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A reflection on the intentions that govern relationships.

Adventure / Poetry
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Chapter 1


On a quiet Tuesday afternoon, I had just woke up from a nap, headed to the kitchen to make myself a quick snack. From the background of the sounds in the neighborhood, I heard someone cranking rocks together. It sounded like they were beating two rocks together as if someone was clapping their hands but stones were in the palm. The cranking went on for like a minute and then stopped. Then a fast conversation started in my head: I was like, why would two things ever come together? (Weird question, I know!) I went on thinking and the quick answer is that there is always an INTENTION behind the contact of two objects.

Like a rock on a rock,
A chisel on a stone,
An ax on a wood log,
A ground soaking water,
Fire and grass,
Two animals mating,
A monkey feeding its baby,
Two men fighting,
Me talking to you.

Here is what I believe:

Naturally there is one or many well defined intention(s) around every action involving two things. This purpose determines how long the engagement between the two will last. There are so many specifics that come with the clarification about what it that is sought after through that interaction. Whether it be breaking the other, or shaping, enriching, burning, building up, perpetual entanglement, settling a score, procreation, or passing on information; whatever that defining word is, it is the key to the harmony and completeness of a contact.

As a society we often get hurt and cause each other unwanted pain due to the lack of the primary definitions as to why we were into contact in the first place. We lose sight of what the goal was at the beginning. Elements of the process tend to derail our focus from the original mission. A mother curses a daughter, a lover becomes an enemy, an ally becomes a foe, a hookup becomes a court case, a partner destroys the business, what was supposed to be beautiful becomes unrecognizable. If we could remind ourselves the why of things we are in contact with, the reason behind, end goal, and the intention; I bet we’d be happier with the process and even more so with results.

Momentary fun,
Desire fulfillment,

Many can be goals in an encounter. Yet one has to first be sure to understand what it is they are looking for from the other. After individual definition, both parties should know what they want from each other. Then a beautiful relation is established for an already defined intention and when the result is achieved by all involved parties, severed should be the link. The key to this ideal symbiosis lies in self cognition of each person. This is the trickiest thing to get done. Before engaging with anyone else, take enough time to explore, simulate and assimilate what it is you stand for hence what is that you require. With authentic informed answers to those questions, one is now ready to engage in the search which may or not have to involve another person.

Beware of desires! Consciousness plays a big role in the quest for harmony. One may look around and see their neighbor building a big house, then immediately a bigger house becomes the object of their desire. A farmer sees someone with a bigger stronger bull, and then having the best bull in the village becomes a heartache for the farmer. The cycle never ends. So many of us live our lives as being toasted around by waves of what we covert from our environment. If what we desire does not originate from a positive mindset and an understanding of who we are as individuals, then our desires are not our own. There comes a time in one’s life when a decision is made about the kind of a person one is and ought to be. It is good to learn from others and consciously take a deliberate decision as to whether to appropriate what was learnt on one’s life or not.

Imagine a tourist willing to visit Africa without any sort of a plan or a timeframe! He’d go to a country and each tour-guide would take them to any number of places, then they’d reach a place, and the tourist would be like what’s there, and what’s there too? I bet this aimless endeavor would take him forever and eventually he’d run out money and courage to carry on. This is what happens when a person fails to identify what it is they want in a given circumstance. He wonders, stumbles, imitates, gets lost, and eventually gives up or gives in to whatever the current wave was. Focus is undeniably important in any meaningful journey. Intentions should become the only objects of one’s focus, if one ever wants their achievement.


I had a beautiful afternoon!!!

You be well!!!

Namaste :)


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