Lunar Skylar

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Clinical depression

"Sky you've been awfully quiet." Alex said as he placed three plates on the kitchen table. I sat down and stared at the food.

"You don't like it?" He asked.

", I like it." I said.

"Sky if there's something you wanna talk about--"

"It's nothing!" I snapped.

"Hey, don't shout at him like that." Xander said looking up from his phone. "He's just trying to look out for you."

"I can take care of myself!"

"Sky sit back down--"

"Don't touch me!" I screamed at Alex.

"Woah. Listen, you have lost the plot--"

I grabbed a chunk of spaghetti and threw it straight at Alex's face.

"Sky!" They shouted at the same time.

"You're both wankers!" I stormed out the kitchen and up to my room sinking into tears. I'm not a terrorist am I? I..I'm not. I mean, I..just because I'm doesn't mean I'm a terrorist. Islam is the opposite of why the fuck..I mean..ISIS is a fuck..stupid people ruin the reputation of Islam. Bomb attacks, knife attacks..true muslims don't participate on these stuff..

The door knocked. "Sky?" I heard Alex whisper. "Please open the door..."

"If you've come to hit me then better go or I'll--"

"I haven't come to hit you. I just wanna talk.."

"That's what Jordan told me. He told me he wanted to talk but he brought the whole gang..that was the third time they'd jumped me.."

"I..I'm sorry..what they did..was wrong.."

I opened the door and he hugged me. "Please tell me what's wrong.."

"I'm a terrorist aren't I...?"

"No, no you're not. She's a stupid racist, Islamophobic brat. If you were a terrorist, the FBI and CIA would've knocked down our front door ages ago."

"What she said.."

"Really triggered you didn't it."

"Yeah." I mumbled. "I'm not a terrorist."

"I know...and about before.." He sat me down on my bed. "What trusted him didn't you.."

"Yeah. I wasn't thinking straight..his voice sounded so innocent.."


"And then I saw them eight...Jay eight guys in my room ready to beat me up. You realise how scary it is?"


"And when Jay didn't stop them.." I hugged my knees. "I felt the worst pain ever.."


"I remember feeling the same the other two the apartment.." I wiped my tears. "And the looks they gave me..I knew I was done. Like for real, I was done. I really thought I wouldn't have made it out alive.."

"Don't say that.."

"But both are always there for me...and I..I was so mean to you--"

"Hey, it's not your just needed to let your anger out..I'm sorry we shouted at you..we should've been understanding not shout at you and make it all worse..just next time, please talk to us. Please.."


"Hey, I'm serious. You're already going through depression and hiding your emotions is the last thing you'd need to do."

"You're right.."

"Come here." He said hugging me. "It's gonna be okay."

"Alex..what's up?"

"Oh it's the trial. I..I'm just a bit panicked but I'm fine. Don't worry--"

"No I will. Mr Trent abused you for know when I went up there, to the stand..I could feel their eyes on me. I was seriously gonna back out...that's how scared I was. I..everyone was looking at me and I..I was fucking sweating."

"You looked really stressed."

"Yeah but you and the rest, had faith in me..but was hard. It was hard because I was putting my brother's brother in prison and Noah and his best friends in prison. And then I..the guys..I mean, after everything they did to me..I standing there. Finally getting justice.."

"You were, you are, so brave. You know that?"


"No, seriously. You are. You've been through hell and you're still here.."

"Guys." Xander came inside the room. "Sky, you okay now?"

"Yeah..I'm sorry for before.."

"It's fine. Now can we go eat?"

"I..threw my food--"

"I made extra." Alex said helping me up. "Stop looking worried--"

"I mess everything up don't I?"

"Stop crying."

"Your hormones are out of control." Xander said as we walked down the stairs. "I wanna get another car."

"WHAT?!" Me and Alex asked shocked.

"No. It's for someone special."




"When you grow up."


"No I mean, I'll buy you a car when you grow up."


"I'm gonna buy Noah a Tesla model 3."

"What?!" I said jealous. "Just cause he's a boy--"

"Sky, he has three kids. You know Levi loves cars."

"I hate you."

"And so, I wanna surprise him."

"For his birthday?"


"And Mason." Alex said.


"I'll buy him a Tesla too."

"How about Calvin?"

"Fine. Him too."

"You guys are so fucking rich.." I muttered.

"Yeah. But unlike you, we work."

"I work too. Well, I'm finding work..just not yet.."

They both sighed and started eating. " both do think I'm capable of having a car without crashing it..right?"

"Yes. Apart from when you're mad at someone and try to run them over--"

"I'm not crazy."

"We know."

"Guys stop that."

"Stop what?"

"Just stop!!" I shouted leaving the kitchen. Why are they so annoying? Can't they just buy me a car like the rest?! Why do I have to be singled out? I sighed and went up the stairs and back into my bedroom. I walked over to the window sill and stared at Effron's window. I haven't spoken or seen Effron for a while...where is he? And why was his brother crying last time? Did something bad happen? Is that why they're out of sight?

A few minutes later while I was still contemplating if I should go and see if they're home or not, I saw Xander come in. "I owe you an apology." He said walking up to me. "I guess we were being a bit..sexist."


"Yeah. We wanted to keep it a surprise, but..put your coat on." He said opening my closet. "How many pyjamas and hoodies do you have?"

"Quite a few..Xander why would you say that..?"

"I..I'm sorry.."

" know..I don't know what's wrong with me..I'm sorry I shouted at yous..."

"It's not your fault." He knelt down in front of me. "We should've controlled our mouths. We know you're against sexism. And this ticked you off. Sky it's the second time in less than 10 minutes."

"Calm down--"

"No Sky. We should talk to your thera--"

"I'm fine okay!"

"Sky she said if you have a sudden outburst, we should tell her."

"I don't care!!"

"Sky calm down. Stop crying.."

"I'm not crying."

"Hayfever." He smiled. "Stop crying..listen, going outside helps."

"There's lots of plants out there."

"And they're harmless."

"Some aren't. Some are waiting to pounce on you. Some plants are weak and can't fight back.."

"Sky, no one's gonna hurt you. Listen, stop crying..please.."

"I don't want to get hurt again.."

"I promise you won't." He said. "Pinky promise."


"Okay, so we got you your dream car." Xander said. "Model X."

" they cost--"
"You deserve it. Happy 2 months early birthday." He said kissing my forehead and hugging me. "You deserve more than this."
"No, this is too much--"
"Hey, listen. It's not. Now, wanna drive it?"
"I can't drive.."
"Okay, I'll sign, well your parents are already on it. You'll get driving lessons soon."
"My parents payed?"
"No, they paid for something else. I and Alex payed for this."
"Yeah. Now let me quickly get everything sorted out. Stay here."
"What if--"
"You're safe in here. I promise."
"Okay.." I mumbled as he walked away. I looked around and then saw Joel and K.O. No...they saw me and started heading my way. Before I could move, Joel grabbed onto my shirt and started punching me.
"You are a stupid idiot!" He hissed. "You are the reason my sister has moved away from Riverspark!!"
"Let go off me!!"
K.O suddenly smirked. "You scared?"
"No!! Back off before I scream!!"
Joel let go and K.O started squeezing my throat.
"LET GO!" I wheezed. "Please!"
"Or what?!" Joel glared at me.
"Stupid." K.O said letting go.
I burst into tears and winced as I tried to speak.
"What does it feel like having a broken neck?!" K.O kicked me.
They started kicking me while my eyes were darting left to right hoping someone will come by and see what was going on.
K.O suddenly kicked me hard across my chest. I let out a small cry and he laughed before they kicked me again. I sobbed as the pain grew. "STOP!!"
"Or what?" Joel laughed. They continued kicking me there until I saw a random dude. He saw us and started running up to us. K.O and Joel dashed out the store before he could do anything. He started looking around, "Are there any cameras?" He frowned as he couldn't find any. Then he bent down in front of me.
"Help.." I croaked.
"Don't speak, you look like you're in a lot of--"
"SKY?!" Xander rushed up to me and looked at me panicked. Then he looked at the guy. "WHY DID YOU DO THIS?!" He screamed at him.
"No, it was some two teenagers."
"He's telling the truth..." I closed my eyes. "Not him.."
"Sky your neck.." I felt him touch it and I gasped.
"No, Sky. Listen, I wasn't gonna hurt you. Lets get you home." He said checking my neck. Then he looked at my face in horror. "Who ever they are..they beat you up've fucking got a lot of deep bruises."
"Is she your girlfriend?"
"Yes. Now please, tell me how they looked like."
"They..well, I didn't see. They were wearing hoods." The guy frowned. "I'm really sorry."
"Thanks. For shooing them away."
"I'm so sorry--"
"It's fine. Thank you." Xander said taking his hand out to me. "Lets go home?"
I looked at his hands my body trembling with fear. "Sky it's gonna turn dark soon.."
"I'm scared.."
"Stop speaking..your voice..wanna go hospital?"
"Come on. Lets go home." He said. "Trust me here. I won't hurt you. I'd never hurt you."
"I know.."
"Want me to call Mason?"
"Okay." He said standing up. He took his phone out and spoke down the phone. The guy looked at me worriedly. "Have you done anything to piss them off?"
"" I lied.
"Do you know who they are?"
"You're lying." He sighed. "If I were you, I'd report it."
Then I saw Mason. He ran up to me out of breath and hugged me. "It's gonna be okay." He whispered. "Stop crying.."
"They hit me.."
"I know I'm sorry, lets go home. I moved all my stuff to your room now. Why don't we get you cleaned up and then go sleep--"
"What if they come at night?"
"Hey, breathe. I won't sleep. I'll keep an eye out, yeah?"
"No you need to sleep..."
"I won't be able to. Now that this has happened."
"Lets go. It's gonna start raining anytime soon."
"Okay.." I said as he helped me up. I almost collapsed back down when Xander grabbed hold of me.
"Sky can you walk?"
"My body hurts.."
"Okay." He said picking me up. "Come on."
"Hey. Take care of her. Yeah?" The guy said.
"I will, and thanks again." Xander said placing me at the back seat of his new Tesla.
"No probs. Take care." The guy said. "Report them. You know who they are."
"What?" Xander and Mason asked shocked.
"She knows who they are."
"I don't." I lied.
"See you." He said going into his car. Then he drove off.
I could see the confused looks on Xander and Mason's face.
"Sky tell me. Who did it?"
"No one." I wiped my tears. "Please just drive." I mumbled.
They both sighed and shook their heads. The whole time, neither of them said anything.

"Morning." Xander said waking me up."I spoke to your parents.."
"You promised you wouldn't--"
"I'm sorry..I hate myself for yesterday..I'm really sorry..I was so confident that everything was over wouldn't get hurt again. But you did.."
"Yeah..and now..I don't feel safe..knowing that the two of them hate me and will...probably hurt me forever.."
"Hey, stop crying. You'll be okay. Listen, I made you breakfast. You look tired.."
"Yeah, that's cuz I am.".
"Last night you had two seizures I think, and three nightmares."
"Did I?"
"Yeah. Mason sat next to the door way with your bat, wide awake. I obviously had to get him to sleep which took a good half an hour of arguing."
"Thanks..but where is he?"
"Downstairs. With Noah and the twins."
"Yeah." He said getting up. He left the room and after a second or so, I saw Noah. He rushed up to me about to hug me when he stopped himself. "Can I hug you?"
"Not yet."
"Okay. Can I sit?"
"I'll keep an eye on him. Yeah?"
"Yeah. Noah you can sit."
"You look tired.." He said sitting next to me and giving me the twins.
"In a bit of pain that's all."
"Your voice sounds so different."
Then Cleo and Cole started crying. "Are they scared?"
"I think so." Noah sighed picking Cole up. "Hey little guy, mummy's tired..come on." He said giving him back. "Breast feed him."
"Oh..I..I haven't done that for a while.."
"I haven't spent much time with them." He said as I breast fed Cole.
"I know..haven't..been the best mum.."
"But you're working on it..and I think it'd be great if you were with the twins."
"Noah, I can't. What if they come back?!"
"Hey, calm down." Xander said sitting down on my gaming chair. "They won't come. I'll lock all windows and doors, Alex just went to buy CCTV cameras, and alarm sensors. So, you'll be fine. And I got the car." He said smiling. "You can start your training tomorrow."
"So I'll be able to drive a car."
"Yeah. The instructor is quite strict. He--"
"It's a he?"
"Yeah. Why do you look so worried?"
"I don't trust males, can I have a female--"
"Sky you're being ridiculous." Noah said.
"Noah don't speak to her like that. How do you suppose her to--"
"Okay, fine. She got jumped by males, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't trust--"
"Noah stop. You're making her cry."
"No you are. She's over reacting--"
"Noah stop it. Sky..stop crying. I'll get you a female instructor. Is that okay?"
"No." Noah cut in.
"Noah get out!"
"Xander, you shut up."
"You are a stupid brat! She's your girlfriend and you're making her cry! Are you dumb?!"
"If you hit me, I'll tell mum."
"Okay." He said heading for the door. Noah's face went pale I could see his fingers trembling with fear. He grabbed onto my hand and started apologising.
"Noah.." Xander walked up to him.
Noah burst into tears and grabbed my pillow shielding himself. "I'm sorry!"
"Noah I'm not gonna hit you." He said. "I was gonna snitch on you to mum."
Noah looked up and wiped his tears. "Oh."
"I didn't mean to scare you that bad.." Xander sat down on my bed but Noah flinched. "Noah, I'm not gonna hurt you."
"That's what you used to say before you hit me.."
"No, that's different. This time I really mean it. I'm so sorry. What was're only a fucking kid. You were fifteen the first were so so scared...that were so scared you refused to leave your'd fucking lost how many pounds..and then passed out..we called the ambulance, remember?"
"I was in a coma for a while.."
"Yeah..and during that time, my new target was Alex.."
"I hate myself you know that.."
Noah fell silent. "You scare me..sometimes..when I piss you off..I try to stand up for myself but I end up crying like a stupid baby.."
"You're strong you went through 16 years of being mistreated..and then beaten up everyday for two years.."
"I would've lost you.."
"Yeah, I couldn't forgive myself and I thought, easiest way to make you feel safe..was to disappear.."
"No..that'd have made everything worse.."
Then the door opened. Alex. "Xander I need to talk to you.."
"What happened? Alex?" He got up. Then they left.
"Sky I'm sorry I..I messed up."
"It's..don't do that again."
"Promise." He started stroking Cleo's hair. "Coley Cole. That's what Gemma calls him."
"Sky..who hurt you..?"
I started fidgeting with my fingers. "I'm sure they won't do it again. It was just a one time thing."
"So was the first time me and the know. I know what guys are like..some guys.."
"Yeah." I wiped my tears. "I think you should get to school."
"Xander won't hurt you again." I said. "He's changed..and he's never ever hit me, or Mason..even last time..when he was really mad and I pissed him off even more..I knew he wanted to hurt me but he didn't dare.."
"You scared of Alex?"
"It's okay. You don't have to stress about it. Wanna go to school?"
"Sky there's no reason you should be at home. Listen, me and the guys are all gonna be there in class. No one can hurt you. So now lets go." Noah said helping me up. "Uniform."

"Noah Heffley." Miss Vivianna asked doing the register.
"Here Miss." He said.
"You're meant to be in the Communication Center."
"Oh right." He said packing his stuff. After a few seconds he was out the door.
"Sky, you got me." Mason whispered.
"Where's Effron?"
"He's probably on holiday."
"Mason can you go get your books from the year 2 bubble?"
"Sure, which class?"
"Yeah. Quickly. Art."
"Right." He said standing up. As soon as he left the class room, Miss got up and started packing her stuff. "I'm gonna go to my next lesson. Guys behave. Miss will be here in no time." She said leaving.
I looked at everyone. Aiden, Lucas, Noah, Gemma and Calvin were in Communication Center and Mason was all the way upstairs.
"Well well." I heard Joel's voice behind me. I swallowed. "Get away from me."
"Or what? Gonna cry to your stupid boyfriends?"
I stood up and grabbed Mason's chair flinging it at his head. The class gasped as he fell with a thud. I dropped the chair and ran out the class. I ran up the stairs all the way to the Year 3 bubble and went into Alex and Xander's class.
"Excuse me!" Mr Sanderson shouted as I hid underneath Daniel's table.
"I think I killed someone." I said in a serious tone.
Everyone started laughing. Daniel pulled me out. "You are crazy."
Then I heard sirens. Ambulance? Oh no...
"No I'm not. He tried to kill me. It was self defence--"
"LUNAR SKYLAR TO MY OFFICE! NOW!" Mr Anderson screeched into the mic.
At that everyone stared at me. "What are you looking at?!" I snapped.
"Sky you realise you killed someone." Alex said.
"Not killed..knocked unconscious. Maybe. I hit him with Mason's chair."
"You're crazy. Your parents are gonna kill me!!" Xander said. "There's an ambulance and if he dies, it's your fault."
"He won't die. Maybe not."
"LUNAR SKYLAR WILL YOU PLEASE FUCKING COME TO MY OFFICE AT ONCE!!" Mr Anderson shouted again into the mic.
Everyone gasped. Sir fucking swore, down the mic. He's mad. Yeah he swears sometimes, but not down the mic!
"Sky go away." Mr Sanderson said. "To the head teacher's office. Now."
"I hate you." I said. Everyone gasped. Sir was fuming. "Sir that came out wrong." I said.

"Hey Mr Anderson." I said as I entered his office.
"Joel's gone to hospital." Sir said coldly.
" he..that..--"
"You knocked him unconscious. No visible injuries."
"Thank god."
"So, why would you do such thing?!"
"I..he was bullying me."
"Bullying you? Last time I checked, out of nowhere, you hit him."
"No, I didn't."
"You did. Now, get out." Sir said. "I'm gonna talk to your parents. I'm even thinking if you should be in this school. Hurting fellow class mates."
"No Sir don't do that to me. It's their fault. They're all lying--"
"Sky, you can lie your way out of everything. Now out. You can wait outside."
I sat on one of the seats outside the office biting my fingers. I'll be okay. Sure..right?
The door opened and I saw Sir. He sighed and gestured for me to come in.
"Sky, I're being quite aggressive with people." He said sitting back on his chair. "You got two people in hospital..this school is one of the best and you're ruining the reputation."
I clenched my jaw my heart beating rapidly.
"I'm kicking you out." He said. "Now, take your stuff."
"No, one will take me in and this will ruin my CV--"
"You should think before you act."
"Sir, they were bullying me. They hit me."
"No Sky. That's enough."
"No Sir..they--"
"Sir just hear me out."
He looked at me and shook his head sighing. "Okay, make it quick."
"I..yesterday, Xander took me to a car shop as an early birthday surprise to cheer me up. He had bought the Tesla Model X..and I was so happy..Sir..he went to fill out the papers and I saw Joel and K.O..Sir I..they saw me..Joel was mad at me because..I'm the reason Jenny left Riverspark.."
"And I..I know won't believe me but..Xander left me, he promised me no one would hurt me..because the day before yesterday, I of the employee, well now she's fired and well..she called the cops because of my..color, race..she thought I was a terrorist..that triggered me a lot..I remember the whole day I kept snapping at Alex and Xander..I..I was so so mad. I threw the food that Alex had cooked straight at his face..and he shouted at me. So did Xander..but they ended up apologising."
"Good. Now please leave. You're not allowed in the school premises as you're a danger--"
" don't understand..when Xander left me..I saw Joel and K.O..they went up to me and Joel started punching me..and then K.O..strangled me.." I scrunched my nose. "They beat me up..then a random guy came and chased them away..I haven't told Alex and Xander, actually I haven't told anyone apart from you because..I'm scared no one will believe me and they'll all just think I'm looking for attention.."
"Sky, please leave--"
"Don't you see my bruises?!"
"Sky, they're the same ones--"
"No, they beat me up yesterday. I swear Sir. I just..please..I don't want to..change schools.."
"So you lied?!"
"No, I--"
"Get out. Before I call the coppers on you."
"Sir..I'm scared--"
"Sir.." I sobbed. "I'm not lying..please..I'm scared of going out there..moving schools..who should I trust..? I already got beaten up..and I just did yesterday..I'm still sore..Sir please..please give me one more chance--"
"Sir, look. I promise to behave. For real. One slip up, then I'm automatically expelled. Please..."
He looked at me for a while and sighed. "One more chance. Go home, tomorrow be in school 8:15 sharp."
"Okay. Thank you!"
"Get out. I have some families to apologise to."

"Hey." I heard K.O say from behind me.
"Go away." I hissed as he shoved me to a wall.
"Or what? I heard you'll get expelled."
"Get away from me!!"
"Or what?!" He punched me again. I staggered backwards and he kicked me on the chin. I fell to the floor crying my eyes out. He kicked me a couple times on the stomach till I puked blood out. Then he pulled me up and started squeezing my throat. "Huh?! Come to hurt my best friend? He's still not woken up because of you!"
"S..stop!" I wheezed. "I..I..I can't.."
He squeezed even tighter. "You are a demon!"
He punched me across the face and I felt something trickle down to my lip.
This time, he grabbed my throat with both hands. He squeezed me tighter until I saw black spots everywhere. I dropped to the ground and saw complete darkness...

I woke up to a ray of sunlight burning my eyelids. I looked around and realised..I was in the study hub. No one was around. I got up and felt the worst pain in my throat. I went out the room and down to the hallway trying to figure out what happened. What happened? Why was I..why was I in the study hub and what the fuck is the time?
I took my phone out and looked. '9:10am' I frowned. Is this a joke?! School..did I spend the night in school?..did I? mind is playing tricks..but I remember..oww..
I leaned on the wall and slowly slid down the wall. I clutched my stomach and puked on the floor. I hung my head back and burst into tears. My throat was throbbing so much..I felt around my blazer. I was fucking starving. I found a gum packet and popped two into my mouth. I quickly got up and walked down the hall. Once I reached my class room door, I opened it. I saw everyone was there. Everyone gasped as they saw me. Mason fucking ran up to me and hugged me.
"Where have you been?!"
"I think I fell asleep in the study hub?"
"You spent the night in school?!"
"Yeah. Why you looking at me like that?"
"Sky did someone jump you?" He asked.
"What? No. I feel so fucking sick--"
"Sky tell me the truth."
"What? No. Mason stop being stupid--"
"Have you seen yourself?"
"No. I just fucking woke up."
Then he reached for my hand and pulled my sleeve up. There were bruises. New ones. "What?!" I panicked. "Who did this to me?"
"Sky, I'm pretty sure you didn't sleep. More like someone knocked you out cold." He said. "Xander and Alex were literally driving around the whole day and NIGHT."
"Where are they?"
"Guys take your conversation outside." Miss said shooing us away. Mason grabbed my hand and dragged me out the class room. "Sky, they went around the whole fucking London trying to hunt you down."
"Yeah. Sky, they didn't sleep.."
"Where are they now?"
"They're looking for you. They're near South London now."
"Seriously?! How about Noah?"
"Noah, he's taking care of Levi. Levi's feeling a bit sick. Gemma, she decided to stay home and help Noah as he needs to look after Levi AND Ruby. The triplets are fucking looking for you in North London and also Lucas and the rest are in the Communication Center. Sky, we've all been looking for you." He hugged me again. "Xander wouldn't stop blaming himself. He kept crying saying it was his fault. We haven't told our parents yet."
"Maybe we should call the guys and tell them I'm okay...but will they be mad at me...?"
"No. No, it's not your got beaten up and then knocked out." He said sitting me down. He took his phone out and started calling everyone. After about ten minutes or so, he exhaled and hugged me again. "You're really hurt. Your face and you got a bruise on your jaw and dried up blood on your nose--"
I ran to the nearest bin and started puking. "I feel so sick."
"Show me your stomach--"
"Do you mind!?"
"Sky.." I saw tears forming in his eyes. "Your stomach..whoever did this..your stomach is badly beaten.." He burst into tears.
"Mason don't cry.." I hugged him. "Don't cry.."
"I'm crying because I wasn't there to stop whoever it was, or whoever they were.."
"Maybe, I don't know..someone must've been really angry at you to do that..Sky I'm sorry.."
"Hey, don't cry." I whispered. "I'm in some pain, don't worry."
"I have to worry. You're just a poor thing and..and you're so weak..after everything..I mean, all this trouble that's been happening..Sky I'm scared for you..I don't want you to give up.."
"I won't..remember, I got kids, and I can't leave them like that, can I?"
"Don't worry, I won't give up. And I'll try and find out who exactly did this."
"Yeah, I'll help too. And don't even think about going anywhere without me."
"No need for that, Xander will be fucking stalking me everywhere I go for the next twenty years."
"They really care about you..a lot..and as you're closer to Xander. I'm not surprised that he'll be like that. He really cares about you."
"Yeah..and Jay..where is he? I haven't seen him in class."
"He's been staying up all night."
"This is all my fault..tell him I'm okay--"
"No, he's been in parties. He goes to parties."
"Yeah. He gets fucking drunk."
"Mason..does dad know?"
"No. Well, I'm gonna tell him now, actually, you should." He said. I reached into my blazer and rang dad.
"Hey dad."
"Hey Sky, how are you?"
"Great but Jay, he's been getting drunk and partying all night ever since the trial." I said.
" way, I'm going to call him and you need to go pay him a visit. He's probably..finding it hard, so maybe you should talk to him?"
"Okay, I'm calling him now." He said cutting the call.
"So, lets get back to class--"
"LUNAR SKYLAR TO MY OFFICE." Mr Anderson said into the mic.
I looked at Mason worriedly. "Am I in trouble?"
"No." He said.
He hugged me reassuringly. "Don't panic. Just relax.."
I let go off him and took a few deep breaths. "Okay.."
"Lets go." He said as we walked down the hall. We turned left and went into the staff corridor and knocked onto Mr Anderson's door.
"Come in."
We came inside and Mason sat down next to me.
"Mason, off you go to class."
"No, I need to stay with her--"
"No. Class. Now."
"It's okay Sky. No one's gonna hurt you. Sir's here."
"Don't be mad at me. Be mad at him--"
"I don't care. I can look after myself."
"No you can't. You end up, freezing and getting hit because you don't bother doing self defense and last time I checked, you can break someone's neck but you choose not to--"
"No because she's a girl."
"So you're scared of boys."
"Get out." I said.
"I can take it. Unlike you."
"No Sky. Listen. I'll wait for you--"
"Mason do you want to get detention--"
Mason bit his lip and went out the office.
"Who did this to you?" Sir asked.
"No one."
"You can talk to me. Sky this is a serious matter."
"No one."
"Sky. I'm gonna have to get the police involved."
"No, I don't know who did it. I..I'm not sure who did it. I don't remember.."
"Well, you spent the night in fucking school."
"Yeah, Mason says I probably got knocked out or something."
"Hm..why don't you want the police to investigate?"
"Well..I..I..I just..I don't want to go through everything again.."
"Sky?!" The door flung open and I saw Xander. He rushed up to me and hugged me.
"It's all my fault. I'm so so sorry--"
"No it's not--"
"Xander you hit her?"!" Mr Anderson fumed.
"No. Why would I?"
"Okay, she's refusing to go to the police--"
"Sky you need to go to the police--"
"No. I don't want any more drama--"
"Whoever did this, clearly hates you and wants you dead. Your choice. You wanna die, don't go."
"No, Xander don't say that--"
"Just like with the guys, if you didn't speak up, they'd have kept on hurting you."
"But what if the cops don't believe me?"
"They will--"
"Yeah, like the first time I spoke up. What happened? I got fucking called a liar and beaten up..again."
"Listen, lets go to the station right now. Yeah?"
"Where's Alex?"
"His leg's playing up again. Alex 1.1's taking care of him."
"Is he okay?"
"The pain's not that bad. You sure you don't remember?"
"I don't.."
"Try to remember?"
I sat down trying to remember when it suddenly hit me. "It was Joel."
"No. No way." Xander and Sir said at the same time.
"You saying that I'm lying?"
"No, K.O was with me yesterday." Sir said.
"What? No, he came up to me and beat me up, yeah, and then he strangled me--"
"Sky it sounds like you're making it up." Sir said. "Come on. Tell us who really did it."
"It was Joel. I swear--"
"Listen. K.O would never stoop that low."
"No, it was him--"
"Sky, I know you hate him and all but it's not him."
"What? I swear it is, he fucking went up to me and started kicking and punching me, and strangled me with both hands--"
"That is Sky, you ever thought of being a lawyer--"
"Sir I'm not lying!!"
"Stop shouting at him Sky. Maybe you should really tell us who it is. Come on.."
"No, it's Joel. Xander you trust me...right?"
"Sky I don't even know."
"Xander, take her down to the station--"
"K.O needs to get arrested. And Xander, it was Joel and K.O who beat me up before." I said. Xander let go off me. "Sky, I know they're crazy but this..this is not possible. Sky you need to tell us the truth--"
"But Mr Anderson, I told you yesterday--"
"I believed it until you said K.O magically beat you up when he was with ME."
"Sir, please. Both of you..please, believe me, it was them."
"Sky, what did I say the day before yesterday?"
"You told me to behave or you'll kick me out."
"Exactly. Now pack your bags. I'm tired of your lying." He said.
"Yeah, sir, what?"
"Sky, you're expelled."
"No, sir no one will take me if I got expelled from a school like this!"
"Sky, before I call the cops--"
"Sir give her a chance--"
"Xander, do you want to join her?"
"No sir, but--"
"Out. And I'll make sure, I warn the police about your lying habits."
"No, come on sir, trust me..please.." I started crying. "I..I--"
"Sky come on..please stop.."
"No. It's him. I swear it's him--"
"Pack your bags and go."
"Fine. It wasn't him." I lied.
"So, you just lied to me? This just gets more and more interesting." Sir said.
"Sky are you for real?!" Xander looked at me disappointed. "I can't believe I fell for it again."
I looked down at my hands. They were bruised up..but who cares, I am a stupid liar, it probably wasn't him, or K.O. I'm probably imagining things, as usual.
"Get out. I never want to see you in this school again." Sir said harshly.
"Sir, give her another chance.."
"Last night, I called over fifty schools and they refuse to take her in. Unless she wants to go to Mills University which is all the way in America." He said looking at his computer.
"WHAT?!" Me and Xander screeched.
"Or unless you both find a university or college in the UK. Good luck." He said shooing me away. "It was a pleasure having you Sky, until you lost your mind."
I gulped as Xander glared at me. "You're going home." He said dragging me to reception. We went up to miss and she let us out.
I sat at the back of Xander's new Tesla while he shouted at me. "The nerve!"
"Sorry. It was a mistake--"
"I get what happened to you..was.terrible..maybe horrifying..but blaming it on an innocent person, just because they bully you. It's unacceptable!"
"I'm sorry.."
"Drop the fake tears. We're going home and don't even think about going out today. You are grounded and I'm also calling Uncle Faiz and Aunty Sadaf." He said starting to drive.
I wiped my tears and stared out at the window. I hate myself. I always have. I've hated the way I am. I hate the fact, that I'm stupid and boring. I don't deserve to live. Maybe I should just die. That'll sort everything. Right? Right guys?
Then I saw Victoria. She was riding a bike. "Skylar don't even think about fucking killing yourself. You've got kids and imagine them growing up knowing that they don't have a mum. Imagine you having no mum. Going to school everyone talking about their annoying parents while you, wish you had a mum.."
She's right..I can't kill myself. But the pain is too much. And I can't even..get through this. I need someone, like Effron. Or Mason, but hes gonna find out and hate me--
"Out the car." Xander said. "You have got some explaining to do. But first, get cleaned up. You look like you just woke up from a coma."
"This isn't funny." He stormed into his room. I heard him talking down the phone and then I quickly went upstairs and showered, then went into my room and put my clothes on. Over sized tracksuit. I put my ruby bracelet on, finally, and then put my pocket watch on my ankle. Then I put my emerald and diamond necklace on. I finished praying and then went down stairs and saw practically everyone. I quickly went upstairs and hid the necklace under my hoodie, and my bracelet too. Then I went back downstairs. I quickly started eavesdropping.
They were on about me. They were..complaining about me..and how they had to search the whole of London..
I went down the stairs and into the living room acting like I didn't know they were here. "Hey guys.."
"You." Alex 1.1 got up and glared at me. "You young lady, decided to lie about such a serious thing, I had to fucking drive around like a crazy psychopath! Just for you to LIE about something like that, did you deliberately fall asleep in the study hub?!"
"No I got beaten up--"
"No you didn't! Look at me right now. Gemma says, you left to go do some work, alone, and when she asked where, you started getting pissed at her."
"Because she didn't need to know!"
"Hey, I was only looking out for you!" She said defensively.
"Well next time, mind your business!"
"Stop shouting at her." Noah said. "I fucking had to leave Levi alone, just because I was looking for you. I fucking searched the whole of Heathrow because I thought you fucking ran away! I searched everywhere in your room. You didn't even leave a hint!"
"What? You invaded MY privacy?!"
"Now you know how it feels." Alex 1.2 said crossing his arms. "My leg fucking hurts because of you."
"Not my fault. You guys didn't bother checking the most obvious place to study."
"You said that place is only for nerds!!" Mason argued.
"Okay. So? Why didn't you look there?! Or was it you that did it?!?"
"What? I'd never!"
"Yeah right. You already punched me twice, you tried to the third time!"
"That was a mistake!"
"No, it was going to but you clearly made your mind and tried to again!"
"Stop changing the topic." Lucas said. "You are crazy."
"What?" I asked confused. "You're the crazy one!"
"No! You blamed K.O and Joel, just because you hate them, and then you lost your mind and put Joel in hospital. And then, you fucking say that they were the ones that did it. You probably hired a hitman to do this."
"What?! Lucas you have gone bonkers--"
"Bonkers. THAT'S WHAT YOU SAY WHEN YOU LIE!" He said pointing at me. "Lies and lies."
"Lucas. Don't blame her. Maybe, she is telling the truth?" Aiden said.
"Listen. I put Joel in hospital and K.O got mad so he cornered me and beat me up."
"You had your phone on you. Why didn't you call for help?"
"Because...he threw it across the room." I lied.
"Show me your phone." Noah said.
"It's broken."
"No it's not." Aiden said. "You're lying."
"Aiden stop lying." I lied.
Then Xander started searching me and found it inside my hoodie. He looked at it and showed everyone. "If he was that angry, your phone is in perfect shape." He threw it at me. "Magic right?"
"No, I didn't call for help because--"
"Oh quit the lies." Alex 1.2 said.
"Shut up. You know nothing!"
"Don't speak to him like that!" Alex 1.1 defended.
"Where are you going?"
"Out of here."
"And so are you." Xander said to me.
"Seriously?! I have nowhere else! I--"
"Should've thought about that before you fucking--"
"I'll tell your parents!"
"There it is. The blackmail. I already spoke to your parents and they want nothing to do with you. You go call them, but you are not staying here."
"Xander, come on Alex." I said to Alex 1.2. "I promise never to lie again."
"So you were lying?" He asked.
"No! Wait, yes." I lied.
"Out." He said coldly.
"No. I have nowhere to go!"
"There's a shelter house. You can go live there." He said. "Forty five minutes away."
"No!" I begged. "Pleaseeeeee."
"No." They all said. One by one they all left until Mason, Alex 1, and Xander were left. "Guys, please. You know I'm not lying. They did beat me up--"
"Sky, out." Mason said.
"I'll pack your bags for you." He said going upstairs.
I looked at Alex and Xander shocked. "You guys are just gonna get rid of me like that?! It was a stupid silly mistake!!"
"Stop. You're out."
"Okay. Fine." I gulped. "Okay. I will never become the doctor I want to be..because of you guys." I sobbed. "I always was a good student and wanted to be a doctor! I convinced Aiden to be one! I am the reason everyone is still together, I mean, I always light up the mood don't I? You guys won't be able to cope without me! Xander I know you'll go back to drugs."
"I won't because this time, I'm the one kicking you out." He said.
"Fine." I cleared my throat. "I don't care."
"And all your jewelry is going to go for charity. Your car, is no longer yours and your electronics, are going to charity."
"No..they're mine!"
"No. You don't deserve them."
"Okay, but I need the kids. Noah's already got Levi---"
"You aren't stable enough to take care of kids." He said as Mason went downstairs. He took my suitcase off him and gave it to me, dragging me outside the house. I went next door and started knocking. The door opened and I can see Gabriel had been crying. "Hey, can I stay over for like..until I'm eighteen?"
"Get the fuck out." He said slamming the door. Ouch. I sighed and went down the street, turned left and went into the 120. I sat down avoiding the looks people were giving me. What's wrong? Is something wrong? Oh..the bruises..damn. I put my hood on and after half an hour, I got off. I walked around asking people for directions.
"Hey, do you know how to get to Mallberry lane?"
"Yeah, it's not far, down the street and to your right." A young girl said.
"Okay." I said as I followed her instructions. I stood outside an old looked..badly shaped...what? I went inside and almost puked at the smell. It stank in there. Yuck. I went around and found someone. "Hey, I'm new--"
The girl grabbed my suitcase and pushed me to the floor. I rubbed my head and she spat at me. I quickly sat up and grabbed my suitcase back. "BACK OFF!!" I screamed at her. She took a step back.
"Jeez." She muttered leaving.
"Hey, I'm new--"
"Well, what happened to your face?" A random guy said.
"Oh, I got beaten up. So, is there like a spare room--"
"No. We share a room."
"Erm no."
"No, I mean, there are no rooms. Just a huge space. Well, upstairs there are three rooms but its filled with lots of people and downstairs, its filled with lots of people."
"Okay, thanks." I said going into a living room? I saw people talking and drinking and smoking, some looked like they haven't showered in weeks. I went to a corner of the room and started unpacking. I could see the envious looks on everyone's faces. I put my clothes and stuff back as I saw a guy walk up to me.
"You rich?"
"Erm, no."
"Give me money."
"What money?"
He opened my suitcase and I saw a few £20. He grabbed them and I saw people looking at me interested.
"She got money!" They all cheered. I grabbed the money off him and everyone glared at me. I quickly stashed it in my bra and the guy shoved me to a wall. He started kicking me and everyone started chanting, "KICK! KICK! KICK!!" He kept kicking till I coughed blood out on his shoes. He froze for a second and I quickly reached for my ankle secretly and pressed the alarm. He picked me up and punched me across the face, everyone still chanting. He punched me over and over again until I lost all consciousness.
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