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Hunted under the sun

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March 30, 2017


“Wake up birthday girl!” My mom screams.

I lay half awake in my bed. Balloons floating over me, a perfectly good coffee cake on my nightstand.

“Hi mom” I yawn, stretching my arms.

“Get up sleepyhead, it’s not everyday a girl turns 15.”

“Yeah, and it’s not everyday a girl can sleep in, her birthday should be one of them.” I tell my mother.

My mom gives me a look, I hop out of bed, the cold wooden Floors chill my feet.

“So how do you feel about going to get some... WAFFLES!” my mom says happily.

I smile, waffles are my favorite.

“Sounds great mama.” I laugh.

Just before I pass the door I notice a a pile of little presents on my floor near my closet.

“Mama, you didn’t...” I say surprised. “I thought I wasn’t getting presents this year.”

“Of course you are sweetheart!” My mom gushes

“Thank you so much mom, you really didn’t have to.” I rush to go hug her.

“Ok now get ready so we can go to breakfast.”

My mom is leaving the room when I see her carry out the coffee cake.

“Mom!” I exclaime

“Yes?” She asks.

“Leave the cake.”

She puts the cake back on my nightstand and leave the room giggling.

When we get to the car hop in, buckle our seatbealts, then we’re off.

I turn the radio on, Panic!At The Disco is playing, the greatest band of all time. A amazing way to start my birthday.

We enter the diner, choose seats and look at the menu. Of course we have memorized the contents by now, we come her every week. I search the menu for the worlds best waffles.

After we eat our food we drive to the mall, a little tradition of ours. It has all way just been me and my mom, my dad left us when I was born, my moms parents died when she was a little girl, she was in foster care for her teen years. Since then it’s me and her, and I’m good with that.

“So where do you want to go?” Mom asks.

“Anywhere.” We walk into Macy’s I head straight for the jewelry section. I’ve been obsessed with jewelry since I was 9 years old. When I was 9 me and my mom were at the park, I was swinging when I saw a man by the parking lot. He was a tall, slender man, he had jet black hair and was wearing a suit. In his hands he was holding a long necklace with a emerald green gem dangling from its chain. I jumped of the swing, walked near him and hide behind a tree. As I closed in I could tell he had been crying. Me being a child I of course walk up to a complete stranger, me looked up at me and smiled.

“Are you ok.” I ask meekly.

“I’m ok, kid.” He says his voice shaking

“That’s a nice necklace you have.” I try to brighten the mood.

“It was my wife’s.” He look at his shoes.


“Oh uh... she’s not here anymore.” He sighed.

“Oh I’m sorry. Well I gotta go see ya!” I said.

“Hey kid, you want it?” He says holding out the necklace.

“Sure thanks!” I say running off.

I run back to the playground and tell my mom want happened I tried to point to the man, he’s not there anymore.

“Never talk to strangers olivia. I can’t believe you he could have hurt you or kidnapped you!” Shouted my mother.

“He looked nice!” I declared

“Come on we’re leaving.” She grabs my wrist and pulls me to the car.

On the way to the car I drop the necklace. “Wait!” I yell.

“Leave it. Come on.” She snapped.

We drove off and went home. We went to the park the next week and while my mom wasn’t looking I search the grass for my necklace. I couldn’t find it anywhere, I gave up hope and went to play. When I got home that night I was getting on my pajamas when I heard a clink on the floor. I turn around to find the necklace laying on the ground by my feet. I picked it up confused, I hear footsteps so I throw it into my jewelry box and continue to get dressed. I’ve had it ever since.

We head to the food court for dinner when I realize a man has been following us. I sit at a table and wait for my mom to come back with our food. The man stairs at me, not even looking away when I catch his eye. He starts to make his way over to us when my mom appears with our food. I tell her I would rather eat at home and we should just go. She ask whats wrong so I tell her, she agrees and we exit the mall.

As we make it to the car we realize the tires are slashed. I panic thinking that man did it, that he was trying to get us. I look at my mom then behind me, there is nothing but cars in the parking lot.

Suddenly my mom screams, I turn around to see the man in front of me. His eyes a blood red, shining in the night. I try to run but he grabs me. Somehow I manage to escape his grasp and run to my mother. She looks back at me.


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