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Things will change. Friends will leave. Secrets will be spelt. Mysteries will unravel. Only to find it difficult to digest... Everyone wishes to forget whatever they know. Whoever does not know whishes to know it. Meet Lexi she has everything looks, friends, popularity everything she could ask for except...she has some secrets she is scared to share..Oh! Wait right there she had no idea they are...she gets dreams or rather flashbacks bits and pieces of her life in the past three years...she had no idea what happened in those three years...for all the world knew she was missing.. Now meet Jaxon... Hold it girls he is not your high school badboy Hell he does not even go to high school...sure he had good looks and hell yeah he's a player. He has something some air around him Lexi feels pulled to not like the other girls not the one with lust... But something tells her he knows something that happened in those 3 years... As they say everything happens for a reason... But it is better not to find out why and leave it to itself...

Adventure / Mystery
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Hey guys!!

This is my first story please go easy on me.No one has really read any of my stories except my best friend and she made me put it up on wattpad and Inkitt
Also please do not copy it I have worked really hard on this and no one likes taking credit for something that is not theres.So please do not copy it.
My grammar it pretty bad so please point them out to me, any suggestion on the plot please dm it to me.
If you are rereading this book please do not spoil the plot for someone else. Personally I hate it when people spoil my suspense.
The updates are going to be painfully slow, but I will try not to slow down the update on a cliffhanger.i am not that evil.
And please feel free to make me a book cover or posters or anything...
All the characters in this book ate fictional this is nothing but art of imagination. It MAY have some disturbing graphic situations for certain audience. Please read at your own risk
Also I was going to upload the cast and characters here along with the author's note but as I have not made a clear outline of this story I have no idea who all are the main characters. Also there are too many characters.
So on with the story∆


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