Lunar Skylar

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I'm fine!!

“Xander..” I said clearing my throat. I could see a few bruises on his face and arms. “You okay?”

“Mhm.” He lied, still eating. I could see from the corner of my eyes Alex glaring at him.

“Sky, how about you?” Xander asked.

“I’m fine.”

“Your throat looks bad...did you hit it or something?”

“Whaaaaatttt, no!” I lied.

They both raised their eyebrows. I quickly looked away. “I hit my throat with the shower head.”

“You’re wearing the same clothes since this morning.” Xander said. “Spill it out.”

“I feel sick--”

“Sky..what happened?” Alex asked worriedly.

“I’m fine okay?!” I said getting up.

“How did you get hurt?” Xander asked pulling me back.

“I didn’t! I just feel sick.”

“No because if you did, you’d be complaining!” Alex said. “You’re not leaving until you tell us the truth!”

“What truth?”

“Who hurt you?”

“Me. I tried to choke myself.” I lied. They all instantly frowned. “No..” They both whispered. I could see the pain in their eyes.

“I shouldn’t have left you..” Xander frowned. “All because of Noah isn’t it?!”

“XANDER!!” Alex yelled walking over to him. “What don’t you understand?!”

Xander gulped. “Sorry..”

“I beg you, if you ever lay a finger on him..I will end you!!!”

I saw the fear in Xander’s eyes and I felt terrible. I felt..terrible. “Alex don’t shout at Xander like that..”

“But out of this please.” He said and turned back to Xander. “You have serious issues don’t you? You were gonna beat him up?! Answer me!!”

“I..I..I wasn’t going to hurt him.” Xander lied.

Alex grabbed him by the shirt. “Sky. Leave. Now.”

I quickly left as I knew now wasn’t the time to argue back. I left the kitchen and faked my steps going upstairs. Then I sneakily went back down and peeked through the door.

“I’m sorry..” Xander sobbed. “Don’t hit me..”

“What’s wrong with you?! If I don’t teach you, you will keep on fucking hurting us all!! Including Sky--”

“Nonono! I promise--”

“Don’t! I know exactly how you are!!” Alex yelled punching him across the face. Xander kept crying as Alex repetitively hit him. I covered my mouth as I watched in horror. After a few minutes, I saw Xander pass out on the floor. Alex checked for a pulse and exhaled. He kept his hand there for a while and exhaled again.

I gulped as I saw blood dribbling off Xander’s nose. I felt’s my fault..Alex lifted Xander’s shirt up and gulped. There were huge bruises around his stomach. Alex covered his mouth, stopping himself from crying. I ran upstairs and into my room, staring at the door. I switched my gaze to Oscar’s room, no, I mean, Effron...where is he? I haven’t seen or heard from him in ages!

“Sky?” I heard Alex say coming in.

“Oh, hi.” I said trying to act normal. It’s not like I just witnessed one twin fucking beating his other twin unconscious.

“Have I got anger issues?”

I froze on the spot..that..what? “That’s a random question don’t you think?”

He sat down beside me. “Why are you being all fidgety?”

“Where’s Xander?”

“He went to sleep. Might not want to disturb him.”


“Do I have anger issues though?”

“Erm..well, no..?”

“So you are saying I have anger issues?”

“You just beat up your own brother!!!”

He looked at me silently. “I thought I told you to leave.”

“I know..but I just wanted to see--”

“Why are you so nosy--”

“I’m not!!”

He scoffed and got up. “And don’t even think of telling anyone.”

“Who said I was?”

He shook his head and left. I groaned. What is wrong with the Heffley brothers?! Yes and Tisha! Is Lexi and Alex 1.1 the only humans in the family?!Even Calvin is no longer innocent..what is going on?! 2020 really is the worst year.

I knocked on the door and Alex answered. “Hi.”

“When did you guys arrive?”

“Not too long ago, then you came.”

“Yeah. Noah’s a bit too annoying.”

“You didn’t say that to him did you?”

“I’m not that stupid!”


I ignored that remark. “How’s Xander?”

“He’s got a cut on his arm.” He said quietly, looking away.


“Yeah. Erm, we need to talk about tomorrow.”

“What about tomorrow?”

“Just go fix yourself up. It’s almost bed time--”

“I don’t have a ‘bed time’.”

He gave me a ‘don’t’ kind of look. “Hurry. Now.”

“Fine..” I mumbled, walking up the stairs.

After I finsished washing and putting my pyjamas on, I went downstairs and towards Xander who was staring at his phone.

“Xander how is your arm?”

“I’m gonna go fix up the kitchen--”

“I’ll do it. You take some rest.” Alex said coming into the living room. I could feel some tension between them. Xander kept avoiding his eyes the whole time.

“Xander..your it okay?” Alex asked. Xander looked at it. “Y..yeah.” He stuttered.

“Show me..” Alex said taking a couple steps towards him but Xander suddenly flinched. “D..don’t.”

“I won’t hurt you--”

“That’s what you said last time..” Xander said tears rolling down his eyes. “Why did you have to beat me up like that!?”

“Don’t act like you never done this to me!!”

“At least I never broke a bone--”

“It’s cut. Not even fractured!!”

At that Xander scoffed. “Ok.” He said taking his phone and leaving.

“Ok?” Alex looked at me confused. We sat down and stared at each other.

Suddenly his phone rang. He looked at me panicked. “My parents..facetime..great..”

“Pick it up then!!”

He answered the call, only to be received by angry shouts. “ALEX HEFFLEY DIDN’T I TELL YOU TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BROTHER?!” Aunty Nasreen yelled.



Alex just stayed quiet. He was crying. “”

“Don’t even dare call us that!!” Aunty Nasreen said, she sounded like she was going to cry.

“Mum don’t cry..”

“I hate myself for not realising you and your brother were being abused...”

“Mum...I’m sorry I never told you...”

His parents were quiet for a while.

“You were scared weren’t you?” Aunty said in a soft tone.

“He said no one would believe me..I thought I was the only one, mum I promise I didn’t know Xander was going through what I was, if I had known, I’d have told you guys--”

“Alex..” I whispered. “Stop crying..”

“Alex who’s there?” His dad asked suspiciously.

“Have you got a girlfriend? Oh my god, Alex!” His mum sounded so happy. Alex smiled but then frowned. “Alex can I meet her?”

“No it’s Sky--”

Suddenly they all gasped. “ALEX WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?! SHE’S UNDERAGE!!!”

“No dad! I mean, Sky’s here. She’s listening to our conversation. Why would I even...just please. Be realistic.”

“Alex, go to a separate room. We’re not done with the topic.”

“Okay..” He sighed. “Okay.”

He got up and left the room. I sighed and went downstairs where Xander was crying.

“Sky go away!” He said quickly hiding his face.


“Sky please..”

“You’re scared of him aren’t you?”

“I’m not scared--”

“You’re scared that he’ll start hurting you, abusing you, and that you won’t be able to escape away from him!!”

“!!” He denied trying to convince himself. “I can stand up to myself. I won’t let him hurt me--”

“Are you sure?”

He fell silent for a while. “Yes..I can defend myself..”


Then the door opened, revealing Alex. “Hey...”

Xander took a step back. “I..I..I d...didn’t--”

Alex rushed up to him and hugged him, leaving Xander in shock. “I’m sorry Xander..please forgive me...I wasn’t thinking straight, I was just scared you’d start..hurting us again..” He sobbed. “I thought if I didn’t scare you, you’d take advantage of us--”

“Hey, hey, stop crying..I forgive you..I know..I know what I did to you and Noah was..unacceptable. I don’t go a day by without thinking about you and Noah..and how scared you were..”


“I’m sorry..really..”

“I should be sorry.” Alex said pulling out and holding Xander’s hurt arm. “I took it too far. I let my fear take over me..I beat up my own twin..”

“Alex stop crying--”

“I deserve to be single--”

“No Alex!”

“No it’s true! I’m stupid. I’m a stupid nerd and no one likes me--”

“No, stop saying that. You and I know that’s not true--”

“He said its true!! And I know--”

Xander hugged him to shut him up. Then he pulled out and kissed the top of his head. “Hey, you’re not those things. You’re the bravest guy I know. You are staying strong..even after getting your heart still act tough..”

“I’m fine--”

“Don’t act like you don’t cry at night...I always check up on you..and most the time, you’re in tears.”

Alex blushed. “Hayfever.”

“Yeah. Hayfever. At this weather?”

“Not funny.”

“Tomorrow Song Kang is coming.” Xander said turning the kettle on.

“Song Kang?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Alex said turning to face me. “Sky how is it every time I turn around, you’re there?”

“I don’t know. But who is Song Kang?”

“Your new friend. Transfer student.” Alex said walking up to me.

“Transfer student?”

“As you know, the school is running out of rooms. And we can make money by lending him some space.” Alex said taking his phone out.

“But who is he?”

“Here.” He said showing me his phone. I looked at it and immediately my jaw dropped.

“S..Song K..Kang?”

“Yes. Do you know him?”

“No..but..he’ll be staying with us?”

“Yes Sky. Is there a problem?”

“ all.” I lied.

“Skylar we did background checks and trust me he is smart.” Alex said giving me the phone. I stared at the picture. He looked so handsome. How can I live normally with him being around? He’s so hot..

“Earth to Sky!!” Alex said waving his hands in my face.


“Looks like you’ve got a crush on him.”

“No I don’t. I was just looking at the details. Yeah, he seems pretty smart. I’m shocked--”

“Guys!!” I heard Noah say as he came into the house.

“Why didn’t you guys lock the door?” I asked starting to panic.

“I swear I did?”

“You did?”

“Sky stop freaking out. Want hot chocolate?” Xander asked taking cups out.

“Guys maybe we should get a new door--”

“Sky I’m sure I just forgot to lock the door--”

“What if there was a burglar?”

“Babe calm down. Look at this.” Noah grinned showing me his papers. “MERIT!!”

“Wow, well done.” I said sighing. I couldn’t careless, my worry was just about the door.

“Sky can’t you just be a bit more enthusiastic?” Noah said hurt.

“What? I am. Look. Well done! You did great. You got a merit and all our friends got a bloody distinction. Noah you are annoying at times. Please, now is not the time. I’ve got more important things to worry about.”

“Woah, Sky don’t be like that to him.” Alex said taking the papers off me. “Noah, you did great. Did you show mum and dad?”


“Why not?”

He scrunched his nose. “Calvin got distinction.”

“Noah, last test you got a fail. And now you have a merit!” Xander said giving him a coffee. “Which questions did you get wrong, I’ll help you with them.”



“Okay.” Noah said dragging Xander out the kitchen. But he suddenly froze. “What. The. Fuck.”

“What?” We all asked confused.

“What happened to your arm??”

“I slipped and cut it a bit.” Xander lied.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah. Now lets go before it gets dark.” Xander said practically dragging Noah.

Alex turned to face me. “Sky..Noah’s going through a lot lately. Mum and dad are being really tough on him and Alex says that Noah’s been getting nightmares and sometimes, he gets so traumatized when he wakes up.”

“Oh..okay. I’ll be nicer to him. I should also probably apologise to him.”

“Yeah. I’ll cook dinner. Go talk to him.” Alex said ushering me out the kitchen.

“Noah can we talk?” I asked coming into the living room.

“No. I’m in the middle of something. Not that you care. Afterall, in your eyes, I am stupid.”

“I never said that.” I said crossing my arms.

He glared at me and started packing his stuff. “I’m going home. We’ll talk together.” He said holding my hand.

“What?” Me and Xander asked confused.

“Lets go. She’ll be back before dinner.” Noah said as we left the house. We walked down the road and suddenly Noah shoved me to the floor.

“Why couldn’t you be more supportive?! Huh?!”

“I was j..j..just in a b..bad mood--”

His eyes flared up and he started kicking me while swearing constantly. “Noah--”

“Shut up!!” He yelled storming off. I laid on the floor feeling numb and swollen. It felt like needles that have been dipped in alcohol had been jammed through my skin. I burst into tears and tried sitting up but ended up groaning in pain. Since when did Noah become No. Nonono. Noah isn't abusive. He's just having a bad day. But he's expressing himself in a bad way. Everyone has bad days but they express it differently. Absolutely normal..

My phone started ringing which made my head ache even more. "X..Xander?" I croacked.

"Sky?! What happened?! What--"

"I'm okay. I was just.." I closed my eyes and rubbed my neck. "I was shouting. I'm fine now."

"Okay, are you coming home tonight or will you come at morning?"

"I'll come in the morning. Good night." I said cutting the call. As soon as I did, I stared at my phone. I don't know how long I was staring at that phone but it seemed like a while as that was the last thing I remember, before falling asleep.

I woke up to sounds of..wait..“XANDER! ALEX!!” I yelled. Not a second later, they burst into my room.

“Sky!” They both said worriedly.

“Why did you invite Lorenzo and the lot?!”

“We didn’t! They showed up unannounced, as always.” Alex said.

“Get rid of them! Remember, Song Kang is coming!”

“I know..but the match just started and there is no way they’ll leave.” Xander said sighing. “And there’s pizza and wings and chips boxes everywhere! Urgh! Coke cans, damn it!!”

“Okay, but..have you cooked?”

“Only breakfast, but we have to eat together with the visitors.” Xander said.

“Awww. I’m starving.”

“Go get some snacks. Don’t fill your stomach with sweet stuff.” Alex warned. “Or else you’ll be eating outside for the rest of the year.”

“Can’t you guys do it for me? I don’t wanna see them. They’ll bully me--”

“They won’t. Come on, I’ll come with you.” Xander said as we walked down the stairs. We went into the kitchen and I started making toast. “When will he come?”

“Soon. But before 10.”

“10 am? pm?”

“10 am.”

“Oh..that’s soon..”


“I want coffee..please can you go buy some?”

“Yeah, I also need to buy some stuff.” He said leaving the kitchen. “ALEX!!”

“WHAT?!” Alex called from upstairs.

“We need to go shopping!!”

I heard Alex groan and his footsteps coming down. But suddenly the door knocked. We all turned our heads to the door.

“Guys, pattern up!” He hissed at us all. But then Man United scored a goal. Everyone started cheering while Alex and I tried to shut them up. The door knocked again and this time, Xander answered it.

As soon as I saw Song Kang, I almost had a heart attack.

“Hello!” Xander greeted. He pulled me to the door for me to greet but I couldn’t even stand properly.

“Sky!” He hissed.


“Sky can’t you speak?”


“Okay, lets go get your meds.” Xander said walking me out the hallway. As soon as we reached the kitchen, he closed the door. “Lunar Skylar, what’s wrong with you?!”

I was still in can someone look so handsome?

“Did you take your meds? No you didn’t.” He said giving me my box and water. I gulped it down not even caring the fact that I just drank water on an empty stomach..wait..

"X..Xander..last night?"

He looked at me with a serious look. "Noah told me. How could you not tell me?! Or Alex?! Huh? You let him hurt you. What were you expecting?! You keep telling us to speak up, how about you!? Do you enjoy this?! Is that why?!"

"No, no. I don't--"

"Then why didn't you tell me?"

"I..I don't know.."

"I told our parents. Noah's in big trouble. Mum and dad booked him an appointment with a therapist and psychologist."

I gulped so hard I almost burst into tears. My throat was aching, weather he strangled me or not, it hurt.

"Skylar. Look at promised me you'd talk to me if anything was wrong.."

"I..I forgot--"

"Don't. Your parents want to talk to you."

I face palmed myself but froze. "What?"

"It's a plaster." He said giving me his phone. I turned it onto selfie and looked at myself. I had a couple bruises but nothing major.

"Where is he?"

"Probably in the livi--"

"No, Noah."

"Well...Noah is at home. But Ruby decided to move back into her parents--"

"I thought her parents--"

"She spoke with them."

"But what about Levi?"

"Levi is with Ruby. Ruby thinks she should just go to give us some privacy. And last time I checked with Alex 1.1, she and Harley were on their way to Cardiff."


"Noah cannot be trusted. So, Alex decided to take the twins to mum and dad, and Harley thought it'd be good to give Mason and Gemma a break, so she took Clara and Carlos with her to Cardiff too."

" much to the others know--"

"Yeah. Mum was bloody screaming through the call.."

"I know.. I know I shouldn't be asking but.. how's Noah?"

"He's alive. Alex says he had a few nightmares last night and when she was leaving, she heard Noah crying quietly in his room. Noah didn't want to let go off the kids."

"..I should talk to him." I said getting up.

"No. I'm not letting you alone with him."

"Okay, then come with me. I just need to know..he's okay."

He looked at the clock and back at me. "5 minutes." He said as we left the house.

"Hello?" I called out as we came into the house.
"Sky!!!" Gemma and Mason screeched rushing to hug me. "Are you okay?" Mason asked worriedly looking at me.
"I'm fine. But where is he?" I asked.
"Why would you wanna know? He's only here because the school don't have any extra rooms." Gemma said disgustingly looking at the stairs. "I mean, the audacity--"
"Sky, why didn't you tell me--"
"I'm guessing he's in his room." I said hurrying up the stairs.
"Skylar get back here!!" Xander shouted.
"I'll be back." I said going into Noah's room and locking the door behind me.
"You." Noah said glaring at me/
"You're the reason my parents think I'm crazy--"
"Don't talk to me like that." I was scared but hid it. I am not going to act weak in front of me. He doesn't control me.
" really want to get your ass whooped don't you?!" He hissed coming closer. "I have lost everything!! Thanks to you. I am sure you're happy seeing me like this. Levi fucking jumped when he heard Ruby was moving back with her parents."
"That's got nothing to do with me or this conversation. Talk to your psychologist , oh wait, therapist."
He looked at me for a second and turned away from me. "Are we still together?"
"Seriously? You expect us to be together when you just fucking beat me up?! No. We are over."
He didn't even move. He just sat there staring at the wall.
"Noah? Did you hear me?"
"Loud and clear. Now go."
"What? Aren't you gonna ask me to forgive you or--"
"Why should I? You did the hard work." He said getting up. "Go away now."
"You were gonna..break up with me?"
"Why are you crying? Shouldn't I be the one to do so?" He teased. "Cry baby."
"I'm not crying!!"
"Sure. Sure you're not." He snorted going back to his bed. "Because that's all you do. Seek for attention."
"SHUT UP!!" I screamed. "You are so stupid and selfish! Your parents are right, you're just an idiot." I scoffed. "Even your grades, ha. I can't believe I even felt sorry for you!!"
"Wanna fight. Lets go." I said walking up to him. "I'll let you throw the first punch."
"You are so full of yourself."
"No, I'm full of love from everyone. You don't even have anyone. Wow. That's sad."
"Just get out!!"
"I'll get you some tissues. Do you need a teddy to sleep with? In case you wet the bed??"
He looked at me in shock.
"Everyone knows." I lied. "We just spared you the embarrassment."
"If you've come to make me feel bad about myself, then you did a good job of it."
I laughed and shook my head. "Are you actually crying? And you call me a cry baby? I took a photo of you crying last night. I'll post it soon." I lied, leaving the room. I ran down the stairs and smiled.
"He will never. Ever. Mess with me again." I said with a bright smile.
"Sky what have you done?" Xander asked eyeing me suspiciously. "No visible murder weapons."
"I made him feel like shit." I said. "He's crying now."
"Lets go home. Song Kang is probably waiting for us."
"Me and Noah broke up." I said as we walked down the street. I turned back and looked at the house. There was Noah, looking at me. I waved my middle finger at him and he immediately shut the blinds.
"I'm guessing you called quits to it?" Xander asked.
"Yeah. I've never felt so good."
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