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Curse of the Dogs

By Knockoutgirl All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Chapter 1: New Dogs

Normal P.O.V

My name is Ashlen Cook. I am 5'7, have curly brown hair that went down my back and green eyes. I am a sixteen year old girl and I live all alone. I didn't know who my parents were since they abandoned me when I was one years old.

I don't know why they didn't want me but I was adopted at the age of six. The family that adopted me happened to be really rich and already had a ten year old son. I was abused and harassed by them until they died in a car crash when I was only ten. Since they had no other family, I was left the house but all the servants had left.

Now I was all alone in a three story, five if you include a basement and attic, house. I was living all alone in that big house and I would have moved but who would sell a house to a sixteen year old girl? Not many people I'll tell you that. Well at least I have all the money my parents left behind.

I had been walking home from school when I stopped in the park to rest and eat the lunch I had packed for school but never ate. I had been too busy with catching up with my homework to have time to eat. Since my adoptive parents had been abusive they had never let me go to school so, now that they were dead and I in rolled myself, I wasn't that smart. My average was fifty two which just gets me by.

"Hey! Stop that mutt!" I turned my head when I heard an angry man shout. What I saw was a strange big blue dog stealing a string of hotdogs from a hotdog cart.

I watched as the man chased the dog until the dog ran across the busy street, somehow dodging all of the passing cars. Interested in the dog I quickly packed up the rest of my sandwich and shoved my lunch back into my backpack. I got up from my seat and walked to the crosswalk, waiting until it was safe for me to cross.

Once the light turned red for the traffic, and a white walking man for me, I ran across the street to the other side. Now that I was across the street I walked down the alley where I saw that weird blue dog went down. As I got closer I could hear the barking of more than just one dog, though how many there was I wasn't sure yet.

I slowly walked down the alley and ten dogs slowly came into sight; some of them really strange looking. There was the large blue dog I had seen earlier, who was giving the hotdogs to the others. There was a strange dog that was half black and white dog, a black dog with an orange face; which was almost normal looking.

There was an orange dog with black stripes on his body which looked much more cat like than a dog. Beside that dog was a purplish blue like dog which looked female to me. There was a normal looking black dog yet I noticed that it had red eyes. That dog was standing next to the big blue dog.

There was also a blond dog that reminded me of a golden retriever. Although, that dog had a piece of fur hanging over his left eye. Beside that dog was red looking dog and he was barely eating at all, just taking small nibbles as I he was nervous about something. There was also a nice silver dog but I think he was the violent type by the way he was ripping up the meat of the hotdog.

The last dog was a light brown, or tanned, dog. I think his old owner must have beaten him or something since it looked like his body was covered in scars. Actually I think all of these dogs must have been abused some way or another. Because there was no way blue was a natural color for a dog.

I must have stepped on a twig or something because the dogs quickly looked at me and started to growl; or at least some of them did. The silver dog started stalking towards me, growling and baring his dog fangs.

"Ahhhhhh!" I screamed as the dog jumped at me, making me fall on my onto me back in fear, and the weight of his body. Yet, before the dog could jump onto my chest, a rope latched around his neck; a rope attached to a poll.

"HA! Finally got the bastards!" A man said and I looked up to see a man gripping the other end of the pole. I looked beyond that man to see a bunch of others dog catchers.

"Are you alright Ms.? This mutt didn't hurt you, did he?" The man that saved me asked, keeping the dog back. I shook my head no, staring at the dogs and feeling pity even if the silver one tried attacking me.

"I'm fine. Thank you for saving me. What's going to happen to the dogs?" I asked, worried for the poor dogs. The man frowned as the others started to yank the dogs into the waiting van.

"I'm not sure about the others but this one might have to be put down; he is much too violent." He said as he started to yank the silver dog into the van. I followed behind, staring at the dog as he fought against the rope.

"So you are taking them to the pound?" I asked as the man tossed the silver dog into the van. The man nodded as he locked the door, locking the ten dogs inside.

"Yeah, so they can't attack anyone else again. Have a good day, Ms. and be a little more careful from now on." The man tipped his white uniformed hat at me before getting into the driver's seat and drove off.

~Akatsuki's P.O.V/third peron~

"When I get the fuck out of here I'm going to rip out our Jashin damned throats and sacrifice the lot of you!" Hidan yelled and snarled as he slammed his body against the cage he and the others had been put it.

"Shut up already, Hidan! Besides how are you going to sacrifice anyone while we are dogs?" Hidan's partner, Kakuzu snapped, growling and baring his own dog fangs. Hidan turned his head around and growled back at Kakuzu.

"Shut up you mother fucking bastard! I've already killed three cats, ten rats and one man that stank like beer. I am more than capable to kill these fuckers!" Hidan snarled, jumped at Kakuzu, biting his neck. Growling angrily, Kakuzu started to attack the Jashinist back.

"Cut it out! Keep at it and these humans will kill us for sure. In this form we aren't as powerful as we were before! We can be killed!" Pein snarled angrily, baring his own set of fangs. The two Akatsuki members stopped their fighting and looked at the Akatsuki leader, but not without narrowing their eyes at each other to glare.

"Pein, someone is coming." Konan nudged the orange dog and pointed out the cage with her paw. Indeed someone was coming; they could all hear.

"Maybe it's that man that wants to kill Hidan, yeah." Deidara said, keeping his eyes glued to the outside of the cage.

"Like I would like that fucker can kill me! Ha! I would like to see the look on his face when he sees I can't die!" Hidan started to laugh like a maniac. The rest of the Akatsuki ether sighed, rolled their eyes or didn't do anything at the Jashinist as they waited for the person to show them self.

Normal P.O.V

Once I knew that the dogs had a good chance of dying I hurried over to the pound. I was really against killing animals, no matter how violent that animal was. Besides, if trained well, those dogs could make good guard dogs.

I had a lot of enemies, both my age and adults. The kids my age were jealous of how much money I had and some had tried being my friend just to get to it. Luckily I was smarter than that. Other kids were just normally bitchy, jerky bastards and plain mean.

As for the adults most of them were bankers, social workers and foster care people. None of them thought I should be living alone at an age like sixteen but if it was legal to drop out of school at sixteen, I should be allowed to live alone. They all just wanted me out of the way so they could have the money my foster parents left behind.

"Good afternoon, Ms. Do you need help looking for something?" The woman behind the counted asked, giving me a kind smile. I smiled back at her.

"Yes, I'm looking for the ten dogs that would have been brought in too long ago." I answered and the woman suddenly looked surprised.

"Sorry, but I really don't recommend those dogs. One of them is too violent to be around." I frowned at the woman and got three thousand dollars out of my purse.

"I'll give you three hundred dollars each for the dogs. Please let me have them." I begged, putting the money on the counter. I watched the woman get more surprised, like she couldn't believe me, as she looked at the money.

"Alright. The dogs are in the back of the room of the door to the left." I smiled and the woman, thanking her, as I turned around and walked to where she said the dogs were. I walked through the door on the left, which said dogs and the other said cats.

As I opened the door I could hear the barking and growling of a bunch of dogs. I followed the directions the woman had given me and went to the back of the room. Suddenly the room got a bit quieter as got closer to the ten dogs at the back of the room.

All ten of them were in the same cage as well and all of them were quiet as they seemed to watch me walk to him. That silver dog started growling again and bared his fangs. It looked like he still wanted to kill me. I knelled down so I could be eye level with all the dogs.

"Hey, I'm getting you all out of here. I freed you from a death sentence so the least you can do is not attack me, alright?" I asked the dogs softly, looking mostly at the silver dog. He, who I was guessing was a male, growled again but stopped when that orange dog barked and growled back.

I was actually surprised when I looked at the orange dog as he nodded at me. I heard that some dogs can do some cool tricks so this dog's previous owner must have trained him well. I smiled at that dog and stood up straight, lifting up the hook that kept the door locked.

Once the door was open the silver dog jumped out towards me again, growling and snarling. I backed up slowly, now a little scared. Yet the orange dog growled again as the blue dog jumped in front of him, blocking his attack.

"Thank you. So far you are my favourite and your fur color is cool." I thanked the dog, patting his head. I saw the dog's face turn into what looked like a smirk as he looked at the others; it looked like he was bragging?

"Well let's get to my house. It's a twenty minute walk from where we are now and I want to eat some supper. You all must be hungry as well to steal hotdogs." I said and looked down at the blue dog. He wagged his tail and smiled as if proud of himself.

A few of the others dogs started to bark at me and when I looked at them they looked at the door. Understanding them I nodded and started to lead the way back to my home. Having ten new dogs is going to be interesting and now I won't be lonely anymore.

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