Lunar Skylar

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And the truth, shall set you free

“Come on Levi.” I said as we went out the house. “Are you sure you don’t want your scooter or cars?”

“Yes.” He said as he held onto my hand. Then he started rambling on about Rori and Harris.

“Sky who is he?” I heard Aria ask from behind me. She was also with her friends. Shit.

“He’s my relative.” I said.

“Oh. You and Ruby related?”

“Yeah.” I lied dragging Levi. “Come on, lets go.”

“Okay.” He smiled.

“What type of relative?” One of Aria’s friends asked.

“Erm, natural relatives.” I said quickly as we crossed the road.

“Sky, can Rori and Harry come over today after school?”

I looked around me. No one. “Okay.”

“Yay!” He hugged me.

“Okay, lets go.” I said as we arrived at the nursery. “Hi Miss AppleBerry!”

“Hi Sky, hello Levi!” She hugged him.

“Rori and Harry came to my house and we played with my toys!”



“That’s nice. Did you have a good time?”

“Yes!” Then he frowned. “But mummy was sick and the ambulance took her to hospital and she just came home today and she’s in a wheel chair and is really tired but daddy is looking after her..”

“Hey, it’s okay.” Miss knelt down. “She’ll get better soon.”


“Okay Levi. I need to go. I’ll see you after school but make sure you have fun.” I patted him head. “Mummy will be okay. I promise.”

“Thank you!” He hugged me.

“No problem. Now go to class.” I kissed his head. “And thank you Miss.”

“No problem.”

“I got my own lunch today!” Levi said to Miss as they went inside the class room. I smiled and started walking down the street. I kept walking and then I reached the school. I went inside the gates and realised people were looking at me. I ignored them until I saw a group of girls. Year 1. Other class.

“Sewer girl!!” One of the girls called out.

“Sewer?” I looked at them confused.

“You live in a cave?” The other teased.

Everyone started laughing. I looked down and then walked away from them.

“Run along loser!!” Another shouted. I went into class and saw everyone’s eyes on me. I went up to my seat, next to Mason.

“Sky how are you?”


“Sewer girl!!!” Someone called from across the class room. Then I saw Miss.

“Morning everyone. I have some important notice.” Miss said sitting down on her desk. “Today, there’s been a BRAND NEW class room added full of different pupils. Some from this school, some from others.”

“What?!” We all looked at her shocked.

“25 new pupils. 1S. So, yeah. You might have already met some of them.” She said sitting on her seat. “Register.” She started calling out everyone’s names. “Sky?”


“Sewer girl!!” Sophia called out.

“Drink toilet water!!” Avery called out. I looked at her shocked.

“My bad.” She shrugged.

I looked at everyone and blushed. “Sky, don’t worry.” Mason whispered.

“I’m on the news and I shouldn’t be worried?!”


“We’ve got assembly soon. Anyone dares to call her names will spend the next two days with me. After school.” Miss said continuing the register.

“Great.” I mumbled as Miss stood up.

“Everyone, single line, to assembly.” Miss said. “Don’t mix up with other classes just because you see your friend.”

We started walking into the assembly hall and I tried to cover my face with my hair. There was awkward silence as we sat down in the back row. We were the last class to arrive. Shit. Everyone was staring.

“You are all five minutes late.” Mr. Anderson sighed starting the presentation. “Okay. This week has been a hard one. With the Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s election, the pandemic and rules. It’s been a mess. But we have stood strong. We’ve got some new students today, in Year 1. There were so many we had to create a new class.” He cleared his throat, “So welcome to Riverspark. Now lets do student of the month. Start from Year four.”

“In 4A, we have got, Alex Heffley!” Alex 1.2′s teacher called out.

Then I saw Xander and the guys call out. “Nerd!!” At the same time.

Alex ignored them, ignoring the fact that everyone was laughing.

“Well done Alex.” Sir said clapping. “Everyone clap!”

Everyone started clapping and Alex went to sit back down. Daniel and Xander patted his back.

“Okay, in 4B, we have got Quinn!” Another teacher called and we all clapped.

“And in 4C, we have got Jay!” Same. Clapped.

“Well done Year 4.” Mr Anderson said as we all clapped. “Year 3?”

The teachers kept calling names, until we reached my class. Shit.

“We have got Skylar!” Miss called out. I blushed so hard. I want to kill her. I tried to cover my face but my name stood out pretty boldly.

“It’s SEWER GIRL!!” Someone called out. Then people continued calling my name until I had enough.

“Will you all just shut the fuck up!!” I screamed. Everyone looked at me shocked. Then someone said, “She got eight people locked up for years!!”

“And I heard she was lying.” Someone said pulling my hair. Then I got up and kicked her straight in the neck. She dropped to the floor and clutched her throat. Everyone gasped. I rushed over to her. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to--”

“I can’t..” She sobbed. Then the teachers hurried towards us.

“Call an ambulance!” Miss Vivian said quickly. Mr Anderson took his phone out and dialed 999 starting to speak with the operator.

“Sky what were you thinking?” Mason hissed.

“I didn’t mean to. I just panicked.” I said as we moved away from the crowd.

“Sky what were you thinking?!” Xander asked as he and Alex walked up to me.

“I panicked. It was all too much--”

“She can’t speak. If you’ve fractured her vocal cord...” Alex rubbed his eyebrows.

“I panicked...they were all ganging up on me and..I couldn’t take it. She touched me and..”

“Even if she did, you could’ve dealt with it a different way!” Xander said. Then I saw Mr Anderson.

“Why did you hurt her?!”

“She was pulling onto my hair and she said I was lying and...”

“If she breaks any bones, you are automatically expelled.” He said storming away.

I swallowed and looked at Mason, Xander and Alex, in complete shock.

“Sky?” Mason looked at me concerned. “Guys, she’s having a seizure.” He said quickly pulling me out the hall and into the corridor. I sat on the floor and started having a seizure, after a few moments, I’d stopped.

“You okay now?” Xander asked kneeling down in front of me.

“Y..y..yes.” I mumbled, my head about to fall.

Then Mason laid my head on his lap. “Is that okay?”


“You won’t get expelled.” Alex 1.2 said. “Maybe. But if we convince him not to--”

“But what `about her parents?” Mason asked.

Alex looked at us completely speechless. “I..I think we should a least try and convince them...”

“But lets look on the bright side. No broken bones. Yet.” Xander said.

Then the doors opened and Mason sat me up. Two paramedics rushed inside and saw me. Clearly struggling to keep awake and trying not to slide.

“Is she okay?” One of them asked as the other went to the hall.

“She’s just had a seizure.” Alex said.

“Okay.” The paramedic was about to touch me--

“Don’t touch me.” I said quickly.

“I need to do checks on you.”

“I don’t want you to touch me.”

“Sky he won’t hurt you.” Xander said. “Right?”

“Yeah. I just need to do checks.” He said.

“I don’t trust him..”

They all looked at me and sighed.

“I’m Harris.” The paramedic said to me. “Who are you?”

“You probably already know who I am.”

“BBC News.”


“You look really nervous.” He said.

“No I’m not.” I lied.

“I need to get going. But..are you sure--”

“I’m okay.”

“Okay.” He said going into the assembly hall.

“Sky, he wasn’t going to hurt you.” Mason said.

“I know...”

“Stop crying..” Alex said.

“Skylar, to my office. Now!” Mr Anderson shouted. I flinched. Sir froze for a seconds. “Sky, to my office. Yous lot, to class.” Sir said.


“But nothing. Now!”

“You broke her neck.” Mr Anderson shook his head at me. “What were you thinking?!”

“I was scared..”


“I was scared!” I sobbed.

“Hey, stop crying.” He said. Then he sat on his chair and looked at me seriously. “Has someone been hurting you?” He whispered.


“Listen. You can tell me.”

“No one’s been hurting me..”

“Okay. But why did you break her neck like that?”

“I was...everyone was calling me names and I started remembering everything that had happened. I didn’t fight them off. All four times..I was scared..and since yesterday, I have been scared..for some reason..I just freak out when someone touches me...”

“So it’s about Patrick and the rest?”


“I’m sorry about what happened..I can’t believe they would stoop that low.”

“I didn’t mean to hurt her...I just wanted to...stop being a victim..” I wiped my tears. “I just wanted to be in be my old self..I didn’t mean to hurt her. I don’t blame you if you hate me. You can kick me out the school. I don’t care!”

He looked at me silently. “You do care. I have known you since forever and I know you don’t mess around with education...I won’t kick you out.”


“Yeah. Now, wipe those tears.” He said handing me a tissue box.


“How are you feeling? After the video?”

“Destroyed. I mean, I was so happy this morning..then I come to school..and..”

“Yeah..I will warn everyone. And Daniel and the lot are in serious trouble.”

“No don’t!”

“Why not?”

“I’ll get bullied even more..”

“I’ll tell them off--”

“No! They’ll bully me even more!!”

“That’s true.” He sighed. “It’s my job.” He said reaching for the loud speaker. “Will,” He looked at his computer, “Oliver Johnson, Daniel Clark, Elliot Rahman, Alexander Heffley, Xander Heffley, Luke Bailey, Chris Rees, Charles Cooper, Caleb Turner and Lorenzo Lee. Come to my office. Like now.” He said, then turned the speaker off.

“I’m dead. Sir, they’ll be mad at me and ruin my life by calling me a SNITCH!!!”

“Sir I didn’t do anything wrong.” Alex said coming in.

“Okay, you all were involved with the video?”

“Don’t know what you’re on about.” Elliot said.

“They did it, but me and Xander were at the shop.”

They all glared at him. “I’m just saying the truth.”

“You just snitched us up!” Lorenzo hissed.

“Now you’re definitely a nerd.” Xander whispered to him.

“So you did do it then?” He asked them all.

“What did Sky say?”

“I tried to stop him. I didn’t even bring it up.” I said defensively.

“Guys, she’s got nothing to do with this. I was just telling her off for breaking Addison’s neck.”

“But still. How would you know it was us?”

“Well I saw Daniel and you posted the video in your account.”

“I didn’t post it.” Elliot said.

“Regardless the fact, you were ALL involved.”

“No.” They all said.

“Alex just said.” Sir said.

They all glared at him. “Snitch.”

Alex looked down at the floor. “I don’t care.”

They all rolled their eyes. “Alex is clearly lying.” Charles lied.

“He’s right.” Caleb said.

“Alex, were they involved? Yes or No?”

Alex looked at him hesitantly. “N..yes.”

“All of you--”

“Alex you are such a snitch.”

“What the hell are you thinking?!”

“Guys stop picking on him!!” Sir said sternly. I could see Alex fighting back tears. He quickly wiped his tears.

“You guys, he’s your friend. And you bully him 24/7. I mean, today’s assembly was humiliating enough.”

“But he is a nerd.” Xander said.

“So what?”


“That is the weakest defense ever.”


“You’re all getting a phone call home. Or actually to your parents.”

“Alex!” They all groaned.

“Why do you always have to ruin everything?” Luke groaned.

“I don’t. You guys do!”

“No we don’t.” Daniel said.

“Yes you do. I mean, it’s bad enough that Abigail was using me for my money, then I find the girl of my dreams, but she over heard you guys talking bad about her! And she dumps me on the spot. I was already in pain because of my leg and she dumps me! How much pain is that?! Then I meet Erica. She loved science and everything I liked and then today you go ahead and embarrass me in front of the whole school and I turned to look at her but she turned her head acting like she didn’t know who I was. You guys are the ones that ruin MY life. Besides, I never really liked you guys, just stuck around yous because of Xander.” He said coldly.

They all looked at him shocked. “What?!” They all said pissed.

“Guys!!” Sir shouted. “I’m missing the...just, hurry up. No, I mean, erm...I need to get on with some business.” He said going onto All4. Hm? “Alex, sad story, guys you’ve fucked up real bad. And erm, all of you, detention after school.”

Xander looked alerted. “Xander..” Alex held onto his hands. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.” He said storming out the room.

“Hey!” Sir called after him. Then Alex rushed after him. “Unbelievable. Guys, all of you to class. After school, detention.”

“Great.” They all said sarcastically.

“Group sync.”

“Oh you’re dead.” Oliver said.

“You get detention.” I stuck my tongue out.

“So do you.” Sir said to me.

They all started laughing and left the room. I swallowed. “What do you mean?”


“I don’t want to go.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not comfortable.”

He looked at me for a moment and sighed. “I need to punish you, you know that?”

“I know but...I don’t feel comfortable being there.” I said looking down at my hands. Then I remembered the times I was there. “I used to get bullied by Noah and the guys in detention. They’d pour water and all sorts of drinks on my head and I’d have to walk home on the cold October, November and December streets..” I sobbed. “And I remember getting home cold, feeling scared and not telling mum or dad..I was terrified to walk alone in the dark because they once..hurt me..and that was when I started taking the cab. I was always scared..I didn’t know when the next time they’ll follow me and corner me. I was scared..every turn my heart will be beating 100mp...I was scared..”

“Hey, stop crying. We’ll put off the punishments. Especially with your depression and with everything with Patrick and the lot. It’s hard isn’t it..”


“And what happened was pretty traumatic.”


“Sky, you said that since yesterday you’ve don’t like it when people touch you?”


“Okay, and have you been getting night mares?”

“Most nights..but then Xander and Alex come and wait for me to wake up.”

“That’s nice.”

“Yeah.” I wiped my tears. “My nightmares are bad..they’re about everything that happened..I dream about Patrick and the guys, coming to beat me up and Jamie shooting me a million times..”

“That’s terrible.”

“ times it’s just them beating me up and laughing..”

“That’s..Sky I’m so sorry..”

“I get scared when people close doors...because..I..I..every time they come and beat me up..they lock the door..and give me evil smirks...”

“I’m you want me to open the door--”

“No, it’s fine.”

“Okay. Let me know if you want anything. Do you want to go back to class?”

I started fidgeting with my fingers. He got the hint. “You can stay here and help me with some work or use your phone?”

“I haven’t got it. Alex confiscated it off me.”

“And why exactly?”

“I erm..I..I was going to delete them. He had a panic attack. I went to get his inhaler and saw his diary. I quickly took photos on his phone as Xander confiscated my phone, and sent it to my contact. Then erased all photos on his phone and went back to Alex. Then I asked Xander for my phone and he gave it to me. I made up an excuse that I needed to call my dad but they knew I was lying. And then I went to sleep. I guess, Alex must’ve went into my morning, he’d confiscated it. And something else happened. But none the less, he’s got it and I have nothing.”

“Wow. Great story.” He laughed. “Okay, want to help me with some work?”


“Okay, I want you to check all the people that are in and aren’t and call them.”


“Lets start with Year 1. 1A.” He said. I sat next to him and looked at his computer.

“Ruby and Noah.” I said.

“Erm..Ruby’s moved into my room--”

“Noah called me. And Alex and Xander explained. I also had a word with Miss. AppleBerry. She’s nice ain’t she.”


“How is he? Levi.”

“He’s doing fine.”

“Ruby told me the conditions they were living in...I feel so bad. And then I saw Levi. He was so so skinny.”

“Yeah. We’re trying to feed him as much as we can.”

“That’s good.”


“Noah’s been taking care of her..he’s a good lad.”


“He says Ruby’s been really weak.”

“Yeah. Her blood pressure had been really low.”

“Bless her.”

“I had to fucking escort her to the toilet. And god I never want to do that again.”

“Why not? You’re helping.” He said typing.

“She was talking about my Lota.

He burst out laughing. “I feel you.”

“Yeah.” I sighed.

“I’m gonna watch Bad Education. If you don’t mind--”

“I am already in Season 2.”

“Jeez.” He raised his eyebrows.

“Yeah.” I said as we started watching it.

“They are literally never wearing shirts.” I complained.

“Sky it’s their choice.”

“But someone can easily come and see them or whatever!”

“They post half naked tiktoks.” Mason reminded.

“Fine. It just annoys me. I dunno why.”

“Shirtless at home?” I heard Mila ask. She was with her friends.

“What’s it to you?!” I snapped. “Come to make fun of me?”

“No. Just wanted to ask if you wanna be our friend.” Penelope said to me.

Me and Mason looked at them suspiciously. “Friends?”

“You’re pretty cool. Everyone knows your name and you’ve made it on BBC News a million times.” Camilla said.

I looked at them confused. “ won’t call me names?”

“No.” They all said.

“Oh.” I said. Then I looked at Mason. He looked at them suspiciously. “Out of nowhere you want to be her friend?”

“We’ve been speculating since last lesson. And, I think she can be our friend. I mean, she’s already...she’s really cool to be honest. I mean, a car chase. That’s super cool.”


“So, we meet after school?” Zoey asked.

“What?” I asked confused.

“Oh, lets go to yours. We can get to know you more.” Rosa said.


“Yeah. Is that okay?” Chloe asked.

“I mean, sure.”

“Quick question. Is Xander and Alex going to be there?” Rosa asked again.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Just asking. Anyways, I love your hair.” She smiled at me.


“Okay. Bye.” They said leaving.

I looked at Mason and smiled. “They won’t make fun of me--”

He looked at me disappointed and back at them. “They’re just using you to see Alex and Xander. They heard you talk about them shirtless. Come on Sky.”

“Mason, please. They clearly like me.”

“No Sky. They don’t. They’re just using you!”

“No! They like me!!”

“No!!” He screamed at me. I flinched.

“Sky I’m sorry I didn’t mean to shout...” Mason hugged me. “I was just mad--”

“You shouted at me..”

“Sky, I’m sorry. I promise I am--”

“You scared me...”

“I’m sorry--”

“Mason, Sky, what is going on?! You’re late to class!!” Miss Reynolds shrieked. Then she paused. “What’s wrong guys?”

“I shouted at her..and scared her..”

“I feel sick.” I said pulling out and walking away from him. I went into the changing rooms and started changing, ignoring the looks people were giving me. They were giving me sympathetic looks as they looked at my bruises. I didn’t give a fuck. I mean, if they only saw my back. Though it's bandaged up and's still..yeah I saw them walking up to me.

“They look really bad..” Aria said.

“I don’t care.” I said wiping my tears.

“Something’s wrong. What is it?” Sofia asked.

“It’s nothing just please leave me alone!” I snapped storming out the room. I went into the sports hall. My hoodie. Shoot. My arms were exposed. Well, everyone’s arms were exposed. As we were wearing T-Shirts but my arms were covered in faded bruises. I ignored the looks and I saw Mason looking extremely worried. I walked up to him.

“Hey.” I said.

“I’m sorry. I was just mad. I didn't mean to shout at you...” He sighed. “If they make you happy, then, you can be their friends too. I can’t stop you.”

“Thanks.” I hugged him. “I was really scared for a moment. I thought you were going to...”

“No. I’d never. I promise.” He said pulling out. “You look really anxious.”

“My bruises.”

“You can wear my hoodie.”


“Everyone, pay attention.” Miss said. ”You are required to run from one end of the 15 metre area to the other in time with the bleep. As you can see, the 15 meter area is marked out by two red lines and four blue cones. As the test progresses, the bleeps sound quicker."

"We've done this a million times." Scarlett complained.

"Today we have double P.E, which means, we're gonna run 20 laps after lunch."

"NO!!" We all groaned.

"But last two winners, get to miss it and also get £30."

Everyone started getting hyped. "I will also write down the score of all of you. So, erm if anyone can pass 3.1, you're good. 5.4, great. 7.5, legend." Then the sound started.

We started running, me talking to Mason. "How is Gemma?"

"She's okay, just feels a bit tired. With all the breast feeding and taking care of the kids."

"Yeah. At least the triplets are back."

"Yup. And, Esmeralda's been acting all weird today. Like, she seemed really stressed. When Alex and Xander went to drop Cleo and Cole to ours, she looked so sad."

"She hates them?"

"No, it's just she's acting strange. So was Alex 1.1 and Harley."

"You don't think they're hiding something?"

"They are. They've been so quiet today and anxious."

"I wonder what they're hiding."

"I asked. They shooed me away. Said they were going to talk to you or something."


"Yeah. I'm guessing it's serious. Then they told Alex and Xander something. They were all very suspicious."

"What do you think it might be?"

Then I heard cheering and realised me and Mason were the only ones still running. COOL!!!


"Well, they're probably hiding something about you."

"But what could it be?"

"How am I supposed to know?"

"You live with them."

"Fair point. But, how's Levi?"

"He's doing fine."

"That's good to hear."

"Mason..Jay, why isn't he in school?"

"He says he's not ready to go back."

"I should speak to him.."



"I got a stitch!" Mason heaved stopping. I pulled his arm. "Keep going."

"No I'm gonna die!"

"No you won't. Oh shit. I got a stitch too."

"We should stop." He said slowing down.

"Yeah." I said as we went to the benches.

"We quit."

Then everyone started cheering. "Winners!!" Miss said. "7.2!"

"I can taste blood." I said.

"That's because you weren't lazy for once." Miss said. The class started laughing.

"I had a big stomach okay."

"Good point." She said.

I turned to Mason. "Mason can I wear your hoodie?"

"You'll burn out, and have a seizure. Just have some air." He said as he picked his water bottle up. "Yours?"

"In my bag."

"Here." He said giving me his. I quickly drank it and saved half.

"Here." I said giving it to him.

"No, you need to drink more." He said,

"How about you?"

"It's okay. I'll have your water." He said. "Just drink."

I finished drinking the water. "Thanks. I'm sorry for over reacting before..I just remembered..the guys..shouting at me was probably normal"

"I get it. You're not stable yet." He said about to touch me--

"Don't touch me."

"Okay, I'm sorry. You okay?"


"Everyone, get changed!!" Miss called. Well, coach.

"Want me to wait for you?"

"Xander and Alex are. But, thanks."

"You sure you're okay? You look a bit shaken up."

"I'm okay."

"Promise me."

"I..I can't do that. But I promise not to kill myself." I said. Then I went into the locker room. I went to my spot and uniform...? "Who took my uniform?" I asked everyone.

"Not me." Rosa said.

"It was probably the boys." Avery said.

"Avery don't speak to me."

"Hey, don't talk to my friend like that." Liliana said.

Then I started searching everywhere. "Who touched my stuff?!"

"Probably some boys. Just go ask Miss for spare uniform."

"Where's my shirt and skirt?!" I shrieked.

"Sky, you need to chill." Penelope said.

"Okay." I said going back to my spot. I sat down biting my nails.

"See you soon." Rosa said as they all left.

I swallowed as I saw the empty room. Where's my shirt and skirt?

"Sky?" I heard Xander come in. With Alex and of course, my enemies.

"I didn't mean to grass you up." I said to them.

"Why aren't you changed?" Xander asked.

"Someone decided to steal my shirt and skirt."

The guys started laughing. "It's not funny!" Alex said going into the shower room. Seconds later he came back with my shirt and skirt. All wet.

"Now that is funny." Caleb said.

"No. Guys stop being deep on her." Xander said. "You can have my tie and blazer." He said taking them off.

"No, you'll get in trouble."

"It's fine." He said giving them to me. I quickly put them on and rolled the sleeves of the blazer up to my wrist. Then I tied the tie. "I can't tuck my shirt in, no this looks stupid! It's so big!!"

"You're lucky."

"Guys can you leave for a sec? Elliot you stay back. I wanna talk to you privately."

"We'll be waiting outside." Xander said as they left.

"Elliot...did you take the video down?" I asked as he sat next to me.

"And I made an apology video. I'm sorry Sky. I never meant it to get out of control.."

"I was really embarrassed..everyone was laughing at me..they made me feel so..rubbish.."

"Well you're not rubbish..I felt so bad when everyone called you was my fault..we shouldn't drink..after Patrick and the guys.." He sighed. "Are you intimidated by us? When we drink?"


"Hey, it's okay. If you feel uncomfortable, then you can tell me and I'll tell the guys. Yeah?"

" guys always tease me.."

"Yeah. We've been teasing you practically all your that Xander's moving in with Neha--"

"Woah, what?!"

"He didn't tell you?"


"Oh no.."

"He can't move out..he's just moved in." I sobbed.

"Hey, it's okay."

I quickly got up and ran out the room. Then I saw Xander alone in the study hub and shoved him. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

"Tell you what?"

"You're moving in with that cow!!"

At that he glared at me. "Are you crazy?! She's not a cow!!"

I swallowed and took a step back looking at his hands. He looked at me confused. "What?"

"N..n...nothing." I stammered my eyes flickering with fear.

"Hey, calm down." He said taking a step forward.

"D..don't move!"

"Okay, listen, I won't hurt you."

", you shouted at me."

"I'm sorry, okay?"

"Stay back."

"It's okay--"

"Stay back!!" I screamed. "Don't move!!"

"Okay." He sighed. "When can I move?"

"No, you stay there."

"Are we just gonna stay here for the rest of our lives?"

"I just need to calm down." I said. After a few moments, I had calmed down and--

"Can I move now?"

I rushed to hug him bursting into tears. "You scared me.."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shout. It just came out...I know it's all hard right now. And shouting at you would just bring memories back..bad memories. I'm sorry.."

"You forgot. It's okay."

"And about Neha.."

"You can move out. It's okay." I lied.

He pulled out and looked at me silently.

"Is this the part where we kiss?"

Then he burst out laughing. "You are unbelievable. But no. We aren't gonna kiss. In your dreams." He hugged me.

I looked over his shoulder and out the window. Everything is changing..way too fast but I can't kill this for him. He's grown up and wants to live with the girl of his dream...--

"Sky," Xander pulled out. "You know, I'd sacrifice anything to make you feel happy and safe right?"

"I know." I mumbled wiping my tears. "Hay fever." I lied.

"Yeah." He said stopping me from wiping them. "Let your feelings out. Don't ignore or bottle them up."

"I have no feelings right now. I just have hay fever."

Then he sat me down. "How do you feel--"

Then the bell rang. He ignored it and looked at me properly. "How do you feel about me moving away?"

"It's okay." I lied.

"No. I know when something's okay or not."

"I can't ruin this for you! Something is wrong with me.."

Then I heard Scarlett talking to the girls. Whispering. "She's wearing his blazer and tie. Urgh."

"She's probably in love with him." Mila burst out laughing with the rest.

"She's so deluded. She really thinks we wanna hang out with her." Penelope giggled. Then Xander heard them and they walked away laughing.

"Sky don't listen to them." Xander whispered covering my ears.

"They just wanted to get to you..." I burst into tears.

"Hey, it's okay. Ignore them. I will make sure they don't enter our house."

"You're moving out.." I sobbed. "And I am not okay. I'm not..and I hate myself because I'm ruining everything!!!"

"Hey, it's okay."

"No! I don't think it is. I..I'm sorry.."

"Hey, it's okay. I'm not going to move."

At that I looked at him confused. "But you love Neha.."

"Not as much as you." He hugged me. "Right now, you need me and I cannot ditch you like that."

"I feel bad..."

"No, it's okay. I don't mind. It's okay." He said kissing my forehead. "I'm sorry..for not being there when they were hurting you.." Tears started rolling down his eyes. "And when I see your bruises and realise how many times and how scared you've been, it breaks my heart. I could've been there to stop them but I wasn't--"

"No, you didn't know.."

"You looked so bruised up..I mean, your hands..Sky your bruises.."

"Yeah." I wiped my tears. "Everyone was staring at me while I was changing and Gemma wasn't there..."

"Hey, you got P.E next isn't it?"


"You got class?"

"Free lesson. The guys decided to go home."


"You comfortable with them drinking?"

"I..I don't feel intimidated..I know they'd never hurt physically, but..I don't know.."

"Normally, we'd hang out at Daniel's but..we can't now because of you--"

"I ruin everything--"

"No, don't say that." He hugged me. "You know, I feel so terrible. Do you know why?"


"Because I didn't save you..I keep having nightmares..and I can't sleep. It breaks my heart when you wake up every night..crying and...feeling scared." He whispered in my ear. "I am so so worried about you.." He pulled out. "Lets get you to class." He said.

I stood up and picked my bag up and took my blazer off. "Fastest time I've changed for P.E." I said giving him the blazer.

"I'll take you there." He said opening the door for me. We walked down the hall way and into the gym. "I'll see you soon?"

"Yeah." I said going over to Mason. "Hey Mase."

"I was looking for you. Your new so called friends said they didn't know where you were. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like tha--"

"You were right." I sighed sitting next to him. "Me and Xander over heard them whispering bad stuff about me. They were using me just to be with Xander and Alex."

"Ouch. I saw that coming."


"Here's your money."

"Thanks Miss." I said taking the £30. And so did Mason. "Thanks Miss."

"No problem." She said going to the front. "We are all going to do dodge ball."

Everyone started getting excited. "Mason, take it. You can buy it on those shoes you wanted."


"What? You're skint--"

"I'm not. I've got double the money you have. I just don't like going into crazy shopping sprees. I like saving up. So thanks."

"No probs." I said giving it to him.

"Okay, into groups!"

Then half the girls came up to me. "Wanna be in our group?"

"How do you spell no?" I started walking away from them. They started chasing after me.

"We are your friends--"

"You forgot the word, 'fake'."

They all gasped and started talking shit about me. "And I don't care. You were all using me." I said. Then went to team up with Effron. "Hey--"

He blanked me. "Where's Sienna?"


"She moved to where?"


"Is she still not--"

"No, she won't be coming back." He said walking away from me.

"I get I didn't tell you about my medical condition. I was just scared that you'd leave me or think I'm a freak or fuss over me and--"

He sighed. "I..I'm sorry..I could've told me."

"I know..will you take me back now?"

"Hmm.." He looked at me for a while. "No."


"Just kidding. Yeah." He said as we went to Mason's team.

"You friends again?"

"Yeah." We both said.

"Friend sync." I said. Then he smiled. "Okay."

I saw Mason looking at us uncomfortably. "Mason, you're my bestest friend and Oscar has failed to make me his best friend."

"You simped over me 85% of your life." I heard him say.

"Oh snap." Mason and Effron said bursting into laughter.

"And I was stupid 85% of my life."

"Whatever. Lets go kick the opposition team's ass." Oscar said getting a ball.

I sat in the class room wearing Mason's blazer. "Thanks again." I said to him.
"No probs." He said writing the LA. LA: Learning Aim. So the title.
Not a second later, I saw Alex. 1.1. "Hey Sky."
Miss cleared her throat. "Alex!"
"Oh, just a sec Miss." She said--
"I've missed you so much! My favourite student!!"
Everyone gasped. "So, how's life?"
"I'm a nurse. Just turned 25. It's all going great. Apart from the pandemic." She said coming over to me. "So--"
"Why are you wearing a suit and not your scrubs?"
"I got off early in the hospital."
"Oh..why are you here?"
She reached for her phone and showed me mum and dad. I took the phone and went to the back of the class where no one could hear me.
"Baby Mase, how are you doing--"
Everyone burst out laughing. So did Miss. Mason was blushing. Then Alex sat on my seat and started writing for me. Is that allowed?
"Hey Mum, he dad. I did absolutely nothing wrong. Someone--"
"We know. Anyways..well...erm..we can't come as the planes and trains and all covid crap--"
"You don't have to come. I'm okay here--"
"No, you need to go somewhere. Is Esmeralda there or Harley?"
I turned around and went to the door. "Oh. Why are you wearing a suit?" I asked Alex 1.2 and Xander. Then I saw Noah, and Calvin, and Gemma, and Aiden and Lucas-
"What is going on?!" I panicked. "Mum? Dad?"
"Sky!" I heard Esmeralda say. I turned around and she gave me a bag. With a light pink suit. "I hate pink and where am I going?!"
"To court!" Mum and dad said. "The hearing is today."
"No, I'm not going!!" I screamed. "I'm not--"
"Sky, you have to or you'll get arrested, with the guys." Harley said quickly.
"Yes. She's right. You will get sent to jail until they're released." Esmeralda said.
"But I'm innocent!"
"Well, if you fail to attend, you'll be suspected as suspicious." Alex 1.2 said.
"We've got fourty minutes to get there. You need to get changed."
"I thought this was your lucky outfit?" I looked at Harley.
"Well, today, you'll need luck." She said taking me to the girls bathroom. "You guys go, we'll be in the car in a sec."
"Where's Ruby?" I asked going into a cubicle and starting to change.
"She's too weak."
"At Daniel's. Best he doesn't come."
"Cleo and Cole?"
"Daniel's. The guys are taking care of them."
"What if they drink."
"They won't." She said.
"Good." I said. After a while, I came out and Harley hugged me. "You look so professional."
"I feel so uncomfortable."
"Sky?" I hear Noah come in. Then he hugged me. "Are you okay with a suit?"
"Yeah." I said as he kissed me.
"I love you."
"So do I. But where's Jay?"
"He said he doesn't want to come."
I looked at Noah silently and sighed. "I just want him here...we haven't even spoken for a while and..I don't even know how hes doing..I really miss him. I just wanted him to be's the big day..and he's not here.." I wiped my tears.
"Sky.." I heard Jay say. "I'm coming with you."
"Jay?" I turned around and hugged him. "Thank you.."
"As much as it will kill me, I need to be a witness and I need to be there for my sis." He said. "Stop crying..."
"What if we loose the case?"
"We won't. We've got two smart lawyers who have put out a strong case and also an angel who recorded everything." Noah said.
"Jay you really have saved my life.."
"Yeah. We'll be late, come on." He said. "And you look amazing."
"And I hate this. Harley this is so tight and uncomfortable."
"Sky, it'a suit."
"And I hate it."
"Good for you." Harley patted my head. "Your hair is really long now."
"Yeah. I might cut it up to my shoulders."
"I miss your old hair." She said.
"But you rock this look too." Noah said. Then I saw Mason. He looked amazing. I rushed up to him and hugged him. "I love you."
"Thanks. Now, lets go kick some ass."

"Your honor, I'd like to call Miss Lunar to the stand." Harley said.
"Miss Lunar, if you dare." The judge said. I got up from my seat and slowly walked over to the stand. I ignored the guys' glares and sat down.
Then Harley got up. "Miss Lunar, is this the footage of you getting beaten up?" She placed the video in front of me.
I started fidgeting with my fingers. I shifted uncomfortably. Then I saw everyone mouthing yes. "Yes. It is." I said avoiding the guys stare.
"Your honor I object!" The other lawyer said. I started panicking. "It could easily have been anyone!"
"The footage clearly shows them beating her up." Harley defended.
"But there is no evidence they did it four times!!" The lawyer argued. "
"There were witnesses, many witnesses--"
"They had witnesses. She's a stupid liar and she herself admitted that she was a habitual liar!"
"You have no proof to anything! You are the worst lawyer ever!"
"I have proof!!"
"Really?! I don't see any. You look like you're struggling--"
"Sorry, your honor." They both said at the same time.
"So, there were many, many, many witnesses. And is this, not you Miss Lunar?" Harley gave me, MY TIKTOK dis track!!
"That is me." I said.
"And this was the second time they had beaten you up?"
"Yes." I said again.
"And I also managed to get some footage from the school corridors of the guys breaking into your apartment. In the morning, 9:50 am." She said showing me some photos. "All 6. And also some footage of them carrying you into the elevator and into the 4th floor and into your apartment. 4A." She said slamming the paper down on the table in front of me.
Then she put a copy in front of the other lawyer and gave one to the judge. Oh no, Jay was there too..right? I looked at the photo and saw Jay wasn't there. He must've come later than them all. Usual Jay. He's always late.
"Now, what evidence do you have. Your 'majesty'." She teased and smirked at the other lawyer.
He looked so pissed. "Your honor, she's lying!"
"Oh, we can play the tape again." Harley said glaring at him.
I could still feel the anxious looks on the guys faces. "Your honor, she is psychologically mad. She has tried to kill herself a gazillion times, she has also lied about her pregnancy for attention! And also there is no proof that they did it four times!!"
"Yes there is! They were caught--"
"That's two times! Not four!!"
"OVERRULED!" The judge said loudly turning to me. "Miss Lunar, how many times have they beaten you up?"
I cleared my throat and spoke into the mic. "Four, Ma'am."
"They have only got evidence for two times!!" The other lawyer said. "Not four!"
"That's where the plot twist is." Harley sighed in excitement. "So, as we all know, Patrick, you landed her in hospital."
"No. He did not."
"For goodness sake, check your notes." Harley said. He blushed. Everyone was clearly trying not to laugh. Harley went up to the judge. "Can you please play the recording but fast forward it to the part where Patrick admits that he and the guys have beaten her up."
The judge fast forward the recording and there it was. Patrick admitting it TWICE!!!
"There you have it!" She bowed at the judge and at my side. We all started clapping. The people on my side. Again. Not Patrick and the guy's side. Mine.
"Order! Order! Order!!"
Once everyone had stopped, the judge looked at Harley.
"Nothing further, your honor." Harley said to the judge and then winked at the lawyer. Then she started making faces at him. He looked so mad. "You fucking--"
"Excuse me!" The judge shouted.
"Sorry." He sat back down. At that Gemma cracked up, then Lucas, then Aiden and then everyone, on my side.
"ENOUGH!!" The judge shouted. Utter silence.
The judge looked at the voice recorder in front of her and started listening to the bit again, she looked so so shocked. The judge stopped the recording and looked at all seven boys ready to kill me. She looked at her pages and sighed. After a few moments of intense silence, she said, "In favor of this new evidence, the court must rule in favor of Miss Lunar Skylar."
I jumped and rushed to hug Harley. Everyone started clapping and cheering. "Harley I love you!!" I kissed her a million times. "You actually won the case!!"
"No, me and Esmeralda."
"That's amazing."
"But there is no evidence about the shooting!!" The lawyer said. There was silence but Harley smiled. "Jordan, you said that Mason had wandered off and you and Miss Lunar had gone to find him." She said going to her brief case and taking some papers out. "I knew these would be handy."
I went back to the stand and she gave me a paper and the lawyer and judge. There was a picture. CCTV. Me and Jordan leaving.
"Is this not you Miss Lunar?"
"It's me." I said into the mic.
"And you left with him at 8:25 pm."
"So, you left the building and I got footage of you both going into the park." She said giving me another paper. "And then you both vanished. Now, right now, there's no evidence the shooting happened."
"Exactly!" The other lawyer said standing up. "She admits it!"
"Yet." She said giving me and the lawyer and judge a paper. Screen shot. Of my phone. I phoned my mum..and Gemma."
"So, Miss Lunar was forced to call her mother because Mr Patrick Ridson wanted a ransom. That back fired. But before that, Miss Lunar had called one of her best friends, Gemma. Gemma knew she was in danger as they both had a code word when someone's in danger. Gemma had recorded the phone call and saved it on her phone. Now, in the back ground. You can tell she was outside and coincidentally, at 8:30. Five minutes after leaving the apartment. Now, in the background, you can hear some chatter. If you listen closely, you can identify Patrick's voice and some other male voices which aren't clear. But, we also have footage of the boys each leaving the apartment one by one."
"Jay was involved." Patrick said gritting his teeth.
"In the CCTV recording, I didn't see his face." Harley said. LIAR!!
"You deleted it!" Jordan accused.
"No I didn't. It's not there because he's innocent. But back to the topic, Lunar Skylar is innocent and the shooting did happen--"
"Your honor, I object!" The lawyer said.
"No. Unless you have evidence?"
Everyone looked at him anxiously. He had nothing. Harley had won the case and the disappointed looks on all seven guys was heart breaking. Sike! I feel over the moon right now.
"So, I therefore sentence, Patrick Ridson for attempted murder, GBH, kidnapping, and stabbing of three minors. Six years behind bars. You got one year less than average. Count yourself lucky."
"Six years?" He asked.
"You heard me. Six years behind bars.
Everyone gasped. Holy shit..then I saw him burst into tears. I felt bad..really bad..
"Sky, don't worry." Harley whispered to me. "It's for the best."
"Jordan Wilson, you are being convicted of kidnapping and GBH so is for the rest of you. Luca Leronpe, James Oskawa, Dylan Trupnell, Grayson Jersey, Jamie Burter, Jonas Ilias, Tyler Lorgenie, Thomas Resuka, and lastly, Miles Detalla, 4 years imprisonment."
Then I saw the guys crying and I could see their families crying aswell. My heart shattered. Harley came up to me with her tablet. "Hey, baby, you did the right thing." Dad said.
"They're all upset. Maybe I am being stupid--"
"No! You did what was right. No going back now." Mum said. "I am so proud of you.."
"You shouldn't be.."
Then I saw Jay..and Miles. They're brothers..and..I saw Miles giving Jay a reassuring look.
Harley went back to her seat and started explaining something to my parents. The judge was stretching and I could feel the hatred in the other lawyer's eyes, Jay got up and rushed to Miles. I realised Noah. He was heart broken. I've fucked up. I should've just kept my mouth shut! Noah got up and went over to the guys. I saw them all talking and then Noah hugged them each one by one..and so did Jay..
"You shall all leave once you're twenty. And for you Mr Ridson, twenty two."
I could see the devastation in Patrick's eyes. Then I saw each one of their parents come and hug them. Noah said his last words to them and so did Jay, then the officers started escorting them out. But before they left, they gave me a look.
"We deserve this." Luca said. "Take care of my bro."
"I will."
"Promise me."
"I promise."
"Take care of Noah." Jordan said.
"I will." I wiped my tears.
"You did the right thing." Patrick said.
"Until next time." Jamie said.
"Jamie!" They all said.
"We're sorry." Grayson said.
"Yeah.." I mumbled.
"Okay, lets go." The officer said escorting them out the room. I turned to look at the disappointed families and then at the rest of my supporters.
"You did it!" Noah hugged me. "I'm so proud of you.."
"Sky, you did the right thing." Jay said.
"I got your brother locked up.."
"We. And it was for a good reason."
"But you hate me."
"Just a bit."
He said nothing. "I have lost my brother..and I can't say I don't hate you.."
"It's okay. I already hate myself--"
"Sky!" Mason rushed up to me and hugged me. "I'm so proud of you."
"That's exactly what Noah said. And V to RM. 'I'm proud of you'." I smiled.
"Now lets go speak to the triplets and twins--"
"Where's Calvin?"
There was awkward silence. "Guys?"
"He's sick." Mason lied.
"He didn't want to come did he?"
"It's all too much for him." Noah said.
"I get it. Don't blame him." I said.

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