Lunar Skylar

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We're just friends!

“I mean...maybe…”

“What are you standing for? Look around.” I said hopping to the toilet, nothing. Then I went into the kitchen, nothing. Mason had checked the staff room and….nothing. We stood hopeless. “Why is Noah doing this?” Mason huffed.

“Mason, we don’t even know if it’s 100% Noah--”

“That’s typical of you. He was there when we watched the movies, Sky." He paused. "You’re still not over him are you?”

“What? I’m so over him." I scoffed. Am I? I am....right? "I don’t know why you even care and why do you hate him so much?!”

“Because he hurt you. I knew he was trouble as soon as I saw him and I warned you but you didn’t listen!”

“I didn’t listen because I thought you were just being silly and being an overprotective brother!”

“Well, maybe you should’ve listened to me rather than him breaking your heart.”

"I dumped him. I get he broke my heart but he..." I closed my eyes. “You warned me but I didn’t listen and I’m sorry about that but you still can’t just assume that he’s 100% involved in this. What if he works here or--”

"What is wrong--" He paused again. "We can't argue."

"Mason, we know this isn't a coincidence, there is someone behind all this, okay?"

"I don't want to believe it's Noah. I refuse to. I get we're not best of friends with him...but we can't judge like that Mason. It's--"

"I’m sorry.” He cut in. “If you want I won’t blame him but my suspicions are still the same.”

“Let’s not fight okay?” I said hopping to the window. Then I suddenly fell into a hole. I screamed as I fell straight down on my thigh. My right thigh. I kept screaming louder and louder. Then I burst into tears. “My leg, my leg, my leg!!”

“Hey calm down, I’m coming. I need you to move so I don’t fall on you.”

I turned on my side as Mason jumped down. He fell on his feet and started to look around. “This is a tunnel.” He said.

“My leg hurts!” I sobbed.

“Okay, take a deep breath in and a deep breath out.”

I did as he said for a couple of minutes. He then reached into his pockets and took out some pills. Not my medication…

“Pain relief. I took it from the first aid bag.”

I took them and chewed them. They didn’t taste that bad. After around five minutes, I managed to calm down and my pain also seemed to too.

“I can’t carry you so you need to hold onto me and hop. Just like before.”

I tried to stand up a couple of times but fell on my bottom. Finally, I managed to stand up and wrapped my right arm around Mason’s neck. I hopped as he walked. The tunnel looked a bit dark but it wasn’t that dark. It looked like an ordinary tunnel but it had benches. I had to sit down a couple of times trying to catch my breath. After a while, I stood up and hopped with my arm around Mason.

"There was a you want to kill me?"

I looked at him confused, terrified, and stupidly. "What the fuck is wrong with you Mason?"

"What? That's what happens in the story." He continued. "Do yu wnat to kill me?"

"No. Mason I don't want to kill you. No one wants to kill you." I explained slowly as if he was a toddler.

"Skylar, I'm not kidding."

"Mason I don't want to fucking kill you! Are you stupid?!"

"Then do I want to kill you?"

I raised my brows terrified. I rubbed my forehead. "This isn't funny Mason. We are trying to avoid--"

"No. you want to kill me."

"I swear to god if you ask me that question one more time, you better run. Fast."

"Do I want to kill you though?" He paused. "I don't want to kill you."

"Why are we discussing who wants to kill who?"

"One of us will die, or might die. And I'm scared that you or I want....never mind." He said. I held onto him and we walked down the tunnel. "Seriously though, you've got issues."

"I have issues, of course I do. I always do." He rolled his eyes.

"You looked so serious. Would you actually kill me?"

"No." He sighed. "I was worried one of us might kill...I mean, you have a short temper--"

"I don't!"

"Yeah. You don't." He said sarcastically.

"Will you stop it!"

"Stop what?!" He closed his eyes. "Let's just stop arguing."

"Agreed." He walked while I hopped with him down the tunnel. I kept looking at him. His skin still had blood but it was a lot cleaner than before.

“I’ve never seen you cry that bad…”

“It hurt. I’m sorry if I scared you.”

“No, don’t be. I was just saying, you’re brave.”

He blushed. “I scared myself. I was in so much pain. My shoulder and my cheek, they...they were paining me so much and--”

“Hey, don’t worry. It hurt really badly. I’m sorry that I heard you….I know it’s uncomfortable….”

“Yeah.” He said as we reached the end of the tunnel. There was a wooden door which probably led us to the outside.

“Let’s not get our hopes up.” Mason warned. He leaned me in the wall and tried to break the door open with his right side. After multiple tries, he managed to break the door open and he fell with a thud on the floor.

“Mason?!” I hopped towards him. “Mason?”

“I’m fine. I’m fine. I fell on my right.” Mason said getting up. We looked at the outside. I could feel the cold breeze. “I miss this.” I smiled as I looked at the dark sky. Nothing new. Same old England.

“I miss this too.” Mason smiled. I wrapped my arm around his neck and I hopped up the stairs with Mason supporting me. Once we reached the end of the stairs, we collapsed on the green grass. Even though my thigh was killing me, I kept smiling.

“We did it.” Mason laughed. I laughed too. “I really thought we could’ve died…”

“I love you so much.” I said, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“I love you too.” He said staring up at the sky. “Should I tell Lucas you like him?”

“What? Who told you--”

“I’ve known you for 16 years, come one.” Mason smiled.

“Fine. I like him a bit but...I don’t really like him that much. I am in love with someone else. Not Lucas. Lucas is just....a ”

“Sure, if you say so.” Mason said, twirling my hair. “You remember year three?”

“The day you proposed to me?” I laughed.

“Do you remember year five when we were on the grass and then we were looking at the clouds talking about our worst and best moments ever?”

“Yeah...these past two days has been the most scary and frightening days of my life but also the best time of my life.”

“Now you know why I put up with you. You mean my everything.” He said stroking my left cheek which was hurting a bit. It was where he'd punched me. Oopsies. Just joking. Well not joking about the punch, just joking about--- Never mind.

“I’m sorry about hitting you…” He said propping himself up with his right arm.

“I’m sorry for giving you a hard time…” I said, trying to sit up.

“Let me help you up.” He said as he stood up. He bent down and I wrapped my arms around his neck and stood up. I hoped around the place and burst into tears. Happy tears! Not mopey sad depressed 16 year old tears, happy happy happy tears! “I really thought we were going to die but here we are!”

“We should go home now…” Mason advised. I held onto him and we went over to the gates.

“It’s locked.” I said throwing myself on the floor. I wiced as I accidentally hit my thigh on the floor. Mason sat next to me and took out his phone. He unlocked his phone and dialled 999.

“999, what’s your emergency?” The operator said. Then I heard a voice. Noah. Mason quickly typed 55. When calling 999, typing 55 means you’re in serious danger and can’t talk.

“Mason and Skylar.” Noah shouted as he held a bat glaring straight at Mason. “I told you that I will kill you didn’t I?”

“Noah what are you doing?” I said, my voice wobbling.

“You left me for your stupid boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend--”

“Oh don’t act stupid. I saw the way you both were and--”

“We’re just friends!” Mason said coldly.

Noah gave him a glare. “Don’t play your stupid tricks on me. I saw the way you curled her hair and the way she kissed you and--”

“Shut up Noah!” Mason shouted, getting up. Noah held the bat ready to strike Mason on his left arm at any moment.

“You took her away from me.”

“Because you were cheating on her and making her go mad!” Mason yelled. "You're just going around and being a dick head as usual.”

“Why are you getting so mad? Do you like her?” Noah screamed. “Do you like her?!”

“I don’t! I don’t like her!”

“You’re just fucking saying that!!!” Noah swung the bat so fast and knocked Mason straight on the arm. “Your turn.” He said walking up to me.

“Tell me the truth. Why did you leave me?”

“How was I supposed to stay with you if you didn’t even pay attention to me kept cheating on me and then apologising. Mason was the one that made me realise that you were just a stupid little brat that didn’t give a damn about me!” I spat.

Noah scoffed. “I can do anything right now. I’m holding the bat. I could kill you or let you live.”

“I don’t care. Kill me. I’d rather die with my dignity than waste my whole life under your control!” I raged pulling up my middle finger. “Fuck you Noah. Fuck you.”

“Stop saying that!” Noah held the bat aiming it straight at me. I looked at him dead in the eye. “You don’t know who you’re messing with.”

“Oh don’t I?” I laughed. "I'm messing with a guy that ran out my apartment because he saw a ladybug on my window sill."

He can't even kill a bug. What the hell? He's seriously bluffing. I swear to god he is. I've seen him freak out at a bug. He wouldn't dare hit me with a bat and talk about kill me. Ha, why didn't I realise sooner. Such a dick. I laughed at him. He knew I knew he wasn't going to kill any of us.

"You can't even kill a bug. Noah please put some sense into yourself. You are an absolute idiotic idiot. If that makes any sense, or does it, I mean idiot--"

"Just shut up. I'm not going to kill you. Just...hear me out." He changed his tone all of a sudden. "Do you like him. This time look straight into my eyes."

"I only like him as a friend....and someone else..."

"Who?" He looked at me suspiciously. He threw the bat far away. "I am not going to kill anyone, okay?"

"Why did you snap?"

"Because I hate Mason." He hissed. "Who do you like Sky? Do you like me yes or no? I don't care if you do or you don't. I just need to hear the answer because you dumped me without a single reason why--"

"I left you because you cheated on that girl--"

"Which girl?"

"The girl with the curly brown hair and the brown eyes--"

"You're talking about my cousin Lea?"

"She's your what?"

"Erm, she's my cousin. She works with my sister in the hospital."

"What do you mean Noah. I saw you hugging her and....oh..."

"Yeah. Want proof? Here she is." He unlocked his phone and tossed his phone over to me. I looked at the wallpaper. There was a picture Noah and the girl smiling. She looked a lot like Noah..

"I didn't know...I...Mason told me.."

"He's always hated me. And you should've known. He always--"

"Tried to make you out like a bad guy." I finished the sentence.

"You realise I wasn't going to kill any of you....right?"

"Well for a second I thought you were I mean you already tried to kill us with the lift incident and--"

"The what?"

"Oh don't act dumb Noah." I rolled my eyes. "You tried to kill me and Mason."

"I promise you I didn't." He looked at me straight in the eye. "I promise I didn't."

"You're not lying." I stood shook to the core. "Then who did?"

Noah stood silently, thinking hard. Then he looked like he was trying not to laugh. "I'm not laughing about your injuries and them lot stuff but I'm laughing at the fact that you both can't read."

"What do you mean?"

"My dad?" He looked at me waiting for me to understand. "Oh for goodness sake. You're telling me that you--"

"Your dad works here...and so do you."

"There were posters everywhere and you idiots didn't bother reading them. It said lift not working and the gate said, building in progress. Do not enter."

I stood confused for a while. Then I remembered. "Me and Mason ignored the sign on the gate...."

"And I had nothing to do with the lifts or anything. Last week I was helping my dad and some of his mates to fix up the ground floor. That's why everything is brand new. It will take months to do the rest of the building."

"Noah are you serious. This has got to be a joke, but how the hell is everything just like the movie we watched a couple months ago?"

"Now that you say kinda makes sense."

"Noah. You weren't planing to actually kill us..right?"

"You really think I'm going to spend two decades or more behind bars. Don't think so."

"Are you've always been faithful and--"

"First off. I was about to tell you I loved you when Mason tried to convince you to dump me. He tried to jeopardize every nice thing I wanted to do with you."

"Like the gift...the watch you got was replaced by a receipt."

"Do you still like me?"

" didn't actually cheat on me and you were actually a good"

Then I saw Mason holding a bat.

"Noah!" I shouted. He looked at me confused, then turned around to see Mason about to strike him when I jumped in front of him getting hit myself and saving Noah. Then everything went blank.

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