Lunar Skylar

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Are you okay?

"Sky." I heard Xander say coming into the house.
"Why did you take so long?"
"I went out with Daniel--"
"I went out--"
"Why are you being so secretive?"
"I'm not okay! We went out. To the park. And played some baseball."
"Where's the ball?"
"In my pocket. See?" He said showing me his pocket. There was the ball, in his hoodie.
"What did you think?"
"It's just, you were mad at Noah and I saw you leave with a bat not two seconds later--"
"So you assumed I went over to beat him up?"
He looked at me and sighed. "You are one of a kind."
"You make absolutely no sense."
"You are NONSENSE."
"Why are you getting so defensive about huh?! What?!"
"You're very nostalgic."
"EXCUSE ME?! Listen here--"
"No, you listen to me. You think just because you're the center of attention you get to have everything your way--"
"Stop speaking like that--"
"No I won't. Please just get lost."
I frowned. "What's wrong with you?"
"Please stop talking. I don't want to snap."
"So you'll hurt me--"
"..." He walked away from him and out the house again.
"Where are you going?!"
"Out." He said slamming the door shut.
I rolled my eyes and went into the living room. I felt something was wrong in the kitchen and was about to go check when a notification popped up from my phone, Bangtan Bomb. A new BTS episode. Great. I closed the living room door and sat down. I grabbed my phone started to watch the video.
A couple minutes later.. I hear something fall with a thud. I immediately jumped and opened the door. I screamed and started to cough as I was met with hot smoking blazing fire. I covered my mouth and nose with my hoodie sleeve and ran around trying to find the fire extinguisher. I could see fire everywhere and the cupboards were all busted open.
I was starting to feel faint due to the heat and started to crawl. Our teacher always warned us about these things. I quickly and carefully made my way to the kitchen and saw the extinguisher. I grabbed it but dropped it because of how hot it was. I heard sirens in the distance but my only thought was, how am i going to leave here safely? There was fire surrounding me everywhere. I couldn't see properly and tried avoiding the small fires around me.
"HELP!" I wheezed as I heard the front door open.
"IS ANYONE IN THERE?!" The firemen said.
I couldn't reply. The heat was getting into my lungs. My hands started to twitch. I looked around and the last thing I saw was nothing.
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