Hunted under the sun

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Olivia skyler, the best known vampire hunter, tracks and kills every vampire that crosses her path. She rushes to California in order to hunt down the most powerful, respected vampire of them all. But She just can’t seem to get close enough to kill him. She has to gain his trust in order to kill him. How is she going to gain his trust? She has to make him love her.

Adventure / Thriller
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The first kill

March 30th 2017

“RUN!” I run as fast as I can down the street, turning the corner down a dark ally way, almost tripping over all of the trash scattered all over the ground.

I make it to Main Street when I heard a cry of pain from behind me. I turn around to find my mother laying on the ground, her shirt torn and stomach bleeding.

“Mom!” I scream running to her.

“Run” she tells me in a weak voice.

I hesitate for a moment not wanting to leave her there, then I saw it again walking towards us, eyes red mouth stained with blood.

I try to grab my mom, to help her up but she pushes me away.

“Go” she says, I can tell she won’t let me help her but I have to try.

“Mom please! I’m not leaving without you!” My voice shaking out of fear and desperation.

The creature was closing in on us, this is our last to escape.

It’s eyes seem to be the only thing alive, they shine brighter then the lights on the street, they were almost, almost mesmerizing. I can’t move, my mind is caught staring into the red. It’s almost peaceful.

I’m brought back from a trance only by hearing my mother’s voice telling me to run.

I shouldn’t leave her. I can’t leave her, not until I know she will be alright.

Suddenly I am thrown against the side of a wooden fence by something so strong, so powerful I can almost feel the ground shake when it moves.

My vision goes blurry and I can hardly see a thing. A shadow of a person stands in front of me. I think it’s a human, it looks human, that is until I look up and see those mesmerizing red eyes.

I panic as it inches towards me, I look over and see a piece of wood that broke off the fence I hit. I grab it as it is the only thing that could possibly protect me.

When the monster is about to attack I shove the wooden stake through its stomach and up to its ribs. It coils back griping where it is wounded.

I take this opportunity to get off the floor, and shove the stake further up it’s stomach until it’s face is red, almost purple. Suddenly I see the lights go out of its eyes the bloodshot red now gone and replaced with dead black.

Once I know for sure the monster is dead I run to my mom and help her to a hospital. The sun shining dimly on us. I turn back to see the creature. It’s gone.

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