“Don’t you have family?” He asked again.

She looked down at her hands. “Disowned. Mum said once I turn seventeen, she’ll kick me out.”

“Ruby...oh...guys..hey..” Noah stood awkwardly out side the room. “I think I need to go--”

“No daddy!!” Levi got up quickly and hugged him.

“He’s your son?” Alex asked.

“Yes. Mummy says he traveled the whole world, yesterday he went to the Hi..Himalayas?”

“Really Ruby?” Xander slammed the papers down on the table. “Will someone explain what’s going on?”

Ruby looked at Levi and sighed. “Levi, Sky, do you mind going into his room?”

“No it’s fine.” I said as we went into his room. “You have no bed?”

“It’s okay.” Levi said.

“No carpet..”

“I sleep on the floor.”

“You’ve only got a blanket...Levi...”

“It’s okay..”

Then I heard screaming and shouting. “What’s going on?” Levi panicked.

“Nothing don’t worry...” I hugged him. “Do you have any books?”

“No. Well one but some pages are missing..mummy always tells me stories about daddy.”

“Okay. Well, why don’t I tell you a story about me.”


“I fought a dinosaur a while ago. I was going through the jungle and I was tired after a few hours of walking. Then I sat down and fell asleep but I heard a ROAR! And then--”

I heard someone crying. Ruby? “Mummy’s crying...” Levi’s bottom lip started trembling.

“Hey, put some clothes on.” I said going to the wardrobe...just one shirt and a small coat with a pair of shoes and a trouser. “Is this all you have?”

“Mummy has no money...”

“Hey, don’t cry.”

Then the door opened and I saw Ruby. Levi jumped and hugged her. “Hey, mummy’s gonna take you to a place with heating.”

“Really?!” Levi squealed.

“Yeah. Why don’t you go to Uncle Xander and Alex. Me and daddy need to talk with Aunty Sky.”

“Okay.” Levi went out the room. Then Noah and Ruby sat next to me.

“What’s up?” I asked. “How comes Levi has no clothes? No bed? No nothing...”

“I’m trying. Beds are expensive.” She wiped her tears. “I’m such a bad mum..”

“That’s not true.” Me and Noah said at the same time.

“You have been taking care of a kid alone..” Noah said and hugged her. “Sky, you don’t mind if Ruby and Levi move in with you?”

“What?” I looked at him shocked.

“I told you. It’s fine. We’ll cope.” Ruby said.

“Not in the streets and besides, he’s my son too.” Noah kissed her cheek. “It’ll be okay. Right Sky?”

“Yeah...Ruby you can move in. I just meant, what? Not in a rude way. But Noah, aren’t you worried...about know...”

“I’m straight.” Ruby said. “I found out a few days ago.”


“Yeah...and now, I fancy a new guy. Not Noah, of course.”

“Yeah? Who?”

“Erm not saying. But thanks...this means everything..”

“I know what it feels like to be...and it’s not nice. So I’m not gonna let the same thing happen to you.” I said. “Lets go. This place is freezing.”

“Ruby you should’ve come to us.”

“Levi has been showering in freezing cold water just because of me...” She started crying. “I am so so stupid.”

“Hey, you’re not and where’s Alex and Xander?” I asked.

“They took him home.” Ruby said.

“Lets pack your stuff.” Noah said. Then froze. “Sorry, erm...lets go.”


“Guys, please tell me you did not buy all this for him.” Ruby panicked.

“Don’t worry, just a few stuff.” Xander said as he and Alex 1.2 brought five electric cars into the house. “We got him five electric cars. BMW, Mercedes Benz, Range Rover. Lamboghini and of course, a Ferrari.”

“That’s so expensive.” Ruby said worriedly.

“Nope.” He said as they went into the living room. The put each car in a row at the corner of the room.

“We need to bring the cupboards in.” Alex said almost out of breath. “God these are heavy.”

“Yeah.” Xander said going out the house.

“Ruby stop worrying.” I said patting her shoulder. “It’s okay. They are rich. I mean, they do work, they will work soon as pubs and restaurants are opening again. Don’t worry.”

“Okay...” She scrunched her nose. “I feel like a burden...”

“That’s how I felt when I went homeless and Nathan, Laila and Catalina took me in. You’re family. And he’s Noah’s son and Uncle Alex and Xander will spoil him rot.”

“ really are amazing.”

“If you were gay I’d jump out the window and move out,”

She burst out laughing. “See--”

“Guys that’s so heavy--”

“We got this.” Xander heaved as he and Alex took a wardrobe up the stairs and into my room. Then I saw Levi come in with Noah.

“Mummy!” He rushed to Ruby. “Daddy bought me lots of chocolate.”

“That’s nice.” She hugged Levi. Then mouthed to Noah, “Thank you.”

Noah winked. Then she pulled out. “I haven’t seen you this happy.”

“I got new cars mummy!”

“I saw.”

Then Xander and Alex came back down. “One more to go.”

“Yup.” Alex said as they went out the house. Moments later, they came inside carrying the second cupboard. They carried it upstairs and after a few moments went back downstairs and into the kitchen.

“They’re tired.” I said.

“I’m gonna bring all the clothes.” I said as me and Noah went out the house. We went to the car and opened the door taking out huge carrier bags. “These are a lot of clothes.”

“And I especially bought her tons on jewelry.” I said as we went back inside the house and up the stairs into my room. “Ruby!” I called out. A few moments later she came in. “What’s up?”

“I got you some jewelry.” I said stacking the boxes on top of each other. Then Noah started hanging her clothes---

“No Noah! It’s lightest to darkest!” I said re arranging everything.

“Sky these look so expensive--”

“Don’t worry.” I said as I finished. Then I showed her five new high heels I bought for her AND four new trainers.

“Sky this is too much--”

“If you think that’s too much, watch what Xander and Alex got for Levi.”

“Oh no...”

“Hey, you’re family.” Noah said. “He’s my son and I did buy him a few stuff...”

“Like what?”

“Well, I got him some art stuff, some new bags but also a drum kit, a bike, well Xander, Alex and I got him bikes. So he’s got three AND four electric scooters. Roller skates but with led wheels. Oh and a drone and...a watch which he can call you with in emergencies, also a brand new laptop and ipad. Not a phone as he’s too young. Also a car bed too and lots of toys. Oh, and a hover board.”

“How are they supposed to fit here?”

“They’ll fit.” He said. “Sky, you fix up the clothing while I, go get everything.”

“What exactly am I doing?”

“Right.” He left.

“Sky this is too much...” Ruby looked at me worriedly. “This..”

“Hey, it’s not. Xander and Alex are always spoiling me. Now you too.”

“But I thought you bought all the clothes...”

“Well...Alex and Xander did want to buy you lots of jewelry but they’ll buy tomorrow. There was so much and such little time.”

“Oh..there’s no need...”

“Hey, stop moping. Look. You can put them on your new desk. They look really beautiful. We also bought you some makeup. Got the right shade. Got so much skin care--”

“Sky, no..”

“Help me with the clothes.”

“Right.” She started stacking her new shoes at the bottom of her wardrobe. Then she stacked Levi’s new shoes in the bottom of his wardrobe. Once I finished hanging their clothes, I hung their new bags. “Oh my god these are so expensive!” Ruby freaked as she looked at her and Levi’s new bags.

“Don’t worry.” I said and slumped onto the bed. “Now pack your makeup and jewelry.” I said giving her a superdrug bag.

She went to her new desk and started packing everything, then looked at herself in the mirror. “I’ve been so bad to you, why are you being so nice to me?”

“For a starters...I don’t know but I know you’re a really nice person inside and instead of giving Levi kept him and worked so deserve more than anything we give you.”

She smiled sadly at me. “I never wanna loose him. Ever.”

“That’s good.”

“Open the door.” Noah heaved.

I quickly opened it and Noah carried a new red F1 racing car, Xander helping him. They came inside and placed the car next to my bed. “Fucks sake I’m dead.” Noah sat on the floor.

“Now we need to bring the electronics and toys.” Xander said.

“Are the toys not gonna be downstairs?” I asked.

“Half of them. We might’ve bought...a lot?” Noah said guiltily. “I blame Xander and Alex as they were competing with each other.”

“Snitch.” Xander flicked Noah in the forehead. “But I won. As always.”

“Show off.”

“Come and help me.” Xander said already going down the stairs.

“Urgh.” Noah sighed and left the room.

“They bought all this for Levi..” Ruby smiled placing her hands on her chest.

“Yeah. Now, lets take all this wrapping paper off.” I said already taking it off. Then I started putting the sheets on, and the duvet and then did the pillows. “This looks so cute!!”

“I know right.” Ruby hugged me. “Thank you so much--”

“Don’t worry.” I pulled out. “I hope we can both fit in a king size bed.”


“Mason always takes the whole bed without realising.”

“Tell me about it. My sister was like that.”

We started laughing. Then Noah and Xander came back in carrying a desk and paints, papers stuff. “I bet Levi’s gonna be a better artist than me.” I sighed.

“Don’t be depressed about it. You just need to move on.” Xander said stacking them high in my open shelf. Then I saw Alex carrying books. Childrens. And he put them too on the second shelf on top of Levi’s bed.

“That’s done. Now toys.” Xander sighed and placed his hands on his hips. “I got a nephew.”

“Erm, Cleo and Cole.” Alex reminded.

“No I mean like a talking. Common sense nephew.”

“Oh. Right. Me too.” Alex said.

“And me. But..he’s got step siblings...right?” I asked.

“Good question...I guess.” Noah said.

“But...only connection is Noah. Wait. Yes. Yeah, step siblings.” Ruby said.

“That’s crazy.” I said.

“Lets get the toys before the guys come.”

“They’re coming?”

“Wait. Where’s Levi?!” Ruby quickly got up.

“He’s with Alex 1.1 and the troublesome lawyers. Well, Calvin wanted to meet them.”

She blushed. “Right. Erm. Yeah.” She sat back down. Wait...nah.

“Alex, Xander, Noah, fuck off. I need to talk to her.” I said shooing them away. Then I turned to Ruby and started laughing. “You are so bait.”

“What?” She looked at me confused.

“The others might not have realised but I know you like Calvin.”

“No.” She lied blushing.

“This is crazy.” I sat on the bed in front of her. “Calvin probably likes you too.”


“Last year. He said if you weren’t gay, you’d be his biggest crush.”


“Yup.” I sighed. “I’m gonna try and get you both together.”

“No Sky--”

“Alex would’ve been way too shy to speak to Erica, next door.” I said. “I had to introduce them both.”

We started laughing. “But now. I don’t know their relationship status. Imma ask later.”

Then Xander brought two electric toy cars into the room. "I thought you said five cars not seven!" Ruby freaked.

"My bad." Xander said as Noah helped him carry a huge basket filled with tons of toys.

“Guys this is all too much--”

“Nope.” They both said at the same time.

“Sky, you help bring the rest of the stuff with Xander and Alex. Me and Ruby need to talk to my parents...” Noah said.

“This is bad...” Ruby frowned. “They probably hate me..”

“I don’t think so.” Noah said dragging her out the room.

“This room is crazy. I mean, I’ll need to tidy everything up. A-Z.” I said hurrying out the room and bringing a hover from the kitchen back into my room.

“Sky, we need to bring the rest of the stuff.”

“You guys do it.” I said already starting the hoover.

They went out and I kept hoovering until they came back in each of them holding four pairs of roller skates. “For Ruby.” Xander put them inside her wardrobe and then Alex put Levi’s skates in Levi’s wardrobe. Then Xander went back out and came in carrying two moon light balls. “For you and Ruby.” He said placing one on my night stand and the other on Ruby’s new night stand.

Then Alex showed me a...“Sensory mood light ball.” He said placing it next to Levi’s bed. “And I also got 3 personalized bedroom door signs.”

“Woah.” I said looking at the 3 plaques.

“Like it?”

“Yeah. Levi, Sky, Ruby. I like it.”

“I’m gonna hang them.” He said already hanging them.

“Sky, erm...are you comfortable with this change?” Xander sat down next to me.

“Yeah. This is...good change.” I smiled.

Then he hugged me. “If you’re not okay with this, you can let me know. So long as you’re okay.”


“Stressing can really harm you. Not just physically.”

“I know.” I sighed and looked down at my hands. “Effron’s been ignoring me ever since...he found out I was epileptic...”

“What?!” Alex and Xander said pissed.

“Twin sync but no, don’t blame’s not his fault.”

“What?” They said again.

“I lied to him. He asked and I lied. I told him that the pills were just to help me with my stomach ache...”

“Oh.” They both said.

“I didn’t know how to tell him because I was scared he’d leave me and I’d be all alone again...”

“You’re not alone. You got the guys and us.”

“Yeah but...what if they host something and forget me?”

“They won’t.” They both said at the same time.

“Twin sync.” I smiled. “But for real...I don’t want to loose him...”

“You won’t.” They both said.

“Please stop syncing.”

“Okay.” They both said. Then I heard the door open.

“Hello?!” Alex 1.1 called out.

“Up here!” I said. Then I heard footsteps and Levi came inside followed by Alex. He saw the bed and gasped. “That look so cool!!!”

“It does.” I said as he laid down on top of it.

“I haven’t slept on a bed ever since grandma kicked mummy out.”


“Well at first I had a bed but then mummy sold it.”

“Seriously?!” They all asked.

“Yes. She needed money.” He said.

“But now, you can have anything you want as your favorite Uncle will buy it.” Xander said kneeling down next to him.

“I’m your favorite Uncle, right Levi?” Alex 1.2 knelt down beside him.

Levi looked at Alex and then at Xander. “I like you both.”

“Do you want to go to KFC?” Alex asked.

“McDonalds?” Xander asked.

“Guys!!” I snapped.

“KFC.” Levi said.

“So you like Alex?”


“Okay, do you wanna go KFC with me or McDonalds with Alex?”


We all burst out laughing. “So you like Alex more?” Xander huffed.

“No. I’ve already been KFC so I need to go McDonalds.”

We all started laughing and this time Xander did laugh. “I guess, we’ll never know.”

“But are we still going KFC?”

“Yes.” They both said at the same time.


“Which car? My car? It’s better than Xander’s.”

“No, my car, it’s better than Alex's.”

“Guys you’re being ridiculous.” Me and Alex 1.1 said at the same time.

“Levi...why don’t we order?” I asked taking my phone out.

“Erm, Levi, lets order together.” Alex 1.2 said.

“No. Levi is with me.” Xander said.

“Guys!!” Alex 1.1 screeched.


“Levi come on.” Alex 1.2 said.


“Nonono. Levi, I’ll get you a brand new--”

“Stop it!!” Alex 1.1 dragged Alex and Xander out the room by the ear and slammed the door shut. Then sat next to Levi. “Are you okay?”

“Yes. Can I have--”

“Okay. You can pick anything you want.” She said going into the KFC menu. “Sky wanna order anything?”

“Actually we should order dinner.” I said to her. “Regulars. Don’t forget Ruby tho.” I said taking all the mess and the hoover. I picked them up and went downstairs to the bin. I threw all the mess inside and then washed my hands. I sat on the couch and looked around me. Toys. Cars. Scooters. I went to the basement. It was quite small. There was the washing machine and dryer. And all the bikes and roller skates, and stuff. I sighed and went out and back to the living room. Then I saw Levi come down stairs and inside.

“Hey Aunty Sky.”

“Hi Levi.”

He looked at his new electric scooter and stood on top of it. I helped him switch it on and put it on low speed. He started going around the place. A few moments later, I saw Xander and Alex. “We’re going out to buy some stuff for Ruby. Don’t tell her or she’ll try and stop us.” Xander said to me.

“You guys are really kind..”

“They’re family and that’s what family does.” Alex said as they left.

“Sky, I want to talk about something with you.” Alex 1.1 said coming down the stairs and sitting across me.

“You look serious..what’s wrong?”

She rubbed the back of her neck. “It’s Xander and Alex.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I tried telling them to not bring the guys over but they of course, never listen to me.”

“What? Are they like, coming over for real?”

She rubbed her eyebrows. “They’re drinking tonight...”

Levi stopped playing. “Drinking?”


“Oh. Can I too?”

“Yeah. Cups in the...let me help.” She sighed and got up disappearing into the kitchen. Then she came back with a blue reusable plastic cup. “Levi, there you go.”

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” She sat back down. “Sky, should I take him next door?”

“Me?” Levi asked.

“Levi, do you want to meet the new neighbors?”


We both rubbed our eyebrows at the same time.

“Am I supposed to say yes?”

“No. It’s okay.” I said quickly.

“Okay.” He said going upstairs.

“Sky, the guys will be drinking and is this even a safe environment for Levi?”

Then the door knocked. I answered it. “Great, it’s you guys.”

“Since when did you grow short?” Daniel asked coming in with a whole packet of beers.

“Huh? I saw you this morning.”

“Oh right. My bad.”

“Guys, you can’t drink. There’s a kid in the house. Levi. So no drinking.”

“Okay.” Charles said.

“Okay, now I know you’re lying. None of you--”

“Mummy and daddy are in trouble...” Levi said coming down the stairs. “Oh..who are they?” He asked me and Alex.

“They’re...Levi you sure you wanna stay here?”

“Yes with mummy and daddy.”

“Okay.” I sighed. “Guys are you really that deep?”

“We’re not deep.” Luke said turning the TV on.

"DANIEL!" Levi rushed to hug him. "Where's Rori?"

"Woah, first off, he's at home and second of, why are you here?" He asked picking him up.

"Daddy's upstairs--"

"Who's your dad?"

"Erm...I don't know his name.." He looked at me.

"It's Noah." I blurted out.

The whole place went silent. "Yesterday he traveled to the Himalayas and--"

"That is sooooo cool." Elliot said. Everyone looked at him like he was the most dumbest person to ever set foot in this world.

"Are you drunk?" Alex asked Elliot.


"You sound drunk."

"Ouch. Match is about to start any minute.”

“Where’s the twins?” Chris asked opening a bottle.

“Out.” I said. Then I saw Levi looking at the drinks. “Levi. No. That’s bad. It makes you sick.”

“Why do they have it?”

“Only adults can drink it. Like milk. Baby milk. Adults don’t drink it do they?” Alex said.

"Hmmm." Lorenzo said.

"Unbelievable." Me and Alex muttered. They all started laughing.

The door bell rang and I answered the door. Delivery guy. There were tons of pizzas and wings and chip boxes and drinks--

“Alex I never knew we ordered this much.” I said to her.

“Xander did.”

“Oh.” I said taking half of the stuff and placing them on the living room table. Then Alex placed the rest next to them.

“Guys, I said no drinking.”

“We won’t over drink.” Elliot said too busy watching the match.

Then Alex’s phone started ringing. She looked at it and back at me. “Sky, I need to go. Can I trust you to look after him?”

“Yes.” I said. She quickly kissed Levi’s forehead. “Aunty Alex is going to work to save people’s lives.”

“Like a hero.”

“Exactly. See you tomorrow.”


“Well, that’s done.” I sighed as soon as she was gone. Then I looked at the TV. PORT VALE-VS-LIVERPOOL.

“You are a stupid Liverpool fan.” Chris said.

“Shut up man. Acting like you don’t support them.” Oliver argued.

“No, I’m a Man United fan!!”

“Aunty why are they arguing?”

“Shh, don’t worry.” I said kneeling down next to him. Then I got one of his toys and started playing with him while the guys argued.

“Guys will you please!!” Daniel snapped. “We must all calm down. We’ve got a kid here.”

“Oh right.” They turned to us.

Then I saw Ruby come. With Noah. And his laptop. “Mum and dad want to see Levi.” Noah said sitting beside him. “Here’s Levi.”

“Who is that?”

“That’s grandma and grandpa.”

“Oh...” He frowned.

“What’s wrong?” Aunty Nasreen asked.

“My other grandma kicked Ruby out and we became poor...”

“Hey, they’re kind.” Noah said hugging him. “Stop crying. You won’t be poor again.”


“I promise.”

"Hello Levi!" Uncle and Aunty said.


"You look so grown up.." Aunty Nasreen smiled.

“And you look really hungry...” Uncle Haris said.

“I’m hungry.” He said.

“Okay.” I said going to the table and bringing a box of chips. “You wanted chips...right?”


“Ruby, stop worrying. You’re both gonna be okay.” Aunty Nasreen said.


“You’ll be okay. I need to watch the match. Bye.” Uncle Haris left in a rush.

“Your dad and everyone’s too busy watching the match but I got to say, Bella and Ella are doing really well. They are always on face time with Aiden and are really polite.”

“That’s good.” Noah said. “Ruby, stop worrying...”

“I need to go sleep--”

“Hey, you shouldn’t worry anymore. You got people. Family. So please don’t worry and I need to go but oh look at him.” Aunty Nasreen smiled. “Baby Levi it’s Grandma Nas.”

“Woah. Nas? You never let me call--”

“Noah, shut up. Sorry Levi.”

“Grandma Nas, how old are you?”

“Levi!” Ruby hissed. “That’s rude.”

“Don’t worry, I’m 44.”

“Oh. I’m four!”

“I really did not know that.” Aunty Nasreen smiled. “How does it feel like having heating again?”

“It feels really good!!”


“I used to shower in cold water but mummy would wrap me in a blanket after and sit me down on her lap and tell me stories about daddy! Yesterday he went to the Himalayas!!”

“That’s lovely.”

“He traveled to the Bermuda triangle and swimmed around, then he found a city underneath the water. He met so many mermaids.”

“Wow. I never knew mermaids existed. That’s so awesome but I need to go now. See you tomorrow. Wait, Alex 1.1, Harley and Esmeralda are going to Las Vegas for their birthday.” Aunty Nasreen said.

“What?!” We all said shocked.

“Oh. Did they not tell you?”

“No but now I’m pissed.” Noah said.

“I need to go.”


Then she cut the call.

“Great--” Then his laptop started ringing. “It’s Alex 1.1..”

“Answer it!” I said.

“Alex what--”


“I know. Mum said...”

“We’re going in the early morning.”

“WHAT?!” We all gasped.

“How about gifts?!” Noah said in a rush. “And cake?!”

“Hey, listen. You can give the gifts tonight. Yeah?”


“Baby, don’t worry.”

“We’re coming to give your gifts.”

“I’m at work. I’ll be home in two hours.”


“I love you.”

“Same.” He cut the call. Then sighed. “Lets go buy presents.” He said. We got up but Ruby was still sitting down.

“Ruby? What’s wrong?”

She looked at us completely speechless. “I’m sorry. I haven’t got that much cash but....I got £12?”

“No Ruby. Come on. I’ll cover the money.” Noah said helping her up. Then she hugged him. “Thank you!”

“No problem.” He said wiping her tears. “You need to stop worrying. There’s nothing to worry about. Apart from leaving Levi here. Baby wanna come with daddy to go shopping? It’s Aunty Harley, Esmeralda and Alex’s birthday tomorrow.”

His eyes lit up. “Okay!”

“Come on.” He said. “You wanna ride one of your new scooters or cars?”

“Yes cars!!”

“Okay, but first finish your food. Actually, we should all eat before we go.” He said picking one of the pizza boxes and taking a slice. We started eating and after we finished, the door knocked.

“Ruby why don’t you go answer it?” I smiled.

She went to the door and answer it. “Hi.” She said.

“We bought some stuff for you.” Xander said.

“Don’t think we forgot about you.” Alex said coming in. Ruby closed the door and sighed. “I don’t need--”

Xander gave her a bag full of stuff. “Some electronics.”

She looked inside and gasped. Then pulled out the, ipad 12 apple pro. “This is expensive...” She frowned.

“Look at the rest!” Xander said excited.

"Iphone 12 pro max!!”

“I got that too.” Xander said.


“Take out the next one.”

"Apple Macbook pro 2020!! I’ve always wanted one!”

“Now you have one, take the other stuff out.”

"Apple watch series 6?!”

“And then..”

"Original apple airpods pro!!”

“You got this all for me...?”


“But I got you some jewelry.” Alex cut in giving her a bag. “Open it.”

“Okay.” She said taking one out. Then she opened it. There was a rose gold diamond pendant. “Wow...”

“Yeah, next one.”

She opened the second box and saw a two tone floral ring!! “This looks so beautiful...”

“And next one.”

She opened the third one and butterfly round cut emerald ring. “Alex this looks so so expensive!!”

“Next one?”

She opened the next box and smiled. Ruby Halo pendant necklace with earrings...awww...

“They’re so pretty!!”

“Open the last one.”

Ruby drop pendant necklace and also earrings..

“You like them?”

“Course I do!” She hugged Alex. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!”

Then she turned to Xander and hugged him thanking him too. Then she gave a guilty look. “I can’t take this, I’ve been so mean to Sky and it’s my fault all this happened if I hadn’t told Noah that we kissed, he wouldn’t have jumped her...” She started tearing up. Then I hugged her. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t know what was happening..”

“I know you hate me..”

“I don’t. If I did, I wouldn’t be sharing a room with you.” I smiled reassuringly.

“Thank you...for everything.” She said to us all. “You’re so kind..”

“Hey, stop crying. Now, we need to wrap these remaining present for the three 24 year olds, soon to be 25.” Xander sighed. “Alex.”

“Oh, yeah. Erm, Ruby. We also bought three gifts for you to give them as we know about your financial circumstances.”

“Thanks..” She smiled sadly.

“No problem.” Alex said as they went up stairs when the living room erupted with cheers. Next thing I know, Xander and Alex are carrying wrapping paper and scissors with other bullshit into the living room. “MOVE UP!!” I heard Xander say.

“So, Ruby. Lets go put all that jewelry on your new desk.” I said. Then I looked around. “Where’s Noah and Levi?”

I ran upstairs and saw Levi was in Alex’s room. Looking at the periodic table. He had a piece of paper and a pen. He was copying it...

“Levi..” I sat beside him looking at his paper. “You like science?”

“Yes. I like lots of science and cars!!”

“Okay. That’s nice. Lets go to Aunty’s house. Okay?”

“Yes.” He said getting up. He set his paper and pen down and walked up to me. I held his hand and we walked down the stairs.

“Where did you go?” Ruby and Noah asked in unison.

“He was writing the periodic table.”

Everyone turned to us and Alex paused the TV. “HE’S A NERD!!”

We all groaned. “What? It’s a good thing!”

“No it’s bad. Listen, stay away from science. Okay?” Noah said.

“What are you teaching him?!” Ruby snapped at him and picked Levi up. “You can like whatever you want.”

“I love science and cars!!”

“Okay, I’m gonna teach you everything.” Alex said picking him up.

“No!” Xander snatched him off him.

“He’s mine!”

“No mine!!”

We all burst out laughing. Xander and Alex weren’t. In fact they were the opposite.

“He likes me more!” Xander said holding Levi.

“No, he like me more. Come to your Uncle Alex. He can teach you so much science!”

“I can teach you about cars!”

Levi looked at them both and bit his lip. Then turned to me and hugged me. “So, I’m everyone’s favorite.” I gloated.

“No. He’s just tired.” Xander said.

“I don’t think so. Come on baby, lets go.” Noah said to Levi, putting him on his back.

“Levi, I am your favorite.” Alex said.

“Guys, you’re making him uncomfortable. Levi stop worrying. It’s okay.” Ruby whispered to him. “Don’t worry.”

Then I saw Victoria. “Sky, I was busy but I’m back for the next two minutes.”

“Okay.” I said to her. Everyone turned to me. “I meant erm, okay we should get going.”

Then Xander pulled my hand and dragged me to the toilet. “You were speaking to Victoria. Right?”

“Say no or they’ll send you to a doctor.” She said eating an apple.

“They’re already sending me to one.” I said. Then I saw the color drain from Xander’s face. He rubbed his eyebrows. “Skylar we need to go to the doctors now.”

“I know..” I sighed sitting on the counter. “I’m not crazy...?”

He held onto both my hands. “You’re not...”

“Then why do I need to see a doctor?”

“Because I am worried that maybe something’s going on, I mean, ever since birth...this has been happening and Sky, what does she tell you?” He sat next to me.

“She keeps me company and I don’t want to loose her.”

“That’s sweet.” She smiled. I smiled back at her. “Yeah.”

“Where is she now?” He asked me. I pointed at the toilet seat. “She’s reading a book and eating an apple.”

“Is she?”


“Hi Vic?”

“Hi motherfucking idiot. Go suck yourself and don't you fucking dare hi me!!”

“What did she say?”

“She called you a few stuff you don’t wanna know. Lets just say, she’s mad at you.”

“Oh. Sky, are you in any way...feeling less depressed?”

“I long as I don’t get hurt..then I’m coping well.”

“Have you had any suicidal thoughts?”


“That’s good. You know, I’m always here. If you need to talk.”

“He’s just gonna send you to a mental asylum.” Victoria said.

“No he won’t.” I argued.

“Sky what’s wrong? What did she say?”

“Say nothing. He’s just gonna start acting all, ‘you need to see a doctor’.”

“That’s not true.”

“Fine then. Tell him.”

“She says you’re gonna send me to a mental asylum.”

“What? No!”

“That’s what she said.”

“She’s bad. Don’t listen to her.”

“Wait for it.” Vic sighed.

“Has she always been like this?”


“Don’t lie--”

“I’m not!”

“Fine. We are gonna see a doctor urgently.”

“What?! No!!”

“I told you so!”

“SHUT UP!!” I snapped. “It’s your fault!!”

“I warned you--”

“So what?! You’re just a stupid bitch. I don’t need you.”

“Fine then. I’ll go.”

“Go.” I said. Then sighed as she vanished.

“Was that her?” Xander hugged me. “Don’t listen to her.”

“She’s not coming back....”

“Stop crying. That’s good--”

“No..who will I turn to when I need someone to talk to? She’s got the brains!”

“Me and Alex, Noah, Mason, the two Oscar guys, Lucas. Actually, Lucas is the best therapist ever. How about Aiden? Calvin? Gemma? The troublesome triplets?”

“They’re going to Las Vegas.”

“I know.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I got the phone call two hours ago.”

“You could’ve still told me.”

“I would’ve told you a few hours later--”

“That’d be too late--”

“Sky please just...I’m sorry. I should’ve told you the truth right away.”

I looked at him and hugged him. “You could just say you forgot.”

“I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I didn’t forget you, I just forgot to say. Please don’t get all upset...”

“I’m not.” I pulled out. “Lets go before it’s too late.”

“Hey. If she makes you do anything you don’t want to, tell me. I promise I won’t send you to a mental asylum. And I won’t let anyone send you to one.”

“Thank you..”

“Lets go.”

“The gifts are amazing...” Alex 1.1 smiled at us.

“They really are.” Esmeralda and Harley said in unison.

“Triplet sync.” I said getting up. “Is no one gonna sing Happy Birthday?”

“Oh right.” Gemma got up excitedly. “Okay. Harley, you’re up. Then Esmeralda and then Alex.”

“Okay.” Harley got up in her new birthday dress.

“You look amazing.”

“Xander are you flirting with me?”

“Nope. I just gave a compliment.”

“And you’ve been simping over me for years.”

He blushed.

"Why you blushing puppy?"

Everyone started laughing.

“I’m only joking. Thanks.” She winked at him.

“I don’t like you!”

“Sure you don’t.” Alex 1.2 smirked. “And you call me the biggest simp.”

“Should I name all the girls you simp--”

“Shut up!! I don't simp!"

"That's a lie." I said from across the room just drinking my cola and day dreaming, staring out the window. At my house. Bored yet? JK. No...?

“Okay...” Gemma lit up the candles. Esmeralda and Alex 1.1 stood behind Harley patting her back. “You’re gonna be 25.” Alex 1.1 said.

“I’m so excited. Wait. I’m growing older...”

“Don’t worry. Besides, 25 isn’t old.” Esmeralda said.

“Wish I was 16 again.” She sighed.

“We were seven.” Noah said counting his fingers, “And Xander and Alex were nine.”

“Exactly.” Alex 1.1 said.

“That’s so cool.” Calvin said. “I was seven once...”

Everyone burst out laughing. “No I mean I forgot I was once seven.”

We laughed even harder--

“Okay, twelve seconds.” Gemma shrieked. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Harley, happy birthday to you!!” We all sang.

Then Harley blew out her candles and smiled. “I’M 25!!”

“Esmeralda! 15 seconds.” Gemma lit the candles in Esmeralda’s cake. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Emmy, happy birthday to you!!” We all sang.

“I’M 25 TOO!!”

“Alex, 7 seconds!!” Gemma lit her candles. “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Alex, happy birthday to you!!” We all sang.

“I’M 25!!!”

Then the three of them hugged.


“Can I cut it!!” Levi asked jumping up and down.

“Well, your birthday was yesterday, so yeah.” Harley said giving him the knife and helping him cut it. “And....”

“WOW!!” He squealed. We all started laughing. Then Alex 1.1 helped him cut her cake. “Well done.” She patted his head. Then Esmeralda helped him cut his cake. “Wow!!!” She picked him up.

“Wanna take the first bites?”


"Your daddy and mummy have a surprise for you.” She said.


“Hey baby, daddy and mummy bought you a cake.” Noah said walking in with Ruby, holding a cake. Noah was struggling to hold it still. Levi’s eyes widened. “It’s so big!!!”

“Yeah it is.”

"It's a car!!"

"Yes it is." Ruby kissed his forehead.

“Mummy you can’t afford that...”

“Don’t worry.” She picked him up. “Sorry about yesterday.”

“It’s okay.”

“That’s good. Now cake.” Noah said lighting the candles up.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Levi, happy birthday to you!!” We all sang. He gasped and blew the candles.

Ruby set him down. "Cake!!" He jumped excitedly. Ruby took the knife and Levi put his hand on top and so did Noah. "Count to three Levi." Ruby said.

"3, 2, 1!!" Then they cut it. Levi jumped up excitedly and hugged Noah and Ruby. I smiled and then I felt some one hug me. "Mason?"

"Yeah. I made it in time. So did Lucas and Aiden." He said as they walked in.

"Not ideal birthday clothes but I'll give you that. They opened your gifts."

"Yeah, that's good." Lucas said going over to Alex. "So I heard you're single--"

Alex grabbed a handful of her cake and rubbed it on Lucas's face. Calvin quickly recorded it and Lucas grabbed a handful and put it on her new dress.

"Lucas!" She grabbed another handful and soon they started a cake war.

"Guys!!" Esmeralda stood in between them.

"This is gonna go viral." Calvin said still recording. Then Esmeralda grabbed a handful of cake and shoved it in Alex's mouth. Alex grabbed a handful of her cake and shoved it in Esmeralda's face. know how it goes...and in mere seconds, we were all covered in cake. The place was a mess. Not surprised.

"Happy birthday!" I said out of nowhere.

"My dress is ruined." Esmeralda complained.

"I'm sure it didn't cost--"

"Almost 5k!"

"You're a lawyer but okay!"

"I'll get it dry cleaned." She sighed.

"I haven't even packed." Alex 1.1 complained.

"You always pack last second." Alex 1.2 said scrolling through his phone.

"Holy shit it's almost ten. We're leaving at 3!!" She jumped up. "I forgot to cut my hair. Wait, is it okay?"

"No." Calvin wrenched.

"So it's good." She exhaled.

"No, lets cut it a bit--"


"Alex, breathe." Esmeralda said. "Harley, lets go back. All of you, see you in three days."

"Great." Xander said with no emotion.

"Don't worry, I'll be back. At the mean time, keep dreaming about me in your dreams." Harley said rushing up the stairs before Xander could protest. Xander blushed so hard.

"We're out." Alex said as she and Esmeralda left.

As soon as they left we all burst out laughing apart from Xander. "I don't like her." He huffed.

"Sure." Alex teased. "I heard you were simping over her since you were twelve? Until sixteen?"

"Oh shut up. You like--"

"Daddy I'm sleepy..." Levi yawned laying down on Noah's lap.

"Lets get you washed and--"

"No I don't want to wash!!" He started crying.

"No Levi, they've got warm water. Not cold." Ruby said stroking his hair. "It's warm."

"Okay..." He wiped his tears. "Mummy will we wash in cold water again?"



"I promise." She pinky promised him. "Now lets get you cleaned up."


"You got school tomorrow?"

"Yes. I get to see Miss AppleBerry!!"


"Yes! And I can wear my new clothes!"

"Yes you can." Noah picked him up. Then he and Ruby left the room and went out the house talking to Levi. I just got aired like that.

"Sky you okay?" Xander asked looking up from his phone.

"Yeah...I'm gonna go to Gems." I got up and went upstairs into Gemma's room. "Hey Gems..."

"You haven't seen Cleo and Cole for a while." She said looking down at Carlos, Clara, Cole and Cleo on the bed in front of her.

"Hey Cleo, hey Cole. Mummy's here." I smiled picking them both up. "Gems, you don't think that Noah's...gonna spend less time with me...from now on?"

"No! Why would you think that?"

"I don't know...just feel a bit threatened. I mean, Noah and Ruby..."

"Hey, it's okay. Now, lets spend some time with these twins." She said stroking Carlos's hair.

"Noah?" I walked inside the house and saw Noah and Levi in the kitchen.
"You need to drink milk and get muscles like daddy. You want to be like daddy?"
Levi started flexing his skinny arms. "I'm super strong."
"Yes you are. Who is this?" Noah asked looking down at the paper Levi was drawing on. "Mummy and daddy."
"That's nice. But mummy and daddy..." He sighed. "Okay. Yeah."
I went inside and walked up to them sitting on a stool. "Babes what's up?" I asked Noah.
"He thinks me and Ruby are..."
"When he's old enough."
"But that's not fair on me Noah."
"No, Sky. Just hear me out. The kid," He looked at Levi who was too busy drawing. "He won't understand."
"Yeah? Then what will you call me?! What will he think if you kiss me and not Ruby?!"
"Calm down. Lets talk somewhere else." Noah said as we walked into the living room. "Sky, I just think...we should play it lowkey."
I looked at him and then back at Levi. "He's your son. Just wish he was mine too. But no. It's you and Ruby."
"You're not okay with it are you...?"
"It's fine.."
"No it's not."
"Noah, he's gonna refer to me as Aunty. How are you meant to talk to me and Cleo and Cole without...just..tell him. Just tell him. For me."
"Hey Noah..oh. Sky, hi!" Ruby came inside. "Levi wants to--"
"Daddy can you sleep with me?" Levi tugged at his shirt.
"Course." Noah picked him up. "Lets tuck you in."
We went upstairs and quickly put our pyjamas on. Then I went to the toilet and brush my teeth and came back. I laid on my bed next to Ruby, Noah sleeping with Levi on Levi's car bed.
"Mummy come sleep here."
"No mummy wants to sleep here." Ruby said.
"I can't sleep!" He started crying.
"Hey, daddy's here. Don't cry." She said softly.
"But mummy I can't sleep without you..."
"Okay." Then she sighed. "Sky do you mind if I?"
"I do. Hold on." I sat up. "Both of you tell him. I can't have him going around thinking you two are a couple!"
"How exactly?! He only knows mummy and daddy not step mummy--"
"I'm not a step and I'm never going to be a step!" I snapped.
"Babes where are you going?"
"To get some fresh air."
"It's dangerous--"
"I'm almost 17." I said storming out the room and out the house.
I walked down the street and into the corner shop. To the only, well one of the persons that gets me. "My favorite costumer!"
"Hey Anji." I sighed.
"What's wrong?"
"My boyfriend has a kid with another girl and now she and him have to share a bed as the kid wants to sleep with them both and the kid also thinks that my boyfriend and the kid's mum are together. I asked my boyfriend to just tell him but he won't!"
"Wow." He scoffed giving me a packet of strawberry laces. "On me. How old is the kid?"
"You wanna hear what I think?"
"Came for advice. Hit me."
"Well, I think you should wait. Until he's old enough. Once he is, you can tell him."
"I don't like being called AUNTY!!"
"Then tell him."

"No problem."

"Catch you later." I said opening my strawberry laces packet.


"How are you princess?" Noah asked giving me my medication and bottle of juice. Orange. Wink wink. Urgh.
"Fine. You?"
"Dead." He kissed me.
"Sweet. Now, lets take the dog for a walk."
"Dog?" He looked at me confused and glared at me. "He's my son!"
"Look who's acting daddy of the year."
He rolled his eyes and sighed. "Gotta take the kid to school. Wanna come today?"
"Yeah. Besides, Ruby's a bit..sick."

"Hi Levi!" A nursery teacher greeted.
"Hello Miss AppleBerry!" He got off from his car and hugged her.
"Is that your new car?"
"Daddy got it for me."
"Oh. You're Levi's dad?"
"Nice to meet you...?
"Noah are you flirting with her?!" I stomped on his foot.
"No I was just being kind."
"Then why are you..." I sighed and exhaled. "Keep it together." I muttered to myself.
"Daddy this is Miss AppleBerry! She's the nicest and bestest teacher ever!"
"Thank you." Miss smiled at her.
"She is?"
"Yeah. She gives me lots of food!"
"That's really nice of you." Noah said to her.
"No problem. Just doing what every other human should do. Levi, go inside, Rori's there."
Levi squealed. "Can I show him my new car?"
"Yes you can."
"Daddy can I?"
"Yeah. Go on." Noah patted his head.
Then Levi hugged him and then froze. "I want mummy..."
Noah picked him up. "Hey, she's not feeling well today. So come on. Go show Rori your new car and then he can come after school and you can show off all the other cars you have."
"And toys!"
"Yes, so come on." Noah set him down on his new car. Then he drove into the class room.
"Do you want to come in?" Miss asked us.
"What's wrong?" Noah asked.
"I want to show you something."
"Okay." Me and Noah said at the same time.
We went inside and went into the class room. There were about twelve kids there. We went to her desk and she showed us a map. With lots of X's. RED.
"Levi tells me where you've been every day. You have been to almost all the places in the world including Egypt and--"
"It's covered the whole map!"
"Yeah. He's been telling us lots of stories about your 'journeys'."
"I'm sorry--"
"No. It's actually quite nice. He's been entertaining us for a few years."
"Years!?" Me and Noah gasped.
"Just two."
"You two?"
"Couple." He said holding my hand.
"So why have you been missing?"
"Ruby never told me because she was scared."
"Scared of what?"
"I guess she was scared how I'd react..and when she gave birth, she thought that it was too late and then it went on for four years and if it weren't for Sky finding out...then I'd never have known..."
"But she's an amazing mum."
I cleared my throat. "So am I."
"Twins." I smiled.
"Thanks. Anyways, that's really nice of you." I nodded to the map.
"You pinned it right at the center." Noah smiled.
"Yeah. His words really are gold."
Then another kid came inside. "Hello Harry!!" Miss went over to him.
"Hello Miss AppleBerry!" He hugged her. Then he spotted Levi and Rori. He gasped. "Levi! Rori!!" He rushed up to them.
Then Miss started talking to his..mum? Prob.
"Levi's got a few friends." Noah said to me.
"Sorry about that, so. You got school today?"
"Oh right, Riverspark College?"
"Yeah. Day off."
"That's what I need." Miss sighed. "But I wouldn't survive a day without them."
"So, who's Levi's best friend?"
"Rori and Harry."
"Yeah. He's always going to their houses."
"That's nice." Noah said smiling at Levi.
"Where's Levi staying now?"
"In my room."
"Ruby?" She asked.
"Yeah. My room too. We're living together with Alex and Xander."
"The Heffley twins?"
"Wait." She looked at Noah. "Noah and Calvin?"
"Exactly." Noah said.
"Okay. So he's in safe hands then?"
"Yeah." I said. Then Miss pulled out a tray. It had Levi's name on it.
"The school dinners are a bit boring so I normally like to give nice food and bigger portions as he's really skinny." She said. Then she took out her bag. "So, everyday, different foods. I got him a croissant packet and yogurt, and crisp, and juice, and of course, normal food, spaghetti."
"Thank you...that's so nice..." Noah smiled at her.
"That's really nice. I can't believe you actually take your do all this..." I said.
"And we also have a microwave. If the food gets cold, but I doubt that as this place is always hot."
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