Lunar Skylar

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Trial date

“I haven’t got a bomb on me..” I mumbled. “I never had one.”

The officer looked at me sternly. “Then why did you run?”

“Because I was scared.” I said.



“Okay. If you were, why would you not fucking approach an officer?!”

“I..I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“You sound like you’re lying. What about the drugs?”

“You fucking checked me. I had no drugs, and I had no weapons. She fucking called the cops on me not four days ago!!”

“Calm down.” He sighed sitting next to me. Then he got up. “That’s cold.”

“I’m freezing, can I at least have like..a coat or my hoodie?”

“It’s an interrogation room!”

“What’s the temperature?” I asked shivering.


“I’m wearing a fucking shirt and trousers.”

“Yeah. If you’re cold, spill the beans. You went to erm, a homeless house. Why not a homeless shelter?”

“I..I didn’t know where.”

“Skylar, the homeless house was full of bad people. What did you do in there? Drugs?”

“Erm no..I..I didn’t do--”

“Look, you’ve already done five hours here, might as well tell us the truth.”

“I need my medication. I feel like I’m gonna have a seizure.” I said wiping my tears.

“You have any proof that you need medication?”

“I do. Ask my doctor.”

“You also lied about the other doctor.”

“I didn’t. He lied to me!”

“Okay, you need to stop the lies.”

“I need my meds. This place is too cold.” I sobbed. “I really need my meds.”

“I gave you three cups of coffee. What else do you want?”

“...I..I just want my meds.”

“They’re investigating them. Checking if you put anything in them.”

“Well, I haven’t. And now I need them. Even if I have, which I haven't, I'm taking them not you.”

He sighed getting up. Then left the room without looking back. I saw him do something with the temperature and go. Not a few minutes later the place started getting even more colder. He fucking messed with the temperature!!

I started wheezing. I need warmth. I looked at the glass window and tried breaking it but my limbs were too weak. I dropped to the cold floor trying to control myself. I couldn’t. I need Mason..I want him here..I feel so so sick!! I got on my knees and puked into the bin. I puked again and again until I dropped to the ground shaking. Seizure. I kept shaking for about forty seconds I think? Once I stopped I puked on the floor next to me.

The door opened and I saw the guy again. He sighed and went up to me. “If you’re gonna puke do it in the bin.” He rolled his eyes. “Up you get.”


“What do you mean? Stand up! Oh come on.” He shook his head at me leaving the room again.

I tried sitting up and after a few tries, I managed to get up and puke into the dust bin. I went to my chair and waited for the guy to come back again, trying not to slide off the chair.

“Oh so you can move all of a sudden.” He said sitting on the table with his jacket and gloves. Man looked like he was going to the north pole.


“Listen, you didn’t have a seizure. So stop faking.” He said giving me a cup with my meds and a cup of water.

I smiled thankfully and tried picking the meds cup up. I picked it up and shoved the meds in my mouth. I quickly grabbed the cup of water and swallowed it with my meds. I dropped both cups down and sat rubbing my throat. The water was extremely cold. I started crying because of it. “Can I..I go home?” I asked in a whisper.

“Not yet. We just need enough proof to send you home.”

“I..I didn’t have any drugs..I have never ever taken drugs..”


“Only a few times..that was because of my depression--”

“Underage drinking. Do you realise how serious this all is?”

I ignored him and kept wincing as I tried to speak. “Can I have heating?”


“My throat..”

He removed my hand from it and looked closely. “Has someone been abusing you lately?”


“Has someone been hurting you? Physically?”

“No..I mean, Joel and K.O...and then the guys. But they’re all having..their punishment.”


“I’m serious..and the guy..f..f..from yesterday.”

“Okay.” He looked at it again. “Your neck, it looks really damaged. It look like you’ve been strangled multiple times.”

“That’s..cuz I have.” I smiled sadly. “And none of this would’ve happened if..if I never met Ruby. I..I should’ve went to the dance alone.” I wiped my tears. “It hurts sometimes..but it’s..okay.”

“No it’s there something else going on? At home?”

“’s just..Alex has never gotten into trouble and now I’ve dragged him into all this..and he’s mad at me..and..and never wants to talk to me ever a..again..”

Then the door knocked. It was another officer. She walked in with some papers. “Lunar Skylar, we’re really sorry about everything that’s happened. Turns out the lady was indeed lying.” She kept going on about bullshit but all I could think is, is she gonna get arrested?

“Will..she get arrested?”

“Yes and she will be doing volunteer work for the next three months.”

“Thank goodness.” I said getting up and almost falling but the guy caught hold of me.

"Can you walk?" He asked.

"Yeah." I mumbled. I was about to leave when I turned around. “I’m not a terrorist.”

“We know.” They said. “We’re sorry.”

“Good.” I said storming out the room. My legs were still weak but I didn’t give a fuck. I went down the corridor to the main entrance and waited for Alex or Xander to pick me up. After about half an hour, the door opened and I saw Mason.

“Hey Sky.” He said.

“Hey.” I said getting up. He looked at me concerned. “Are you okay?”


“Okay, come here.” He said hugging me. “Everything’s gonna be okay.”

“Yeah.” I mumbled as we walked out the station. We went down the street and kept walking in silence until we reached home.

We went inside and I could see Alex and Xander clearly not having it with me. They gave me the darkest look ever.

“I wasn’t a terrorist--”

“Get lost.” Alex said.

“I said I’m sorry--”

“No, I’m loosing followers because of YOU!!!”

“Alex don’t shout at her.” Mason said shielding me.

“No, I will. I am now on the news as a stupid ISIS member!!!”

“Alex you’re scaring her.” Xander said. “Don’t shout at her. It wasn’t her fault.” He said sitting him down.

“I really wanna kill you now so you better get out my sight in the count of three and I’m not even kidding.”

I gulped and ran out the room. I went upstairs and into my room sinking in tears.

“Sky..” Mason stroked my hair. “It wasn’t your fault.”

“Yes it is! It always is!!”

“No. None of this all is your fault. Everything that’s happened over these past four not your fault.”

“Easy for you to say.”

“Look, remember when we were eleven?”


“Remember how we sank into depression?”


“We had each other. That’s how we coped. That’s how we got through it isn’t it?”


“Now you have me. And I won’t leave you until you’re healed.”

The door opened and I saw Xander. “ okay?”

“Why’d you care? I just fucking cost you hundreds of followers.”

“Well, I don’t care. I’ve written what happened in twitter. And I think you should too.” He said handing me my phone. “You should always keep it with you..and about Alex..he’s feeling really guilty.”

“I don’t care.” I lied wiping my tears.

“You do. He’s mad at you. But at least he really regrets threatening you. He was just upset.”

“And my fault, as always.”

“No. Not your fault. You got scared and ran. Not surprised, after everything that’s happened, who wouldn’t.”

“I just..I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have dragged him into this--”

“You shouldn’t have been dragged to this. The lady was an Islamophobic and racist. Sky you’ve also got an hospital appointment.”


“It’s due the day after tomorrow.”

“Okay, erm, who’s taking me?”

“I will.”

“Okay.” I exhaled. Then Xander got a phone call. “Ems what’s up?”

“There might be a small problem, but a big one. About tomorrow.”

Xander’s face went pale. “Esmeralda?”

“I’m sorry, Harley’s on the case too but--”


Alex burst into the room and looked at us confused. “What happened?”

“Esmeralda says there’s a problem about the trial.” Xander said.

“So, there’s a chance Mr Trent will be let out...but if the lawyer has not found the..look, when you guys did the recording, you got a mistake. All the victims say they weren’t involved. So that’s a problem, and the whole school thinks Mr Trent is the best teacher ever, and that’s another problem. And in the recording, he did sound a tad bit sarcastic. Also, it didn’t state weather it’s been years. It wasn’t..really enough. If you’d had a face recording that’d have been more easier, Alex..I’m sorry, Xander you too, but me and Harley are trying our best okay. But by the looks of it, you guys..”

“Please tell me this is a joke..”

“Alex I’m sorry. Guys, I’m sure we'll will win the case. With that recording, you definitely will.”


“Me and Harley have put in hours of research and evidence. School records, CCTV and many other sources. Even Alex 1.1 has helped, but..I think, well, we all think, the case is strong. But we just need to pray that the other lawyer hasn't found a loop hole or..guys, lets just keep our fingers crossed.” She said cutting the call.

Xander and Alex looked at each other freaked out. “Xander, Alex, don’t worry. You’ll win the case.”

Xander threw his phone across the room and stormed out the room and out the house. Alex looked at the floor and slapped himself on the forehead. “This is my fault. I shouldn’t have reported it!!!”

“No, you did the right thing.” Mason said.

“You’re not to blame. And if I were you, I’d go after Xander before he does anything stupid.”

“Fuck.” He said leaving the room.

I looked at Xander and Alex. They clearly had a hard night as there were bags under their eyes. Though they looked good in their black suits.

“Guys, a little makeup might help.” I said dragging them into my room. I sat them down and started applying concealer under their eyes, then some powder. “Now you both look identical, actually as the winter comes, Xander your freckles fade.”


“Freckles. And now you look more like Alex. Wonder how I’m gonna be able to tell the difference, I mean, Xander why don’t you get a--”

“No. Me and Alex have different voices and..well..I’m a centimeter taller than Alex.”

“Lie." Alex and I said.

"Wow." He rolled his eyes.

"You both look the same height. Winter is the worst time of year for your teachers.”

“Sky what are you doing?”

“Taking a pic. You both look so--”

Xander snatched my phone off me. “No. This is not gonna get posted. Can’t let any secrets out. No hints or anything.”

“Yeah Sky.”

“I was only trying to get more followers--”

“So you were gonna use us?” Xander asked offended.

“Erm no. A bit.”

“Like what?”

“Guys stop ganging up on me.”

“We’re not. You’re the one using us.” Xander said.

At that I sat down beside them. “You guys know I’d never actually use you. Right?”


“I love you guys from the bottom of my heart. And..I’ve never ever really thought, hey I can get anything to just stick with them..”

“Stop crying Sky. We know.” Alex said.

“But other people don’t. People don’t see me as a..they see me as a gold digger just because I don’t work. But I’ve always been scared to work because I don’t know what type of people I’ll meet. I..I am so scared to work..even before these past four months..I get stupidly scared. I freak out because I just..I mess up. Remember the first job I ever got? I messed up the orders. I messed up every single day..till they sacked me..”

“Sky, we know you’re scared. And you shouldn’t be. How about you come work at the pub--”

“Woah, woah, woah. Xander do you realise what you just said?!” Alex looked at him shocked.

“I know, it’s risky. But Alex we’re going back to work--”

“Guys why don’t you stay home? You’ve got enough money--”

“Sky, it’s not about money. It’s about effort.” Xander said. “And I think you should come--”

"Xander she could drink and she's only sixteen!!"

"Calm down. We'll watch her every move."

“Look, the pubs are opening in six days and she--"

"CANNOT go work in a pub!!” Alex said firmly. “Xander don’t let her work there. If she wants to work, we can quit this job and go to a more..calmer job. Like restaurants.”

“I’m not. Look, the pub is friendly. We both know that.”

“..Sky what do you think?” Xander asked.

“Fine by me."

"Okay. I'll go speak to your parents and see. If they say no, we'll quit our jobs and go work with you. Yeah?" Alex asked.

"WHAT?!" I panicked.

"Yeah." Xander said.

"You that's not fair on you!!"

"It's okay. You're our main priority. And Tisha and Lexi." Alex said. “I need to go..but I'm sorry..I shouldn't have scared you like that." Then he left the room.

“He really cares about you, but I’ve been working at the pub for a couple years and I know, they’re kind people.” He said patting my shoulder. “So, you in?”

“Yeah. And we need to go to your trial.”

“I..I think I feel sick--”

“Xander, look at me. Hey, look at me.”

“No, I’ll start crying.”

“Okay, but listen. I went down to that court room. I had to put seven people in prison. Xander, I had to go the the stand and have seven people wanting to kill me. I’m surprised I didn’t start crying. I felt the worst scare ever. Xander they..I remembered what they’d done to me..Xander what they did..the flashbacks, the everything, but..Xander..please, I know he abused are stronger than this. Do you want this to all stop?”

“Yeah, I do.”

“Then, you are gonna get your ass to that court and win this case. You are gonna win this case.”

“What if I--”

“You’ve got too much evidence against him.”

“Yeah.” He wiped his tears. “I hate make up.”

“This is water proof concealer. You’re lucky.”

“Yeah. Why’d you have makeup if you don’t use it?”

“No I do, I wear it. Like my eyebrows and my..yeah, I only do my eyebrows.”

“And you look really good. They look so natural.”

I slapped him across the face. “I do wear make up.”

“Okay, I was just teasing you.”

“Yeah well, not funny.”

“Just a joke.”

“And I need to apologise to my fans for no reason.” I said. “I want to hold Cleo and Cole.”

“I’ll bring them.” He said going out the room. He came back with them and placed them on my arms. “I’m gonna go check on Alex.”

“Yeah.” I said kissing Cleo on the forehead. “You like Xander?”

She gurgled. “Okay, I’ll take that as a yes. And you Cole, you like Alex!”

He looked at me clueless. “I’m scared you’ll turn out as dumb as Noah.”

The door opened and I saw Noah. “Oh hey.” I said as he came in. He sat down opposite me and I saw tears rolling down his eyes. “That..Sky you think I’m dumb?”

“What? Just a joke. Chill.”

“’m finally believing in myself were my hope, my determination and then you say I’m dumb.”

“Oh come on Noah!”

“No. Don’t speak to me. For once I felt smart..after all the beating and..Xander calling me names..I finally felt like I was something, smart..but I’m just stupid. Levi’s probably gonna get my stupid genes.” He muttered angrily getting up.

“Noah, look--”

“No! I won’t!”

“Stop shouting! I was just--”

“No, stop! I know you meant it!! I bet that’s how you speak about me behind my back!!” He yelled.

“Noah?!” Xander came into my room. “Stop yelling at her.”

“She’s just a stupid idiotic fat cow with no future what so ever! She should’ve died the day she was born!!!!” He screamed.

My jaw dropped. “Noah..?”

Xander shoved him to the wall and started hitting him. I put Cleo and Cole down and ran up to them trying to stop Xander from hitting him. “ALEX!!” I screamed. “Alex!!!”

Alex ran into the room and saw what was happening. He rushed up to Xander and pulled him back. Noah laid on the floor, coughing blood out.

“You are a stupid little brat!!” Xander hissed storming out the room. Alex looked at me confused. “Sky don’t cry.” He whispered hugging me. “It’s okay. Tell me what happened.”

“No you’ll hit him too!!”

“No, I promise I won’t. Just tell me.”

I could see Noah shaking his head. He looked so scared..this is all my fault. “Nothing happened.” I lied.

“Sky please tell me.”

“No. He was just goofing around and Xander took it a bit too serious.”

He pulled out clearly not believing me and knelt down in front of Noah. “You okay?”

Noah tried sitting up but winced. “Yeah.” He lied.

“Noah I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner.” Alex wiped his tears. “Stop crying, come on. You’ll be okay.”

“It was my fault.” He sobbed.

“He shouldn’t have hit you.”

“Sky I didn’t mean everything I said. I was just trying to make you feel sad. I swear.” He said looking me in the eye. “You’re none of those things. You’re not a stupid idiot, or a fat cow. You’re smart and you know that. I was just jealous, have a bright future. You’ve got the brains and belief. You shouldn’t have died the day you were born..because if it wasn’t for you, none of all this would’ve happened. Alex and Xander would still have been abused, I would’ve still lived in constant fear and I..I would’ve kept hurting people..and my parents would’ve kept picking Calvin over me, I would’ve failed all my test, you wouldn’t have been team captain in paint balling, you have been the best thing that’s ever happened to all of us. And you will always be, I never ever wanna loose you and I don’t blame Xander for hitting me. I deserved it..especially the fact that you are already going through depression. Sky I promise I’m not lying...I’m sorry and I didn’t mean all those things I said--”

I bent down in front of him. “Noah, you didn’t deserve what he did. Yeah, you said some awful stuff but I knew you didn’t mean it. It was pretty obvious to me that you were lying. I guess he didn’t realise..”

“Yeah’s my fault.”

“Can you get up?”

“Yeah.” He said wincing as he got up. “Hurts a bit.”

The front door opened and I heard Charles and the lot. Alex shook his head and the place went quiet. Then I heard Lorenzo. “Is everything okay in there?” They all burst out laughing.

Xander came into the room and saw Noah. “Noah..” He walked up to him. Noah flinched. “Noah I’m sorry..”

“Thanks to you, my body hurts.”

“How bad?”

“Bad enough that I’m not going to the trial.”

“I’m sorry--”

“I had it coming.”

“Noah, I didn’t mean to hit you that bad, but what you said was not okay, she’s already going through depression and you’re saying all these words to her?”

“I didn’t mean any of them..I was just jealous.”


“Xander, I thought you said you’d never hit him. I don’t know what happened but whatever did, its not right. You don’t hit him! I thought you said you weren’t going to get violent!” Alex said disappointed.

“Coming from someone that strangles under aged girls..” He paused as Alex gave a cold glare at him. “If you think you’re gonna get away with hitting MY brother, then you’re wrong. Wait till we come back from the trial.” Alex hissed.

The place went quiet and I could see the fear in his eyes. He gulped back his tears and cleared his throat. Then patted Noah’s head. “I’m sorry.” He got up and left the room not saying a word. I looked at Alex shocked.

“Alex how could you--”

“Do you want to be involved?!”


“Then shut up.”

Then I heard Levi. “Daddy! Daddy! Uncle Xander will take me to the park!!” Levi burst into the room. He froze as he saw Noah crying. “Daddy what happened?” He started crying.

“Baby don’t cry.” Noah mumbled standing up and sitting on my bed. “Come here.”


“Give daddy a hug, come on.”

Levi hesitantly walked up to him and hugged him. “Sorry daddy, what happened?”

“Nothing. Daddy fell.”

“Okay.” He sat next to him. “Daddy you’re bleeding from your eyebrow and nose.”

“Yeah.” He said sitting Levi on his lap. “If you’re going to the park be a good boy and listen to Uncle Xander. Okay?”

“Yes daddy.”

“And don’t leave his sight, there are bad people. If anyone tells you to come to them, don’t trust them. If you wants sweets, let Uncle Xander know, he’ll buy you some. Just don’t go to anyone you don’t know.”


“Promise me.”

“I promise.” He said pinky promising Noah.

“Come on then, go.” Noah kissed his forehead. “Have fun.”

“I will.” Levi hugged him. “Daddy will we go on an adventure soon?” He asked tracing Noah’s eyebrows.

“Yeah. Promise.” He whispered. “Come on, go.”

Levi got off his lap and ran out the room.

“He seems happy.” Alex said.

“Yeah. I need to find somewhere for us to go.” Noah stressed. “We could always go to an amusement park..but he wants an adventure.”

“Noah stop stressing. Come on.” I said. “Smile. Smiley smile.”


“I can see a smile, you’re hold it back!”


“Wait, what’s wrong?”

“I thought all this violence was finally over.”

“It is. Right. Alex?!”

“Sky, don’t start a fight.”

“You’ve scared Xander.” I hissed.

“So? He deserves to be fucking scared because he doesn’t get to touch Noah like that.”

“He regrets it.” Noah said. “Don’t worry. I’m okay.”

“You’re not. You’re clearly scared.” Alex said. “Noah stop putting a brave face on. He’s gonna start with this, and get away with it. Then tomorrow, and the cycle will keep going.”

“Don’t hurt him too bad.” He mumbled.

Alex sighed and sat down beside him. “He keeps hitting people and that’s not okay. I promise you’ll be okay. But..don’t ever do that again.”

“Don’t tell mum..or dad.” He panicked. “Or else they’ll be disappointed and get mad at me.”

“Sky, do you want to--”

“It’s fine. He didn’t mean it.” I said. “Noah, it’s also my fault. I shouldn’t have said what I said.”

“Yeah..kinda brought some..bad memories..and then I lost it because I got scared..for the twins..and..I just..I never ever want them to ever go through what I have. I want them to have the best and safest life ever..”

“You’re a really great dad you know.” Alex said nudging him in the ribs. “I’m scared to become a dad.”

“Really?” Noah looked at him confused.

“Yeah. I’m scared I won’t succeed as a parent, or my kid will hate me or even..just..I’m hoping one day I’ll become a dad’s a long way from now.”


“Yeah, but now, we need to go.” Alex said frowning. “What if we don’t win the case?”

“You will.” Me and Noah said in unison.

“Sure.” He said clearly not believing us.

“Alex, don’t stress. He’ll rot in prison while you, graduate from Riverspark College and start Riverspark Medical school and you’ll become a neurologist!” Noah said encouragingly. “You will become something you’ve always dreamed of.”

“He told me I’d never achieve anything. Called me a failure, and my parents probably had me by a mistake.” Alex scoffed. “And I stupidly and blindly believed him. I believed that I was fucking unwanted and didn’t fit anywhere.”

“ should’ve spoke up sooner..” I sighed. “I get why you were scared but sometimes, you just gotta face your fears..even if it means putting yourself in danger..”

“Yeah..” He stood up. “You coming to the trial?” He asked Noah.

“My side hurts..and I really don’t wanna see him.”

“Okay. You can stay here. Want me to get you anything?”

“No, I’m fine.” He said standing up. “I’m gonna go to the toilet.”

“Take your time.” Alex said sitting next to me. “You okay..after the trial with the guys?”

“I..I guess..I mean..they won’t be in my life..for ages. I’m so used to seeing them everyday..that I..” I scrunched my nose. “I know it’s stupid but I guess, I’m gonna miss them. Already do.”

“Hey, it’s not stupid. These people have been in our lives since childhood.”

“Yeah..remember the day Jamie was too scared to go swimming because he thought there were sharks in the swimming pool even though there was nothing but water?”


“Oh, and the day Dylan got his first nosebleed.”

“He thought he was gonna die. Legit called 999.”

“The faces the paramedics gave when they saw him. Dylan had made it sound like its a life or death matter.”

“That was the day he wanted to become a doctor.”

“Yeah..kinda wish none of this happened.” I wiped my tears. “You know, they wouldn’t have done any of this..if Noah hadn’t..”

“Yeah..but we can’t blame him for all three times.”

“But still. They’d never have done it. And the first time and second and fourth time were because of Noah. The third time was because I snitched.”

Alex’s skin went cold. “Not just Noah’s fault--”

“The first time, Noah did it, he was the one to suggest it. The second time, the guys thought I’d snitched him up. The third time was because I snitched on them all. And the fourth was because I prohibited Noah from being friends with them. So you see..Noah is the reason behind every beating..”

“So I should be the one locked up?” Noah said coming into the room. “I heard everything.”

I gulped. “Noah, I didn’t mean to--”

Then his phone started ringing. “I think Xander snitched on me.”

“What?” Alex asked confused. “Answer it then.”

“Okay.” Noah said sitting beside me. “Jesus have mercy.” He said answering it. Me and Alex were trying not to laugh.

“Mum, dad, I didn’t mean to call Sky any of those words. I just--”

“What did you call her?” His mum asked suspiciously.

“Noah?” His dad asked. Noah said nothing just played with his fingers. “Promise not to get mad?”

“We promise.” They said at the same time.

Since when do you trust parents? Especially Riverspark types.

"I said she’s just a stupid idiotic fat cow with no future what so ever and that she should’ve died the day she was born."

They both gasped.

"Please don't be mad--"

"NOAH HOW DARE YOU?!" His mum shrieked.

"And she's already going through depression!!" His dad shouted.

"Mum, dad--"

"No, stop. We are trying very hard to treat you rightly! I mean, we literally called to check on you and how you were doing!" His mum shook her head.

" do care about me?"

"Noah I cannot believe how selfish, just why would you say that?!" His dad asked.

"She said I had stupid genes."

"But still, you shouldn't call her any of those. You shouldn't! It's completely wrong!" His mum hissed. "How dare you?! Do you realise after everything that's happened, that those words will hit hard?! She's already feeling insecure and fucking tried to kill herself a million times over these past four months!!"

"How could you say such things?" His dad sighed. "I'm disappointed in you."

"Have you apologised to her?" His mum asked.

"Yeah..I didn't mean to say those to her..I just got jealous of her..and her smart genes--"

"Noah, you're smart too. I mean, you smash Chemistry and Physics! And talk about Biology! You get amazing spot on marks!!"


"And Mathematics!" His dad said. "Noah you do amazing on these subjects! Way better than Calvin!"

Noah smiled and I saw a sparkle in his eyes. "Really?"

"Of course. You do..we don't say it a lot do we.." His mum said.


"Well, now you know you're better than Calvin at four subjects." His dad said cheerfully.


"Why aren't you happy?" His mum asked concerned.

"I don't's guys rarely say I'm better than him, I mean..he's better than me at reading and that--"

"About that, Noah what's going on with your grades?"

Noah scoffed. "So this is what all this is about. You don't care about me. The only time you call me is if I do something wrong?!"

"Noah don't shout." Alex said.

"But I will. They only wanted to fucking tell me off for being useless and stupid!!!" He shouted.

"Noah, you're none of those things. We just wanted to help you because your grades are dropping massively--"

"We're gonna be late!!" Alex panicked as he saw the time. "Mum, dad love you--"

"All of you stop! Noah did you get into a fight? Your face--"

"No, I need to go." Noah quickly cut the call and bit his lip. "I don't want to go. But I don't want to be alone."

"I..I'll stay here."

"But Sky.." Alex said.

"I don't want anymore memories in that court.."

"It'll be quick."

"I..I'll stay here, look after Levi and the twins with Ruby and Noah."

He ran his fingers through his hair. "Okay."

"Best of luck." I said cheerfully.

"I'm mad at you."

"Of course you are." I snorted. "Everyone always is."

He smiled and left the room. Once everyone had left, Noah glared at me. "You."

"What?" I asked nervously.

"You think you're so special don't you?!"


He smacked me across the face so hard that I almost lost consciousness.

"You better watch your mouth." He hissed grabbing me by the neck. "If I ever hear you bad mouth me...I will kill you.."

I gulped as he squeezed my throat harder. "Understood?!"

"Y..y..yes!" I wheezed as he let go. I started coughing blood out and he suddenly smacked me again.

"You don't dare tell anyone about this! Hear me?!"


"Good." He muttered leaving the room. I stared at the door he'd just went through...what..what did he just do? Did he just...hit me?

I quickly got up from the floor and looked at my sore neck. A few tears left my eyes and I hugged myself. Noah's changed..right? He won't hit me..he's just angry..understandable right? He's just angry, stressed. It's okay..just once..I'll be okay..won't I? Sky get yourself together. It was just an accident...two accidents..just two..

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