Heart of the Immortal

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A year has passed since the mortal once known as Kira Nightraven fled from the Imperial Family and the Vampire Empire, joining the ranks of the Reich. Reunited with her long-lost sister, she has spent these last months adjusting to a new life, getting to know her other half for the very first time. While she has gained a piece of their childhood ripped from them, fear and turmoil freeze her in place as she struggles to let go of the only life she has ever known. Fighting to control the growing power within her, Kira tries to return to her roots, her true name being heard for the first time in over thirteen years. Though she has gained what she lost years ago, letting go of what she gained, forgetting Carmilla Tepes has proven to be nearly impossible. With her struggle comes the realization that her years in the Palace has blinded her to the harsh truth of the world. Working to undermine the Vampire Council, she dons a new kind of mask, entering a significantly larger and more dangerous Game than simple survival. Despite her shocking departure from the Palace, the Empress refuses to believe Kira truly betrayed them. To protect Kira, Carmilla plays a dangerous gamble when trying to protect the woman she loves from a truth that can turn the tides of the rebellion, the Reich, and shed an unwanted light on the sisters' past and their involvement in what started the war.

Adventure / Action
Meghan Jones
4.5 2 reviews
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This is to inform readers that this book will be published via Amazon and on paperback and kindle. The first five chapter will remain on this platform, but it is undergoing editing for publishing.

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