Lunar Skylar

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Safety first!

I woke up in my bed..wait..what? I looked to my side and saw Mason scrolling through his computer. I tried to speak but nothing came out. I tried to get up but I couldn’t feel anything..just numbness..

“Sky?” Mason turned around. He ran up to me and hugged me. I winced in pain and he froze. “You’re really sore..”

I tried to speak again but only a whisper came out. “Tired..pain..”

“Yeah..lay down. It’s were getting beaten up by some people and they stole your stuff, including your clothes, and shoes. Then the alarm went off in the house and Xander fucking ran. Yes, he ran, out the house and went to rescue you. He got a speeding ticket. That’s how scared he was for you..but he went and got everything that was stolen from you and fucking scared the shit out of everyone. He beat the fuck out of the guy who stole your money..and got all your stuff back.”

I smiled and sighed. “Sorry..” I croaked.

“It’s not your fault. It was K.O who beat you up wasn’t it?”

“No.” I lied.

He leaned in and hugged me. “I know it’s K.O. He and Joel confessed to the police.”


“Yeah..and..I knew they hurt you..but I wasn’t sure..I knew, I just..I was confused because, Xander said you admitted you were lying and then said you weren’t and you kept changing stories but..I knew deep down, you were hurting and when everyone started ganging up on broke my heart. I knew you were scared, and I..I didn’t know what to I took the easy option. To not believe you..and that’s not what a true best friend does..I’m sorry..”

“It’s okay.”

“Hey, your voice. You should rest for a bit. Yeah?”


“You’re’ve..Sky..” He showed my my hands. They were badly bruised..“And your face and’ve fucking turned into black and purple..”

I looked at my hands terrified. It was all..there were so many bruises..I..I can’t..I..

“Sky, your followers. In the comment section..they know about everything. You’re getting so much backlash..for hurting the girl and landed them both in hospital in a matter of days! I are also unsubscribing and your tiktok followers, like 50% of them have unfollowed and have written lots of mean comments..”

My heart shattered. “ wasn’t my fault..”

“Sky, your voice. Just rest it. And you’re right, it’s not your fault. It’s Joel and K.O’s. And the girl with the broken neck, well, she is certainly getting more followers and sympathetic comments. And also, it’s not your fault you broke her got scared..and I think you should tell your story.” He said giving me my phone.

“I’m tired.”

“Even better. Now you get more sympathy.” He said.

I unlocked it and cleared my throat as I pressed record.

“Trigger Warning. No point. So, hey crewmates, I know you guys hate me right now..and I don’t blame you. I just lost my chance at being a successful doctor..and also, I got beaten up again by a random dude..who stole my cash and all my belonging but lucky Xander came and saved me and I got my stuff back. Hooray.” I said sarcastically. I could see Mason trying not to laugh. “Is something funny?!”

“No.” He looked away.

I laid back down and looked at the camera. “I just woke up. And I’m sorry for the horrifying scene. I just want to talk about the incident with the seven guys. As some of you may know, I got jumped by seven guys over the past four months..and they just got sentenced to prison for four years, and the other..he jumped me more than four times but..yeah. So, he’s spending six years.” I looked down. “I’m not looking for drama or anything, but of course, I am drama and I just..I broke the girl’s neck because the whole school was making fun of me in assembly and she was behind me and she said that..I probably lied, and framed the guys, but I didn’t and she pulled my hair. So, I got mad and kicked her. I didn’t mean to break her neck..and don’t blame Mr Anderson for giving me a second chance...he knows that no school would accept me because I am a really ‘bad influence’..tho I’ve always been a good kid, scored high marks and that..yeah I have a stupidly short temper but it’s’s who I am. I just lost it..I lost it..and I’m sorry to her. I’m really sorry..and, then..I get bullied and called a million terrible names in class and all..but then..I got jumped three days ago..and that was outside Redford and there were no cameras..a guy luckily chased them away but I was left on the cold floor fucking dead..and I couldn’t even walk..” I scrunched my nose. “I had it coming..speaking up about something is the worst thing I could ever do..right? I mean, I spoke up the first time, no one believed me only close family and friends and that took some time, whole class turned against me and so did the teachers, and the guys were released, and that same night I knew I was dead. Jordan knocks on my door saying, 'oh I wanna talk'." I mimicked his voice. "So, I trust him but turns out, he brought all eight guys. Yeah, and then I ask Jay to tell them to not hit me but he didn’t give a fuck. He just left. And so, I’m there and all seven of them beat the hell out of me. And I’m stupid because I didn’t..I’m so stupid..I didn’t..I didn’t report it..and then I probably wouldn’t have..a few days later, when they beat me up in Aiden’s birthday party..but Jay recorded everything..and I knew it was hard for Jay to see his brother get sentenced to prison for four years and for Noah to see his life long friends fucking get sentenced behind bars,’’s only right..I still blame myself..maybe if I hadn’t said anything..but anyways, it was Joel and K.O who beat me up, then the next day, I panicked as I saw Joel approach me, I grabbed Mason’s chair and flung it at him, he dropped dead on the floor, the whole class witnessed it and ambulance came and they took him to the hospital. Mr Anderson gave me a final chance because I managed to convince him that I panicked. Especially after the guys, and me getting beaten up by K.O and Joel. But, then the next day, I’m in school, I go to the study hub. I see K.O behind me and then he, pushes me to a wall, like all other times, everyone beat me up, then he strangled me, it’s like a habit that all boys have. Strangling me. Funny how all the guys who beat me up, tend to strangle me. And, so he pushes me to the floor and starts kicking me and that, he kept kicking me until I passed out and then I wake up next morning in study hub. I spent the night in But..yeah. And everyone freaked out when I went into the class room. I was all bruised up, my throat was killing me and I kept vomiting, I was in so much pain. Then I get called to go see Mr Anderson, he interrogates me and I tell him it was K.O but he said K.O was with him the whole of yesterday, and that I was lying. The day before yesterday, I promised him if I had one more slip up, he can kick me out..but now he thinks I lied, and he kicks me out.” I wiped my tears. “I don’t know’s like..I get beat up..and I did yesterday by some random dude like I said before. I fucking look so beaten up..I mean, look at my hands!” I said showing them my hands. “And people just say I lie. I’m looking for attention! I’m not! This happened, it’s real and I..I don’t care what you think...I really don’t. Because everyone thinks I’m lying. If I were to report him, no one will believe me and then I know as soon as I set foot out that police station..I’m safety. I’m not safe..and I’m not even safe in my own fucking houseeeeee. I fucking keep having nightmares. Imagine having three nightmares and two seizures in one sleep.” I scoffed. “Wow..I life is fucked up..I’m fucking stupid..and reporting bad now? Because no one fucking believes you. Isn’t it? I mean, I kept quiet and once I decided to speak up, I got beaten up again, and again. It’s logic isn’t it? I’m not even gonna bother anymore. Beat me up, I don’t give a fuck. I’d rather die, than live in this fucking hell world. I fucking hate myself, and will continue to. I fucking tried to kill my self around..five times these four months..or less? I’m suffering from fucking depression so this just makes all this a hella lot easier doesn’t it? I mean, yeah. I’m a stupid liar that no one will ever care for and I’m better off dead isn’t it? I’m better off dead--”

“Sky stop saying that..” Mason said.

“You are just making things worse.” I huffed. “I’m an idiot and deserve to die. End of. You don’t like it, leave. I’d rather get hit by a car than live for the next minute.”

“Sky, you better not post that.”

“Too late.” I said cutting the video and posting it on Instagram.

He looked at me with that look, ‘are you dumb?!’

“Okay, I know you’re crazy but this, Sky why would you post this?! You’re putting the wrong message out there! To not speak up?!”

“Oh..” I frowned and looked at my phone. I started reading the comments:

conceptglobal: she looks so beaten up

flighteager: I feel so bad for her

bongpleasant: I know she’s gone through a lot but that message she’s giving is dangerous

pirripinquiry: she looks like she’s in a lot of pain

burgeewandought: in her last two youtube videos, she seemed okay. How is she depressed all of a sudden?

poembelched: she’s probably looking for attention and telling people to not speak up is wrong.

grandshaded: she goes to my school and she’s always trying to get people in trouble. she blamed me when she threw a rock at the teacher.

That comment started getting likes, 2446 already..people were replying to her comment:

knuisedshattered: i’m literally unfollowing. she’s just such a liar.

cerebellumgravel: she probably just got hit by a stranger and blamed it on people

crewlerhey: she’s lying. i feel sorry for the bruises and that but she’s clearly lying. and she’s also sending the wrong message to people and did she get surgery?

mutterychorus: who is she trying to kid? maybe she’s got make up or something, using us for clout. she hasn’t even told us about her surgery or anything.

That comment got 787 likes.

modestluxuriant: she’s faking it

zoomleukocyte: #attentionseeker!


nauseatingfollowing: guys stop blaming her. i believe her, her voice is so low and dry. i feel sorry for her. she looks so exhausted and she’s depressed. she needs love and support not hatred. i understand hurting her was wrong but she couldn’t take it. sky we all love you so much, well the true crewmates do. #crewmatesforever.

That comment’s got 928 likes.

cretintape: she’s not lying. i’m a true crewmate. we don’t need imposters trying to make her feel bad. she’s going through depression already and she’s being so strong. sky please don’t kill yourself. you’ve been through so much. we all love you and hope you will heal soon. please don’t kill yourself. you’ve got us to rely on and amazing people around you!

dutifulbiohazard: why didn’t she tell us about her surgery?

abashedspecies: @dutifulbiohazard, maybe its because she doesnt want to. you need to respect her wishes, shes already going through a lot. sky, take care and hope you get well soon. i purple you.

leakestoverall: i feel so sorry for her. she had to go through all that. sky i love you and you should know, us true crewmates give you all support that you need. we’ll always have your back and stupid imposters get out of here!

That comment got 2219 likes and 478 replies.

spanchallenge: we love you and will support you through all this difficult times!!

ringedtomatoe: i think she’s asking for attention

juicydeaky: imposters get out! she’s amazing and so so strong, sky i hope you get better and you have all our love. we love you so much. did your surgery go well? i hope you’ll be happy again.

finecover: i hope you do get killed by a car

grobbleicecream: guys stop being mean to her! shes not lying and she’s clearly in lots of pain!!!

jorsealohomora: i love your videos and i hope you’ll be okay. i love you and so do all us crewmates. don’t listen to the imposters!

brushwestlock: you look so beaten up, i hope you’re okay, we crewmates love you and don’t let the imposters in. please don’t kill yourself, we love you and need you. take your time to heal, we’ll be waiting for you

And I kept getting more and more loving comments, before I knew it, I was smiling again. “Mase, they’re being nice..they’re so kind..I need to clear something out." I started recording again. I quickly cleared my throat. "Okay, okay, the last video that I just did, was 100% true but I gave the wrong advice. You need to speak up, I'm sorry, I was just talking about ME. I didn't mean for you all to you know...but thank you for the lovely comments. I'm sorry if you got offended. Guys speak up if something's wrong, I'm sorry. I was just talking about my thoughts and sorry. Speak up." I said cutting the video and posting it.

“Yeah, I think you should actually open up the parcels they sent you.”


“In your YouTube video, Xander added the link for parcels and that, like back in January.”

“Oh..but I’m not going live yet..”

“Maybe tomorrow then. Until then, get some rest. The guys have confessed, and they promised to get the truth out there.”

Then the door opened and I saw Noah. He walked up to me and sat down. “Hey.”

“Why you here?”

“I’m your boyfriend. What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you meant to be looking after the twins and Levi?”

“I just came to talk and check in on you. Jeez, stop attacking me.”

“I’m not. I’m just...please leave.”

“Sky, I’m supposed to look after you. Why don’t you want me to stay?”

“I don’t want you now.”


“I mean, I want some space.”


“Do you not understand English?”


“Noah, I think you should leave.” Mason said. “She clearly doesn’t feel comfortable with you being here.”

Noah glared at him. “She’s my girlfriend. Why shouldn’t she? And what do you know?!”

“Noah, stop shouting. My ears are fucking hurting.”

“Sorry.” He mumbled and sat back down next to me. He started stoking my cheek. I winced in pain and he sighed. Mason removed his hand from my face.

“Noah, she doesn’t want you. So go away.”

“Mason, please just give me a minute with MY GIRLFRIEND.”

“She’s also MY BEST FRIEND.”


“Whatever. Sky yell if he does anything to you. I’ll be outside.” He said leaving the room.

“Sky, how are you?”


“Why are you being so cold to me?”

“You didn’t believe me did you.”

“What? Sky how was I meant to when--”

“I don’t wanna hear it. You are my boyfriend and--”

“I didn’t know okay. I don’t know you as well as Mason--”

“You’ve been with me my whole life! We were born in the same hospital and only a bed away!”

“And that bed was Mason’s--”

“Get out.”

“Okay but just..listen..”

“I’m sleepy.”

“Sky, I love you and all but sometimes, you get me on my nerves.”

I looked at him shocked. “How dare you?!”

“Yeah. It’s true. You can be annoying at times. I love you. But you need to start acting like a proper mum. That’s why I’m gonna leave them here for a bit.” He said patting my head. “You are okay with it..right? Wait, why are you looking at me like that?”

“You just called me annoying AND a terrible mum.”

“No, I said I love you--”

“Noah, you need to watch your mouth.” I said. “Just get out.”

“Sky..I just--”


He got up and I could see the sadness in his eyes. Something was wrong. “Noah..what’s wrong?”

“I just wanted to spend some time with you.” He wiped his tears. “I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“Oh come on, it was just a stupid row. You can bring the twins now and we can..spend some time, as a family.”


“Yeah. Come on.”

“Okay.” He smiled. “Thanks.”

Once he’d left, Mason came in. “What happened? One second you were shouting the next there was normal talking.”

“He was just..he just wanted to spend time with me. And the twins, together. Like a family.”

“That’s nice. Speaking of family, I need to get back to Gemma and check on the kids. I’ll be back in about ten minutes?”


“Noah..” I panicked as I looked at Cleo. “Her eyes, Noah--”

“Hey, hey. Calm down. Doctors say she’s got Heterochromia. She’s definitely got it from you.”

“Blue and”

“Yeah, her right eye, blue, left eye, brown. Cool right?”


“Sky we need to talk.”

“W..what? Please don’t break up with me. I need you, now more than ever--”

“Hey, calm down. I just need to tell you something. I..well..Aiden is supposed to tell you but with his autism..he’s scared you’ll shout at him.”

“ it that bad?”

“The trial already happened.” He blurted out.

I almost dropped Cole. “WHAT?!”

“Sky, calm down--”

“When? How?--”

“It was when you were in the coma. We were gonna tell you but we kinda just..forgot to..”

I scoffed. “As always. I’m last to know..”

“Sky don’t cry.”

“I keep being..forgotten..even if I killed myself--”

“Hey, don’t say’s not good, and also Levi.” He whispered nodding towards him. He was watching Diana and Roma on my TV.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Look, I should be sorry.”

“I was in a coma. And I spent a long time so it probably makes sense on how the fuck you forgot.”

“I’m sorry--”

Then I got a new notification. Alex. Xander. “Oh, the twins are going live.” I said as Noah’s phone also bleeped.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna watch Alex’s. I’m surprised he’s even got girls simping for him.”

“I know right. But for real..he keeps getting his relationships messed up. I mean..he spends so much on his girlfriends..not saying he shouldn’t’s bait to know if a girl’s just using him. And now, everyone knows he’s rich and so is Xander...I’m scared for Alex..”

“Yeah..I’m scared for him too. What if he falls in love with a girl that just likes his money?”

“I’m gonna speak to him later. Just to warn him a bit..or I’ll ask Xander to? Yeah.”

“How’s Xander?”

“Well..your alarm blasted in the house. I could hear it from across the street.”

“Yeah..I’m sorry for yelling at you. It wasn’t right.”

“Yeah. It’s okay.”

“Okay. I’m sorry if I worried you or anything--”

“I should be worried. I don’t want you to..get any more..stressed.”

“I won’t.” I said giving him a peck on the cheek. “Where are you going?”

“To make a cup of coffee. For us two.”

“Okay. Hurry.”

“I will.” He froze. “You’ll be okay. I promise. Don’t worry..wait, XANDER!!!”

After a few moments I saw Xander come in. “Are you still live?” Noah asked.

“My phone’s downstairs.”

“Okay, can you look after her until I come back. I’m just gonna make some coffee.”


“She’s just scared. Don’t leave her out your sight.”

“I actually need to go toilet.” I said.

“I’ll take you. Xander can make the coffees.” Noah said.

“Oh wow.” He rolled his eyes and left. Then came back. “Sky, you are feeling okay?”

“A bit sore but fine.”

“I’m sorry I lashed out and--”

“It’s okay. You didn’t know.”

“Yeah, they’re spending six months in community service.”


“Yeah. I’m sorry. This is all my fault. If I hadn’t kicked you out, they wouldn’t have hurt you..and scared you..” He walked up to me. “You were laying down on the cold floor almost fucking naked. They took all your clothes and shoes. And jewelry. Sky you would’ve froze to death if you didn’t have the pocket alarm.” He sighed. “I am so so sorry.”

“’s okay. I mean, what you did hurt that you..” I scrunched my nose. “Didn’t believe me. None of you did and you all ganged up on me. It wasn’t fair. I wanted to kill myself but Victoria told me not to...because I’ve got twins. And people that love me..”

“You saw Victoria again?”

“I’m not crazy!”

“I didn’t say that. But where?”

“When we were in the car, when sir expelled me. On the way back home? And then you drove me back home? Remember when you were telling me off?”


“I saw Victoria. She persuaded me not to kill myself..I wanted to so badly..”

“Lets talk to your therapist. You’ve missed four appointments already.” Noah said.

“Yeah.” I wiped my tears. “Noah, it’s okay--”

“My trial’s tomorrow.” Xander said.


“Yeah. Didn’t Alex tell you?”

“He did...oh. Are you ready?”

“What? To face my fucking abusive biology teacher who fucking hit me every single day after school. He fucking destroyed me and called me names. I’m not surprised if the judge judges me. I could fight him off with one finger. I’m such a stupid coward--”

“Stop saying were scared..just like I was. I was scared to go home and when it was time to go bed, I’d fucking wet my pants..that’s how scared I was..and when I did, which was every single night, you’d hit me and call me stuff..Xander don’t cry--”

“I’m not.” He lied. “Noah I’m sorry.”

“Its were just..trying to find a way to break free of this pain..but you did it the wrong should’ve told us..if you did, maybe none of this would’ve happened..Alex was abused for three fucking years. Though he wasn’t physically, he was mentally abused..Alex told me yesterday about what Mr Trent would tell him..”

“Noah..” Xander hugged him. “Don’t cry..we will get through this. All of us. We just need to..figure out how. I..I haven’t seen Neha for a while and she wants to go with me to the trial.”

“That’s good.”

“But..I don’t think I can go.” He said pulling out. He walked over to my desk and started playing with my pens.

“Xander what do you mean? You have to go--”

“No. I know I’ll break down crying and I’ll get all trembly and scared and--”

“Daddy what’s happening..?” Levi asked looking at Noah about to cry.

“Hey, nothing’s wrong. What are you watching?”

“Daddy I want to go on an adventure with you!” Levi said enthusiastically.

“Baby I can’t go now. Maybe next time. I’m still young.”

“But daddy you have me! And Rori and Harry always goes on airplanes..” He started crying. “I want to go on one. Please daddy?”


“It’s not fair daddy!!” Levi ran out the room in tears. Noah slapped himself on the forehead. “How and where the fuck am I gonna travel to?!”

“Wow. Dad of the year.” Xander said sarcastically. “Noah take her to the toilet. I’ll go talk to him.”

“Thanks.” Noah sighed as we walked out the room. “Wow.”


“I should go speak to him..right?” He asked as I came out the toilet.

“Yeah. Maybe.”

“Okay.” He said as we went into my room. “Do you want to go wash?”

“I’m really tired.”

“I’ll help. Yeah?”

“Thanks. Wait. Do you wash Ruby?!”

“No. Calm down. I don’t. I just take care of her. Like keep an eye on her and help her by doing some physical therapy with her and also helping her eat and that.”

“Good.” I exhaled.

Noah helped me walk down the stairs and we went to the kitchen.

“Alex are you still live?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, come taste this.” He said taking a spoon and filling it up with some rice and god knows what.

I took it and tasted it. “It tastes good.”

“See, I’m a master chef.”

“Yeah.” Noah said as he helped me sit down on one of the stools. “You okay?”


“Are you sure you don’t wanna rest--”

“Guys, I’m live.” Alex said still cooking. “Oh, they want you Sky to answer questions.”

“Oh. Like now?”

“Yeah.” He said giving the phone to him. I looked at Noah panicked. He gave me a thumbs up.

“Hey guys. Are you bored yet?”

“Sky!” Alex said offended.

“I was just joking.”

“Oh, I thought you were serious.” Noah joked.

“You guys!”

“We were just joking.”

“Yeah.” I said as I read the questions.

displayforestay: do you have a boyfriend?

“Yeah, here he is.” I said showing Noah. “He’s got a twin brother too.”

teachingscarton: why did he choose you?

“I guess it’s because I’m special?”

“Because I love her.” Noah said.

strongholdevremonde: there are so many other pretty girls out there, like me Noah!

I looked at the comment and frowned. Noah read it and looked pissed. “Whoever wrote that has some nerve. I love her because I do. And I think she’s amazing weather you like it or not.” He said giving me a peck on the cheek.

mingdompardiggle: where are you from?

“My background is Syria, but also Pakistani, but I was born and bred in the UK. With my boyfriend.”

heroagile: When did you meet?

“I met him since I was born. I mean, my mum told me he was the loudest screaming baby in the room.”

“Hey, you were.”

“No I wasn’t. Alex, isn’t it--”

“Sky’s right. Noah couldn’t shut up. The nurses were going deaf.” He said. “And Sky went home later than everyone as she wasn’t breathing when her mum gave birth--”

“Woah, Alex what are you on about?” I asked confused.

“When you were born, you weren’t breathing. You were alive but wasn’t breathing. You had to stay in hospital for five days.”

My heart shattered. “Mum said I was a perfect baby. She lied to me?”

“I thought she told you?”

“She..she didn’t...”

“I’m dead.”

“We’re live.”

“They’re probably watching us.” Noah said. Then Cleo and Cole started crying. “I’ll go check on them.” Noah said leaving the kitchen.

“Alex what do you mean--”

“Lets just finish the live and then, talk to your parents.” He said.

zebrasnop: how old are you?

“I’m sixteen. Soon to be seventeen.”

“I’m gonna be nineteen.”

“Oh shut up. So, I’ll be able to drive soon--”

“Your driving lesson! I forgot. We are fucking dead. What’s the time?”

“It’s 13:23.”

“Oh, I. Okay. We got time.” He said.

meadylink: is he your brother?

“Oh no. Not by blood.” I said taking a doughnut.

“Xander cooked it.”

“It doesn’t taste so bad. I was expecting..worse.”

savorytie: do you have a crush on him?

“Oh, no. He’s not. He’s single girls, wait, no. Guys, don’t use him. He’s a softy--”

“Sky!!” He hissed.

“What? Oh. Sorry. I just want you to be--”

clownpobster: you’re being with them for money. gold digger.

“Clownpobster, shut the fuck up.” Alex said. “She’s not a fucking gold digger.” He said banning him. “Sky stop worrying.” He said turning the camera the other way round. “Stop crying. It’s okay.” He whispered wiping my tears. “You’re not a gold digger. He or she, is just messing with your head. Look, why don’t we go out--”

“No. I don’t want to get hurt again!”

“Okay. How about we go buy some new sneakers for you?”

“I’ve already got some.”

“How about I get about we go clothe shopping?”


“Come on. Ignore him. You’ve been with us for sixteen, almost seventeen years. You aren’t a fucking gold digger. He doesn’t know you.”

“I don’t care.” I said wiping my tears and going to get a glass of water. “I’m fucking sore.”

“You should lay down and get some sleep--”

“I am a perfecetly capable human being and where’s Xander?”

“We’re still live.”

“Whatever but where is he?”

“He’s gone to Central London.”


“With Levi. He wouldn’t stop crying. Icecream didn’t work.”


enchanteddead: is she from ISIS?

“No she’s not. Guys stop saying those stuff.” Alex said banning her. “That’s not okay you know. Not even two days ago, she fucking got attacked by an employee. Sky, come on.”

“I don’t want to do this anymore--”

“No, please..”

“I’m gonna go watch Xander’s live.” I said leaving the room. Then I saw Alex was clearly upset but trying not to show it. He kept answering questions and cooking but I knew something was on his mind. I went back into the kitchen. “Want some help?”

“I thought you were--”

“You’re lonely.”


“I’m just saying, you need company. Especially because of tomorrow--”

“Don’t bring that up.”


“I’m not going.”

“What? Come on Alex! You have to--”

“No. I’m not. End of.”

“Come on..”


“I went. Even though I fucking didn’t want to. Now you HAVE to go.”

“No. I’m not and you can’t make me.”

“Fine.” I slammed the spoon and plates I was holding onto the kitchen counter. “You are the worst person alive. You fucking made me go to that stupid trial and now you need to go but you decide not to because you’re too much of a coward!!I got twice the balls than you do!!!” I stormed out the kitchen and out the house. Not a second later Alex pulled me back in the house.

“Where are you going?!”


“Out where? What if you get hurt--”

“I won’t. I can defend myself!”

“Then why did you have to go to the trial?”

I glared at him and slapped his hands off me. “I’m going out and you can’t stop me.”

“No, where’s your pocket alarm?”

“I don’t care!!”

“Sky! Get back here!” He said grabbing me by the wrist. “K.O and Joel have been let out and they’re on fucking Community service. They can fucking kill you if you don’t watch out and I won’t let that happen.”

“Get off me! I can look out for myself--”

“Then why the fuck do you have bruises?! I taught you self defense and you still haven’t used any of the moves, I swear down if you did, you wouldn’t have, there’d have been no trial AND none of this would’ve happened!” He hissed.

I crossed my arms and looked down at the street bursting into tears. He went to the kitchen presumably ending the live and then came back and hugged me closing the door. “It’s gonna be okay.” He whispered. “You were only trying to look out for me.”

“Yeah. I just wanted to make you feel happy and not be angry at me.”

“I’m not were only looking out for me and I stupidly acted stupidly.”

“Yeah, you did.”

“You didn’t go..”

“I didn’t. I got a bit scared. I mean, I haven’t went outside alone for a while.”

“I know how much you loved to go to the park.” He said putting his coat on. “Why don’t we go for a stroll?”


“Yeah. I’m serious. Then we’ll go to your driving lesson, and come back to have some food.” He said going into the kitchen. He came back and closed all the lights in the downstairs floor and went upstairs.

“Alex?” I called after a minute or two.

“Oh, I’m coming. I’m just talking to Noah and the twins.”


We walked down the streets and I ignored the looks people gave me. They kept looking back at me..but I don’t blame them. My face is fucking beaten up.

“Sky, don’t worry. You don’t look that bad.” He said as I covered my face with my hair. “We can go back home if you’re uncomfortable.”

“It’s fine.” I smiled as we went into the park. We walked up to the river and looked at it. “Remember how often we used to come here?”

“Yup. You’d fucking bite my head off if I refused.” He scoffed. “You remember the day Noah pushed you into the river during the school trip?”

“I was so cold..had to keep going until we reached the school and then I had to wait for my mum to pick me up..and I was so wet I fucking had to wear the school clothes..I was so embarrassed and everyone just...”

“Don’t cry. Yeah Noah was an ass back then but he’s changed.”

“Yeah..he cause my leg to burn in two places..I had to go to an emergency--”

“Stop crying..”

“And not just that, he’s humiliated me more times than I can--”

“Listen, don’t think like that. It’ll only just make everything worse.”

“Yeah..just makes me wonder..was it the right choice? To be with him?”

He looked at me for a while and then spoke. “Do you feel safe around him?”

I sat down on the grass staring at the river. “I don’t know..”

“Do you feel comfortable when you’re around him?”

“I guess..”

“You seem uncertain.”

“I mean, when Cleo and Cole grow up, they’d surely wanna see photos of me and Noah when we were younger and every single photo I have with Noah is a disaster. He’s either pushing me away from him or doing something annoying. And I still have them all in my photo book’s hard to let go of memories.”

“Yeah..I mean, you and Noah had a terrible terrible growing up.”

“Yeah..and..I kinda feel scared at times. I’m scared of every guy basically..because I don’t know how they’d react..if I mess something up..or piss them off without first I thought..hey, it’s just the guys, but no, it’s K.O and Joel..”

“Hey, stop crying. You’ll be okay..”

“That’s what Xander said before K.O and--”

“Hey. We came here to relax, why don’t we? It’s gonna be okay.” He said. Then I saw a girl, the employee, walking up to us. He held onto my hand and gave me a reassuring look. “She’s not gonna hurt you.”

“Well, well.” She glared at me. “Let me see, have you got a bomb on you?”

“I’m not a terrorist.”

“Confident all of a sudden.” She laughed. “You look like you got your ass beaten up and definitely famous.”


“You’re on the news stupid. And it’s only a matter of time--”

“Hey, back off her.” Alex shouted. “You have no fucking right to speak to her like that, so I’m asking you politely to get the fuck out of here.”

“Hey!” I heard someone shout hurrying up to us. “Don’t speak to her like that.”

“She just accused her of having a bomb.” Alex said to him.

The guy looked at me and back at Alex. “Well.”

“ are ridiculous.” Alex hissed.

“Ma’am are you sure she’s got weapons on her?”


The guy took his phone out. “I’m recording her.” He said pointing the phone at me. I covered my face with my hands and Alex stood infront of me, shielding me. “Get the camera off her face.”

“No, the lady says she’s armed--”

“She’s clearly lying!”

“Call the police quickly.” The guy said as the employee took her phone out. Not a second later she was talking to an operator.

“I haven’t got a bomb on me!!” I shouted. “Put the mother fucking camera down!”

“Or what?”

“I’m asking you politely to put the camera down.” Alex said. “If there’s no proof, then you can’t be taking photos of her, or videos, so now drop your phone.”

“No. One more step, I’ll tell the police. She probably poisoned you--”

“Woah. You watch it. She’s not a terrorist.”

“She’s from Syria!” The lady screamed. “She’s from ISIS!!”

“Listen here, stop discriminating--”

Then I heard sirens. Loud. I looked around and saw a few police officers with guns. They were fully scary armed. I could see the passers walking by were fucking running. Running like heck.

The guy was still recording and talking nonsense about me. Alex looked at me and shook his head. “You’re not a terrorist.”

“I know.” I said. I don’t give a fuck. That lady’s mad and I’m not getting arrested wrongly. I started running the opposite direction regardless the shouting I was getting from the officers.

“LUNAR SKYLAR STOP AT ONCE AND PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!” One male officer shouted. I ignored it. Then I heard gunshots. I ran to the lane which was covered in trees. No way they can get me. I took my shoes off and threw them in front of of the river, making it look like I was inside it. I hid behind a bush and ran to the next, soon I was meters away from it. The police had stupidly fallen for it and I ran behind a shed. Alex saw me but said nothing. Just gave me that, ‘I will kill you and tell your parents’.

I saw an exit. I could risk it? Right?


I bit my lip and shook my head. I walked up to an open space and the officers spotted me.

One officer started searching me. "CLEAN!!" He called out to the rest of the officers and started handcuffing me.

"Lunar Skylar you are under arrest for attempted murder, resistance to the police and drug use--"

"Woah! I don't use drugs and I certainly did not kill anyone and I don't even have a stupid knife!!"

"You have a right to remain silent but everything you say will be used against you later on in court."

Everyone gasped. I rolled my eyes. "Lets just get this over and done with." I said. Now everyone started looking at me suspiciously. The crowd seemed interested.

"Ma'am." The officer shoved me inside a van. I sat opposite Alex.

"Hey." I said to him once the doors were closed.


"I came back--"

"I don't give a fuck!"

"Alex don't shout at me."

"I've never ever gotten into trouble."

"I'm sorry. We'll be released. I'm innocent--"

"No. Don't talk to me. I feel disgusted just by looking at you. The nerve you got." He looked away from me.

I felt destroyed..I was just trying to escape! I wasn't trying to..hurt his feelings.. "Alex I'm sorry--"

"I don't wanna hear it." He said coldly.

"You've never gotten into trouble and now..I've ruined it--"

"Will you stop making everything about YOU?!"

I fell silent tears rolling down my cheeks. "I was only trying to escape. I didn't mean to hurt you like that..I'm sorry.."

Then the doors opened. Two officers took us out. They were glaring at me. Proper mad. Don't blame them..I just wish Alex would forgive me. I've fucked up, yet again.

Lunar Skylar, the fuck up.

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