That changed my life.

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Story revolves around the life of an ordinary girl kesar. How all of a sudden her life changes when she encounters new people in her school life. Leading to regrets , lessons n eventually making her bold n wise. Journey from a naive girl to member of a spoiled group n ending up into unstoppable fierce girl.

Adventure / Romance
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As it was their chance , a boy stood up n addressed himself as Arjun n nothing else followed by other students of that group who were tisha , manjot and lastly jiya .

All seem to be weird n not at all interested in studies.

I didn't remember how quickly the first four period passed n it was lunch break . As I was returning from cafeteria I saw d group waiting for someone. When I was about to cross them I heard my name .

" Kesar right ? " Asked jiya . "Yes" I replied .

" Actually I wanna ask u something . I got to know that u r made d class incharge therefore u would b having d record book ".

" Yeah .so? " ." As u know we bunked d class n the teacher wrote our name in d record book . I request you if u could somehow erase it from there " . " N y do u think I will do that? " .

" Idk may b bcz we can b frndz thn , n u know it's d very first day we don't want it to get ruined .so ? " . Asked jiya.

I agreed as I felt not to drag the topic further.

Days passed, everything seem to be boring n I was looking outside from the classroom window . "Booommmmm" somebody shouted n I found that the person is nobody but jiya . She asked me to accompany them as m already a great student n missing one class won't effect. I agreed .I felt everything new as being a sincere student I never bunked any class . We roamed around the campus n I actually had fun but to my demise I got to know that teacher noted the names of students who've missed the class . In which m also one .

Teacher called me n asked for the reason of not attending the class I made an excuse of having a severe headache to which she believed but she advised me to stay away from the group.

I felt it a natural concern of her's but little did I know that this will change my life....

Our friendship grew n I get to know everyone better . manjot was such a funny personality n actually had a corner for me which was evident . Arjun was a querky kind of a personality ,sweet though. Tisha is sweet n fun loving too. N last jiya she's really popular among mass bcz of her jolly personality, she even had an elder brother Jay who too was studing in same school as ours. I met him once or twice.

One day jiya was quite worried . Therefore I asked her what's the matter. "What's bothering u girl ?"

"Yaar !! M really into mess ". " Could you explain a bit drama queen " .yeah I use to call her bcz she's literally one .

" U know my brother's friendcircle ryt ? Remember pratyaksh ? One of his friend ,i promised him that m gonna get her a nice girl but at last moment Tisha denied bcz she's into akshit . What should I do now !?"

Jiya use to talk about his brother's frnd from other school who were some year elder than us . Her boyfriend Karthik is one of them . She even told about pratyaksh who sounds to b an interesting personality .

"Chill buddy .jus tell him the truth .simple." I advised .

" I can't cz I've given him my words ...but wait I have an idea" . She smirked n I knew that she got something fishy in his head .

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