Lunar Skylar

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“Ruby how are you?” Noah asked coming inside the room.

“A bit tired...” She mumbled.

“You should go to the hospital. Get checked out.” I suggested stroking her cheek.

“I’m fine--”


“Ambulance is on the way.” Xander said coming into the room.

“Okay.” Noah sighed.

“Ruby you okay?”

“Yeah..” She closed her eyes. “Is Levi okay?”

“Yeah, he’s with Rori and Harry.”

“That’s nice.” She buried her face in her pillow. “I feel so so sick!!” She sobbed.

“That’s why you’re going hospital.” I said taking the pillow off her.

Then two paramedics came inside with a stretcher and rushed over to Ruby.

“I’m paramedic John, my colleague,”

“Call me Ralf.” Ralf said as they started doing checks on her when out of nowhere she puked inside the bag I gave her before.

“How do you feel?” John asked.

“Better than ever.” She puked again. “Dizzy, sick, and dizzy.”

“Have you fainted yet?”

She looked at me. “Have I?”

“Only like 5, 6, 7, 8 times.” I said.

“Okay,” John said again. “And you are the..?”

“No relations. Friend.” I said.

“Any of you..?” He asked Xander and Noah.

“Nope. Just ex.” Noah said. Then Levi rushed into the room.

“Mummy! Mummy!” Then he froze. “Mummy...?”

“Don’t worry baby, I’m okay,” She puked again. Then Levi started crying. Noah picked him up and kissed his cheek. “Mummy’s okay.”

“No...” Levi looked at him unsure.

“Your mum is okay. Just a tiny bit sick.” Ralf said reassuringly.

“Where’s Alex?” Xander asked Levi.

“He’s on the phone.” Levi said. “To Erica.”

“Urgh. He’s love obsessed.”

“You guys have conquered the word, obsessed.” I said. “Is she really okay?” I whispered.

“Low blood pressure.” He looked at me and back at everyone. “We need to take her to hospital. Her symptoms are serious.”

“You said she was okay.” Xander said.

“She isn’t. I lied for the kid.” He said.

“She needs to see a doctor ASAP.” John said. “Can you walk?” He asked Ruby.

“Yeah.” She mumbled sitting up but falling back down on the bed.

“She looks really tired.” I said. Then she fainted. The paramedics quickly placed her on the stretcher and started taking her out the room. Seconds later John came back. “Where’s mummy?!” Levi panicked. “Daddy where’s mummy?!”

“Do you want to accompany her?” He asked Xander.

“No, I’ll stay here. Maybe Noah can go?”

“Yeah.” John said. “You are 18+?”

“No. 16.”

“With a kid? Okay, just come on.”

“You judging me?”

“Nope. I’ve seen crazier.” He said as they went out the room. Then Xander came up to me but for some reason I flinched. He took a step back. “Sky I wasn’t going to hurt you.”

“Sorry.” I said quickly tucking my hair behind my ear and avoiding his eyes. “I don’t know why.” I quickly ran out the room and down the stairs into the living room where Levi, Rori and Harry were playing. I sat down on the sofa tears rolling down my eyes.

Xander walked into the room and saw me crying. “Sky why--”

I quickly got up and ran past him into my room and laid on my bed putting the blanket over my head.

“Sky tell me what’s wrong?”

“Don’t touch me!”

“Okay. What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know...just happened again.” I said wiping my tears. “It came out of nowhere.”

“It’s okay. Now it’s gone. Can I hug you?”

“I’m not ready.”

“Okay. I’m gonna check in with the kids.”


“You okay by yourself here?”

“Yeah.” I said sitting up straight. “I was scared for a second. My mind was contemplating everything you can do to me and I was just scared for a second.”

“It’s okay. After everything you’ve gone through, I don’t blame you.”

“Thanks.” I wiped my tears. “I do trust you. I just...”

“I get it. I know you can’t help it.”

“Thanks.” I sighed laying back down and closing my eyes.

I woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. There was Xander and Alex looking at me worriedly.

“I had a nightmare, there was Patrick and the guys and they were hitting me and--”

“Breathe.” Xander hugged me as I started crying. “It’s okay.”

“Sky you know they’re locked away and won’t come out for years.” Alex said as Xander pulled out.

“I know...but I can’t just move on..this isn’t something I could just, brush off or...I just...”

“Stop crying. Listen, no one is going to hurt you--”

Then Levi started stirring. We looked at him not making a noise and then he stopped. Asleep. Good.

“I got you some water.” Alex said giving me a cup. I looked at him hand and..imagined him strangling me. I remember that day..he lost it with me didn’t he...what if Noah, Mason and Calvin weren’t there? He was mad at me...I swallowed and quickly moved away from him. “I’m not thirsty.”

He and Xander looked at me confused. “Oh.” They both said in unison.

“Just leave.” I said in a whisper. Completely scared to the core.

“Sky I wasn’t going to hurt you. I was just giving you water--”

“Don’t touch me!”

“Calm down--”

“No. Get away from me.” I said. Then I looked at Xander and remembered the day he pinned me on the floor. He was going to punch me wasn’t he....


“No. You both get away from me!!”


“Go away!!”

I quickly got up and tried opening the window. Stuck. Then I felt Xander pull me back. “Sky--”

“Get off me!!” I yelled. “Move away from me!!”

“No! You need to calm down!”

“No you let go off me!!!”

Then I saw Effron open his window. “What the fuck?!” He groaned.

“Get off me.” I glared at Xander. Then he dropped his hand.

“What happened?” Effron asked.

“Mind your business,” Alex said rolling the blinds down.

“No!” I shoved him. “Effron I need help!”

“Sky you are being crazy!” Xander said pulling me from the window. “You need to stop.”

Effron sighed and closed his window and blind.

I sat on the floor and hugged my knees covering my ears with my hands. I could hear the laughter. The laughter. When the guys were eating me up. The evil smirks, The--

“Sky..” Alex knelt down beside me. “Stop crying.”

“You’re gonna hit me..”

“No I’m not.”

“You strangled me last time...twice..I told you to stop but you didn’t listen to me...”

At that the place went pitch silent.

“You strangled her?” Xander asked confused. Alex swallowed. “It was a while ago--”

Xander pulled him by the shirt. “You strangled her?!”

“I was mad--”

Xander was about to hit him when he stopped himself. “How could you be so stupid?!”

“I..I..I knew you were depressed!”

“Alex, calm down.” Xander said hugging him. “It’s okay. I won’t hurt you. I promise.”

“I d..d..didn’t mean to S..S..Sky!”

“’s okay..” I said standing up. “I’ll get your inhaler.” I said leaving the room. I went into his room and took the inhaler which was laying down on his desk. Then I spotted something...his diary. I looked at it for a second and looked for his phone. On the bed side. I quickly took it out and took as many photos as I could. Then I went to whatsapp and sent the photos to my phone and deleted all photos on Alex’s phone. Then I put everything back and took the inhaler and went back to my room.

“I couldn’t find it.” I lied giving Alex his inhaler.

“Thank you.” He smiled once his breathing got back to normal. “You really are amazing. I’m so lucky to have you.” He said hugging me.

“Xander, where’s my phone?”

“In my room.” He said getting up and going downstairs, seconds later coming back up and giving it to me. I exhaled as I saw the notifications.

“Why did you want it?” Alex asked.

“Just wanted to text Noah.” I lied. “And see how Ruby is.”

“You could’ve just asked us.”

“I forgot.” I lied.

They both looked at me clearly not buying it. “My dais can’t I just have some privacy!”

“You’re hiding something.” Alex looked at me suspiciously.

“Yeah. You are.” Xander agreed.

“Will you both stop being so...nosy!”

They both rolled their eyes and went back to my bed laying down.

“I need to go toilet.”

“With your phone?” Alex looked at me suspiciously.

“Twin sync. And yes.”

They both groaned. “Secrets need to be let out!” Xander said.

Alex looked at me weirdly. “Sky where did you find my inhaler?”

“On your drawer.” I lied.

“Why are you lying? I used it before when I was working out.” He said.

“You trying to flex?” I changed the topic.

“Did you see anything else there?”

“Your diary but I didn’t open it.”

They both sat up.

“Again, twin sync.”

“Drop the cap. Did you read it?”

“No!” I said.

“Swear to god.”

“I swear to god.” I’m sorry God!! Desperate times call for desperate measures!!!

“Fine.” He sighed. “I’m trusting you.”

“Yeah. I didn’t. I’m not that low. It’s your privacy.” I said guiltily laying down next to them. “Lets just sleep.”


“Tomorrow.” I said.

“No you need to pray.”

“Not now--”

“Now. Come on before I tell your mum.”

“Fine.” I groaned. I need to delete those photos. Alex is trusting me. What the fuck was I thinking?! Like am I dumb?! It’s HIS privacy!! I need to delete these.

“Hey guys!” I said cheerily walking down the stairs. “Oh. Where’s Xander and Levi?”

“At Daniel’s. You read my diary.” Alex glared at me.

“W..w..what?” I darted for the front door. Locked.

“I trusted you!!” He screamed at me.

“Alex stop it before I tell Xander!!”

“He isn’t gonna do anything.” He smirked.

“Alex you’ve lost it. I didn’t--”

Then he grabbed me by the throat. “WHY?!”

“Alex calm down. Please...” I sobbed. “Just let go..”

“Why would you read MY diary?!”

“I didn’t read--”

Then he squeezed my neck even tighter. I started gasping for air through my sobs. “I...I...I’m sorry!” I wheezed. “S..s...sorry.”

Then he let go. “Sky I’m sorry!”

I quickly ran away from him and tripped on the floor.

“Hey, hey, I’m sorry.” He said kneeling down in front of me. “I’m sorry. I didn’t hit you.”

“You strangled me!” I screamed, remembering what the guys had done to me..they didn’t care, just laughed--

“And I’m sorry!”

“No! You hurt me!!”

“Listen. It’s okay. I just lost my temper.”

Then the door unlocked. Xander’s got keys. Life saver.

“Guys...Sky what happened?” Xander knelt down in front of me as he looked at my neck. “Who did that to you?”

I said nothing. I know if I did, Alex would be dead. For good.

Xander looked at me confused and then at Alex. “Alex please tell me you didn’t.”

Alex quickly got up. “I didn’t mean to--”

“Are you crazy?!” Xander screamed at him and walked up to him.

“Xander, it was a mistake--”

“You strangled her!!”

“I’m sorry--”

“No Alex! What is wrong with you?!”

Then Alex started crying. “Don’t hit me.”

“I won’t. I promise. Stop crying.” Xander hugged him. “It’s okay. Just breathe.” He whispered as Alex started struggling to breathe. He kept struggling until I got up. I ran to his room and quickly came back with his asthma pump. He started using it. “Come on Alex. Breathe...” I said as he sat down on the floor.

“Your shirts all wet.” Xander said helping him take it off. “Come on breathe...”

After a few seconds, his breathing had gone back to normal. “I’m okay now.”

“Alex why did you strangle her?”

“She read my diary--”

“I took photos and sent it to my phone but I didn’t read them. I was gonna delete them as I knew it was wrong. It was your privacy and I invaded it. I know you don’t believe me because I’m a nosy pig but...I wasn’t gonna read it. And when you said you were lucky to have me and you trusted me...I instantly felt bad. I am so so sorry...but I swear I didn’t read a single letter.”

“Thanks..” He blushed. “And I shouldn’t have hurt was wrong of me...” He frowned. “Did I scare you?”

“ did..”

Then Xander’s phone rang. “Hey babes.” He said going into his room.

“I scared you so badly..”

“Kept thinking about the guys and...”

“It’s okay.” He said hugging me. But I flinched. I quickly got up and went into Xander’s room. Xander looked at me confused. “Sky, go away!” He said.

“No. I don’t feel safe there.” I said not looking at him.

“Babes Imma call you back later. Love you. Bye.” He cut the call. Then sat me down on his bed. “Do you trust him?”

“I’m scared...” I burst into tears. Then covered my mouth muffling out my cries.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay. Alex...he won’t hurt you.”

“No I’m scared--”


“Don’t touch me!”

“Okay, sorry.”

I quickly wiped my tears and cleared my throat. “Where’s Levi?”

“Daniel’s. He’s hanging out with Harry and Rori.”

“That’s nice.”

“You best get ready for the MAZE!”

“We’re going to the MAZE?!”

He looked at me confused. “No. You and the guys silly.”


This time, the colour drained from his face. “Lets have some take away.” He said. “Get out of here.”

“Okay!” I said leaving. Then I saw Alex crying and hugging his knees. I gingerly walked up to him and patted his head awkwardly. “You okay?”

He burst out laughing. “I know you’re serious but this is way too funny.”


“You were waking like a one year old who just learnt how to walk!”


“Don’t apologise.” He said wiping his tears away. “You going to the MAZE?”

“Xander just asked. And then I thought he meant you both are taking me to the MAZE but then he says no that the guys are taking me. Actually, I should call them.” I said. “You have my phone?” I asked as I searched myself.


“Can I--”


“But it’s gonna close in like,” I looked at the clock in the living room. “15 minutes or something!”

“Yeah. I think they probably cancelled.”

“They could’ve told me.” I sighed. Then I sat next to him trying to fight the urge to run.

“You want to run don’t you?”

I looked down at his hands. “Those hands are pretty strong..”

“I used all my wonder your voice sounds different.”


“I’m sorry...”

“Stop crying...”

“Boys don’t cry.” He wiped his tears.

“But real men do.”

He laughed. “So I’m a man?”

“I mean, sure!”

“Malorie Blackman. AKA, writer who wrote the book, boys don’t cry.”

“Nerd.” I sighed. “Had me tearful.”

“Yeah...” He smiled. “I scared you a lot. The fear in your eyes...”


“I’m sorry..really..” He was about to touch my neck me when I moved away from him gasping for air. “Don’t touch me!!”

He rubbed his eyebrows. “I’m sorry. I was just gonna see if it was okay. It looks really red.”

“I’m hungry.” I looked at his hands and shifted uncomfortably. “I’m going to make some food.” I said quickly getting up.

“Sky you’re not scared of me...right?”

“Just...scared of your hands..not you.” I said.

“Okay..they are quite intimidating.” He winked at me.

“You hitting on me?”



Then the door knocked. I got up and answered it. A girl? And Effron. Oh..

“Hi, fuck you, hi!” The girl said twitching and clicking her tongue.

“Hi, and you are?” I asked.

“You twat, idiot, I’m Sienna,” Her tongue clicked again. “I have, fuck you, Tourettes.”

“I guessed.”

“She’s my cousin.” Effron said. “Starting school tomorrow. I just came to--”

“Dick head, you fucking--”

“Woah!” Xander and Alex came up to us. “H--”

“Just suck a dick.” Sienna said clicking her tongue again.

“You got Tourettes?” Alex asked.

“Fuck off, yes.”


“Breakfast! You like breakfast?” Her tongue clicked again. “Wow! I didn’t actually, fuck you! No, no breakfast.” She said ticking again.

“Okay. We’re having takeaway--”

Her tongue clicked again.

“So wanna join?” Alex asked Effron and her.

“Sure, prick.” She ticked.

“I need to go tho..” Effron said checking the time on his phone.

“To where, dick?” She ticked.

“Karate training. Bye.” He said going into his house.

Sienna came inside and we went into the living room. “Fuck you, I’m starting Riverspark.” Her tongue clicked.

“I’m in Riverspark--”

“Fuck you!” She pointed the middle finger at me. “You’re in my class.”

“That’s cool.”

“I’ve ordered but sadness is--”

“What a sellout!” She ticked. “Oh I see that.” She winked and wolf whistled at him looking at his abs. Her tongue clicked.

“As I was saying, the guys are coming over.” Xander said.

“Who? Fuck you!”

“It’s some of our friends.” Alex said as the door knocked.

“Wanker!” She ticked.

“They are gonna drink..”

“Today? They did like yesterday yesterday?” I complained.

“Yeah, know. No school.” Alex said opening the door.

“Holy shit do any of you turn the heaters off?!” Daniel complained coming in with a packet of Vodkas.

“Who are you?” Caleb asked Sienna as they all came in.

“Dick, I’m Sienna, wanker.” She ticked.

“Hi, I’m Caleb.” Caleb said switching the TV on.

“Got Tourettes.”

“I guessed.” He sat on the floor.

“We’re going to the corner shop.” Alex said.

“While we’re gone, you need to keep an eye on Sky and don’t bully her.”

“Of course.” Oliver pushed them both out the house. “Have a nice trip.”

“My shirt!” Xander came back in and went into his room. Then he came back and out the front door.

“They’re missing the match.” Luke sighed.

“N O, spells NO.” I said stopping the guys from opening the bottles.

“Sky move over!” Daniel picked me up.

“Let go off me you prick!!”

Then I saw Sienna leave the house.

“To the toilet. Lets get you showered, guys.” He said carrying me to the toilet and then throwing me in the shower wetting me.

“You wanker!!” I jumped out slipping on to the floor. Then I saw the Elliot recording and laughing as Daniel watered me with the shower head. “I hate you all!” I hissed getting back up but slipping on the floor again hitting my head in the toilet. NO!!!

They all started laughing so hard. Then Daniel shoved my head inside and!

“And cut!!” Elliot said ending the recording. “This is going to go viral.”

I quickly got up and snatched his phone...accidentally pressing POST.

They all got notifications in their phones and gasped. I glared at them all. “I hate every single one of you!!”

“Match, it’s starting!” Chris rushed into the living room. One by one they all went but Daniel and Elliot stayed.

“Your neck...” Daniel knelt down in front of me. “Who strangled you?”

“No one.” I lied avoiding their eyes.

“Who hurt you?” Elliot asked.

Then he was about to touch it, when I gasped and scrambled to my feet. “Don’t touch me!!”

“Okay, I’m sorry.” He said.

“You’re scared?” Daniel asked.

I didn’t say anything. Then the door knocked. “Pizza guy’s here--”

“No. You’re telling us who did it.” Daniel locked the door.

“Don’t lock the door.” I said my eyes flickering with fear.

“Hey, calm down.” He said opening the door. “That okay?”

“Yeah.” I said sitting across them. “It was my fault. I had it coming.”

“What did you do?”

“I touched his stuff..” I blushed and got up leaving the toilet. I went to the kitchen and took my medication. “I’m really tired. I need a shower.”

“Who was it?” Elliot asked.

I hesitated. “I was being nosy but I didn’t read it at the end and he’s sorry--”


“No, never mind.” I said going into my room. “Do you mind?”

“Sky who hurt you?” Daniel asked.

“No one.” I lied.

Then something hit them. “Alex?” They both said at the same time.

“Diary?” Daniel asked.


“I’m gonna kill him!” Elliot fumed.


“It’s not okay for him to hurt you.” Daniel said.


“Listen, he had no right. Now you’re scared as hell. Not surprised why you don’t want to touch me and we all know how hard Alex can...squeeze..he’s always mad if someone touches his diary. Never thinks...he just acts...” Elliot said.

“It wasn’t him.” I lied as I could see they were mad.

“Hey Sky.” Xander and Alex came inside.

“Did you hurt her?!” Daniel yelled at Alex.

“No he didn’t!” I lied quickly.

“Don’t lie. We know--”

“It was Noah.” I lied.

Elliot and Daniel looked at me shocked. “Noah?!”

“Yeah.” I mumbled.

“Why would he?” Daniel asked.

“I..I kissed Oscar next door.”

“No you didn’t.” Effron said climbing into my room. “Evening.”

“He’s bluffing.” I said.

“No.” He said going back to his room and closing the window and blinds.

“Alex you hurt her didn’t you?” Elliot asked suspiciously.

“I did. She touched my diary!”

“Look at how red her neck is?!”

“I said I’m sorry and besides, she’s been acting all,” He started mimicking my voice, “Don’t touch me! I’m so scared--”

“Alex don’t you dare speak about me like that!” I hissed.

“I’m done with you and your over reactivness..”

“That’s not a word!”

“Alex where are you going?”

“Away from her.”

“Alex you just hurt her. She’s scared!”

“So? She read my diary!”

“But I didn’t read it! I changed my mind and didn’t!!”

“Don’t lie to me.”

I swallowed. “Sorry.” I panicked. Everyone looked at me confused.

“Sky stop that.”

“I need to go.” I said storming past them all and out the house, down the street and into Alex 1.1′s house. I went inside and into the back of the house. Peace. I sat on one of the swings and burst into tears.

“Sky?” Mason asked coming up to me. “Your neck...who hurt you?”

“No one..”

“Sky who did it?”

“I didn’t read his diary..” I sobbed. “He strangled me with his full strength--”


“Don’t touch me!!”

“Okay, I’m sorry.” He took a step back. “Okay?”


“You scared?”

“Yeah..” I looked down. “Really really scared.”

“It’s all going to be okay. Noah’s playing with Cleo and Cole. Do you want to join him?”

“I just don’t want to be touched...not yet.”

“Okay, you don’t need to touch, okay?”

“Okay..” I mumbled. Then I saw Alex. My heart started racing. “I said I’m sorry!” I panicked getting up from the swing and taking a few steps back, my eyes full of tears.

“I’m not gonna hurt you.” He said calmly approaching me.

“Don’t touch me!”

Then he hugged me. I gasped but he stroked the back of my head. “I won’t hurt you. I promise. What I did was completely stupid. But you know I’d never hurt you. I’d never hurt anyone apart from if someone touches my diary...”

“Don’t touch me...”

“But I won’t hurt you--”

“I know but I feel uncomfortable.” I said not looking at him.

“Okay.” He took a step back. “The toilet video...”

“I still haven’t showered.”

“Lets get you home.” He said already walking.

I stood where I was. He looked at me confused. “Come on, I’m not going to hurt you.”

I looked at Mason. “Sky, trust me on this. He won’t. You of all people know when Alex is lying or not.” Mason said. “If he touches you, you can stay with me.”

“Okay..” I mumbled following Alex.

“It’s okay.” Alex said. “I won’t hurt you.” He said taking his hand out. “I promise.”

I looked at his hand and remembered everything. “I..I..I can’t do this.” I ran off, down the street and into the house. I went into my room, took my clothes off, got my towel and went into the upstairs bath room. Shower. Get all my thoughts out.

I woke up screaming and gasping for air. “It was a dream?”

“Hey,” I heard Alex say. “Another nightmare..”

“Yeah..” I sat up straight.

“And you woke Levi up.” Xander said. “And Cleo and Cole but we got them two to sleep.”

“What’s wrong Sky?” Levi asked.

“Nothing. You should get back to sleep.”

Alex gave me a glass of water and I drank it while Xander stroked my cheek. “You okay now?”

“Yeah.” I said completely sleepy. “Alex you okay?”

“Was the nightmare about me?”

“No.” I lied.

“You were saying my name..”

“No I wasn’t.”

“You were..Sky I’m sorry. I swear I am..”

“I’m sleepy--”

“Sky I didn’t mean to.”

“ scared me...a lot...”

“Uncle I’m hungry..” Levi groaned his tummy rumbling.

“You haven’t eaten, Shoot.” Xander bit his lip. “Let me make you something, what do you want?”


“Okay.” He got up and picked him up, taking him out the room.

“Sky I’m sorry...”

“I just..I feel so weak...when you hurt me...I felt so..used..”


“No like...I felt..I don’t know...”

Then he held onto my hand. “Alex what are you playing at?!”

“Jesus will you just calm down. I’m only trying to calm you down.”

“Don’t touch me.”

“Okay..” He let go. “Want to tell me about the dream?”

“You kept strangling me..”

“Hey, look at me.”


“Look at me..”

“No!” I burst out crying. “I want the pain to end!!”

“Hey, look at me.” He said again. And this time, I did. “You are the most strongest girl in the world, the smartest when it comes to crazy ideas, the most interesting and funniest girl ever, the most kindest and selfless person alive and the most caring person ever...”


“To me. To everyone.”

“Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m worth it..”

“Don’t say that.”


“No, don’t do that...” Then he froze. “Did Noah used know, scare you?”


“Is that why you’re saying sorry? You’re scared I’ll hurt you?”

I swallowed. “Sorry fixes everything.”

“When you said sorry before...I got so so were scared...”

“Yeah..I was...a few weeks ago, Noah was angry at me...and I thought he was going to hit me...I just apologised right away..I was so so scared and then he said, good...and..” I started crying. “I was so scared! He felt like...he was controlling me..I didn’t like that feeling...”

Then he hugged me. I gasped and burst into tears again. “Sky it’s okay to feel scared.” He sighed. “You used to beat the shit out of anyone that pissed you off. When you were a kid, that’s another story.” He laughed.

I smiled. “I’d throw some next level tantrums and practically fight 24/7. I tugged at Ruby’s hair once. Twice, maybe a couple times. A million, oh, Lilianna too. And practically half the people in my class. 75% apart from newbies.”

“You used to loose your temper so quickly..”

“Yeah. I would karate chop everyone. Practically broke Noah’s nose once..when we were six?”

“Yeah...still remember that day.”

“Mhm. He ate my ice cream!”

“Yeah.” He laughed. Then paused. “But..what I don’t get’re so strong..physically don’t fight back..”

I looked at him uncomfortable. “I get scared. I feel like I can’t do anything..I feel scared...”

“Hey, don’t work yourself up...” He sighed. “You’ve been through hell and back.”

“I know I should fight back and...I did...once? But it was 9 against 1.”

“That was scary wasn’t it..”

“Yeah...they crowded my room and they had bats and they started hitting me you know, at that moment, I was scared...I just felt scared...”

“Hey, don’t cry.” He stroked my cheek.

“I am just so sick of not being in control!”

“Then it’s time to be in control.”


“I’m gonna teach you some defense techniques.”


“Yeah. Tomorrow?”


“Mind if I sleep with you?”

“Come on.” I said shuffling up a bit. Within seconds he was fast asleep.

“You look so smart.” Xander ruffled my hair.

“My uniform.”

“What? It’s true.”

“Xander, look at your uniform. The way you did it. I mean, look at Alex.”

“Xander do tuck you shirt--”

“Gay boy!” Xander teased. Alex glared at him. Then sighed.

“Sky, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“How many views does the video have?” I asked.


“Does everyone know?”

“Over 260 million?”


“Erm...” He blushed. “You’re on the news.”

The color drained from my face. “”

“It was erm..viral.”

I sat on the sofa trying to comprehend--

Then the door opened and I saw Levi, Noah and Ruby. She had a breathing tank and a wheel chair. She looked exhausted. Her hair was down and no make up. Natural face. Well, she only uses eyebrow pencil and lipstick with eye liner. Just like me.

“Ruby?” I rushed up to her and was about to hug her but I stopped myself. “What happened?”

“I’m tired.” She mumbled.

“She’s really tired.”

“Okay.” I said as Noah wheeled her into the living room.

Then he helped her lie down in front of the TV. “You comfortable?”


“Baby go to Uncle Xander.” Noah said to Levi softly.

“Okay.” Levi said going out the room.

Then Noah saw me standing in the door way and smiled at me and then blushed. “Hey.”

“You didn’t come.” I mumbled.

“She has no family and it’d be wrong to leave.”

“Okay...I really missed you.”

“I know.” He kissed me.

Then he went over to Ruby and gave her the remote. “You can watch anything you want. Netflix, YouTube, blah blah blah.” He smiled at her. “You’re really strong. Don’t forget that.”


“And also, I’m gonna go to the shops. You want me to buy anything for you?”


“I’ll get you a coffee.”


“And some biscuits? Or are they too hard for your teeth?”


“Fish fingers? I’ll help you cut them.”


“And chips?”


“But you need to eat...”

She groaned. “I’m not hungry--”

“How about, you have two fish fingers and fifteen chips with ice cream?”


“And at Lunch time, you can have two doughnuts”


“And at evening, do you want pizza? I’ll get the Aldi pizza, cheese and tomato as it’s soft.”




“Listen, I know you’re really tired, but you need to’s orders.”

“You can go to school..”

“No, I’m staying. To take care of you.”


I cleared my throat. “Noah do you like her?”

“Erm no.”

“Okay. Good. Ruby?”

“No. Remember, I like Calvin.” She whispered.

“Yup. We know.”

“Sky, can you take Levi to nursery today?” Xander asked.

“Oh..erm..sure.” I said picking Levi up. “But why?”

“Me and Alex need to go to school now--”

“But we still have like, an hour or so.”

“We need to go extra early. Year 3. Anyways, we’ll meet you at P.E? Lunch?“Alex said.

“Yeah..I really am dreading going..”

“Gemma’s sick. She can’t come.” Xander said.

“I know..”

“Cheer up. We’ll be waiting for you. Promise.” Alex said as they went out the front door.

“Okay.” I said as they closed the door. Seconds later, I saw Xander’s car start and VOOSH!!!

“Sky I want to watch Vlad and Nikki.” Levi said.

“Okay, I’ll go get your ipad.” I said going into the my room. I picked up his laptop which was on my desk and went back down the stairs. “Sit on your bean bag.” I said giving him his laptop.

“Thank you.” He said already going onto YouTube. Kids these days. says that!!!

“Okay, I’m gonna hit the shops. Sky, stay here and keep an eye on her.”


“Don’t worry. I’ll be back ASAP.” He said to Ruby. Then he kissed me. “Bye babes.”


Then he went out the door.

“He’s been so kind to me..” Ruby said to me.

“Yeah..never really seen him like this...”

“In hospital...he kept me company.”

“Yeah. And I’m sorry I didn’t visit..”

“It’s okay.”

“Has he annoyed you?”

“No, he’s told me a lot about Calvin..he’s also bought me tons of flowers and practically a million coffees a day, he’d hold my hand and he’d normally fall asleep on the’re lucky.” She smiled at me. “You might not realise it but you are.”


Then she was about to hug me when I--

“Don’t touch me.”


“No..” I rubbed my eyebrows. “I just feel uncomfortable when people touch me..unless I touch someone..just...”

“It’s this about the guys?”

“Yeah..” I said. AND ALEX. But lets ignore that.

“Do you have nightmares?”

“...Almost every night.”

“You could probably have PTSD?”


“I mean, you just said you get nightmares almost every night...”

“Yeah but...”

“You’re scared aren’t you..?”

“No..” I lied.

“Sky I have known you since Nursery. I know, we both know, that you’re scared..”

“Just keep remembering..their kicks and punches and the strangling’s just all too much..I’m so so so scared..”

“I...I’m sorry..if I didn’t..” She burst into tears. “I’ve ruined your life--”

“No Ruby don’t think that.”

“But it’s true!”

“No it’s not. Look. The first time was probably your fault. But the rest weren’t yours.”

“I’m sorry...”

“Hey, don’t exhaust yourself.”

“I wanna go toilet.” She said getting up. I quickly grabbed hold of her and we slowly walked into the toilet. I helped her sit down and turned around covering my eyes.

"What is that? Shower?" She looked at it confused and turned it on and started spraying water everywhere. "It's a modern lota!!" She said closing it.

“Oh god lets not talk about that.”

“We learnt it in class--”

“Please let us not--”

“All the muslims left as soon as sir said, LOTA. It was so funny. Sir was mad.”

“Thank god I wasn’t in class.” I exhaled. “Do you know how uncomfortable it is to explain?”

“Yeah. Just imagine.” She burst out laughing.

“Someone drank from it once.”

“Well, not surprised. It’s just like a shower head but a smaller version.”

“And lets stop speaking about this.”

“So like, when--”

“RUBY!!” I shrieked.

“My bad.”

“You done?”

“Can I use your Lota?” She asked spraying it again.

I turned around and glared at her. “No more Lota talk!!”

“Okay. Turn around.” She said. After a few seconds, I helped her up and she washed her hands, then out we went and back into the living room. On the sofa. “You okay now?”

“Yeah. Can you get me some water?Lota water?”

“I'm gonna kill you.” I said going into the kitchen. I got a glass cup and poured some water inside. I was about to walk into the living room when I heard Ruby. On the phone?

“I don’t think that’s a good idea...pfft no, I hate her....course I don’t..maybe she’ll tell you off, besides, she’s already been through Aria..I am your friend...I just feel bad..please don’t do it..Aria no, wait!--”

Then the call cut. “Shit.” She mumbled.

“Shit.” Levi giggled.

“Levi no.”

“Sorry mummy.”

“Don’t worry.”

“Mummy will you be okay?”


“Here’s your water.” I said coming inside the room.

“Thanks.” She said avoiding my eyes.”

“You okay?”


“Erm, do you want to talk about something?”

“Do you have a spare uniform?”


“Maybe you should pack it in your bag.”

“No.” I said sitting on the floor stroking her hair. “You remember when I used to braid your hair?”

“Yeah. And you remember the million times you attacked me?”

“Yeah.” I smiled.

“ can why didn’t you fight back?”

I stopped stroking her hair and bit my lip. “I...I get scared. Fighting is the last thing that’ll cross my mind..”

“But you can fight. You will break someone’s bones in rugby. I mean, remember arm wrestling in the girls changing rooms every PE lesson? And do you remember every sports day? You are so athletic..”

“My pregnancy..”

“That made you weak. But now, there’s no weight pulling you back.”


“You’re amazing. Just keep that in mind.”

“Thanks.” I smiled. “I’m proud of Noah..”

“You should be.” I heard Noah say going into the kitchen. Then I saw him come with two tubs of ice cream. “Ruby, here.” He said giving it to her. “And Sky.” He gave the other one to me.

Ruby took the spoon and almost dropped it.

“Want me to help?”

“I am fine.” She said clearly struggling. Then Noah sat on the sofa beside her and started feeding her.

“I’ll put it on BTS?” I asked Ruby as she’s so obsessed with them.

“Yes. Oh, Dynamite!”

“Yes!” I said slumping down next to her and opening my ice cream tub. DYNAMITE.

Cause I, I, I’m in the stars tonight

So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight

Shoes on, get up in the morn’
Cup of milk, let’s rock and roll
King Kong, kick the drum
Rolling on like a Rolling Stone
Sing song when I’m walkin’ home
Jump up to the top, LeBron
Ding-dong, call me on my phone
Ice tea and a game of ping pong

“You’re singing!!” Noah was about to hug me but I dodged it. Then he fell on the floor and me and Ruby burst out laughing.

“Okay, come on. Cheer up.” I said helping Noah up and sitting back down next to Ruby. “Lets sing together now?”


“But you need to dance!”

“I can't! Fine!”

"Okay, lets sing!" I said. "This is gettin’ heavy, can you hear the bass boom? I’m ready (Woo-hoo)

Life is sweet as honey, yeah, this beat cha-ching like money, huh
Disco overload, I’m into that, I’m good to go
I’m diamond, you know I glow up
Hey, so let’s go

’Cause I, I, I’m in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight (Hey)
Shinin’ through the city with a little funk and soul
So I’ma light it up like dynamite, woah-oh-oh.

Levi looked up and took my blazer off putting it on and started singing and dancing. I turned to Ruby shocked.

"What? I had to teach him." She laughed. "Besides you know the lyrics!"

"Who doesn't--"

"It's 8:15!!" Levi said. I quickly paused the TV. "Levi, lets go quickly."

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